Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required for Platinum: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (Chapter Replay for Missables/Stage Specific Trophies)
Difficulty Trophies: Yes
Stackable Difficulty Trophies: Yes
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: No, Chapter Select


Surprise! It's me, Deadpool, Marvel anti-hero extraordinaire! As you most definitely are aware of, my new self-titled, self-produced video game just came out! And knowing you, you're probably stuck or just can't get trophies! But that's okie dokie! Why? Because I (with the help of some online chuckleheads) have written a trophy guide, just for you, because I love you so much. So accept my love by using this guide to help you on your glorious trek through one of the undisputedly greatest video games ever devised, ever, full of explosions, babes, mayhem, babes, babes, and AWESOME GUNS!



Story Playthrough # 1 - Veteran Difficulty
Begin playing through the game on Veteran Difficulty trying to acquire all story trophies and the miscellaneous trophies. Now you will replay any trophies you need, acquiring the Deadpool Points to purchase any abilities and weapons to upgrade for these trophies.

Story Playthrough #2 - Ultra Violence
After you have all the skills you need, play through on Ultra-Violence Difficulty on each Chapter and you will end up getting a shiney gold trophy.

In between story missions you can complete the goals for the Challenge related trophies. Complete these few trophies and you will acquire several more trophies, putting you that much closer to you platinum.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Silent, yet deadly: Be careful when going for the stealth kill. You can use to technically do a stealth kill, but it's a gunshot, which will alert people. Stick with .
  • Know your tool!: The Hammers are more powerful, but won't build much combo. The Sais are quick, good for combos, but not very damaging. The Swords are a mix of both.
  • Gunkata!: Hit after a strike or teleport to go into Gunkata immediately.
  • Glorious points!: Red DP coins are worth 250 DP points, blue are worth 1,000, and gold are worth 2,000.
  • Here come the punches!: When facing against single enemies, use the Sais. You can build a combos with lots of hits, and killing them will let it run out. Easy DP points!
  • Cashin' 'em in!: If you get hit out of a combo, you'll lose your bonus multiplier. If you score big numbers, maybe you should let it run out so you don't risk losing it.
  • You a playa!: Don't forget about player upgrades! Those combo augments really can help.
  • What CAN"T it do?: Shooting people counts for combos. That being said, the SMGs naturally can help build combo, even in firefights.
  • Get a bead on him: While you can aim by holding and moving the right stick, if your foe is flying around or moving too quickly, hold to lock onto them. Moving the right stick breaks the lock.
  • From hither to thither!: Grab Multi-Evade as soon as you can. All those times you can teleport can really help you out!
  • Step One comes first: Unlock weapons upgrades by using that weapon. Unlock weapon upgrades to get player upgrades.
  • Save Them for a Rainy Day: You don't use ammo when using guns to counter, takedown, or use the + attack.
  • Are you a bear? No? Well, I still caught you!: Bear Traps can keep any enemy stationary, even big guys like Heavy Weapon Users and Earthquakers. However, unlike the small guys, the big guys don't stay trapped forever.
  • Momentum Guide: + attacks can be charged by holding . + attacks are used by mashing . + and attacks simply happen around you, attacks with obviously more range.

Costumes are unlocked through completing the Gold-Tier Challenges throughout the game.


Okay, You can Sell the Game Now
Earn all other trophies

Achieve all other trophies in the game to acquire this platinum trophy. Good Luck.

The First One's Free!
Get off your well-toned bottom

Story Related - Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

Deadpool: I'm nothing but a giver, so I made sure to give you a trophy for exactly no effort! I just LOVE free trophies!

At the start of the game, you will get this trophy for well virtually nothing. Simply stand up from the couch and you will receive it.

I'm Expecting Company
Make a thousand pancakes

Location: Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

Deadpool: While chilling in my sweet crib, walk me into my kitchen and to the stove, where we can hit to make some deeeelicious flapjacks! You'll get this while messing with my junk (tee-hee!) for Makin' a game!

While you're looking around the apartment room, in Chapter one: Home Sweet Home, for the 14 things to play with, you will come into the Kitchen and you will be able to cook. Fire up the oven and Deadpool will automatically begin baking some pancakes. You will receive the trophy after this.

The Second One is Also Free...
Be pretty

Story Related - Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

Deadpool: Research shows that 90% of game players are pretty, so I'd like to reward that 90%! Sorry other 10%.. I'll give you this one for nothing as well.

Help: This trophy will also come from doing nothing, just like The First One's Free!. After you stand up, you will acquire this trophy as well. Simple enough.

Makin' a Game!
Playing with Deadpool's junk

Location: Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

Deadpool: My apartment is full of awesome and fun things for you to mess with! 14 items to be precise with the numbers! Just tap that near all my junk (hee!) and we score another trophy! Booyah!

