Demon's Souls is an Action RPG set in the land of Boletaria where a mysterious fog has overtaken the land. You take the role of your own created hero to go into the fog and try to save the land from the demons that reside within. Basically a power known as the Old One has awaken and is using demons to collect the souls of all residents for their use of the soul arts. You'll journey from a deadly demon knight infested castle avoiding dragons to dark decrepit swamp lands facing off against slugs, trolls, and a variety of different foes in your quest to try and save the land from the spread of this demon fog.

During the game, you will play a hero that will see numerous spirits of other warriors as they take part in your same journey and see their messages sprawled across the ground. Reading these will normally help safeguard you from traps and hidden surprises, while also guiding you along. Being killed during the game will cause the loss of your human body form and you will play a phantom version of yourself. Your character regains their body upon defeating the demons guarding each archstone within the levels or by helping another human player defeat a demon boss of their world. As a phantom, you can leave soul signs about to be summoned directly into another human players world to help assist them during the game as mentioned to regain your body.

Either form you can interact with the messages left AND see the spirits around you, however only humans can summon other players. In addition to summoning other players to help you, some will actually invade your world to kill you and regain their own body with your death. These are known as black phantoms and you will encounter them normally playing regardless if you are online or not. Dying will cause the world tendency at times to shift towards a blacker more demonic nature. This causes the enemies to become stronger and sometimes new foes will come out at your character. Defeating black phantoms and the demons of the world will cause the tendency to shift towards a lighter less demonic nature causing the enemies to be slightly easier than normal and will acquire you more healing grasses to be collected.


Players: 1 [Offline] 2-4 [Online]

Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: N/A
Time to Platinum/100%: 100-150 Hours
Trophy Difficulty: 8/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 3.5+
Missable Trophies: Yes, World Uniter's Trophy, Sage's Trophy, Saint's Trophy, Rogue's Trophy, Soldier's Trophy, Old King's Trophy, & Flying Dragon's Trophy
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Sage's Trophy, Saint's Trophy, Rogue's Trophy, & Soldier's Trophy
Glitched Trophies: N/A



For starters, the easiest way to platinum this game would be to have all weapons and rings dropped from a phantom in online play. This will nearly eliminate the need to change your world tendency and Character tendency for the unique weapons and rings that all need to be obtained. Only thing left would be to kill every boss and then play through NG+ until you acquire all souls again that are necessary for other spells and miracles.

For any extra help, refer to other links in the guide to the weapons and rings list, magic and miracles guide, boss soul usage, and the tips and strategies section to know how to proceed in the game.

There are multiple ways to tackle this game. You can use one character and playing through 3 and 1/2 playthroughs for all souls, stones, miracles, spells, rings and weapons but will be a bit harder than the other way. You could also make several different characters, using one for all rings and weapons for the tendency events, then use another going through the game for all souls for miracles, and then your last character for all spells. Be easiest this way as you will only need to worry about completing each game 3 full times and only deal with NG+ once OR to backtrack and find the spell/miracle teachers. Choose every how you want, but will affect the reading of this roadmap so keep in mind.

Playthrough One

Begin this playthrough by altering the world tendencies to either Pure Black or Pure White. You will want to change every world to Pure Black and then play through again changing them all to Pure White. There are several different events that will occur shaping ring drops and weapons being acquired. Once you have completed this, you can simply play through the story normally for all other trophies while farming for any stones you can along the way. You will especially want to farm 4-2 as Pure Black ASAP since you'll want to try farming for the Pure Bladestone.

Don't forget to take down both optional bosses, Old King Doran and the Blue Dragon when playing. Recommend to finish the tendency events first, as they can alter the tendencies of the worlds by killing these bosses out of order. REMEMBER, Do NOT consume any of the boss souls except for use of upgrading a weapon, magic spell, or miracle. For more information on how to acquire each soul and what they can be used for refer to the individual sections in the guide for weapons, magic, and miracles. At the end of the game, you will have the option to kill the Maiden in Black OR to walk away and save the lands. You need only to complete the "good" ending, but acquiring the "evil" ending on another playthrough is helpful for the Beast soul and Red Soul Sign you obtain.

Also, try to complete achieving the good ending of the game on at least one playthrough to acquire the World Uniter's Trophy.

Playthrough Two
Granted you took out all Pure White or Black tendency events in the first playthrough, during this playthrough, you need to achieve the opposite tendencies for the other half of special weapons and rings. Also, you will need to continue farming for stones to complete your collection of the upgrade weapons. Complete this run through after achieving Soldier's Trophy and Rogue's Trophy. Also, during either playthrough one or two, try to kill a primeval demon while the tendency is Pure Black to acquire your needed 3 colorless demon souls.

Playthrough Three
For this third playthrough use any boss souls you have remaining to begin purchasing either your spells or miracles. Work towards fully achieving one or the other first to make this the simplest and require the very least on your next game through. Once you have acquired for instance, Sage's Trophy, go for all of the other miracles.

Playthrough Four
In these final moments of the game, try and check off anything you've obtained from using the boss souls and work towards those final ones. This will only be a partial playthrough and you will only need to either obtain the Flamelurker soul to upgrade weapons if you have weapons remaining, go and save Saint Urbain, OR free which ever magician you need to upgrade to your last spell with them. If you've worked towards all tendency events, weapons, rings, and spells, then you will only need to worry on completing the beginning of area 4-1 and 4-2 to save Saint Urbain and finish off any miracles you have for Saint's Trophy.

[top]Tips and Strategies

* This guide will give a few tips & basics to better understand Demon's Souls *

Getting Started - Welcome to Boletaria. Prepare for Death!
Before you begin your game... just wanna let you know... You will die... and you will again, and again, and again, and again. This game was made for death.. and for learning from mistakes. So do NOT get angry or rage... the game wants you to die and in some instances, you have no choice. You don't lose anything except souls and can easily get them back. So no need to fret there.

Next thing is about your starting class. Pick this based on how you wanna play, but if you change your mind early enough, you can start a new character which I recommend a couple anyways. But if you want a mage, pick royalty or magician. If you want a faith and miracle user, use Priest or temple Knight possibly which work good for melee too. Melee is really unique and depends how you wanna start off and what gear you want. There are heavy and light armors and will shape how you move and how quickly too. Each class comes with different weapons so you will wanna test some out to see your style.

The following sections go a little more in depth so continue reading for more assistance. Thanks again for referring to this beginner's guide.

Player Guide - Explanation of how to play Demon's Souls with minimum deaths
Here I'm just going to slightly explain how to play and some lessons to NOT get yourself killed :p. Most of this will be common sense knowledge but some may benefit regardless so yeah.

Firstly, never ever rush blindly down tunnels or towards enemies IF you don't have to. Kinda assess each area and situation before getting into combat with an enemy. Otherwise, you'll find that some things like to pop out from around corners OR join in the fray when you get to a certain point. Also some levels have booby-traps and you can easily get distracted and killed from carelessness.

Also, if you constantly take a lot of damage, wear your Cling Ring as it adds 25% more health in soul form, granted you have white world tendency. The darker it gets though, the less health you keep in soul form. The Thief's Ring(which Hitman wanted me to tell you guys about like a n00b) is also a huge asset and you should generally keep it on until you get your bearings as helps bosses keep some distance in a few cases AND will cause a few enemies in a group to not rush you all at once.

Another thing, UNTIL you really learn to play OR just really need some help, do not play online. Cause chances are, you'll be invaded and killed. IF you get invaded, might as well just quit game otherwise, they will try and kill you and be pissed if you D/C on them after you start fighting. Plus another problem is that there is a chance you data will become corrupted. Message the person IF you think you have time and let them know you don't wanna duel and are a n00b. You'll probably still get told off but yeah. Show some respect.

Next thing is about dueling, always bow, don't be an ass. Cause chances are you rush them and they'll come back and pwn the shit out of you IF you suck that much to not be decent. ALSO, don't send hate mail for someone who invades you and kills you. IF it happens, you should be offline. Another issue is if you're near the beginning and someone invades, don't just jump all over their shit before they even have a chance to react. Back to showing respect, and bowing and both being prepared.

Character Development - Explanation of how to develop and level your characters
First I will go over HOW you should begin when you make your character. Decide what type of character you will wanna play as mostly and choose a class based on that. THEN when you get to where you can level up your Soul Level, level up some main stats that will benefit your play style. DO NOT just throw souls wherever cause it can mess you up later on in the game.

ALSO, decide what type of weapons you will use and what type of upgrade you plan to use and level stats that will affect them. Otherwise later in the game you will have alot of points into stats that will stop leveling AND they will not be beneficial at all.

Zone Progression(Roadmap) - Explanation of how to proceed through the levels

To begin, I've divided up each world into numbered sections, for example 1-1 is the first level known as Boletarian Palace. You choose which world to enter by approaching the archstones in the Nexus. Start by completing area 1-1. You aren't allowed to go anywhere else until that is finished. So once that is out of the way, you can continue into 1-2, but chances are you'll die and regret it, so go back into the Nexus. From here you'll have to talk to the monumental at top of the stairs and then speak with the Maiden in Black. Afterward, level up some stats with the souls you have from 1-1 & the tutorial. Also use any of the soul items you gathered through the levels, but DO NOT consume the boss souls.

NOTE: you do NOT have to do the levels this way, just how I feel easiest for myself and others may benefit from following it slightly.

Next the easiest place to go would be 1-2(try and grab the Winged Spear on the first bridge), finish it up and then you aren't allowed to progress anymore until you get an archdemon soul. Easiest place to go now is 2-1. Do that level, then go a little ways into 2-2(don't need to finish it right now) until you get some more items such as Heater Shield +2 (near vendor) & the Dragon Longsword +1 (in the maze like tunnels). Now you can leave back to the Nexus as the boss here will rip you a new one.

Do level 5-1 next, finish it up IF you can, but mostly just wanna grab the Blessed Mace +1 for level 4-1. After 5-1 is finished OR you get the mace and want to leave, do 4-1. After wards, go to 3-1 and finish up that level. So now, you should have possibly 1-3, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, & 5-2 to choose from. Can't do 1-3 still cause we need the soul.... IF you are able, finish up 4-2 & 4-3(archdemon fight-Storm King)-as it's the easier of the ones. THEN finish all of 2-2, and 2-3(archdemon fight-Dragon God).

NEXT you can just jump around as 5-2 is a pretty nasty level, 3-2 has one of the hardest pain in the ass bosses I've ever fought(Maneaters), & 1-3 is a rather difficult level with another pain boss(Penetrator). I normally finish up 1-3. THEN go to 3-2 and 3-3 and get them out of the way. Then do the rest of 5-2 & 5-3.

NOW all that is left is 1-4 generally. This is a short, but painful level.... AS you have to get through a blue dragon mini boss(trophy) & the False King(archdemon of zone 1). ALSO, you have another bridge to cross that the dragon is attacking before you can kill him & steps to run up with the same dragon ALSO attacking. Afterward, you will find a familiar face, and fight him. Also get a present too depending on how you played the game earlier. After this you should be able to proceed into the END GAME and shortly after, NG+ .

Just note that you should finish up any grinding for stones you wanna do early on and the tough black phantoms as NG+ will be MUCH harder than your first game, minus the fact you'll have better gear.

Boss Souls - Explanation of how to use your demon's souls
Basically, you need to figure out if you wanna do everything on one file, meaning you will have to go through NG+++(roughly 3 1/2 playthroughs) OR if you wanna divide it up amongst new characters as this will be a slight bit easier. I recommend making 2 characters, and possibly 3. First character, your main one, the goal is to get all magic spells as this takes 1 1/2 playthroughs for all the magic spells. Some spells are sold by 2 different teachers and use the same boss soul so you can't do it in one go. ALSO, they must all be gotten on same character & you can't divide the spells up across your files.

NEXT character or playthrough after the magic, your goal is to get all miracles AND also IF you want to, combine the weapons trophies with this or make another new character. I'll just say you are getting the weapons on another new character to avoid having to get to NG+ on this play.

Your last character or playthrough will be getting all the weapons which will require some upgrading before you are allowed to make the weapons. Refer to the guide for details on what is required exactly. This may require a NG+ up to the Flamelurker to get the Red Hot Demon's Soul mind you so try and plan to get all the unique and upgrade weapons on one of your other characters.

Doing this pattern will mean more character, which also gives you opportunity to experiment with different play-styles, BUT will keep you from experiencing the dreaded 60% difficulty increase with NG+ and the 8% with each NG afterward. Everyone will decide to do things differently AND you are able to trade weapons too so it's not ass difficult as it sounds, just a little intimidating at first glance. Give it time and you'll learn how it all works.

Body & Soul - Explanation of how the body and soul forms of Demon's Souls works.
Alright, so basically whenever you die, you will be put into soul form. IF you kill a boss OR use the black stone to invade another player(and kill them) you will get your body back. Just the basics there.

Souls form grants you only half of your max health, however you will have even less if your world tendency is black from evil deeds. Also, in this form, you can drop the stones and be summoned by other players to help them in their world. A fun thing is that you are much more silent and harder to sense by enemies.

Body form grants you your total health and you are able to summon other players into your world. HOWEVER, a big part of this is that if you're online, you can and most likely will get invaded by another player whose goal is to kill you and steal your body basically. You will make normal noises and enemies will sense you much easier than if you were in soul form

NPCs in Nexus - Explanation of the various NPCs found in the Nexus

Here I will explain the NPCs you will find throughout the game and will take residence in the Nexus(your base of operations) and the ones that begin there. Not all will be there at all times, and often you will need to journey through the game and discover some secrets. Also, even though you found one NPC, they may leave and continue their own quest as you progress further in the game. Keep in mind.
  • Thomas - He is the man standing by all the crates near the steps and to the side of the blacksmith. He is a HUGE asset to this game in that he holds all of your excess items and gear. A item box essentially.

  • Ed, the blacksmith - A blacksmith in the nexus that lets you upgrade your gear. He's a dick.

  • Blue phantom - A blue spirit that will try and warn you of the demons and the enduring hold of their souls. He after a few talks will go away leaving behind a soul drop that you can consume for around 1,000 souls. Has no other purpose.

  • Faith Worshipers - Group of spiritual worshipers of God. One that only talks to you a little bit and tells you that he was a traitor(does nothing), another that will sell you miracles(like spells for you to use that mainly benefit the caster), and then the last who only talks in beginning but after your FAITH attribute is above 18, she gives you a pure faintstone,if you speak with her before you save Saint Urbain.

  • Freke's Apprentice - A magician who follows the teachings of another man you'll find in the game named Sage Freke. He sells you magic spells after your magic attribute is above 10.

  • Ostrava - A knight in search of his father on his own quest. You will periodically run into him during the first archstone area, Boletarian Palace. In each section he will get himself into trouble and need rescuing so keep an eye out. At the end of the game, you will face a Black Phantom version of him. When he dies, you will receive the Mausoleum Key. The Black phantom version also drops the Rune Sword and Rune Shield.

  • Biorr, of the Twin Fangs - Is a big knight who you will rescue in the Boletarian Palace area 1-2 after you have received a key from zone 1-3 later in the game. Progress to the locked door in the area just outside the Tower Knight boss area in 1-2 and proceed through to save him from a prison cell. After saving him, he will stay in the Nexus until you journey through 1-4 where he will assist you in battling the Blue Dragon and most likely die.

  • Sage Freke - Sells magic spells & trades powerful spells for boss souls. MUST be freed first from zone 3-1. You will need a key found in a secret area of zone 3-2 with Pure White World Tendency and then backtrack to rescue him from a abandoned prison cell.

  • Lady Yuria, the witch - Another power magician who sells spells and will trade a different set of magic spells for similar boss souls as Freke. MUST be freed from zone 1-3 using key found in locked secret area of 1-2.

  • Saint Urbain - A mighty faith worshiper of God that sells miracles and trades powerful miracles for boss souls same as Yuria & Freke. MUST be freed from zone 4-2 & will replace one of the worshipers in the Nexus(one that sells miracles). He will be near the beginning of area 4-2 and down in the pit when Patches pushes you in. Defeat a black phantom down here and then speak with him to cause the event of him moving to the Nexus.

  • Monumental - Talk to you in beginning and tells you of the plight of the land of Boletaria. ALSO with pure white CHARACTER tendency, gives you the Friend's Ring if you answered yes to it's question at the beginning of the game. Can't interact with other than talking.

  • Mephistopheles - A cruel evil woman who hires you to assassinate the different NPCs in the Nexus ONLY after you have pure black CHARACTER tendency AND have killed Yurt, the silent Chief. Will not affect WT or CT in killing as she is evil.

