Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes Disable trophies and saving.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 35-45 Hour
Minimum Playthroughs: 5 playthroughs and 1 Bloody Palace
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Grinding Red Orbs:
  • The fastest method of attaining Red Orbs is to complete Mission 1 over and over again. While completing Mission 1, you will be going for an S or SS rank. Once you get the rank, you will be rewarded with 5,000 Red Orbs as a Clear Bonus. The mission will only take about 1 minute to complete at the most. Once you finish the mission just use chapter select and select Mission 1 again.
  • Another method is for completing the final fight against Vergil again and again also. This will give some experience to any styles you may need to upgrade as well as obtaining a good chunk of Red Orbs as a Boss Bonus at the end of the mission. I only recommend using this one if you can beat the final form of Vergil in under 2 minutes or else the first method will be faster.



Platinum Trophy
Unlock all trophies.

Hell of a Start
Finish the game on Normal Mode with any character.

For this trophy you are going to need to complete the game on Normal Difficulty. Normal difficulty is the only difficulty available at the start of the game. You can unlock normal difficulty by dying a few times on this difficulty however to obtain this trophy you are going to need to complete all 20 Missions on Normal. You can either do this with Dante or Vergil.

Once you defeat the boss of Mission 20 (Either Dante or Vergil depending on which character you are playing as) you will get to the credits. once the credits stop rolling you will receive this trophy and unlock other stuff along the way depending on which playthrough number this is.

Gone to Hell
Finish the game on Hard Mode with any character.

To complete the game on hard you will first need to clear the game on Normal as either Dante or Vergil.

On normal mode you shouldn't have much trouble getting through but on Hard the enemies will take a bit more time to defeat the enemies but shouldn't prove to be more then anything higher then a nuisance at best.

Once you complete all 20 missions of the game on Hard as either Dante or Vergil you will receive this trophy. You will also unlock some good items you will find useful from here out if you are playing as Vergil, that is right, an infinite Devil Trigger Costume.

To Hell and Back
Finish the game on Very Hard Mode with any character.

To complete the game on Very Hard Mode you must first unlock it by beating Hard Mode as either character.

Very Hard has a bit of a bump up from Hard mode in difficulty standards. This difficulty will be more of a headache but if you are completing it as Vergil then you should already have an Infinite Devil Trigger Costume. This costume will not replenish health like normal Devil Trigger did but it makes the difficulty here go from Very Hard back down to Hard.

Complete all 20 missions as either Dante or Vergil on Very Hard Mode to unlock this trophy.

Hell Hath no Fury
Finish the game on Dante Must Die Mode with any character.

Dante Must Die difficulty will unlock along with Very Hard Mode after completing Hard Mode.

I recommend doing Dante Must Die difficulty after completing Very Hard Mode as you will be able to use the Infinite Devil Trigger Costume that you unlocked from completing Very Hard Mode to make this playthrough easier. DMD difficulty is easily the hardest difficulty this game has to offer even though there is one more difficulty after this one.

While playing DMD you will notice that the enemies get a purple aura around them, this is their Devil Trigger state. While in their Devil Trigger state they will have approximately four times as much health and do twice as much damage to you. While wearing an Infinite Devil Trigger Costume your damage taken will be halved and damage done will be significantly more so their Devil Trigger basically cancels yours out and it is just like fighting a normal enemy as if neither of you were in Devil Trigger state.

To obtain this trophy you are going to have to beat all 20 missions yet again on this difficulty. Once you complete this difficulty you will unlock whatever character your are using's Ultimate Infinite Devil Trigger Costume which will prove to be quite useful in making the Bloody Palace a lot easier and much more manageable.

I also highly recommend doing this difficulty on Gold Orb Mode and use Vergil since you will have the ability to use long ranged and short ranged weaponry at the same time.

Heaven Can Wait
Finish the game on Heaven or Hell Mode with any character.

Heaven or Hell difficulty will unlock once you complete Dante Must Die difficulty.

At this point you should only have this trophy and possibly the trophies for Bloody Palace and S ranking all missions. I recommend doing this after completing the other two trophies, not because they will make it easier to complete this difficulty but instead to leave this as a nice and relaxed homestretch for the platinum.

In this difficulty everything will die in one hit with the exception of multiple phased bosses and those with armor you must destroy before exposing the enemy. The only bad part about this difficulty is that you will die in one hit also so if you get hit you are done. This difficulty is obviously more suited to be completed on Gold Orb Mode as if you make one little slip up you are dead.

Orbs will be a bit difficult to rack up here since styles will never really reach high amounts like they do in all other difficulties so attaining an S rank here won't be an easy task.

Once you complete Dante Must Die difficulty, if you still have saves from your alternate character you can use that to complete this difficulty also giving you the option of completing this difficulty as either character.

Overall this difficulty is about the same as playing through on Normal. You can either use Dante to just plow through the game with Ebony and Ivory or you can simply use Vergil to use Summoned Swords to walk through the level without much difficulty.

Either way, once you complete the game as either character you will obtain this trophy.

Am I My Brother's Keeper
Finish the game on any difficulty as Vergil.

After completing the game as Dante on any difficulty you will unlock Vergil.

Go to the main menu and start the game on Gold Orb Mode if you have already completed the game on Yellow Orb Mode as Dante. As long as you do not overwrite your save data as Dante you will be able to keep both characters' save data.

Completing the game as Vergil isn't that hard at all and is actually easier then using Dante. Vergil has the ability to use his projectiles WHILE he is using his melee attacks unlike Dante making the enemies go down that much faster. You will not be required to buy any upgrades or collect any blue orbs and such but it is still advised, especially if you will be using Vergil for the harder difficulties and such.

Vergil has three different weapon classes you can switch between mid combo by using R2 or L2 making styling easier. It may be confusing at first but with a little practice you will get used to it fairly quickly.

While playing through as Vergil you will not fight Vergil in any of the boss battles but instead a pallet swap character to "look" like Dante but he will still have all the same moves as Vergil.

Once you complete all 20 missions as Vergil you will be rewarded with this trophy.

Worst Kept Secret
Complete a Secret Mission with any character.

See Left No Stone Unturned .

Your first opportunity at this trophy is in Mission 3.

Left No Stone Unturned
Complete all Secret Missions with any Character.

For this trophy you will need to complete all 12 Secret Missions in the game. They aren't that difficult to complete, especially on easy difficulty. So if you are having trouble you can always chapter select back to any of the Secret Missions later on when you get more upgrades or on an easier difficulty as the Secret Missions carry throughout all playthroughs. Once you complete all 12 Secret Missions you will be rewarded with this trophy. Here is a list of the locations for all Secret Missions and how to complete them. There is no need to add tips for Vergil on most of the secret missions although I will add them where necessary.

Secret Mission #1: The Exorcist
Location: Mission 3
Availability: After leaving the strip club
Mission Objective: Defeat all enemies within the time limit
Locating this Mission: This mission is in the destroyed alleyway "13th Avenue". Go up the alley to the second dumpster, first one on the right and only one to give a health orb for destroying it. Just past the dumpster on the right side is a door with a symbol on it. Go up to it and press .

