Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25-30 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: Approx 3
Collectibles Trophies: The Librarian
Missable Trophies: Elevator Action, The Librarian, Collect PENG, Looking Good, Lightspeed De Milo
Difficulty Trophies: Hard to the Core, Mission Impossible
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All Trophies are in XMB Order
  • If you have never played the first game, I recommend you either play that first OR watch the in game movie to get up to speed.
  • If your Girlfriend or Wife wants to play make her play in the dark, tell her it makes it easier to see, and prepare for some good laughs.
  • All kill trophies are CUMULATIVE on all playthroughs.
  • You can view your trophy progress at any time by pressing the button and going to the Trophies section.
  • Always try and conserve Ammo by using your Kinesis to throw stabbing objects at the Necromorphs, you never know when you will really need the ammo later.
  • Take your time and make sure ALL of the Necromorphs are cleared out of the areas before collecting dropped items. They like to be sneaky and pop out when you aren't paying attention.
  • Can't reach an item? Use your Kinesis to pull the item to you
  • ALWAYS keep at least 1 Power Node on you at all times! You never know when you will need one to open a door for some good Loot.
  • If a Necromorph dies, but doesn't drop anything, BE CAREFUL! They will often come back for one final scare, usually stabbing you one final time just to piss you off. Either shoot them or stomp them with , my personal fave, and you will often be rewarded with an item.
  • If you are unsure about someone you see being a Necromorph, SHOOT FIRST! There most likely won't be anyone around that will rat you out if you mistake a colonist for a Necromorph, and if there is, shoot them too

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[top] Hoff's Path to Platinum

  1. Play through the game on Casual or Normal to get a feel for the game. Concentrate on Leveling up your Rig, Stasis and Plasma Cutter before you finish this playthrough. Get all of the collectible trophies out of the way and as many of the kills as you can.
  2. Start a NG+ from your cleared game and do a speed run on Zealot Difficulty. Concentrate all your money on Ammo when you get low, and buying Power Nodes. Your goal is to have at least 4 Fully Powered Weapons by the end of the playthrough for the Fully Loaded and Epic Dismemberment trophies. Also pay attention to the difficult areas so you know where you will have troubles on the Hardcore Playthrough.
  3. Take a deep breath, bite down on something and start your Hardcore Playthrough. You might even want to visit the PSN Store and purchase one of the available DLC packs to make this runthrough easier. Make sure you leave yourself enough playtime to get to the Save Points you thought of because you only get 3. This should be the last trophy you need for platinum by this final playthrough!
  4. Ding!

[top]DLC Packs

These are available in the PSN Store for $4.99 each and are available for use at all the In game Stores on ANY difficulty level. The weapons and armor will cost you 0 in game credits when you purchase them. You can also upgrade these with Power Nodes to make them even stronger.

[top]Martial Law Pack

EarthGov Bundle
  • EarthGov Security Suit: 5% Damage Increase for Detonator, Seeker Rifle and Pulse Rifle
  • EarthGov Pulse Rifle: 5% ALT-Fire Damage Increase, 10% Faster Reload Time
  • EarthGov Seeker Rifle: 5% Damage Increase, 5% Faster Firing Speed
  • EarthGov Detonator: 5% Damage Increase, 5% Faster Firing Speed

Bloody Bundle
  • Bloody Vintage Suit Suit: 5% Damage Increase for Flamethrower, Javelin Gun and Force Gun
  • Bloody Flamethrower: 5% Damage Increase, 10% Faster Reload Time
  • Bloody Javelin Gun: 5% ALT-Fire Damage Increase, 5% Faster Reload Time
  • Bloody Force Gun: 5% ALT-Fire Damage Increase, 5% Faster Firing Speed

[top]Super Nova Pack

Forged Bundle
  • Forged Engineering Suit: 15% MedPack Bonus
  • Forged Plasma Cutter: 10% Damage Increase, 5% Faster Reload Time
  • Forged Line Gun: 10% ALT-Fire Damage Increase, 5% Faster Firing Speed
  • Forged Ripper: Primary Blades have a 1 second longer Duration, 10% ALT-Fire Damage Increase

Heavy Duty Bundle
  • Heavy Duty Vintage Suit: 5% Damage Increase for Line Gun, Detonator and Contact Beam
  • Heavy Duty Line Gun: 5% Damage Increase, 10% Faster Reload Time
  • Heavy Duty Contact Beam: Primary Fire Charge Time reduced by 0.1 Seconds, 5% Damage Increase
  • Heavy Duty Detonator: 5% Damage Increase, 10% Faster Reload Time

Agility Bundle
  • Agility Advanced Suit: 10% Increase to Stasis Duration
  • Agility Rivet Gun: 5% Faster Firing Speed, 5% Faster Reload Time
  • Agility Plasma Cutter: 5% Faster Firing Speed, 5% Faster Reload Time
  • Agility Pulse Rifle: 5% Faster Firing Speed, 5% Faster Reload Time

[top]Hazard Pack

Hazard Bundle
  • Hazard Suit: 5% Stasis Duration Increase
  • Hazard Line Gun: 5% ALT-Fire Damage Increase, 5% Faster Reload Time

Triage Bundle
  • Triage Suit: 10% MedPack Increase
  • Triage Javelin Gun: 10% Damage Increase, 5% Faster Reload Time

Shockpoint Bundle
  • Shockpoint Suit: 5% Stasis Recharge Time Decrease
  • Shockpoint Ripper: Primary Blades have a 1 second longer Duration, 5% Faster Reload Time


The Final Frontier
Earn All Other Trophies in Dead Space 2.

Patient on the Loose
Get Your First Suit.

This is a Story based Trophy

This trophy happens during the normal gameplay of the game, and while its not a plot line or anything there will come a point in Chapter 1 when you HAVE to get your first suit to progress in the story. The first Store you come to will have the Engineering Suit available to purchase for 1,000 credits. If you don't have 1,000 credits, there will be 1,000 credits on a table in the same room with the store so as you can see the game is giving it to you for free. Purchase your new suit, step into the store and once you come out you will have a new trophy.

Survive the Train Sequence.

This is a Story based Trophy

At the end of Chapter 2 you will come to a tram. You must first move to the front of the tram and hack the security panel and the tram will start moving. At this point Necromorphs will burst through the windows to attack you. Take them out and proceed to the other end of the tram. You can melee attack the poles in the tram and then use them to throw at the Necros if you want to save ammo. When you get to the end of the tram, Isaac will jump and you must use your thrusters to catch the other half of the tram. Watch the doors that will fly off in front of you so you don't get hit. Deal with the Necros on the new section of the tram and continue moving forward until the tram tosses you out and you are hanging upside down. Now don't relax, a horde of Necros are inbound. Take them out a Large brute appears in the tram opening above you. Shoot him in the yellow weak points till he runs off and you fall onto the ground. Once you have completed this segment the trophy will unlock.

One Small Step
Get through the First Zero-G Area.

