Welcome to Disgaea 4!

This is a complex turn based role playing game that takes both strategy and some serious grinding. If this is your first time playing a disgaea game, you will want to take things slow until you get used to this game. This game is similar to chess, where you need to move your pieces around the stage, while you use their attacks, weapons, and the environment itself to get through these battles.

First off, you don't need to play any previous titles of this series, since their stories don't usually collide, and the storyline is so out there that it doesn't connect up even if the older characters do make a cameo.

Next, although the game doesn't baby you through everything, you can pick up the basics fairly quickly. Its a turn based game, that requires you to think a few moves ahead. Having strong characters helps, but almost any fight can be won through certain strategic movements.

Lastly, the game gets much easier once you hit the post game. New allies unlocked, all the stages open for you to train on, basics down, and with much better equipment, you won't have as many problems as when you started.


Players: Single player only
Online Trophies: Not necessary, but many of these trophies can be done on custom user maps.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: At least a week, but taking time to train does help make the game easier.
Minimum Playthroughs: Minimum is 6 cycles, but with high level characters you can go through a cycle quickly.
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Evildoer of the year, Items roadshow, Pimp my ship, Intelligence director, Special stalker, Treasure hunter, and Scavenger Hunt champion of the netherverse.
Missable Trophies: All the epilogue trophies and scavenger hunt champion of the netherverse
Glitched Trophies: None yet

[top]Tips, glitches, & Strategies

Tips for beginners:
  • Remember to save before and after each level attempted/ completed. A loss will either start a new cycle or give a game over
  • Go to heal after each fight. Health doesn't replenish, so if you forget, your jumping into battle with already damaged units.
  • Train your characters for a easier time. Level is almost everything. Try to keep all your characters near the same level
  • All attacks can be levelled through use. Even if that unit isn't doing a attack, target a item and gain those attacks exp.
  • Items are helpful. Equip the latest items, and sell those junk ones you don't use
  • To get items, you don't really need to spend any money. Completing levels gives you free stuff if you combo your attacks well
  • If your trying to buy good items, you can leave and re-enter immediately to refresh the sales list.
  • If your throwing your units around. you can throw diagonally by switching 2 directions and pressing x as the cursor is heading to the other direction.
  • User maps can be very helpful, and can be good training tools (either your own maps or your friends)
  • Money will not be a problem
  • Same with mana. After a few chapters, you will be swimming in it with no immediate use of it.

Levelling tips:

If you have weak characters, you can put them on the shoulders of a stronger character. The killing of the enemy in a tower form will give all characters in the attack equal experience (experience will be split among all units of the attack)

Same if you do a combo attack next to other units, and the attack was one where they all fired up and hit the enemy in turn. This will give the experience split among all the attackers.

Leveling up monsters are similar and yet different. They can be leveled up with the two tips i listed above, but they can also mix with desco which will give them experience split among your character and desco.

There are also many good places to train your characters. I will list them here, as well as any additional steps to improve your experience gain

Level 1-2 is a good place to train.

Once your characters are 100 each, pass the strongest enemies bill, which will make these same enemies at level 55. These enemies are still so weak, you can raise your characters to 150, as well as give your attack skills some experience through use

Level 2-3, a good place to train early on. Because of the set up, the enemies can only go down 2 ways, each opening can be blocked by the characters you want to train. By standing on the blocks with the character blocking them, you can heal because of the blocks effects. If your training arrow or gun users, these characters can stand behind your blocking character, giving them easy targets. And if that blocking character attacks regularly, they will do a combo attack, giving experience equally between the characters in the combo.

Level 5-2, the enemies are on a single colored panel. With 8 strong enemies bills passed, these enemies will be 99 (which is a glitch where you recieve experience worthy of killing a lvl 300 enemy). First step in this map is to go to the right and throw the yellow cube to the main stage. Once you destroy that cube, you will have exp (150%) boost for each kill you get while on those yellow panels.


