[top]Welcome to SHOWDOWN!!!

This series has gone from proper rallying, to rally with a slight American feel, to what it is now. An over the top destruction derby... This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't deserve the "DiRT" title.
You'll be doing races with cross overs, eliminations, your usual Capture the Flag type events and now... a full on Destruction Derby.


Players: 1-2 Splitscreen, 2-8 online
Online Trophies: Yes. No Turning Back. Team Awesome. Beat It. Loot Carrier. Showdown Haulage Co. Showdown Superstar. Household Name. Checkpoint King. Running the Show. Rising Star
Online Pass Required:
Sadly, yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:

Estimated Time to Platinum: The tours are quick and shouldn't cause any real trouble.. Most of your time will be spent grinding online. Sooo... 30 ish hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Nope
Glitched Trophies: Showdown Showroom (I got the trophy on the night, went on the following day and it still said I had cars to buy) So I imagine this is glitched the other way too.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Join for some free livery and some starting bonus money. I think it was about $20,000 which is very helpful.

Remember to use this to get yourself out of tricky situations. A lot more useful on the straights.
No one will look down on you for using it, it's better than smashing into the corners.
Use this to help get your around the tighter corners, or to quickly turn your car.
If all else fails:

Occasionally you'll get thrown into a race where not everybody is actually racing. This can be useful for easy win. And easy targets in Rampage Events.
Even more useful, if you need to win trophies like Checkpoint King

NOTE: Once you've got Gold on an event, you can no longer get money for finishing this race...


Personally, I'd go through all of the Showdown Tours, getting Gold in all events, you should also pick up:

Toggle Spoiler

Move onto Joyride and complete all the missions and find the hidden packages and you'll get:

Toggle Spoiler

Online is a fairly big chunk of the game, so it's better to do the Showdown Tours first, as the events unlock cars for you to buy that you can use online. After the online you should have:

Toggle Spoiler

Finally, go around and collect the remaining trophies, hidden packages and any missed missions that you may have skipped.


Platinum Trophy
Achieve all other Trophies

Race through all the other trophies and this trophy will be waiting for you on the Winner Podium

Complete a clean run in a Head 2 Head event

Your first chance will be Okawa Sprint, Yokohama Freight. The track is fairly straight forward, complete the lap without crashing and the trophy is all yours.
The race is basically a mini Trick Attack on a set route. Eg, Drift around the first corner, smash through some signs, donut, then race to the finish.
If you miss a trick, you'll have a time penalty at the finish line.

Complete a Splitscreen event

As simple as it sounds, go into the multiplayer menu and select "Splitscreen", then simply finish the race.

Burst the Bubble
Be in 1st place during each elimination period in an Eliminator event

Another one of the tricky/luck trophies. I used the "Lombardi" at the "Hollywood Loop", Miami track. Use full boost from the start, stop boosting when you're in the air and resume boost once you landed.
The hardest part, is getting to first position before the first elimination. Then it's fairly easy, just stay in first place.

Note: Remember that eliminated cars stay on the track, so AVOID!

Crash-Bang-Wallop - What a Video
View a Crashback replay

During some of your heavier crashes, a CRASHBACK appears on the screen, prompting you to press , watch the replay to unlock the trophy.

Wreck your first opponent in a Rampage event

Easy enough, enter a Rampage Event and get the "killing" strike on a car and it will say "Terminal Damage", you shouldn't really have to try to get this trophy as it should come naturally. Just aim for cars with a red health bar.

Don't Push Me
Get the First Blood bonus in a Knock Out event

At the start, hold back for a second or so, to avoid the first collision, then drive flat out into the cars that get flung out from the pack and boost to push them off the edge.
You should get this "Knock Out" a huge amount of times throughout the career. Just look for cars near the edge and smash into them. Occasionally a car can ram into you then fall off, this can also count as a "Knock Out".

Win a Smash Hunter event

The 2nd Season, first race is a Smash Hunter race. Basically you have to smash the coloured signs in the order that it shows you. E.g: There will be a row of 7 "Blue" Signs, hit them all in order and it will say, "Red", hit the next 7 Red signs and it will change again.
So you need a pretty good balance between speed and accuracy.
Take your time to learn the track, and just hit "Restart" if you don't come first. After a few tries, you should get this without too much hassle.

