Players: 1 - 2
Online Trophies: Yes.
Online Pass Required: Yes.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 (Normal, Classic, Pure Survival and Hardcore)
Collectible Trophies: Yes - Gun Collector , Aliens , The Professor , The Librarian , The Armorer
Missable Trophies: None, use chapter select.
Glitched Trophies: None reported.

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Since the events of Dead Space, EarthGov captured Isaac Clarke and harvested his mind for Marker blueprints to revive the program in which Markers are used to provide resource and power for the human race. The Marker placed on Titan Station, the same area Isaac was held, resulted in an outbreak of Necromorphs. Isaac then escaped with Ellie Langford after he destroyed the Marker which resulted in Titan Station's demise.

Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford separate after the events on the Titan Station Sprawl. Isaac remains on another space station while Ellie searches on as both look for ways to end the Markers built by the Government. Isaac is then recruited by Captain Edward Norton and Sargent John Carver, two men Ellie met on the planet Uxor, who claim Ellie found a planet known Tau Volantis where nearly 200 years ago a government base was located here, eradicated by a Necromorph infestation, and frozen over, until someone, somehow managed to stop the infestation and the Marker in its tracks. The group then hopes to find answers here about Unitology and the key to stopping the Markers.

Watch this video to be filled in on the events of Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2, made by IGN.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Monetary System - Dead Space 3 has no credits. Although when you find Ammo, Stasis Packs, Med Packs etc. you can go to the Safe at a workbench and press over an object to sell it for a specified amount of resources that is needed to make it. For weapons, you can dismantle them.

Ammo - Ammo is universal in the game. There is no gun specific ammo, every bit of ammo you find can be used on every gun that you create.

Crafting Supplies - With resources you find, you can head to the workbench and make vital items like Med Packs, Stasis Packs, Ammo etc.

Crafting Weapons - You find weapons parts throughout the game. At a workbench you can make your own weapons ... the way you want it. Use parts you find and resources you uncover to make the weapon of your dreams.

Resources - You find these scattered around the game and can salvage them from dead enemies. You use them, as well as varying amounts, to craft weapons, upgrade your suit and weapons and build valuable resources.

Circuits - These take the place of Power Nodes, sometimes they are even found in the same containers as when you'd find a Node. Basically, you can use them to fast track to upgrade weapons or you can use the resources to unlock and upgrade a circuit slot.

Suits/Upgrading - Suits are put on in the same manner as in previous games, but you also upgrade your RIG, Stasis and Kinesis using resources you have found.

Blueprints - You can find blueprints around the game, some are even available at the bench from the start of the game. Other blueprints can be made from weapons you create. You can also share them with your co-op partner.

Safe - Just as previous games, you can store whatever in it, but you can sell your items for an amount of resources and dismantle guns to get their parts and resources back.

Saving - Dead Space 3 introduces the Autosave feature. No more hitting save points, the game will have designated save areas placed throughout the chapters.

Ration Seals - These are only found from scavenger bots when they return from resource areas. They can be used to buy resource packs instead of buying them with real money. To do this, get to a bench and press . You'll be brought to a menu where you can then select a few different packs that are all at different values. To pay for the packs with ration seals, press on any of the packs, making sure you have enough for the selected pack, and the contents of the resource pack will be added to your inventory.

NOTE: Pre-order DLC will work across game modes.

Dead Space 2 Save: Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter

Mass Effect 3 Save: N7 Armor Suit

Dead Space 3 Demo Co-op Completion: Stasis Support Attachment

100% Completion: Silver Frame Set and Hostile Enviroment Suit

Collect All Circuits: Silver Attachment Set

Collect All Blueprints: Builder's Circuit Set

Collect All Weapons Parts: Crafter's Circuit Set and S.C.A.F. Deep Dig Suit

Collect All Logs: Silver Module Set

Collect All Audio Logs: Comms Circuit Set

Collect All Text Logs: Research Circuit Set

Collect All Artifacts: Silver Adaptor Set and S.C.A.F. Flight Suit

Collect All Alien Artifacts: Alien Circuit Set

Collect All Unitology Artifacts: Unitologist Circuit Set

Collect All EarthGov Artifacts: EarthGov Circuit Set

Collect All S.C.A.F. Artifacts: S.C.A.F. Circuit Set

Complete Casual: Unlock all Game Modes, Dead Space Legends Suit, Clip Circuit Set

Complete Normal: Everything from Casual plus Reload Circuit Set

Complete Survivalist: Everything from Casual and Normal plus Rate of Fire Circuit Set

Complete Impossible: Everything from Casual, Normal and Survivalist plus Damage Circuit Set

Complete Classic: The Devil's Horns (Foam Finger/Hand Cannon)

Complete Pure Survival: Silver Part Set and Mega Resources

Complete Hardcore: Retro Mode

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Infinite Ammo Glitch

Once you get to a bench for the first time you will unlock a new feature known as the weapon crafting arena. This arena lets you craft weapons and test them having no effect on trophies or the game. You can enter the arena by going to Solo Campaign Weapon Crafting Arena. Enter the arena then just save and quit. You should now have infinite ammo for your current playthrough. This works for Regular, Pure Survival, Classic and Hardcore mode! Note: This glitch can turn off randomly, if it does, you can go back to the arena and do it again.

Thanks Platicus for informing me of this glitch!

Infinite Health Packs and Metals Exploit

Thanks fendr for sharing this video!

Use the Devil Horns Across All Game Modes

Quote Originally Posted by Starcrossed
I posted this earlier on the forum. Let me know if this works for you. Cos it works like a charm for me.


Complete Standard and Classic Modes and receive the Devil Horns. (Must do this at first, I guess).

1. Start Pure Survival and get to Chapter 3 - the room with the bench. Save and Quit.
2. Start Hardcore and get to Chapter 3 - the room with the bench. Save and Quit.
Now you have 3 or 4 save files - Standard, Classic, Pure Survival and Hardcore.
3. Quit Game to XMB Menu.
4. Delete DS 3 Game Data (in my case I had 2 game data files, so I got rid of both). Don't delete the save files (back them up on a thumb drive, just in case)
5. Start DS 3.

6. Start Pure Survival and it will load up Chapter 3 bench location. You'll get a pop up message "Devil Horns unlocked and put in Safe". Works for me. YAY!!! Save and Quit.

7. Start Hardcore and it will load up Chapter 3 bench location. You'll get a pop up message "Devil Horns unlocked and put in Safe". Works for me. YAY!!! Save and Quit.

Cool exploit I thinks!

Note: I'm playing Hardcore with the Devil Horns ... but I haven't installed 1.02 patch. I don't know what would happen after the patch. But then again, I wouldn't want to find out until I have completed Hardcore.


[top]Step 1: Casual Playthrough

You're gonna want to use this step to familiarize yourself with Dead Space 3 and also collect any collectables you can find. If you're up for it you can use the collectable section of this guide and collect all of the non-co-op specific collectables (I'll explain in a minute). Keep in mind what you'll need to craft in order for some trophies, such as the electrified Ripper, etc. But again, just casually play the game the first time around.

[top]Step 2: Collectables

Now focus on getting all of the collectables. There's a total of 257 items to collect in the game. To make things so much easier, you can use the chapter select to find out which items you still need to collect (not specific, but how many you need in each chapter). Again, use the collectables section of this guide to help you with those. Once you've gotten all of the ones you can in the solo-campaign, find a friend and get to collecting the co-op collectables. These are collectables that will not show up in the solo campaign. You need to be playing the optional co-op missions to find the collectables. There aren't many chapters that have co-op collectables though, so don't be worried. Only chapters 4, 11 and 14 have co-op collectables. Also a good thing to note is that when one player picks up a collectable, the other player still gets it so don't be worried.

[top]Step 3: Classic, Pure Survival and Hardcore Modes

The main bulk of getting all the trophies in Dead Space 3, the New Game + modes Classic, Pure Survival and Hardcore. I recommend playing them in that order, because that's easiest-hardest. In Classic mode, Isaac can only craft weapons from Dead Space 1, and a few tweaks are added so that you feel like you are playing Dead Space 1, but on Hard.

Pure Survival has you collecting and saving resources, as the enemies do not drop any ammo or health packs. You need to use resources found or bought in the game to craft those and even your own weapons. This mode is tough. Lastly there's Hardcore mode. No, there's no "three save limit" from Dead Space 2 this time. Oh no, in Dead Space 3 you have to complete the game without dying once. Once these modes are finished, you're almost there!

[top]Step 4: Co-Op Missions + Clean Up

Now's the time to get a buddy and knock out the three co-op optional missions. I suggest doing these on Casual, so there aren't any difficulties when completing them. Since there's only three, this step won't take long at all. Once they're done, collect whatever trophies you're missing to earn yourself a shiny new .


Brave New World
Obtain all trophies.

Collect all the below trophies to unlock this new shiny Dead Space 3 platinum trophy.

Stranger in a Strange Land
Complete the Prologue.

You start off as an EarthGov soldier on Tau Volantis. Your superior has tasked you with finding a cylindrical object that can stop the Marker Outbreak. Make your way through the snow scavenging for ammo. Eventually you will reach a large spacecraft that has crashed. Shoot the covering over the way to open it. Necromorphs will start to pop out. Kill them and head through the spacecraft, killing Necros along the way. You will finally reach the cabin of the spacecraft and retrieve the object you have been looking for. Something will go wrong with the spacecraft and you will have to repel down the side of the mountian. At the bottom, you will have to dodge falling debris until you land in what appears to be a settlement. A seemingly normal high ranking military officer approaches you. He will kill our soldier, deactivate the object that had been found and commit suicide.