This is a Story based Trophy

In Chapter 3 you will come to your fist Zero-G area. To navigate around the Zero-G area, you will press the to jump off the platform, then you can maneuver around with your thrusters, and press the again to land. If you hold the you can engage a booster in your thrusters to move faster and if you hold the you will be reoriented. Which means that if you happen to get upside down in the Zero-G, holding this will make you rightside up again. When you enter the room head to the left and through the door under the Control Room to find a Power Node, then head back out into the open area and drift across the room to the door on right. Head through the corridor and press the on the panel to open the garbage chute. Now head back into the main room and jump off the platform again. You must use your thrusters to head through the small hole into the garbage chute. Once you have done this continue through the cute until you see a platform on the left. Land on the platform and move through to door to exit the area and receive the trophy.

Clever Girls
Survive your first Encounter with Stalkers.

This is a Story based Trophy

In Chapter 4 you will stumble upon your first set of Stalkers. Stalkers are a new addition to the Dead Space Necromorphs this game and are probably my favorite new addition, until they become Super Stalkers later and then I don't like them anymore. Now there is a reason for the name of this trophy. The Stalkers move and behave exactly like a pack of Velociraptors. You will first encounter these outside the Basilica when the church door gets jammed shut and you must find a new route. Once you turn around and head back into the opposite direction you will hear them. They make squawking sounds like a dinosaur as they talk to each other. Then you will see them run across the open as they move from box to box stalking you. The next thing you'll see is there beady little heads looking out from the boxes just before they charge you. Your best bet in any battle against Stalkers is to back into a corner because otherwise they will distract you with some Stalkers in front while some others flank you and attack you from behind or the sides, just like Raptors. Hit them with a Stasis to slow them down OR hit them in the legs with the Line Gun to knock them down and take them out. Once you have completed your first Stalker ambush the trophy will unlock.

Torment Me No More
Kill the Tormentor.

This is a Story based Trophy

At the end of Chapter 5, you will finally come face to face with Daina. After watching the events unfold, you will climb through an access hatch and fall through to the floor below. When you try to get up you will be attacked by the Tormentor. As soon as you regain control of Isaac shoot at the yellow weakpoint on his arm till he releases you. As you try to run, he will grab you and this will repeat two more times. Once you finally shoot off the arm, he throws you down the hallway, but he isn't so easily defeated. As soon as you can start running for the door because you CANNOT kill him. When you get close enough use your Kinesis to open the door. Once you have it opened, turn around and hit the Tormentor with your Stasis to slow him down, then continue running down the hallway. Eventually a Gunship will appear and shoot out the window sucking you and the Tormentor into space. Once you regain control of Isaac it will be you Vs the Tormentor while hanging on to the side of the Gunship. Shoot one of the red canisters floating by the Tormentor to quickly end the battle and receive your trophy.

The Graduate
Win the Fight at the School.

This is a Story based Trophy

Near the end of Chapter 6 you will come across a school. This is where you will also encounter Crawlers for the First time. This trophy is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is make it through the school area. There are no big boss battles, just one medium sized skirmish in the Gym but you can make this easy by planting a bunch of Detonator Mines on the Basketball Floor after you hack the panel on the stage. Once you get to the end of the school area and leave the playground the trophy will unlock.

Elevator Action
Knock off Every Tripod during the Elevator Sequence.

This is a Missable Trophy

This will take place in the beginning of Chapter 7. You will need to restore power to the main elevator in the Zero-G room. After you do that, you will be prompted back to the elevator which will have power again. Before going into the elevator, head back up the ramp and properly equip your character and save your game again! I recommend arming your self with either the Seeker or Detonator, some good ammo, and a Stasis Pack or two. I also recommend trying to get this on your Normal playthrough as it is a pain in the ass on Zealot and above. Once you are armed and saved, head back down to the elevator, Hop in the large elevator and stay in the middle of the room to try to avoid the Tripods' grabs. As the Elevator climbs the first Tripod will burst through the window on the left side. Now I personally used the Seeker in Zoom mode. You need to shoot off one of their arms to knock them off the elevator killing them. The Seeker will blow off an arm in one shot and you don't have to be exactly on the yellow with your aim as long as you hit the arm close to it. Your goal for this trophy is to kill all the Tripods during this elevator ride. Easier said than done as it turns out when you get close to the top, at a certain point any Tripods not already killed will be instantly killed by the environment outside, so you need to kill them all before this happens. Keep turning in a circle shooting them and when they start attacking two at a time freeze them with your Stasis to give you more time to get them both. There are Approx 22 of the bastards. IF YOU DON"T GET THE TROPHY WHEN THE ELEVATOR COMES TO A STOP, this means you didn't kill them all. If this happens, Quit the game and reload your game to start at the Save station and you should already be ready to roam back down to it and try it again. Don't even bother trying to gather the items till after they are all dead so you don't waste time. If you are successful the trophy will unlock before you even come to a stop.

Elevator Action Video Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Shut Down
Defeat the AI.

This is a Story based Trophy

In Chapter 7 after the long elevator ride with the attacking horde of Tripods, you will eventually find your way into the computers Mainframe. At this point the AI will lock down all the doors and shut you in the room. When this happens head up the small ramp in the middle and you will find a service hatch. Use the touch panel on the right to reroute the tunnel to gain access to the rooms on the right and the left. Once inside each room, you will need to pull out the circuits and place them in the correct sockets in the override panel according to their patterns. When they are in the correct sockets they will light up green. Once you start placing them you will get attacked by either Swarm, or a Super Slasher depending on the room you are in. Once you place all 4 circuits into the board a touch panel will raise up from the floor. When this happens make sure you use the panel to override the system. Once you have completed both rooms, COLLECT THE PENG TREASURE FROM THE SECRET ROOM YOU CAN ACCESS FROM THE ROOM ON THE LEFT and then proceed. Head back out to the main room and you will now have access to the circuits in the Mainframe. Shoot the circuits to destroy them, but be careful of the 2 Stalkers that jump into the room and try to ambush you, and once they are all destroyed you will get the trophy and the doors will unlock.

For more help on the PENG Treasure location see the Collect PENG trophy below.

Powered Up
Complete the Solar Array Puzzle.

This is a Story based Trophy

At the end of Chapter 7 you will have to leave the comforts of the Station and travel out into space to align the Solar Array. This is actually quite easy. When you get into Zero-G, click down on the to see which Solar Array to align first and then use your thrusters with the to float over to them. Once you are there, turn the panel until the window on the Control Panel lines up with the corresponding Solar Panel. Doing this should cause the beam from the panel you are turning to light up the Panel in front of it. Now click the again to see the next panel. If you need oxygen, and this depends on your Air upgrades on your RIG, there is an oxygen station below you on the catwalk. When you are ready float over to the other one but BEWARE!! There is a Hive below this one. The Hive is actually pretty easy ass long as you dodge its projectiles. Shoot it with your Stasis and then use your Plasma Cutter to shoot out its three weak points on its tentacles and you will also get either a Gold Semiconductor or a Ruby Semiconductor for your efforts. Once it's dead, align the Solar Panel above it and then return to the sprawl to get your trophy and continue the mission.