Help: At the start of the game in Chapter One: Home Sweet Home, you will be able to mess around Deadpool's apartment, playing with various things. There are 14 tasks/activities around the apartment you should complete before answering the knock at the door. You can replay this chapter anytime you need to fulfill this task for the trophy. Press on each activity to interact with it.
  1. Watch TV

  2. Play with the dog

  3. Play music/Air Guitar

  4. Examine the bookcase

  5. Nap on the couch

  6. Make a phone call

  7. Drink ALL the beer in the fridge

  8. Cook 1,000 Pancakes

  9. Eat pizza

  10. Use the toilet

  11. Wash your hands in the bathroom

  12. Blow up the blowup doll

  13. Use the Internets

  14. Check out the guns

In the Lobby, Combin' your Dudes
Score a combo higher than 40 before they lock the elevators

Location: Chapter Two: Job One

Deadpool: OOOH, I do like combos! Let's see if we can cut these chuckleheads up that Mr. Moneybags, Chance White wants to send after us. We need to cut them 40 different ways in that lobby when he sends the goons before he locks the elevators and we have to go kick some ass. Hehe. Hopefully High Moon won't mind some of the challenges I plan to make. Oh make sure you purchases me some more weapons, like those Bang Lee Sais! I like them and they combo very well. I like shineys.

Help: During Chapter Two: Job One, Chance White will throw some goons at you to kill in the lobby area. Defeat these enemies and manage to achieve a 40 hit+ combo before too much time expires and he locks up the elevators. Use the Bang Lee Sais that can be purchased in the Upgrade Menu before hand or replay this section later to easily achieve this trophy.

49 in 5
Get from the studio lobby to the boardroom without dying in 5 minutes

Location: Chapter Two: Job One

Deadpool: Come on Chancey, keep sending me goons to kill! I'm trying to get somewhere here and I'm a bit in a hurry don't you think? I best get from this lobby to the boardroom STAT! I'm a bit tired though from jumping up those elevators and climbing around outside. Oh well, more fans to entertain with my butchery. TEE-HEE!

Help: During Chapter Two: Job One, after you navigate up through elevators, you will enter a lobby area. From here, defeat the enemies quickly and keep moving forward to get into the boardroom area, where enemies will attack through the windows. If you can manage this in under five minutes, you will achieve this trophy. If the trophy doesn't pop, you will need to restart the chapter.

The House that Bounces
Complete "Job One"

Story Related - Chapter Two: Job One

Deadpool: Job One is the first mission of my official Video game. Apparently, according to this crappy script we are supposed to follow, I have to go kidnap my contract target, some big shot named Chance White. Of course, he will send his goons after me, knowing all to well that I plan to kill them all! Yes we will!

I remember running through the lobby cutting each of them down, learning the controls of this game for starters, and gunning my way to the top. Of course, he couldn't make it easy. He sent a helicopter after me, firing turrets and that I had to shoot at and dodge in between cover until I could ultimately hijack it and reach further into his Media HQ. Finally he sent a few more big baddies after me, and I managed to capture him, landing on a bouncy inflatable, saving his life.

VICTORY!!! Oh wait.. is that Mr. Sinister and some goons? There goes my mark and my money!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! GET BACK HERE!

Take no damage on the waterslide

Location: Chapter Three: Taking a Chance - After chasing after defeating Arclight and chasing after Vertigo.

Deadpool: Oh LOOKIE THERE! Yeah you Chuckle-head fans playing my game, it's a waterslide!!! YAAAY! It's like I'm at a water park! WEEEEEEE!!! I bet we could get a nice new shiney if we don't hit any of this grating set up to make my ride not as fun. I blame those idiots over at High Moon Studios. Always trying to mess up MY GAME! Oh well. This is fun! Come join me!

Help: During Chapter Three: Taking a Chance, you will fall through a tunnel and begin sliding down a pipeline. Here you will need to dodge the metal barred gates throughout, while collecting the DP points scattered down. For the trophy, You will need to dodge all of these bars and take no damage. This is very simple and if you should get hit, simply press and restart from the last checkpoint. You will begin at the beginning of the slide again and have another chance to make it through. Repeat this until you manage to acquire this trophy.

Catch Me if You Can
Defeat Arclight while taking no damage from her slam attacks

Location: Chapter Three: Taking a Chance

Deadpool: Oh hey there babe. You miss me? Cause I ain't miss you a bit. Well maybe those nice chesties you got there. Wowzers. They expect me to not get hit by that nasty shockwave of yours' while I'm distracted starting at your pecs, I mean breasts. Tee-hee. I'm Deadpool, who am I kiddin'. I can just teleport through it when you hit and shoot you in the face. I love it when a plan comes together. Where did I hear that from again?

Help: During the part of the game where you will chase Arclight and her marauders, you will ultimately have to face her. You will be on a small platform and she will use electricity to try and injury you. Watch for her to glow brightly and she will slam down creating a wave of electricity enveloping the platform floor. Wait for her to slam down and tap to teleport.

She will begin using this slam attack during the second portion of the battle, after the cutscene where she slams the floor and makes it begin to fall down. Time your attacks so that you will be prepared for her and won't take too many hits from her regular attacks. Tap and and maybe chain one more attack to this combo, then back away, as she may try to swat you.