Space Odyssey
Survive your first spacewalk.

During Chapter 3 the spacecraft you are on will start colliding with bombs and debris. This will cause it to go completely to hell. You will help the EarthGov soldiers get free of the ship. During this, you will sort of but not really, get seperated. You will ahve to follow them, dodging debris and mines. Eventually, you will come to a stop and will see a big hunk of spacecraft that you all thing will be safe to enter. You will have to open one door/airlock to get it. When you get there, you will have to press to set down on the little walkway leading to the door. You will then open it and the trophy will pop. The spacewalk is literally all of a minute or less.

Critical Mass
Recover the shuttle.

The main basis of Chapter 6 is getting a ship ready to head to Tau Volantis. After youbuild the necessary part for the ship, you will have to go re-engage the fuelpod. After doing so, Ellie will accidently be start up the launch process. Youwill have to escape through bursts of fire and Necromorphs. Eventually, youwill come to figure out that something is jamming up the process. You willenter a room with a large amount of explosive containers and a heavy duty gun.Hop on the gun and clear the first explosive. More explosives will start to jamthe mechanics of the machine and a whole load of Necromorphs will start comingout. Shoot at the Necros first, then the explosives. Once all explosives arecleared Isaac will get sucked into space and the ship will be recovered.

Snow Crash
Reach Tau Volantis.

You will get this during Chapter 7. After you get all the required parts for the ship, you and Ellie and some other no namers will be ready to head to Tau Volantis. As you fly down, you will shoot debris along the way, hit objects and as usual everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong. After burning through the atmosphere, shooting as many objects as possible and losing a few people you will eventually crash land. You will wake up hours later, upside down. Isaac will unlatch himself and land on the ground. Welcome ...... to Tau Volantis!

Intestinal Fortitude
Defeat the Hive Mind.

During Chapter 12 you will find the Hive Mind, remeniscent to that of the one in the original Dead Space. This one is different though ... it reminds me of a Black version of the Hive Mind, sort of like the other Black Necromorphs. It's main attack is slamming it's tenticles, which is easily avoidable. Also, it spits out orange blobs which you can shoot, but if you don't do so quick enough it hatches a Black Feeder. During this, you will have to shoot the Hive Mind large, yellow heart. After doing enough damage to it, it will suck you towards it. You will have to shoot the four yellow sacks around its mouth. After repeating the process a few times, it will suck you in and swallow you due to there being no more sacks around the mouth to shoot. You will arrive in its stomach. There will be three tenticle nests, each which three tenticles. Focus on one at a time while trying to contantly move to avoid all the their attacks. When you're focusing on one, use stasis on it and then shoot at the tenticles. Do this to all three tenticles on all three nests. The Hive Mind will then spit you out .... that's it, you have killed it.

Kill the Snowbeast.

During Chapter 13 you will finally come to a good face to .... mutilated face with the Snow Beast. The Snow Beasts only attack is a rush and stomp type deal. At times, it will show all three tenticles. Once you shoot one off, it will go into an attack. After you remove all three, a section on its belly will open up revealing four yellow sacks. You will have to repeat it all until no yellow sacks on its stomach remain. Then, it will continuously respawn the tenticles. In the back right of the area, use kinesis to get the engines starting for the harpoons. Lead the Beast into them, and when he gets impaled head over to the control board near the left harpoon and use kinesis on it. Now watch the gore!!!

Together as One
Reassemble Rosetta.

During Chapter 15 you'll have to put this girl .... well actually some mutant alien thing back together. All the pieces you found will be lined up. You can't move the pieces at the end ... that is the big help for this. Line up the cuts and use kinesis to shift the pieces around. The cuts are easily identifiable so it's just finding a matching cut on another piece. After you put it all together Isaac will have a vision and the trophy will pop!

Infernal Machine
Reach the Alien Machine.

Chapter 18 is spent trying to get to the heart of this machine. You'll make your way through, fighting Black Necros and Alien Necros. You'll have to solve mini puzzles to open doors, bend large pieces of metal and even rotate large spikes. Towards the end of the level, Unitologist Soldiers will come as you try to place three batteries in a specific order to open a door. Once all soldiers are dead, put in the batteries and the door. Head in and continue onward. You have reached the machine.

Shoot for the Moon
Defeat the Moon.

At the end of Chapter 19 you will face The Moon. This is a big alien, ugly bastard. You'll be standing on a super kinesis/stasis pad. When the Moon's eye is facing you, grab one of the floating Markers and throw it at the eye. The Moon with then spit/throw these cacoons on the pad you are on. They will hatch Necros. It seems that if it hatches on its own, two spawn. If you shoot the cacoon until it opens, only one spawns. After you kill all of the Necros it will throw two of its tenticles on the pad and try to drag you in. Shoot the yellow sack on each until they explode. Complete that process another time. Finally, The Moon's final eye will show. Throw a Marker at it. It will put the pad that the machine and Carver are on in its mouth. Use the kinesis pad to pull it out. Then, Isaac will activate it and it will all go to hell. Carver gets blown away, as does Isaac. The Moon, defeated, falls and crashes onto Tau Volantis.

Under a Buck
Shoot the deer head trophy in the Admiral's Quarters.

During Chapter 4 you will have to head up to the Admiral's Quarters. To do so, you will take an elevator up. Once at the top, you will enter a small hallway with a large room at the end on the left. At the end of the hallway is the deer head. Simply shoot it and it will fall off. If you happened to miss it and enter the room first, go through the cutscene with Carver and Isaac. You will then have to go back to the elevator. When doing so, it will be next to you on the left. This section is the only time you can get this trophy.

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Space Ace
Shoot at least 70 targets during the ride to Tau Volantis.

This trophy is earned at the end of Chapter 7. You will control the escape ship as it flies towards Tau Volantis ANd man the guns. Use to steer, to move the aimer and to shoot. youre best bet is staying along the path, which is highlighted for you. There aren't much more than 70 targets so you will have to be quick and patient. The mines are first, and the key to this trophy. There are so many it is impossible to get them all, but getting most will put you in a good spot. Next is just random debris as you carrine towards the planet. The final set of stuff is a few chunks of ice you need to shoot. This will take patience, luck and practice. If you don't complete it, you will have to restart the chapter UNLESS you make a backup save right before it (like saving to a flash drive). This trophy seems to be a lot easier when being played in co-op. Isaac flies while Carver shoots. Once the problem in the back happens, Carver takes over and flies and shoot, a part that is missed out completely in the solo version. Basically, you'll have one person soley focusing on shooting (for the most part) while the other drives AND you have an extra minute or so to shoot shit.

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Reach the pump room of the Waystation without alerting any Feeders.

Firstly, as you do this you will see Feeders life their head and look around, that's fine. What they mean by not alerting them is not to have a hoarde of them come after you. That being said, this is earned during Chapter 9. At the beginning, after you get the elevator working you will go down it. You will open the first door and see a Feeder run off. Enter the room and then head into the freezer with all the bodies wrapped up. Open the next door to exit the freezer and crouch with . Go right and hug the wall the wall until the wall turns into the next door to open. Head through this little room and open the next door. You will see a Feeder off to the right, blocking a way around. Thats okay. Use the pass on the left and slowly head for the door. Once it is opened you can continue like normal.

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Drill Sergeant
Complete the Drill Room without taking any damage.

This trophy is earned during Chapter 10. You will lower the gates to the drill and it will come out. There will be three waves: Wave 1 is Wasters and Slashers, Wave 2 is more of the same and Wave 3 is a hoarde of Feeders. Firstly, I HIGHLY suggest you play on Casual. Now some people may have their way of doing it, like with a Force Gun or something, but I personally like the way it's done in the Alternate Method. Either use the Evengalizer that you got as either Limited Edition or Pre-Order DLC, or make your own. Use a Heavy Frame with a Military Engine as both the Top and Bottom Tool. For the Rifle portion use a Default, Repeater or Compressor Tip (the first being the single shot option). For the Shotgun, use the Conic Dispersal Tip. The Attachments you use are up to you, as well as your second weapon. The Evengalizer/Craft Version works like a charm. You will want to upgrade the Damage and Clip for each as much as you can, the other two categories won't matter as much. Next, make sure you have around 120 rounds of ammo ... just in case. Next, have in the area of ten Stasis Packs (I had 24 .... a bit overkill but it was for precaution). The Stasis will be used on the drill AND Necros if they start to get too much to handle. Having your Stasis in your suit upgraded will help, mainly the Duration. Now you're ready to go for this bastard. Head into the drill room and stand just to the left (or right in front of) the Stasis Recharge that is on the right side of the drill, near a vent. If you look directly across from the Recharge, you will be facing a vent. By standing in your location, Necros should only come from that vent and the one to the right. When you are Stasising the drill, you will want it to block the path between you and the right vent. This will cause the Necros to go right into the drill. When you are ready, lower the gates and take your spot.

Wave 1: Once the drill is almost on the ground, Stasis it and start gunning the Necros. If they get too close, use the shotgun portion and/or Stasis. Keep the drill in constant Stasis. Once all are dead, Stasis the drill and shoot the inner core. It will pick up and say something about 75%.

Wave 2:
Once the drill is close to the ground, Stasis it. Basically, repeat and do the exact same things you did during the first wave. This time though, you may have to move a little to the left but it won't affect the Necro spawn points. Once all are dead, Stasis the drill and shoot the core. It will go down to 50%.

