Players: 1
Online Trophies: 4
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 8-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ (cleanup via Act select)
Collectible Trophies: Intel Analyst
Missable Trophies: None, thanks to Act select
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Always use cover. It's there for a reason. If you try and go all Rambo on a group of enemies, you'll only get your ass handed to you.
  • Don't forget about the EMP grenades. They can be a real life saver if you're either low on ammo or dealing with a large group of enemies.
  • Turning on Aim Assist from the options menu is incredibly helpful. Doing so will not only lock-on to the closest enemy you're facing, but also their heads (if human). A great tool for getting Pain in the Membrane and generally helping out in the later levels.
  • There are a lot of powerful and useful weapons in the game, many better at dealing with specific enemies than others (i.e Stun Gun for Drones and Mechs). The SMS is generally your go-to weapon for most of the game though, and it holds a lot of ammo, so try and keep it in your arsenal at all times.
  • Get used to using your jetpack underwater for strafing and escaping enemy fire. Many times it will be the only thing that will save your life, regardless of how much firepower you're packing.
  • Your health always regenerates over time, so don't be afraid to lay low behind cover if you're taking a beating. Let your character regain his health and then resume the ass-whooping. Repeat as necessary.
  • Nine times out of ten, whenever you're finishing an underwater segment and heading to land, there are usually one or two enemies patrolling around. The second you pop your head out of water they'll start firing, so take a minute and scan the area from just below the surface. When you see someone, lock-on to them with your tether cable and drag them underwater for a quick melee kill.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There is one MAJOR and recurring glitch in this game, and it always involves the UD-3 Ghoul Scout drones. There are several areas throughout the game where you are swarmed by these drones, and one part where the game even tells you to reprogram one to fight alongside you. Whenever in these situations, DO NOT reprogram any of them OR kill them with an explosive weapon or the Stun gun. If you do any of these things the game will glitch and prevent you from moving forward in the game. The only exception is during Act 5 when you are tasked with arming charges on the submarines; you can reprogram as many drones as you want and kill them in any way.

Example: Toward the end of Act 1, you will be swimming through some narrow tunnels and eventually enter a large open room with 4 hatches on the side walls. As soon as you enter, 2 drones will emerge from 2 of the hatches and the game will actually tell you to reprogram them and make them allies. If you do so, the other 2 hatches will not open and release the remaining 2 drones. Also, killing any of these drones with anything except bullets will screw you over as well.

Glitch Fix: If you find yourself in this situation and the game glitches on you, simply load the checkpoint again. Yes, it's an annoying glitch, but at least it can be rectified.


Step 1: Play the campaign on easy difficulty. Don't expect a walk in the park though, as the AI can be incredibly frustrating and cheap, and you WILL die numerous times throughout. With the exception of Intel Analyst and Nice Ghoul Like You (thanks to the above mentioned glitch), all offline trophies are obtainable via regular gameplay.

Step 2: Cleanup any missed trophies via Act select from the main menu.

Step 3: Get a boosting partner and jump online. Sadly, the online activity is pretty much nonexistent, so a boosting partner is basically a necessity if you want to platinum this game. If you're going back and forth with your partner, it should take no longer than an hour to acquire the 4 trophies. If you don't have a boosting partner, you can always post your name or check the thread here: http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/de...ng-thread.html


Deep Black
Deep Black Platinum.

Earn all other trophies to add this shiny to your collection.

Complete the Act 1

Act 1 consists of 8 chapters. Once you complete the final segment, Narrow Escape, the trophy will unlock.

Act 1 is essentially a very long continuation of the opening tutorial segment. There are no real threats to worry about, but you will be faced with essentially all of the mechanics of the game - taking cover, underwater navigation, tethering, etc. Your go-to weapons throughout the Act will be the Shotgun and SMS. You'll also be introduced to the Stun gun during chapter 4, but it isn't really required for this Act. Use it at first for the sake of finding a shiny new weapon and wanting to blast the crap out of everybody, but afterwards ditch it. The Stun gun should not replace either your Shotgun or SMS at all here.

Complete the Act 2

Act 2 consists of 6 chapters. Once you complete the final segment, The Zealot, the trophy will unlock.

