Online Trophies:3/Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:No cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum:30+ Hours (Depending on skills)
Minimum Playthroughs:1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:No
Glitched Trophies:

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Unlock all trophies


First Blood
Kill your first enemy

This one is very easy, and can even be easily done in the tutorial. To kill an enemy quick, just use both your heavy, and your light attack, while staying behind him. If you are not able to get it during the tutorial then its pretty impossible to beat the game without getting the trophy.

First Explosion
Demolish your first building

You will get an objective during the tutorial, to go and demolish a building. Most are targeted so just go up to them and keep firing at it. once destroyed, you will get a level 5 bonus. You will get the trophy after the tutorial!

Make your first jump

You will also get an objective during the tutorial to complete your first jump. There are ramps along the tracks where you can easily complete a jump. It will go in slow-motion and you will be able to do tricks using six axis controls or the right stick.

First Victory
Win your first race

This one is also easy, but cant be done during the tutorial! The best way to get the trophy is to just play a race on easy, to get a quick win. Below is a tip that may be useful!
TIP- If you die you will also get full health, armor, and ammo! And it wont take much time off... so if your in 1st place with low health then, just crash and you will get everything. so just use your boost to take back the lead with full health!

Buy your first upgrade

See Test Drive

Buy your first weapon

See Test Drive

Test Drive
Buy your first car

This is another easy trophy. From the single player menu, you will notice at the bottom, there's a button called customize car. You can buy cars, weapons, and upgrades, but be careful because all upgrades for your car don't duplicate for another one, so you will need to buy it twice. You will start with $50,000. Buy a car to get TEST DRIVE, and if you don't have enough money, then do a race in scenario! Then equip a new weapon to get REARMING, and buy an upgrade to get MECHANIC... I definitely suggest you get the engine, for more boost!

One of five
Get in top 5 pilots in scenario mode

See Champion of the season

Champion of the season
Finish Scenario mode

To complete scenario mode you need to finish 10 races, each containing 2 laps! After each race you need to at least be 3rd pilot or higher, then after the 7th race, it will be top 2 pilots or higher. The last race you will be going 1on1 and I recommend you don't die! After the race in Tokyo you will get the ONE OF FIVE trophy. To do it easily, buy the last upgrade for at least your engine, and tires!

Champion of Europe
Win European Championship

You can play a championship in single-player mode. In each one you will need to do a series of races. You only need to place in the top 3 to unlock the next race! You can get 3rd every race and still get the trophy! There are 6 races during this championship, so make sure you have a well upgraded car!

Champion of Asia
Win Asian Championship

Just like the European trophy above! But this one is much quicker, while it only contains 2 races!

Champion of America
Win American Championship

Just like both the trophies above! This championship is also very quick, while it contains only 2 races!

Play your first multiplayer game

First of all, Split-Screen does not work for this trophy! So you must go into an online match. You will get it after finishing the race, and if you win you will also get the ROOKIE Trophy! Look at the trophy boosting thread for easy wins online!

Win your first multiplayer race

See PRO Trophy Below

Win 50 races in multiplayer

There's a lack of people using online mode, Look at the boosting thread to find a partner! This will take a while, but it will be worth it when, you get the trophy!

Win 100 races in single player or multiplayer races

I Suggest you first go for the PRO trophy, that way you will be halfway there! A quick way to do this is buy going to single player, and doing a drag race in London until you reach 100 wins!

Hard Player
Win a championship final race on hard difficulty level using stock upgrades and first level weapons

This one is pretty tough to get. You need to win the final race of a championship (NOT IN SCENARIO) Using a car that has no upgrades! Go to New York, while using the Boss Car Without any upgrades! (Which Unlocks after completing Scenario mode). Make sure to boost, and always use the first shortcut! If you truly need some boost then die! to get full boost!

Reach 400 kph in any race

Go To a Drag mode, and start a race in London, with the Boss Car that has been fully upgraded! You need to use your boost at the right time so look below:
- When it starts, go straight to 2nd gear and boost
-Then 3rd Gear To get the boost bonus on the right after the turn
- Boost when you reach 4th and 5th gear before the downhill
-Then at 300 kph use boost at 7th gear until you get to 400 kph!

Finish Tokyo in Scenario mode without dying

Okay the opponents will be fast, and the stupid drones will attack the first thing they see! So stay in 2nd or 3rd so they leave you alone! The first jump will net you 25,000 points! It will give you a level 5 health bonus, which gives you full health and a refill every 25 seconds. so your health will come back after taking damage. Use jumps to get Angel Statuses, while some give you level 3 health!

