Players: 1
Online Play: N/A
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: Yes
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Suggested Playthroughs: 3
Time to Platinum/100%: 10-30 hours

[top]Tips & Strategies


RIG - Chapter 1
Stasis - Chapter 1
Plasma Cutter - Chapter 1
Kenesis - Chapter 2
Pulse Rifle - Chapter 2
Line Gun - Chapter 2
Ripper - Chapter 3
Flamethrower - Chapter 3
Force Gun - Chapter 4
Contact Beam - Chapter 6


Shooting Gallery: Chapter 9
Zero-G Basketball: Chapter 10

-Power Nodes-

Power Nodes are far and few when exploring so your only option to earn a lot of them is to sell items and purchase them from stores and using the cheat codes. Brutes also drop them but they are so few that they aren't reliable.

-Trophy Information-

Don't Get Cocky Kid -
Difficulty settings don't affect this shooting sequence, Impossible or Easy are identical, however the asteroids come in random patterns, sometimes you just get lucky with quiet periods and asteroids that miss the ship, just keep trying - also this trophy is a bitch if you aren't using a HD TV.

One Gun -
Just use only a plasma cutter YES MESA EVEN THE DLC PLASMA CUTTER, as long as you do not FIRE another gun in that playthrough you are fine, you are free to melee, free to punch, kick, stasis and kenesis also, you can purchase all the guns if you want, just don't fire a single round, even at the floor as it fucks the trophy up.

Epic Tier 3 Engineer -
Impossible difficulty is made available by clearing the game in that session or having a save file started with impossible. The Easiest and safest thing to do is this -> As soon as you finish your first game and save it, immediately start a new game on impossible and save it in a new slot as soon as you get to the first save point, now when you do feel the urge to come do your impossible run you'll be able to just load it up and start straight away.

Thanks to Griefheart for clearing this up.

-Missable Trophies-

Pack Rat-
You might be so focused on other things that you'll forget to do this trophy.

This minigame is purely optional and is missed easily. The court is in Chapter 10, a sign will point you in the direction of the Zero-G court.

Playing Catch
You'll forget to do this because, well, you're trying to stay alive so you'll be shooting everything that moves.

Kickin it
Sometimes it can be difficult to get a Lurker to grab you and thus you'll find yourself killing them when low on health.

The shooting gallery is in Chapter 9 near a Bench in a room with busted gravity panels.

Don't Get Cocky Kid.
Since it's hidden you may not get it, unless you're looking at this guide.

Ragdoll Check
You may forget to do this one as you'll be killing Necromorphs left and right to survive.

Same as "Don't Get Cocky Kid"

There's Always Peng
In Chapter 11 you head back to the hangar and this can be missed by not checking the area inbetween the walkways.

-Wear Military suit in Impossible mode-
Successfully complete the game in New Game Plus mode with the Military suit bought and equipped, and save the game immediately before the final Boss. Once the game ends and the credits begin, skip them, and do not save the game when prompted. Instead, immediately start a new game on the Impossible difficulty to start with the Military suit.

Thanks to TheGrudge13 and

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Cheat Codes: One time only.

The following cheats can only be used once for the whole game save, even if you start a new game they won't work you'll have to delete your data to reuse them. Enter them on the Pause Menu.

+5 Nodes:

+1000 credits:

+10000 credits:

+2000 credits:

+5000 credits:

+2 Nodes:

Cheat Codes: Infinite use.

These are good to use if you are in a bit of a pickle.

Refill Oxygen:

Refill Stasis:


Road Map

Step 1: Unlocking Impossible mode.
In all honesty it's always best to get the trophy for hardest difficulty in any game out of the way. Just play through the game and beat it once on any difficulty to unlock Impossible mode, collecting any trophies you wish on the way. Now unfortunately you have to start a new game to do Impossible mode but by getting it out of the way ASAP everything else is easy. Pretty much you can just rush it if you want.

Step: 2: Completing Impossible mode.

Name sounds intimidating huh, but not to fear Impossible mode is easier done than said. It will be hectic at first and you will have to conserve ammo constantly, but if you use a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter in tandem with the above cheat codes if you haven't used them already you'll do just fine. Just focus and watch your back.