Completing this Mission as Dante: Head into the Secret Mission and you will find yourself back in the strip club. The enemies you will find here are your basic enemies that you have already encountered within the first few missions. Use whatever attacks or weapons you please to take care of the small wave of enemies within the 1 minute time frame.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This one is the exact same as Dante's.

Secret Mission #2: Untouchable
Location: Mission 5
Availability: After obtaining the Soul of Steel
Mission Objective: Defeat all four Enigmas without taking a single hit.
Locating this Mission: Follow the bridge that gave out in Mission 4 before the Gigapede fight and cross to the top landing. Once at the top landing, use the Soul of Steel to open the door. Once through the door head straight until you get to the elevator. On the opposite side of the elevator will be a trigger switch on the wall you have to use to activate the elevator. Instead examine the other red marking on the wall behind the elevator.

Completing this Mission as Dante: Once you enter the room there will be four Enigmas just waiting for you. I recommend using a Stinger on the first one and starting to attack using Rebellion. Jump out of the way of the enemies whenever they send out their flying daggers towards you. This mission is a tedious game of dodging enemy attacks. Jumping into the air and using your guns also helps out a bit in this mission. If you get hit and fail the mission, simply head back into the portal to try again. If you are having a difficult time with this one i recommend waiting and coming back later on in the game when you have better weapons and abilities or Devil Trigger.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: As Vergil you can simply stand back and use your Summoned Swords to take out these four enemies. Just stand back and get ready to stop firing your swords and roll out of the way if you find you are going to get hit by an attack. I recommend taking the far left one out, then the far right one and then the two in the middle as it will make it easier to dodge the enemies attacks when killed in this order.

Secret Mission #3: Death From Above
Location: Mission 7
Availability: Very beginning of the level
Mission Objective: Stay in the air for 20 seconds
Locating this Mission: At the very beginning of the mission before going through any doors at all. Stand in front of the first door and look to your right and you will notice a lamp on the wall. Wall jump up the wall and into a little alcove and examine the sword up top to start this secret mission.

Completing this Mission as Dante: For this one you can either attempt jumping and landing on the heads of each enemy to remain airborne for 20 seconds or you can simply run over to one of the doorways and let an enemy follow you here. Jump on one of their heads inside one of the alcove and try to pretend you are trying to jump out of that room. The enemies will all crowd down below you for you to just continually jump over and over and easily remain airborne for the 20 seconds.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: Vergil can not Air Hike so this one becomes a bit more difficult. The method is exactly the same though but if you need to use your style () to remain in the air for that few extra moments. Also don't be afraid if you fall out of the alcove, instead use the wall to perform wall jumps to stay in the air a bit longer to make up for the lack of Air Hikes.

Secret Mission #4: Devil's Teetor-totter
Location: Mission 8
Availability: As soon as the level starts
Mission Objective: Ride the elevator to the top.
Locating this Mission: As soon as the mission starts locate the broken bus on the bottom level. The door to the next area is near that bus. Instead of going through that door after destroying the spines, jump over the bus and continue down the alley. at the end of the alley there will be an invisible wall blocking you from the door. Destroy the wall with your sword and examine the blue door looking object.

Completing this Mission as Dante: This mission can become tedious. The object of the mission is to get on the elevator and ride it up. Not bad, eh? Well every few seconds a wave of four Prides join you on the platform, still not a problem? Well if you don't manage to defeat at least 3 of the 4 enemies before the next wave starts the elevator will become too heavy and start falling back to the ground and once it reaches the ground you will have to start over, now you see the problem here? I recommend using Agni & Rudra here as they have some fairly fast combos which can take out these guys rather quickly, or at least quick enough to stop the elevator from falling by the time you get to the next wave. Try to take the enemies out as a group and using the dual wielding swords you can do that without much difficulty. Also try to avoid falling off the elevator since there are no platform barriers to hold you up there. Once you defeat all five waves of enemies you will be at the top where you can collect your next Blue Fragment and clear this secret mission.

Completing this Mission as Vergil:

Secret Mission #5: Destroyer
Location: Mission 9
Availability: Any time during Mission 9
Mission Objective: Destroy all of the background objects with the time limit
Locating this Mission: This mission is located within the Limestone Caverns located through a waterfall from the main game. Once inside the caverns immediately notice that there is a hole in the wall right near the beginning. Jump inside this hole and follow the path until you get to a bunch of crystallized flowers on the floor along the right hand wall. Examine these flowers to enter the mission.

Completing this Mission as Dante: You will have 35 seconds to destroy all 50 objects in the bar scene from Mission 2. Run through with Agni & Rudra destroying everything that can be destroyed. The breakable items includes the tables, chairs and stools in the main bar area, the sign by the front door, the bottles along the window sills in the open area of the bar, two barrels inside the hall where you got the Shotgun, the jukeboxes and the two barrels behind them, the barrels between the bar counter and jukeboxes, all glass above the bar ledge hanging there and behind the bar on the shelves, the lone barrel behind the bar and finally the three barrels located above the bar on the bars ceiling. Once you destroy all of these items within the time limit you will be rewarded with the Blue Fragment for this Secret Mission and the Mission Clear screen. Don't worry about failing this one a few times, if you do fail it simply walk back into the room. The main objective to completing this is getting a path down where you can make it to all the objects and minimize running around the bar for nothing. I suggest going from the open area of the bar to the jukeboxes and such and making your way behind the bar and then finally finishing up top.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This one is exactly the same as Dante. Follow the same order and you shouldn't run into any problems. I recommend using Force Edge on this one as it contains the same abilities as Dante's Rebellion. You may come close with the time but once you figure out the proper order to destroy the objects it is still completely feasible.

Secret Mission #6: Flight of the Demon
Location: Mission 10
Availability: As soon as you activate the Stone Mask to raise the bridge
Mission Objective: Collect every red orb within the time limit
Locating this Mission: Once you use the stone mask on the statue on the wall in the Subterranean Lake a bridge will rise leading to the statue on the opposite side. Run across the bridge and jump up towards the statue. Instead of grabbing the glowing object in front of the statue head behind the statue on the right hand side of Dante while facing the statue. There will be a little orb sitting there. Examine it to start this Secret Mission.

Completing this Mission as Dante: For this Secret Mission you will absolutely need the Nevan Ability Air Raid. What you are going to want to do is start the mission flying away from the platform towards the mass of red orbs farthest from you out over the open away from the bridge so you can circle back to collect the rest of the upper red orbs and grab a White Orb as the final orb up top. Once that has been collected, deactivate Devil Trigger to conserve it and grab the three red orbs on the way to the mid layer. Once on the mid layer, activate Air Raid again and grab the rest of the red orbs in the line ahead of you. Once you collect all 40 orbs within the 30 seconds allotted, the Blue Fragment will appear on the bus down on the bottom floor.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This one is completely different from Dante's although still has the same theory on completing it. The layout is what changes here. Run through the tunnels up to the top bridge and follow the red orbs as they fall of the face of the cliff. Fall down and head towards the beginning of the level where Dante's starts. At that last platform you will notice that the last two orbs seem unreachable without an Air Hike. Instead of using an Air Hike you will need to use an upwards style vanish by holding forward + R1 + .