Jack of All Trades
Complete a Race-Off, Rampage and Head 2 Head Event

Do exactly as the description says. Simply complete each race type, you'll naturally get this through game progression.

No Turning Back
Send a Challenge to a Friend

After completing a race, you'll have the option to "SEND CHALLENGE". Just click the option and choose a friend to send the challenge to.

Note: Your friend must have the game, for you to be able to send a challenge. So head over to the boosting thread, or just add someone from an online race

Achieve a podium in the Pro final

Do exactly as the description. Race through all the events in the PRO Tour and you'll unlock the Championship race. Finish in the Top 3 to earn the trophy.

Zero to Hero
Dominate all sectors during the final lap in a round of a Domination event

Hang back in last place the whole race, until the final lap. Then use your boost as much as you can on your last lap to try and Dominate (have the quickest time on) every sector. Be careful about using too much boost in the corners and just coming out of the corner, then just pin it on the straights.
I found this especially easy on Shinkuku Central, Tokyo. My car was the Jupiter San Marino, fully upgraded.

Comeback King
Be in last place and then earn a podium during double points in a Rampage event in the Showdown Tour

First complete the full Showdown Tour. Then you'll unlock the strongest car. Use this in the first Rampage Event in San Francisco.
Go around crashing into cars, but makes sure you stay in 8th place. Avoid hitting cars which are nearly dead, save these for when it gets to double points, then go on a full rampage and smash as many cars as you can.
You should be able to get in the top 3, I managed to get to first place, with 10 seconds remaining.

Showdown Tour
Complete a Showdown Tour event in each location

Progress normally through the Showdown Tours not skipping races and you'll get this trophy half way through the 3rd Tour.

Mixed Grill
Pull off an Insane T-Bone in Rampage

Drive as fast and hard as you can into the side of an opponents car for maximum damage and score.

Welcome to the Show
Complete your first Showdown Tour event

Simply finish your first race in the Tours.

Gonna Need a Bigger Garage
Own 15 vehicles

After completing certain events, you'll unlock cars that you can then buy. Keep buying cars until you reach 15 and you'll get another easy trophy.

Ego Boost
Win a Race-Off event without boosting

Hmm, this can be abit tricky, mainly trying to keep your thumb from pressing the boost button.
Try spinning out opponents cars, to keep that edge and watch the cursors, so you know where to block people from overtaking.
This gets easier with practice. So if at first you don't succeed, press restart and start again.
You can quite easily get from last place, to first place on the final lap, so it's worth finishing either way, to get used to the track.

Hard Charger
Use a full tank of boost in one go without crashing in a Race-Off event

In your first race in Miami (Pembroke Pines), there is a long, straight road. Simply use all your boost down the straight without hitting anything.
Another good track, probably better actually, is: Hollywood Loop, Miami

Note: I still had a tiny bit of boost left, before i hit a car, but still got the trophy

Achieve a podium in the AllStar final

Come in the Top 3 in the Final Race of the ALLSTAR Championship.
You shouldn't struggle, if you do... you'll just have to keep practicing. Remember to use your boost smartly. The "rubber banding" is pretty bad. So even if you are miles behind, you should be able to catch up pretty quickly

Achieve a podium in the Champion final

Finish in the Top 3 in the Champion Tour. This is noticeably harder than the previous tours. Just time your boost properly, upgrade your cars and you'll be fine.

Team Awesome
Win an Online team event

Go Multiplayer > Online > Team Playlists, then enter enter race there and help your team win the event.
This can be quite annoying, as a lot of the games I got put into, I was put onto a team where one person just sat at the start, making winning that much harder.

Treasure Hunter
Collect all 100 Hidden Packages in Joyride

In each Joyride Location, there will be Hidden Packages. Most are easy to find, just drive through them and collect them all in Battersea and Yokohoma and you'll get the trophy. If you struggle to find any remaining Packages, then use the the videos below:

Battersea Parking Lot

Toggle Spoiler

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Battersea Depot

Toggle Spoiler

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Battersea Powerstation

Toggle Spoiler

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Yokohoma Dockside

Toggle Spoiler

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Yokohoma Construction Site

Toggle Spoiler

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Yokohoma Container Yard

Toggle Spoiler

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Rust in Pieces
Wreck 20 vehicles in the Lafayette Eulogy

Pretty early on, you'll unlock this Funeral Car (with attitude), to buy. Wreck 20 cars for this trophy, I recommend doing this in the Rampage Events as "Wrecking" cars here is a lot easier and quicker.