Step 3: Eviscerating the rest
Once you've done Impossible mode after your first playthrough you will have around 13 trophies left, or more depending if you only used a Plasma Cutter for both runs, but these are easy except "Slugger" and "Don't Get Cocky Kid". For DGCK You need to mainly focus on the rocks in the center of the screen. The ones headed towards the edge generally miss the ship. I found that out the hard way, took me over 10 times to do it. As for Slugger just shoot the tentacles that have an object in it's clutches. If it throws an object shoot it, if it has a red gas tank in it's clutches shoot it to cause damage to the Slug. One more thing about both, use your shots sparingly! The last thing you want is overheating. As for the rest just follow the guide below and good luck.

General Information
Basic info you should know, thanks to Breakpoint for pointing these out. The following tells you which chapter you will find them in.


Concodrance Officer.
Collect all trophies.

Simple, just unlock everything else.

Lab Rat
Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting.

Simple just complete the chapter. Note that you will have very little ammo and weapons on this chapter so conserve your ammo. Yes you will need to kill all of the necromorphs but remember to shoot the limbs.

All Systems Go
Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Cannon Fodder
Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

True Believer
Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Greenhouse Effect.
Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Strange Transmissions
Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Keeper of the Faith
Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting.

Refer to Lab Rat

Epic Tier 3 Engineer
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

This one can be hard at first but once you get better weapons and you start upgrading them it will get easier. It would also help if you owned all or just the good add-on content for this game. Remember to conserve ammo by shooting off their limbs, you WILL run out of ammo fast on the hardest difficulty. NOTE: You only unlock Impossible mode after you beat the game, you have to start a new game on Impossible.

Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Best done on Easy if it is your first time, unless you are hardcore.

Brute Force
Kill a Brute

Best place to hit a Brute is from the back, use Stasis to slow a Brute down and then shoot. Rinse and repeat till dead. Need further help, refer to the video below.

Toggle Spoiler

Kill the Leviathan

First, destroy all three tentacles on the Leviathan while avoiding attacks. After you destroy all three then shoot at its open mouth. Rinse and repeat until it's dead. Need further help, just refer to the video below.

Toggle Spoiler

Get off my ship!
Kill the Slug Boss

As soon as you man the cannon fire a shot to wake him up and proceed to shoot his tentacles. Be careful to not let your guns overheat and shoot any debris that is coming your way. If you're shooting for "Slugger" at the same time then restart if you go under 50%. Need more help, refer to the video below.

Toggle Spoiler

Mindless Prey
Kill the Hive Mind

First you get a cutscene as you head back to the ship, then the Hive Mind appears and it's ugly as hell! First you need to shoot the five yellow spots on it's face, yes that is its face. Afterwards its chest will open and you need to shoot the little pods in its chest. once one of its chest pods are destroyed it will attack you, kill any enemies that appear and then shoot another chest pod. Repeat this till the Hive Mind is dead. Need more help, refer to the video below.

Toggle Spoiler

Pack Rat
Store 25 items in Safe

the Safe is located at the stores that are throughout the ship just put 25 items in there and boom trophy.

Story Teller
Collect 75 Logs

Whenever you see Log on the floor or in storage devices pick it up. Look everywhere and in every room. There are even Logs in some of the rooms that require a Power Node to unlock, I highly recommend you saving a Node for those rooms. Just keep looking and you will get 75, and later on 150, in no time.

Legend Teller
Collect 150 Logs

Refer to Story Teller.

Full Arsenal
Own every Weapon in the game

Self explanatory, most have to be purchased and some are found throughout the game. Now I got this trophy even though I sold some weapons to get another weapon but I am not sure if it will work for others.

Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball

Simple, stand on the front most platform and keep launching the ball into the hoops. There is no need to jump around and get the multipliers. Keep going and you will get it and it benefits you in the end because you get a Power Node, ammo, and a Log or two.

Collect 8 Schematics

There are a total of 15 schematics in the game. Some are out in the open and some are in the rooms that require a Power Node to unlock. The following is a list of each schematic, the chapter found on, and their location:

Toggle Spoiler

Once you grab the Level 3 Suit schematic you'll unlock this trophy.

Shoot 50 object using Kinesis

As soon as you get Kinesis use it to pick up everything you can and shoot the object. If you can not find an object but there are bodies lying around stomp your feet to break off the limbs and head and launch those.

Playing Catch
Catch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis

This is best done when you fight the Leviathan as it always throws pods at you. As soon as a pod gets near just use Kinesis on it and hey presto you got it.

Kickin it
Escape from a Lurker's grab 10 times.

Lurkers are those babies with the tentacles, just so you know. Believe it or not it can be quite difficult to instigate a Lurker to grab hold of you. Every time you see one don't kill it but try to get it to grab you, it will take a while but you will get Lurkers to grab you eventually.