  • Yurt, the Silent Chief - A warrior assassin that tries to trick you into freeing him saying he'll help you fight the demons, BUT instead will slowly kill off the NPCs in the Nexus. Found in area 3-2 down secret drop point in a cell. Save him if you wish, but I recommend kiling him here on this spot. Get some cool armor and will NOT affect your WT or CT as he is actually evil.

Tendency Changes - Explanation of the world & character tendency changes
World Tendency=WT(3 forms-Pure Black, Neutral, & Pure White)
Character Tendency=CT(3 forms-Pure Black, Neutral, & Pure White)

World Tendency Basics
World Tendency depending on what it is closer to being(black or white) will affect different things in your worlds.
Black Tendency will make enemies stronger AND more phantoms will be about trying to kill you.
White Tendency will make enemies EASIER and less phantoms .
You get more health item drops with White Tendency & get rarer drops with Black Tendency.

EACH when you have them fully towards a certain point will open bonus points in each zone.
It's affected by dying in body form, killing bosses, killing invading players, INVADING and kill another player, Or killing black phantoms.

Character Tendency Basics
Character tendency will affect even less really ...
it will cause the monumental to give you a ring when you have PURE WHITE CT... and you'll have more health in soul form too. nothing else really changes with it. Some weapons get a bonus from Character Tendency though.

Pure Black CT, it makes you have less health in soul form, but the main thing is it will cause a NPC to appear in the Nexus. This will gived you a set of assassination missions that lead up to your getting the Foe's Ring.

Each are affected by killing black phantoms, invading and killing human players, killing NPCs, helping blue phantoms and other human players.

Getting White CT
  • Kill Black Phantom invaders or black phantoms that spawn during PBWT
  • Assisting some of the NPCs through the game
  • Assisting other players online in soul form

Getting Black CT
  • Invade and kill other human players online
  • Killing many NPCs throughout the game

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Toughest Soul Trophy
All Trophies Obtained

Simple enough, unlock every trophy for Demon's Souls and you will obtain the platinum trophy.

World Uniter's Trophy
Old One Put to Sleep & World United

Missable Trophy. Defeat the final boss "Real Allant" and walk away back out of the area here. There are two different ending outcomes for Demon's Souls. For the trophy, DO NOT kill the Maiden in Black at the end. She can't be killed anywhere in the game except for here and this will result in you acquiring the evil ending. Simply walk away and go back through the tunnel to get the good/normal ending and receive the trophy.

To reach this point, you must first defeat all other bosses in the game and then speak with the Maiden in Black. She will take you to meet the Old One, where you will face the demon Real Allant. This boss is absolutely pathetic and is less difficult than most players' first enemy. IF you somehow manage to have trouble... You are a n00b, should be shot, and have glitched and cheated everywhere you could and probably had someone else play the game for you. Hope you get eaten by a pack of ravenous poisoned diseased beavers with wolverine nipples. Have a bad day and worst of luck to you.

Otherwise, congratulations on completing Demon's Souls. Prepare for NG+where enemies will begin about 50% harder than your last game. After you complete NG+, you go into NG++ where they will only be about 8% harder and you won't see a real noticeable difference.

Sage's Trophy
All Spells Learned

Missable Trophy. Acquire every spell from the mage apprentice, Sage Freke, & Lady Yuria to obtain this trophy.
Note: The spells from Freke and Yuria require boss souls and will take 2 playthroughs to fully acquire. You can NOT acquire spells over multiple characters!

Spell Completion List

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Saint's Trophy
All Miracles Learned

Missable Trophy. Acquire every miracle from the Miracle Apprentice & Saint Urbain to obtain this trophy.
Note: The miracles from Urbain will require boss souls and will take a full playthrough to complete. You can NOT acquire miracles over multiple characters!

Miracle Completion List

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Rogue's Trophy
All Rings Obtained

Missable Trophy. Acquire one of every ring through the game and you will obtain this trophy.
Note: You do NOT have to hold them all at once. You can get someone online to drop the ones you need and you get the trophy once you have held every ring at least once. Must be completed on the same character.

Ring Completion List
This will be a complete list of all required rings found throughout the game, location, and briefly how to obtain it.

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Soldier's Trophy
All Unique Weapons Obtained

Missable Trophy. Acquire every unique weapon throughout the game and the special boss upgrade weapons and you will obtain this trophy.
NOTE: You do NOT have to hold them all at once, same as Rogue's Trophy. Someone can drop the ones you need and will get the trophy when you have held every one at least once. Must be done on the same character.

Weapon upgrades involving boss souls can only be upgraded by Blacksmith Ed in Stonefang Tunnel 2-1
Must first give him the Red Hot Demon's Soul from the Flamelurker boss in Stonefang Tunnel 2-2

Complete Weapons List
*Some people have had this trophy pop with weapons scattered over multiple characters, but this is not guaranteed to work.

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False King's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "False King"

Defeat the archdemon boss of section 1-4, False King, and you will obtain this trophy. One of the bigger pains of Demon's Souls, this guy uses an array of attacks and is not to be taken lightly. He'll shoot long range attacks at you, rush you when you are too far, slice you up when close, AND has a huge area of attack ability as well. Be careful and approach this battle carefully. His biggest attack and most deadly is his "Soulsucker" ability. If you get hit with it, you will lose a entire soul level(being the last one you leveled up) and will take a large amount of damage. Quickly roll away and evade him when notice his hand glowing a white/blue coloring as he's preparing to grab you.

For his normal slashes, watch out as he'll hurl blades of magic wind with each strike, dealing damage even when you block so stay alert to dodge these timed strikes of his. After he finishes a flurry, you have a opportunity to attack back with a strike or cast a spell but then need to go back on the defensive. At long range, he will do a charging slash that will knock you back and then continue with his normal flurry of strikes so watch out for this and block or roll away as he reaches you. This attack has a great deal of tracking with it so don't try to simply run to one side or another.

At times, the False King will stab his sword down into the floor and begin charging. Immediately run to the farther point in the area you can and begin blocking with your shield if you have one equipped. This attack will deal a large amount of magic damage to you so beware. If you're really close to him, even blocking, you'll most likely end up knocked down and suffer large hit to your health and stamina. You can manage to get in some attacks here on him, but it's not worth the risk of taking a heavy loss. Also for best results on this boss, wear lightest best armor you can as you'll need to roll and evade effectively during the battle to survive. Heavy armor that bogs you down will most likely result in your death so be aware of this and mix it with your playstyle for best results.

Melee Method: Just watch his attacks and strike when you have an opening. Like the Penetrator boss before him, you can stunlock the False King with the appropriate weapon, such as Mirdan Hammer. Use this to your advantage here as you will need all the help you can get. Summon any phantoms you like and if you notice one get hit with the Soulsucker attack, use that to get in numerous attacks before he throws them down. Fire-based will work well against him as he doesn't have much fire defense, however he's resistant to magic.

Ranged Method: Sit back at the boss fog and fire away with your arrows or get in a bit closer to hurl your strongest spells at him before he closes the distance with his charge. Roll and evade his attacks and fire once his flurry attacks are complete to avoid getting hit while trying for your own attacks on the False King. Use more fire-based spells against him as he's resilent to most magic and miracles. Bring a large number of spices and light armor to best combat this foe.

NG+ Tips: Simply use your upgraded arsenal against this foe and repeat same tactics previously. Most likely you'll have a higher stamina and equip load so you can wear better armor while maintaining your ability to roll effectively and fast.

Storm King's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Storm King"

Defeat the archdemon boss of section 4-3, Storm King, and you will obtain this trophy. For the battle, you will be in an old graveyard area with several storm beasts around you in the air and many crumbling buildings you can use for cover. Watch out for the "whirling" sound as they stop and release a lightning bolt down at you. These can go through some structures but if you're down in a building or they catch the side of a landmass, you should be unharmed.

This boss here, Storm King, is unique in that you won't at first be able to target him with your attacks. You'll have to kill several of the storm beasts before he will appear. If you are a ranged magic or archer character, you can easily snipe them down with your abilities from the start to lure out the Storm King and continue with this assault. If you are strictly melee and have no spells or archery weapons/arrows then you will need to run down to the graveyard area to claim the weapon Stormruler. With this, you can use and attack with the weapon's unique ability to hurl a blade of wind through the air. Wait for the beasts to cease moving and aim for you, then 2 hand the weapon and strike them. Quickly dodge their attack if you don't kill them before they release the bolt attack at you.

The crumbling building near the end of the path leading down to the graveyard will shield you from many of the King's and beast's attacks so use it for cover as need be. You can also get over behind it for added protection, though it appears you can't. The Storm King will use only one attack as he flies around the area. He will hurl several waves of little "squid storm enemies" out at you to pierce through and kill your character. In addition to this attack, the storm beasts in the area will continually spawn. Keep this in mind for farming purposes and to save time trying to kill them before going after the King. After he's defeated, they will all die and you'll be free to finish farming the area for items and the lizards.

Melee Method: Using the Stormruler weapon, use it's wind blasts to strike out at the King's target areas. If you aim wisely enough, you can even take down several of the storm beasts in one strike as well as hitting the Storm King. Using this special ability though will quickly deplete the weapon's durability so keep some grindstones with you OR try to down the beasts and Storm King quickly.

Ranged Method: Simply use cover of the broken down building to dodge the Storm King's attacks and as he hovers over you, aim for his many target points with your spells and arrows until he's dead. Try to focus as much on the King as you can as the other beasts will spawn infinitely.

NG+ Tips:
Come into the battle with Stormruler already and you can begin taking down the beasts much faster as you make your way down to the crumbling building. Use your upgraded arsenal of spells to your advantage as well such as Soul Ray(instead of Soul Arrows). Use same tactics of firing as they hover overhead until defeated the Storm King.

Old Monk's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Old Monk"

Defeat the archdemon boss of section 3-3, the Old Monk, and you will obtain this trophy. In this battle, you will either face a REAL player in PVP so no telling what you have in store for you OR you will fight a generic black phantom with a health bar wielding claws on each hand and magic arrows as his health depletes. If you are great at PVP, then you will probably have little trouble here if you battle online and must face an actual player. Try to look through the fog and ensure they aren't going to jump out from the side as you enter in. Some players are very unfair and use your judgment if you think it will end badly.

If you play offline, you will face a generic black phantom that uses clawed fists. Also, the black phantom will have the magic arrow spell cast that shoots a little magic beam at you. As you decrease it's health, more beams will begin following him around and they launch as you get in close. They do a lot of damage if you do not have good magic defense, but also are easily avoidable. When you see the lights start following him around, wait for them to shoot off, and roll to the side or block them if you use a shield.

Melee Method: Simply encircle him as you would any enemy and go for backstabs. You can allow him to attack and block then go in for your own strikes as his attacks are deflected away from you. Just keep an eye on his magic arsenal as you deplete the health bar and dodge this while repeating your own strategy for killing him.

Ranged Method: Somewhat manageable, but since it's in a tight space and the boss keeps up with you pretty well, hard to get back and shoot off any arrows. Run to one end of the area and fire a few arrows or spells at him, hoping he doesn't dodge them and then as he gets close, run to the opposite end. Repeat this dodging and evading past his attacks until he is killed. If you desire, you can use close ranged spells as he comes in at your for his own attack. Dodge or block and then cast quickly if need be.

Maiden Astraea's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Maiden Astraea"

Defeat the archdemon boss of section 5-3, Maiden Astraea, and you will obtain this trophy. In this fight, you can choose either to kill Garl Vinland, her guard, OR snipe her from a nearby ledge and not have to fight either of them. You can, and I don't recommend this, rush down and try to attack her, but she casts rage of God and Garl will still come after you. BUT if you kill her or Garl, just talk to the other and they will commit suicide and the battle over.

Some notes about the area to keep in mind. Down in the swamp, you will be plagued and attacked by plague babies that will stunlock the death out of your character and most often result in your quick death. Also, you will face several dreglings who at first will remain non-combative towards you will be provoked into attack after you defeat Astraea. Try to eliminate them and then snipe away or fight her as you want.

Fighting Garl Vinland
As you walk down the path towards the Maiden and Garl, he will walk up towards you. There is a point halfway up where he will no longer come after you and begin walking back away. Use this to your advantage in attacking him with melee strikes or timed spells/arrows. If you use magic and ranged attacks, try to make sure you lure him back up as he's prone to walking back down to the Maiden and staying down there. This could complicate your battle, but fight around as needed. If you're good with parrying, you can riposte him as he strike down. Otherwise, be prepared to take a lot of damage or stamina hit if you block. Watch for his strike and roll back(but not down into the swamp or you'll most likely die). Repeat this until he's defeated. Simply talk to the Maiden and she gives up her soul now.

Defeating the Maiden

When entering through the fog, proceed to the right path and you will come to a small ledge where you can snipe away at Garl and the Maiden here. Attacking him though he will most often block the arrows from here. Simply aim solely for her using this method and fire away until she's dead. Watch out as she will use some healing spells and her health will regen slowly. Continuously chip down her health with strongest arrows/spells and bow you have. Afterwards, speak to Garl and he will end his own life since he'll have no longer use to live.

Also after defeating either enemy, you can reload the area and simply walk down to the archstone for the boss soul and things they drop. Reentering this area will have a black phantom of Garl Vinland come after you with Pure White or Pure Black tendency so keep in mind.

NG+ Tips: Simply use your upgraded gear and same tactics previously to defeat these foes again. Try wielding his own equipment on him when fighting Garl.

Dragon God's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Dragon God"

Defeat the archdemon boss of section 2-3, Dragon God, and you will obtain this trophy. This is mostly a puzzle where you run behind pillars and slowly break down debris for the most part during the battle. You will reach 2 ballista canons in the area, and after triggering both, the boss will fall and you can run in and attack his face, killing him after a few hits. Watch out for the breath though as can still damage you.

During the fight, the Dragon God will slowly shift his focus from one side to the other looking for you. Hide behind the pillars as notice his eyes. If they are glowing yellow, he doesn't see you. However, if they glow red, he knows where you are and probably about to attack. Be cautious and don't make any unnecessary movement out from behind the pillars unless you plan to run.

No real special methods for this battle except that you can destroy the debris in two fashions. One, you can come with soul arrow or another spell of your choosing and aim for the debris ahead and fire from cover. Arrows will simply bounce off and will not work.Option two is much less safe and requires you to possible chance getting hit. Simply 2 hand your weapon and melee the debris with strongest attacks you have. Should break apart in a hit or two and then run quickly for cover or just rush for next section until you can get to the ballista. After activating the first canon, some of the next remaining debris piles will be tougher and take more to destroy. Also the dragon God will no longer punch at you and will attack with his fire breath, doing alot more damage as well. He'll sweep across the area, so if caught out in an attack, make a run for it quickly.

After activating the last ballista, he will fall down and you can safely attack his face to finish off the last remaining bits of health. Just wait for him to exhale and then step in to attack. Repeat until he's dead and claim his soul.

Tip: Dragon God's demon soul is used to create 2 spells(Yuria and Sage Freke) and a miracle so keep in mind you will need it quite a bit. Also required to create one weapon.

Old King's Trophy
Conqueror of Old King Doran

Missable Trophy. Defeat the optional boss in 1-1, Old King Doran, and you will obtain this trophy.

In order to get to him, you will need the key that Ostrava drops for the Mausoleum door beyond the Red Eyed Knight enemy. Best to wait till later as Doran is very difficult early on and can one shot most players. Also, Ostrava will give you very helpful items as you help him through the levels. He will drop the key just before you reach the archdemon boss in 1-4 right after you make it past the Blue Dragon and you will not have to kill him or wait for him to die from enemies.
IF you choose to kill Ostrava, you will take a hit to your World Tendency, causing it to darken & you will miss out on doing a side quest for Mephistopheles later. Likewise, if you kill Doran as you need to for this trophy, you will take a hit to your World Tendency the same.

Now go into the mausoleum (It's near the Red Eyed Knight in 1-1) and go up to him. He'll challenge you to a battle. This is also a chance to get the sword "Demonbrandt". Doran will attack just the same as any other sword wielding foe you've fought thus far. Only difference is he has a ton more health AND does a far greater deal of damage to you when you get hit. Several methods to take him down so choose what will work best for your level of skill and experience in this game.

