Online Trophies:1 French Connection
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum:3 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs:1
Collectible Trophies:No
Missable Trophies:No
Glitched Trophies:No

The Monte Carlo Track Pack is the next installment of the DiRT 3 DLC, this pack adds some new events to the Offline DiRT Tour for all those people seeking more from this very good game.

[top]Tips & Strategies

As most people will be familar with the game already please see DiRT 3 Trophy Guide

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are no Cheats, Glitches or Exploits that affect the trophies in this game.


When you first start this game up head to the DiRT Tour to gain La Grande Victoire, After that head to Singleplayer to knock over Against the Clock, After gaining this you should be halfway to The Tourist so you can head online to finish this off along with French Connection or head back offline to drive the rest of your miles


La Grande Victoire
Achieve first place in all DiRT Tour Monte Carlo Events.

This DLC adds some new events to the Single player DIRT Tour as you make have noticed buy the races and are blacked out and have BUY on them.

The new events are found in the following seasons and events:

Season 1 (1 event)
Brembo Blast - Lantosque Historic Run

Season 2 (2 events)
Rampage - La Bollene Legends
Offroad Rush - Alpine Open Cup

Season 3 (2 events)
Gold Series - Castillon Trophy
International Skirmish - Riveria Open

Season 4 (2 events)
All Stars Show Down - Battle in Luceram
Masters Championship - Le Seuil Legends

As with From DiRT to Glory on the main game just achieve a first place finish on each event.
If you're having any trouble just set your difficulty at Beginner.

Against the Clock
Complete a Time Trial in Monte Carlo.

For this you need to go back to the main menu>Singleplayer>Time Trial
As all the track included with this DLC are rally events select Rally>Monte Carlo as your location.
What track you pick and car you use will not affect this trophy, all you have to do in complete the Time Trial, you do not have to set a specific time.

The Tourist
Drive in excess of 100 miles (161 km) in Monte Carlo.

Coming first in all the new events in the DiRT Tour will allow get you around 50 miles, if you have a friend you can complete the rest online which will help you towards Super Star if you don't have it already,

Or you can complete this trophy by re-racing the DiRT Tour events or complete Time Trials to get to 100 miles

French Connection
Win an online race in Monte Carlo (Jam Session).

This is easily boosted, just grab a friend and set up a Jam Session on a Monte Carlo track for your party, just trade your wins and the trophy is that easy.

If you don't have a friend to boost with you will need to do a custom search in Pro Tour for a race that is in a Monte Carlo track, this could be difficult as there are very few people who have the DLC content so to find a game on the search could take some time.

Best bet is to boost.

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