Hornet's nest
Destroy the Tripod Nest.

This is a Story based Trophy

In Chapter 9, Isaac will hop off the Tram to clear out the obstruction from the tracks. After surviving the Stalker room you will come across a massive Tripod nest. Mercifully you don't get mauled by a bunch of Tripods, which is what I assumed would happen in the Nest. There will be two large tentacles wrapped around giant fuel cells that you must destroy to clear the tracks. The first one is easy, grab the explosive batteries with your Kinesis and throw the at the fuel cells. If you hit it in the open area showing electronics you will only need four to do this. Use the two on the ground, then use the Battery station, which disperses another one once you have destroyed the one you already took, to finish off the first tentacle.

Now head down the elevator and grab one of the batteries from the wall and toss it right away for your first hit and a Tripod will attack you. Now you can take the time to kill the Tripod, but another one will attack you if you do as they will continuously respawn. I recommend shooting one of his arms off to slow him down, then use your Stasis and just let him sit there while you run back and forth grabbing Batteries and tossing them at the Fuel Cell. Remember to occasionally Re-Stasis the Tripod to keep him immobile. Once you destroy it, the second tentacle will reveal a new elevator. Don't worry about the Tripod or collecting stuff, just haul your ass up the elevator and into the Tram or you'll die in the explosion. once you are safe the trophy will unlock.

Snare the Shard with the Ishimura.

This is a Story based Trophy

In Chapter 10 you will once again be back on the Ishimura...Deja Vu anyone? I'm not going to go into too much detail on this so it doesn't ruin the surprise, let's just say you need to make it to the bridge of the ship and engage the Gravity tethers on the console to grab the Shard. Once you do that, go into the previous room and escape in the pod to receive your trophy.

Knock Knock
Complete the Drill Ride.

This is a Story based Trophy

Near the end of Chapter 12 you will meet up with Ellie near a huge machine which is the drill. She will explain that you need another power cell to get it moving. Head to the left of the machine and take out the horde of Cysts to find the power cell in the cavern. When you install it the Circuit Board fries. For this you will need to go up the ramp and take the small tram to the other side of the cavern and find the circuit board. Kill a couple of Necros on your way back and install it into the slot on the drill. You will then need to hack the panel to make the drill work. Once you do that she will turn the drill around. GIVE THE DRILL PLENTY OF TURNING ROOM! If the blades hit you it's game over. you will also get attacked by Necros now on the ground. Once the drill has turned an elevator will come down. You can't kill all the Necros as they are infinitely respawning so climb aboard to start part 2.

For this part you must ride on the top of the drill to the Government Sector. You will get attacked by Pukers and Slashers on top of the drill and keep a watchful eye out for Lurkers on the walls. There will be a lot of them. If you have the line gun try and take them out quickly and keep an eye out for Explosive Batteries on the sides of the cave walls you can throw at them to take out groups of them. Once you reach the Sector the trophy will unlock and the Chapter will end.

The Final Sacrifice
Destroy the Marker.

This is a Story based Trophy

This is the final battle of the game. I highly recommend you take the Contact Beam with you for this battle and it will make your final battle quite easy. When you have the Super Regenerative Necromorph chasing you, you will come to a safe room with a Workbench, a store and a Save point. Make sure you add the Beam as this is the last store before the ending. For the final battle you need to concentrate your fire on the Ghost of Nicole till she bursts into light and the Heart opens up. Immediately switch to your Contact Beam and charge up two shots, then switch back to your Line Gun or Plasma Cutter. Nicole will reappear along with more dangerous Packlike Necros, instead of running or shooting the Pack, concentrate on her. If you take her out, they will go away too. Once you get the heart open again, hit it with 2 more Beam shots and it should explode. You CAN use other weapons on the heart, BUT it will take several stages, lots of ammo and health while trying to avoid the Pack. Once you destroy it and Isaac is back to reality the trophy will unlock.

The Fugitive
Escape the Facility.

This is a Story based Trophy

This one is easy enough. After you destroy the Marker you will need to use your thrusters to catch up to the Gunship. Make sure you avoid any large debris or game over. Once you get close enough, rapidly press the to grab Ellie's hand and climb aboard to end the game and receive your trophy.

Cross Your Heart, Hope to Die
Survive the Eye Poke Machine.

This is a Story based Trophy

At the end of Chapter 13 you will climb into a giant machine and your head will get strapped down. A laser will now be focused on your eye. What you need to do is line the laser up with your pupil so the laser turns blue. Now press and hold the for a couple seconds to move the needle closer. Your eye will most likely move in a second or two and the beam will go red. To keep your heart rate down you only want to move the needle when the laser is blue. When its red, your heart rate will increase and if increases enough, you will die. Once you get the needle close enough, the needle will pierce your eye and you will get the trophy.

Made us Whole
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

You will receive this trophy for beating the game on ANY difficulty level, if you start with Zealot difficulty out of the gate you will get this along with the Mission Impossible trophy.

Mission Impossible
Complete the game on Zealot setting.

Zealot Difficulty is available from the very beginning, BUT I recommend a playthrough on Normal to power yourself up. It will take you almost to the end of the second playthrough for the Fully Outfitted trophy anyway, so why not make it easier on yourself. If you have already played through on Normal, select NG+ and then pick Zealot difficulty and with all your other weapons and armor the game should be a breeze.

If you choose this on your first playthrough, power up your RIG, Stasis and Plasma Cutter first! Make sure you get the Line Gun and Ripper Blades as they will make your life easier and by the end of the game get the Contact Beam for the final battle. There are only a few hard parts in the game on this difficulty if you properly power up your equipment and save a lot.

Once you finish the game on Zealot Difficulty the trophy will unlock.

Romper Stomper
Stomp 10 Containers.

You will begin encountering Containers in the very first chapter. They are small Green Boxes either on the floors, on top of other boxes, or furniture, or on shelves. They will always have 4 small lights on the lids on each corner to help you find them in the dark. If they are on the ground use the to stomp them and collect the items inside. If they are on a shelf or out of reach you can use the to melee attack them or you can shoot them to get the items inside, BUT this will not get you credit towards this trophy. Instead use your Kinesis to pull them down to the ground and then stomp them. You will probably get this trophy sometime in the second level if you get all the ones you come across. Once you stomp 10 the trophy will unlock.

Romper Stomper Video Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Vacuum Cleaner
Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself.

This trophy is very similar to the Skewered in Space trophy with the big exception that you don't have to skewer any enemies to the window. You only need to shoot out the window and then shoot the Decompression Safety before you get sucked out for the kills to count. Now not every window you come to can be shot out. There are only 4-5 for the entire game for you to earn these kills on, so take advantage and maximize your kills and you will get this on your second playthrough. The Decompression windows are the windows that look like they are still under construction. Look for Windows with a strange border, it could be yellow and black work stripes, a red border, or even an unfinished look. Once you send 20 Necros to their icy space deaths the trophy will unlock

If you are still having trouble, view the Skewered in Space video below to get a feel for what the windows look like.