Mount ordeal 4

Item and innocents tips:
Enforcers are rare innocents that let you pick a unsubdued innocent on the same item and transfer them to another item


Item duplicating glitch: If you got the patch, then you cannot do this. If you play without the patch, go look this up on google.

Training glitch: If you fight and destroy a unit that is lvl 99, it will yield experience as if you killed a lvl 300 unit. Helpful till you reach level 500, in which case its better to start training on level 301 and above units

Rosenburge dupe glitch

  • If your fighting a tough enemy, you can lift that enemy to keep them from attacking. They will usually destroy the person thats holding them, but keeps them from their special attacks that kill more than one enemy
  • Surround the enemy. Usually when surrounded on all sides, the enemy cannot move away. Also, this gives your units positions to attack.
  • Combo an enemy. If you gang up on a single enemy, you actually do more damage. Each attack targetting the same enemy will give a attack bonus for the following attacks. This is also how you gain prizes on the bonus board (lots of combos raises the bar to levels, on which when the battle is over, you gain everything at your level and below)

[top]Legendary Tree Interactions

Permanent Archenemies - Leader gains 50 percent stat boost when he/she kills Archenemy. Leader kills Archenemy 10 times.
Permanent Comrades - Leader has 99 percent team attack chance with Comrade. Leader and Comrade team attack together 10 times.
Permanent Lovers - Leader gets 10 percent HP regen when standing side-by-side with Lover. Leader heals Lover 10 times. (Items and magic both OK.)
Permanent Mentors - Leader can use Mentor's spells from anywhere on the map when both are deployed. Leader uses Mentor's spells when standing side-by-side 10 times.
Permanent Rivals - Leader gains 20 percent stat boost when Rival is deployed. Leader and Rival attack and counter each other unarmed or with a Fist-type weapon 10 times.
Permanent Second Cousins - No special effects. Leader and Second Cousin both participate in 10 battles together.
Permanent Stepsiblings - Leader can protect Stepsibling from anywhere on the map. Leader protects Stepsibling from special attacks 10 times.
Permanent Twins - Leader gains 20 to 60 percent stat boost for wearing the same armor as Twin. Leader and Twin wear the same equipment for 10 entire battles.
Undo any established relationship. Pass a bill that costs 1000 mana.


Step 1: Play naturally

Just play the game through once. Train if you need it, but remember that if your characters are too "unprepared" for the next story stage, make the enemies stronger by passing bills and replaying low stage levels.

When you get to stage 10-5, save. This is where you want to do the Fenric, Fuka, Desco, and Emizel's epilogue trophies

Step 2: Go for the post game stages

You are now trying to recruit story characters through beating them in a fight. This is where you grind even more to be able to beat them all

Step 3: Go for the X dimension battles

You will need to grind more, both for levels and money. Money will come naturally, but you will probably need more to purchase the tickets. Beat these levels for the trophy.

Step 4: Do a new cycle and replay all the story missions.

This is where you want to steal every item you don't already own. Since these characters are weak, you shouldnt find it too hard, and you can rush through these levels. If you want to train, you can try to raise their levels till they give you a challenge.

Step 5: Clean up

I am sure you arnt missing many other trophies. Just go through this guide to pinpoint what your missing, and how to achieve that specific trophy. By now you have characters that can do almost anything, and now just need to use them to do your bidding. Good luck


Unanimously Elected
Complete all other trophies. You have obtained all the trophies.

Once you obtain all the gold , silver , and bronze trophies below, this trophy will pop.

Biggus Stickus
Inflict 10,000,000,000 damage.

To get this trophy, you need to have a really strong character kill a really weak enemy character.

First off, train your characters to max. Its not necessary, but makes this so much easier. Also try to equip the character your going to use for this with really strong equips.

Then, find a really weak enemy. Hit them with one of your strongest attacks (preferably a skill attack, with full upgrades). If you are having trouble, you can also try putting the enemy on a panel with a "weaken enemy"

Evildoer of the Year
Unlock all Evil Symbols.