This is a very easy trophy, and you will acquire it after you have defeated her. You only have to dodge her slam attacks, and you are capable of still being hit by the other attacks without affecting the trophy.

Beer Goggles
Use all three switches, defeat the two phasers, and chase after Vertigo within 60 seconds

Location: Chapter Three: Taking a Chance - After fighting through Arclight and a few more goons.

Deadpool: Oh lame.. another D-List villian they threw in my game. OOoooOOOh. Thanks High Moon for this grand challenge before me. Oh well, let's do this you chuckle-heads. I gotta be quick. Get to that switch, and then back to the other one, and then got those 2 phasers there, whatever the hell they are, coming after me. Let me use my hammer and SMASH SMASH SMASH them to bits! Oh after I do that, I best hit that last switch and chase back after Vertigo. Guess we'll get another shiney. Right? RIGHT!??

Help: After Deadpool expresses his "fear" of Vertigo, you'll need to activate two switches, each switch guarded by a Phaser enemy, all with crazy Vertigo-vision. Now, you need to be fast, and the fastest way to deal with the Phasers is to simply push them off the edge of the platform. This will save enough time for you to quickly dash to the other switch. After pulling the second switch, pull the switch in the room you started to resume the chase. Now, be very quick and run across the room chasing after her and when you hit the checkpoint, if you did it in enough time, you will acquire the trophy.

No Chance in Heaven
Complete "Taking a Chance"

Story Related - Chapter Three: Taking a Chance

Deadpool: Hmmm, Well let us get our Chancey-Poo back. I'm going to have to fight through Sinister's goons to get him I see. It's going to be a fun ride. Tee hee.

Oh lookie, it's Arclight! Come here, let me show you a real show. I'll just hop over this little arcslam of yours, kill you from the left and from the right, OW you shocked, shoot you in the face! OH noes! Don't break the floor little Arclight! What are you doing!?? AHHHHHH. Well now you're dead. Hope you're happy.

Oh it's Vertigo too! Another poor sappy villain High Moon threw together in my game. Fine, let me play your game here and fight off these phaser things and go chase after her. Whooaaaoooaa... I'm dizzy.

YAY! WATERSLIDE!!!! I knew High Moon could make a fun game! OW! Stop running into the grates! You get a trophy you chuckleheads if you don't hit anything! Hey look, it's Sinister and them again!

Let's try one more Time...
Slap Wolverine a bunch of times

Location: Chapter Four: Genosha

: WAKE UP WOLFIE!!! What are you doing, sleeping on the job??

Help: During the beginning of Chapter Four: Genosha, you will have crashed the X-Men's jet, and will have them scattered around the clearing of the crash zone. Interact with Wolverine and keep tapping to slap him silly. Deadpool will continually make jokes and comments and eventually you will automatically stop, and you will achieve this trophy. Just keep going even if you think nothing will happen.

This Game is Rigged!
Shoot everything from the Wheel of Insanity (Balloons and the Cow)

Location: Chapter Four: Genosha

: During Chapter Four: Genosha, we will come to my favorite game on this island, the WHEEL OF INSANITY!! Now is our big break, let us hit this million dollars and go find some babes. Uh oh! I missed it and caused a Magnetic storm!!! Better luck next time suckers.

Well let me jump up this debris, dodge this flying house, and there is another chance to play my game. Let us try again. *Deadpool spins the wheel but it lands on COW* NO! I didn't want a cow, wait there are no cows on Genosha? OH THERE IT IS!

Let me shoot the cow flying around and destroy some of these balloons around the wheel, and there is another trophy for us!

Help: For this trophy, you will find the Wheel of Insanity. Spin it and then climb up the debris and you will come to another chance to spin the will. You will have some balloons around the wheel and a cow to shoot. Destroy these things and you will obtain the trophy.

Curious about Cable
Play WTF is Cable

Location: Chapter Four: Genosha

: During Chapter Four: Genosha, I will encounter Cable, who will come flying out of no where. When prompted you, the player, should press to see a short little tidbit on WTF IS CABLE!!!??? Also, you're welcome since I just got you another trophy.

Help: During Chapter Four: Genosha, you will encounter Cable and are prompted to press . When you do you will get a clip and bio about him, awarding you another trophy.

Remarkably Quiet
Kill 4 enemies in the Tower Plaza with stealth kills

Location: Chapter 5: Genosha - After meeting the fan girl

Deadpool: After I bump into Cable again (that was awkward), I'll jump down to behind one of Sinister's goons. Let's take him down quietly with . We don't want to wake the children below, do we?

Now we gotta go to that ramp-like rock the guy was staring at. Be careful, the next guy turns around before walking over the bridge. Wait until he's turned and started walking away, then let's tiptoe behind him and do him in as well. Already half way!

Bring me along the left wall now. See that loser hanging out by the edge? Let's slice him up! But quietly!

The last individual guy I can secretly kill patrols along the side of the central, giant structure in the center of the plaza, in sight of where chump #3 isn't any more. Wait until he's closer to the platform #3 was on, then get behind him and slice him up! You just got a trophy you sly sneaker!