Wave 3:
Feeders come this time, and a fair amount. For drill to block the right vent this time, you will have to Stasis it before it is about to hit the ground and constantly keep it in Stasis so it blocks the vent. If it turns on its side this method won't work. For the Feeders, start off using either the rifle or shotgun portion of your gun, it doesn't matter. When one gets down to "1" bullet remaining or close to it, switch to the part of the gun you didn't use. Once the clip is empty, Stasis the drill for cautionary reasons and Stasis Feeders as well. Feeders move quick and are agile. The rifle and shotgun can take them out with ease, but due to the amount of them it is best to wait to reload until both guns are near empty. Once all Feeders are dead, Stasis and shoot the drill, destroying it. Collect the stockpile of Ammo, Stasis, Health and Resources and head towards the exit. The trophy will pop near when you get to the door. If it doesn't pop, see the bolded section for details.

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Alternate Method
Quote Originally Posted by ferretbusiness
hey luckay, got a video for drill sergeant that is much easier than the one you got in your guide, i can also confirm that you can get hit by the enemies and kill yourself with the drill and still get the trophy, my first attempt i got hit and suicided and then did it perfectly and got the trophy as soon as i got to the elevator

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Quote Originally Posted by ferretbusiness View Post
another tip for drill sergeant: on the third wave just stasis and shoot the drill, if you do it quick enough the feeders will disappear before getting near you
NOTE: This trophy may glitch but there is an easy fix. If it glitches on you and you know you didn't take any damage, press and choose "Save & Quit". Then, choose to "Continue from Last Checkpoint" (do not choose "Continue Story"). Then, start the drill sequence and allow yourself to be hit by a Necromorph. "Save & Quit" again, then "Continue from Last Checkpoint" again. Play through it without taking damage and the trophy will unlock.

Kill 5 Cysts in the Biology Building with a single poison gas cloud.

This is done at the beginning of Chapter 14. Once you go see whatever Rosetta is in the lab, Ellie will give you a key card to open a door. Opening this door takes you to the Biology area. As soon as you open the door a Cyst will be right in front of you. Throw some stasis at it and run a few feet past it. Use your kinesis to catch and throw the pod it releases away from it, towards the door. There will be another Cyst a few feet behind you. Like the previous one, stasis it, run past and grab the pod with kinesis and shoot it away from any Cysts in the area. The next Cyst is on the wall to the left as you proceed, with another Cyst on the ground right near it. Stasis the Cyst on the ground and go run past a few feet. The Cyst on the wall will shoot its pod to the wall across from it, which is fine. Catch the ground Cyst's pod and throw it at the window behind you. The final Cyst is when the long hallway turns into the little room. It is on the right near the storage lockers. Go up to the little ccontrol room, hugging the wall and open the door. Head up the elevator, do the power thing and head back down. Go into the little room and activate the decontamination, killing the Cysts.

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Get On My Level
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Simple, just beat Chapters 1 - 19 on either Casual, Normal, Survivalist or Impossible. The Optional and Co-op Optional Missions do not have to be done for this trophy to unlock.

The Explorer
Complete all optional missions.

For this trophy, you will have to complete all seven Singleplayer Optional Missions and all three Co-op Optional Missions found in Face of the Past. These are basically little missions with no major objective other than grabbing something or gaining a little intel. The main point of these is to just go through and grab the collectibles in them. Here is a rundown of the singleplayer missions:

Chapter 4 - C.M.S. Greely

How To Start: While flying to the little taxi spaceship, you will hear static. Santos says it is coming from the C.M.S. Greely. When you enter the little taxi, set it as your destination.
Tips: Its a straightforward mission, not hard at all. You have to aquire a key card from a location on the ship in order to gain access to a crew member's room. Once in there, you will get the transmission, giving you some nice information. There aren't any difficult parts, but in the UV room afer coming up the lift, watch out for floor panels blowing out.

Chapter 5 - Conning Tower

How To Start: After facing the Hunters and fixing the tram, you will enter. Bucknell will say Mid Station is Conning Tower. Select it as your destination and hop off at the stop.
Tips: During the whole mission you are trying to get to a cash of weapons some guy locked himself up with. He'll come up over comms and say stuff to you. The main threat are the rooms with explosives on the vents. Getting too close when they go off will harm you and it's also a decontamination/biological anomoly area .... so a load of Necros will come. Eventually, you will come to the main room and the guy will be long dead, a member of the crew 200 years ago. Get his stash of goodies and the level ends.

Chapter 9 - Supply Depot

How To Start:
At the beginning of the level, you will head down an elevator into the kitchen. When you get past the room with the spike punchers and head up the ladder, you will come to a control room. The key card is on the desk near the audio log. Head out of the Waypoint Station, back the way you got to it. On the left will be a door, the entrance to the depot.
Tips: Another staightforward mission. You're just trying to go through the level to collect weapons and circuits and eventually come to a little stash. You only have to worry about the large, straight away halls for the most part. These areas are where most of the Necros come from. The other hard-ish part (if you want to call it that) is when you try to bring down the elevator. It will come halfway down before stopping. Then, a hoarde of necros will come. Once all of them are dead the elevator comes down, collect your "winnings" and get the hell out.

Chapter 11 - Delta Armory

How To Start:
After you collect the pieces you need, you will backtrack back to the area with the Hive Mind. On the way back, you will fight the Snow Beast but after doing some damage he'll escape. Isaac will then mention if anyone has checked out the armory. The door is near where the Snow Beast escaped.
Tips: The premise is getting the the main room of the armory and securing the armory key card. The fighting to there isn't that bad, but once you get there and for the rest of the level Unitologist Soldiers will join in along with more Necros. You will then have to head up to the tram station and fight off more Unitologists until they are all dead. You can then open the munitions box to reveal resources and weapons parts.

Chapter 14 - Reaper Barracks

How To Start:
On the way to Paleontology you will come upon a small office with a desk and a Circuit. The key to open the door to this mission is on the desk. Use the elevator to get to the next room with a piece of Rosetta. After you get the piece out and put it in the tube, you will open a door. Directly in front of you is the entrance to this mission.
Tips: Another straight forward level. Watch out for the spike puncher and be careful in open areas as well. When you get to the room with Detonator Mines, shoot at them so they explode. After yoy grab the needed key, open up the supply crate in the same room. During this time more Neccros will come for you. Use the key to open a door, kill the Necros and then hack the final door. Then fight through the remaining Necros and head back up the elevator.

Chapter 14 - Disposal Services

How To Start:
When going to Geology for the final Rosetta piece, you will enter a room with a ton of frozen specimens. The next room you enter, a door requiring a Torque Bar will be directly in front of you. To the right is the key to get to this area. It is the door between the bridge and lift on the way to Geology that you need to enter.
Tips: One of the other straight forward missions. It follows the same style as a few other optional ones. There will be an lift that you need to lower in order to reveal a crate. After it lowers a bit, a hoarde of Necros will attack. Once all are dead it will finish coming down. This is the only hard part/part that can give you trouble.

Chapter 17 - Artifact Storage

How To Start:
After to put the bomb on the rock and you, Carver and Danik fall off, you will be in a new area. Go to the left, along the path. When the path goes right, look left to see a hackable panel. Hack it and the door will open, thus allowing you to do the mission.
Tips: You will need to look out for Alien Necros and Crawlers in this one, along with the loads of Black Necros. Focus on Alien Necros and Crawlers first, they can do the most damage. The Alien Necros takes the most damage and the Crawlers can be beheaded and used as a weapon against other Necros. There will also be a crate that contains a few Circuits, you will have a lot come to you in this area as well.

Aren't You Thankful?
Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

Hardcore mode can be unlocked after completing the game on any difficulty. To start it, go to New Game + :pointer: Hardcore. Hardcore mode is set on Hard difficulty and has one, serious drawback. You only live once! (sorry ). But yeah, you have one life to complete the entire game, with only autosaves. When you die, you get sent right back to the beginning. Sounds fun, right?

Hardcore Tips
  • After you get to a save point (you'll see Progress Saving in the top right corner of the screen) you can exit to the XMB and copy your save to a USB stick. Then if you die, you can copy the save from the USB to the save data and you'll be right where you saved.
  • You can also use the infinite ammo and infinite health and metals glitches that are listed in the section above, note that you'd need to delete the patch by deleting the game data to successfully do them. These obviously can help tremendously.
  • If you're a purist and look down upon glitches, you'll need your favorite weapons to help you through the game. Remember to craft health and ammo when you are running low on them, and send scavenger bots to resources areas whenever possible to maximize your resources. Resources are crucial to your survival. Be sure to save ration seals as well and buy the resource packs with them for addition resources.
  • Collectibles are enabled in Hardcore, and the enemies will drop anything from Health Packs, Stasis Packs, Ammo and Resources. Stuff will cost a bit less, but you also get a lot less Resource wise. Focus on your RIG and Stasis first, it's better to have them close to max before you start upgrading weapons (unless it's with a Circuit).
  • You can manage upgrades however you want, but I suggest you focus on your RIG pronto. Upgrade your health and armor first, while using a mediocre to okay weapon.
  • It helps if you have the pre-order DLC because it includes some great weapons. If not, even a save from Dead Space 2 can net you an extra weapon (that's actually pretty good).

Below is a not-so-helpful glitch a few people have experienced in their hardcore run. Be sure to back your saves up before this point.
Quote Originally Posted by Elpoko View Post
Here's a glitch I came across. During the cutscene in the midpoint of chapter 12 I got killed. The firefight that happens at the end of the cutscene was in full swing at the start of the cutscene and I got blown in half so I was only a pair of legs. My legs threw the grenade at Daneck and when Carver threw my weapon at me it just hung in the air. As soon as the cutscene was over I died. I was playing Hardcore but had backed up my save so it didn't cause me any trouble. Sounds funny I know but not if you trying to play Hardcore without a backup.