Collect all 23 evil symbols for the trophy. I have the name as well as

Base- Given to you from start
Aqua pyramid- Given to you from start
Training ground- Given to you from start
Defense fortress- Bill unlocked from start
Heart cannon- Bill unlocked from start
Discipline room- Throw a enemy 3 times or after chapter 3
Hall moniter- Steal from a enemy or after chapter 4
Babel tower- Use a tower attack on a enemy or after chapter 5
Sacrificial alter- During 4 stages have 2 units die
Nether shoe lab- Unlocked during chapter 2
Cam-pain board- Pass 3 bills
General advisor- 10 units die in battle
Rosen queen- clear chapter 2 receive monsters 30 times (pass from one unit to another)
Nether express- move 10 or more spaces with one unit
Item world radar- defeat a item king
legendary tree- unlocked during chapter 4
Information bureau- clear chapter 4
Blight house- clear chapter 8
Fusion weapon lab- kill a lvl 100 enemy using fusion
Dual dojo- kill a lvl 1000 enemy using magichange
Beast lab- clear post game event 6
Carnage master- raise base stats to 20,000,000

Items Roadshow
Collect all items (excluding grades). Now aim for completing all the grades, too!

There are a total of 714 items. For this trophy, you need to have owned one of each. When in the shop or after a battle you will see items with the words new on them. That means that you don't have one of those yet. This will also happen with the higher rarities of the same item, but you don't have to worry about those, since you only need 1 of the items

You can also check your progress with the stats demon on the main hallway.

Here is the break down
Fists 47
Swords 58
Spear 53
Bow 49
Gun 50
Axe 52
Staff 47
Monster - 82

Equipment 40 (armor)
Support Equipment 60 (belts, shoes, orbs, muscles, glasses, weights)
Emblems 11
Rare Equipment 7 (Dim-X rewards)

Snacks 34
Special Items 27 (senate bribes, hands, "Mr. Gency Exit", Cellphones, 3 treasure tickets)
Secret Medicine 34 (Exp potions, mana potions, serums)
Tickets 63 (Dim-x map unlocks)

If your having trouble finding items, make sure to try to get bonuses on harder levels, passing more expensive item bills, or trying to obtain magichange weapons (when a monster turns into a weapon)

Pimp My Ship
Collecte all of the Pirate Ship parts.

There are 205

Pirate Parts: 22 body, 39 head, 29 rear, 38 left, 38 right, 39 top

There are a few ways to obtain pieces. First off, you can defeat the pirates to obtain pieces. I got the turtle ship part (which is a body part) by beating the pirate that came in on it. Next, you can find pieces in treasure chest. Usually these treasure chests pop up randomly in stages and item world levels. You can get a higher chance for a treasure chest by killing enemies on treasure panels, or capture and torture enemies for the location of the treasure. Lastly, you can get pirate treasure by using tickets found in a mystery room. While in the main hallway, you use the item and a treasure will show up on a stage map.

Black Drill Construction Pirates on Floors 31+ (do not appear on Turn 2)
Eryngi (Body) Artist Pirates on Floors 71+ (Item Growth Path only)
Galleon III (Body) Sorry Pirates on Floors 41+ [first 5 floors only (x1-x5)]
Giant Turtle (Body) Fisherman Pirates on Floors 1+
Hunk House (Top) Warrior Pirates on Floors 61+
Metal Aft Propellor (Head) Red Pirates on Floors 81+ (Item Growth Path only)
Mini-Yoshitsuna (Body) Robo Pirates or Masked Rangers while Reverse Pirating
No.6 Locomotive (Body) Item Express Pirates on Floors 41+ (Innocent Boost Path only) (do not appear on Turn 2)
Old Wagon (Body) Farmer Pirates on Floors 1+ or Food Stand Pirates on Floors 11+
P Flonzor X Body Meowkins Pirates on Floors 91+
Prinny (Body) Prinny Pirates on Floors 71+ (Innocent Boost Path only) (do not appear on Turn 2)
Sharkpedo (Right) Duck Pirates on Floors 21+ (do not appear on Turn 2)
Skull: Gentle Ram (Head) Queen Pirates on Floors 81+
Starship Body G Mech Pirates on Floors 61+ (do not appear on Turn 2)
Starship Stern G (Rear) Rotten Golem Pirates on Floors 51+
Torn-Up Mast Ghost Pirates on Floors 31+
Training Wing (Left) Commando Pirates on Floors 51+ (Item Growth or Innocent Boost paths only)
Treasure Ship (Body) Peachboy Pirates on Floors 51+ (Treasure Path only) (do not appear on Turn 2