Help: After you meet the fan girl, you will drop down and see an enemy that you can stealth kill. Take him out and then proceed to the next enemy. Watch their movements and try to time it just right.

You will see a left path too, go this way and you can take out one more guy on the ledge here and then another down off the ledge that is walking doing patrols. Take him out quietly and then you will achieve the trophy.

Caribou's Shoe
Complete "Genosha"

Story Related - Chapter Four: Genosha

Deadpool: YAY! Wolfie let me fly the X-Wing!!! OH NOES we're crashing!!! Well that was fun anyways while it lasted. Let's go kill all these enemies here you chuckleheads! I am itching for a fight! They have a lot of big guys running around.. But HEY LOOK! It's our buddy Cable. he wants to meet me later.

I end up meeting him again when I found my fan girl... though turns out, she wasn't really a girl and was just Cable trying to hook up really quick. Damn it. Oh well. let's keep going and kill more of these guys and play my game, The Wheel of Insanity. Though it was fun and I didn't win, I think I messed up everything. Let's keep playing! HEY I found Sinister. Let's play with him now. *smiles*

Hey Cable. Nice to see you back again. And of course, you want help again. Glad you come to rely on me!! let's go and get this boot fixed you wanna work on. I guess I gotta go get all the parts... Of course I do.

After i get everything I should return and see how his progress is. Maybe grab some tacos on the way. It'll be fun. Hey you got it working. Let me fly it! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Hey this is cool... I get to shoot it at people. YAAAY!

Fish out of Water
Get through Toxic River without falling into or touching the water and taking damage

Location: Chapter Five: Landed in Prison

: Yuck! What's in that river? Never mind, I'll tell you when you're older. Bottom line, no touchy, or you mucho dieee!
First, jump across the text bubbles my minds so generously donate. Be careful not to make me overshoot the boxes, or we'll take a trip down sewagey lane.

On the other side, let's head right. I have to use those solid platforms to cross to the other side of the river. Carefully jump me to each one, keeping in mind they're all always sliding by.
Let's shimmy down through the next hallway, where I'll start getting blasted by Sinister's goons! The odds are nothing your capable hands can't strangle, a Phaser goon, two of those wall-portaling jerks that shoot that purple goo, and a guys with a gun on one of them river poo-platforms. Kill the Phaser, use Pulse Rifles on the Wall-Crawlers (not Spidey, mind you), and blow up the explosive barrels the guy is conveniently next to!

Here's the tricky part. See that sludge platform closest to the platform? Ignore it. It's much to far from the other ones. Just double-jump me over that one to the second, and onto the platform the barrels were. Now we can either use the next two platforms to cross, or just flat-out double jump to the farthest. I mean, it's your call. Then again, it's my life...

This is the part where I go upstairs, and ventilate the chumps up there. You're welcome to join me! After that part, we must face our river rival again. Double-jump your way over to the stone outcropping across from our start, then do a sweet 180 and double onto the second-closest platform so you can get to that other stationary bit. Then use the other two platforms to get me up that ramp. Remember to hold so I climb it! Run up the floor above the "water"fall. Shoot those exploding barrels on that ledge up there, then jump up and away! Lastly, after "getting" my upgraded teleport, teleport over to that platform, then jump and teleport to the last. Trophy incoming...

Help: To get through this, follow the Deadpool walkthrough listed above. Do note, that you are not able to restart from checkpoint or if you can, it may not work, and you will have to restart the entire level over.

Social Butterfly
Interact with all the ladies at the Shower Surprise Party room

Location: Chapter Five: Landed in Prison - After Deadpool comes to a hallway and comments on hearing girls and thinking it's real.

Deadpool: Now THIS is a trophy! So partway through my adventure, I'll find a party going on! Believe me, you'll know it when you see it! There are 5 groups of lovely ladies to mingle with, two individuals, and a dance floor that screams for my skillz! Just interact with all 8 things and I just got you the best trophy you'll ever receive!

Game On!
Heh heh, good times

Location: Chapter Five: Landed in Prison

Deadpool: Really I get this just for continuing the game cause freakin' Sinister I killed was a clone? I'm not happy about this. Oh well. Free Trophy.

Help: Simply play through Chapter Five: Landed in Prison and you will find Sinister. Make it through this point and either watch the cinematic or stealth kill him.

Silent and Deadly
Get a stealth kill with every melee weapon in Sinister's Lair without being detected

Location: Chapter Five: Landed in Prison

Deadpool: SSHHH, I'm huntin' wabbits.

Help: Use each of the three melee weapons: the sword, the sais, and the hammer to stealth kill throughout Sinister's Lair without being detected.

Game Over!
Stealth Kill Sinister, in the Prison, with the Sword!

Location: Chapter Five: Landed in Prison - At the end when Deadpool comments on stealth killing Sinister

Deadpool: While saving Rogue during Chapter Five: Landed in Prison, we see a familiar face. Could it be? It is! Mr. Sinister! We gotta be real quiet this time.