Secret Mission #7: Hang Ten
Location: Mission 11
Availability: Upon starting Mission 11
Mission Objective: Obtain the Blue Fragment within the time limit.
Locating this Mission: As soon as you start the mission, follow the blades towards the next door. Once you get to the other side do not go through the door, instead look at the platform with a glowing object on it. Grab the object (Devil Star) and Air Hike up to the platform above by jumping back a bit then jumping forward off the double jump to reach it. Once up top note the red circle on the wall. Examine it with to start the mission.

Completing this Mission as Dante: This mission will be rather close to defeat with anything less then 6 Devil Trigger Runes. If you have five you MIGHT make it really close to the wire. What you are going to want to do if you have 5 Runes is to start off the mission with a Stinger Level 2 right off the bat. As soon as you recover from the Stinger, activate Devil Trigger and run straight for the fragment ignoring all of the enemies along the way. If you have 6 Runes then just make a run for it from the get go. If you don't have enough Devil Trigger for it right now, come back through Mission Select when you feel you ahve enough Runes.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This mission is exactly the same as using Dante.

Secret Mission #8: Tough Guys
Location: Mission 13
Availability: Start of the Mission
Mission Objective: Defeat all of the enemies
Locating this Mission: Once you start Mission 13, defeat all the statues in the first hall and proceed through til you get to the staircase. Once you start heading down the spiral staircase you will notice green lights along the right wall. You will come to a red light about halfway down, examine this red light.

Completing this Mission as Dante: This secret Mission will come in three waves. The first wave will consist of 3 Arachne which are the smaller spider creatures. Once you take them out though two of the bigger Arachne will appear with a Hell Vanguard. Focus on whichever seems to be a bigger pain to you but notice that once the spiders are defeated you will be faced with another Hell Vanguard to present itself as Wave 3 by itself. This mission is just a matter of attacking smart and avoiding the Hell Vanguards until it is their turn to be taken out. Also note that when you kill the bigger spiders they will release those annoying little tiny spiders that can latch on to you and blow up so try to avoid these guys. once you take out all enemies in whichever fashion you prefer, grab your Blue Fragment and clear the mission.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This missions the exact same as Dante's.

Secret Mission #9: Target Practice
Location: Mission 13
Availability: Any time in Mission 13
Mission Objective: Don't let a single enemy escape
Locating this Mission: Once you get into the room of mirrors where you have to guide the light towards the statue hiding behind a closed gate behind a cracked wall, destroy the wall and right near the last mirror you have to destroy to allow the light to hit the statue there is a red alcove along the left wall. Jump up to see a red demon skull, investigate this skull.

Completing this Mission as Dante: For this one you are going to want to have upgraded guns as attacking with swords is out of the question here. You will be on a speeding tram cart while other carts will show up carrying enemies but lucky for you there will be bomb enemies so focus on them first to do some serious damage to the other enemies so you can finish them off quickly. The carts will speed up as the mission goes on so make sure to make as quick as possible work of the enemies as they start showing up. Once you destroy the last set of enemies the Secret Mission will clear and you will be allowed to snag your Blue Fragment.

Completing this Mission as Vergil:

Secret Mission #10: Guiding Light
Location: Mission 16
Availability: After destroying the wrecking ball in the Sun Chamber
Mission Objective: Solve the crystal puzzle
Locating this Mission: In the Sun Chamber you will need to hit a switch on the wall to make a wrecking ball drop. You must destroy the wrecking ball to move forward with the mission. Once the wrecking ball is destroyed you will have access to a new part of the room and on the right wall of the new area is a yellow spot. Examine this yellow spot to start the mission.

Completing this Mission as Dante: This one is rather difficult to be explained due to the fact that each time you enter the Secret Mission you will be presented with a new puzzle so I can't just tell you which mirrors to destroy. What you are going to have to do is solve this like any other of the mirror puzzles in the game. Just remember that there will always be one statue that is emitting the light beam and only one of the two statues will actually be able to have the light connect to it. Also remember that when it only shows one statue as a receiver doesn't mean that there isn't a statue hiding behind the cracked wall by the wall switch. Also note you can activate the wall switch to reset the puzzle so if you find a puzzle you think is easy enough to complete and mess up, use the switch to start the puzzle over. If you find the puzzle looks too complex and you don't want that puzzle, simply head back out of the room through the door and just go back in. Just remember, just because there are a lot of mirrors doesn't make the challenge any more difficult because in most cases it actually makes the challenge a bit easier to figure out. Once the puzzle is completed you will obtain the Mission Clear screen and you will be able to grab your Blue Fragment.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This one is the exact same as Dante's.

Secret Mission #11: On Pins And Needles
Location: Mission 17
Availability: Any time in Mission 17
Mission Objective: Avoid the spikes and obtain the blue orb
Locating this Mission: Once you get to the Pitch-Black Void area on the map you will see a staircase heading up to a door. You will remember a similar staircase where a Blue Fragment was found in an earlier mission. Above the stairs is a set of arch tops which you can stand on top of. Hop up to the middle lower arch top and notice the lion-like statue on the right side is glowing brighter then the others. Examine this statue to start the mission.

Completing this Mission as Dante: This mission isn't nearly as easy as it was during the main part of the game. The spikes come three times as fast and three times as many. They will only leave one quarter of the spiked area open which you must pass through. If you get hit you will get knocked back fairly far so be cautious. If you need to jump, DO NOT double jump as it will cause you to miss the next set of spikes unless you get really lucky. Also don't be afraid to run back towards the beginning to avoid getting hit while you set up your next move. Sometimes you need to go back to move forward a bit. Make it to the opposite side of the hallway and snag yourself the Blue Fragment to clear this Secret Mission.

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This mission is exactly the same as it was for Dante. You will not have the Air hike like Dante Has but you will still be able to clear the spikes with a well timed jump.

Secret Mission #12: Final Ascension
Location: MIssion 18
Availability: After the chess scene
Mission Objective: Obtain the Blue Fragment
Locating this Mission: Once you get to the part of the map called "Road to Despair" you will have to fight two of the angel-like enemies. Platforms will rise to bring you towards a mirror to jump through right on top of a foot. While looking at the mirror, head around the left side of the foot to more platforms. Follow the platforms and investigate the stone slab on the side of the heel with the writing on it to start this final Side Mission.

Completing this Mission as Dante: There really is no explanation to this one except a bit of practice and the accute usage of Trickster and the Air Hike techniques. You will need to wall run and double jump you way up the platforms and wait for the right time to jump from platform to platform. There is only one way up which is better shown then explained, so here is a video showing the path upwards:

Toggle Spoiler

Completing this Mission as Vergil: This one is a pain. You will need to follow the same path as you did with Dante. On the first jump up where you would have used Air Hike, you are going to need to jump, wall jump, slash towards the next platform and then use your style upwards to reach the platform. Then jump and then Air up style to the next platform. Once on the platform with the door, jump onto the block going in and out next to the platform and wait for the block to fully extends outwards. Once it starts going back in, jump, wall jump and style vanish once and you should land on the moving platform. Wait on that platform until you reach where the rotating moving platform going up and down. Jump onto it and maintain you balance on this platform until you can jump to the next rotating moving platform. Once that platform reaches the peak of height, jump towards the ledge with the fragment on it and air style upwards one last time to reach the platform.