Melee Method: Use your best weapon and aim to backstab with it as often as possible during the fight. Simply dodge and evade his attacks, circling behind him and striking after his combos are done and repeat for the battle. After a time, he will yield, granting you the weapon on the alter.. but for the trophy, you need to kill him so immediately continue your assault with backstabs and your own melee style. You can walk out the area and run across the bridge and he will eventually stop before going all the way through the last room. Back stab him as he's walking away or use this to heal and recover your own health.

Ranged Method: Lure him out across the bridge and then fire away with your ranged attacks until he's dead. An easy victory with minimal effort. Simply come with your best spells and enough arrows. You may be forced to melee if you don't come with enough supplies for the entire battle.

Sneaky Method:
Wear Thief's Ring or cast Cloak. Cast Poison Cloud and wait for him to die. Very time consuming, but safest and easiest way to defeat him with no effort.

Mesa Method: If you have the Storm Ruler, open up the door to where he is and hit him once so he follows you. Get him to follow you back into the room with the wooden floors and stuff. Then use the Storm Ruler to knock him down (The R1 attack of the Storm Ruler is a knockdown attack). Then all you have to do is keep hitting him up to the room far on the other side where the short cut to the start is and knock him off the stairs. It takes about 5 minutes of positioning him right to get him through the catapults but it is very funny and easy to do :p When he falls off, you can go down and get his armor and ring There is very little danger to this method either because when he gets up, he will attempt to walk back to his room and won't attack you, just make sure all the other enemies are dead.

Flying Dragon's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Flying Dragon"

Missable Trophy. Defeat the optional boss in section 1-4, Blue Flying Dragon, and you will obtain this trophy. He is also in 1-1, but about halfway through killing him, he will fly away and recover completely. You can not melee this boss and will have to snipe him with arrows or use magic to kill him in area 1-4. When you first see him in this area, he will be sitting on the side of a bridge breathing fire as you try to run across. You can time your run between his blasts or fire away at him from the doorway until he flies off. After this point, he will move to above a huge set of stairs leading up to Ostrava, an elevator, and the imminent boss fight with the False King.

Bring several hundred arrows and a leveled up bow of your choice OR your favorite ranged spells to defeat him here. If you are using arrows, you will achieve the most damage by standing underneath him at the top of the stairs in the doorway. He won't breath fire here either allowing you to shoot away at him while auto-aim fixated on his head. If you try from the bottom of the steps, you can stand just outside the reach of his fire and shoot up as he breathes down at you. This is safest, but most time consuming.

Also, if you rescued Biorr of the Twin Fangs, you will have his aid here. Most often the dragon will kill him if you leave it alive to face the False King OR don't do enough damage before Biorr is defeated as he stands midway up the steps in the Dragon's line of fire. You can claim several items from his body after you defeat the dragon or if you have time to run over and pick them up before you get attacked by it's fire breath.

Getting Past the Blue Dragon
To simply get past the dragon at the steps, you will need to watch and time your run carefully with the dragon's attack. If you can manage it right, you will pretty much run through his fire as it misses over you and you get to safety. Otherwise, if you can take atleast one hit from the attack, you can sometimes make it up far enough to get hit, and then make to the doorway before you're killed. If Biorr is still alive, the dragon will focus his attacks on him to help you get past as well so keep in mind. However, if he dies and the dragon yet lives.. you will have to cross this path alone.

Try the following as it has always worked in my experience. As the dragon breaths fire to the right.. run up and stick to the right path. He'll breath fire again going from right to left, with you clinging to the right side of the steps and get passed over. Then you will be up the steps far enough to miss getting hit again as he passes from left to right. Don't stick around too close to the steps here though at the top as he can still aim down and get you if you're not far enough in at the doorway here.

How to Get Past the Dragon Video
Video Courtesy of Youtube user, Hangtimepro

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NOTE: World tendency may affect the dragon's appearances in some locations. Beware and alter it to neutral or black if need be.

Trophy of Hardness
Obtained Best Weapon by Hardstone

Upgrade a weapon to +10 using hardstones and you will obtain this trophy. This is the basic starting upgrade path for select weapons such as broadswords.

Trophy of Sharpness
Obtained Best Weapon by Sharpstone

Upgrade a weapon to +10 using sharpstones and you will obtain this trophy. This is the basic starting upgrade path for select weapons, such as short spear or Winged Spear.

Trophy of Distinction
Obtained Best Weapon by Clearstone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using clearstone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Quality weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +3. Ex. Broadsword upgraded +3 can be further upgraded to Quality Broadsword.

Master Basher's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Greystone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using greystone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Crushing weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +3. Select weapons can be upgraded from scratch to Crushing Weapon.

Crushing Battleaxe +1 can be found 2-1, up the elvevator leading to the 2 miner enemies throwing boulders. Enter the area underneatht hem and turn right to find a lever to activate it. This weapon will be sitting on the ledge next to them both.

Master Slasher's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Bladestone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using bladestone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Sharp weapons and upgrade path begins with select basic weapons. Ex. Uchigatana can be upgraded from scratch to Sharp Uchigatana.

Master Bowman's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Spiderstone

Upgrade a bow to +5 and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Sticky bow weapons and upgrade path begins with a bow upgraded to +3. Ex. Compound Longbow upgraded to +3 can be further upgraded to Sticky Bow.

Poison Master's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Mercurystone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using mercurystone and you will achieve this trophy. This is for making Mercury weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +3.

Mercury Rapier +1 can be found in 3-2, near the arrow ballista on the bridge. You can find a broken portion of the bridge and drop down to a narrow ledge to walk around and come to an area to obtain this weapon.

Flame Master's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Dragonstone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using dragonstone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Dragon weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +3.

Dragon Longsword +1 can be found in area 2-2, inside the maze tunnels towards the end, just before reaching the ladders leading down to outside the boss zone.

Blood Master's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Suckerstone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using suckerstone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Tearing weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +3. Select weapons can be upgraded from scratch to Tearing. Ex. War Scythe upgraded to +3 can be upgraded to Tearing Warscythe.

Life Master's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Marrowstone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using marrowstone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Fatal weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +3. Ex. Dagger upgraded to +3 can be further upgraded to Fatal Dagger +1.

Moonlight Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Moonlightstone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using moonlightstone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making magic Moon weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +6.

Moon Shortsword +1 can be found in area 3-2 on the bridge of the Maneaters boss zone. About halfway across the area, just before reaching the cauldron of fire in the center, you can look to the right of the bridge and see a small ledge with an item on it. This is the weapon. Best to try after defeating the boss to not risk dying trying to obtain it.

Darkmoon's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Darkmoonstone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using darkmoonstone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making enchanted Crescent weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +6.

Crescent Falchion +1 can be obtained in area 4-1 on a overhangin ledge near the beginning of the zone. Proceed through the level until you reach the alcove with the two skeleton archers shooting at you, just up the first few sets of steps you reach. Go to your left, watching out for the trap here, and step outside to the left when you reach the other side of the corridor. You will see a Red Eyed Black Skeleton here with dual katanas. Dodge or defeat him and the weapon is laying nearby the drop off ahead.

Congratulant's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Faintstone

Upgrade a weapon to +5 using faintstone and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making Blessed weapons and upgrade path begins with a weapon upgraded to +6.

Blessed Mace +1 can be obtained in area 5-1 just after reaching the bridge shortcut area with the plague rats, past the filthy old lady merchant. You will see several enemies and a dead soldier laying here, and as you move to get the items on the soldier, they will come to life so be aware of this. There will also be a giant tick here over top of the weapon so take care of that first as well.

Shade Master's Trophy
Obtained Best Weapon by Cloudstone

Upgrade a shield to +5 and you will obtain this trophy. This is for making a Dark shield and upgrade path begins with any shield upgraded to +6.

Dark Heater Shield +2 can be obtained in area 2-2, just past a drop off ledge nearby the filthy old man merchant. This is around the area with the bear bugs and nearby Patches location. You can view down the cliff and see the item gleaming to know where to slide or jump down to.

Phalanx's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Phalanx"

Defeat the demon boss of 1-1, Phalanx, and you will obtain this trophy. This first area will consist of a few normal dreglings enemies, the blue knights primarily, a dragon to avoid, Boletarian soldiers, and hoplites. Try to parry and backstab the knights to quickly defeat them and try to stop them from healing if possible. Hoplites are small blob enemies wielding a large javelin to be thrown at you and a shield. Attack them from behind or most of your attack will be deflected off their shield.

This is the very first boss you will face and will most likely be a push-over. Mainly a compilation of about 25 normal enemies into one giant blob. Very weak to fire, so utilize firebombs and turpentine and you'll make short work of this foe.

You can use the pillars in the room as cover as well in case you need a quick heal or re-coating on your weapon. Try to attack the hoplites from behind their shields on the blob section to utilize full damage. As they uncover around the Phalanx itself, you can strike doing much greater damage and it will fall shortly. Killing it will neutralize any remaining hoplites in the area.

NG+ Tips: Come in strong with Firestorm or any upgraded fire spells you have to quickly demolish this foe. Otherwise, use same tactics as previous.

"The real Demon's Souls begins here"

Tower Knight's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Tower Knight"

Defeat the demon boss of 1-2 ,Tower Knight, and you will obtain this trophy. Area 1-2 is a very quick level full of the same enemies as 1-1, with inclusion of dog enemies. Make your way across each section of the bridge taking time sprints in relation to the dragon's fire breath. You can use the optional approach and go underneath the bridge in some sections but will fight more enemies and several dogs. Also, you could use a bow and snipe the dragon from atop one of the bridge towers to avoid him altogether. On the final stretch of bridge, you will encounter several archers(2 on top of the above tower) and 2 blue eye Knights. Try to quickly down the normal soldiers before the knight gets involved and then carry on through the boss fog.

Once in.. run immediately across the area and up the far end steps to either the left or right. Circle up here to kill all the archers that will be firing at you throughout the battle and save trouble from them while trying to fight the Tower Knight. He's a giant knight wielding a huge shield for smashing and a large sword to mess up your day. Also, he's capable of firing a sword beam out at you at range so keep eye on this.

Melee Tactic: Run close to him and attack his legs. Once enough damage is done to both of them he will fall backwards and you may strike his head for extra damage. Using the Crescent weapon from 4-1 will kill him in under 5 strikes using this method and he will never stand back up once even with a basic un-leveled character.

Watch out for his stomps as you strike his feet and back up when you see a leg raise up. Also, watch for him to smash the shield down, casuing an AoE attack that will knock you back.

Range Method: Stand just outside the entrance up either set of stairs OR whever you find best during the fight to aim at him and fire away with any bow and arrow set.. OR spells you may posses. He will use only the one sword beam thrown attack at you and you can step right back inside to dodge it and at some areas, will not affect you even with a hit as it will connect mainly with the wall first.

NG+ Tips: Use an upgraded magic weapon and range tactics, but ultimately strategy does not change. Repeat previous methods to defeat him.

Penetrator's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Penetrator"

Defeat the demon boss of 1-3, Penetrator, and you will obtain this trophy. You can get the help of Biorr who is locked up in 1-2 for this battle, so be sure to free him first to help if you're offline for this battle.

The Penetrator will come running at you right as you enter the fog so be prepared and cast any last minute spells immediately then roll for cover. His attacks consist of a flurry of swings and then he'll stop for a moment. Then begin again. If you're close by he'll try to use his "penetrate attack" where his sword will glow and then he will thrust it in either your or Biorr's direction to impale you. Afterwards, the Penetrator will hurl you across the room and most likely come charging over to deal out another flurry of attacks. You may try to roll from this, but most often it's tracking on the character, you will still get hit. Get up and heal quickly or quit game while you're impaled to save the defeat and appear back outside the fog, it's inevitable that you will get hit with this move during the battle so persevere. His other ability is that he'll do a twirling spin attack send a small wind with his strike. This will deal damage even if you block so keep an eye out.

Melee Method: For starters, keep in mind that you can stunlock him as other players so use this to your advantage if using an appropriate weapon against him, such as the Mirdan Hammer. In the room you have several pillars. You can use these to put a bit of space between yourself and the Penetrator, but he will simply cut them down. Don't rely on them for cover for very long. If you get too far away, he may dash at you as well so be on look out for this move. Try to go in while he's fighting or attack Biorr or another Blue Phantom ally and then back off until they regain his aggro. Repeat until he's dead and you claim his soul.

Ranged Method: Similar to Melee, keep your distance from The Penetrator and fire away with your spells and arrows as he's distracted. If you're fighting him alone, he will close the distance on you quickly making magic and bows, almost useless during the fight. Try a mix of melee and magic for best results so that you can fend him off when he's close by until you can run away and get some space between the two of you.

NG+ Tips: Definitely try to use other phantoms assistance during the fight and/or Biorr's help. Solo with the Penetrator completely focused on you wil result in a quick death if you don't have alot of Vitality or armor rating when he hits you with the penetration attack.

Adjudicator's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Adjudicator"

Defeat the demon boss of 4-1, Adjudicator, and you will obtain this trophy. Area 4-1 can be a very tough area, but if you're prepared for it, also a quick and simple journey. Start off by trying to get a magic OR blunt weapon(such as Blessed Mace+1 from beginning of area 5-1). The skeletons here in this section are weaker to these weapons. Keep your shield up and flank them as they roll at you and keep moving repeating your strategy for each one. You will face the mini-boss Vanguard here as well from the tutorial level, however, you can flank around him and avoid the battle entirely. Watch out for the sky as the Storm beasts will rain magic arrow bolts down to kill you. Two other skeleton types to fight here.. black skeletons, that will dual wield katanas and do incredible damage.. as well as larger gold skeletons wielding a large cleaver blade. Navigate through the traps littered about, keeping your shield up and staying close to the walls and be careful along the narrow paths that you will venture down. Finally you will come to a set of stairs leading to the boss fog protected by a single black skeleton.

Enter the fog and then depending on your preferred method of tackling this foe will depend on what you need to do.

Melee Method: Immediately run down to the bottom of the flights of stairs watching out to not fall too high up and die, and also watch out for the boss's tongue lunge attack that can whip you off anyways. Once down.. run over to the enemy's side and you will see a sword imbedded into him. Attack it a few times and then strafe far over to the other side of him to avoid his downward slash with the cleaver.. it will follow you slightly so be prepared to back away or roll. Try not to get caught in a corner and move the opposite direction if need be. Continue attacking the sword until the boss falls and then immediately tear up his head parrot thing. Repeat this until he dies.

Range Method:
For this, you will still want to be careful standing at the top of the stairs as he can still hit you with the tongue attack. Continue moving down the stairs, aiming your arrows and spells at his head to inflict damage. After a while you may have to strafe across the ground and revert to a melee fight anyways so keep your options opened and prepared during the fight. Watch for his cleaver strikes and attack when you have an opening, not putting yourself in harm's way for one small bit of damage to him.

NG+ Tips: Simply use the same tactics previously for him with your upgraded gear and leveled spells. Nothing changes except he can take more a beating and deal out a deadlier one as well.

Old Hero's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Old Hero"

Defeat the demon boss of 4-2, Old Hero, and you will obtain this trophy. Be sure to have the Thief's Ring equipped and if possible be in soul form as you will be much more quiet during the battle. The Old Hero is a giant sword wielding foe, with his eyes bandaged and is blind. He will swing in the direction that you attack him from and will hear your movements so keep this in mind during the fight. The battle will take place around an alter and in a long hallway.

His attacks consist of a flurry of strikes with his curved sword and will charge out across the area if he senses your location. Also, when you are close to him and strike, he will sometimes begin to glow and emit a blast all around him doing massive magic damage so keep eye out for this if you stay near him. If you enter the fight in human form, he will be able to hear your footsteps and is more likely to charge out at you.

Melee Method: When you have your openings, run in and attack from behind him at his legs and then roll under or away from him as he'll turn and attack at this. Nothing special to note other than use your best attacks and don't worry about blocking as his size will eat away your stamina bar. Roll in and out from him and keep eye on when he glows so you avoid getting hit with the blast. Repeat this process of running from one end of the area to the other until he is defeated.

Ranged Method: Stand on one end of the room or the other and fire away a couple shots and then move positions before he comes after you. Standing in one spot and attacking will alert the Old Hero to your location so beware of this. If you watch a few videos, there is a way you can stand by the steps on the far end of the hallway area and attack without being hit by any of his attacks thanks to the collapsed stairs and pillars here. Use yoru judgment to roll away if he comes close to you and keep moving while firing away with arrows or spells until he is dead.