Intelligence Director
All ranks of all job and monster classes can be created through Character Creation.

20 human classes
19 animal classes
Each type has 6 tiers

Human Classes
Android: Beat the game normally and start a new cycle.
Archer: You need a both a Healer and a Valkyrie who are at level 15 each.
Armor Knight: You need a male Warrior at level 20
Battle Suit: You need a male Warrior and an Armor Knight each at level 30, and completed Episode 8
Beast Master: You need a male Warrior and a Valkyrie both level 15
Bouncer: Complete episode 7.
Gunner: You need a Thief and any Skull both at level 15.
Lady Samurai: You need a Valkyrie and an Archer each at level 30
Magic Knight: You need a male Warrior or a Valkyrie at level 30, and any Skull or Witch at level 30.
Masked Hero: You need a Thief and a Warrior both at level 25 each.
Ninja: You need a Thief and a Skull at level 30
Onmyo Monk: You need a Sorcerer and a Ninja both level 30
Professor: You need a Healer and Onmyo Monk level 20
Sorcerer: You need a Skull and a Witch both at level 15.
Star Mage: You need a total level of 50 between all of your Red, Blue, and Green Mages.
Star Skull: You need a total level of 50 between all of your Red, Blue, and Green Skulls.

To get to the next tier, you need to level the character to level 30. Make a new character of the highest tier available. Then level them up to level 30. Once the next tier unlocks, reincarnate that character and make them the next tier.

To unlock the different monsters, you need to beat them in the story mode. Its story related so you cant miss it. If you are missing any monster types, try looking for that monster in item world. To get the next tier of the monster, make a new creature and level it up till you get the next tier.

Special Stalker
Watch all of the special skills.

This trophy is a pain.

You need to watch all the animations for each attack. This takes a long time, as well as there is no way to tell which ones you got already. If you put the games settings to skipping the animations, then you have to undo that to watch the animations. You can also hold the start button to watch the animations, but you need to be holding it right after you press execute.

I want you to note that animations from the enemies also count. So if you missed some animations the first cycle, you might want to start a new cycle. THis will be necessary if you missed any of the enemy skill attacks (unless you can play as those characters.

Magic: 43
Fist: 8
Sword: 8
Spear: 8
Bow: 8
Gun: 8
Axe: 8
Human Skills: 8
Monster Skills: 68 listed but 76 exist
Magichange Skills: 40 listed but 44 exist
Tower: 5
Special Skills: 46 (does not include DLC skills)
3 Valvatorez
3 Fenrich
3 Emizel
3 Fuka
3 Desco
2 Desco X
3 Artina
3 Flonne
1 Nemo
3 Axel
3 Laharl
3 Etna
2 Zetta
3 Raspberyl
2 Asagi SD
3 Prinny Kurtis,
3 Pringer X
3 FA Flonne,
3 Asagi HD (DLC)

X-tra-Dimension-al Conquistador
Clear all of the X-Dimension maps.

There are 63 X dimension levels
These levels are the same story mode levels, but in another dimension. The highest enemy level in these are 1000

The way to unlock these rooms is to find a mystery room in item world where the vendor is selling x dimension tickets. These promotionhell tickets will cost you alot of money, so don't attempt looking for this room until you got about 30 billion (each ticket can cost billions)

Once you buy the ticket, it automatically unlocks the level. Instead of entering the usual stage select, use the one to the right, where a magic knight is.
After the level unlocks, the ticket is useless, so you can sell it for some return.