To Hell with That
Kill 100 enemies during the credits.

Once you complete Mission 20 and view the final cutscene of the game you will be sent to the Credits screen. The credits will roll up the screen and put you in a small area where infinite enemies will spawn. The enemies that spawn are your normal HELL enemies so you shouldn't need much to take care of these guys. lady will also be helping you out and her kills also count towards your progression. The entire time you are fighting you will not see a Style Meter, instead there will be an enemy counter. Enemy number 100 will be a Hell Guardian but shouldn't take too much to defeat.

Once you see the Capcom logo on the screen in the middle, you will only have a few more seconds to get any more kills you need towards this trophy but you shouldn't need any more time then what is provided. Once you get to 100 enemies killed, start relaxing and have some fun defeating the rest of the enemies until the credits are done rolling, this is when you will receive the trophy.

You cannot switch weapons during the credits so hopefully you will have some good moves under your belt with Rebellion to make this an easier experience for you.

Blood, Sweat and Tears
Pass 666 levels in Bloody Palace Mode.

See Bloody Hell .

If going up the Fire Path and taking things 100 levels at a time you will receive this trophy while starting up Level 800.

Blood Donor
Pass 5000 levels in Bloody Palace Mode.

See Bloody Hell .

If you are going at this 100 levels at a time by using the Fire Portal you will receive this trophy after starting wave 5,100

Bloody Hell
Complete Bloody Palace Mode.

To unlock Bloody Palace you will need to complete the game once on any difficulty but I still advise you wait on completing the Palace until you unlock at least one Infinite Devil Trigger costume.

Bloody Palace is a series of battles one after the other after the other. Bloody palace will end when one of two things happens, you die or complete level 9,999. You may not use any items in this tower unlike DMC2 so you will have to rely on your portals for health.

I suggest waiting until you complete all other difficulties up until Heaven or Hell Mode before attempting this as it will give you some familiarity with the enemies and when playing on Dante Must Die difficulty, a look into the Devil Trigger enemy state which you will need to be familiar with nearing the end of the tower.

When completing any waves you will be presented with 3 different portals. The Water Portal will jump you up a single level but supply you with a nice Green Orb. The Lightning Portal will jump you up 10 levels and give you a Devil Trigger orb which is useless if you already have Infinite Devil Trigger. The Fire Portal will skip you up 100 levels but will not give you any sort of items.

When progressing through the Bloody Palace you will have to fight a boss regardless to which portal you choose after every ten portals.

The enemies in the Palace will be completely randomized as will the boss fights so make sure you are prepared and know the bosses. Boss fights will also repeat so depending on your luck you may have an easy time with this or you may be unlucky enough to have to fight Vergil fight 3 or jester fight 3 over and over and over again.

Starting at Wave 9000 the enemies will be in Constant Devil Trigger form. They will have four times as much health and do twice as much damage as they did before. The bosses will also be in Devil Trigger state so try to use the Fire portal here as much as possible to make your way through these last 1000 floors as fast as possible.

I recommend going through this in Infinite Devil Trigger form and using the Fire Portal as much as you possibly can and only resort to a Water Portal here and there to replenish some health.

Devilish Deed
Achieve an S Rank on any mission with any character.

See Hellish Honor .

Hellish Honor
Achieve an S Rank on all missions (any difficulty or character).

To get this trophy you will NEED to obtain at least an S or SS rank on every mission of a single difficulties playthrough.

To obtain an S or SS rank on each mission you will have to fulfill certain criteria. I recommend doing this after completing Dante Must Die difficulty so you know the levels and you know the enemies and where they will be spawning. You should also know which fights you can get away with skipping and which ones you will need to hang around and complete.

For the S rank you will be graded on the following criteria:

Time - Each level has their own time frame in which the level should be completed. I suggest using an Infinite Devil Trigger Costume for this as Devil Trigger will make your character move much faster then normal. Skip any fights you don't need to complete the level or attain Red Orbs. Quickly defeat any enemies you come across but try to use a variation of attacks to build your Style Meter up.

Red Orbs - Red Orbs can be found throughout the levels, given to you through the environment. You also get them more frequently from defeating enemies. The higher your style meter is, the more red orbs you will get. Each level has a certain amount of Red Orbs you will need to collect.

Style - Your style is based on how high you get your style meter throughout the level and how long you keep it there. Using a variation of moves against opponents will build this meter up. Each enemy you kill will net you points towards this category and obviously the higher the style meter is the more points will be awarded to this category at the end of the mission. Try to learn ways to get your style meter up and keep it there.

Damage - Damage taken from the level will increase this score but that is not what you want. You want this score as close to 0 as possible. Avoid all enemy attacks as much as you can and try not to get hit at all. Having an infinite Devil Trigger costume will let you go through the entire level in Devil Trigger and thus you will suffer less damage even when you are hit.

Items Used - The more items you use in a level the higher this score will become, but much like damage you don't want this score to increase, instead you want it as close to 0 as possible also. Any items you use including health items, devil stars, holy waters, gold orbs, or yellow orbs all increase this score. You will basically not be allowed to use any items while going for this. The only item you would even have the option of using throughout your S rank playthrough would be Holy Waters since you can't take damage so using health items is useless let alone using continuing items such as Yellow or Gold orbs and you should be using an Infinite Devil Trigger costume so Devil Stars are useless.

Complete all 20 missions with an S or SS rank and you will get this trophy. You can check the progress of this trophy when you go into your status menu and view your Total Ranking.

You can obtain all S ranks for each category, 3 S ranks and 2 A ranks, or 4 S ranks and 1 B rank to obtain an overall S rank or better.

I recommend doing this trophy on the Easy difficulty as the requirements are more lenient and fulfilling the requirements becomes much easier also.

Man's Best Friend
Defeat Cerberus.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

You will find Cerberus awaiting you at the end of Mission 3.

Cerberus is a three headed dog that has five attack points on his body and all of them are covered in ice. Each head has a different attack and each of his heads will rotate and take turns being the one in control. He can swipe with his front legs at you when you are in close range no matter which head is in control and he will be able to charge at you no matter which head is in control as well. One head will summon ice falling from the ceiling which you will need to run from to avoid, jumping here will just result in you getting hurt. Another head will blow ice on the ground and if you land on the ice you will turn into a block of ice. The final head will have the power to shoot iceballs at you from its mouth.

For this fight you are going to want to use your guns to shoot off the ice from the Cerberus. Once you have shot off the ice, head in for some attacks using Rebellion. Once you get him to about half health he will turn red and cover himself in ice again. Destroy the ice again and repeat the process of taking his life down with Rebellion until one of the three heads explodes and falls off. He will cover himself in ice again at this point. Repeat the tedious process until he loses another head at which time he will cover himself in ice yet again. Take out the ice and take him out using your Rebellion again.

Once you defeat him you will be rewarded with a new melee weapon as well as this trophy.

Pest Control
Defeat Gigapede.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

You will find Gigapede awaiting you near the end of Mission 4.