....And Stay Down
Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only).

"Crawling enemies" are the enemies that have lost their legs and are dragging themselves by their arms. This doesn't include small enemies such as Lurkers that move long the ground on all fours. The easiest way to work on this trophy is to aim at the legs of all the Slashers, Pukers, and Stalkers. Once you shoot out their legs they will become Crawlers unless they die. Once they are crawling, use the when you are by them to stomp them. They need to still be alive and crawling to get credit towards this trophy. This may take more than one stomp to finish them off. I recommend continuous stomping until you see an item pop out of them to ensure they don't give you a fake death just to give you one final slash as you are walking away. Once you have Stomped 25 to death the trophy will sound.

...And Stay Down Video Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Think Fast
Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects.

You can start working on this trophy before you even get the Plasma Cutter. In the beginning of the game after you secure the Kinesis Module, you will get a short tutorial on using it by holding down the and pressing to grab the metal rods on the floor. You will then aim and press the to throw the metal rods at the window to proceed in the story mode. Once you break the window you will get attacked by 2 Necromorphs and with no other weapons you are basically forced to use your Kinesis and the metal rods to kill them. Between this room and the next room you should be at 6 Kinesis kills before you even get to the Plasma Cutter. Now you can work on this trophy with more than just the random Metal Rods you find lying around. Anytime you kill a Necromorph, if you aim at their arms and press the + you can rip of their spikes and use them as weapons to throw at other Necros. You must KILL your target with the thrown weapon for it to count towards this trophy. It is best to work on this at lower levels as the Super enemies later in the game will not die from a single projectile. Once you kill 30 the trophy will unlock.

The Nanny
Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them.

You will first encounter these little nuisances in Chapter 6 and they will pop up after that at inopportune times, usually with other enemies to try to blow you up while you are desperately fighting off herds of Necromorphs. Think of these little monsters as kamikazes. Anytime you hear baby crying noises, you are about to get swarmed by them. What you must do for this trophy is aim for their heads and sever them from the yellow sack on their bodies without them exploding. This could be achieved all in one playthrough, but it took me more than one as the little bastards like to swarm together. Once you kill 30 of them without them exploding you will get this trophy.

Frozen in Time
Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single player only).

Easy enough, when you are aiming at the enemies, press the to fire a Stasis Charge at them which will freeze them all. You can also find Stasis Canisters around the sprawl that will freeze larger groups of enemies for a longer period of time. What makes this trophy hard is that you must kill them while they are still in a Stasis freeze. Many times you will shoot them while they are frozen, and even dismember them, but they won't die and then you will end up with the kill after the Stasis ends. If you can, take their legs off first, then Stasis them and finish them off. Another good way to boost your Stasis kills is to use it when attacked by the Pack. They are easily killed in one hit and are often close enough together to hit several in one Stasis Shot. Remember to upgrade your Stasis to get more shots per charge and a longer Duration to make this easier as well. Either way you should have no problem getting this by the end of your first playthrough. As soon as you hit 50 the trophy will unlock.

First Aid
Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only).

This will be one of your first trophies, and you will use this throughout the game. At any time while you are playing, unless you are Aiming at something, if you press the you will automatically use the next Medpack you have in your inventory. Now generally this will be a good thing, but if you have a Large Medpack in your inventory, make sure you don't accidentally use it when you only need a little health. As soon as you use the Quick Heal 10 times, the trophy will unlock.

Epic Dismemberment
Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only).

What more can I say about this one....always aim for the legs first on everything you come across then move to their arms when they hit the ground to maximize your dismemberment count. This will take you about a playthrough and a half to complete and is one of the most fun grind trophies in a game. I mean who doesn't like blowing limbs of Necromorphs? When you get the Ripper start using this on large packs of enemies to help maximize your count. Once you get to 2500 Dismembered Limbs the trophy will unlock.

Looking Good
Purchase the Advanced Suit.

The Advanced Suit is located in Chapter 11. There isn't a lot to this trophy, all you need to do is find the Schematic and purchase the Suit and the trophy will unlock.

For the Schematic Location view The Engineer trophy below.

Fully Outfitted
Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely.

As you are playing the game you will come across Power Nodes. These will always have a purpleish glow that you can see in the dark. You will also find a Power node inside the Blue Cabinets on the walls in many of the levels. In addition to that you should definitely pick up the Schematics for Power Nodes in Chapter 2 so you can purchase them in any store for 10,000 credits. Power Nodes serve two purposes: First you can use them to open the many Power Node locked doors on the Sprawl to gain access to secret items, and Second you can use them at Workbenches to upgrade your weapons, RIG and Stasis Module. When you find a workbench plug in the Nodes in the quickest routes you can find to fully power up your Items.

This one I definitely recommend you working on before powering up all your weapons. A fully charged RIG and Stasis can make all the difference on the Sprawl. Your RIG will give you more HP and Air for your Space Adventures and your Stasis can be upgraded to not only give you more shots per charge, but also the duration of the Stasis on enemies and the speed of the recharge. Once you have both of these Maxed out the trophy will unlock.

Picking Favorites
Upgrade 1 Weapon completely.

See Fully Loaded for trophy info.

Fully Loaded
Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons.

As you are playing the game you will come across Power Nodes. These will always have a purpleish glow that you can see in the dark. You will also find a Power node inside the Blue Cabinets on the walls in many of the levels. In addition to that you should definitely pick up the Schematics for Power Nodes in Chapter 2 so you can purchase them in any store for 10,000 credits. Power Nodes serve two purposes: First you can use them to open the many Power Node locked doors on the Sprawl to gain access to secret items, and Second you can use them at Workbenches to upgrade your weapons, RIG and Stasis Module. When you find a workbench plug in the Nodes in the quickest routes you can find to fully power up your Items.

I recommend you start with the Plasma Cutter for your first weapon, it is by far the MOST handy weapon pf the game. After that I recommend the Ripper. A decently powered Ripper can be your best friend down the stretch and you can use it to clear out multiple enemies with only blade, even the Super enemies are no match. Now you need a Long Range Weapon to take care of the irritating Pukers. I personally like the Line Gun, but the Seeker also works well. I would stay away from the Pulse Rifle because it isn't very powerful even powered up. Finally I recommend the Detonator, but the Contact beam is also a nice choice. The Detonator will keep large hordes of enemies at bay and you can even set up trapped rooms before you get ambushed to turn the tide on charging enemies.

Once you get your first one Fully Upgraded you will get the Picking favorites trophy. It will take you almost 2 playthroughs for the second trophy but once you get 4 weapons maxed this trophy will unlock.

DLC Weapons will count for this trophy when you power up their stats.

The Sampler Platter
Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only)..