The trophy unlocks when you beat each stage once, but has to be within the same cycle.

Roaring Pringer Bringer Downer
Defeat Pringer X: Roar in the Land of Carnage.

After you beat the game, complete post game missions

When you can pass the bill "Challenge the badass overlord", pass it. At the mission select, choose "the badass overlord".
Defeat Zetta, which is a 4000 level enemy. There is only Zetta, so good luck in defeating him. If your having problems, you can sacrifice one of your units by lifting the enemy. Once it is your turn again, that unit will disappear but you kept that unit from attacking. This method helps when the enemy's attack can kill more than one unit

You have to complete Carnage in the streets to access Land Of Carnage.
You also have to complete the p

This is Disgaea 4!
Watch the opening anime. Enjoy Disgaea 4!

Really simple.

Once you pop the game in, just let the animation complete to end.

New Party Established
Clear up to Episode 3 in the main story.

Story related

After completing chapter 3, this trophy will pop

E Pluribus Netherum
Clear up to Episode 7 in the main story.

Story related

After completing chapter 7, this trophy will pop

The End of the Beginning
Clear the main game and unlock the Post-Game.

Story related

Once you beat the final boss at 10-6, you go back to the main hall way. To earn this trophy, all you have to do is go south all the way down the stairs to talk to the samurai girl. She will ask if you want to start the next cycle. Save before you talk to her, and accept her proposiition. Once the new cycle starts and the trophy pops, you can reload to go back to the post game hallway.

Carnage in the Streets
Visit the Land of Carnage.

After doing 40% of the dimension x levels and collecting all 6 pieces of the P Flonzor pirate ship parts, just visit the land of carnage

5 of the pieces are gotten by torturing and collecting the treasure
The last part is gotten when you defeat Meowkin pirates (random)

Fenrich's Mission
Watch Fenrich's epilogue.

Save before the 10-6 stage.

Place the legendary tree in your area.
Put Valvatorez as the head of the tree, and
Fenric in another slot.

go to the tree and press x to open a selection. Put Fenric into the Comrade branch.
Now go into any stage (even custom user maps work) and attack a monster with these two next to each other. It should fire them both up, and make a combo attack. After 10 combos, go back to the tree and you will get an animation.

Now beat the final boss. After the credits, you will get an animation with Valvatorez and Fenric.

The Melancholy of Fuka Kazamatsuri
Watch Fuka's epilogue.

Save before the 10-6 stage.

Place the legendary tree in your area.
Put Valvatorez as the head of the tree, and
Fuka in another slot.

go to the tree and press x to open a selection. Put Fuka into the Mentor branch.
Now go into any stage (even custom user maps work) and have valvatorez use fuka's spell (target lock). After 10 times, go back to the tree and you will get an animation.

Now beat the final boss. After the credits, you will get an animation with Valvatorez and Fuka.

Desco's New Purpose
Watch Desco' epilogue.

Save before the 10-6 stage.

Place the legendary tree in your area.
Put Valvatorez as the head of the tree, and
Desco in another slot.

go to the tree and press x to open a selection. Put Desco into the Stepsibling branch. Also put the defense fortress and position it where both characters are in its slots.
Now go into any stage (even custom user maps work) and defend with these two next to each other, Desco closer to the enemy so she gets attacked. Each attack Valvatores should defend her. After 10 saves, go back to the tree and you will get an animation.

Now beat the final boss. After the credits, you will get an animation with Valvatorez and Desco.

Vote for Emizel
Watch Emizel's epilogue.

Save before the 10-6 stage.