Stunt man
Get 75000 points in one run

If your using boost before the jump, and also have a level 5 multiplayer, when you do your jump It will be pretty easy! To get to level 5, just destroy buildings! Then when you get to it, find the highest jump and then push the right stick to the top left. (Try to do it twice to make it spin faster)! Make sure you land on your wheels! If you go to Paris on normal difficulty, just wait until weapons unlock and use it on the nearby building to get to level 5! Then use your boost to reach the top of the bridge after the turn! (PLEASE LAND ON WHEELS!!!)

Get 200000 points with one nitro acceleration

Go onto the Vatican track in a quick race, and set the number of racers to 1! From the start, turn around and you will see 2 buildings. (KEEP YOUR BOOST!!!) Go until you reach the junction, and you will see some boost bonuses a little bit farther! Cross them, and get back on the good side, and start your boost! Collect the first set of bonuses and then go left, and destroy the crane, to give you a level 5 boost bonus! Keep going without touching a wall, and destroy the water tower, to get a level 5 multiplayer bonus! Then boost to the straight line! You will stop at about 100,000! So make sure to get some bonuses on the straight, and when you get to 200,000 points then stop to get the trophy!

Kill 500 enemies in single player or multiplayer races

This one is time consuming! Level your weapons all the way up, and join a race just focusing on killing enemies! If you get a kill chain, then you will get a level 5 bonus, which will help you get more kills! Go to stats screen, in the extra menu to see how many kills you have.

Win 5 Single player or multiplayer races (Not in race or drag modes) avoiding enemy mines and spikes

I got this trophy without even trying for it. Just finish 5 races without running over mines, or spikes. The easiest way is to obviously lead the race, thus avoiding them entirely! But either way, you will probably get this trophy without trying.

Get 1000000 credits on account

You need to have 1,000,000 credits on your account at any time. THIS TROPHY IS NOT CUMULATIVE!!! You need to have 1,000,000 credits at once! So use a fully upgraded car to win drag races in London to get quick $$$!

Get 50 Archangel Statues

To get a statue you need to get 25,000 points on a single jump! Having a multiplayer bonus will really help giving, you more points... Start up a race in Tokyo. After you take off, Push the right analog stick to the top right. When your about to land, put the car straight on the rode! If you net over 25,000 points on your jump you will get a statue! So just rinse and repeat!

Get 50 mega killer statues

To Get a mega killer statue you need to kill 2 enemies, in 4 seconds! Then by killing a 3rd enemy within the next 6 seconds!!!! Sounds hard doesn't it! To get mega killers easily, use level 4 weapons, and get behind a pack of enemies, and fire everything you got! Getting damage multiplayer, will really help!

Challenge Accepted
Complete all basic challenges

Yet another hard trophy!!! Every single challenge will have you do objectives, within a 2-lap race, and you CANT die! There's Basic and Pro Challenges!!!! You just need to finish the basic challenges! Click the link below, to see LINKINITO'S Long, but helpful trophy guide!:

Complete all challenges

You need to complete 20 challenges, in order! Pro challenges are exactly the same is basic, challenges but are way harder! They have way tougher requirements!!! Click the link below, to see LINKINITO'S long, but helpful challenge guide!:

Kill Chamorro in Vatican in scenario mode

You Most likely won't get this trophy without trying for it. Go back to the Vatican, with a car that you have fully upgraded. The Chamarro is like a truck, with more health and shield then the other cars. Just stay behind him and fire everything you got! If you enable the racers name in the options menu, then it will be easier to spot him. This is the easiest gold out of them all!

Best of the best
Win all scenario mode races on hard difficulty level without dying.

This is in my opinion the hardest trophy in the game, and compares to wipeout HD on Elite difficulty! You need to win every scenario race, on hard without dying. Make sure you know all the tracks perfectly, with all quick short cuts. Use boost, as long as you can, and use jumps to get health! Use the Boss car Fully upgraded to help you out even more. The last races are much easier then the first ones because there are less racers!
Put it on classic mode, so nobody can respawn. So try to kill enemies, to make it easier! Stay behind and fire everything you have at the pack! GOOOD LUCK!

Unlock all cars, upgrades, and weapons

The 2nd easiest gold trophy is right here! You just gotta unlock everything. To do this, just finish Scenario mode, and all 3 championships to get this gold!

Complete 100% of the game

This trophy is also pretty easy, but also kind of time consuming!
All you need to do is:
- Complete Scenario Mode! (Do it on easy to make it easier!)
- Win every championship! (No need to get first every time!)
- Win Every Challenge!
- Win all 4 drag races
- And buy every car
(Then the trophy is yours!)

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