Simple enough, you must first find all the schematics for the weapons in the game, then purchase them, and finally kill any Necromorph with the weapons AND make it to the next Save point to record the kill. If you kill an enemy with the weapon and then die the game won't keep track of your kill. Below are the weapons you must get a kill with for this trophy, this ONLY includes the original weapons that came in the game and doesn't include any DLC weapons OR preorder bonus guns such as the Rivet Gun. Once you have one kill with each weapon the trophy will unlock.
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Line Gun
  • Ripper
  • Flamethrower
  • Detonator
  • Seeker Rifle
  • Force Gun
  • Contact Beam
  • Javelin Gun

For locations of the schematics see the The Engineer trophy below.

Lightspeed de Milo
Dismember the Lightspeed Boy Statue.

In the beginning of Chapter 3 when leave the opening area you will be attacked by the Pack. After surviving your encounter with this irritating horde of little enemies and head through the door that unlocks you will be in a large open concourse. with an upstairs, which you are located on, and a downstairs. From the doorway you came through, head all the way to the left and you will see a giant cartoony statue in the middle of the area. Take out your Plasma Cutter and perform some surgical work on the statue. This may take a couple shots but after you have dismembered the statue the trophy will unlock.

Lightspeed de Milo Video Walkthrough

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Collect PENG
Find the PENG treasure.

The PENG Trophy returns in Dead Space 2 and is very easy to find as long as you know where he is hiding. During the Main Storyline of the game, in Chapter 7 you will come across the Mainframe of the computer. You have been locked out of the computer system and cannot open the doors so you have to pull off an access panel and use a touch panel next to it to reroute the access tunnel left and right to gain access to each room. When you are in each room you will be removing circuits with patterns from one socket and placing them all together according too pattern in the main socket to gain access to the mainframe. Now when you are in the room on the left side, which is the side with the Super Slasher, AFTER you compete the main task and press the touch panel to override the computer system as you are heading back to the access tunnel look to the right of the panel and you will see another socket set combination. Use your telekinesis to pull the circuits out of the mainframe you just placed them in and put them back in the circuit board in the new places according to their patterns on this panel. When they are in the right position they will light up blue. Once you have placed all 4 of them, you can use this circuit board as a touch panel to reroute the access tunnel to a secret area. Climb back through the access tunnel to a small room with the PENG Treasure and several other goodies. Once you are done climb back through the tunnel and press the panel again to move the access tunnel back into position and then climb back through to carry out your mission.

Collect PENG Video Walkthrough

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The Librarian
Collect 100 logs.

MMMMM who doesn't love collectibles? Strewn all across each level are Audio and Text Logs. They have a Purplish-Blue glow to them which makes them stand out in the dark and easier to see. Now your Game Dialogs also count towards this trophy, so you will be getting Logs that you don't even know about just from playing the game. There are a total of 150 logs, between the Audio, Text and Dialog Logs from the game, so you will most likely be done with this trophy and still have logs you find while exploring. The logs are almost always out in the open and easy to find and below you will find a walkthrough of the Audio and text Logs for every level.

The Librarian Video Walkthrough Chapters 1-5

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The Librarian Video Walkthrough Chapters 6-10

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The Librarian Video Walkthrough Chapters 11-15

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The Electrician
Collect 10 Semiconductors.

You can find Semiconductors located everywhere throughout the Sprawl. You will find them in nooks, hidden in locked Power Node doors, and they will even drop from some enemies such as Brutes and Guardians. The Semiconductors come in 4 different types and you can resell them to any store for the following values:
  • Bronze Semiconductors: 1,000 Credits
  • Gold Semiconductors: 3,000 Credits
  • Ruby Semiconductors: 10,000 Credits
  • Diamond Semiconductors: 25,000 Credits

For this trophy all you need to do is find 10 of them throughout the sprawl. Now this being said I don't believe that Bronze Semiconductors count towards this trophy as when I collected one I noticed my progression towards this trophy didn't move at all. Once you find 10 the trophy is yours.

The Engineer
Collect 10 Schematics.

Located in almost every level of the Sprawl are Schematics that unlock a new Weapon, Suit, Ammo or Item to purchase at all the stores. They are blueish-purple in color and some are hidden very well. Once you complete the game you will have access to Elite Prototype Suits hidden throughout the Sprawl on your NG+ playthrough. You only need to find 10 for this trophy and there are 21 available on the first playthrough so you have plenty of leeway if you happen to miss one. Once you have found the 10th one the trophy will unlock. Below I will list all of their locations, including the Elite Suits I have found as well. If you find one I haven't listed PM me and I will add the location.

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The Engineer Video Walkthrough

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My Boom Stick
Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun's Alt-Fire (single player only).

The Line Gun will become available at the beginning of Chapter 2. Once you get it you can start working on this trophy. Equip the Line Gun then aim with the and press the to deploy a timed mine that will damage several enemies in the area. Now you can get this at the beginning of Chapter 3 against the Pack as the video shows below, BUT if you are having problems with this method I have found another place which IMO was easier than timing it with the Pack. After floating through the Zero-G garbage chute you will move through a couple corridors and find yourself in the Cassini Towers. Take out the Swarm in the room in front of you, then go out of the room and head towards the open room at the end of the hall. As you move closer, a crawling Slasher will appear followed by several swarm. Fire one deployed mine into the doorway and then back up and the blast will kill all of them and the trophy will unlock.

My Boom Stick Video Walkthrough

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Shock Therapy
Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only).

The Javelin Gun will become available at the beginning of Chapter 2. Once you get it you can start working on this trophy. Equip the Javelin Gun then aim with the and press the to shoot and impale an enemy. Then press the and the Javelin Spear in the Impaled enemy will emit a shock burst that will damage any nearby enemies. Now you can get this at the beginning of Chapter 3 against the enemies at the Decompression window as the video shows below, BUT if you are having problems with this method I have found another place which IMO was easier than timing it with the Pack. After floating through the Zero-G garbage chute you will move through a couple corridors and find yourself in the Cassini Towers. Take out the Swarm in the room in front of you, then go out of the room and head towards the open room at the end of the hall. As you move closer, a crawling Slasher will appear followed by several swarm. Fire one Javelin Spear into the crawling Slasher in the doorway and press the to shock him and all the Swarm and the trophy will unlock.

Shock Therapy Video Walkthrough

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Lawnmower Man
Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade.

The Ripper will become available in Chapter 5 at all the stores once you fins the Schematics for it and download them at the Store. I recommend buying the Ripper early as it is in my opinion, one of the most useful guns in the game. Now for this trophy you must kill 4 enemies with one deployed Blade. The Ripper Blades Duration is decent but generally speaking at it's initial Duration time before upgrading won't last longer than a few Necromorphs dismembered. If you want to make this trophy easy on yourself, just wait for a nice horde of Pack to attack you, since it kills them with one hit from the ripper and unleash a blade, by pressing and holding down the , and mow down the whole pack of em. You can probably take out 10 or more pack with one blade. After you kill 4 of any type of Necromorph with the same blade, the trophy will unlock.

Lawnmower Man Video Walkthrough

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It's a Trap!
Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state.