Epic Tier 4 Engineer
Complete the game in Classic Mode.

Classic is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty. Basically, it consists of Dead Space 1 aiming and you can only craft guns from Dead Space 1 and 2. Weapon Parts collectibles are removed from this game mode, all other collectibles are present. Luckily, any Pre-Order and Limited Editon DLC will carry over. Also, the mode is set to the Survivalist. Enemies will still drop ammo and resources, although the quantity is not much for the most part. Med Pack drops are usually Medium or Small and Stasis Packs are standard. Luckily, even though the Resource quantity is diminished, Visceral lowered the Resource requirment for upgrades, whether it be circuits or RIG/Stasis/Kinesis. I would definately recommend the Plasma Cutter as your primary weapon, and a weapon that you feel comfortable with as your second. Focus on upgrading your RIG first, followed by Stasis. Only upgrade your weapons if you happen to find any Circuits, other than that, wait until the RIG and Stasis are maxed. Also, don't do any of the Optional Missions, they add unneccessary time to the playthrough as well as a difficult part or two. This mode is pretty easy though and is finishible around the 10 hour mark.

Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode.

You unlock Pure Survival by completing the game on any difficulty. First off, all Pre-order and Limited Edition DLC carries over. Now for what this mode entails. Basically, you can only scavenge Resources. You must make things such as Ammo, Health Packs, Stasis Packs, Weapon Parts and Circuits from the Resources that fallen enemies drop or that you find lying around. Enemy difficulty is set to the Survivalist difficulty setting. Collectibles like Blueprints, Artifacts and Logs can still be obtained during this run. Also, you can play co-op in this as well. If you have any extra Resources, focus on upgrading your RIG and Stasis first, it will make a huge difference. After they are upgraded enough you can start working on upgrading weapons. Also, skip all of the Optional Missions, they add unneccessary time and possible difficulties to the playthrough. For the most part, you are given a fair quantity of the Resource you pick up, although you can get the occassional low count pick up. You will get a huge abundance of Scrap Metal.

Gun Collector
Collect all Weapon Parts.

Weapon parts come in many shapes and sizes for many different things in Dead Space 3. They are used to craft and upgrade weapons for you to use. You can find frames, cores, tips and much more for you to add on to weapons and making them even more deadly is the aim of the game. For this trophy, you're going to have to collect each weapon part. There is a total of 73 weapon parts. A full collectable walkthrough can be found in the collectables section of this trophy guide.

Collect all Alien Artifacts.

Alien artifacts don't have much purpose and there's only roughly around 10 of them. They are usually well hidden within the chapters of Dead Space 3. A full collectable walkthrough can be found in the collectables section of this trophy guide.

The Professor
Collect all Artifacts.

Artifacts come in different groups in Dead space 3. They are Unitologist, S.C.A.F., Earth Gov and more. They have no true purpose but to act as collectables. There are 40 artifacts to find in the game. A full collectable walkthrough can be found in the collectables section of this trophy guide.

The Librarian
Collect all Logs.

Logs come in two different types, audio and text. Audio logs are screens with the words "play" on them and they are usually fairly easy to spot. Text logs just looks like any other loot, but give off a white glow. Both types of logs can give you a great back story to the game you're playing. There is a total of 71 logs. A full collectable walkthrough can be found in the collectables section of this trophy guide.

The Armorer
Collect all Circuits.

Circuits are very useful in Dead Space 3. They act as nodes from the other Dead Space games, as they can upgrade certain things for your weapons. Weapons have circuit slots where a limited number of circuits can be placed. Circuits can upgrade things like damage, rate of fire, reload speed and more. There is a total of 61 circuits. A full collectable walkthrough can be found in the collectables section of this trophy guide.

There's Always Peng!
Find Peng.

Peng is a recurring thing in the Dead Space series. It's a little, well-hidden trophy that you can find within the game that can be sold for plenty. In Dead Space 3, Peng can be found in Chapter 14 during the optional mission Reaper Barracks. Once you get to the pump room a little bit into the mission, after the first pump, you need to stasis it while the spikey end is at the other end and you can look behind it. You should see a figure in a vent near the bottom right rod of the pump. Use kinesis to bring it over to you (it's tough to get, but keep trying and it will eventually pick up) to find Peng!

Toggle Spoiler

My Buddy
Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench.

You will first receive the Scavenger Bot in Chapter 5. When you pick it up, it will mold to your arm. To use it, press on the D-pad. Then press . A little screen on the bot will pop up with waves coming out from the center in a certain direction. Go in the direction that the waves are going. When you get to the resource area, the waves will turn to full circles. When it does this, press to relesae the bot. Let it scavenge while you continue on your mission. When the bot is done, you will get a notification on your screen and the bot will be at the next bench you go to. It's resources will be added to your inventory. Once you hit the bench after it's done the trophy will pop.

Metal Detector
Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas.

This is basically the same as My Buddy. Whenever you get an opprotunity where you aren't beingassaulted by Necromorphs or soldiers, press on the D-pad to activate the Scavenger Bot then press to have a screen pop up and start scanning. Follow the way the half-circle waves are pointing until you come up on a spot where the half-circles turn to full circles. Deploy the Bot with and when it's done it will meet up with you at the next bench you visit. Simply do this fifteen times. Here is a list of good, scavengable areas:

Chapter 5

Area #1 - In the area where you aquire the bot.

Optional: Conning Tower: Area #1 - In the first room you enter after the first decontamination and vents with mines.

Optional: Conning Tower: Area #2 - After the gravity panels give way, you will go down a ladder then up another. The location is in the back, left area of the room.

Chapter 6

Area #1 - After exiting the tram, there will be a door on the left and right. Use the left door and head to the little control station office/area.

Area #2 - Once you gain access to the back portion of the ship, go up the ladder the the back area on the right side of the ship. Right at the top, a few feet in front of you is a good resource area.

Chapter 8

Area #1 - After you reach the end of the first walk there will be a quick little scene where I believe the Snow Beast knocks you down a cliff. Once you get up, you will be walking down a long, narrow path. This area is a little past the halfway point where the path bends right. It will be on the left side of the bend.

Another Scavenger Bot is aquired in the first building you enter after the long pipe you are walking in collapses.

Area #2 - Immediately when you enter the large area with the Way Station, head to your left along the rocks/border of the area.

Area #3 - Behind the back, right of the Way Station is a little alcove. Enter it to find the area behind a large rock.

Chapter 9

Area #1 - When you enter the kitchen area, proceed to the very last room of the kitchen. It's in the room with the Artifact.

Optional: Supply Depot: Area #1 - Right at the base of the first ladder you're supposed to go up.

Optional: Supply Depot: Area #2 - When you have to move the power cell into the slot of the door to continue, there will eb another door with a power slot. Put it in that one and this area is in that room.

Optional: Supply Depot: Area #3 - Around the last workbench of the side quest.

Chapter 10

Area #1 - After you get outside, it will be along the path to the little hut you have to enter.

Area #2 - After the Suit "Kiosk", you will head outside and the path will branch right and left, take the left all the way to the alcove.

Area #3 - Almost immediately after you take the elevator outside after the drill scene.

Chapter 11

Area #1 - After taking the first elevator up to get the power cell, go to the left and head behind the little tin room.

Area #2 - After heading back through the drill area and through some rooms you will come in contact with Stalkers. Go to the left and follow the narrow path to an alcove which has some resources.

Area #3 - In the next Stalker area with all the crates, walk along the right side of the area.

Area #4 - When you have to find the three parts, it is next to the part to the left of the ladder once you come down.

Optional: Armory: Area #1 - Take the first elevator down. It is to the left of the Suit "Kiosk".

Optional: Armory: Area #2 - After you pass the first big circular room, go down the elevator and follow your waypoint until you pass through another large circular room. Once you pass through it and head into the next room, the area will be in the back left.

Chapter 13

Area #1 - At the start, in front of the building on the right.

Area #2 - After climbing the second ice wall, it is on the left when the path splits.

You can aquire another Scavenger Bot that is on the other side of Area #2.

Area #3
- Immediately after the third ice wall.

Area #4 - In the area where you fight the Snow Beast.

Chapter 14

Area #1 - After climbing the ladder, take a path on the right to a large opening.

Area #2 - After entering the large red doors, take the lower path on the left.

Area #3 - It is right after you enter the first little room in the level.

Area #4 - Same room as the first piece of Rosetta you find.

Area #5 - After you walk through a glass encased walkway and get ambushed by some Necros, it will be in the next room you enter.

Optional: Reaper Barracks: Area #1 - When you get to the second spike puncher (not working), enter the tube and take the first left out of it.

Area #6 - You will get swarmed by feeders in the room where this area is found. It's also some type of display/trophy room with a Rosetta piece.

Area #7 - Eventually, you will wind up sort of on the same path you started the level on. Eventually, you will come to a bridge on the left. Go straight instead and you'll come to a large, open area.

Area #8 - After going up the lift after the first stalker area, it is on the left.

Area #9 - Near the last piece of Rosetta.

Optional: Disposal Services: Area #1 - You'll come to an area with a torque bar door straight ahead and the main path taking you through the door on the right. Go left.

Optional: Disposal Services: Area #2 - It is in the next room after going down the elevator, on the left.

Chapter 15

Area #1 - After sprver, go up the elevator and past the Unitologist gunship. It's in the area near the door you must hack open.

Chapter 16

Area #1 - After the third rappel but bfore you enter the door.

Chapter 17

Area #1 - When you get towards the bottom of the metal scrap path, you'll see a small dead end pth on the right. It's along the main path on the left.