Fool's Idol's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Fool's Idol"

Defeat the demon boss of 3-1, Fool's Idol, and you will obtain this trophy. The area of 3-1 will introduce the mind flayers, large octopus headed beast humanoids that will fire a paralyzing beam and use magic blasts to kill you. Most often killing them will acquire you some spices to refill your MP with so use them to farm this if you're in need. Also, several portions of the floors will be broken causing you to take a different path and keep alert to not fall through to your death. Find your way through the zone keeping caution of the body masses that can inflict a great deal of damage if you get too close and the false dregling weaklings as some will secretly try to attack and poison you with daggers.

Once you make your way up the path to the boss fog, you will meet one of the first black phantoms of the game. She will use a crossbow and if you get close enough will switch to a dagger combo so keep eye on her to not get parried and nearly killed this way with her fast attacks. Block and then move in for a backstab or preferred method of attack.

This boss isn't all that difficult, but she can however form multiple doppelgangers of herself that will tear you up if you don't make use of the pillars in the area. Easy to tell which is which cause the clones only shoot a small soul arrow at you while the real one, shoots a huge beam called Soul Ray doing much more damage AND the clones when targeted have a small health bar over their head. They will also quickly die after a few hits so if you are having trouble, just smack down a few quickly and it'll be alright hopefully.

Method: As the battle progresses, she will teleport to different sections of the chapel and resume her fire. Also the doppelgangers will shift position too keeping you on your toes at all times. Fire back at them with your own spells OR run and melee the real Idol boss. Simply use the pillars and throw out your ranged attacks to neutralize any clones and then rush her when you are sure you know which one OR continue with the ranged assault.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Be sure to check the tower and kill the wizard dregling guy who "swears" he's not gonna get involved cause he will and you'll never leave the boss fight as he brings her back to live each time. With him alive, you can't kill her and will have to reload your game to get out of the boss fog and try again after killing him. Afterwards, you will be transported to above the broken steps to the 3-2 area.

Maneater's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Maneater"

Defeat the demon boss of 3-2, Maneater, and you will obtain this trophy. Please note that there are two bosses in this one fight so you'll have to be very careful. You'll rage more at this fight than anything else in your life most likely as well... TRY and keep your cool as this is supposed to be as frustrating as possible. When you enter, rush past the boss and get to the glowing light in center of area and just circle this and stay away from the bridges and ledges if you can. DO NOT chase them down them, let them come to you and just watch out when the second one appears if you don't kill first one in time. Just take it slow and don't be reckless. I've gotten all the way to almost killing second one and then get charged and knocked off ledge so yeah. VERY ANNOYING!

Leechmonger's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Leechmonger"

Defeat the demon boss of 5-1, Leechmonger, and you will obtain this trophy. This entire world of zone 5 will consist of poison swamps, plague sickness, and numerous other ailing enemies. Many are weak to fire and some even utilize it against you as well. Proceed carefully to avoid a quick death due to falling or the floor dropping out in certain places. Biggest threat will be the giant trolls that litter numerous locations of this filthy world. They'll wield clubs and don't succumb easily to your attacks so watch out. Beware the mosquitoes too here as they will latch on your character and drain their blood and life away. If you survive the first area of this zone, you will come to a fog and meet the Leechmonger, a deadly enemy that will make you see why it's henceforth named.

When you enter the fog, you will have to circle down the narrow planks to get to the bottom swamp. Stepping in this swamp however will cover your character in leeches and cause your healing grasses to not work as efficiently. Watch your health too as the leeches will slowly consume it. If you need to recover, stay on the plank pathway and run back to the top. Also, keep in mind that while this boss is covered in it's leeches, it will slowly regain it's health. Attacking with fire-based weapons and attacks will destroy them and nullify this effect for a time.

This enemy the Leechmonger will try to smack you down with it's tentacles, using a variety of attacks from spinning horizontally across to smashing down repeatedly to crush you. Also, if you're at a distance or on the walkway, it will throw leech-balls at you, covering your character completely and draining your health in addition to you being knocked back by getting hit. At the bottom of the walkway, towards the path leading to the exit boss-fog, you can stand here and be safe from all his attacks, however, you will still be standing in the swamp. Use this point as a ranged cover or to run in and melee attack the Leechmonger and then return to safety.

Melee Method: Bring turpentine, black firebombs, and your strongest dragon fire-based weapon you have to the fight. If you're using a regular weapon, you can coat the blade in turpentine to deal fire damage, but your best bet is to wield the Dragon Longsword 2-handed for instance against the foe. Throw some firebombs at range to destroy the leeches and then run in to attack. Back off when you see him raising his tentacles and go back to cover. Repeat this until he's dead. Note that if you wait too long during the fight, he will recover health very quickly, especially on NG+ and up so you will have to be quick.

Ranged Method:
Stand under the cover of the planks here mentioned, and fire away with Fire arrows or fire-based spells. Use any firebombs/black firebombs you have as well if you don't have an arsenal of fire spells. Firestorm OR the Fireball spells will do massive damage to this foe and can quickly end the battle. If you have it, bring the Lava Bow with Fire arrows for your archery needs.

NG+ Tips: Run in with your strongest fire spells such as Firestorm or an upgraded Dragon weapon and you can make short work of this foe.

Dirty Colossus' Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Dirty Colossus"

Defeat the demon boss of 5-2, Dirty Colossus, and you will obtain this trophy. Use similar weapons/spells and tactics against the Dirty Colossus as you did with the Leechmonger. Both are extremely weak to fire so use this to your advantage. In this area, make sure to stay close by the entrance boss fog and the torch that is lit here. This will make the battle that much easier if you can utilize it during the fight. Keep an eye on the edge of the platform as you will die if you roll off the sides somehow during the fight.

The Colossus will attack with two moves. First if you're at a distance and periodically during the fight he will send out plague flies to swarm you and drain your health away. Simply run into the fire to destroy them as you'll constantly lose health, have your movement hindered, and healing items will not work as efficiently as if you were poisoned or plagued. If you're close by the boss, he will slam it's arms down as the Leechmonger attacks when you're close by. Dodge by rolling away from these attacks and use your normal strategies to defeat him.

Melee Method: Begin by 2handing your weapons, fire based is highly recommended, and run in behind the Dirty Colossus. Attack a few times and then back off and circle with him. Dodge or roll from the fly attacks and if you get hit by them, rush ASAP to the torch and burn them away and repeat. Keep doing this until you have defeated the boss.

Ranged Method: Definitely the easiest way to fight this boss as you can snipe away with fire spells and arrows from behind the torch and only step out to aim correctly at him and most attacks will miss you completely if they hit the torch first. Repeat this process and heal/run into the torch as necessary during the fight.

Armor Spider's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Armor Spider"

Defeat the demon boss of 2-1, Armor Spider, and you will obtain this trophy. Easiest if you have strength to carry the purple Flame shield as it blocks 100% Physical and Fire damage. For this battle, you will enter the fog and see a long stretch of death and webs leading to a massive spider stuck inside the tunnel. You will need to proceed forward, dodging it's ranged attacks and then fight it. Standing near the entrance off to the side will hinder all his attacks useless and you will be safe. Use this to your advantage with ranged spells and archery.

The Armor Spider will use 3 primary attacks on you during the battle. One he will shoot fireballs down the tunnel as you run at him so dodge these. Also, he will shoot a sticky web at you that will cause your character to walk and be unable to roll effectively. Hold your shield up and allow him to hit you with the fireballs to burn off the webs and allow free movement again. Roll as the web gets near you to dodge it correctly as it will follow you if you simply try to side step it. Also, when you're up close, he will try to attack you with his claws and pincers. Block these with your shield and attack away. If you use ranged attacks near the entrance to the corridor, you will not have to worry about this.

There is one other attack he will use seldom but need to be careful of. He will use a special breathe attack which he'll stop doing everything and just shake charging it up. RUN back to the entrance immediately and hide off to the side there, to avoid getting hit. This attack will fill the corridor with flames and cause massive damage, potentially hitting you several times if you get knocked down and then stand back up into the fire.

Melee Method: Dodge his attacks and rush straight up to him. Use a spear and shield to block his pincer and claw strikes and still attack. After he attacks with the claws, 2 hand and get 1-2 strikes in and then prepare to block. Step away slightly to allow your stamina to refill periodically so you don't have your guard broken. Watch for him to stop attacking and begin charging his flamethrower attack and then run back to the entrance. Repeat this until he's dead.

Ranged Method: Simply stand by the entrance in the alcove of safety where he can't reach you and fire away with your bow or spells until he's dead. If you accidentally step out too far and get hit with a fire ball, move back to the side and heal. Bringing a regenerator's ring from 4-1 can help as you can take a hit and then let the game sit as you refill your health with no worries. Same with the Fragrant Ring and refilling your mana.

Flamelurker's Trophy
Slayer of Demon "Flamelurker"

Defeat the demon boss of 2-2, Flamelurker, and you will obtain this trophy. The Flamelurker is one of the toughest bosses during the game you will face during the game. You will want the Crescent Falchion leveled up if possible or any other magic based weapon and your strongest spells to defeat him with ease. Also, you will want to bring the Purpler Flame shield from 1-1 near the dragon nest next to the bridge to minimize the fire damage from his attacks. You will want to have most defense you can, while still being able to roll efficiently. During the fight, cling to the pillars next to the steps across the room and circle them to heal as needed to put some space between the boss and yourself. Try to avoid walking behind the Flamelurker's steps as well as he will drip fire and leave trails of flame that can slightly damage you.

As you battle the Flamelurker keep an eye out on his movements. He will swipe out two or three times at you so block or roll from these and circle behind him to attack when you can. Also, he will leap up and lunge at you to cover some distance and you may be knocked down if get hit from this move so get behind him or the pillars nearby to dodge this. Watch for his growl and then flame-smack attack as he will send forward a blast of fire damage. Keeping behind or circling him will dodge most of his attacks and keep the battle easiest. As you weaken him, he will become slightly faster and stronger so keep a heads up for this.

Melee Method: Bring any magic weapons and go for attacks from behind the Flamelurker. Keep your Purple flame shield up when possible, but always allow your stamina to refill as he will attack often. Dodge and block his attacks and hide behind the pillars if you need to heal or want a bit of space. I found it easiest to almost figure eight around the two to the right of the steps across from the entrance as he will follow you but get stuck behind one and have to circle for you. Repeat what works best for you and you will eventually best this great foe.

Ranged Method: Bring your strongest spells for this fight and the water veil spell. This will cover you and protect slightly from fire damage. Cloak spell may also help to keep some distance from him, but firing a few spells or arrows and he will be back after you. It's possible to lure him into the bone cage directly right of the entrance fog and then snipe him as he tries to come after you running into the side of it. Use the pillars as needed and continue firing spells and arrows as you run around the battlefield.

NOTE: This boss is weak to magic. Also, as you'd guess, fire wouldn't be the best option to use on him.

[top]Boss Tips

Here are some tips to help you best some of the more tricky bosses.

Old King Doran Difficulty: 4/5

Method 1:Make sure you can a weapon you can backstab with and can do decent damage. Remember to have Thief's Ring equipped. Now go into the mausoleum (It's near the Red Eyed Knight in 1-1) and go up to him. He'll challenge you to a battle. This is also a chance to get the sword "Demonbrandt". He'll start following you. Lead him out to the building where you got to the Red Eyed Knight from and eventually he'll stop following you. Just run up to him and backstab him. Repeat until he's dead and remember not to get hit. He knocks you down and takes over half your health.

Method 2: Wear Thief's Ring or cast Cloak. Cast Poison Cloud and wait for him to die.

Method 3:If you have the Storm Ruler, open up the door to where he is and hit him once so he follows you. Get him to follow you back into the room with the wooden floors and stuff. Then use the Storm Ruler to knock him down (The R1 attack of the Storm Ruler is a knockdown attack). Then all you have to do is keep hitting him up to the room far on the other side where the short cut to the start is and knock him off the stairs. It takes about 5 minutes of positioning him right to get him through the catapults but it is very funny and easy to do :p When he falls off, you can go down and get his armor and ring There is very little danger to this method either because when he gets up, he will attempt to walk back to his room and won't attack you, just make sure all the other enemies are dead.

Phalanx Difficulty: 2/5

Method 1:
This is probably what you'll do on your first playthrough. Save the Turpentine and Firebombs you get throughout the level and use them on him. Massive Damage. The hoplites might be a problem at first but the firebombs kill them off. Hide behind the pillars to heal.

Method 2:
Once you have the spell Firestorm, cast that. Fire is super effective against this guy.

Method 3: Use a sword that ignores shields like Large Sword of Moonlight or Blind.
Kill the hoplites and go beat up Phalanx.

Red Dragon Difficulty: 1/5
Red Dragon is entirely optional but makes 1-2 much easier to get through.
No way to physically hit him and hard to get him with soul arrows so you'll have to hit him with regular arrows.
Get the Compound Short Bow from the next Tower and go back to the Nexus to buy at least 200 arrows to be safe.
Now go back to the first tower and shoot him down. Usually takes about 15+ minutes.

Tower Knight Difficulty: 2/5

The boss of 1-2. You can use anything against him.
I found arrows to be much easier ( and safer) so I went upstairs and killed off all the guards on both sides and sniped him.
The only attack he can get you with is his Blue Magical Throwing Lance that rarely hits you.
He'll go down soon enough.

Penetrator Difficulty: 4/5 alone; 3/5 with Biorr's help
This fight is unique cause even offline, you can have a bit of help during it if you choose to save a certain NPC, Biorr of the Twin Fangs. He'll practically kill the Penetrator as long as you keep some of the attacks off him and can be a distraction. He has a fairly powerful volley of strikes that you will need to look out for, but nothing really special. He has one attack he charges up that will one-shot many that don't have high enough vitality, but it's very easily seen so just watch out for it. Dodge if you see his glowing animation and you should be good. Biorr will be able to stand many attacks and even a few of these piercing charge up hits, but you can't just let him loose alone or he'll definitely die. Without Biorr, this fight is a bit more challenging, but still not very bad.

Melee Tactics: Use your preferred weaponry and just roll and dodge most of his attacks. Strike a few times, then roll away to safety. Nothing special to note really. Let him attack Biorr if you can and then strike him in the back and move away. Most often, Biorr will hit him before he comes too far after you and he'll change focus back to him.

Bow Tactics: Stand off in the corner away and spam arrows at him as he battles Biorr. If he comes after you, run away a bit until Biorr strikes him and gains the focus again.

Magic Tactics: Same as Bow, stand away and shoot a few spells just allowing Biorr to do some damage and battle it out with him.

Blue Flying Dragon Difficulty: 2/5
This is an optional boss and you don't need it's soul for anything except consuming for a ton of souls for yourself. There is no way to melee this foe and you will have to resort to using archery or magic on him. He has only one attack which is breathing fire down from the wall he's mounted on. Dodge this and get underneath him a bit and start spamming arrows and spells up at him until he's dead. Also, you can aim the bow and snipe him from the bottom of the steps he's breathing down on. You'll have to time it right to hit his head or else you'll waste a lot of time, arrows, and spices.

Bow Tactics:
Get underneath or at bottom of steps and spam arrows at his head using correct timing.

Magic Tactics: Same as Bow, just get underneath him or at the bottom of the steps and fire spells until he's dead. Mostly only works when targeted underneath.

False King Allant Difficulty: 5/5

For this boss, bring more dragon weapons or turpentine to enchant a weapon with fire as he is another weak to fire. Some special notes to know now. Well, for melee, he will unleash a volley of strikes against you and decimate your stamina if you choose to block them all. ALSO, he will attempt to soul suck you, draining an entire soul level if he hits you with it, when you get really close to him. Sometimes, he'll charge up an attack that has a wide area of effect and will possibly kill you. Hell, even if you live, he'll normally rush in and try to finish you off so be prepared for this. Best course of action, rather than run away like most "try", is to rush in and attack him a few times, then back away. Dodge what you can and block when you have to. This battle will take quite a while and needs to be handled carefully.

Melee Tactics:
Bring the best shield you can and dragon based weapons for fire damage. Basically, all you can do is watch his attacks and try to time in a few strikes and then roll away before he soul sucks OR pummels you to death.

Bow Tactics:
Use the Lava Bow or best bow you have in your arsenal and try to snipe him from the beginning. Once he gets to close to you, you'll probably have to change tactics as keeping your distance is very difficult once he's on to you. Mostly try to time a few shots, then run about and repeat.

Magic Tactics:
Best to not use magic as he's strong to magic. Nothing will do a great deal, even Rage of God and Firestorm if you manage to cast them.