The only thing to watch out for here is the giant shielded crab mech near the end of the Act. Here your goal is activate the computer terminals surrounding the crab, which will temporarily disable its shield. Stay behind cover until you see one of the terminals light up white, and then make a dash for it and activate it. You'll need to repeat this process several times before the crab goes down, so be patient. In terms of weapons, it's up to you how you want to handle the crab. There are Rocket Launchers scattered around the area, but be advised that you cannot run while carrying it, or take cover. If you're going to use it, grab one right after activating one of the computer terminals, and then drop it after the crabs shields reactivate. There's also plenty of ammo pick-ups scattered around, so you can also hammer the crab with whatever weapon(s) you're currently carrying. The choice is yours.

Complete the Act 3

Act 3 consists of 8 chapters. Once you complete the final segment, Blood Under The Bridge, the trophy will unlock.

There are two areas in this Act that will truly test your knowledge of the games weapons, using cover, and running-and-gunning. Oh, did I mention they both involve giant crab mechs in wide open spaces? No? Well they do.

During your first giant crab mech encounter, you'll be in a large industrial area littered with large crates. There are several Rocket Launchers, ammo crates, and EMP crates scattered around, so pick your poison. The key here is finding a good hiding spot, and fortunately there is one as soon you get off the elevator to your right - an open-ended boxcar. Use this to hide in while its shields are up and its going spastic firing lasers and missiles. When its done, peak out and blast it. You've only got a few seconds before its shields go back up, so make your shots count. Only leave the boxcar when you run out of ammo, and mash to roll and evade incoming fire while doing so. Once you've stocked up on ammo, return to the boxcar and repeat the process until the crab goes down.

The second encounter occurs toward the end of the Act in a large abandoned parking lot. Unlike the previous encounter, here you have a lot of room to move and numerous places to play hide and seek. The tactics remain the same though, so hit it with everything you've got when its shields are down, and then move.

Complete the Act 4

Act 4 consists of 9 chapters. Once you complete the final segment, Throwdown, the trophy will unlock.

Much like Act 1, this Act is incredibly long. There are also four (!) enemy encounters to watch out for.

Encounter 1: After activating the computer to power up the turbines, head outside and man the turret. A never-ending supply of aerial drones will arrive, along with a larger warship. The drones spawn in groups of two, so try and take them down as soon as you can. The warship will appear every few waves at the far end of the chasm and begin firing at the turbines. Once you see it, focus all of your attention on it (even if there are still drones) until its taken enough punishment and retreats. Keep repeating this process several times and it will go down. Note that the turbines can only take so much damage, so if you give the warship enough time to attack them (especially with its rockets), you will fail and have to restart.

Encounter 2: Time for another encounter with a giant crab mech! This time you're underwater though, which makes things a lot easier. Start by taking out the drones and then focus your attention on the crab. It is a tight corridor but there are open vents on each side of the lower walls that you can retreat into if you need to heal. You can only stay inside for a few seconds though, and then the fans will kick in and blow you back out. Note that there are Rocket Launcher pick-ups in both vent sides, as well as on the top ledges, so you'll have plenty of ammo to take down the crab.

Encounter 3: This section can be quite frustrating. Before turning off the steam valve, you need to man a turret and take out another warship directly opposite you. The warship itself isn't hard to take down, it's doing so while fending off attack from countless human enemies on the adjacent catwalk, many of which are armed with Commando guns and can do some serious damage. Nail the warship whenever possible, but also don't let the enemies outnumber you. There are explosive barrels littered from one end to the other, but I suggest leaving them unless you absolutely have to shoot them. Try focusing your aim on the enemies directly and leaving the barrels as a back-up. Also note that once you defeat the warship, you still have to kill any remaining human enemies. Take out any Commando gunners first, and pick off the rest afterward.