Beat it!
Accept and beat a Friend's Challenge

Get a friend to send you a challenge, and it will appear in the CHALLENGE section at the start menu, show him who's boss and beat his time or score to win the event and get this trophy.

Note: Send it back after beating him, to unlock
Beat It! and No Turning Back if you haven't already.

Complete the Showdown Tour with at least a Bronze in every event

Complete every race with a bronze or better. If you struggle for any reason, then practice, practice.

Showdown Showroom
Own every vehicle in the game

There's 30 cars in total to collect, you'll unlock these cars as you win events.
Complete single player first, and you'll nearly have enough money to buy them all. You can get a load of money online to help aswel.

Dock Worker
Complete 50% of the Yokohama Compound Missions

Complete half of the missions in Yokohoma, see Hoonzilla for videos.

Achieve all hit types in Rampage

You need to get every type of impact in the game, all in Rampage Events, these don't need to be done in the same round.
There are 11 different impacts required. They are:
1. Head on
2. Shunt
3. Side Swipe
4. T-Bone
5. Slam
6. Bash
7. Strike
8. Barge
The above, will just happen and probably all in one rampage.

Below are the harder ones:
9. Overhead = Initially tricky, but it's easy to get once you've had your car wrecked. Wait for people to come near you and drive off so you land on them.
10. Headshot = When a car is on its side, ram into the top side of the car.
11. Low Blow = When a car is on its side, ram the underside.
Below is a video of all the impacts plus Tutorial of the 3 hardest.

Toggle Spoiler

Note: These can all be done Splitscreen

London Calling
Complete 50% of the Battersea Compound Missions

See Daredevil for a full description.

Loot Carrier
Hold the loot for 2 minutes in Smash & Grab

Do a Smash and Grab event and quickly get to the loot and hold onto it for 2 minutes. Quick turns and racing through tight areas are a good way to make things harder for the opponents to catch you.
This can also be done in a private match is you're not up for the challenge

Stylin' and Profilin'
Score 300,000 points in a Trick Rush event in the Showdown Tour

This can be quite tricky, as the controls seem to be suck compared to previous DiRT games. I managed to get exactly 300,000 on the 2nd event at Battersea.
You can repeat tricks, and you'll still get the same amount of points, even if it does say "Stale". It just means that your "Multiplier" doesn't go up.
Smash as many as the yellow blocks on your way between tricks, to get valuable points.
Aim to keep your multiplier up and into x3 as this will help a huge amount, hit a jump properly with maximum air and you'll net a nice 30,000 points. Do a perfect donut and you'll get 30,000 points.
Use this as a guideline

Toggle Spoiler

Mmmm Donuts!
Complete the Donut King Mission in the Yokohama Construction Site area

On Joyride, go to Yokohoma. Complete 20 missions and you'll unlock the second area. Keep doing the missions and you'll eventually be told to do a donut through a building entrance and under a trailer. After you successfully finish this, the trophy will pop.

Use the video below for trophy location (I know it's for Xbox 360, same principle though)

Credit goes to Masajatsu

Money Maker
Earn a total of $1,000,000

IF you signed up to RaceNet and if you get Gold in every event, you should get this trophy after the Final Championship race, during the credits.
If not, you can just jump online and it shouldn't take too long to get the rest of the money.
You don't have to have $1,000,000 on you at once.

Note: You cant get more money from the same event, once you've got Gold.

Showdown Haulage Co.
Drop the Flag off 5 times in a round of Transporter

Go online and do the Party Playlist, you'll have have a chance to do Transporter. This is basically a "Capture the Flag", be first to the flag that's randomly dropped and then race to the drop off point, do this 5 times and you'll get the trophy.

Note: This can be boosted in a Private Match

Complete the Showdown Tour with at least a Silver in every event

Slightly harder than Bronze... I guess? I cant see anyone struggling. Simply get a Silver in each event throughout the tours.
Upgrade your cars to make this easier. Use your boost on the straights and not on the corners.

Showdown Superstar
Reach Fanbase Level 30 Online

Get ready for a long, tedious grind.
Reach all the way to Rank 30 online, then you can relax and the trophy is yours.
The best quickest way to do this, is obviously by winning races and events, so get started!