Gigapede is a bit of a pain to deal with the first time around. He flies through the level from hole to hole and you have to shoot him in any of his segments to damage him. He will attack you with different colored orbs. The purple ones will just try to go straight for you so try to keep an object between you and the Gigapede when he sends these orbs flying towards you. He also has Blue orbs he will send out which will become little lightning bolts that coast along the bottom floor towards you. An easy way to avoid these is to hop up to the upper level of this room. He will also sometimes shoot lightning from his body on the ground along the ground, to avoid this you can't be on the bottom floor.

While he is flying and you aren't avoiding his attacks, the only thing that is effective that you can really do is to shoot him using either Ebony & Ivory or the Shotgun which isn't really good to use once the Gigapede isn't directly near you. I recommend just sticking with your pistols and taking him out a little bit at a time while he goes from hole to hole.

Once he is destroyed you will receive your trophy and shortly after finish up the mission.

Double Trouble
Defeat Agni and Rudra.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

Agni and Rudra are a duo of bosses you will meet in the end of Mission 5.

Agni and Rudra can become a pain to defeat rather quickly. They attack one after the other and tend to block quite a bit. They use basic attacks such as sword swings and stingers and such when they are fighting together. I recommend trying to take these guys down rather evenly in hopes that one will not gain the powers of the other as one wields the power of wind while the other wields the power of fire. If you take them out one at a time I guarantee that by the time you get the second one to half health remaining he will gain the powers of his fallen comrade by taking his sword. Watch out for his attacks if he does this. He will use both swords to melee for some heavy hits. Another attack he likes to use at this point is to create a whirlwind above him so you can't get to him and send out little swords made of fire attacking in all directions.

During the attacks, try to do your best to avoid them from both enemies or the one remaining while you attack with a combination of your guns and your melee weapon of choice. As a duo they are a bit more manageable but as one you will really have to keep an eye on him and get ready to dodge all of his attacks. Once both have been defeated you will receive this trophy and the Agni & Rudra swords.

Sibling Rivalry
Survive an encounter with Vergil.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

You will find your ever loving brother Vergil awaiting you at the very end of Mission 7.

Vergil is basically cut and copy of Nelo Angelo from the first game with different moves. He acts and moves one in the same as Nelo which is fine since they are one in the same. Vergil's fight quickly becomes a Melee battle where he will use quick combos to break through yours and deal you a nice bit of damage. Vergil also likes to deflect your attacks and parry a lot when he isn't blocking so be wary of this, especially once his life is close to being gone. He will also attempt to hit you using magic oriented attacks that surround his sword attacks. He will also evade your attacks by teleporting away from you or towards you which will result in him appearing directly behind you. Watch out for this accumulation of attacks and take the offense whenever possible. When you see an opening, head in for a few good solid hits on him with a nice decent combo. Once the combo finishes or you see him winding up for an attack, get out of his way. Don't try to just rush in and think you are invincible because Vergil won't have a problem proving otherwise. Take your time and wait for the right openings to head in for your attack. Once Vergil is downed you will receive this trophy and at last Devil Trigger.

Inside Out
Defeat the Heart of Leviathan.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

You will encounter the heart of the Leviathan in the end of Mission 8.

Once the battle against the hearts starts you will be encountering three seperate hearts. One on the left, one on the right and one in the middle. The hearts spawn infinite enemies two at a time here so I recommend going into this fight using Agni & Rudra. The right side heart will absorb your Devil Trigger, the heart on the left side will absorb red orbs and both of these hearts have half a health bar a piece. Take these guys out first while avoiding the enemies that are going to be spawning the whole fight as you defeat them. Once the two of them are defeated then focus on the one in the middle which is the only real one that matters but he tends to stay shielded until the other two hearts are out of the way. You will be able to deal 1/3 of his health bars worth of damage if you are quick enough before he won't take damage anymore and re-summons the other two hearts. Once they are summoned again take them out but be wary of the heart in the middle this time. The heart in the center will swipe the entire field a few times using a laser beam. Repeat the same process as before though by taking out the first two hearts and focusing on the last until it doesn't take any more damage. Again, the other two hearts will summon and you will have to take them out. The heart in the center will either use the same laser as before or he will throw out numerous electrical orbs your way. Evade them and focus on the smaller hearts until you can get to the bigger one. Once you can get to the bigger one attempt to take it out once and for all. If you are unable to defeat it in this third attempt you will just ahve to have another go at it using the same method of taking out the smaller hearts and focusing on the main one. Once the center hearts' health is completely diminished you will receive this trophy.

Lightning in a Bottle
Defeat Nevan.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

You will encounter Nevan near the end of Mission 9.

Nevan is a boss that can control bats and electricity. She also has a good amount of shadow powers at her disposal making her dangerous at all ranges. To damage her though you will need to take out the swarm of bats surrounding her but be careful, getting too close will result in her using shadow cloak attacks to push you away. While far from her she will shoot the ground and will electrify the whole thing so jump when the floor turns white. She also has a tendency that if you are jumping around summoning a lightning bolt from the ground up towards you but this can be dodged fairly easily. Another attack she uses is to summon little lightning balls and sending them flying towards you, jump up and away from these. Another attack is to create a dual set of orbs either vertically or horizontally creating a lightning bolt between the orbs and sends them flying towards you. Jump over these orbs or move to the side or between them depending on which way they are coming in. Once she is low on health she will turn really small and try to run up to you and grab you, if she does she can do some SERIOUS damage so avoid this attack most of all.

To defeat her use a combination of guns and swords to hack away at her while the bats are surrounding her to remove of these pests, once they have all been diminished hack away as much as you can at her until she coils up into her shadow and disappears. She will reappear on the other side of the map and continue attacking and summon more bats. Repeat this process over and over while avoiding her attacks the best you can to take her down. Once you finish taking her down you will be rewarded with this trophy and a new weapon, Nevan, an electric guitar/scythe.

Lights Out
Defeat Beowulf.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

Beowulf will threaten your existence at the end of Mission 11.

Beowulf doesn't have many attacks that are hard to dodge. He will turn into a wolf where he runs on all fours towards you and swipes at you with his front legs. He will change formations to standing on his back legs only rather often. When on his back legs he will melee you with his hands. When he transforms back to "wolf" mode he usually creates a light around him that will damage you, stay out of this light. Also when you get him to half health he will start summoning pillars in front of him and try smacking them at you, but if you are close enough to Beowulf that they are being summoned behind you these won't hurt you so go to town on Beowulf during these parts.

Defeating Beowulf just depends on waiting for an opportune time to strike. Once the opportunity presents itself, take advantage of it. keep clear of his melee attacks by attacking him a few times and then jumping or rolling out of the way. For the light attack, simply jump away from him to avoid it. When he starts summoning the pillars, sneak your way up close to him and start going to town on him to get some good damage in on him. Once you defeat him you will earn your trophy.

Rough Rider
Defeat Geryon.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

Geryon will try to trample your life in the end of Mission 12.

When you first encounter Geryon he will be going from one end of a bridge to the other trying to trample you. Stay off to the sides and when he gets close jump into the air to avoid getting trampled. Shoot him with your guns to get some early damage on him. Once you damage him enough by shooting him during his drive-bys he will start trying to hit you with blue electrical orbs. Avoid these by jumping or evading and continue shooting at Geryon until he falls through the bridge.