Start by slaying the chucklehead by the door. Then head to the stairs on the right (carefully now!) and take out that guy with the blue shield. Next, wait for the next guy to walk all the way to the left, then give him the business! Take out the goon behind Sinister quickly, then hit to seal the deal. Make sure you use the sword through all of this and my, er, your trophy is awarded!

Help: During the end of Chapter Five: Landed in Prison, you will encounter several guards and Sinister. Make sure you stealth kill each of the goons and then stealth kill him as well, make sure you kill him with the sword.

Lady Deadpool-like
Complete "Landed in Prison"

Story Related - Chapter Five: Landed in Prison

Deadpool: Oh boy! We're in prison guys! Why am I upside down?? Oh well. Let's save Rogue and blast all these guys!

Crap she got taken anyways, by Blockbuster. Let's break out this thing and go save the girl and win the day! We can do this! Oh look! New baddies! they are clones of Gambit? Nah they're prettier than he is. But they explode .. I don't like these guys. I'll just shoot them all.

Let's keep going and fighting through all these enemies. Why do I feel like I'm dreaming? Look at all these girls!!!! Oh boy oh boy!!! Wait.. it wasn't real??? NOOOOOO DAMN YOU HIGH MOON! DAMN YOU!!!! Oh well I'll just go get Rogue and take the girl anyways.

EWWWWW What is that!??? Think we found the bathroom chuckleheads. Let me just hip-hop over to the other side.. and get around this stuff. YUCK! OOoooooOOOOoo, new Teleporting ability teehee. This could be useful, let's try it!

Ok, done with that. Let's keep going. Oh wait.. did we find Sinister??? Let's stealth kill these goons and him! We got this!

Ok, well that sucked. He was a clone. GRRRRR! Hey I found Blockbuster! Let's beat him and save the girl! I'm coming Rogue!!!

Owwww... Rogue are you running around killing my guys? They're mine to kill!!!!

Blockbuster Tips
To beat blockbuster, you will need to stun him first. Either wait for him to run at you, and tap : to shoot him in the head, and then you can tear into however you like. Also, stun grenades work on him. Repeat this and dodge his rocks and other attacks, staying away from him until he charges and you can counter.

Officialy a Carny
Get a high score at the Carnival

Location: Chapter 6: Death, Baby! - Inside the Orange Statue path after you meet up with Death and go on the boat ride.

Deadpool: Ooh, dontcha love carnival games! After grabbing the orange statue in Chapter 6: Death, Baby!, and making stand in line for Patience is not a Virtue, I get my very own Deadpool-themed ride! Complete with rainbow beachball cannon! We gotta use that cannon to shoot enemies in a Midway-style shooting game! You can also shoot power-ups like make the balls bigger, or fire three balls in a row, lots of power-ups for your balls like that! You just need to beat one of my three highscores, any one will do.

Help: During Chapter 6: Death, Baby! you will encounter a point where Cable shows up and you have to fight a number of enemies and Death will lead you to 3 paths, each with a different colored statue to take and enter to free some souls. Take the Orange Path, and you will be led through a carnival ride of sorts.

From here, after you go on the boat ride, Manage to obtain a high school by firing at the objects with the canon. Do this on one of the three games you play, each getting a bit harder to achieve as you progress. After you beat the score, you will achieve this trophy.

Diggin' in the Crates
Find 11 treasure chests in the darkness of the Tombs

Location: Chapter 6: Death, Baby! - Inside the Green path after you meet up with Death

Deadpool: Oh Death, Baby, I will follow you everywhere. OOOHH, chest! Wait Death, don't leave me! I got more of these to find in the darkness.

Help: During Chapter 6: Death, Baby! you will encounter a point where Cable shows up and you have to fight a number of enemies and Death will lead you to 3 paths, each with a different colored statue to take and enter to free some souls. Take the Green Path, and you will be guided by Death through the shadows.

Here there will be 11 chests that you can open. Open each of these, and keep up with Death. If you miss one and the path ends, quickly pause and restart from checkpoint. They are each along the main path and can be seen glowing around you.

Beat "Death, Baby" while wearing the pirate hat

Location: Chapter 6: Death, Baby! - After completing the Orange path when you meet up with Death

Deadpool: I just love giving you easy trophies! In Chapter 6: Death, Baby!, just save the orange statue for LAST. When you come out, I will be wearing the sexiest pirate hat known to gamer. From there, put the statue on it's pedestal. The chapter ends and the trophy can be yours!

Help: During Chapter 6: Death, Baby! you will encounter a point where Cable shows up and you have to fight a number of enemies and Death will lead you to 3 paths, each with a different colored statue to take and enter to free some souls. Take the Orange Path, and you will be led through a carnival ride of sorts.

Patience is not a Virtue
Choose the patience option all the way through the line in the Carnival

Location: Chapter Six: Death, Baby! - Inside the Orange Path when you meet up with Death.

Deadpool: Don't you just hate those guys who complain about how long a line is? Today, you get to be that guy! After grabbing the orange statue in Chapter 6: Death, Baby!, I'll end up in a line for a sweet roller coaster! There will be times when you can press to skip the line, but keep hitting just to be honorable and stay in line. Whether or not this waiting was worth a trophy is your opinion, but silver trophies are so shiny...