Place the legendary tree in your area.
Put Valvatorez as the head of the tree, and Emizel in another slot.

go to the tree and press x to open a selection. Put Emizel into the Rival branch.
Now go into any stage (even custom user maps work) and attack each other 10 times. It should fire them both to counter. After 10 counters, go back to the tree and you will get an animation.

Now beat the final boss. After the credits, you will get an animation with Valvatorez and Emizel.

Of Promises Past
Watch Artina's epilogue.

Save before the 10-6 stage.

Now beat the final boss. After the credits, you will get an animation with Valvatorez and Artina.

Fight the God Fight
Defeat God (self-proclaimed) and watch the ending.

Story related

Beat the boss on 10-6

Party On, Axel
Defeat Axel in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

After you beat the game, there will be extra missions available. First one you can get is Axel.

Go and pass the bill "attend the dark hero live show". Go to the story selector and do mission "dark hero show". His mission isnt too hard, but there is a large amount of enemies. Beat his mission and he joins your party.

Party On, Archangel Flonne
Defeat Archangel Flonne in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

Pass the bill "the love evangelist appears"

Go to the mission select, and go into Postlude
Select "love missionaries"

Flonne will be at lvl 200, and have 7 others with her.

Party On, Beryl
Defeat Raspberyl in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

Pass the bill "The legendary delinquent appears"

Go to the mission select, into Postlude
Choose "volunteering"

She is level 300, and there will be 13 other enemies on her side.

Party On, Etna
Defeat Etna in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

Pass the bill "The nice bodied appears"

Go to the mission select, into Postlude
Choose "Yes nice bodied"

She is level 500, and there will be 14 other enemies on her side.

Party On, Lahari
Defeat Lahari in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

Pass the bill "Another netherworld overlord appears"

Go to the mission select, into Postlude
Choose "from another world"

She is level 1000, and there will be 10 other enemies on her side.

Party On, Asagi
Defeat Asagi in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

Pass the bill "destroy the root of all evil".

Go to mission gate and pick "postlude", then pick "new main character".

Asagi will be 1500 and have about 9 other enemies with her. Becareful as she can hit multiple character from any range.

Party On, Prinny Kurtis
Defeat Prinny Kurtis in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

Find this green prinny in item world, more specificly innocent towns (the breaks after level 10 where you can heal)

Talk to him 5 times (I recommend going into 5 different items). After that, pass the bill in the dark senate for his battle.

Win that fight to get the trophy and this prinny as a ally

Party On, Zetta
Defeat Zetta in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

After you beat the game, complete post game missions

When you can pass the bill "Challenge the badass overlord", pass it. At the mission select, choose "the badass overlord".
Defeat Zetta, which is a 4000 level enemy. There is only Zetta, so good luck in defeating him. If your having problems, you can sacrifice one of your units by lifting the enemy. Once it is your turn again, that unit will disappear but you kept that unit from attacking. This method helps when the enemy's attack can kill more than one unit

Viva Sprites!
Fight five battles with the 'Classic' display option. Pixels still rock!

In settings, change the character sprites to classic

Go through 5 fights.


Baby's First Reincarnation
Reincarnate for the first time.

Just reincarnate a character (first time is 100)

If your in a rush, just reincarnate a character immediately

IF your not in a rush, it will come naturally later on.

Snare Bear Stare
Throw and capture an enemy character in the base panel.

Unlock the Disipline room by passing the bill in the dark senate.

Lift a weak enemy and throw it into your base on a stage.


Remember that you cannot capture a enemy you cannot already make using character create.

Success Comes from Failure
Get a Game Over from having your party get defeated.

Lose a stage. Will happen naturally the first cycle you play. Try to attack your own characters so you can get this out of the way.

Collateral Damage
Defeat an ally character.

In a stage, have a strong character kill one of your weaker characters. Will accidentally happen eventually, but no reason to wait.

Treasure Hunter
Open 100 treasure chests.

open all treasure chests you can.

Treasure is found on the main hallway, in stages, after you defeat a enemy on a treasure panel, or torturing enemies to give up the location of a treasure.