Once the bridge gives out you will encounter Geryon in a colosseum where he will run around the arena shooting orbs at you. Avoid these orbs and keep shooting at him until he stops running around and starts attacking you with more orbs. Once he stops, run over to him and release a rampage of attacks on him to knock him down. Once he is knocked down continue your rampage on him until he gets back up. Once he gets back up he will be a bit faster and hit a bit harder but keep repeating the process until he is defeated as his tactics barely change.

Once he is defeated you will receive this trophy and the Skill 'Quicksilver'.

Brotherly Love
Fight Vergil a second time and prevail.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

Vergil's second appearance will come a the end of Mission 13.

Vergil is boring, he hasn't really changed from this fight since the last fight with the exceptions that he is more aggressive and that he will make use of his nelo Angelo form (Devil Form) when he can. He primarily uses the same attacks during this fight as he did in the fight prior to this one. just like last time, wait for an opening and go in for some melee damage. Whenever he goes Devil Trigger I recommend you do also if you have it available to minimize damage taken and be on the same playing field as Vergil.

Take your time and this fight should't prove to be more then a simple task to overcome. Once Vergil is beaten again you will receive this trophy.

That's Not Lady-Like
Defeat Lady.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

You will encounter the infamous Lady in Mission 16.

Lady isn't that difficult to defeat as she focuses all of her attacks in the long ranged field. She will throw grenades and shoot rockets at you and when you get too close she will use a grappling hook to try to get away from you. Her rockets are the harder things to avoid while her grenades are easy to dodge. Jump to move out of the way of everything and try to get in close enough to melee her. If you can get one or two good hits on her you will knock her off balance and you will be able to go in for more hits before she gets back up and grapples away from you. After damaging her a bit she will try to sneak her way up to the bookshelves where she will throw lots of grenades down towards you. Avoid these and jump up to the shelves and unleash a few attacks on her.

Overall she isn't very difficult to defeat once you get in close so don't be bashful about going in for attacks. Once you defeat her you will get this trophy and the gun Kalina Ann.

Step into the Light
Defeat Doppelganger.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

Doppleganger will await in the shadows in the end of Mission 17

Doppleganger is a shadow that has all the same moves as you. Not only does he have the same moves but he is in a constant Devil Trigger and can manipulate the shadows. He will attack you from under you by turning the ground black and sending a shadow wave at you. The point of this fight is to open the switches on the walls to let light in which if Doppleganger is close to them then he will get stunned by the light. You are going to want to try opening all the switches on the wall so that all six switches are letting light in and let the last switch hit and stun Doppleganger to allow you enough time to get some big damage in on him before he jumps back to the middle and simultaneously closes all the switches. He will attempt to close them if you let him get on the opposite side of the screen by shooting black orbs at the switches in which case you have to go and open the switch back up. Other then his melee and his shadow attack from below you this boss isn't very difficult to deal with. Defeat hi to obtain this trophy and the 'Doppleganger' Skill.

Defeat Arkham.

This is a Story Related trophy and CANNOT be missed.

Arkham will be awaiting you at the end of Mission 19.

Arkham is a giant blob with arms. He doesn't really have much attack power to him, he can swipe at you with his arms, try to jump on you, and lunge himself at you but that is just about the extent of his attacking abilities making him rather easy to defeat. The hard part comes when he leaps up and off the screen. You will notice it rain down some goo from the sky and the goo under you will create massive amounts of these snake-like enemies. These guys can be taken out like any other enemies but be careful because they WILL swarm all around you. Take them out and make Arkham appear again so you can unleash some more wrath upon him.

Once Arkham is about 66% defeated he will get stronger and attack faster and harder but you will have an ally with you, that is right, Vergil will join in on the fight to help you out, however he really sin't that much help. you can call him over to you to help attack but it really does come at a price. While Vergil is in the fight alongside of you, you will not be able to trigger Devil Trigger which will make the battle take a bit longer since Vergil is essentially useless except for being a scapegoat. If Arkham grabs you then you will get the opportunity to play as Vergil and attack Arkham to make him release Dante.

Overall this is the second to last boss and is probably the second easiest to defeat. Once you complete this fight against Arkham you will receive this trophy and clear the second to last mission.

Big Spender
Purchase all Devil Arm skills with Dante.

For this trophy you are going to need to upgrade all of Dante's Devil Arms in the customization menu. You will need 243,500 Red Orbs to purchase all Devil Arm upgrades. Once you purchase all upgrades you will receive this trophy. After one full playthrough you may still not have enough to purchase all of these upgrades. Refer to the tips & Strategies section for grinding red orbs if you only plan to do one playthrough as Dante, if you plan on doing more as Dante you will receive enough orbs for this in your second playthrough.

Rebellion Devil Arms:

Stinger - 2,500 Red Orbs

Stinger Level 2 - 10,000 Red Orbs

Drive - 10,000 Red Orbs

Air Hike - 20,000 Red Orbs

Cerberus Devil Arms:

Revolver: Level 2 - 15,000 Red Orbs

Windmill - 7,500 Red Orbs

Agni & Rudra Devil Arms:

Jet-Stream: Level 2 - 10,000 Red Orbs

Jet-Stream: Level 3 - 15,000 Red Orbs

Whirlwind - 7,500 Red Orbs

Air Hike - 20,000 Red Orbs

Nevan Devil Arms:

Reverb Shock - 7,500 Red Orbs

Reverb Shock: Level 2 - 15,000 Red Orbs

Bat Rift: Level 2 - 10,000 Red Orbs

Air Raid - 20,000 Red Orbs

Volume Up - 20,000 Red Orbs

Beowulf Devil Arms: (Beowulf is located in Mission 14. In the beginning search the base of the destroyed area you fought Vergil on in Mission 13)
Straight: Level 2 - 10,000 Red Orbs

Beast Uppercut - 7,500 Red Orbs

Rising Dragon - 15,000 Red Orbs

Air Hike - 20,000 Red Orbs

Who's Laughing Now
Defeat Jester in all of his forms

You first encounter the Jester in Mission 5. In this fight against Jester he will shield himself from attacks using a dome that he covers himself with and shoots these giant bubbles at you. He isn't very difficult to take down with normal Rebellion moves here.

The second time you are going to encounter the Jester is in Mission 12. This fight against the Jester takes place after the revolving bridge area when you go through the door with the the spiral staircase inside. There will be a Statue of Time and the floor will be getting electrocuted but the electrocution will not hurt you. Step inside and examine it and you will be transported to the Jester's lair where he will fight you again. This round against the Jester isn't any different then the first fight, as a matter of fact it is easier due to the fact you have more weapons to use on him, more abilities unlocked, more health, and most importantly the use of Devil Trigger. Take him out using whichever weapons you prefer but be sure to avoid the annoying bubbles he uses as weaponry.