The Detonator will become available at the very end of Chapter 5 before you meet Daina. You will find the Schematic in a small office and once you upload it you will have it for purchase in every store. The Detonator is one of the most effective weapons in the game. Hold the to aim and then press the to shoot out a mine. The deployed mine will stick to any surface even ceilings and will have a triple laser beam tripwire shooting straight out from the top of it. You can use the Detonator to setup traps in an area where you are having problems with overwhelming numbers of Necros. The best part of the Detonator is that is very effective against every enemy in the game making this a very easy trophy. I really like to use this to set up a perimeter around myself on the Stalker ambushes. Once a mine is deployed, aim at it and press the to shut it down and allow you to retrieve it, if the attack is over and don't want to lose your ammo. I don't really have a very strategic place to farm the trophies on this as I used it everywhere and had the trophy very fast. Once you kill 20 enemies with the mines the trophy will unlock.

Necro Flambe
Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower.

Ahhh the Flamethrower >:F Flamethrowers seem to be a primary weapon in every single survival horror game and they are always CRAP! The reason why they are always crap is they take too damn long to kill the enemies and they run out of fuel too fast. Again it is no different in this game. The enemies are charging you and you shoot them and they burn but keep and coming after you. It will occasionally slow them down, but generally speaking they either get in a hit or you get hurt from your own fire. The Flamethrower will be available once you find the Schematics in Chapter 6.

Now that being said, the Flamethrower is excellent at dispatching smaller enemies such as the Pack. SO here is my suggestion, get the flamethrower but save it and all the ammo you find for it till your second playthrough and don't even bother with upgrading it as it won't be a primary weapon. THEN start out with it as one of your guns and take out the easier enemies in the beginning of the game with it as most will die fairly quick on the lower levels even on Zealot and the pack will die in a couple quick flames. As soon as you hit a total of 50 on your playthroughs the trophy will unlock.

Peek a Boo!
Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode.

The Seeker Rifle will become available in Chapter 6 once you find the schematic for it. The Seeker is a pretty cool gun and is extremely strong. Aim with the and while aiming press the to zoom in for a more accurate shot. From the Zoom view, if you release the and then go back into the aim mode again the gun will already be in the zoom mode. The gun will stay in the Alt Zoom mode until you either switch weapons or take it out of Zoom mode.

Stalkers are Velociraptor-like Necromorphs that you will first encounter in Chapter 4, so by the time you acquire this weapon you should be very familiar with them and you will get a chance to battle them again shortly after acquiring the Schematics for the weapon in Chapter 6. Now when I say, "Velociraptor-like" I don't mean that there will be dinosaurs attacking you on the Sprawl, as cool as that would be, what I mean is their behavior and movement was made to resemble the dinos. For this trophy all you must do is shoot and kill one in Zoom mode. The Seeker is very powerful and will most likely take them out in one shot. The best way to achieve this is to back yourself into a corner and wait for the charge. You can either pick them off when they peak their beady heads around the corner to stalk you or just wait and shoot them mid charge. All you need to do is kill one and the trophy will unlock.

Peek a Boo! Video Walkthrough

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Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire before it stands up.

The Contact Beam will become available in Chapter 7, once you find the Schematic and download it at any Store. Once you purchase the weapon, find a nice group of attacking regular enemies. I suggest Slashers. Aim with the and wait for them to get close to you. Once they are close press the to emit a shockwave on the ground to knock all of them close enough to you down. Once they are on the ground take them out with your Primary Fire by holding the then releasing the charged shot. If you are having trouble with this one, you can use your Stasis while they are knocked down to keep them down longer. Once you kill and an enemy with the Contact Beam after knocking them down with the shockwave the trophy will unlock.

C-Section Video Walkthrough

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Going for Distance
Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters - it must stick to the surface.

There are most likely several places you can get this trophy but the beginning of Chapter 2 is an excellent opportunity. At the beginning after you have used the Store and the Workbench proceed into the next room and kill the Slasher on the floor conveyor. Next use the Save Point and proceed through the large door to the right of it. You will be in a long corridor and see a woman being attacked at the end of it. In front of you on the right you will see small lights on the floor which are metal rods. Quickly pick one up with Kinesis and back up towards the door. Point your rod at about head level towards the other wall and wait for the Slasher to finish with the woman then he will come after you. Just before he gets to you he should jump, but you don't necessarily need him too. When he gets close to your shoot him with the rod with the and he should fly to the opposite end and lodge into the wall and the trophy will unlock after a couple seconds. If he doesn't stick to the other wall you WILL NOT get this trophy. If the trophy doesn't unlock after a few seconds, quit the game and reload which will put you at the save point right outside the door and try again.

Going for Distance Video Walkthrough

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Taste of your own Medicine
TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher's arm - it must stick to the surface.

You will have several opportunities to achieve this trophy as the Slashers appear in every level of the game. I do however, recommend getting this on a lower level before the Slashers get replaced by Super Slashers because you need the Slasher you impale to die when you shoot them. For this trophy what you need to do is first kill a Slasher. Next, aim at his arm with the and press the to pull his arm off, make sure you carry it with you. Now find a living Slasher and aim so you are facing a wall. Wait for him to charge and then shoot him with the Slasher arm you are carrying by pressing the . If you hit him, he sticks to a wall and dies in the same shot the trophy will unlock.

Taste of your Own Medicine Video Walkthrough

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Skewered in Space
Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out.

This trophy is exactly as it sounds, you must shoot an enemy with an Impaling weapon that will cause it to stick to a surface, it must hit a Decompression window, and then blow out into space. There is a very good opportunity for this at the beginning of Chapter 3, so make sure you add the Javelin Gun at the store when you start the level. AFTER the open concourse with the Lightspeed de Milo statue, you will head into the Unitology Wing. At the beginning of this next corridor arm your Javelin because this is the place for the trophy. As you head around the first corner you will see a window at the end of the corridor. Take aim on the right side of the corridor and start heading towards the window. At the halfway point some Necros will emerge, walk backwards to get some distance from the window, and when you are ready shoot the javelin into the Necros so they will stick into the window. Now change to your Plasma Cutter and shoot the Compression Target to drop the shield and Re-Compress the room and your trophy will unlock.

Skewered In Space Video Walkthrough

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Hard to the Core
Complete the game on Hard Core setting.

Hardcore mode is unlocked AFTER you beat the game on ANY difficulty. This is the difficulty that will separate the real Space men from the little bitty schoolgirls that don't deserve to hold a Plasma Cutter. On Hardcore Mode you will only get 3 Saves, total for the entire game. Below I will list some tips and Strategies for this difficulty.