Help: During Chapter 6: Death, Baby! you will encounter a point where Cable shows up and you have to fight a number of enemies and Death will lead you to 3 paths, each with a different colored statue to take and enter to free some souls. Take the Orange Path, and you will be led through a carnival ride of sorts.

Inside this part, stand in the line and continually press when prompted to wait patiently in the line until you buy your ticket. You will acquire the trophy after you finish this section. If you don't wait, you will fight the enemies and receive nothing.

Poulos Vision
Complete "Death, Baby"

Story Related - Chapter Six: Death, Baby

Deadpool: Well that escalated a bit. I got blown up. Oh well.. let me pull myself back together. I"m going to kill all you people for this.

Oh hey there Death, how you been babe? Let me follow you around a bit. Hmm I'll kill all these people and send them to you.

Hey it's Cable again! Sup Cable my man! Let's kill these goons! Death, you want me to go through and get those souls for you? I can do that.

Help: During this chapter, the biggest portion will be taking the three paths of Death and getting the souls freed within.

Green Path - Hear No Evil
During this path, you will follow Death through a dark path and can gather chests throughout. After this you will come to a door and have a small little side scrolling part. Make it across and open the chest, claiming the soul within.

Orange Path - Speak No Evil
During this path, you will be at a carnival. Stand or get through the line and you will finally get on a boat ride. Ride the boat and you can play a couple mini games, blasting targets. Afterwards, Death will return to you.

Purple Path - See No Evil
During this path, you will have to speak to three Deadpoolio figures. They will each say and ask something of you. Complete their three simple tasks and continue from there to open the chest by Death. You will also have to fight a giant floating "Contest Winner" that will zap you with lightning. Shoot him and finish this section.

Spawn more Deadpool Lords
Collect all DP points and ammo in the bathroom

Location: Chapter 7: Road to Victory

Deadpool: I guess you chuckleheads like easy trophies? All you got to do is pick up the pieces and they are all in a pile together! Tee hee. High Moon didn't hold back the difficulty, did they for you all?

Help: During Chapter 7: Road to Victory, you will enter inside a building and have several enemies inside to kill. Make your way through and you will find a bathroom to the left that has some DP points in it and some ammo. Make sure you take the ammo as well as the points. They are all sitting in a little group out in the open. You will achieve the trophy.

Shoot up the copier in the bridge offices

Location: Chapter 7: Road to Victory

Deadpool: i think we need some copies of our game you chuckleheads. What you mean I can't copy it? Screw it, let's blow it up!

Help: You will come to a point where you have to kill a group of enemies (The game calls it a gaggle for reference) and you willb e in a destroyed office area section. In the far right section of the room , you will find the printer, in a office cubicle. Blow it up.

I can open Doors!
Complete the Breach in 10 seconds

Location: Chapter 7: Road To Victory

Deadpool: We're serious about to open this door and kill all these guys, aren't we? Tee Hee! I think if we do it in 10 seconds we get a shiney new shiney.

Help: During Chapter 7: Road to Victory, you will see a cutscene and Deadpool will make a comment about kicking in the door and killing everyone. The time will slow down and you will use your guns to shoot everyone in the room, and then another door across the room will open and more guys will come in, powered up so you will need to eliminate the one that shields the enemies and then blast the remainder of the enemies. If you can do this in 10 seconds(which is very tough), you will get the trophy. IF you mess up, and miss too many times, simply restart from checkpoint and try again. Before you get near this point, try to equip your most powerful weapons to you will have them ready for it.

JR's Big Adventure
Complete "The Road to Victory"

Story Related - Chapter Seven: Road to Victory

Deadpool: Well there isn't much special you chuckleheads need to note about this stage other than the few trophies you can do in it, such as the PC LOAD LEAD-ER, Spawn more Deadpool Lords, and I can open doors trophies. Be sure to check these out cause we gotta get these shineys!

We will battle through the streets of Genosha and end up making our way inside some building. Keep fighting through and we will end up finishing this section, with quite some savor and suave I might add...

Make it across the floating debris without falling

Location: Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEVIL!

Deadpool: Better not fall... Not if you chuckleheads want this trophy. I got to jump across this bridge of floating debris. Best to just kill everyone to make it easier.

Help: During Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL! you will find a section of floating debris you will need to cross to get closer to Sinister. Make it across without falling at all and you will achieve this trophy.

Suck it, Wolverine!
Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish without dying

Location: Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!

Deadpool: I can't die anyways. I got this. Tee hee

Help: For this trophy, you have to play through this entire chapter without dying. If you die, restart the chapter completely.

It's a Trap!
Score a combo of 75 or more while fighting up the stairs at the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!"

Location: Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL! - Stairs before you reach Sinister's Fortress

Deadpool: Let's do this! We just need a combo of 75, or more on these stairs and we get another shiney. One more closer to where we need to be.

Help: Right outside Sinister's Fortress during Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL! you will find a flight of stairs you will ascend. At this point, score a combo of 75 or more on the enemies that spawn and you will achieve this trophy. Your Obejective will be "Bath Time. Blood Bath" and you'll know you have the right place.

