Players: 1-2

Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 6-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


[top]Tips and Strategies

I recommend doing every trophy before killing Lord Von Prong, with the exception of Mr. Tough Guy as this can be easily done after killing him as well, you just have to go back to the main menu and load your game back up.

If you have any questions regarding the guide or the trophies then feel free to message me!


Destroyer of Chickens
Kill 100 Chickens

If you want this trophy fast you can hunt chickens in the starting area, there are two spots here with loads of chickens that re-spawn over time. But you will most likely get this trophy during the story either way seeing as there are a lot of chickens spread around in the game.

The Day the Music Died
Kill Sergeant Orque

Located in the "Ogre Village" at the very back of it. There are a few side-quests which will lead you to this area so there should be no problem finding him. When you fight him bring potions as he hits pretty hard as well as summons a lot of minions, so its good to have a weapon with decent cleave damage.

Can't Kill Me...
Resurrect at an Outhouse

This will come as you play, simply put you have to die once to get this, so if you have not died before reaching Lord Von Prong then just die once on purpose and the trophy will pop.

Destroy all 3 Queen Greems

This is a side-quest which will be acquired in Pluckmuckel. The first greem will be located near the Greem Lake at the Greem Camp, where you had to kill the Greem Champion. There's a stone here, use the whistle on it and the Queen will be summoned. I recommend being at least level 14 to try her, also bring a lot of potions as she hits hard.

The second Greem Queen is in the Haunted Forest, for this one i would recommend at least level 15 and a lot of potions again.

The third and last Greem is at Turtle Lake, here i recommend level 17, you might take her with just level 16 though. Once this quest is deliver the trophy will pop.

Man In The Hole
Complete 6 Spelunker Quests

This is quests given by spelunkers which resides outside caves, but not all of the caves! Use the local map to see where the caves are, here are the list where the caves are located. The caves are listed in which order you should take them based on the level requirement.

1. South of the Eyeball Trail Outhouse
2. Enchanted Forest (close to the Talking Tree and Leprecolony)
3. Swamp (slightly south-east of Rich's Cabin's)
4. South of the Haunted Mansion
5 & 6. North of Demonic Stones (Wretched Outhouse)

Extracurricular Activities
Finish 50 Side Quests

Side-quests are listed under "Unimportant Things I Need To Do", there are a lot more then 50 quests so it doesn't matter which ones you choose to do, but i would still try to do every quests so you progress towards the "Mr. Tough Guy" trophy.

Justice Dispenser
Kill 2500 Enemies

Will most likely be gotten while you progress through the story, although if you want to farm this then i suggest going places where the monsters spawn rapidly and are in great numbers, such as "The Dump".

I'm an Addict
Drink 50 Potions

Will most likely be gotten while you progress through the story, but if you want to farm this then go to "The Dump" with 15 potions (5 of each kind) and get get hit by the low-level monsters and then just pop the potions, then go back to the store and buy some more, then rinse and repeat.

Mr. Tough Guy
Reach level 20

If you do all the main-quest and side-quests you will get this, but if you'd rather farm the last few levels then teleport between "Unicorn Outhouse" and "Wretched Outhouse" with a sword with the ability to spin. Preferably the "Mega Spinning Blade Sword". Then kill Unicorns, once all are dead teleport to "Wretched Outhouse" and go south down to the Turtle Lake, kill Turtles, once all are dead teleport back to the unicorns, rinse and repeat.

Underground Subway
Discover all 30 Teleporting Outhouses

Follow the map under the spoiler to see the locations of the Outhouses.

Toggle Spoiler

Menu Hero
Dispense the Good, Vanquish the Evil

While playing press start, go into "Help & Options", "Settings", "Global Game Settings" and then drag the "Good" slider all the way to the right and the "Evil" slider all the way to the left and the trophy will pop.

Take Back The Knight
Kill Lord Von Prong

This trophy is acquired once you do the last story-related quest which is killing Lord Von Prong. Under i will list the steps taken towards this trophy as well as how to do the quests. Note that i do not list all quests or orphans due to some of the is pretty obvious or easy located yourself by using a hint.

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