Armor Spider Difficulty: 3/5
Easiest way to do this is to have the Purple Flame Shield and 2-3 Sticky White Stuff's.
Hold the shield up and walk up to the boss. Use the sticky white stuff and keep attacking him.

Difficulty: 5/5
Method given below is the easiest way.

Method: If you're having trouble with this guy, know that you can hide behind the ribcage thing near the start of the boss room. If it worked correctly he should be running at you with the ribcage between you. Just whack him with a long weapon. Arrows work too.

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Purple Flame Shield also helps a ton during this fight!

Dragon God
Difficulty: 2/5
Very easy. You only need to run to each of the Ballistas and take him down.
The only thing you need to know really is when he sees you, his eyes are yellow and when he doesn't his eyes are red. Also you can take cover behind pillars and clear the rubble on the way to the ballistas. After that he has no way to hit you and you can go down safely.
Just get him with your weapon and try not to touch his breath.
Another boss down!

Fools Idol Difficulty 1/5 (with anti magic field) 2/5 (without)
She can't even attack you if you have Anti Magic Field on.
Beware of the stun panels moving around on the floor and remember to kill the monster that revives her in the tower before you fight her. Another thing, if she multiplies just fire an arrow at each one, the real one is the one that will take damage at the bar at the bottom.
Another very easy way to tell the real Fools Idol from the clones is that the real one casts Soul Ray (appears as a thick blue line with lighting surrounding it); the clones only cast Soul Arrow (appears as a thin blue line). That way you know who you need to attack without having to hit each one to see if a health bar appears or not.

Maneaters Difficulty: 10/5
These guys are a huge hassle, mainly because its two bosses at once!
They also seem to like to knock you off the sides. Thankfully there are three tricks to help you defeat these demons.

. The first maneater is standing in the middle of the room as you can see from the boss fog door.
The trick here is that you can hit him through the fog by firing arrows. Try to have the White Bow at this part.
Once you have a decent bow and a lot of arrows ( about 300 will do.), go to the far left of the fog door and shoot the first maneater. If done correctly it should fire through the door and hit the boss. Repeat that until he's dead and then enter the room. Another tip for this part, don't use the Fire Bow or he'll catch fire and move backwards.

2. This one is a lot more useful if you use the tip above. You'll notice a brazier in the middle of the boss room. You'll want to keep that thing between you and the last maneater while you use arrows and a long weapon to whittle his health down.

3. This one helps the fight as well. Just go behind the maneater and lock onto his tail. Cutting it off prevents him from using magic.

Old Monk Difficulty: 3/5 (offline-generic phantom boss); ?/5 Online(Real PVP fight)
This boss is unique in that if you are online, it will summon another real player for you to face. If you are great at PVP, then you will probably have little trouble here. If you play offline, you will face a generic black phantom that uses fists. Also, the black phantom will have the magic arrow spell cast that shoots a little magic beam at you. As you decrease it's health, more beams will begin following him around and they launch as you get in close. They do a lot of damage if you do not have good magic defense, but also are very easily avoidable. When you see the lights start following him around, wait for them to shoot off, and roll to the side or block them if you use a shield.

Melee Tactics:
Use whatever weapons you typically use and try to keep a shield up if you can't dodge his magic attack very well. Time everything right and you can riposte or roll and back stab this enemy very easily.

Bow Tactics:
Somewhat manageable, but since it's in a tight space and the boss keeps up with you pretty well, hard to get back and shoot off any arrows. Roll/dodge around him, target, and fire a few arrows is all you can do mainly.

Magic Tactics:
Kind of like a combination of melee and bow tactics, just dodge and roll away from him, fire a few spells of your choosing and roll away. Keep repeating this and he'll be down in no time. Also, use a spell that knocks him down and then hit him with some bigger spells if you can.

Adjudicator Difficulty: 2/5
This is a pretty easy boss once you notice a few things about him. Firstly, you see that bird nest and thing on his head? Well you need to cause damage to this. Bows and magic can hit him from the start but he can hit you with his tongue as well. So you'll want to keep moving about on the platform levels shooting as you can. Also, once on the ground floor, he'll use his giant meat cleaver on to try and fillet you into bits. The trick is to knock him over by attacking the sword stuck in his side while dodging his sword and tongue attacks. He doesn't have any variety among these 2 attacks. Attacking his fat blubbery hide will prove futile as all attacks bounce off.

Melee Tactics: At the start, drop down to the bottom level and go to work attacking that sword sticking out of him. After enough hits, he'll fall over and you can attack the bird on his head. This is the only way to melee and cause damage to him. Just roll to the right as you see him raise up his hand in animation for the meat cleaver swing

Bow Tactics: You can aim and snipe at his head from the raised platforms leading down, but he'll try and beat you to death with his tongue so be careful. Shoot a few times, and then run up and down each level until he's finished.

Magic Tactics: Same as Bow, except you can drop down and use a big spell on his sword and he'll fall very quickly allowing you fee access to his head without the tongue lashing from battling on the platforms. This works for bow users too if you want to get down to bottom level, knock him over and attack his head without worrying on being killed.

Old Hero Difficulty: 3/5Start the level in soul form and try to make it through to the boss, as it will make things MUCH easier. The main thing about this boss is that he's blind, so with that, soul form will make it harder for him to hear and sense where you are standing. Also, wear the Thief's Ring as this will make you practically a ninja running around. He will mostly run around blindly swinging so just keep and eye out and dodge as needed.

Melee Tactics:
This is one of there harder bosses to melee and really unnecessary. Just use whatever weapons you choose and attack as you can. Block and roll as needed too, mostly when he goes into a rage and attacks wildly. Also, look out as he has a charge attack that will do a great deal of damage to you. IF you see him charging up for it, just run a little ways away and wait for it to end.

Bow Tactics:
It is super easy to stand behind the alter and just spam arrows at him. He will come running at you after a while, but just shoot a few arrows and change location. Repeat this until he falls victim to you.

Magic Tactics:
Similar to bows, just shoot a few spells and move around as needed. Dodge and roll if he gets close to you and just repeat spamming spells and running about.

Storm King Difficulty: 2/5

At the opening of this battle, it's best to run down to the gravestones and claim the Stormruler weapon. It is only good for this section as it hurls a streak of wind wherever you swing it towards. Best to auto target the flying mantas and use it for melee users in this section. Also, the Storm King will not come out for you to attack until you kill off a number of these mantas flying about. Kill as many as you can until he shows and then slowly work on them as you try to take him down. Best to hide in the little building near the graves and use it to shield off his attacks which consists of shooting about a hundred baby manta things towards you. Also the building will block many of the regular manta attacks too so hide there and strike as you can. He'll cross over it every so often and you can wait inside and attack him during this.

Melee Tactics:
Only thing you can do is use Stormruler against him as stated above.

Bow Tactics:
Snipe him as he gets in range and snipe the flying mantas as well. This will take many arrows though so come well supplied and prepared.

Magic Tactics:
Magic works about as well as sniping does against this foe. Bring spices for refilling mana and shoot whatever spells you can. Might be better if you are specified in magic stats though.

Leechmonger Difficulty: 2/5
For this boss, be sure to bring any firebombs & turpentine you have and a "Dragon" weapon as well, as he is VERY weak to fire. Also, the Lava Bow is really helpful if you can use it effectively.

To begin and to make this really easy, run down the wooden plank walkway and get to the bottom. There will be a place that you can walk under the planks above and it will shield you from most his leech-ball throwing attacks AND you will be out of reach of his melee hits.

Melee Tactics:
From here, equip the dragon weapons, run in and hack away 3-4 times and back away as he makes the animations for his swings. He is coated with leeches and you will have to hack some off before he will receive any damage. Just keep going back to the plank area to regain lost stamina and throw firebombs. IF you have no dragon weapons, enchant your weapons with turpentine or a spell if you have Curse/Magic weapon.

Bow Tactics:
Best to bring the Lava Bow and Fire arrows. Just make your way to the plank and snipe away at him.

Magic Tactics:
Simply use any fire spells you may have from this same location. Flame Toss and Flamethrower are a couple decent low mana cost spells for starters, but if you have Firestorm, use it and you'll probably one-shot this boss.

Dirty Colossus Difficulty: 2/5
For this boss, nothing really to note special about him. The torch at the beginning makes for a good shield block against his fly attacks AND can be used to burn them off if you get hit.

Melee Tactics:
I recommend 2 handing your weapon and just rush in close. Watch his animations for when he is going to swing OR send out flies and roll & dodge as needed. Hack away and then back up as you need to restore lost stamina.

Bow Tactics:
Using bows will make short work of this boss and you will come out unscathed most definitely. Stand at entrance behind the torch and use L1 to manually aim and shoot him with arrows until he dies. You can position yourself so that you can keep shooting and the flies will be blocked from hitting you.

Magic Tactics:
Just spam your favorite spells from same torch at beginning until he's dead and you will have no problems most likely. Run in for a big spell such as Firestorm or Rage of God and you should be able to kill him in 1-3 hits, dependent on your magic/faith levels.

Maiden Astraea Difficulty: 3/5
An incredibly easy way to do this is to kill the guys and then go to a ledge and snipe Maiden Astraea.She'll try to heal herself but if you keep hitting her with arrows she'll die soon enough.
This way avoids having to fight Garl Vinland and you still get his armor.
But if you do want to fight Garl Vinland, which avoids you fighting Maiden Astraea, just remember this:

Final Boss TIPS

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[top]World and Character Tendency Event Guide

World and Character Tendency Guide
I will let you know how to get all the events in one playthrough, though if you might miss one don't worry you can always trigger them on your second playthrough. This walkthrough assumes you start a new game with a Royal, just because he has the easiest beginner setup. It will be doable with any character though, and also on NG+.

These are the items you get as a reward for completing all of the World and Character Tendency events.

World Tendency Items:

Boletarian Palace
  • Pure White: Executioner Miralda, she drops the Master's Ring, and Binded Armor set when killed.
  • Pure Black: Black Phantom Miralda, she drops the Guillotine Axe.

Stonefang Tunnel
  • Pure White: Scirvir, the Wanderer, he drops the Ronin's Ring when killed. Show him the Dragon Bone Smasher and he'll give you a Pure Greystone.
  • Pure Black: Black Phantom Scirvir, the Wanderer, he drop the Talisman of Beast.

Tower of Latria
  • Pure White: Lord Rydell, he will give you a Dull Rat's Ring when freeing him.
  • Pure Black: Black Phantom Lord Rydell, he will drop the Phosphorescent Pole.

Shrine of Storms
  • Pure White: Master Satsuki, he drops the Magic Sword "Makoto" when killed if you gave it to him when asked.
  • Pure Black: Black Phantom Master Satsuki, he drops the Hiltless when killed.

Valley of Defilement
  • Pure White: Selen Vinland, she drops the Beggar's Helmet, Armor, Gauntlets, and Leggings when killed. Trade the Crest of Vinland and she'll give you the Ring of Devout Prayer
  • Pure White: Black Phantom Garl Vinland, he drops the Bramd when killed.
  • Pure Black: Black Phantom Selen Vinland, she will drop the Blind when killed.

Character Tendency Items:

  • Pure White: The Monumental, he will give you the Friend's Ring.
  • Pure Black: Mephistopheles, she will give you the Foe's Ring as a reward for killing Yuria, the Witch
Mephistopheles rewards for killing NPC's:

Saint Urbain and his Followers, will get you a Stone of Ephemeral Eye's.
Sage Freke and his Followers, will get you a Stone of Ephemeral Eye's.
Patches, the Hyena, will get you a Colorless Demon Soul.
Ostrava of Boletaria, will get you the Talisman of Beast.
Yuria, the Witch, will get you the Foe's ring.
The equipment, spells, and miracles listed below will make this walkthrough a lot easier. If you some how miss a spell, miracle, or a piece of equipment don't worry, all events a doable with starting equipment, it will just make it a little harder.

Equipment needed:
  • Cling Ring: Found in 1-1 on a corpse, left shortcut.
  • Thief's Ring: Found in 1-1 next to Ostrava.
  • Clever Rat's Ring: Found in 3-1 on a corpse.
  • Winged Spear: Found in 1-2 on a corpse, on the bridge.
  • Purple Flame Shield: Found in 1-1 on a corpse, in the Dragon Roost.
  • Compound Long Bow: Found in 4-1 on a corpse, next to Silver Skeleton archer.
  • Blessed Mace +1: Found in 5-1 on a corpse.
  • Crescent Falchion +1: Found in 4-1 on a corpse, behind the first Black Skeleton.
  • Adjudicator's Shield: Found in 4-1 on a corpse, behind the second Black Skeleton.
  • Renegerator's Ring: Found in 4-1 on a corpse.
  • Dark Silver Shield: Found in 5-3, kill Garl Vinland.

Spells and Miracles needed:
  • Evacuate: Learn it from Disciple of God.
  • Fire Spray: Learn it from Sage Freke.
  • Soul Ray: Learn it from Sage Freke.
  • Gods Wrath: Learn it from Saint Urbain.
  • Anti-Magic Field: Learn it from Saint Urbain.
  • Soul Arrow: Learn it from Sage Freke.
  • Soulsucker: Learn it from Yuria the Witch.
  • Warding: Learn it from Sage Freke.

It's also recommend that you gather roughly 30-35 Stones of Ephemeral Eyes. Here is a guide that helps you pull that off.
  • Nexus: Purchase from Patches, the Hyena (3)
  • Stage 5-1: Purchase from Filthy Woman (1)
  • Nexus: Talk to Worshiper of god with Faith 20 (2)
  • Nexus: Mephistopheles reward for killing Saint Urbain and his Followers (1)
  • Stage 4-1: Trade Pure Faint Stone with Double-Winged Hawk girl (3)
  • Stage 2-2: Defeat Black Phantom Barbarian – Male (1)
  • Stage 2-2: Defeat Black Phantom Barbarian – Female (1)
  • Stage 3-1: Defeat Black Phantom in front of the Church (2)
  • Stage 4-2: Defeat Black Phantom in Saint Urbain's room (1)
  • Stage 5-2: Defeat Black Phantom with Meatcleaver (2)
  • Stage 5-2: Dropped by Depraved Ones (Dagger) (1) (Drop 0.1%)
  • Stage 5-2: Dropped by Depraved Ones (Poison) (1) (Drop 0.1%)
  • Stage 5-2: Dropped by Giant Depraved Ones (1) (Drop 4.5%)
  • Stage 5-2: Dropped by Black Phantom Giant Depraved One (1) (Drop 100%)
  • Stage 5-3: Dropped by Filthy Ones (1) (Drop 4.5%)

You can also find Stones of Ephemeral Eye's as treasure on corpses in the following locations:
Nexus (2), 1-2 (2), 1-3 (2), 1-4 (2), 2-1 (2), 2-2 (3), 2-3 (1), 3-1 (4), 3-2 (3), 4-1 (3), 4-2 (3), 4-3 (1), 5-1 (2), 5-2 (3), 5-3 (1)

You do not need to gather all 35 stones before you start doing Tendency Events. Having them all will make completing the events much easier, though.

When Following this walkthrough, stay in offline mode and try to stay in soul form at all times. After defeating demons, you'll be resurrected in living body. When this happens, commit suicide in the nexus, or in the a world you try to darken. When committing suicide to shift WT, always make sure you return to the nexus after each death and confirm the change. Repeating the action multiple times without returning may only count as one death. Do not kill any NPC's unless I tell you too.