Hardcore Mode Tips and Strategies
  • Hardcore Mode is NOT available with NG+ so don't count on that for your playthrough.
  • Although you don't have too, I strongly recommend purchasing one of the DLC packs from the PSN for your hardcore playthrough. This will benefit you by giving you stronger weapons, armor and ammo earlier, and also by letting you save the money you would have spent on weapons to buy extra Nodes, Ammo and healing items for later.
  • Carefully plan out your strategy on where you want your save points to be on earlier playthroughs. Remember there are A LOT more difficult parts near the end so I suggest trying to save as many saves as you can until then.
  • Don't view this is a speed run, there are no Checkpoints, so if you die and haven't saved, it's back to the interrogation room for you.
  • I recommend starting out with the Plasma Cutter/Line Gun Combo, until about chapter 5 or so. If you have a Ripper or Force Gun from the DLC at this point add one of them to your loadout. If you don't, equip one of them as soon as they become available. Either one can save your ass in a close battle.
  • Have your trusty Contact Beam ready for Brute battles. Grab the Contact Beam at the store before heading into the school, at the store before the Tripod Nest, and at the store at the beginning of Chapter 13. These are the last opportunities before the Brute battles to equip them. After you grab it in chapter 13, just keep it with you for the end of the game.
  • Power up in this order: Health, Plasma Cutter, RIG, Ripper or Force Gun. This is what I recommend for upgrading and make sure you grab the Schematic for Power Nodes. Also don't bother with upgrading your Air on the RIG.
  • If you are having problems in a particular area, maybe it's time for a save right before it.
  • I setup my saves at the beginning of 5, the end of 9 and at the beginning of 13. I would recommend setting yours up in similar places.
  • BE MINDFUL OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!! Especially decompression windows. There is an especially nasty one in Chapter 9 in a small room. If you happen to hit that window you will only get one shot or so to close that window and that can ruin all your hard work. To make matters worse, there is an Exploder that spawns next to it and if you blow him up, the window will blow out.
  • Slow and steady doesn't always win the race. There are several parts in the game, where it pays to just run past the enemies to the next door and then kill them as they try to come through it so they can't get at you from both sides. A good example of this is the ending corridors on Chapter 13, just before the Super Brute.
  • If you are having troubles with the Corridors in Chapter 15, watch this video below in the spoiler. It shows a very nice path and good setup points for the Necros Spawn Points to make it to the final room. BE WARNED! The video contains the game's ending so DO NOT WATCH THE END IF YOU HAVEN"T SEEN IT!!!

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  • Quote Originally Posted by eburkulosis
    If you have a save data for Dead Space Ignition at 100% (must be same region as Dead Space 2 i.e. both U.S.) then that unlocks otherwise locked conduit rooms throughout the game in Dead Space 2 that contain credits, ammo and med-packs.

    There is also an additional weapon and armor to be had with this (not really that useful):

    1. Hacker Suit - Found in Chapter 3 Conduit Room. +15% Armor + 15 Inventory Slots
    2. Hacker Contact Beam - Found in Chapter 9 Conduit Room. Reload Speed -0.1 sec, Alt Dmg +5%

For more Tips and Strategies on Hard Core mode visit the link below

Hard Core Tips and Strategies

Clean Cut
Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only).

If you never played the first Dead Space, let me introduce you to a very irritating Menace...say hello to Mr. Lurker. Lurkers are small crawling creatures that will crawl on the floor, the walls and the ceilings and sneak up on you. The Lurkers will toss up three tentacles on their backs which will shoot projectiles at you and they usually attack in pairs. For this trophy you will need to have the Line Gun. I recommend doing this on a lower level before they turn into Super lurkers. You will have several opportunities for this, but mist importantly, wait for them to be either on the floor or on the ceiling otherwise you won't hit all 3 tentacles in one shot. Wait for them to toss up their tentacles, Stasis freeze them if you need to, aim low on the tentacles so you hit all three and then blast away with the As long as you shoot off all three in one shot the trophy will unlock.

Clean Cut Video Walkthrough

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Brute Juke
Kill a Brute without taking damage.

You will first encounter a Brute in Chapter 6. After you have escaped the School you will come into a large shopping concourse and you will be downstairs and Ellie and Stross will be upstairs. At this moment the power is shut down and a Brute will jump down from the upper concourse to attack you. Grab one of the stasis containers from the outer wall and toss at at him to slow him down then start blasting away at the yellow part of his shoulders. If you have a high powered weapon in your inventory such as the Seeker Rifle this will be a very quick battle. While you are doing this stay near on of the many pillars on the outside. When the Stasis wears off, get a pillar between him and you and wait for him to charge. He can't run through the pillar, so once he hits it, he will stop. Now shoot him with your Stasis Pack and start blasting away at him. Depending on how powered up you are, you may finish him off doing this a couple of times, but most likely you will run out of stasis before he dies. Once this happens, strafe in a circle around the pillar keeping it between you and him while shooting the yellow part of his shoulders and he should drop without hitting you for an easy trophy.

Brute Juke Video Walkthrough

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Shoot the Limbs!
Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player only).

This will most likely be one of the first trophies you receive in the game. Once you acquire the Plasma Cutter you can start working on this trophy. Any Necromorph you come across after this point, aim for its legs and arms to quickly dismember it and not only put it down quickly but work on this trophy. As soon as you have dismembered 25, the trophy is yours.

Bouncing Betty
Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back.

Cysts are small irritating pods that reside on floors, walls and ceilings throughout the game. When you get close to one, you will hear a muffled gurgling, groaning sound. Now that you are familiar with finding them, take caution if you get too close they will spit out an explosive pod that will kill you with one hit. You can easily kill them with one shot from a weapon that will also cause them to spit an explosive pod. For this trophy, find a Cyst on the floor and use your Stasis to slow him down. Now move close to him while aiming , then back away. When he spits his explosive pod in the air, it should be slowed by the Stasis as well, use your Kinesis to catch it by pressing the . Now aim at the Cyst and press the to throw his pod back at him and kill him for an easy trophy.

Bouncing Betty Video Walkthrough

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[top]Necromorph Guide


Brutes are some of the most ferocious Necromorphs you will face on the Sprawl. Mercifully you will only need to face them a couple of times, and never more than one at a time. Attack wise they rely on charging you if you are far away and in close quarters use their brute strength for a devastating punch that causes massive damage. The best way to defeat them is to use your Stasis when they charge then use a High Powered weapon such as the Seeker Rifle or the Contact Beam on the yellow diseased skin on their back and shoulders to take them out quickly.


These irritating nuisances appear in several places on the Sprawl, at first by themselves and then later accompanied by other Necromorphs in an attempt to overwhelm you. Listen for the baby crying sound, if you hear any type of baby sound, odds are you are about to get attacked by them.They will slowly crawl at you with an occasional roll to gain a quick burst of speed to throw you off. They have large yellow explosion sacks on them that will grow and explode if you get too close to them, or will explode when shot. You can kill them by either shooting the Yellow sack from a distance or by shooting their bodies and leaving the sack alone. After killing them, you can use the sacks as an effective weapon against other Necromorphs by throwing it with your Kinesis.


Cysts are pod like growths that appear in on the Sprawl. They will grow on floors, walls and ceilings where you aren't expecting them. They make a sort of growling sound when you are near them. When you get close enough to them they will launch an explosive pod at you that causes massive damage. When you shoot them they will also launch this pod in the air so do NOT stand too close when you destroy them. The pods they launch can be an effective weapon against other creatures if you are quick enough to catch them in your Kinesis when they launch.