Optional: Artifact Storage: Area #1 - In the area where you get swarmed by Leapers and Alien Crawlers.

Optional: Artifact Storage: Area #2 - In the same room as all the objectives and Hunters.

Area #2 - Right after you take the warped space flight an land, it will be to the right after you open the door.

Chapter 18

Area #1 - It is near the Red Marker in the middle of the circular room.

Area #2 - This one is near the elevator that has the audio recording right next to it.

Craft a Weapon.

You will first be able to craft weapons in Chapter 3. After finding both the Heavy Standard Frame and Tesla Core you can craft a very standard weapon. Crafting a weapon is also an optional objective in this chapter and Isaac will be talking about weapon crafting when you're there. All you need to do is pick up the energy core and place it next to the bench and you can craft away. For tips on how to find the 2 weapon parts, please refer to the collectable guide at the bottom of the page. Also, there are two trophies that will require you to craft a special weapon, so you will get it regardless of how you go about it.

NOTE: To get this out of the way early by doing the given method, you must not have any Pre-order Bonus/Limited Edition DLC installed, this set up is given in one of them.

Circuit's Edge
Add a Circuit to a Weapon.

At the workbenches there will be an option to upgrade a weapon. The Upper Tool and Lower Tool each have four circuits you can upgrade. If you find a circuit during the game, you can unlock the circuit block in the upgrade section and then choose the upgrade that coincides with the circuit you found (if you find a +1 Damage circuit, it will aloow you to use it to upgrade the weapon after you free up a circuit block in the upgrades section). Alternately, once you have enough resources you can unlock a circuit block then use the resources to create one of the available upgrades. No matter how you do it, this will come naturally over the course of the story.

Craft a Large Med Pack.

Once you hit the bench for the first time, there will be a Craft/Create section which will have stuff like Ammo, Stasis Packs and Med Packs available to create. In order to create a Large Med Pack, you will need 240 Somatic Gel. To check the total amount of Gel you have, press and look at the right side of the RIG. To get the Gel you can either pick it up off dead enemies, from containers or just lying about. Perhaps the easiest way to get it is via the workbench. Go to the Safe section if you have excess Med Packs. Select a Med Pack and press to sell it. You won't get credits like the first two games, you will sell it and get the Gel you need. However which way you do it, once you have enough head over to a bench and craft it.

Full House
Craft a Weapon with 2 Tools, Tips, and Attachments with all Circuit slots filled.

This is best done when you have most of the Weapons Parts and Circuits are collected. That will require you to not have to use any resources to build or upgrade your weapon. You will have the parts and circuits to do so. Take a look at our Weapons guide for a rundown of every weapon part and its function as well as some kick-ass weapons (especially my RPG/Pulse Rifle combo). If you are having trouble getting this to unlock, make sure you have all circuit slots unlocked. They require 20 tungsten each for a total of 8. You need all 8 slots filled with circuits for the trophy to unlock. You can also only have one tip for any weapon, be it the upper or lower one. Once all slots are filled with parts (except a tip slot if you don't want two) the trophy should unlock after you craft the weapon.

RIG Master
Fully upgrade your RIG.

The RIG is back and c'mon, how could you survive without it? lUnike Dead Space 1 and 2 where you upgraded your suit at a bench, you actually upgrade your suit at the few and far between Suit "Kiosks". This is where you can change your suit as well. Now there are Kinesis and Stasis portions that need to be upgraded for this trophy. You will need to completely upgrade all three areas in order to receive the trophy. The RIG consists of Hit Points, Air and Armor. Kinesis consists of ..., ... and .... Finally, Stasis includes ..., ... and .... Since we aren't using credits, you will need vast amounts of resources to do this. Here is a complete list of what resources and how many of each you will need to max out your RIG, Stasis and Kinesis:

Scrap Metal: 6,750

Somatic Gel: 1,875

Tungsten: 590

Semiconductor: 3,105

Transducter: 3,200

Master Plan
Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build.

If you've been following the collectable guide and got every collectable up to the first bench in Chapter 5, you can earn this trophy there. This was my blueprint:

Weapon Parts

Frame: Heavy Compact Frame
Upper Tool: Military Engine
Lower Tool: Hydraulic Engine
Upper Tool Tip: Precision Tip
Lower Tool Tip: Default Tip
Attachment 1: Scope
Attachment 2: Electric Charge


Upper Tool Upgrade Circuits: +1 Rate of Fire and +1 Damage, +1 Damage
Lower Tool Upgrade Circuits: +1 Clip, +1 Rate of Fire

When all is said and done you will have built the Heavy Standard Seeker Rifle with Hydraulic Eviscerator. To make a blueprint of the weapon, go to the editing screen on the bench and hit . Obviously this isn't the only weapon blueprint that you can make that will bring you above 2000 resources, but it's the first time I tried and was only screwing around. If you are missing parts of this blueprint and would like to build this weapon, refer to the collectables section of the guide.

From the Jaws
Save your Co-Op partner from an execution by killing the attacker.

Another very simple trophy. An execution is when you have to mash to get the necromorph off of you. When you see your partner getting attacked like this, shoot the nercomorph in the limbs and try to kill it as fast as possible. I suggest using a powerful weapon to kill it faster. Once it's dead and your partner is safe the trophy will pop. If you're having trouble getting an execution to happen randomly, get your partner to stand next to the necromorphs without hitting them. Sit in a corner and just watch your partner and if he's about to be executed just shoot the hell out of the necromorph.

Share and Share Alike
Use the RIG to give an item to your Co-Op partner.

Very simple. From the main-menu just select Co-Op Campaign, and play with another person by whatever means. Now press to go into your RIG, and press on any item. Then scroll down to where it says Give to give the item to your partner. A message will say your partner has received the gift and the trophy will pop.

Revive your Co-Op partner 10 times.

You can only revive your co-op partner once their health has been depleted. Once they are hunched over with a big above them, go to them and hit to revive them. You need to do this 10 times. A good strategy for this is to never heal yourself, just play normally and if you have low health, die and get revived. This will help both of you. It would also help to play on slightly harder difficulties so you have the chance to die easier. Playing on easy you may not die at all.

Ghosts of the Past
Face all of Carverís demons by completing all Co-Op only optional missions.

The biggest co-op trophy only requires you to complete all three co-op optional missions, which can be selected from the Chapter Select or found in the game. They are all easy, the hardest being the last one if you don't know what to do. All you need is a friend to play with and you should have this trophy in no time.

Chapter 4 - C.M.S. Brusilov

How To Start: Travel to the C.M.S. Brusilov when you get to the shuttle that tours you around the wreckage. There's a door to another ship that can only be opened in co-operative play.
Tips: This is a fairly easy optional mission. The main premise here is that you need to turn on the power in an abandoned space shuttle. It's fairly linear so you shouldn't have any trouble as everything is straight forward. This mission is also basically identical to the other optional mission in this chapter, but shorter. At the end you'll manage to turn the power back on, then you'll need to backtrack all the way to the entrance and the mission will be finished. Simple.

Chapter 11 - Archaeology

How To Start: Like the others, you'll come to a door that says co-op on it. This looks just like the other optional mission starter point.
Tips: Another simple co-op mission. Not much to say here, it's very linear and you really just need to circle around the area until you get back to the start. Extremely easy. At the end is the only mildly tough part where you need to lower the storage crate and kill waves upon waves of necromorphs. Though, if you've done the other optional missions you should be very used to this segment. Stand in a corner near your partner and do a last stand-esque fight or just run around. It's not hard to do. Gather the goods from the storage crate and you'll be finished.

Chapter 14 - Marker Containment

How To Start: When you enter the labs where you need to assemble Rosetta, there will be a co-op door.
Tips: The toughest co-op mission if you don't know what to do. It's still linear, but this time Carver will have weird hallucinations where he's attacked by shadow feeders. During these sequences, Isaac will need to defend the both of them against hordes of necromorphs until Carver is finished. These hallucinations can be somewhat tricky. The first just needs Carver to run to the end of it where the marker is, no biggy. The next, you have to shoot the shadow feeders and wait for it to be finished (I liked to hang by the marker area). Now the third. If you don't know what to do, you will not beat it at all. What you need to do is go to where the marker is, stay left near a sofa to stop the feeders from attacking and just lay into the marker until it is destroyed. Once it is, you'll be able to get the goods from the storage crate and end the mission.

Share a Blueprint with your Co-Op partner.

To share blueprints, you need to go to a bench, select blueprints and hit to share it with you partner. If the partner already has the blueprint, it won't work! Your partner cannot have the blueprint when you share it with them. So a good thing to do is make a blueprint for a custom weapon because they most likely haven't created the same weapon you have and then made a blueprint of it. So on the blueprint screen, scroll down to the custom blueprints and hit for the trophy to pop.

Axes High
Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.

The enemies carrying fodder axes are known as Wasters. Their suit usually has a bit of yellow on it, unless it is the Black variant. They carry an axe in each hand. If you don't shoot of their arms yourself, and say they split in it, the axes will just disappear (at least that's how it seems for me). Also, they don't do much damage. For the most part, you will need to hit an enemy with three of these axes. Your best bet would be to use these axes on weaker enemies when they are around. If you plan to use them on a Waster, either shoot off its head or let it separate in half. Stasis is key to this as well. Enemies won't stand still for you to do this. Early on in the game, there will be enemies holding something similar, but they are more liked spiked batons and won't count. Once you reach Tau Volantis is when they will start coming out, or at least the type you want. Playing on Casual will allow you to kill Lurkers with one shot and Waster/Slashers/Spitters with one decapitated arm in one shot from the Fodder Axe so long as you hit and dismember its other arm. You can also the The Swarm with an axe and get it to count. Also, the place I was able to get the majority of mine was the C.M.S. Brusilov Co-op Optional Mission. There are a lot of these enemies, as well as Lurkers and Swarm.