Getting Started:
  • Stage 1-1 – Get the Cling Ring on the corpse at the left stairwell.
  • Stage 1-1 – Jump down to Ostrava and get the Thief's Ring on the corpse next to him, don't talk to him yet!
  • Stage 1-1 – Defeat the Red Eyed Knight and use the souls you earn to buy a Heater Shield in the Nexus.
  • Stage 1-1 – Defeat Phalanx.
  • Nexus –Talk to the Monumental, its important you accept the mission. If you don't you wont get the Friend's Ring when your in Pure White Character Tendency.
  • Stage 1-1 – Rescue Ostrava.
  • Stage 1-2 – Do not rescue Ostrava. You don't want him to appear in 1-3 yet.
  • Stage 1-2 – Sprint to the first tower and go to the through the lower section to reach the the top of second tower. Get the Compound Short Bow.
  • Stage 1-2 – Go to the top of the first tower and kill the Red Flying Dragon. This roughly takes 150-200 arrows.
  • Stage 1-2 – Get the Winged Spear from a corpse on the bridge.
  • Stage 1-1 – Get the Purple Flame Shield on the corpse at the Dragon Roost now that the Flying Red Dragon is gone.
  • Stage 5-1 – Get Blessed Mace +1 on a corpse.
  • Stage 4-1 – Get Crescent Falchion +1 on a corpse.
  • Stage 4-1 – Get the Compound Long Bow.
  • Stage 4-1 – Get the Regenerator's Ring on a corpse.
  • Stage 2-1 – Defeat Armor Spider using the Compound Long Bow. Suicide in Stonefang Tunnel to return to soul form.
  • Stage 2-2 – Talk to Patches, the Hyena and make sure he will appear in the Nexus to supply you with Heavy Arrows.
  • Stage 4-1 – Defeat Adjudicator. Suicide in Stonefang Tunnel to return to soul form.
  • Stage 3-1 – Get the Clever Rat's Ring on the corpse. Upgrade the Compound Long Bow +3 to a Sticky Compound Long Bow +3. Upgrade the Winged Spear +6 to a Moon Winged Spear +3.
  • Nexus – Learn the miracle Evacuate. At this point, you can farm the first Reaper in stage 4-2 for easy levels if you need them.
  • Stage 1-2 – Defeat the Tower Knight. Suicide in Stonefang Tunnel to return to soul form.
  • Stage 1-2 – Rescue Ostrava.
  • Stage 3-1 – Rescue Sage Freke.
  • Nexus – Learn Fire Spray from Sage Freke.
  • Nexus – Learn Warding from Sage Freke.
  • Stage 3-1 – Defeat Fool's Idol. Suicide in Stonefang Tunnel to return to soul form.
  • Stage 5-1 – Defeat Leechmonger. Suicide in Stonefang Tunnel to return to soul form. Upgrade to Sticky Compound Long Bow +5. After you have suicide 5 times in Stonefang Tunnel, upgrading should be easy by now, if you need Shards or Chunks of Spiderstone, farm the Miners in Stage 2-2.

Before proceeding, take note that doing the Pure Black WT events requires defeating a particular Black Phantom NPC and a Primeval Demon, do not return to the Nexus before killing them both! You Absolutely MUST defeat Black Phantom NPC's and Primeval Demons in the order specified. Killing any of them out of sequence is going to make this walkthrough useless.

Stonefang Tunnel:
Note: When doing the Pure Black World Tendency Events do not return to the Nexus untill you killed both the Primeval Demon, and the Black Phantom NPC in that world. if you decide to return you might not get Pure White World Tendency in that world.

At this point you should have defeated the Armor Spider in stage 2-1 and then suicided there five times. The Stonefang Tunnel WT should be almost Pure Black at this point. Revive and suicide 2 more time's at Stonefang Tunnel to get it to Pure Black WT. There happens to be a very easy way to confirm it in this world, by visiting Scirvir's location.

From the 2-2 Archstone take a right, fight the miners and take the shortcut down. While going down, you should see Scirvir, and two crystal lizards. Kill Scirvir and pick up the Talisman of Beast. Now suicide so you will respawn at the 2-2 Archstone and backtrack to the 2-1 Archstone. If you want to reach it faster, suicide anywhere in 2-1 to respawn at the 2-1 Archstone. In the building with the two Scale Miners that throw rocks, there is a moving platform. The switch to turn it on (you probably already did) is in that same room so look closely. Take the platform down, and kill the Primeval Demon. Now return to the Nexus, Stonefang Tunnel should almost be in Pure White WT. Defeat the Flame Lurker in Stage 2-2 and return to the nexus. Stonefang Tunnel is now in PWWT. Go to Shrine of Storms (world 4) and commit suicide to get back to soul form. Now go back to Stonefang Tunnel to complete its WT events. First talk to Scirvir (yes you can talk to him after you kill him). Scirvir will ask you to find the Dragon Bone Smasher. Defeat the stage 2-3 archdemon, Dragon God. You should be able to get the Dragon Bone Smasher now that the rubble blocking it is gone (enter 2-3, walk forward and go to your left for the weapon). Suicide in the Shrine of Storms to return to soul form. This is important cause if you die in living body you change your WT. Go back to 2-2 and re visit Scirvir, equip the weapon and talk to Scirvir, he will give you a very heavy Pure Greystone.

Shrine of Storms:
Note: When doing the Pure Black World Tendency Events do not return to the Nexus untill you killed both the Primeval Demon, and the Black Phantom NPC in that world. if you decide to return you might not get Pure White World Tendency in that world.

You may have commited suicide here twice already, repeat the process until you've gotten the World Tendency into PB. It will be much easier to confirm in you have PBWT in this area because Black Phantom Satsuki is standing a short distance from the 4-1 Archstone. When you see him there, then your ready to fight him. Make sure you can take out Master Satsuki, and then make your way to the Primeval Demon in 4-2. From the 4-2 Archstone, kill the first Reaper and jump down. Go true the hidden passage and kill the Black Skelleton, now look to your left and you see the Primeval Demon. Kill it, pick up the Colorless Demon Soul and return to the nexus. Return to Stage 4-2 and take out the major demon, Old Hero. Once you've done that, return to the nexus and confirm if the WT is PW. Now that you are in living body you should suicide in the Tower of Latria. Go back to complete the Shrine of Storms WT events. Return to 4-2 and go to the room where Saint Urbain was trapped. You will notice that the corpse dropped from the stalagmite, and is now on the floor. Go over and pick up the Magic Sword Makato. There is another event to be done in this world, but if you want the Friends Ring from the Monumental (and you do), you have to do it after you aquire the Ring. Go to stage 4-3 and defeat the archdemon, Stormking and collect his soul. Return to the Nexus and learn Anti-Magic Field from Saint Urbain. Since you are in living body suicide in Tower of Latria.

Tower of Latria:
Note: When doing the Pure Black World Tendency Events do not return to the Nexus untill you killed both the Primeval Demon, and the Black Phantom NPC in that world. if you decide to return you might not get Pure White World Tendency in that world.

At this point you have defeated Fool's Idol and then commited suicide twice before in this world. Repeat the process until the world is in PBWT. To confirm if you're in PBWT go to the 3-1 Archstone. Usually when you enter this area you hear Phantom Rydell shouting for someone to set him free. If you enter in PBWT, you won't hear anything because he has become a Black Phantom.

Use your Anti-Magic Field to shutdown the Octopus Man and get through this area fairly quickly. Go to the western section of the second floor and you should see Black Phantom Rydell. He is a though but not impossible an opponent in melee combat. If you run into problems fighting him you can try hit-and-run tactics with a Thief's Ring, Clever Rat's Ring, and Sticky Compound Bow +5. Note that you cannot return to the nexus at this point, so make sure you're well supplied before killing him. Once you kill him make your way to where you fight Fool's Idol, Gargoyles will pick you up and drop you near the 3-2 Archstone.

From there, make your way to where you release the first chain. Look around and you should see a set of cages. Don't jump down to where Yurt, the Silent Chief is located or you will be in big trouble. In case you end up there, jump off the cliff to respawn at the 3-2 Archstone. Enter a cage and it will bring you down to the swamp. The Primeval Demon is kinda hard too find, but if walk along the planks, and stay in the first area of this level you should find him. Return to the Nexus and you should be near Pure White WT. Now, you just need to defeat Stage 3-2 majordemon, Maneater and return to the nexus to get Pure White WT. You can make this fight much easier if you shoot the first Maneater from behind the fog with arrows (stand in the left or right corner of the door. Once the first Maneater dies, walk true the fog, if you don't do it quick the game will glitch on you).

Now that you are in living body suicide in Valley of Defilement to return to soul form. Its time to complete Tower of Latria's WT events. First go to Stage 3-2 and make your way to where you released the first chain. Climb up the spiral staircase and you'll find that a bridge has appeared so you can cross the gap. Go all the way up and find the Prison of Hope , 2F W. Cell key on a corpse. Return to Stage 3-1 and pay Phantom Rydel a visit. Unlock his cell with the key you just found, and he will give you the Dull Rat's Ring. The rubble directly opposite his cell will be gone, so you can now pick up the treasures waiting in those cells.

Go to 1F, East and take the stairs to 2F, East. The gate there is now unlocked, though most of the beyond are locked. Check each cell one by one and eventually you will find an unlocked cell that contains the Prison of Hope, 2F E. Cell Key on Rydell's corpse. This unlocks all all the cells in the area so go around and pick up all the goodies waiting for you. Defeat Stage 3-3 archdemon, Old Monk. Collect the yellow demons soul and return to the Nexus. You have completed all events in this world.

Valley of Defilement:
Note: When doing the Pure Black World Tendency Events do not return to the Nexus untill you killed both the Primeval Demon, and the Black Phantom NPC in that world. if you decide to return you might not get Pure White World Tendency in that world.

At this point you should have defeated the Stage 5-1 majordemon, Leechmonger, then suicided twice in living body form in this world. Repeat the process until the world is in PBWT. Before lowering the WT you need to lower the bridge that connects the cliff area and the Depreaved One's Camp in Stage 5-2. Once the shortcut is unlocked, darken the Valley of Defilement's WT until you reach PB. Prepare yourself thoroughly before trying to clear the stage for real, so stock up on healing items, and a lot of arrows. First confirm that you are in PBWT. Go to Stage 5-2 and enter the area behind the first fog. There are wooden planks you can walk on and Giant Mosquitoes there. If you look down into the area below from the planks you should see Black Phantom Selen Vinland. Once you spotted her you can proceed. Since the swamp is hard to move in, and Selen has a weapon that cuts through shields, you need to avoid close combat. Use your Compound Long Bow, and kill her, when her health is low she will try to heal her self. A well timed shot from your Bow will interrupt it. Make sure you have enough arrows because there is no way to get cheap arrows in this world. Once you kill her she will drop the weapon Blind for you to pick up. What comes after Black Phantom Selen Vinland can be more difficult then just beating her. There are a lot of Giant Depraved Ones between you and your next goal. You have to make your way true the Giants Slugnest to find and destroy the Primeval Demon. If you die in this area, you respawn back at the 5-2 Archstone. If this happens, use the shortcut to reach the Depraved One's encampment quickly. From there it is much easier to reach the Primeval Demon. Once the Primeval Demon is destroyed return to the Nexus and check your WT. It should almost be Pure White WT now. Return to Stage 5-2 go true the shortcut and defeat the majordemon, Dirty Colossus. Return to the Nexus to get Pure White WT. Now that you are in living body form, suicide at Boletarian Palace to return to soul form. Let's finish the WT events is this here. In Stage 5-1 there is a ladder that appears between the plague rat's area and the first Giant Depraved One you met. Climb up the ladder and retrieve Istarelle. Go to Stage 5-2 talk to Selen Vinland. She will ask you to search for her brother. Go to Stage 5-3 and defeat the archdemon, Maiden Astrea. Return to the Nexus and suicide in the Boletarian Palace to return to soul form. From the Stage 5-3 Archstone return to Maiden Astrea's location and defeat Black Phantom Garl Vinland. Defeat him and he will drop the Crest of Vinland for you to pick up. Return to Selen Vinland and give her the Crest of Vinland. She will give you the Ring of Devout Prayer as a reward. All events in this world are completed.

Boletarian Palace:
Note: When doing the Pure Black World Tendency Events do not return to the Nexus until you killed both the Primeval Demon, and the Black Phantom NPC in that world. if you decide to return you might not get Pure White World Tendency in that world.

At this point you have defeated the Phalanx, the Red Flying Dragon, and the Tower Knight, then commited suicide twice here in living body form. Repeat this process until the world is in PBWT.
Be sure to go to Stage 1-3 to open the large gate before you lower the WT. This gives you a valuable shortcut. Once thats done lower the WT and go to stage 1-1 to confirm the PBWT. If the gate of the Execution Grounds is open you can proceed. Look inside the building if Black Phantom Miralda is there. If she's there lure her outside to kill her. Once she's defeated pickup the Guillotine Axe, then go inside the building to retrieve an armor at the bottom of the pit (make sure you have enough room in your inventory, its very heavy). If you look closely you should see a treasure on one of the beams in the building, it is a Colorless Demon Soul, its hard but not impossible to pick up.
From here make your way to the 1-3 Archstone. If you did what I said earlier this will be easy, go true the large gate and make your way up the stairs. The Primeval Demon should be right in front of you, you can now return to the Nexus. Go to Stag 1-3 and defeat the majordemon Penetrator. Return to the Nexus and suicide there to return to soul form.

At this point in time you should be in Pure White Character Tendency, and Boletarian Palace is in Pure White WT. It's time to do the Pure White CT event. It's quite easy, just talk to the Monumental and it will give you the Friend's Ring. Return to Boletarian Palace Stage 1-1 and look for Miralda in the building at the Execution Grounds. Defeat her to get the Binded Armor Set, and the Masters Ring.

Now that you have the Friend's Ring you can complete the last PWWT event in Stage 4-1. Kill Master Satsuki, and you'll have completed every WT event, though since you already have the Magic Sword "Makoto" you don't need to kill him. When you kill Satsuki, you CT will blacken, but that's ok, cause we need PBCT now.

Now for the Pure Black Character Tendency event. All you have to do is kill NPC's to lower you CT. Once you have PBCT, and have freed and killed Yurt, the Silent Chief in 3-2 Mephistopheles will appear in the Nexus on the first floor, he will ask you to assassinate some NPC in the Nexus. Make sure you do this right before you go to the Endgame cause the NPC's you need to kill are really usefull, like Saint Urbain, or Sage Freke. Once you comepleted Mephistopheles his sidequest, you will get the Foe's Ring as a reward.

Now you have completed every World and Character Tendency event. Congratz!

[top]Crystal Lizards, Farming Guide

Complete Work by mritual

Crystal Lizards:

Crystal Lizards glow in the dark, and they make a soft jingling sound. They wont attack you, but when they notice you they will run away, you only have a couple of seconds to kill them. Crystal Lizards have a special ability which they will use when they see you. The moment they noticed you, you have 5/7 seconds, after that the Lizard will disappear into the surrounding area. If you not prepared to kill a Lizard, don't go near him, cause he probably will escape.


*this formula is from the US & EU strat guide, credit goes to them*

Crystal Lizards spawn according to the following formula: each Crystal Lizards keeps track of an internal counter that starts at 1. Every time you defeat a Major Demon at the end of a stage, Crystal Lizards within that world increase their internal counter by 1. The maximum number the internal Crystal Lizard counters can reach is 1 + the total number of Major Demons that spawn in that particular world. When you kill a Crystal Lizard there internal counter drops with 1, same thing happens when they escape.

*Farming tip*

There's a really nice trick to see what the Crystal Lizard dropped without saving your game, thus if it is not the correct stone re-load and you can try again. What you have to do is this: Kill the Crystal Lizard, once he death walk up to his body. Now this is Important press once. A small window should pop-up on your screen saying what the Lizard dropped. If it is not the stone you want, do this: When you see that pop-up window with information about the drop, Do Not Press Again. Press the button and quit out to the XMB. Now don't worry about your save data. You won't save, so it is impossible to corrupt your save data. Once your re-load your game the Crystal Lizard is back on his orginal place. I hope this helps some people out.

This farming trick is not mine. Credit goes to: Ninja_Vampire

How to kill Crystal Lizards:

When hunting for Crystal Lizards always equip the Thief's Ring, or the Lizards will run away before you can get anywhere near them. I suggest using a Bow when farming for the Lizards, especially when you want to make sure they die in one shot. Now when using a Bow to kill lizards always use it combination with the Clever Rat's Ring, if your health is under 30% your attack power increases with 50%, thus making sure you kill that Lizard in one shot. If that's not enough for you, you can also use the Morion Blade together with the Rat's Ring, it will give you another boost to attack power.

If you want to Melee a Crystal Lizard its important that you have a weapon equipped that strikes downward. Also do not run towards the Lizard, roll towards him, I don't know if this is a glitch or a normal function of the game, but when you roll they Lizards wont notice you until you stop. When using melee to farm the Lizards you can also use the Clever Rat's Ring + the Morion Blade if you want/need more attack power.

Killing a Crystal Lizard with Magic is also possible. I suggest using a Spell like Firestorm, or a Miracle called God's Wrath. Both those Magic types are really useful when encountering the Crystal Lizard Nest in 2-2. Almost all other spells and miracles are too weak to kill the Lizards, since they are highly resistant against magic.

When ever you load your Save data, the game counts it as a fresh entry into the world and will trigger Crystal Lizards to re-spawn. This is a good trick for farming those Lizards. Example; in 2-2 there is a Lizard which drops the only Spiderstones, if you kill him once, then walk back a bit, load your game, the Lizard will be back. This is extremely useful when you have killed all Demons in a world, and you know that this particular Lizard spawns another two times.

