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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXTHUNDER View Post

    Walmart has it for $5, Anniversary sale. I don't know if there's a Walmart where you are or if they'll have it but it's worth a shot. The guy at EB Games said the online is dead but since there's been price drops across the board I'm thinking the online may have picked up but haven't tried yet and I may just keep mine sealed and in my collection and season 2 has started so that may peak peoples interest in playing the game again as well.
    Online dead in a game that is online only? Well that's not good. I bet there's still some people playing it.
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    anyone know how to boost the 50 head shots

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    Quote Originally Posted by tazrobbins View Post
    anyone know how to boost the 50 head shots
    There are no real way to boost this. Who plays together gets assigned by random so no sessions can be made. You'll need to get this purely through keep trying.

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