You've been Cole-slaw-tered!
Die 10 times in a row through the floating stairs

Location: Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL! - Near the floating Stairs

: Simply die 10 times? What the hell?? I can't die.. how am I supposed to do that?

Help: Really, just fall through the floating stairs during Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEVIL! and you will achieve this trophy. Look for your objective to be "Bath Time. Blood Bath" and you will know you are around the right spot.

Sinister Smush
Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!"

Story Related - Chapter 8: Front Gates of EEEEEEVIL!

Deadpool: I'm nearly there you chuckleheads. Well A little thanx to you all. But we did it! Now to finish this and get to Sinister.

First we need to get through and pass these goons and the floating stairs. Afterwards, I will get to Sinister's Castle and need to get up these stairs through the enemies. After I kill them, I will have to battle through a number of clones of Sinister and get through some old friends. Let's show them what for.

Sit back and enjoy the cinematic.

Help: Some things to look out for this chapter are the Sinister clones you will battle through. Also, you will face Vertigo, Blockbuster, and Arclight. You will face numerous goons throughout as well.

I am Deadpool
Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish using only swords and pistols


Help: Complete the final Chapter of the game Chapter 8: Front Gates of Eeeeeeevil, using only swords and pistols. Be careful not to accidentally switch or combo another weapon in, or you will have to restart the entire chapter.

No DP? No Madness
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty

Story Related

Deadpool: "Hmmm? Beat the game for a shiney? I think I will. Tee-hee. Let's do this!"

Complete the entire game on Veteran Difficulty and you will achieve this trophy.

Know DP? Know Madness
Complete the game on Ultra-Violence! difficulty

Be sure to know on this difficulty, you can be One Hit killed by many of the bosses. Be very careful, and after you complete playing through the game on Ultra-Violence difficulty, you will acquire this trophy.

So, You've got some free Time?
Complete "Landed in Prison" without countering any attacks

Location: Chapter 6: Landed in Prison

Deadpool: Oh High Moon.. you do like to make this difficult? Eh, I'm Deadpool, I can do what I want, tee hee!

Help: For this trophy, you will need to complete Chapter 7: Landed in Prison without pressing any of the counter buttons. Be very careful as you play not to accidentally tap any button such as . Playing it on the easiest difficulty will help as well to make it easier to manage.

Don't think about teleporting, if you're too close, you'll counter instead. Besides fighting the urge, the only really difficult part is the fight with Blockbuster, where you need to stun Blockbuster. Usually you'll use a counter, but you obviously can't. After Blockbuster charges, throw a flashbang at him. He'll be stunned, so let loose with some Hammer attacks or Momentum moves. Repeat until he's dead, then pick off any remaining guys.

Shall I? Shant I!
In "Genosha," reach the fan girl using only Hammers and Pulse Rifles

Deadpool: DEADPOOL SMASH!!!! PULSAR BOOOOOOMMMMM PSSTT ZZZZZ ARRRGG RAWWR! Oh sorry, I was just using a few of my newest little toys to zap zippity SMASH these enemies for you chuckleheads. mmmmmhhmmmm.. MY FAN GIRL!!! What was I doing agian?

Help: Use ONLY the Pulse Rifles and the Hammer, both you can purchase with your DP points in the Upgrade Menu until you reach the Fan Girl of Deadpool's during Chapter Five: Genosha.

Only when he Stops Breathing
Set the Dialog Volume slider to zero

Deadpool: You love my voice don't you? You will never get this platinum now! hahahaha! High Moon, you screwed these suckers playing your game. You really want them to turn down my dialogue to zero?? COM' ON!!!??? You can't do that to me..

Help: This is another of the easiest trophies to acquire. From anywhere in the game, be it the main menu or from the Pause screen, enter the settings menu. Go to the Audio settings and lower the dialog all the way to the left, to complete silence. Afterward, this trophy will pop.

Taco Savior
Collect 100 tacos

Deadpool: Mmmmm, tacos. These delicacies drop after killing dudes (why those weirdos carry tacos I have no idea), along with sweet ammo. Tacos will drop constantly throughout my adventure, so grabbing 100 should come easily!

: As you defeat enemies throughout the game, they will drop ammo blocks, DP points, or little squares with a taco emblem on them. Collect 100 of these blocks to achieve this trophy. They will be more likely to drop them as you obtain higher combos, but this is a luck based trophy.

Purchase all Player Upgrades


: Simply purchase all abilities and powerups in the Player Upgrades and you will acquire this trophy.