Survive for at least 2 minutes in a Hard Target event

This can be abit tricky. Choose a strong car to start with, then when you're on the course, use as much track as you can. Don't race around too fast, you want the enemy cars, to be behind you, so when you have to turn around, you don't get t-boned.
If you get rammed and stuck against a wall, then sometimes it's better to just sit there for abit, as you don't seem to get damaged.
I also suggest completing the whole Showdown Tour first, as you'll unlock the strongest car. Fully upgrade this and head back to the first Hard Target Event in "Golden Gate Marina, San Francisco".

Household Name
Reach Fanbase Level 10 Online

Ah, Level 10.. You're so deceiving. Getting to this level comes pretty quick... Getting from Level 10 to Level 11 feels HUGE! Thankfully, just Level 10 is all you need for the trophy.

Achieve a 5x Wrecking Streak in Rampage

Not too bad, choose your strongest car and always boost into the cars that are in the red. Terminally Damage 5 cars, before getting yourself wrecked.
Again, this is a lot easier once you've completed the Showdown Tour and unlock the strongest car, upgrade the car to make it even stronger. Then head back to the first Rampage Event and this won't be hard at all.

You've Created a Monster
Fully upgrade a vehicle

After each race, you'll get prize money, the better you finish... the more money.
Use some of this to fully upgrade a car, upgrading the one that you use the most... is the obvious choice.

Checkpoint King
Win a Speed Skirmish event

Another online event. Choose the Party Mode and you'll have the chance to do Skirmish. You have a number of checkpoints to hit, but they are scattered around the arena, you can hit them in any order, just be first to hit all of them and return to the finish.
This will come with practice.

Note: This can be boosted in a Private Match

Complete 100% of the Battersea Compound Missions

Head over to Joyride and select Battersea. You'll be given "Missions" to complete. E.g "Do a donut around the trailer", "Drift Around the pillars". These are clearly marked for you.
You can use the start menu to see which missions you've completed.

Use these rather awesome videos to help you.

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Complete 100% of the Yokohama Compound Missions

Same as above, go into Joyride and select Yokohoma. You'll see markers throughout the area, complete each trick at each location and you'll get the trophy.
You can use the start menu to see which missions you've completed.

Credit goes to xSUPERxGTx

Achieve a podium in the Legend final

This is the Final of the Finales! Once you've completed all the other Showdown Events and Tours, you'll unlock this final Championship Final.
Finish in the top 3 to win this trophy.
To say this is the last race of single player, it is surprisingly easy. Just be careful of the crossovers as this can easily send you from first place to a saddening last.
As I'm constantly saying, use your boost wisely (so a quick burst to get between a hectic crossover)

Running the Show
Dominate a Friend in Challenge mode

I suggest boosting this. You need to have a +10 tally against one of your friends in the Challenges. This means you need to win 10 events in a row against him.
If you are going to boost, then remember that once one person has hit +10, then other person then needs to win 20 events, to knock away the initial +10.

Note: You can actually get the person to keep sending challenges from the same event, 10 times. So my boosting partner, just did 10 "Hard Targets" with the same car and track, then after I beat them, the trophy popped.

Complete all Joyride Missions in both locations

Complete every mission in Battersea and Yokohoma, see Hoonzilla and Daredevil for details.

Max Power
Fully upgrade all vehicles

Simply fully upgrade all of your cars. You'll first have to buy all the cars, once you've unlocked them in the Showdown Tours.
This trophy is actually quite a grind. As you don't get a huge amount of money online. But as you work your way to level 30, you'll collect enough more along the way, if you've got Gold in every Showdown Event.

Rising Star
Reach Fanbase Level 20 Online

Well upto Level 10 goes quick, but from then on, it's just a grind. Find the race and events in which you commonly come first and continue to bring back those podiums.

Complete the Showdown Tour and win Gold in every event

Again, no one should struggle. It's pretty easy. Get Gold in every event. If for some mind-blowing reason, you do have trouble, practice and practice.
Go for Gold on every event from the start, and once you complete the last race, you'll get 4 trophies at once.
Boost: Remember to use this to get yourself out of tricky situations. A lot more useful on the straights.
Brake: No one will look down on you for using it, it's better than smashing into the corners.Handbrake: Use this to help get your around the tighter corners, or to quickly turn your car.
If all else fails: PRACTICE!!

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