The third and final fight against the Jester comes in Mission 17. While in the God-cube Chamber, head up until you reach the big red door. Once inside that door you will see a Statue of Time immediately. Keep going on that main platform and you will see an electrical storm in the middle of the path. Head inside the electrical storm and press to activate fight 3. The Jester in this fight isn't much different then the first two rounds but will change a lot for the final part of the fight. So just avoid his bubbles for the first two segments of the fight and on the third segment he will summon a moon and stand on it. While on it he will summon bubbles to fly at you but don't stay in one spot because he will also be summoning a red hand from the ground to try to grab you. Keep shooting at him until he goes in the middle, but don't get too close to the moon or it will explode and damage you rather heavily. Once eh is in the middle on the moon he will barricade the level into four sections. With you in just 1/4 of the map he will summon more bubbles to round the level trying to hit you with them. You can avoid these by sidestepping while you shoot. Keep shooting at Jester until he is defeated. Once he is defeated collect your orbs and leave the arena and you will receive this trophy so long as you have defeated him the first two times as well.

The Path Less Traveled
Clear every mission in Yellow Orb Mode.

For this trophy you are going to need to complete all 20 Missions on Yellow Orb Mode. Yellow Orb Mode is not as forgiving as Gold Orb Mode is. The main difference between the two is the use of continues. In Yellow Orb mode you can collect and buy up to 99 Yellow Orbs for use as continuing. If you have no Yellow Orbs on you and die then you will have to reload your last save file so make sure to save frequently in this mode. If you do have Yellow Orbs when you die and you choose to use them, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint and all enemies after that checkpoint will have respawned and any damage done to bosses is reversed and they regain full health.

In Gold Orb however, you basically have unlimited continues which will send you back to the last checkpoint like the Yellow Orbs did. However, in Gold Orb mode you can carry up to 3 Gold Orbs that will revive you on the spot.

For this trophy I recommend completing the game on easy mode. You will need to collect yourself 3 Yellow Orbs and die 3 times within the first 3 missions. This will unlock Easy Mode. Easy Mode is much more forgiving then even Normal and makes this trophy rather easy to achieve. You CAN do this on Normal if you are a good DMC player to alleviate a playthrough on your way to platinum, however, I recommend doing it on Easy as Dante and playing the rest of the game on a New Game using Gold Orb Mode as Vergil.

Once you complete all 20 missions on any difficulty as any character while on Yellow Orb Mode you will receive this trophy.

Trend Setter
Reach the highest level in all Styles with Dante.

For this trophy you will need to upgrade each of your styles to their max level which is level 3. You will also need to already have the Doppleganger and Quicksilver Styles which you get through the normal progression of the game. You cannot upgrade either of those two styles, only the four you start the game with. I recommend using one style until you fully upgrade it and then switch to another one. Start out with the most useless one for your style of gaming so that in the later missions where it starts to get a bit harder you can use the styles that would suit your play style without a waste in earning experience towards those styles. To get experience using the styles you don't have to actually use them, just have them equipped and defeat enemies. Each enemy offers a different amount of experience towards the styles being upgraded but bosses give the most points towards them. Once you complete the game once you are still going to need to do some grinding if you are only playing through Dante's playthrough once. During the normal course of the game you should be able to style at least one or two, maybe even three up to their max. To grind out the rest I suggest going into Mission 18 and defeating all of the bosses in the game again. If you haven't used a style once at all and go into Mission 18 you will need to complete all the boss fights between 2 and 3 times to completely max out the style and it shouldn't take too long to accomplish this. This is by far the fastest method to upgrade the styles as you are only fighting those that give the most experience. Here is a list of the styles you need to upgrade and how much it takes to upgrade them. You can check in your equip menu how much progress you ahve towards whatever style you have equipped.

Level 2 - 30,000 Points
Level 3 - 99,999 Points

Level 2 - 30,000 Points
Level 3 - 99,999 Points

Level 2 - 30,000 Points
Level 3 - 99,999 Points

Level 2 - 30,000 Points
Level 3 - 99,999 Points

Locked 'n' Loaded
Reach the highest level for any gun with Dante.

For this trophy you simply have to completely upgrade just one of Dante's guns. Ebony & Ivory are the easiest ad fastest to fully upgrade so I recommend working on them since you will more then likely be using them most of your game. Here is a list of all the guns Dante comes across and how much it is to max them out:

Ebony & Ivory:
Level 1: 5,000 Red Orbs
Level 2: 10,000 Red Orbs

Shotgun: (Obtained in Mission 3 hanging on the wall of the bar before the strip club)
Level 1: 10,000 Red Orbs
Level 2: 20,000 Red Orbs

Artemis: (Obtained in Mission 6 for completing all three trials and gaining all three Essences)
Level 1: 10,000 Red Orbs
Level 2: 20,000 Red Orbs

Spiral: (Obtained in Mission 9 in the Subterranean Lake room. Hop on the pillars leading to the high platform located opposite the Statue of Time)
Level 1: 7,500 Red Orbs
Level 2: 15,000 Red Orbs

Kalina Ann: (Obtained for defeating Lady)
Level 1: 5,000 Red Orbs
Level 2: 10,000 Red Orbs

Maximize Your Health
Max out the Health Bar with Dante.

For this trophy you are going to need to collect all of the fragments in the game and purchase all of the available Blue Orbs from the Store. You will need 130,000 Red Orbs to purchase all of the Blue Orbs from the store. Here is a list of all the costs for each Blue Orb from the store and the location of all the Fragments located throughout the game. If you miss any or can't yet destroy a statue or complete a Secret Mission, you can come back to them later on using Mission Select.

Store Blue Orb #1 - 5,000 Red Orbs.

Store Blue Orb #2 - 10,000 Red Orbs.

Store Blue Orb #3 - 15,000 Red Orbs

Store Blue Orb #4 - 20,000 Red Orbs

Store Blue Orb #5 - 30,000 Red Orbs

Store Blue Orb #6 - 50,000 Red Orbs

Mission 1 - 0 Fragments:

Mission 2 - 0 Fragment:

Mission 3 - 3 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - Once you leave the strip club, you will come out into a destroyed alley. Follow the alley up and you will see it floating on a ledge to your right near a couple of red orbs.

Fragment 2 - On the opposite side of the alley from Fragment one there will be a statue that you can target. Target the statue and destroy it for this fragment. You will need to hit this statue with a B rank combo with Rebellion.

Fragment 3 - Secret Mission 1

Mission 4 - 1 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - Continue through the level normally until you get to the part where you go up a giant elevator and come to a room where you get ambushed and ahve to clear the enemies before you can have access to the Green Door. Once you defeat all of the enemies, hop up on the rail to the right of the green door and hop up onto the pipe above. once on the pipe above, walk along the pipe towards the center of the green door. once you are lined up you should see the Blue Fragment in a hole above the Green Door. Jump to the wall below the Blue Fragment and wall jump up to it.

Mission 5 - 2 Fragment:

Fragment 1 - Once you get the Soul of Steel, make your way back to the stair bridge that broke out from beneath you right before the Gigapede fight. Go across and there will be a statue on the top landing platform. You will need to perform an A rank combo with the Cerberus weapon to destroy this statue. Once the statue is destroyed you will receive this Blue Fragment.

Fragment 2 - Secret Mission #2

Mission 6 - 1 Fragment:

Fragment 1 - After inserting either two or three Essences in the machine at the beginning of Mission 6 and blowing up the debris in front of the main door, head through and you will find a statue to the left of Dante. You will need an A rank combo using the Agni & Rudra to destroy the statue.