Player Upgrades (in the layout of the upgrade menu)
Increased Health
Increases health by 25%
25,000 DP
Item Cache
Increases all thrown item counts by 2
50,000 DP
Max Ammo
Carry more ammo for each gun!
75,000 DP
Momentum Drain Speed
Decreases momentum drain speed by 50%
50,000 DP
Evade up to five times!
150,000 DP
Healing Combo Augment
Get health for every 8th combo strike
75,000 DP
Frequency of Health
(Requires Healing Combo Augment)
Decreases strike count for health to 4
75,000 DP
More Health
(Requires Healing Combo Augment)
Increases health reward by 50%
75,000 DP
Absorb Damage
Absorb damage from a strike that breaks your combo
50,000 DP
Use the + attack at full charge to gain invincibility for 10 seconds
150,000 DP
Damage Combo Augment
Deal a critical hit every 20th combo strike
50,000 DP
Frequency of Damage
(Requires Damage Combo Augment)
Decreases strike count for critical hit to 10
75,000 DP
More Damage
(Requires Damage Combo Augment)
Increases critical damage by 50%
75,000 DP
Return Damage
Return damage to the enemy who breaks your combo
50,000 DP
Double Damage
Mash out a full bar of the + attack to gain double damage for 10 seconds
150,000 DP
Momentum Combo Augment
Gain extra momentum every 10th combo strike
25,000 DP
Frequency of Momentum
(Requires Momentum Combo Augment)
Decreases strike count for extra momentum to 5
More Momentum
(Requires Momentum Combo Augment)
Increases extra momentum by 50%
Momentum Reward
Gain a bit of momentum if your combo is broken
50,000 DP
Double Momentum
Use the + attack and gain 2x momentum for 10 seconds
Total: 1,550,000 DP

Gold Rush
Complete five Gold Challenges

Deadpool: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I get to have all the funz! Just gotta beat this stage here on Bronze, then another one.. ok, this is getting old.. OOOOOHH LOOKIE, a Gold Tier challenge. Lets beat this. If you beat four more, we get another shiney. YAAAAY!

Help: For this trophy, you will need to complete over five of the Gold Tier challenges. Gold tier stages are unlocked as an option after you complete bronze tier stage and the silver tier. After you complete one, you can select the same stage again and there will be another selection you can select to change to Silver Tier, and up. Complete five Gold Tier stages.

Shields Up
Complete a Gold- or Silver-tier Challenge while countering at least 25 times

Deadpool: Only need to counter 25 times during a Silver or Gold Challenge? Com' on, High Moon. You make this too easy. Tee hee.

Help. Simply play any Silver or Gold challenge in the game and make sure to use your counters on the enemies at least 25 times or more and you will receive this trophy.

Cole'd Blooded
Combo an entire wave on any Gold-tier Challenge map

Deadpool: Really that's all I gotta do? Just combo it all together? Just one little wave of baddies? Tee Hee. I'm Deadpool. I got this!

Help: For this trophy, you will need to continually combo an entire wave of enemies during a Gold Tier challenge. These challenges will come in three waves with a number of enemies. Try to gather as many of them up together and continue use your counters to chain them into one continuous attack, never letter the combo end. You may want to try this on the easier beginning levels and try quick attacks, mixed with powered strikes to achieve the results you want.

Pull the Grenade, Throw the Pin
Kill a total of 15 enemies by holding cooked grenades

Deadpool: Those High Moon geeks should have cleared this one up more. By cooked grenades, they mean I need to hold not just to cook them a little, but all the way. Meaning they blow up in my hand, killing other guys. Luckily, while I'll get some hurting, it won't be all my health, and I can do it multiple times before killing myself. Now that you know what exactly is is you're doing, find some grenades and let 'er rip!

Help: For this trophy, purchase the grenade skill using your DP points, and then use grenades by pressing down on the D-Pad and holding to cook them. Stand near some enemies and it will explode. The game will pop up keeping track of how many you have killed this way for the trophy progression. Be sure to watch your health and don't get too low while doing this method. Cook the grenades and let them explode on enemies in your hand while holding

Drunk on Power
Upgrade all weapons to max

Deadpool: Come on, don't you want to have all my weapons the most powerful they can be??? Of course you do! We all know you want that shiney. Tee-hee

Help: For this trophy, simply upgrade all weapons, melee and firearms to max, acquiring all unlockable abilities and powerups for them to acquire this trophy.

Weapon DP Cost
Bang Lee Sais 80,000
K-Soh 20LB. Hammers 150,000
KingMaker Shotguns 80,000
Nuthals 220 Submachine Guns 100,000
Harrison CLS Pulse Rifles 200,000
Flashbang Grenades 5,000
Frag Grenades 10,000
Bear Traps 15,000
Land Mines 20,000
Total 660,000

Charts for the Weapon Upgrades

Toggle Spoiler

Be like Joe
Bank a 300-hit combo

During the game you will need to achieve a 300 hit combo to acquire this trophy.

Easy spots to score combos.
  • Chapter: Taking a Chance, After Arclight comes and captures your mark in the third chapter of the game, you will battle more enemies, and come into a swarm of enemies wearing vests, having much higher defense. Purchase the "Bang Lee Sais", as these will have a very quick attack speed, and tap , dodging as necessary against these foes. You should be able to achieve your combo here with easy.

  • Chapter 4: Genosha, I personally recommend this method. On the trek to find our fan-girl, we will get swarmed by a whole gaggle of enemies. With our special Bang Lee Sais, there's plenty of fools we can use to string one heckuva of a combo!

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