Lead-Tongued Tyrant
Persuade by force three times. Demons should always resort to violence!

While in the dark senate, fail a bill. Instead of leaving, use force to pass the bill

You can throw similar monsters onto each other. If the stronger monster is on your side, you will have deleted a enemy.
You can also go into a really weak bill, give the prinnies stuff they don't want so you can fail, and then throw them around.

Step Back and Watch the Fireworks
Explode ten Prinnies in a row.

This trophy is really easy to do, if you find the right level.

I made a custom user map and just spaced out 10 of my prinnies. Then when i played that map, i threw 1 prinny and started the chain reaction. You could also do this during a story mission, but user map is probably the easier way to get this trophy.

The Power of Creation Compels You
Conduct your first Map Edit.

When your able to make a custom user map, just throw stuff on there and save. Trophy unlocked

Pirate Is as Pirate Does
Conduct your first Reverse Pirating.

After killing a pirate in item world, it unlocked a bill to do reverse pirating.

After i passed that bill, talking to the demon with a pirate ship in his bubble will give you basic pieces for a ship. Like the user maps, you can put some characters on your ship and when online they pester other users. Not sure if you get anything for your pirates win.

Scavenger Hunt Champion of the Netherworld!
Open all chests at the base from Episode 1 to Post-Game.

35 chests

3 each chapter (1-10)
5 on post game

How's That Item World Coming Along?
Clear 30 floors in the Item World.

Complete 30 levels in item world. All items have at least 30 levels.

Fastest way is to make a tower and throw your people till they get to the gate for the next level. Or have a runner run to that gate.
Also helps to have people with attacks that push people onto other panels, incase there is a guard there.

Hangin' at the Quick Yield
Max out the Rosen Queen Company customer level.

The customer level raises when you buy and sell stuff. Keep buying and selling, and pass bills for more expensive things when the weaker items don't raise in level anymore.

Phantom Thief
Steal 10 Rare and/or Legendary Items.

Before you steal, you need to prepare yourself.

1st, you need to own some thief hands. Its an item that looks like a hand, and you can buy them in the store. The really expensive ones have a better range, as well as a slightly better chance to get the better items.
2nd, you need to raise your characters level. The higher your character, the higher your chances to steal the item. If your character is the same level as the enemy, your chances will be really low.

If you steal from behind, you have a better chance of success.
The higher the hit stats of your hand weapon, the better chance to success
If you have a theif, they have better chances then any other type of characters.

Just steal 10 rare items (blue in color) or legendary items (yellow in color). These items can be found on almost any character, on any level.

Damages with Wolves
Inflict 100,000 damage.

See "Biggus Stickus"

Axel Statue Down!
Accidentally destroy Axel's statue in the Mystery Room.

In the item world, you will happen across many different rooms and enter many mystery rooms.

If your lucky, you will find the statue in a regular room. You could also come across a mystery room where you seen Axel and his pink cat demon at lvl 500 and some statues. If you keep talking to that him, you will initiate the fight. Make sure to destroy that statue first. I recommend your crew being 500 or higher before starting this fight.

Bottom of the 9999th!
Train an ally up to LV 9999.

Lvl 9999 is the max level a character can achieve. Just train your character to that level cap. It will take a bit of time, until your character either can handle higher level enemies, or you get to a stage that is great for grinding levels.

If you raise the enemy levels by 8 (pass bills), and go to 5-2, you will get a good amount of exp using the in game glitch. More on that later

Master Crafter
Increase an item up to LV 300.

In item world, go through a items levels and defeat the item generals, kings, and gods to raise the items level. Level 300 is the maximum level a item can be.

Items 31 and higher are in black wording (ordinary)
Items 8 to 30 are in blue (rare)
Items 0 to 7 are in yellow (legendary)

Ordinary items have 30 floors, rare items have 60 floors, and legendary items have 100 floors.

