Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1 Day
100% Difficulty: Medium/Hard


A remake of the classic PC game, Digger HD brings together classic Arcade style gameplay with HD graphics and gameplay.

[top]Tips & Strategies



Complete 20 levels in a row in Co-op Arcade mode

Just like it says. Hopefully this will be easier than regular arcade since you've got double diggers. Just stick to the stratigies you would use in arcade and you'll live.

Perform 7 combos in a single level in Arcade mode

Combos are when you collect eight gems in a row. You'll know that you got one when you see the 250 points over your Digger. Just pick a level with a lot of gems and this will be cakewalk.

Eat 4 monsters using one Cherry Bucket power-up in a single level in Arcade mode or in Survival mode

Just get 4 monsters to follow you, then eat a Cherry Bucket power-up. From then, you can go all Pac-Man on their asses.

Kill 3 monsters with a single bag in any mode except Vintage

Go to an Arctic Level that has a bomb in it and get 3 monsters to follow you. When they're in close enogh range, drop It on them. If you just tweak the system a little more while your going for this, you can get We Need A Sacrifice too.

Collect all gold in 25 different levels in Arcade mode

Probobly one of the easiest trophies on the game. Just make it a priority to get all the gold in a level before you beat it.

Apprentice Digger
Complete all levels in ‘Mongolia’ episode

This is the first level, where you should learn all the basics and start to lose your sanity on account of how annoying this thing is. Still, this to show you what's what. And it dosen't matter if you lose, you'll just over in the level. There are 20 levels in this one.

Master Digger
Complete all levels in ‘Arctic’ episode

This is like the previous one, except it might be easier since you know the basics now. Shoot enimies that are close to you and use bags to your advantage.

Complete 9 levels in a row in Survival mode

...This alone is worthy of a platinum. Everything you have learned comes together for this. Use bags and power-ups, and remember... YOU HAVE A GUN IN YOUR FREAKING HEAD. Try not to break a TV with this one, eh?

Old Schooler
Complete 8 levels in a row in Vintage mode

I find Vintage easier than Arcade sometimes. So just use all the techniques from Arcade in this, and you'll (hopefully) have it.

Kill 300 monsters in Arcade mode

Just make it a priority to kill, kill, kill for this one. Wheather it be with bags, power ups or your own gun.

Collect all archaeological artifacts

These are found on Co-Op Arcade mode on levels 20, 38, 57. You need to dig away ALL the dirt in the level to uncover the whole things. It'll hopefully go quick because you have Double Diggers.

Expert Digger
Complete all levels in ‘Sahara’ episode

Arg. This is hard. It's levels like this that make you throw your controler on the ground. Just shoot the enimies and try to get as much power ups from the bags. Just don't get pissed off when you have to start the level over with one gem to go.

Give Me More
Gain another extra life while having 4 extra lives already in Arcade mode or in Co-op Arcade mode

I wouldn't even know what to say for this because extra lives appear ay the most random places that when you find them, you aren't even gonna have enough to get this! Just look for life bags and be cautious and you'll have this.

We need a Sacrifice
Kill Digger and 4 monsters with a single fire bomb napalm in Arcade mode or in Co-op Arcade mode

Horray for suicide! Anyway, you could get this while going for Tactician. So, go to an Arctic Level with a bomb in it, and 4 monsters to follow you. When they're all close together, drop it while making sure it hits you too.

Turn that Music Off!
Kill a dancing monster in any mode except Vintage

The monsters dance at random parts in a level, so whenever you see a monster stop in it's tracks to do the Macerana, that's your cue.

Cool as an Ice Cream
Complete any level (except bonus levels) in frozen state in Arcade mode or in Co-op Arcade mode

Don't worry, you don't have to do the whole level frozen. Just have an ice creature shoot you just before you get the last gem. This is on the Arctic levels.

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