I only encountered 2 dividers in my voyage on the Sprawl and both of them where just as annoying as I remember in the original Dead Space. Dividers are very tall, surprisingly strong, slow moving Necromorphs that seem harmless enough. Once they die however, they will split up into 5-6 smaller crawling creatures that are similar to face huggers on Aliens. They will crawl around the room on all surfaces and try to jump at you and latch onto your face from far away. If this happens be prepared for some serious spam to throw them off of you. Your best bet with Dividers is to use a weapon that will damage all of it at once such as the Detonator, Flamethrower or Contact Beam and hope to kill as many parts as you can before it splits up.


Let me be the first to say, I HATE EXPLODERS >:F>:F They have literally become the Bane of my existence on Hardcore mode. You can generally hear when an Exploder is near as they let out a scream. Now Exploders serve no other purpose than to try and smash you with their explosive arm and destroy everything around. That's all they do. The other Necromorphs at least have a purpose, they want to eat you. The Exploders are similar to Wasps IMO as they only want to harm you at injury to themselves and for no reason at all. Now this being said, Exploders can be a useful weapon to use against other Necromorphs by either shooting them from a distance when they are in a crowd, or by severing their explosive arm then using your Kineses to throw it at other Necros. DO NOT however use your Kinesis on one when you have a deployed Ripper Blade, it ends badly >:F


Guardians are always posted up on walls on DS2, just waiting for you to casually make your way to them. They think they are tough but if you take them out quickly they aren't really that big of a deal. They will deploy several tentacles that stick the the wall around their body. You need to sever all the tentacles to defeat them. I have found in this game, that generally whenever you find a Guardian, you will also find an explosive canister nearby to make quick work of them. If you DO NOT kill them quickly, they can become a pain in the ass. They will launch out several small pods that have a tentacle that stands straight up in the air from the middle of them. These tentacles will shoot organic projectiles at you. So as you can see if you get enough of these laying around they become a real pain. The Guardians will however, keep launching out pods until they die so you can use these pods to farm some of your kills if you need to for weapons like the Flamethrower.


Infectors are flying creatures that will usually not attack you unless you get too close them. They prefer to fly around the room creating Necromorphs from dead bodies to make your life miserable. If they run out of dead bodies, then they will come after you. They aren't very difficulty to kill, hit them with a Stasis if you need to and then blast away at their wings. If they are in the process of reanimating a dead body, aim at the tube that connects them to kill both them and the Necro they are reanimating. There are only a few of these in the game so it isn't a huge problem, but in the areas where you know they will attack, stomp the legs off the dead bodies so if they do get away and make some Necros they wont be able to walk.


Leapers are very fast moving Necromorphs without legs. They drag themselves along at incredible speeds on all surfaces including Zero-G areas where they try to ambush you. Leapers get their name because they will Leap at you from a very long distance to knock you down to make you an easier meal. In close quarters, they rely on their tails which have a spike on the end to slash at you and cause damage. The best way to take them down is to slap them with a Stasis to slow them down and then blast away at them.


Lurkers will randomly appear anywhere. In caves, buildings, space and Zero-G environments, train shafts, pretty much wherever they can be a nuisance. They are small crawling creatures, that look like they are just begging to be kicked across the map. By themselves they are relatively harmless but in a large horde, which happens at one point in the game, they can be deadly. From a distance they will emit three tentacles from their backs which will shoot an organic projectile at you. Up close, they will jump on you and try to stab you with their tentacles. They are, however, very easy to kill. The quickest way is one well placed Line Gun round that severs all three tentacles. On the later stages of the game, they will get a Super upgrade and become more deadly so if they have glowing eyes, take them out as quick as possible.

The Pack

The Pack is another new addition to DS2 and can be quite an irritation, but are generally pretty easy. The Pack will attack you in large numbers in an attempt to overwhelm you and force a reload where they will have a chance to get to you and attack you. They are surprisingly fast but with a Single Ripper Blade you can take out an entire pack of them or close to it. They are also very weak against the Flamethrower.


Pregnants are very large bloated Necromorphs that will charge in for CQC battle. I highly recommend using a Stasis on them, then shooting out their limbs. If you miss and hit their bodies they will burst and release a Swarm at you. Now by themselves this is no big deal but the last thing you want is to get a nice Swarm on you while you are being attacked by Slashers and Leapers.


Pukers may just be one of the MOST irritating enemies of this year in any game. They love to travel in a pack of Slasher Necromorphs and spray streams of acid at you from a distance while you are battling the other Necros. DON'T BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD! They can shoot a surprisingly long distance! Even when you Stasis them, their Acid Spray will still come at you, just as a slower speed. Also if they are currently spitting Acid at you and you shoot your Stasis it will hit the spray and not them. I recommend dispatching them quickly in any battle from a distance with a long range weapon.


Slashers are the most populous form of Necromorphs in the entire game. You will encounter them from level 1 all the way to the end of the game. The Slasher gets his name form his Blade like appendages that he will use in Close Quarters to slash at you. the Slasher is a very easy enemy to defeat by dismembering them with your favorite weapon and even have the added bonus of providing projectiles to Kinesis throw at other Necromorphs when their arms are dismembered. In the later levels they will get a Super upgrade and become much more powerful.


Spitters are so similar to Slashers you probably won't even notice them unless they spit their projectiles at you. They look almost exactly the same and attack the same with the exception of spitting from long range. Deal with them the same as any other Slasher for a quick kill.


Stalkers are a new addition to the Dead Space Necromorphs this game and are probably my favorite new addition, until they become Super Stalkers later and then I don't like them anymore. Now there is a reason for the name of this trophy. The Stalkers move and behave exactly like a pack of Velociraptors. You will first encounter these outside the Basilica when the church door gets jammed shit and you must find a new route. Once you turn around and head back into the opposite direction you will hear them. They make squawking sounds like a dinosaur as they talk to each other. Then you will see them run across the open as they move from box to box stalking you. The next thing you'll see is there beady little heads looking out from the boxes just before they charge you. Your best bet in any battle against Stalkers is to back into a corner because otherwise they will distract you with some Stalkers in front while some others flank you and attack you from behind or the sides, just like Raptors. Hit them with a Stasis to slow them down OR hit them in the legs with the Line Gun to knock them down and take them out

The Swarm

The Swarm is a very tiny Necromorph that moves across the ground in large numbers and tries to jump onto you. It is very slow moving and easy to kill. When they jump on you generally they won't do any damage but if you get enough of them on you at once you will notice your health quickly diminish. The Swarm does have another very irritating purpose, they will attach themselves to other larger Necromorphs and act as a shield to absorb your attacks on the larger enemy. in doing this they increase their chances of being able to suck onto a dead Isaac for a nice meal.


Tripods are very large Necromorphs that generally attack you one at a time, except for on the elevator ride. They rely on grabbing and swiping attacks and are very powerful if they actually hit you. They have weak points on each of their arms on the Yellow diseased skin that will blow off each arm and kill them.

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