Players: 1 (8 Online)
Online Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-50 Hours (4 weeks to get Tourney)
Platinum Difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


Dirt 2 is a racing game released in September 2009, and is the sequel to Colin McRae: Dirt. This is the first game in the McRae series since McRae's Death in 2007. It was announced on 19 November 2008 and features Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Tanner Foust, and Dave Mirra. The game includes many new race-events, including stadium events. Along with the player, an RV travels from one event to another, and serves as 'headquarters' for the player. It features a roster of contemporary off-road events, taking players to diverse and challenging real-world environments. The game takes place across four continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. The game includes five different event types: Rally, Rallycross, 'Trailblazer,' 'Land Rush' and 'Raid.' The World Tour mode sees players competing in multi-car and solo races at new locations, and also includes a new multiplayer mode.

[top]Tips & Strategies


If you use this guide you should be warned before reading ahead that there will be spoilers. Do not use this guide if you do not want the game spoiled for yourself. Many of the trophy descriptions will have some kind of spoiler in them but where possible we did our best to keep them small. We have chosen to not use spoiler tags on the story related trophies either so definitely do not use those unless you have to.

We strongly advise you to read the Road Map first so that you do not miss anything but there may be spoilers. Please enjoy the guide!


Step 1:

What you want to do here is just play the Dirt Tour and have yourself some fun. You will get any of the trophies that are essentially story related along with some of the special requirement trophies you might get without trying. This step should end when you win the Colin McRae challenge. NOTE: You may want to take a peak at the Tourney trophy and then, while in game, check where the tournament for the current week is so you can make sure to race at that track.

Step 2:

Now what you want to do is clean up any of the special requirement trophies that you may have missed. Without making a complete list of what these are, they include ones that ask you to win after certain things happen, win against certain people, or win with certain people. None of these trophies are missable though so just do all of the ones you can find and if you miss any, you can clean them up when you notice them.

Step 3:

At this point, there are four trophies that don't have to be done before going into online multiplayer but it is best to. There is no correct order to do all four of these trophies in so this road map will just bring your attention to them and will provide links (so you can jump right to them in the guide) and a short description. One such trophy is
The Full Set and it asks you to drive every car in the game at least once. Another trophy is Big Bucks which asks you to have a balance of $999,999 in your wallet at one time. The next is Just Drive and this one requires you to drive 100 miles (161 kilometers) without unlocking any other trophy. Lastly, we have the Dedication trophy which is rewarded for coming in first in every single event on the Dirt Tour.

Step 4:

Now it's time to hop online and begin the journey to online level 30. First however, there is one trophy that should be done first because it can take a little longer if you don't get it while just getting to level 30 and try to get it after. This trophy is
With Great Honor and requires you to race perfectly clean online for several races.

Step 5:

Now you can just join some Pro Tour races online and make your way to level 30. These trophies start at
Five Of Your Best and go to Mix It Up with the exception of Tourney.

Step 6:

Now, after you have completed all of the online multiplayer trophies, you will have to wait from two to four weeks depending on how long the game has taken you for the rest of the trophies. For the
Tourney trophy you will have to enter four tournaments and there is one posted every week.


Perfect Finish!
You've unlocked every other trophy - Congratulations!

Like all other platinums, just unlock all other trophies to unlock this one. It's not too hard but it will take at least four weeks because you need to wait a week between each tournament.

Big Bucks!
Earn those big bucks.

You need to earn $999,999 and it must be in your balance, all of the money you have made and spent on cars will not be counted towards this. It is not really necessary to worry about this trophy until after you unlock all events. You are going to need to buy all of the cars in the game for a different trophy, so you can either make enough money to buy all of the cars and then start saving or I would suggest just saving up for a while after you unlock all events and then, once you get this trophy, buy away. You are going to need to win every event in the Dirt Tour for another trophy so you can just save up while you do that, or win the X Games America event enough times for the trophy because that is the event that gives you the most money.

Win every event in the DiRT Tour.

Win all 100 events in the DiRT Tour, head to the map on the desk and get started. You must place 1st in all races, if you are off by one, go and check each race for a hologram over the race or check for Best Finish: 1st. If you are having any trouble with races, set the difficulty to easy. If you do, you will make less money per race but you will get more flashbacks and it shouldn't be too much of a problem to win every race. To most, after playing enough races and getting the hang of the game, the hardest part of this trophy will be that it tends to drag on and get boring because there are A LOT of race events and most have two or three races.

The Full Set
Drive every vehicle in the game.