Boletarian Palace

1-1 – From the archstone walk a bit forward, you should be attacked by two dreglings, now look to your left, you should see a small opening with a gate. This gate only opens up when your World Tendency is either pure white, or pure black. I suggest taking out this lizard with arrows, cause if get close 3 Black Phantom dreglings will spawn right next to it.
  • Hardstones and Sharpstones

1-2 – When you standing in front of the Tower Knight fog, turn around. You should see a staircase, walk up, and you should see the lizard. This one is easy to melee, since the lizard will always try to run away in a corner. Do make sure you have a weapon that strikes downward.
  • Hardstones and Sharpstones

1-3 – When you start this level and walk a bit forward, you should a giant staircase. Walk up to it, and you should see a soldier pushing down some boulders to kill you. Dodge them, walk up, and look to the right side, you should the lizard now. This one is also easy to kill with melee, since this one also traps himself in a corner.
  • Hardstones and Sharpstones

1-4 – When you start this level you should see 3 crossbow men, kill them with your Bow. Behind those crossbow men you will see the Crystal lizard.
  • Hardstones and Sharpstones

1-4 – After the first lizard you should see 3 Black Phantom enemies, kill them. When you there death, walk into the passage and you should another Crystal Lizard. Watch out though, there is also a Blue Eyed Knight which if will attack you if he notice you, thus screwing you chances to kill the lizard.
  • Hardstones and Sharpstones

1-4 – When the Blue Flying Dragon lands for the first time, make him go away by attacking him with arrows, or magic. After that kill the two Fat Officials, try to lure them towards you, cause the Crystal lizard is right behind them.
  • Hardstones and Sharpstones

Stonefang Tunnel

2-1 – When you enter this level, walk up the staircase right in-front of you, walk slowly cause if the lizard notice you here you wont be able to catch up. Now when you up there you should see the lizard, now I suggest using your bow, since this lizard does not care for his own life and will jump off the cliff if he notice you.
  • Hardstones and Sharpstones

2-1 – When you enter this level, take the elevator shortcut. You should see some wooden obstacles, and behind those are fire-wielding Scale Miners kill them and take a right inside a small passage. Watch out, cause at the next corner there will be Scale Miner waiting for you with a Pickaxe. When you walk out of the passage, you should be in a room, kill the Miners here, and walk out of it. Walk slowly or the lizard will notice you, once outside the room look to your left and you should the Crystal Lizard. Kill him with a Bow, and if you have it equip the Clever Rat's Ring to kill him. He is the only lizard that will drop Spiderstones.
  • Spiderstones

2-2 – When you enter this level you should the Crystal Lizard right in-front of you. Kill it with a Bow, cause if you try to melee him he will run towards the tunnel full with Scale Miners.
  • Hardstones, Sharpstones, and Clearstones

2-2 – After the first lizard you should see two tunnels, one with the Scale Miners, and one with exploding karts. Walk into the tunnel with the exploding karts, when one is near you run, repeat this until your at the end. You're in a room with a Fat Official now, kill him, and you should see a tunnel, walk into it, and keep walking until your at the other side. Watch out though, there is a Scale Miner inside the tunnel. When outside, look to your left and you should see the Crystal lizard on your left side behind a pile of sand.
  • Hardstones, Sharpstones, and Clearstones

2-2 – Walk back to the room where you killed the Fat Official, take the Elevator down. Now, you have to jump of the elevator before it stops, if you don't you probably wont be able to catch up with the two Crystal Lizards, which when they notice you will run into a tunnel with two Black Phantoms. I suggest using the magic spell Firestorm, or the miracle God's Wrath, both of them have an area effect, thus killing both lizards at once.
  • Hardstones, Sharpstones, and Clearstones

2-2 – Kill the two Black Phantoms inside the Tunnel, now you should see one Crystal Lizard, kill it with a Bow. Now what you have to do is this, walk towards the end of the tunnel. Let your stamina refill to 100%, now try to roll into the big opening where the other 9 Crystal Lizards are. Once down in the opening cast Firestorm, or God's Wrath. I suggest God's Wrath, cause most of the time two lizards will escape with Firestorm.
  • Hardstones, Sharpstones, and Clearstones

2-2 – After killing out the nest with Crystal lizards, walk back to the elevator. Go true the other tunnel this time. Once you get out of the tunnel you should be at a big open place. If you walk towards the right side, 3 Worm enemies should pop-up kill them, walk towards them, and you should see a Crystal Lizard. Try to kill this one with a bow, cause if it notices you, it will Disappear real quick.
  • Hardstones, Sharpstones, and Clearstones

2-2 – When you make your way down to the Flamelurker, you should see a Crystal lizard sitting on top of wooden plank which is connected to a ladder you got use to get down. I suggest killing him first, cause once on the ladder he will notice you, and will try to run away. Since your really slow on ladders in this game, he will be gone before you are halfway up there.
  • Hardstones, Sharpstones, and Clearstones

2-3 – When you enter this level walk true the Fog, you should see the Dragon God. Wait for him to strike and then run towards him, take a left at the end of the passage and you should the Crystal Lizard.
  • Hardstones, Sharpstones

2-3 – This Crystal lizard is at the same spot where you have to Activate the second harpoon to pin the Dragon God down. He will run towards a corner, trapping him self, just use a weapon that strikes downwards.
  • Clearstones

Tower of Latria

3-1 – After killing this giant Blob full with swords, walk forward and look to the left, you should see the Crystal Lizard. I suggest killing him with a Bow, since a couple of meters behind the lizard is a hole which if you fall in you die. The lizard will run into this hole if you don't manage to kill him.
  • Moonlightstones

3-2 – When you get out of the Swamp area, you should see a circular flight of stairs, it will lead all the way up to the well upper section. Once up there you should see some Celebrity Vermin, the lizard will behind them. I suggest killing all the Celebrity Vermin with your Bow, and then shoot the lizard with it too.
  • Moonlightstones

3-3 – Kill all the enemies at the circular flight of stairs, just do not try to melee the last Octopus guy, lure him down and then kill him. It's important that you do this, cause the Crystal lizard is right behind him. if you try to melee him the lizard will be gone before you kill him, you can't walk past him either cause he will block the way towards the lizard.
  • Moonlightstones

Shrine of Storms

4-1 – When you enter this level and walk up flight of stairs you see, you should see two Silver Skeleton Archers standing right next to each other. Kill them and go stand on there place, turn around and look towards the large tree, and you should see the Crystal lizard. Now how-to get the loot? Go to the NPC the Crow, and you can jump down from there to pick-up the loot the Crystal lizard drops. If you die before picking the dropped loot up, it will be gone.
  • Darkmoonstones

4-1 – Right after killing the three Golden Skelletons you should see a wooden broken structre. Don't walk true the doorway cause the lizard will notice you. Instead try to shoot it with your Bow.
  • Darkmoonstones

4-2 – When you start the level, walk forward and you should open a door, Kill the Reaper who is standing downstairs with your Bow. Jump down and walk to the left opening in the wall, walk up the stairs, and you should see a wall that is shimmering. Hit the wall, kill the Black Skelleton, and look to your left. This Lizard is very trick to get since he is on a very small ledge, shoot it with your Bow, and make sure you equip the Clever Rat's Ring, so its a one shot kill.
  • Darkmoonstones

4-3 – There are 2 Crystal lizard right next to the Stormruler weapon. You can shoot them with your bow from a distance, when the boss is death. The first time when you enter this level the lizards will escape, cause you need to pick-up the Stormruler weapon to kill the boss.
  • Darkmoonstones

Valley of Defilement

5-1 – This Crystal Lizard is really hard to get. When your at the are with the Plagued Rat's, you should see the lizard. The only problem is that the bridge towards it opens up from the other side. You can get there true the same way you got your Blessed Mace+. Right before the first Fog there should be a room full of Depraved Ones, kill them and jump down. Now you should see a opening in the room, look down and you should see a hay stack. Jump down, and keep your shield up cause there are two Poison Depraved Ones inside the hay stack. Once down there walk towards the right side, and you should see the Crystal Lizard. Kick down the bridge, and your back at the Plagued Rat's.
  • Faintstones

5-2 – Right before the boss you have the option to open go left and open up a Short-cut. Walk towards the short-cut, you should walk a while on a ledge and you should be attack by Giant Mosquitoes. You will know your close to the lizard when you see a group of small Depraved Ones. Try to lure them towards you, then shoot the lizard with your Bow.
  • Faintstones

5-3 – When you walk true the Fog, look towards the right side, you should see the Crystal lizard.
  • Faintstones

[top]Summoning Guide

Here is a brief guide to better understand how the multiplayer aspect of Demon's Souls works
Listed will be all items used, signs seen in online mode, and any other requirements


  • Blue Eye Stone - Drop in soul form to be summoned into another player's world. Only used in Soul Form. Given by Maiden in Black at beginning of the game.

  • Black Eye Stone - Drop in soul form to invade a human player's world. Killing them grants your body back and a fraction of souls based on their soul level. Only used in Soul Form. Acquired at end of zone 3-1, before the boss fog when you are attacked by a NPC black Phantom.

  • White Eye Stone - Returns blue or black phantom to their world. Using as black phantom, however, decreases your soul level by one so beware! Using as host, returns a blue phantom to their own world without any penalties. Given by Maiden in Black at beginning of the game.

  • Red Eye Stone - Drop to be summoned into another player's world. Can be used in Body or Soul Forms. Dropping in Body Form, summons you into another player's world in Soul Form. Dying in a duel summoned by this, decreases the soul level of the loser by one. Acquired by killing the Maiden in Black at the end of the game.

Soul Signs
  • Blue Soul Sign - Summons a blue phantom into your world. Only seen in Body Form.

  • Red Soul Sign - Summons a black phantom into your world. Seen in Body or Soul Form.

  • Red Messages - These are messages left by other players to help you throughout a level. Sometimes they are lies, however, so keep that in mind.

  • Blood Stains - These are little sequences showing you how another player died. Watching these will sometimes show you a drop off in your path OR where enemies are hiding around corners. Take note of other players' carelessness.

Summoning Soul Level Requirements
For Soul levels under 100, players must be around 10 levels of each other. Above 100, the levels in between can be roughly 20+ apart.

How To Summon Players
  • To summon someone, you must be within the restricted soul level range of each other.

  • The summoner can NOT have completed the level on that playthrough to summon blue phantoms.

  • Players do NOT have to be on same NG+ in order to be summoned or summon another player.

  • Summoner must be in body form and the player dropping blue stone must be a phantom.

  • Find a soul sign and choose to summon the player into your world.

  • Black Phantoms will be able to invade a human player online by using a black eye stone.

  • Red Stone summons work nearly the same way except Human players are allowed to drop it and be summoned into another world as a black phantom. Phantoms will be summoned to the Human player's world otherwise. Humans who drop the stone will not lose their body when they die, however a phantom will regain theirs. No souls are lost, only one full Soul Level for losing the duel.

[top]Enemy Guide

This list will detail all regular enemies encountered in each level of the game. Some strategies will be listed to best help you deal with any threats. In some instances, there will be additional enemies based on your World Tendency. Be prepared for some alterations depending on your playstyle. Not all strategies will fit for the same players, so take heed of this as well.

World One - Boletaria Palace

  • Dregling

- First enemy you fight; wields a sword(sometimes flaming) & shield with tattered cloth armor.
  • Boletaria Soldier

- Armored soldier wielding mostly a sword & shield or halberd but sometimes a spear and shield.
  • Blue Eyed Knight

- Powerful and heavily armored knights with blue eyes wielding sword & shield or 2 handed sword. Try to use a shield and backstab them. Parry if possible and keep in mind they will attempt to heal when severely injured.
  • Red Eyed Knight

- More powerful & heavily armored knights with red eyes wielding 2 handed sword. Handle these with extreme caution and use similar tactics as with the Blue Eyed Knights. Will also heal with injured.
  • Fat Official

- Noble demon wielding an axe and shoots fireballs at range. Try to strafe them and get in a backstab to make short work of them. If fighting at range, keep a shield up or stay constantly prepared to evade. Up close they will smack you with a catalyst and attempt to crush or slice you down with an axe.
  • Dogs

- Pack of dogs that will leap out & attack in group. Try using ranged tactics or spear and shield. Watch your stamina and avoid fighting large groups of dog enemies as they will pincer and quickly deplete your stamina with their attacks.
  • Hoplite

- Shielded black blob creature that hurls javelins on sight, very weak to fire. Circle around them and attack from their unprotected rear side. Keep a shield up as they will hurt javelins with accuracy.
  • Imperial Spy

- Leather armored ninja that attacks with daggers or throwing knives/shurikens, but also kicks. Use quick strikes and never turn your back to them. Can poison you as well.

World Two - Stonefang Tunnel

  • Scale Miner

- Scaly lizard like demons wielding mostly a pickax or hammer; weak to piercing weapons

  • Fire Lizard

- Lizard enemy,covered in fire, that leaps out and attacks; causes damage when close

  • Bearbug

- Beetle enemy with piercing needle like tongue attack and will tackle player in air

  • Rock Worm

- Rock worm that comes out of ground and swings self to attack or shoot stream of fire from mouth

  • Fat Official

- Noble demon wielding an axe and shoots fireballs at range

  • Dogs

-Pack of dogs that will leap out & attack in group

World Three - Tower of Latria

  • Prisoner

- Mostly harmless ragged prisoner; some wield poison daggers and will attack(most do not). Kill like a dregling and keep shield up vs dagger wielding prisoners.
  • Mindflayer

- Octopus headed demon shoots a paralyzing beam and sucks life with piercing needle tongue. Attack at range and evade their magic blast attacks. Up close they will use a magic push attack that will knock you down and then run over to grab you as you rise up. Beware and backstab them as they lunge out. Spear and shield helps.
  • Man Centipede

- Deadly centipede demon that can shoot acid(corrodes gear) & stabs with poison tail. Keep a shield up and attack with quick timed strikes vs these enemies.
  • Prisoner Horde

- Mash of prisoner bodies flailing around sword wielding arms and shoots beam of energy. Attack with range moves OR timed strikes as it finishes a combo flurry of moves. Watch carefully as it will sometimes try to trick you into attack and then killing you. Spear and shield can help, but watch your stamina and roll back if you start getting hit.
  • Gargoyle

- Spear wielding flying demon that can also use a crossbow for attacking. Strafe it as it lunges with the spear and keep a sheild up vs the crossbow wielding enemies.

World Four - Shrine of Storms
This world is a near wasteland surrounded by stone fortresses and deadly clouds. These clouds, the storm beasts, will strike out randomly as they are alerted to your presence so listen for their noises to promptly block and evade if you aren't keeping an eye on the sky. You will battle numerous quick and agile enemy skeletons here as well. Bring blunt or enchanted weapons to the battle to most effectively kill them. End zone areas will also show small glowing orbs, similar to ones in zone 2 that will explode when they come into close proximity to your character. Watch out for these and the cliffs and drops that litter the zone.
  • Silver Skeleton

- Silver colored skeleton rolls and attacks with sword or snipes with magic arrows; weak to blunt weapons
  • Gold Skeleton

- Golden armored skeleton that attack with giant sword; weak to magic/enchantments
  • Black Skeleton

- Powerful blackened skeletons that attack with giant sword
  • Storm Beast

- Flying manta ray demons that shoots piercing magic beams
  • Reaper

- Demon in robes that attacks with magic beam or scythe and summons shadowlurkers
  • Shadowlurker

- Spirit demon that attacks by swinging arms around or stabbing with dagger
  • Phosphorescent Slug

- Giant glowing slug that spits poison and lunge to attack

World Five - Valley of Defilement

This is a wasteland of decrepit filth and poison. You will battle enemies that seem like they are falling to pieces and must be aware of your surroundings at all times as the floors are shaky and narrow paths can lead to your death. Also, deeper into the world, you will find poison swamps that will bog your character down and slowly drain your health. Avoid fighting at all costs in the swamps, as you will be unable to roll or escape efficiently.
  • Depraved One

- Lightly armored enemy similar to dregling that wields poisoned sword or flaming spear.
  • Giant Depraved One

- Giant powerful depraved one that wields a great club. Quick single strikes and strafing will be your friend. Blocking will take a serious hit to your stamina and not be very good as normally follows up with another strike from the club. Ranged attacks will also be effective if you can stand where it can't reach you.
  • Giant Tick

- Giant tick with a blood packet on it's back that poisons when attacked. Spear and shield to avoid taking any poison or damage.
  • Plague Rat

- Giant rats that lunge to attack and gives plague condition that eats away at life. Spear and shield to avoid worrying on getting struck and chancing the plague. Very hard to hit so use ranged attacks if that option is open to you or spells.
  • Giant Mosquito

- Giant mosquito spits poison blood and stabs with needle tongue and consumes blood/life. Ranged attacks to strike them mid-air before they reach you. Most times, infinite spawn so kill what you need to and progress further quickly.
  • Plague Babies

- Bloody demon babies that inhabit the plague swamp of Maiden Astraea. One strike will kill, but they will normally swarm over you and you will quickly die. Beware of them if go into the swamp plague of her world and zone.
  • Poison Jelly

- Blob that inhabits poison swamp and attacks with sharp spikes that jut out from sides. Watch for it to raise up and block the spear attack. Attack them while they are down in the swamp area OR lure them to land to better see.
  • Phosphorescent Slug

- Giant glowing slug that spits poison and lunges to attack.