Encounter 4: The final part before the end of the Act. Here you're facing off against a huge mech called Bastion. Luckily the battle itself is a breeze, and you should be able to beat him with taking only minimal damage, if any. As soon as the battle starts, run toward the large abandoned power station. If you look up and to your left you'll see a glowing white generator connecting to the power station. What you need to do is shoot the generator 2 or 3 times with the Stun gun and then run over to the control panel on the opposite side and activate it. This will ground Bastion with electricity temporarily, and you need to use the alt fire of your Rail gun on its weapon compartments. Make sure to keep Bastion on the opposite side of where ever you are to avoid its rocket barrage, and repeat this process until Bastion falls.

If you don't have either the Stun gun or Rail gun equipped upon starting this battle, don't fret. There are several of these weapon pick-ups and ammo crates scattered all over the place. If you need to make a run to one of the blocked off sewer grates for ammo, roll () the entire way there to dodge most of Bastions attacks. Once you're stocked up, roll all the way back to the power station.

Complete the Act 5

Act 5 consists of 8 chapters. Once you complete the final segment, Tango Down, the trophy will unlock.

Act 5 is relatively short and pretty straightforward, with the exception of one part where you're tasked to man charges on two submarines. DO NOT attempt to set the charges right away, as you'll get yourself killed within seconds from either the drones and/or armored rocket launchers. After several frustrating attempts at this part, I figured out a surefire way to get through it relatively unscathed:

As soon as you enter the area, hack one of the 2 drones on your right with your tether cable to make it your ally. Next, head down and kill the armored rocket launcher on the left; you should have entered the area with a rocket launcher, which will make quick work of the enemies. If you didn't, use whatever else you have. After he's dead, plant one charge on the submarine closest to where you entered. The drone you hacked will probably be destroyed now, so hack another one and plant the second charge on the sub. The remaining armored rocket launcher will usually focus his attention on the hacked drone, but he will periodically target you, so take him down before moving to the next sub. Now simply repeat the process of hacking a drone and planting the remaining 2 charges. Once that's done you'll see a countdown timer at the top of your screen - you've got one minute to get your ass out of the water before the charges detonate. Head to ground level and swim all the way to the rear of the subs. You'll see a couple entrances in the wall you can enter. Head in and immediately turn right, exiting from the next hole on your right. This takes you to the opposite side of where the subs are, and you'll need to use your tether cable on the illuminated power box on your left to lower the stairs. There are a couple of drones here, but you can use your jetpack and boost past them. Once you make it up the stairs and out of the water, wait for the timer to run out and the subs to explode to activate the checkpoint.

As for the final battle against the corrupted AI, the HUGE turret you use against her makes this battle ridiculously easy. You'll have to deal with groups of 2 drones every now and then, but the turret makes mince meat out of them. She doesn't stick arond that long, but you should be able to kill her on her third or fourth flyby, depending on how fast and accurately you target her. Once she's dead the trophy will unlock.

Critical Massacre
Kill 100 human enemies

Talk about an easy ! There are way more than 100 human enemies in Act 1, so you'll get this trophy before the Acts conclusion.

Depth Charge
Kill 50 drone enemies

Similar to Critical Massacre, you'll probably get this easy trophy before the end of Act 1.

Hammer of Vulcan
Kill 5 AD-4 Vulcan Engineers

You'll be introduced to 2 of these robotic drones toward the end of Act 1. There are roughly 7 or 8 or them throughout the campaign, so as long as you kill them whenever you see them, you'll get the trophy before finishing the game. If you didn't manage to kill 5 of them by the end, load the first chapter of Act 2 and kill the lone worker drone. Reload the checkpoint as many times as you need until the trophy unlocks.

Pain in the Membrane
Get 50 headshots with any weapon

Enabling aim assist makes this trophy a snap, since when you target an enemy the cursor will automatically lock-on to the enemy's head. Regardless, you should be going for head shots anyway, and this is another you'll earn about halfway through Act 1.

Open Minded
Get 5 headshots in a row with the Sniper Rifle

You'll have access to the Sniper Rifle during Act 3, and the first opportunity you have to get it is the best opportunity to get this trophy. When you acquire it you'll be in a large vacant control room, and upon exiting you'll see a long walkway you have to traverse. At the end of this walkway is an enemy turret. Stay and hide at the back and lock-on to the enemies head (there's a wide enough gap in the middle of the turret that you can target his head). Press and hold to hold your breath and steady your shot, and execute the head shot. As long as you don't move forward, enemies will continuously respawn and head to the turret, so use the same tactic mentioned until you get 5 in a row.