Don't stress about this trophy too much because you will make plenty of money to buy all of the cars when you are trying to win all events. One thing to note is that you should wait before going on a shopping spree until you unlock the Big Bucks! trophy. Another thing to note is that, if you want to get this trophy faster, you can play X Games America a few times to earn a lot of money. There are a total 35 cars you have to drive, follow the steps to figure out what you still need to drive.

  1. Go to My Stuff.
  2. Select Stats then Vehicle.
  3. Go through each car to see if you have any stats that are not at 0.
  4. Make a list of what cars you have left, and drive them.

Here is a complete list with each car's cost not including rookie/pro/all-star packs and does not take into account if you have bought them on one class and need to just buy a pack for another class...

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Gut It Out!
Win a DiRT Tour event without winning a race.

If you hadn't played the game yourself, this one might be a little confusing so hopefully this will clarify. When you get to harder difficulty levels, events will start having more than one race per event. To get this trophy, just make sure to finish 2nd in every event and hope that the same AI opponent does not win every race.

Head Over Wheels
Roll your vehicle and still win the race.

Set the difficulty to easy and try to roll your vehicle as early in the race as you can. Croatia has a track with a cliff that is on your right through most of the track, ride up against it and hope you roll your car. Now, if you are on easy, just make sure to drive clean for the rest of the race and win.

Finish with Flair! Cross the finish line with no more than two wheels touching the ground.

Baja events are often on tracks with a jump before the finish, you will probably get it there without trying while you are just playing casually. If you don't unlock this just playing casually, try to roll through the finish line when you are leading by a comfortable distance.

Keep It Clean!
Win a DiRT Tour race without crashing.

Set the difficulty to easy, when the race starts don't go flying into another car, just hang back and wait for opportunities to pass, the AI slows down on corners giving you time to overtake them and take the lead. For this trophy, crashing includes hitting other cars, hitting walls, or rolling your car. Just make sure that if you are in danger of hitting a wall or another car just slow way down and be careful.

Take terminal damage while traveling at over 140mph (225km/h).

The hardest part of this trophy is finding a place to get up to 140mph. Go into the Dirt Tour, go to the Trailblazer event at Hurrah Pass in Utah. The race begins with a long downhill section where you will need to work up a lot of speed by not hitting the brake at all. When you get to the bottom, look for a tree or big rock to smash yourself into and the trophy will unlock.

Be sure to have damage set to full in the race options or the trophy will not unlock.

Nailed An Event
Win an event.

There is no way you won't get this trophy while playing. It is awarded for literally winning your first race because the first events only have one race. The first race you enter will be "Battle of BatterSea" in London. Set it on easy if you have to.

You're The Best Around!
Win a race at every track in the game (in any game mode).

You will get this trophy when you are going for the Dedication trophy. Do not worry about finding a way to check how many tracks you have raced at because you will find every track on the Dirt Tour when you are trying to win all events.

Win a domination event, getting the maximum available points.

Domination events are the ones in which you race around a track that is broken down into sections. Your time between sections is taken and you will be placed in a position based on your time compared to the other drivers. For this trophy, from the beginning, just make sure you set the fastest time in EVERY segment and also cross the finish line first for those points. If you have trouble, set the difficulty to easy.

That All You Got?
Win a Timed Throwdown.

Throwdowns pop up randomly as you play through the Dirt Tour. After you win a race you will get an audio message from a pro challenging you to a throwdown. Time Throwdowns are ones in which you do not actually race against the pro but instead are told the time they got on that track and then you have to beat it. If you struggle with this one, put it on easy and driving smartly. Going fast is pointless if you continuously smash into the walls.

On The Bubble
Be second to last at each elimination point but go on to win a Last Man Standing race.

In last man standing races, the race starts out normal but then after a certain amount of time, a timer starts. At the end of this timer, the player in last place is eliminated. This trophy asks you to be just outside of that last place spot at every elimination point (when the timer runs out). To do this, do not just race like crap until the timer runs out. What you want to do is just race normal but hover in second to last. Do not smash walls; instead, drive in the second to last place and if you are about to pass someone, just let the gas off a little bit and then go back to racing normal when they get a little breathing room from you. Smashing walls will do nothing but put you at risk of crashing a little worse than you expected and not being able to get yourself out of last place. Like other trophies, do this one on easy and the lead driver should not get too far ahead of you to catch up to in the end. This can be a bit tough so you may need a few tries but just do it in a vehicle class that you like.

Gate Crashed!
Hit every gate in a Gatecrasher event.

For this trophy it is important to take note of what the description says and don't read too much into it. Gatecrasher events require you to hit breakable gates that are placed along the best possible line on the course. When you hit these gates, they add more time to your timer. This trophy does not require you to win (though you might) so just take your time and make sure you are always in control of your car to hit the gates. The only concern when taking things too easy is having the timer run out but if you play on easy the timer should not run down.