Quote Originally Posted by TheFirstBandit
I don't know if this will help or not but I found a good area in Dead Space 3 for the Fodder Axe trophy.
In the beginning of Chapter 18, you will come to a room inside the "Machine." You go left around the outside of the room and when you come more to an opening there are Red Markers everywhere and Stalkers come out to play. If you step back into the outer area far enough, the Stalkers won't charge you (unless they're the crawling ones), but Fodder Axe guys will come out from behind you. Shoot off their arms to get the Fodder Axes, but don't use the axes on those guys. Save them for the Stalkers because it's a basically a one hit kill when they're charging you.

Hopefully this helps!
Quote Originally Posted by flyingturk
Hey Luckay and Bush, I've figured out a very easy way to get the Axes High trophy in less than 15 minutes.
In Chapter 6 you need to refuel the shuttle. After you ride the lift into the room, as you press the button on the computer to refuel the shuttle its save your progress. Then you have to attach the nozzle manually, when you do, 3-4 guys with fodder axes come out of the room one by one. Stasis the first one, shoot off 1 arm, catch the axe and TK it through the other arm (dismembering it) to kill it instantly. After you kill them, just save and quit. When you continue from your last save point, you will reload just before you have to attach the nozzle hope this helps. (much easier than the other method)

Kill a Soldier by TK'ing a grenade or rocket back at them.

During the game, you will face Unitologist soldiers a fair number of times. Early on in the game, they throw grenades. As the game progresses, especially on Tau Volantis, they start to bring out the RPGs. Now, you can't garuntee that the soldiers will throw grenades, or if you throw it back if it will kill them. Luckily, the RPG Unitologists appear in Chapter 10. They basically stand still and have a triple beam aimer. They also are a little bulkier than the standard soldier. I recommend finding one and using stasis on him. Then, kill all surrounding enemies that way you are not taking damage from other soldiers when doing this. When the lone RPGer takes aim and fires, grab the rocket with kinesis and throw it right back at him for an insta-kill. The rockets travel a lot slower than grenades and have a straight line path so it should be much easier for you to grab. With the RPG, either a direct hit or a close proximity hit will kill the Unitologist. For the grenade, you practically have to hit dead on. If you do it by the grenade way, the charge/time to explode will pause while in kinesis.

Close Encounter
Kill 10 alien Necromorphs.

Alien Necromorphs first come into play in Chapter 16. They are some weird ... alien ..... rhino .... alien queen from Aliens vs. Predator sons a bitches. They take A LOT of damage, even on Easy. The key for them is Stasis and then aiming for limbs. Without a doubt though, acid, electricity and explosive damage do a fair amount of damage to them. Their main attack is a rush and swipe with it's hand ... claw thingy. When you get a group of them it can get rather annoying. The also spit out things similar to the suicide baby things from Dead Space 2, but are know as Alien Crawlers. They can screw you over as well ... but can help you. If you just don't want to mess with them, shoot the sack to kill them. If you want to use them to your advantage, shoot of their head and use kinesis to throw them at the Alien Necro. This will come naturallu, as there as way more than ten for you to slaughter.

Go for the Limbs!
Dismember 500 limbs from living enemies.

This will come naturally during your first playthrough of the game. This is different than previous dismemberment trophies though. This go around, you acutally have to dismember the limb(s) while the enemy is alive. When doing this to a Unitologist, one dismemberment will kill them. For Necromorphs, dismembering both legs and then an arm will kill them, while some others may die once two limbs are off. Don't worry though as dismembering is part of the game.

And Then We Doubled It!
Dismember 1000 limbs from living enemies.

You will easily be able to pick this up during your playthroughs of Dead Space 3. Dismembering a limb for this trophy is when you shoot off a leg, arm of head of a live enemy. If the enemy is dead it won't count towards your total. Unitologists are less durable than Necromorphs as only one dismemberment will kill them, whereas Nercomorphs can take up to around 3 dismemberments. You should be able to earn this during your first playthrough of the game as dismemberment is a main game play mechanic of the series.

Slow Mo
Kill 50 enemies while they are in stasis.

In order to Statis an enemy, you must press to put it in Stasis. Now early on in the game, Statis won't last long, you won't have much of it and if you combine it with the "weaker" damage of your weapons, you may not kill the enemy while it is in Stasis. Early on, your best bet is to shoot out a leg or an arm and then Stasis it and kill it. As you progress in the game, you will upgrade your Stasis and weapons so it will be a lot easier to kill then later on. Odds are you will Stasis and kill over natural play so don't stress or focus on getting it. Also, there is an attachment called Stasis Coating. Once unlocked, you can equip it on your gun. Each fired shot will contain some stasis and the kills you get with it will count.

Blast Corps
Kill 30 enemies with explosion damage.

If you want to go for this o'natural, you'll be going after this for a while. There are various ways to get this trophy, but your best bet in the end will be to make your own gun. Here is a list of possible ways to get the kills:

Explosive Barrels: The standard red barrel with the first symbol on it. You will find it at various points in the game. Kills with this seem to be iffy. I've gotten around five or six kills with it, but only one has counted.

Exploders' Sack: The Exploders have that big yellow sack that explodes when it impacts forcefully. If you are able to detach it you can use it to kill enemies. This is another iffy one as well, I have only gotten a kill or two with it to count.

Unitologists: Some use grenades, others use RPGs. Use Kinesis to grab it and throw it back at the soldiers.

RPG: Once you have the required parts you can make one. You will need a Heavy Frame, a Survey Charge as the Tool and the Direct Suspension Field as the Tip.

Grenade Launcher: You will need a Heavy Frame, a Survey Charge as the Tool and the Default Tip it gives you.

For locations of said parts needed for the RPG and Grenade Launcher, visit the Collectibles section. If need be, you could always craft the parts with your resources.

Kill 30 Soldiers with head shots.

During the game, you will fight Unitologist Soldiers. They'll be going after Isaac a lot. You'll find them in the beginning of the game before you leave the city with Carver and his guys and while you are on Tau Volantis. The best guns are use for headshots are either the Plasma Cutter, SMG or something along the lines of the Pulse Rifle (from previous Dead Space games). Unitologists are fairly easy to kill, so even a misplaced shot or two will kill them. For the most part, they just take cover and pop out to shoot or stand still. They won't evade you much. When you get a headshot it will be pretty obvious, the soldiers head will bust open with a spurt of blood and you cann even hear a type of squishy pop.

Empty Chamber
Kill 30 enemies using melee strikes or a melee Weapon Part.

There are two ways to melee, by pressing to stomp while aiming with OR to press for a punch when not aiming. Don't do this when going against a group of enemies. Do this when you have only an enemy or two to face. If playing on a lower difficulty, you could just simply go up to a Necromorph and melee away. To make it easier overall, especially on a higher difficulty, soften up the Necro before going into hand to hand combat. I recommend shooting out it's legs the curb stomping its body as it crawls around. Also, you cound shoot of an arm and then begin to melee. To buy yourself time when doing this, use Stasis on them. You should get in a fair amount of damage or even kill them before the Stasis wears off.

This trophy is much easier if you have a melee attachment as a weapon. In the blueprint in Master Plan, if you follow it to a tee you'll have the Hydraulic Engine as a lower tool. The hydraulic engine is like an electric sword that kills necromorphs in 1-2 hits on Casual difficulty. Note: I'm not sure if the electricity comes from the engine itself or the fact that I have an electric attachment on the gun.

Dropping Acid
Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.

Yeah man ... woah you see that? Righteous! Wait no ... wrong type of acid This is a rather fun attachment. When it hits an enemy the have a greenish glow to them and start to dissolve. I have heard people fancy this on the Ripper. For the Ripper, the Rip Core is the Tool, either the: Directed Ejection Field, Compact Direct Ejection Field or Default Tips are used and you add the Acid Bath Attachment. This turns the already badassary of the Ripper into a gut wrenching beast. While this is cool, my favorite is it on the Pulse Rifle. To craft this beauty you will need: a Heavy Frame, the Military Engine Tool, the Repeater Tip and the Acid Bath Attachment. This gun ... my god I love it. It takes off the limbs like nothing but even if you misfire a bit the acid will still eat away at the Necro. For locations of the need parts, head over to the Collectibles guide.

Electric Lawnmower
Kill 30 enemies using an electrified Ripper blade.

Ah ... the Ripper. A fan favorite or fan hated from previous Dead Space games. In Dead Space 3 there is the standard floating blade, but you can also construct one shoot the blade. Also, you can ..... personalize it. First, you need a Frame, either the Compact or Heavy will do. Next, choose your Tool as the Rip Core. Now you can choose how your blade works with the Tips: Compact Direct Ejection Field, Direct Ejection Field (both allow shooting the blade) or Default (suspended in air blade). Finally, you need to add the Electric Charge Attachment in the second Attachment slot area. This gives the blade its spark. Now, you don't actually have to kill the Necros with the electric pluse the it lets out when it hits. Most of the time the direct impact will kill the Necro. Basically, all you need is the attachment equipped for the kills to count. See the Collectibles guide for locations of needed parts.

Overpowered Healing
Use quick heal to heal yourself 20 times.

During the game, you will get damage inflicted onto you. The blue/tiel health bar on your back will get lower. You will find Med Packs thoughout the game, whether it's from dead enemies, just lying around or you making them at a crafting bench. When ever your health goes down, press to automatically use a Med Pack if you have one. You will get injured a lot, so unless you are a god at the game this will come naturally.