Each level in the item world raises the item by 1 level.
Each item sphere destroyed raises the level by 1. Item spheres pop up on level 20 and beyond.
A pair of spheres from 20-50, three spheres from 51-70, and four spheres from 71-100

Your aim is to have 260 by the 100th level. If you need to, use the Mr. Gency's exit to get more levels.
After you complete the 100 levels, use reverse pirating to find yellow spheres which are 10 levels, or red spheres for 15 levels.

Dominatrix Lovin'
Enforce discipline 100 times.

Trophy: Enforce torture 100 times (accumulative)

To do this, you first need to have the Discipline room (unlock this when its available by passing the bill). Then place it somewhere.
Next go into a low level and capture a enemy. Remember that you need to have that type of enemy in character create to capture them (if you capture a masked hero, and you cannot make one yet, they won't be caught).

Next, go into the discipline room on the main hallway, talking to the beast trainer with a ball and chain above her head. Inside, use different torture methods to get them to give out money and treasure locations. Each action counts towards this trophy, so fulfill all torture actions before releasing them.

Timid Timmy
Cancel 1,000 battle actions.

Trophy: Cancel 1000 actions in battle (accumulative)

A easy trophy that may require you to grind out.

During battle there will be many times when you undo a movement because thats the wrong location, or undo an attack because it may miss. Although this may come naturally, it also may take a while. Its best to just go into a map, and move your character out and then cancel that movement. After you get bored you can win the battle and save your progress.

After a few hundreds of canceling actions, this trophy will pop.

Lobbyist Hobbyist
Give 50 bribes.

Trophy: Give 50 bribes (accumulative)

Throughout the game, you will gather lots of items that you no longer need. This trophy is for giving it away as bribes during the senate meetings.

First load your inventory with lots of different items you don't use. Then head into the dark senate and pick a bill. Inside, there will be different monsters that will accept any kind of bribes. Certain monsters will be greatly affected if you give them a item they like.

Baciels want emblems
Skele-dragons want weights
Dragons want muscles
Dogs want shoes
Cat girls want glasses
Zombies want armor
Gargoyles want orbs
Slimes want monster weapons
Prinnies want food items, sardines do really good

There are also items that give good results regardless, such as gold bars.

Even if you bribe them with something they didn't want, it counts towards this trophy. If you don't have items, you can always go buy some from the store before heading into the senate. You can only hold 32 items in your inventory at one time, so the minimum amount of times you need to go into a bill for this trophy is twice. This will come naturally as there will be many bills that wouldn't pass without a little lubrication

Scrooge the Pooge
Get over 100,000,000 HL.

Trophy: Collect 100 million

There are a few ways to make money.

1) Complete levels, and you gain money for completion, plus a bonus with the bonus combo give away.
2) Sell the stuff you don't need.
3) Loot treasure chests in item world
4) Capture and torture enemies for money and treasure.

This trophy will come naturally, so don't go out of your way to get it. Although 100 million sounds easy, it will take a while to amass enough for the trophy. You need to have 100 million in your bank to get the trophy, so try not to spend your money till you get this trophy.

Pirate Ninja
Defeat 100 Pirate Crew members in the Item World.

Trophy: defeat 100 pirates (accumulative)

These pirates show up every level that has 1, 2, or 3 in the singles digit. Example is X1, X2, or X3, X=any digit.

There is no conclusion if online pirates (ones sent by other players) also counts towards this trophy, or if offline pirates only count.

Only enter weak items, which makes the pirates low level. Be careful though, as some pirates (or items) spawn tricky enemies (enemies can be low level, but have strong attacks, or high level enemies). Also be careful about the panels, because those can give the pirates an unfair advantage.

Pirate crews range from 1 pirate to 10 pirates. Also note that you can get invaded by 2 pirate crews on the same level, meaning you can be out numbered.

I found it very easy to kill pirates with my lvl 300 Valvatorez, although i was fortunate enough to run into weak groups of them.

If you lose track of how many you have beaten, the statistics demon located by the stairs has those stats.

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