What? Another DeathSpank game already? You betcha! Featuring the trademark humor found in the original, Thongs of Virtue centers on DeathSpank’s journey through a massive war-torn land; explore the North Pole and the high seas to locate six mystical thongs to bring peace and harmony to the universe.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Konichiwa, Primp V.I.P.
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • The trophies in Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue are not related to the game's difficulty setting, so might as well set your difficulty to Easy in your options menu.
  • Press to bring up the inventory screen, and assign weapons to the face buttons and consumable items to the d-pad. Make sure to grind up any inferior weapons or armor you pick up to keep your inventory clear.
  • Alternate weapons when you attack in order to build up your Justice meter and increase your damage. The longer you can keep up your chain of weaposn, the faster your Justice meter will build. Once full, you can activate any weapons with a purple background allow you to unleash a special attack to devastate your enemies.
  • Deathspank's unique cylindrical world map can sometimes be disorienting. Press to bring up your Area Map to locate not only your location, but the location of any activated or completed quests in the current area. Quests that are yet to be completed will look like a speech bubble, while completed quests will show a speech bubble with a green check mark inside.
  • Defeated enemies and smashed barrels will frequently drop food items that can heal Deathspank, offering a cheap alternative to the rare and expensive healing potions. Food items heal over time however, and the healing process will be interrupted by attacking or taking damage. Save your healing potions for combat, since they heal larger amounts of life and do so instantly.
  • Using bazookas or grenades, be aware of the blast radius of the weapon. If you're shooting enemies at close range, you're just as likely to kill yourself as the enemy.
  • Be aware of any explosive barrels, TNT crates, or unexploded bombs in the area. Stray attacks or gunfire can set them off, with potentially fatal results. If you're careful however, you can use them to your advantage by shooting them to damage or kill enemies in the blast radius.
  • If you're even unsure of how to proceed with a quest, use the Fortune Cookies you collect from barrels and enemies to unlock hints from the quest menu. Press to open the Quest menu, select the quest you need help with, then press to unlock a hint


Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue can be completed in a single playthrough, with little or no problem. By selecting Easy difficulty, the game can be easily completed by most players in short order. There are only two trophies that are missable, Konichiwa and Primp V.I.P., but with basic preparation neither trophy should pose a problem. Consult their descriptions for details.

While playing through the game, be sure to activate every Outhouse that you gain access to by simply going near it, especially in the latter portion of the game when you gain access to the Captain Taint's ship where many of the Outhouses are scattered on islands that don't always appear on the World Map. Consult the description for Mystic Transport for the location of all 44 Outhouses.

At the end of the game, you are presented with a choice of ending. Once the game has been completed, selecting Continue from the start menu and choosing the opposite choice will award you the A Tale of Two Endings, and prevent you from having to play through the entire game a second time.


Orque Impostor
Convince an Orque Guard you are an Orque

Story related trophy. You will start the game in the Orque P.O.W. Camp, armed only with a potato peeler. After a series of fights, you'll encounter three P.O.W.s to talk to who give you several quests that must be completed in order to get this trophy. Make sure that you talk to all three for the entire strategy.

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Death of a Penguin
Kill the Evil Nun

Story related trophy. In order to confront the Evil Nun, you will have to first gain access to the Sanctuary which will require you to be granted access by the Monk of Admittance.

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Primp V.I.P
See all 20 of Madames Primp's Outfits

NOTE: This trophy is missable. Visit Madame Primp's Brothel in Strumfuquel. She will ask for proof that you're a serviceman, which you can get by finding dog tags in the Jungle and showing them to her. For $1 per visit she will offer five sets of four costumes each, for a total of 20 costumes. Madame Primp will rotate through each of the five sets in order. As long as you do not open the chest in her room, you can continue through the list until you've seen all 20. If you open the chest however, she will attack you, preventing you from seeing all of her outfits. The list is below:

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Well Educated
Get an Engineering Degree

On the railroad tracks west of Strumfuquel you will find a stopped train on a blocked track. You'll assist a conductor to clear the blockages with a series of increasingly convoluted missions by bringing dangerous materials to an engineer. The first conductor will give you the mission, "Nitro Run" requires you to carry the Nitroglycerin to the engineer without attacking enemies or being hit. The second mission, "Dynamite Shuffle" gives you a limited time to reach the engineer before it explodes. Use the nearby Outhouse to bypass the path and give you enough time to reach the engineer. The third mission, "Acid Reflux" requires you to carry acid to the engineer while being continuously damaged. Increase your acid resistance through armor or potions to ensure you aren't dissolved. Once all three missions are complete, keep following the tracks to find a fourth conductor standing at the end of the line near a large rock wall. Talk to the conductor, and it will trigger a cutscene where Deathspank goes to school, gets his Engineering Degree, and the trophy! Incidentally, the hole that is blown in the rock face leads to a "hidden" area containing Orques sporting Hothead attire and the names of their staff. This large collection of Hothead staffers is also a great place to farm the Dispenser of Justice trophy. See that trophy description for details.

Raise Your Mast
Go Sailing in a Pirate Ship

Travel to Scurvyville and speak to Captain Taint. Ask him about his ship, and he will give you missions to find three things that he needs before you can borrow it.

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Learn to Speak Japanese

NOTE: This trophy is missable. See the To Serve Man trophy for details.

Dispenser of Justice
Kill 3000 enemies

The description of this trophy is somewhat misleading. Not only do enemies count towards your total, but also animals such as chickens or rabbits, so take advantage of their low hit points as you go through the game to rack up some easy kills. This trophy will come with time, but you will likely not have scored enough kills by the end of the game to receive the trophy. An easy place to farm the remainder of your total is at the "secret" cave at the end of the railroad tracks that you discover while earning the Well Educated trophy. There are 45-50 Orques with extremely low hitpoints that you can kill in under a minute. Exit the cave and walk a sufficient distance away (following the tracks as far as the opening in the fence to the south should be sufficient) turn around and return to the cave, and they will respawn, allowing you to kill them again. Use the Book-o-Stats in your inventory to keep track of your progress towards 3000 kills.

To Serve Man
Kill Wortten

Story related trophy. Once you reach Wortten's Factory, gaining access to the famous chef will be no easy feat.

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A True Hero
Reach Level 20

This will come through regular play, likely before you complete the game. If for whatever reason you don't reach level 20 before the end of the game, you can select Continue from the main menu to load your last checkpoint, then continue to rack up experience. There are more than enough side quests and enemies to earn experience from to make up the difference.

Mystic Transport
Discover all 44 Teleporting Outhouses

There are 44 Outhouses in the game that you can travel between, 43 of which appear on the map and the 44th you'll gain access to at the end of the game through an item. See the map below for the names and locations of all of the Outhouses.

Ruin Christmas
Kill Santa Claus

Show Santa the true meaning of Christmas by giving him the gift of Justice!

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A Tale of Two Endings
Watch Both Game Endings

At the end of the game, you're asked to make a difficult choice. Once you've decided and played out the ending you want, select Continue Game from the start menu. You will return to the last checkpoint before the end, allowing you to make the other choice and get both endings in a single playthrough.

[top]DLC Trophies

Frozen Justice
Kill the Taking Tree

This side missions is best saved to the end of the game when you'll be powerful enough to handle the impressive bosses and enemies that populate the Snowy Mountain Dungeon DLC.

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