Mission 7 - 3 Fragment:

Fragment 1 - Secret Mission 3

Fragment 2 - Once you start the level head through the door. You will see a platform that can launch you up really high. and a pit you can jump down. Instead of jumping down, head all the way until you get to the green door. Once you go through the green door take the staircase up towards the next door but do not go in yet. Instead of going in, jump near the top of the staircase to see an arch top with another arch top above it. Hop onto the first arch top and use that one to jump to the one above it. You will have to careful jump across the very top arch tops to the Blue Fragment located on the third arch top farthest from the top of the stairs.

Fragment 3 - Once you acquire the Siren's Shriek item the door leading back the way you came and a door leading to the Lift Room will open. Go through the new door into the Lift Room and there will be a statue at the bottom of the staircase on the right hand side. This statue will require a SSS Combo with Rebellion to break. If you cannot break it now then come back at another time when you either have Devil Trigger or more abilities.

Mission 8 - 3 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - Secret Mission 4

Fragment 2 - In the very first area where you are breaking the spines to go through the door located near the bus, head in the direction down the alley towards where you went for Secret Mission 4. Instead of being on the lower level however you want to be on the ledge to the left of Dante while looking at the Secret Mission's entrance. Hop up there and you will see one of the spines you have to destroy to gain access to the next part of the mission. Right behind that you will see a ship with the front crashed into the wall near you. Air Hike over the face on the front of the ship and into the ship where you will find this hidden Blue Fragment.

You can also get this fragment by heading up and across the bridge towards one of the spines required to open the door and instead of heading that way go over to the Red Orb crystal and jumping off of that ledge and down onto the ship.

Fragment 3 - While progressing through the game normally you will get to a point where you will have to fight enemies to collect a Ignus Fatuus. Once collected you will go back into a different set of tunnels within the Leviathan's intestine. One the left hand side keep an eye out for openings. There will be two of them, one leading to a green orb and the other leading to a Statue you will need to perform an SS Combo on with Cerberus to destroy. Once destroyed you will obtain your Blue Fragment.

Mission 9 - 2 Fragment:

Fragment 1 - Once you get to the Subterranean Garden you will notice there is a Statue of Time located across from the door which will lead you onwards with the mission. Use this Statue of Time to change your Style to Trickster if it isn't already set as this. Next your going to want to go to the wall panel directly to Dante's left when facing the statue. Use to wall run up the wall and backflip off. Once you are clear of the overhang immediatly jump again using Air Hike to reach a hole in the wall with a hallway leading to the Blue Fragment. This may seem to be rather difficult but it is all about timing that Air Hike properly.

Fragment 2 - Secret Mission 5

Mission 10 - 2 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - In the Subterranean Lake make your way below the platform where you receive the Spiral gun. There will be a statue there that you must use Nevan on to destroy with at least a B Combo.

Fragment 2 - Secret Mission 6

Mission 11 - 3 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - Secret Mission 7

Fragment 2 - Head through the door to leave the giant blades and into the Altar of Evil Pathway. As soon as you walk through the door jump onto the pipe above the door. Next jump to the next pipe up on the right side of the screen and follow the pipe to an alcove which houses the Blue Fragment.

Fragment 3 - Upon entering the Temperance Wagon, head down the stairs to the lower platform, look along the staircase wall for an opening underneath the staircase. In this opening there will be a statue you must destroy using Agni & Rudra with an SS Combo.

Mission 12 - 0 Fragment:

Mission 13 - 3 Fragment:

Fragment 1 - Secret Mission 8

Fagment 2 - Once you get to Obsidian Path you will notice a Statue of Time adjacent to a door and near an alcove with a White Orb inside of it. Switch to Nevan and head down the only hallway ahead where you will come to a statue that you will need to use Nevan to preform an SS Combo on to destroy.

Fragment 3 - Secret Mission 9

Mission 14 - 2 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - While heading on the path past the destroyed area where you find Beowulf you will come to a statue that you will need to use Beowulf on to achieve a C Combo to destroy. Once destroyed you can grab the Blue Fragment. This statue is unmissable as you need to destroy it to proceed through the level.

Fragment 2 - This fragment basically can't be missed. Once you get to the part where you are traveling through gates and taking out stone statues to open the next sets of gates you will eventually come to the last set of enemies guarding a gate. Defeat the enemies and the gate will open and the Blue Fragment will be sitting there right in front of your face. You MUST go through these gates to proceed through the mission.

Mission 15 - 1 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - While looking for the Orihalcon Fragments you will activate the wall switch and come to the Top Subterra Lack. Once here go through the blue door and grab the Orihalcon Fragment and head back out. Use the switch on the wall until the green orb is facing down. Once it is facing down head through the door you came in through to enter the Marble Throughway. Head down the spiral staircase until you reach a dead end. There will be a "The Fallen" enemy. you ca jump down at the break in the path in the far right corer from the door which will drop you down to the Underground Arena. Run along the bottom of the arena and you will see the Blue Fragment sitting on a rock.

Mission 16 - 1 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - Secret Mission 10

Mission 17 - 3 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - On the bottom floor of the God-cube room is a statue in which you will need to perform an SSS Rank Combo on to destroy, destroy the statue and collect this Blue Fragment.

Fragment 2 - Once you get into the God-cube Chamber take the blocks on the northern side of the room up until you get to a grate looking door. Head through and you will be in the Firestorm Chamber. here you will have to fight a few enemies to unlock the doors but it isn't anything difficult. Once the enemies are defeated proceed forward into the Azure Garden where you will see a Statue of Time. Head out from the room and into the open area where you will see stairs. Follow the stairs up to a broken piece of wall which reveals another room. The Blue Fragment is just inside this room.

Fragment 3 - Secret Mission 11

Mission 18 - 2 Fragments:

Fragment 1 - Secret Mission 12

Fragment 2 - Once you complete four boss battles in the room with the labyrinth stairs a mirror will appear to complete the mission. Instead of jumping through the mirror, complete the other four boss battles and this will fully crack the main statue in the center when all the lights light up and a Blue Fragment will come down to you from the sky.

Mission 19 - 0 Fragments:

Mission 20 - 0 Fragments:

Give 'em Hell
Max out the Devil Trigger Gauge with Dante.

For this trophy you will need to Max out your Devil Trigger Gauge by purchasing Purple Orbs from the store. You will need a total of 84,000 Red Orbs to purchase all of these Orbs. By the end of the game, depending on how you spent your Red Orbs before, you may need to grind out some more Red Orbs to purchase all of these. For grinding Red Orbs see the Tips & Strategies section for a fast method to obtaining Red Orbs. Here is the cost of each of the Purple Orbs in the game.

Store Purple Orb #1: 3,000 Red Orbs

Store Purple Orb #2: 5,000 Red Orbs

Store Purple Orb #3: 7,000 Red Orbs

Store Purple Orb #4: 9,000 Red Orbs

Store Purple Orb #5: 10,000 Red Orbs

Store Purple Orb #6: 20,000 Red Orbs

Store Purple Orb #7: 30,000 Red Orbs

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