[top]Farming and Upgrade Guide by: Ninja_Vampire

I thought I would just compile a guide for farming for the weapon upgrade trophies using the information I have found from the Demon's Souls Wiki and the resident Demon's Souls experts of the site (This is not including me xD).

All parts of this guide were tested personally by me, so I can only give you the most effective way I know. If anyone has other methods, please let me know

There are some points I would like to make you aware of first.

-You can actually obtain some weapons in the game that have already been slightly upgraded. These weapons are as follows:
Mercury Raiper +1 - This is found in 3-1 near the large arrow shooting pillar on a ledge behind the fence. You will see a bit of the fence broken, so carefully drop onto the ledge and walk along it to find this rapier.
Crushing Battleaxe +1 - This is found in 2-1 where the two lizardmen are throwing rocks at you. When you get into the building, turn of the lift inside and ride it up to where this treasure is located, guarded by a Fat Official.
Blessed Mace +1 - This is found in 5-1 near the first door of fog. Just before the door, there will be a plank sticking out with an opening in the wall. Carefully jump off this and land on a pile of hay. Just beside one of the Giant Ticks you will find this Mace.
Dragon Longsword +1 - This sword is located in 2-2 inside the tunnels with all the large bear bugs. If you explore the caves, you will eventually find it as they aren't too big.
Moon Shortsword +1 - This sword is found on the bridge where you fight the Maneaters in 3-2. Just on the stairs of the bridge, you will see this on the right ledge.
Cresent Falchion +1 - This sword is located in 4-1 past the first black skeleton. As you go through the second castle gates, turn left just before the Vanguard boss, down a small passage with a trap. Up the stairs you will find this black skeleton and sword.
Dark Heater Shield +2 - This shield is located in 2-2 on top of the planks located above the Filthy Man. You must drop down from the ledge above to get this.

All of these weapons have been slightly upgraded for you and can be upgraded for the trophies, so it is quite handy to get these to save you a bit of hassle.

- There are only 2 blacksmiths in the game, Blacksmith Ed and Blacksmith Boldwin. Boldwin can be found at the Nexus but can only upgrade weapons using hardstone, sharpstone or clearstone. Ed however, can upgrade any weapon with a suitable stone, making him the only blacksmith you will be needing! Ed is located in 2-1, near the start of the level, using the lifts. To activate the lifts however, you must operate them from a ledge high above the starting area.

- The Crystal Lizard section of the Demon's Souls trophy guide will cover the location and method of killing the Crystal Lizards. That section can be found right here.

- If you are going for a very difficult upgrade path, that requires a lot of grinding for Chunks and Shards, upgrade the LOWEST quality weapon you have. Take for example upgrading a weapon with the Fatal upgrade. To fully upgrade a Winged Spear to Fatal +5 takes 25 shards, 9 chunks and a pure, whereas upgrading a Dagger to Fatal +5 requires 15 shards, 6 chunks and 1 pure, which drastically reduces grinding time. Take a look on the Demon's Souls wiki if you want to see what weapon you think will be easiest to upgrade.

- Make sure you are grinding in Pure Black World Tendency. This increases the rarity of drops which will aid you greatly when seaching for elusive stones. Using the Large Sword of Searching can also increase the frequency of drops (not the rarity), so using the LSoS paired with PBWT is your best bet when farming.

- Don't worry if you can't find all of the stones you need in one playthrough. Chances are you will need 3+ playthroughs to platinum the game, and you will find a lot of the stuff you need without even meaning to. Try upgrading your weapons when you reach the end of your 3rd playthrough, as you will have collected the majority of the needed materials without even trying.

- Always have Evacuate as an active miracle as it teleports you straight back to the Nexus, which can be very helpful.

Upgrade Stones.

Hardstone/ Sharpstone:
Shards- Shards of Hardstone/Sharpstone are not difficult to obtain as they can be purchased off the Filthy Man in 2-1 and 2-2 for 500 souls. If you kill the Filthy Man (Although it is not adviced), you can obtain the shards from the Hoplites in 1-2 (the black goo guys) or the lizardmen with the firetipped rods.
Large Shards- Again these can be bought from the Filthy Man in 2-1 and 2-2 for 1500 souls. Hoplites may also drop them as well as the lizardmen with the firetipped rods and Crystal Lizards (2-2)
Chunks- These can be obtained from Crystal Lizards in 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 and 2-2. Also, they can be obtained from the lizardmen in 2-1 and 2-2 but are quite rare.
Pure- These can be obtained from a large amount of Crystal Lizards, but the easiest one to obtain would be as a treasure in 2-2 in the Crystal Lizard nest.

*As long as the filthy man is alive, you should have little problems finding enough Hard/Sharpstone materials as they are quite plentiful throughout the game.

Shards- These can be bought from the Filthy Man in 2-2 for 1500 souls each. Other methods would be from the Assassins in 1-3 or Crystal Lizards in world 2.
Chunks- Chunks can also be dropped from the Assassins and Crystal Lizards of 2-2 and 2-3. Two chunks can be found as treasures in world 2-2.
Pure- These stones can be obtained from Crystal Lizards in 2-3, but the easiest way to get one would be by saving Ostrava in 1-3. Upon rescue, he will award you with one.

*Clearstone is another stone you won't really have a problem getting, so long as you save Ostrava in 1-3.

Shards- These shards are quite frequent drops from the lizardmen miners in both 2-1 and 2-2. Because of the large amount of lizardmen you will meet, they should not be a problem for finding. Rock worms in 2-2 also drop shards as well as all other grades.
Chunks- One treasure chunk is on a ledge above the area you meet Patches in, in 2-2. This is accessible from the first elevator room by going through the small tunnel/door with the stone blockings. The only other way of getting chunks is by killing Rock Worms.
Pure- Pure Greystone can be acquired from the Rock Worms as well, but also by showing Scirvir the Dragonbone Smasher (this requires PWWT) in the area he appears in, in 2-2.

The fastest way to farm for Greystone, is by starting at the 2-3 Archstone and backtracking to the 2 groups of 3 rock worms (one group near the 2 Hands of God location and the other in a large blue pit area) and killing them and evacuating (If you die, you will be brought back to the 2-2 Archstone). The drop rate isn't the worst and you may get 1 chunk every 2-3 runs.

Shards- The shards of Bladestone can be obtained from any skeleton in world 4. This includes all Silver/Golden/Black skeletons.
Chunks- Again, these can be obtained from any skeletons in world 4. The easiest way however would be the Black Skeleton in the hidden passage in world 4-2.
Pure- This can be quite tricky. The pure bladestone has a 1/200 chance of dropping from 2 enemies in 4-2. These enemies are the black skeleton in the hidden passage and the Black Phantom black skeleton at the end of 4-2. Here are the methods I used to get the pure:

1/ (Hidden Passage) Take off all your equipment (except your catalyst) so you can run quickly and start off at 4-2. Run to where the Reaper is and drop down in front of the left door to the staircase. Run up the staircase and hit the wall to the hidden passage way (It is on the second level of the stairs, you will be able to see it as there is a stone Arch around it), then run down the stairs. As soon as you get outside, cast Firestorm and you will hit the Black Skeleton getting ready to knife you. Then pick up what he drops and jump off the cliff or let the Storm Beast kill you. Rince and repeat as needed for Shards/Chunks and Pure.

2/ (Black Phantom) This requires PBWT (although you should have it anyway ). Start off at the 4-3 Archstone and backtrack. Run past everyone until you come to a stairs where there is a reaper at the top. Kill him quickly and continue through the door. You will now see the BP. Put on your Graverobber's Ring and walk up behind him and cast Soulsucker. Then cast Evacuate to repeat. Not only does this give you a chance for Pure bladestone, it also nets you about 70k souls per run

I would personally advice you to go with method 1 as it can be done in about 30 seconds, but method 2 gets you lots and lots of souls, so it's up to you

Shards- Shards of Dragonstone can be bought by the Filthy Man in 2-2 for 3000 souls, or farmed from Bearbugs (Small, medium and large.) There are some shards that can be found as treasures, but you won't need to look for them as shards aren't a problem to get.
Chunks- Chunks of Dragonstone thankfully come in plenty from treasures. Some chunks can be found in the lava area of 2-2 (Be sure to raise fire resistance and roll in the lava), more can be found in the area where you fight the Flamelurker, and more can be found from the BP who is in the tunnel at the elevator room going towards the Crystal Lizards nest. If you do however need more, they can be obtained from the Large Bearbugs.
Pure- One pure can be obtained inside the lava area and the other you will get from killing the Dragon God Demon.

*Upgrading the Dragon Longsword is a very good idea early in the game as it is a great sword for your first playthrough. It is also thankfully very easy to upgrade

Shards- Shards can be obtained from the Slug monsters in both world 4 and 5. There is also one shard as a treasure in 5-1 but thankfully the slugs have quite a high drop rate.
Chunks- Chunks are obtained the exact same way as the shards. One chunk is also a treasure in the poison swamp area in 5-2.
Pure- The pure suckerstone can be obtained from two different treasures. The first is in the Poisonous swap in 5-2 and the other is in the plague swap in 5-3. No farming necessary

The quickest way to farm these would be to start at the 4-3 Archstone and backtrack to the slug nest where you can get the Large Sword of Moonlight, then going postal on the slugs. You shouldn't have too hard a time getting these as there are loads of slugs to farm each time. Of course this method also works for shards

Shards- Shards can be farmed from the Man Centipedes in world 3-2 and 3-3 as well as the prisoners in 3-1.
Chunks- Just the same as the shards, but can only be gotten from the Man Centipedes. One also can be obtained as a treasure in the very bottom area of the swamp in 3-2.
Pure- Can be obtained from the Man Centipedes too, but one also resides in the plague swamp as a treasure in 5-3.

The easiest way to farm these is start at the 3-2 archstone (after killing the Maneaters) and run into the large area with the huge stair case. Take a right inside and go down to the bottom level where the heart dropped (with the Man Centipedes inside). If you kill all of the Man Centipedes on the way and at the bottom, you should have a good chance of getting one chunk every 2 or 3 runs. This of course works for shards and pures too

Shards- Sadly, these can only be obtained from two type of enemies, and these enemies are quite scarce. Either the Giant Ticks or Giant Mosquitos in 5-1 and 5-2.
Chunks- Exactly the same as shards, just more rare >.< There are too ways about going for these which I will explain in a moment.
Pure- Again, this pure can be found in the plague swamp in 5-3 as a treasure, but if you need more, get them from the Giant Ticks.

1/ (Giant Ticks) Start at the 5-2 Archstone and backtrack to the bridge where you can see the Giant Ticks (The giant red tomato thingys) and kill them. Problem is, you have to kill a Large Depraved One and some firespear guys to get there so it can be tough, and then there are only 3 of the ticks. On the brightside however, the drop rate seems better than mosquitos. Once they are dead, evacuate out and repeat.

2/ (Giant Mosquitos) Start at the 5-3 Archstone and backtrack to the area where the primeval demon is, and kill the 5 mosquitos there. When they are dead, run back past the area where all the slugs are, and there are about 4 more mosquitos. Kill them and then evacuate out to repeat.

The second method is my personal favorite, as it is a lot easier to get to the mosquitos than the ticks and there are more mosquitos. The drop rate from the mosquitos is about 5% for chunks so you have a good chance each time with the LSoS and PBWT.

Shards- These can be bought from the Once Royal Mistress for 3000 souls each and be found as a treasure in 3-2. Other ways of getting these would be from the prisoners in 3-1 and the Crystal Lizards in 3-1
Chunks- The first way you get chunks from is the Black Phantom in front of the Fool's Idols gate as well as one as a treasure in 3-2. The best way however to get the chunks is from the Crystal Lizards in 3-2 and 3-3.
Pure- Sadly the only way you can get these is from the Crystal Lizards in 3-2 and 3-3. Check the Crystal Lizards section of the trophy guide to see the best way to get them. Crystal Lizards section

Shards- These are sold by Graverobber Blige for 3000 souls but the quickest way to farm these is by killing the Reapers in 4-2. Crystal Lizards in 4-1 also drop them.
Chunks- Can be obtained by killing the BP guarding Urbain in 4-2 as well as a treasure in 4-2. The way to farm them however is the same as the shards. Just keep killing the Reapers and you will get them in no time. (You will more thank likely get these while trying to get Pure Bladestone )
Pure- Like the Moonlightstone, you can only get these from the Crystal Lizards in 4-2 and 4-3. Check the Crystal Lizards section of the trophy guide to see the best way to get them. Crystal Lizards section

Shards- These are sold by the Filthy Woman in 5-2 for 10000 souls and can also be found as a treasure in 5-2. To farm them, you can kill the Shaman Depraved Ones (The Purple ones ) and the Crystal Lizards in 5-1.
Chunks- These can be obtained from killing the BP in the poison swamp (with the meat cleaver ) and as a treasure in a hut in 5-2. To farm them, you can get them from the Shamans like the shards and from Crystal Lizards in 5-2 and 5-3.
Pure- Talk to the Worshipper of God in the Nexus when your Faith is 20 or above before saving Saint Urbain to be given this. If you want to farm, kill the Giant Depraved Ones or the Crystal Lizards in 5-2 and 5-3.

Shards- These can be either farmed from the lizardmen miners in 2-1 and 2-2 or the Crystal Lizards in 2-1.
Chunks- These are farmable from the lizardmen in 2-2 and also the Crystal Lizards in 2-1. One piece can be obtained as a treasure in the area where you kill the Armor Spider.
Pure- This is given at the 2-2 Archstone for killing the Armor Spider but can also be obtained from the Crystal Lizard in 2-1.

The easiest way to get all the Spiderstone you'll need will be farming the Crystal Lizard in 2-1. Start from the 2-1 Archstone and go up the elevator, past the lizardmen with firetipped rods to the area where there are about 7-8 lizardmen together, 2 throwing rocks at you and take a right out the door to where there are explosive barrels and go up the stairs. Run to the back behind the lizard men and kill them. The Crystal Lizard is infront of them so when they are dead take him out to get the spiderstone!

Shards- These can be bought from Graverobber Blige for 3000 souls but can be mainly farmed from the Storm Beasts in 4-1/2/3.
Chunks- Personally my least favorite thing to grind for in this game. Thankfully, every playthrough, you can get 2 chunks from near the 4-4 Archstone but to farm them, you must kill Storm Beasts and hopefully get them to land near you :p
Pure- You can get a Pure Cloudstone by killing the Storm King from the 4-4 Archstone or farm them from the Storm Beasts.

Definitely the hardest to farm for are the Cloudstone chunks. The best way I found to do so, would be to start at the 4-3 Archstone, armed with the ring of Magical Sharpness and Soul Arrow. This should be able to 1 hit kill the Storm beasts, so now comes the hard bit. Run outside and try to lure the Beasts towards you. They are quite slow, but their attack can really hurt you, and slightly homes in on you. Do your best to kill them and getting them to drop on land while avoiding the flying spears. Occasionally, a treasure will be unobtainable, but you will learn how to position them to kill them.

[top]Credit to Helpful Phantoms

  • A great deal of thanks to all the guys at From Software to making this game... and each company(Sony, Atlus, and Namco-Bandai) that published and brought it to a further audience to enjoy. Thank you guys sooooo much for my greatest addiction ever. .
  • Many thanks to Mesarvil on old forums for helping assist with writing up some of the Boss tips.
  • Thanks to JakeSS14 for the trophy guide banner.

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