[top]Collectables Guide

Unlike its predecessors, Dead Space 3's collectable items come in many different forms. Text and Audio logs, artifacts, weapon parts, upgrade circuits and blueprints are all sitting out there for you to discover. There is a total of 40 Artifacts, 71 Logs, 73 Weapon Parts, 61 Circuits and 12 Blueprints for a grand total of 257 collectable items. Collecting all of these will unlock the following trophies: Gun Collector, Aliens, The Professor, The Librarian, The Armorer and There's Always Peng!. Follow the collectable guide below for locations, outlines of how many are in each chapter and videos for finding all of the collectables.

Co-op collectables are also evident in Dead Space 3. These are collectables that are only obtainable while playing optional co-op missions. I've listed the co-op specific collectables below, many are easily found. You need these collectables to earn the trophies.

Note: I may have listed collectables in earlier chapters than what the videos show. The written guide tells you how to earn all the collectables as early as possible, so if you're watching the video and followed the text guide, instead of a collectable you might just find a lot of resources. I recommend using both the text and video guides simultaneously to get a better understanding of where everything is.

Also note that in the game, if you look under Progress & Unlocks from the pause menu, it will say more or less collectables than are written in the guide. Again, it's because you can either earn collectables for other chapters earlier or collectables for chapters in later chapters (it's really odd). And some collectables may be at the ass end of a chapter or the very beginning of a chapter (see chapter 5, the first weapon part is before the game actually says "Chapter 5").
  • Weapon Parts - Used to craft weapons. There are many parts to find for many weapons and combinations to create.
  • Artifacts - Figurines found throughout the chapters that come in different groups (Earth Gov, S.C.A.F., etc.).
  • Logs - Audio and text logs give you a back-story to the world you are exploring.
  • Circuits - Used to upgrade your weapons with things like reload speed, rate of fire and more.
  • Blueprints - Used to craft weapons.
Prologue - "Beginnings"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
0 1 0 0 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Prologue Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 1 - "Rude Awakening"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
0 2 2 0 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 1 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 2 - "On Your Own"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
0 1 1 0 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 2 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 3 - "The Lost Flotilla"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
2 1 2 2 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 3 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 4 - "History's Ember"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
12 7 8 7 1
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 4 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 5 - "Expect Delays"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
6 3 10 6 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 5 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 6 - "Repair to Ride"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
1 0 0 2 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 6 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 7 - "Mayhem"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
0 0 0 0 0

Chapter 8 - "Off The Grid"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
3 1 4 2 1
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 8 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 9 - "Onward"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
8 3 11 5 3
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 9 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 10 - "Now We Know"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
4 2 1 1 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 10 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 11 - "Signal Hunting"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
9 4 10 10 2
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 11 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 12 - "Autopsy"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
0 0 0 0 0

Chapter 13 - "Reach for the Sky"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
4 1 0 1 1
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 13 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 14 - "Everything Has Its Place"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
14 7 11 13 3
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 14 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 15 - "A Change of Fortune"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
1 0 0 0 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 15 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 16 - "What Lies Below"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
4 0 1 1 1
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 16 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 17 - "A Strange City"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
2 4 7 10 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 17 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 18 - "Kill or Be Killed"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
2 2 3 1 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 18 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 19 - "Endings"
Weapon Parts Artifacts Logs Circuits Blueprints
0 1 0 0 0
Collectable Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 19 Collectables Video

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Weapons Guide

This guide will run down all available weapons parts and what they do. We will also include some kick-ass weapons we ourselves have made and have been recommended by others.
Frames Information
Compact Standard Frame This is for one handed weapons and consists of four open circuit slots.
Heavy Standard Frame This if for two handed weapons and has four circuit slots unlocked from the start.
Compact Elite Frame For one handed weapons and has all eight circuit spaces open.
Compact EarthGov Frame A one handed frame with two circuit slots open.
Heavy S.C.A.F. Frame Another two handed weapon frame with two circuit spaces available.
Tools Information
Hydraulic Engine This is a cutting tool that can get you out of a jam.
Military Engine Used for things like Assault Rifles, basically military guns.
Plasma Core Anything that fires plasa based shots (Plasma Cutter, Force Gun etc.)
Pneumatic Torch This is where the fire comes from baby!
Rip Core Here for your Ripper related needs.
Survey Charge This Tool shoots explosives, such as rockets, grenades and mines.
Telemetry Spike This Tool fires things like bolts and spikes.
Tesla Core For weapons that use electricity as it way to destroy those nasty Necros.
Modules Information
Electricution Electricutes the last shot you fire from the clip.
Explosion The last shot fired explodes.
Rotator Cuff Your primary tool can rotate.
Canister Recovery You can recover your last deployed canister.
Tips Information
Compressor It turns the bullet into a more dagnerous, compact bullet.
Conic Dispersal Turns it into a shotgun.
Diffraction Torus The bullet spreads at the impact point.
Directed Ejection Field Fires the bullet in short, powerful impulses.
Direct Suspension Field Shoots projectiles that will glide through the air until impact (like an RPG so to speak).
Precision Adaptor Turns the gun into a sniper rifle type, very accuracte and powerful.
Rail Accelerator Turns the bullet into a high speed, penetrating machine.
Repeater Turns the weapon into an automatic.
Attachments Information
Flame Glaze Coats bullets in a flame/flamable substance.
Stasis Coating Coats each bullet in Stasis, slowing down enemies.
Acid Bath Coats each bullet in acid, dealing extra damage.
Electric Charge Adds electricity to each bullet/projectile.
Full Zoom Scope Adds a super good long range scope to the gun.
Scope Adds a basic long range scope.
Safety Guard The player will not take any damage from their own weapon.
Stasis Support Stasis Packs used by the player also recharges the co-op player's Stasis.
Medic Support Health Packs used by the player also heals the co-op player.
Damage Support Increases damage for the player and partner.
Ammo Support Increases ammo efficiency for the player and co-op partner.
Explosion Amplifier This causes the blast radius of weapons to increase.
Ammo Sweeper Picks up nearby ammo for you.
Ammo Box You will reload after your last shot, making you not have to press to reload.
Stasis Amplifier When you throw out a shot of Stasis, its effective range is larger.

[top]Kick-Ass Weapon Creations

In this section we show off some of the best guns that we've found to make in Dead Space 3 and how to craft them yourself. If you don't have specific parts or circuits that are featured in our creations, please refer to the collectables guide above to gather what you need.

Luckay's Creations

Heavy Standard Galvanizer with MK-U Supercharged Line Gun
Upper Tool Lower Tool Frame Upper Tool Tip Lower Tool Tip Attachment 1 Attachment 2
Military Engine Tesla Core Heavy Standard Frame Directed Suspension Field MK-U Directed Ejection Field Damage Support Acid Bath

Upgrade Circuits

  • Upper Tool: [+3 Reload +3 Damage], [+3 Damage +3 Clip], [+3 Rate of Fire +3 Damage], [+3 Reload +3 Clip]
  • Lower Tool: [+3 Rate of Fire +2 Damage], [+3 Rate of Fire +2 Reload], [+3 Rate of Fire +2 Clip], [+3 Clip +2 Reload]

As you might tell from my weapons, I like fast-shooting, large clip guns with lots of fire power. This is why I made my this gun and I keep it as my primary necromorph-killing tool. It's upper tool is a three-shot burst that dissolves the enemy in acid. On Casual, it can kill necros in the later levels with about 2-3 bursts. The lower tool is used to damage large and in-charge enemies, like Alien Necromorphs. Lay into them from a distance with it, then use the upper tool for maximum damage.

S.C.A.F. Bouncing Bolas with Kinetic Projector
Upper Tool Lower Tool Frame Upper Tool Tip Lower Tool Tip Attachment 1 Attachment 2
Tesla Core Plasma Core Heavy S.C.A.F. Frame Compressor Compressor Ammo Support Stasis Coating

Upgrade Circuits

  • Upper Tool: [+3 Reload +2 Rate of Fire], [+2 Reload +3 Rate of Fire], [+2 Rate of Fire +2 Clip], [+3 Rate of Fire +2 Damage]
  • Lower Tool: [+3 Reload +2 Clip], [+3 Clip +2 Rate of Fire], [+3 Clip +2 Rate of Fire], [+2 Rate of Fire +1 Reload]

This weapon packs a huge punch. While both tools have small clips and don't fire as fast as my first weapon, they more than make up for it. The upper tool shoots electric bolas that bounce around and stasis the enemies. They shoot relatively quick and deal a lot of damage, killing even Alien Necromorphs with about 5-9 shots on Casual. The lower tool is a force gun that allows you to charge and release to blow away (literally) necromorphs.

Bushpig's Creations

Heavy Standard Rocket Launcher with Pulse Rifle
Upper Tool Lower Tool Frame Upper Tool Tip Lower Tool Tip Attachment 1 Attachment 2
Survey Charge Military Engine Heavy Standard Frame Directed Suspension Field Repeater Safety Guard Acid Bath

Upgrade Circuits

  • Upper Tool: [???], [???], [???], [???]
  • Lower Tool: [???], [???], [???], [???]

This weapon is everything you could want and more. With the Acid Bath stretching across both weapons and not taking damage from the RPG component, it makes it one of the most lethal weapons I've made. The RPG can take out enemies with ease, most in a shot, Black Necros in two at the most and Alien Necros in four. While you are shooting the RPG, you can have the Pulse Rifle going at the same time. It's normal damage, combined with the acid and the fact that it's an automatic rifle makes it an amazing compliment to the RPG. The main thing is to focus on maxing out the Damage and Reload/Rate of Fire on the RPG, with the Pulse Rifle you want to focus on Damage and Clip Size. The Necros better watch out, they are in for one hell of a fight.