This is a Lurker:

Toggle Spoiler

Dismember 20 Limbs

Easy, just shoot the limbs off the necromorphs instead of hitting their body. Also stomp off all limbs on all bodies lying around, human and necromorph. Stasis is very helpful in dismembering limbs on live necromorphs as you can accurately shoot off their limbs. The dismembered limbs counter carries over on a cleared game that is reloaded Thus if you don't dismember 1000 limbs in one playthrough it's no problem, just reload the cleared data and continue.

Dismember 500 Limbs

see Marksman

Dismember 1000 Limbs

See Marksman

Use Stasis on 50 Enemies

Whenever you see an enemy freeze them with Stasis. Don't have Stasis, use the cheat code at the top of the guide to restore Stasis. NOTE: You can freeze the same enemy multiple times, just wait for Stasis to dissipate first.

Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery

Not as hard as it sounds, just focus and you will get it no problem. I recommend using a weapon like the Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle. If you accidentally hit blue targets with the Pulse Rifle then use the Plasma Cutter.

Don't get cocky, kid
Survive the ADS Canon with over 50% Shield strength remaining

First of all let me say that you will not get this first go, if you do then kudos to you. One important thing to remember is to make sure you don't overheat, conserve your shots. Also fire as soon as you see a rock and not all will hit you, focus on the rocks on the center of the screen because the ones on the edge will just pass on by. Need more help, refer to the video below.

Toggle Spoiler

Air Alert
Zero-g Jump over 100 times

You can get this in the first zero gravity area you come to, unless it's outside in space then I wouldn't recommend Zero-G Jumping. Just jump 100 times in a Zero-G area or if you prefer you can earn it as you progress through the game.

One Gun
Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter

Not as hard as it sounds, in fact the Plasma Cutter is the best gun in the game when fully upgraded. Plus their is plenty of ammo for this gun. I recommend doing it on easy unless you like a challenge. Just remember to shoot the limbs to conserve ammo.

Kill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack

I recommend using Stasis in tandem with using melee attacks. Just beat the hell out of any enemies you see, except Brutes, and you will get it in no time. Why not Brutes you ask, because they are practically a mini boss.

Maxed Out
Upgrade all weapons and equipment

No matter how hard you try you will not get this on your first playthrough. You have to load your previous saved file, which will start you from the beginning, in order to upgrade everything. This trophy is the reason it takes 3 playthroughs and not 2. You will need to collect and purchase each of the weapons in order for this to unlock and you must max out your suit upgrades, Stasis and Health, as well. It takes 121+ Power Nodes to fully upgrade everything. You must have every weapon, you can't sell any of them.
Thanks to Breakpoint for that info.

Ragdoll Check
Force an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times

This can be done as chapter 4, don't kill enemies but lure them into the Gravity Panels. Just be careful not to step into a panel yourself.

Big Spender
Spend 200,000 credits at the store

No need to focus on this trophy as you will earn it as you progress through the game. If you are on the last chapter and still don't have it then spend all of your credits at a store.

Kill the Slug Boss with more than 50% Shield strength remaining

Much easier than "Don't get cocky kid." but still difficult. All you need to do is shoot any debris flying at you, try shooting the explosive tanks while the Slug Boss is holding them. Just focus and you will get it. Need more help, refer to the video at "Get off my ship!".

Full Contact
Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam

Just like it says kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam. Now with this and the next 6 trophies you can only hold 4 guns at once so you'll have to switch weapons at stores. I recommend doing these trophies first so that way you can use the guns you like best for the rest of the game. Due note that the Flamerthrower is the hardest to get kills and should be done first.

A Cut Above
Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper

Refer to Full Contact

Tool Time
Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter

Refer to Full Contact

Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun

Refer to Full Contact

Live With The Hot Ones
Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower

Refer to Full Contact

Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle

Refer to Full Contact

Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun

Refer to Full Contact

There's Always Peng
Find the Peng Treasure

In Chapter 11 before you take the marker to the shuttle head back to where the ship you arrived in crashed and look in the area between the walkways. If you look closely you will see something down there, that is the Peng treasure. Use Kinesis to grab it and there you go. Oh and you can go ahead and sell it, it's basically there for the trophy. Need more help, refer to the video below.

Toggle Spoiler

Dead on Arrival
Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting

Refer to Lab Rat. (Don't ask me why the Chapter 1 trophy is at the bottom, I have no clue why).

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