Friends For Life
Become true friends with a superstar.

See Best Friends Forever!

Aren't You Popular!
Become true friends with 4 superstars.

See Best Friends Forever!

Best Friends Forever!
Become true friends with every superstar.

Although the game does not make it seem this way, you will get this trophy no matter what after you win a certain amount of races. You could run over the superstar's dog if it runs on the track and they would still become true friends with you if your results in races are good. Do not worry about crashing into the superstars when you are in a race with them because that does not make them like you any less.

Rookie Coming Through!
Race in your first DiRT Tour race.

This will very likely be the very first trophy you unlock in Dirt 2. In the trailer, just go to Dirt Tour (located on the table) and enter a race. You do not need to win for this to count. The first race you enter will be "Battle of BatterSea" in London.

Win a Pro division event.

See All-Star

Win an All-Star division event.

To unlock Pro and All-Star level events, you just have to progress enough in the game. These are as close to story related trophies as you are going to get in this game. When you get to a high enough rank they should start to unlock and you just have to win one. The events have more races and the AI opponents get a little bit harder but your driving skills should have improved by now so it should not make much of a difference. If you struggle, play on easy.

Piece Of Cake
Win a Throwdown.

See I Like A Challenge

I Like A Challenge
Win 12 Throwdowns.

Throwdowns pop up randomly as you play through the Dirt Tour. After you win a race you will get an audio message from a pro challenging you to a throwdown. Accept this throwdown and beat the superstar (and/or their buddies) that has challenged you 12 different times and you will unlock this trophy. The only tips we can give is to race just like you normally would because throwdowns are really not that much harder.

Getting A Reputation
Reach Level 15 in the DiRT Tour.

See As Good As It Gets.

As Good As It Gets
Reach Level 30 in the DiRT Tour.

You will unlock this at some point on your way to Dedication. You get a little bit less EXP when you play on easy but even if you do every single race in the Dirt Tour on easy you will still have enough. Most people will even have around level 50-60 by the time they get to Dedication. If you are not going for the platinum then just get this by winning races. That is the only way that you receive any significant amount of EXP.

Whose Backyard?
Beat Travis Pastrana in a Throwdown.

See I Like A Challenge. It might take a little bit for Travis to challenge you but he will eventually so just be patient.

Block Party
Beat Ken Block in a Throwdown.

See I Like A Challenge. It might take a little bit for Ken to challenge you but he will eventually so just be patient.

Jet Setter
Compete in a race in every location.

You will get this trophy on your way to You're The Best Around! and Dedication. Whereas You're The Best Around! wants you win a race at every track, this trophy only asks that you complete a race at every location. This means LA, Morocco, Croatia... etc. Just make sure to complete one race (you don't have to win) in each location and you have the trophy.

World Tour Winner
Win all the World Tour events.

World Tour events will unlock and they will be the ones that are placed on the right side of the Dirt Tour table. In World Tour events you will be sent around to different tracks within the same race type around the world. These are really no harder than regular race so again, driving smart and put it on easy if you have to.

X Games Champ!
Win all the X-Games events.

X- Games events will unlock and be placed on the top left of the Dirt Tour table on the wall. Like World Tour events, the X-Games events are not really any harder but they will be filled with superstar names and there is a lot more fanfare and a lot more money to be earned. Drive smart and play on easy if you have to.

Just Drive!
You drove 100 miles (161 kilometres) without unlocking any other trophy.

This trophy sounds a bit annoying but there is a way to make it really easy. Just make sure you unlock every other single player trophy before going for Dedication and you should get this one easily while doing all of the Dirt Tour events that are required for Dedication.

For Colin
You've won the Colin McRae Challenge Event.

After winning all X-Games events, the Colin McRae Challenge Event will unlock and you will have to play against Colin McRae in a series of races that force you to use one of his legendary cars. This one actually does add a bit of a challenge but once again, your skill level should be high enough by now to make it so it's not that hard. After defeating him, you should take the time to watch the dedication video to this legend of the sport who tragically died in a helicopter crash on September 15th, 2007.

You can also watch the video here....

Five Of Your Best
Win 5 Pro Tour races online.

So this one starts the online multiplayer trophies. This trophy is highly dependent on skill so we will try to give you as many tips as we can. Also, Jam Session and team events don't count.