Trigger Happy
Kill 50 Shotgunners

You should unlock this trophy shortly after getting Critical Massacre during Act 1. There are a lot of shotgunners in this Act, so don't worry about it.

Nice Ghoul Like You
Reprogram 10 UD-3 Ghoul Scouts

Thanks to the glitch I mentioned at the top of this guide, it isn't beneficial to reprogram these drones. The best way to get this annoying trophy out of the way is when you first encounter a drone in Act 1. Reprogram it, pause the game, and reload the checkpoint. Keep doing this until you've reprogrammed 10 of them and the trophy unlocks, and then move on.

Up Close and Personal
Kill one of each enemy type with a melee attack

This trophy is a bit confusing, so allow me to clarify. There are many different "types" of enemies in this game, mainly based on their upgraded armor as you progress through the game. All you're looking for are the weapons they're carrying, not the type of enemy they are. With this knowledge, there are 6 in total you need to melee kill:
  1. SMS gunner

  2. Shotgunner
  3. Stun gunner
  4. Commando gunner
  5. Knife assassin
  6. Engineer

You can melee kill 5 out of 6 in the first Act alone, with the exception of the Commando gunner. He doesn't appear until Act 3 and onward. If you're not sure if it's a Commando gunner or an SMS gunner, simply look for the red laser. If it has one, it's a Commando gunner. I'm not actually sure if the Engineers count toward the total, as they won't attack you unless you approach them, but I melee killed them anyway just to be sure.

Shotgun Wetting
Get 50 shotgun kills

You acquire the shotgun shortly after starting Act 1, and if you begin using it right away (which is recommended) this trophy should unlock shortly after getting Pain in the Membrane.

Intel Analyst
Recover 10 data discs

This is a stupid trophy because there aren't 10 data disks in the game - there's 9. If you choose to play through the campaign, get all 9 (or as many as you can) and then return to the chapter "Stun Gun Fun" in Act 1. This is where you get your first data disk, so keep reloading the checkpoint until the trophy unlocks. Alternately, you can simply reload that same checkpoint as soon as you reach it if you want to get it out of the way early.

Electromagnetic Pulp
Kill 20 enemies with the EMP attachment grenade

I don't know why they call it an attachment grenade, because it's not attached to anything. It's simply a grenade.

EMP grenades are plentiful throughout the game, so simply killing 20 enemies (both humans and drones count) isn't hard. I'd also recommend NOT manually aiming and throwing them, as the game instructs you to, as you might as well paint a bullseye on your head since the animation sequence is quite long. Your best bet is to simply blind throw them while hiding behind cover. To make it hit where you want it to, tilt the camera down slightly from where your aiming reticule would be, otherwise the arc on the grenade will overshoot your target.

Win a multiplayer match on each of the 5 maps

*Boosting partner recommended/required*

This trophy is both infuriating and misleading. Firstly, your 5 wins on each of the maps has to done in one session. So if you play and win on a few of the maps and then exit the game, your tally resets to zero, nullifying any of your previous wins. Secondly...


Expect the game to say "unable to connect" or kick you out of your game entirely. Managing to get the servers to remain stable long enough to win on each of the 5 maps boils down to pure luck, which is ridiculous. One thing I noticed that seems to help is to quit the game entirely if you start receiving any error messages. Load it up again and you should be able to host a match with no problems. Now, whether the games servers remain stable is another thing. If you manage to win on a few of the maps and you get any error message afterward, you're going to have the quit the game again and try it all over.

Win a match without dying

Refer to Megalodon trophy description.

Get 5 kills in a row without dying

Refer to Megalodon trophy description.

Get 15 kills in a row without dying

*Boosting partner recommended/required*

This trophy, along with Bahamut and Jormungand can all be earned in one online MP match. Choose a map, set the kill limit to 15, and start the match. Simply kill your partner 15 times without dying and all 3 trophies will unlock at the results screen.

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