S.C.A.F. Carbine with Shotgun
Upper Tool Lower Tool Frame Upper Tool Tip Lower Tool Tip Attachment 1 Attachment 2
Military Engine Military Engine Heavy S.C.A.F. Frame Default Conic Dispersal Damage Support Electric Charge/Acid Bath/Stasis Coating

Upgrade Circuits

  • Upper Tool: [???], [???], [???], [???]
  • Lower Tool: [???], [???], [???], [???]

Yeah ..... I like guns, not the Dead Space univrse stuff (ok I like that stuff) but the stuff I'm used to This is basically a Evengalizer Pre-Order DLC knock-off, but it's a VERY powerful gun. The top portion is a single shot assault rifle that packs a mean punch. This part you want to focus on the Damage and Clip until one is maxed out, then use a combo circuit to work on the Rate of Fire or Reload, your choice. The undergun is a shotgun. This thing can take out Necros in a shot or two, even on Classic/Pure Survival/Hardcore. Max out the little Damage it has left, then focus on the Clip and Rate of Fire. Combine this with either of the above attachments listed in Attachment 2 and you will basically be a Necro Reaper.

[top]Enemy Guide

Unitology Soldiers

They fight for the Unitology religion. The either shoot assault rifles, RPGs or shotguns which all have laser sights on them. They can also throw standard grenades and Stasis Grenades. You can throw stuff like grenades and RPGs back at soldiers with Kinesis. The rifles don't do much to you, but the RPGs and shotgunners are deadly at close range. They are pretty easy to kill though. They only take around two to four shots depending on the location of the shot. The best thing is to aim for the head for quick kills.

These guys carry Fodder Axes with them and will attack you with them. They also have an ... odd ability. If you shoot off their leg(s), tenticles may come from its waist and be used to move around and attack you. Also, even if headless it may still do this. If you shoot off an arm(s) its legs may grow the tenticles to use as an attack. No matter the case, shooting off two of the tenticles wil cause it to die for good. Your best bet is to shoot off arms first, taking out that mean of attack, leaving the legs, albeit they are quick, to take out.

This is the most basic and common enemy of the game. They will attack with their arms in a slashing motion and can latch on and bit your stab you. The quickest way to kill them is by dismembering their arms. By shooting off both it will have no other way to attack you and will automatically die. Shooting out its legs may cause it to hit the ground and start crawling around.

These guys can take a punch. First off, they can climb walls, both side and ceilings. They attack by lurching forward at you or swinging its tail at you. They take a lot of damage before they die. You will have to shoot off both arms to kill it. Even if it has no head and is missing one arm it can still come for you. So, shoot off both arms for the bets and most efficient killing method.

When you approach them and get close enough, they shoot out a little explosive pod that can do some decent damage to you. You can also catch them with Kinesis to use them. You will know a Cyst is near when you hear a deep breathing sound. You can either go pasts Cysts completely, or catch and throw their pod at them. Alternately, just fire a few shots at them. they will shoot a pod out and die.

These bastard suck. They projectile vomit at you. It's basically an acidic vomit that can either jist damage you or just do minimal damage and slow you down. If they get close enough, they will grab you and begin to puke on you. The best tatic for defeating them first anf formost is always keep moving. Dodging the puke that slows you is key, especially in a big group of Necros. It can get you killed easy. Shooting off its legs may cause it to crawl and still puke at you. Shooting off its head will still allow to puke from its throat passage. To kill them easily, aim for the arms. Taking out both arms will result in death for this nasty bastard.

These guys are like The Pack from Dead Space 2. They NEVER attack alone. Alerting or killing one will draw in the whole group. They are near blind, so a shot or bright light will attract them and their buddies, or simply wandering too close may do it. A few parts of the story with them, they can be walked past. Other parts you must face them. They don't take much damage through. A headshot insta-kills it most of the time, while a few body shots will do it in as well. Unlike The Pack, the Force Gun is not good to use on them, it will take four or five shots to kill and doesn't disperse them like it does The Pack.

These guys are basically pregnant Necros ..... the bear The Swarm. Shooting them in the stomach will unleash them, so instead of being precise and just killing the Prego you also have to kill all of its stupid babies. To avoid this, dismember the arms. Like other Necros, shooting out its legs may turn it into a crawler and it can still attack without a head. Aim for the arms and the arms only, it will save you the trouble of dealing with babies and save you a bunch of ammo.
The Swarm

These things are like the Necro version of mice and rats. They are small, insect like pests that need to be terminated. There are a few spots that they come on their own, but they are mostly found if you shoot a Pregnant in the stomach and unleash them. They all take one shot to kill and can hop of you in groups. Doing this on a harder difficulty can be burdensome, especially with surrounding enemies. If they get on you, mash to get them off.

They are alot like the Slasher, but you will notice their head looks more like a large mouth with teeth. At a distance, they will do what the name implies ... spit at you to cause damage. Up close they attack just like a Slasher. They are fast too. Kill them the same as you would a Slasher, take off its arms .... it takes away its ability to attack and kill.

This time around, they are dogs turn into Necros. They can climb on all of the walls too. Shooting soley at their body will take more ammo then shooting the weak spots, their tenticles. When they get ready to attack they stand their group and reveal three tenticles that will fire projectiles at you. It only takes a shot or two to knock a tenticle off and shooting two off will kill it. Its attacks are easily dodged but up close it will grasp you and repeatedly stab you. Sever its way to attack, killing them quick and easy.

These guys can get annoying. If you don't watch it they will smack you will their kamikazee style attack: going literally right next to you and hitting you wil their yellow sack. This can do a lot of damage. This same thing can work if your advantage. If you sever it, you can use it against the Exploder or other Necros for massive damage. Alternately, you can just shoot the sack for an insta-kill and it comes towards you.

These things remind me of Veloceraptors. They hide and peek from behind cover and run very fast. When they come in for an attack they shriek and run like Usain Bolt ... right at you. This will knock you over. After that they will either run away or do a sort of victory screech. The best way to kill them is to aim for limbs as they rush at you or right after they tackle you. The limbs are the weakest portion and can usually be taken off in a shot or two. You can shoot at their heads when they peek out, but it doesn't do any worth while damage to them.
Creepers and Shamblers

Creepers are the little heads that crawl around and attach to a dead body to take a form of a fallen Necro or Soldier. The head itself is weak, a shot or two will kill it. If it doesn't have a body to take over it will jump at you. It will grab onto your head but if you pull it off Isaac will smash it dead. Once it takes over a body it is known as a Shambler. Just like other Necros, aim for the arms. Since this thing is a stand alone head though, you can just shoot at the head if you wish.

You cannot kill these things. Basically, you just shoot off three of its limbs and then it will regrow them and resume the chase. My best advice is to shoot off all four (the last right when it starts to regenerate) and then Stasis it and run away. It's all you can do for this cheeky S.O.B.

These guys can get a little annoying. They are plastered to the wall and block your path. You can't run past them or they will grab you and kill you. They have a fair amount of arms that latch onto the wall as well. All you have to do is shoot off all of the arms to kill it. If you keep your distance, this thing won't give you a problem what so ever.

These are the big pouches that have three large tenticles with yellow sacks at the end. They throw these little heat seeker type things that will follow you and explode on contact. What you need to do is Stasis it if you can, if not you can still do it this way. Focus on one sack at a time, take the shots as they come. After a few shots to the sack the arm will fall off. Do it to the other two and this thing is history.

These things are a pain. They absorbed the Stasis that was on the former human, making them super quick. They will run at you, slash you a few times and then run off. You can try to shoot them as they run, but odds are you'll just waste valuable ammo doing so. Throw some Stasis at the and aim for the arms. These guys are a little on the weaker side, so shooting off an arm and using the blade as a projectile with Kinesis will kill it or bring it to the brink of death.

They are only in Zero-G areas or flying sequences so they are nothing to worry about. Some you can dodge, others you can't. Get to close and it will do an attack that will cause you a decent amount of damage. If you see one that may be unavoidable, aim for the large yellow sacks on it. A few shots will kill it with ease.
Alien Necromorphs

These things don't appear until later in the game. They are what Rosetta is, an old race that was consumed by the Necromorph plague. They take a lot of damage and really have no weak points. Even if you shoot of their legs, they are still a tough one to kill. They also shoot Alien Crawlers out of their stomach. You can shoot of their heads and throw them at the Alien Necros. They don't do a whole lot of damage, but if saves you ammo. When I face these tanks, I just point and shoot. They take a lot of damage and cost you a lot of ammo no matter what you do. Other than spawning Aliem Crawlers, which is sort of an attack, they will just bum rush you.
Alien Crawlers

They either come out of holes in the wall or from Alien Necromorphss. They can also climb up the sides of walls. These guys only appear towards the end of the game and if looked over, can cause a lot of damage. If left unnoticed, they will crawl right up to you and explode, dealing a good amount of damage. Luckily, they are easy to kill. Either a shot to the yellow sack or a headshot will kill them. If killed with a headshot, you can use the sack as a weapon against other Necros. Make not, they always come in groups ... be it big or small.
Black/Dark Necromorphs

These come into play towards the end. Basically, take whatever Necro type they are and make them dark blue/black in color and double the amount of damage they take. They are, for the most part, stronger than their normal counterparts and take a lot more damage. Follow the guidelines for their normal variant to dispose of them.


A big thank you to the following members who have helped out with the trophy guide:

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