  • Be patient. There are a lot of people who do nothing more to try to win a race than ram other people enough to make them spin out. Just try to avoid being spun out or take it in stride and try to come back to win.
  • If you are highly skilled in rally type races, stick to the non-contact race types and you won't have to worry about people ramming you and pissing you off.
  • Pick a car that you are personally comfortable with. Top speed is great but when you are taking a turn every five seconds, you don't often have time to get to full speed anyway. Also ignore the drive ability stat IF you know you are comfortable driving that car. Lastly, acceleration is not an absolute must either but it is the most important because you will need it to get back up to speed coming out of turns.
  • Don't worry if you struggle in the beginning. Online takes a bit of getting used to even if you get absolutely incredible at single player.
  • You will most likely win 5 races before you get to level 30 which is required for Notorious.

Take part in four tournaments.

A new tournament is posted to Dirtnet every week and all this trophy asks you to do is compete in four of them. Some tournaments will ask you to race on a certain track which can be done in single player as long as you are connected to Dirtnet. Make sure you are connected to Dirtnet, go into Dirt Tour, find the race location the tournament is being held on, and select free race. Another tournament type asks you to earn online EXP so if you get one of those, just play one race online while signed into Dirtnet. To find information about tournaments follow these steps:

  • From the trailer, select Outside.
  • Now select News
  • You can find information about the last, current, and upcoming tournaments under News.

Reach Online Fame Level 15.

See Notorious

Reach Online Fame Level 30.

The quickest way to earn online fame is to win races. For tips on how to win races see the description under the Five Of Your Best trophy. This will take a bit of time but if you get good and win most races you enter, you will gain a lot more fame. Also, if the room is really small, make sure to back out because even if you win, you don't receive a lot of fame. Lastly, look under "My Stuff" to see any online multiplayer missions that you might be able to accomplish because they can give out some good fame points.

Rush Hour
Win a Pro Tour race online against 7 competitors.

See Five Of Your Best for tips on how to win races and just wait until you get good enough to win in a full race. Again, this one is highly dependent on your skill and Jam Sessions and team events don't count. You will most likely win a full race before you get to level 30 which is required for Notorious.

Mix It Up!
Play in every discipline online (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

Like the description says, for this trophy you can do these races in either Pro Tour or Jam Session. For the sake of more online fame, I would suggest doing them in Pro Tour (except for Gate Crasher). You must complete each race in order for it to count. The race types are as follows...

Time Bomb:

  • Rally
  • Trailblazer


  • Landrush
  • Rally Cross
  • Raid


  • Last Man Standing
  • Domination

To enter a Gate Crasher event, you must go into Jam Session to select it and wait for people to join you or invite some of your friends.

In His Footsteps
Win 25 Rally races in the DiRT Tour.

When the description says rally races, it means literally rally races and not rally cross. If you don't win 25 of them on your way to Dedication, then simply free race on rally tracks until the trophy unlocks.

With Great Honor
Achieve a 'Cautious' impact rating in Multiplayer races (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

This trophy is best done first out of all the online multiplayer trophies. Before you have any chance to get any kind of good or bad reputation, create or join a Jam Session race and be as cautious as possible. To earn a cautious rating, you must race perfectly clean for several races; this means no crashing at all into walls or other cars. This is best to do in Jam Session so you don't have to worry about your online fame and you can just drive super slow and careful around the track.

Mirra Image
Beat Dave Mirra in a Throwdown.

See I Like A Challenge. It might take a little bit for Dave to challenge you but he will eventually so just be patient.

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!
Choose a ghost, download and beat it!

In the Dirt Tour, select any race and do a free race and a time trial. When you advance from this screen you will be taken to a new one that has three empty slots. Click on it and it will pull up track times by racers all over the world. Select one towards the very bottom to make it easier for yourself and start the race. In order for the trophy to unlock, you may not use flashbacks to beat the ghost.

Dialled In
Win a race using a custom vehicle setup.

After selecting a race from the DiRT Tour when you select your difficulty, go down to Vehicle Setup and turn it On, change at least one of the vehicle setup bars (Gear Ratio, Downforce, Suspension etc.), set the difficulty to easy if you have any trouble winning a race.

Two Cups One Girl
Win two team events with the same female team-mate.

In the trailer, go to My Stuff and select a female team-mate. Now find two team events and win them the same way you win any other race. The only difference about team events is that you have to worry about how good or bad your team-mate does. They may do really bad in a race or two which could cause you to play more than two team events but they shouldn't be so bad that this becomes a chore.

X Games Europe Champ
Win X-Games Europe.

See X Games Champ!. Reach level 8 to unlock X-Games Europe.

X Games Asia Champ
Win X-Games Asia.

See X Games Champ!. Reach level 14 to unlock X-Games Asia.

X Games America Champ
Win X-Games America.

See X Games Champ!. Reach level 24 to unlock X-Games America.

Bask in your success at X-Games America.

After winning X-Games America, don't press any buttons and just watch what goes on. When your car starts to blow doughnuts in celebration, the trophy will unlock.

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