Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats Available
Estimated Time to Platinum: 12-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+ Cleanup
Collectible Trophies: Art Dealer, Occultist
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: With Chapter select, most trophies can be earned at any time by simply reloading a chapter or save. Noted is a few that while not missable, will require a few chapters worth of replay to earn if not earned on purpose.
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

These are the things you would learn as you play, just ahead of time!
  • Difficulty is up to you! - You can earn this platinum on Easy, but if you like to have a bit more challenge, feel free to play on a harder difficulty. All trophies can be earned on any difficulty and is completely possible to do on the hardest difficulty if you wish to give it a shot.
  • Saving is your friend! - Making game saves at points during runs where you have a trophy for completing a whole mission a certain way, make sure you keep a save at regular intervals to keep yourself from having to start the whole mission over for accidentally being seen in the last 30 seconds of an hour long mission.
  • Take Your Time! - Don't try to rush things. Feel free to observe your enemies and their movement patterns to decide where to sneak through best. This isn't a race, you can finish it no matter how long you wait.
  • Collect your upgrades! - Do try to collect all the money and Runes you can for upgrades. Even if you get all collectibles done in your lethal run, the beginning of your stealth is made much easier by having more, more, more!
The following location is useful for farming of most kill trophies, including Cleaner, The Escapist, Tempest, and Manipulator.

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Thanks to Hitman for the video!


Dishonored is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Requiring only 2 playthroughs and some slight cleanup if done correctly. The two playthroughs can be done in any order you wish, yet I would suggest doing your lethal run first, allowing yourself to make note of where items such as Runes and Bone Charms are hidden and also scouting out some areas to sneak along in the future.

Steps to Platinum:
  • Complete your first playthrough of the game. Some may suggest starting stealth to get the frustrating part out of the way, but I would recommend starting out with your lethal run and make notes on where enemies are and places to sneak around them. This run should end in High Chaos and get all your collectibles finished from the start. Collectibles are worth A LOT in your early stealth playthrough, so make note of where they are and how to sneak to them.
  • Complete your second playthrough on the opposite level of Chaos from your first. Also get whatever stealth trophies you can wrapped up and finish as much as possible. If this is your stealth run be sure to collect every Rune you can before Mission 5 so you can come back later for cleanup.
  • Now you may need a few cleanup trophies for some magic kills and such. Wrap them up in Chapter Select and call the Platinum yours!


Platinum Blades And Dark Corners
You have mastered the City of Dunwall and unlocked all Trophies

Unlocked by Earning all other trophies and becoming the ultimate assassin.

You pickpocketed items worth a total of 200 coins

Pickpocketing a living enemy is the objective of this trophy. While it is simple to do itís also helpful at the start of non-lethal playthroughs, as getting Coins is much harder since youíre not slaying everyone in sight to pillage their corpses.

To pickpocket simply use to crouch and sneak up behind your target, then press to snatch their belongings including ammo, keys and of course coins. After a simple 200 Coins this easy trophy will be yours!

You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget

To earn this trophy simply kill 1 enemy with each of your deadly armaments. While most will come naturally during your lethal playthru, listed below is the order you are most likely to find and be able to use these weapons in.

Your Weapons:
  1. Sword
  2. Pistol: Bullets
  3. Crossbow: Bolts
  4. Grenade
  5. Crossbow: Incendiary Bolt
  6. Springrazor
  7. Sticky Grenade
  8. Pistol: Explosive Bullets
*While most of these weapons can be collected in world, bought from merchants hidden around the city, or from enemies corpses some are found elsewhere; the Explosive Bullets and Sticky Grenades must be found in later chapters as a blueprint and built by Piero back in The Hound Pits Pub.

Pistol: Explosive Bullets
  • Mission 6: Search General Tobias' office in the Dunwall Tower interior area. His is the office among the four next to the Wall of Light upstairs.
  • Mission 7: When you arrive at the tunnel that drops off into the water, look inside the crashed car straight ahead. On the seat is this Blueprint.
Sticky Grenade
  • Mission 5: After giving your invitation to the guard, walk through the doors and turn right to enter the room where the guard you just spoke to stands. On a desk near the window is this Blueprint.
  • Mission 7: This will be inside a building filled with criminals looting the area. In the hallway about midway through you can find this blueprint just lying there.

You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets


Complete all missions without being seen or killing anyone but the main targets. You cannot do this via chapter select! If you fail an early mission and continue on you MUST replay from the mission failed all the way through the rest of the story for this trophy. You can reload a save or restart the chapter you just finished, but do make note not to continue on unless restarting from another save is your idea of fun!

This is much easier on your second playthrough, since you will know where most everything is and how many enemies are in areas. This is also the time to use your Runes for upgrades as many of the magic skills make this a cakewalk.

The flowing are a few things to help you not get caught while sneaking through the city of Dunwall:
  • SNEAKY SNEAKY! - You can completely bypass most enemies, or simply choke them out. As long as you are not seen doing anything you will be safe. I found knocking them out and hiding the bodies was the best bet as it makes the trail easier to travel.
  • PUT THEM OUT! - Sleep Darts can make any situation MUCH easier. Be sure to always restock them before a mission and use them only when no other option seems to work.
  • SAVE OFTEN! - This will prevent you replaying an entire mission for nothing. I recommend one save at the start and end of each mission, as well as a quick save slot for sections you know are harder.
  • HIDE THE BODIES! - Be sure to take care of the bodies of those you knock out. Even though you didn't kill them yourself, if found by a pack of rats bodies can be eaten and still count against your total. Hiding them on high points, window ledges, and in closets is usually the best way to keep them from being discovered by enemies or rats. Also make sure they do not fall into water, they will be asleep and drown also killing them.
  • STEALTH IS YOUR FRIEND! - You cannot simply hide in a dark corner and avoid enemies. Most use line of sight and only look in generally straight lines ahead of them. They somehow seem to miss you crouching on a ledge just a few feet above their heads. Use of the lean mechanic is useful for checking around corners early on in the game. Also using keyholes and Dark Vision can make going through doors and around corners much safer to not be spotted.

You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone


This trophy is awarded for completing all missions without alerting any enemies along the way. This should come naturally along with your Stealth run anyway.

For more information on completing this see the description for Ghost.

Mostly Flesh And Steel
You finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

This trophy is awarded for completing the entire storyline without upgrading and of your powers with runes beyond the initial Blink I. Once you have completed the game this will unlock with all other trophies earned.
  • Upgrading your weapons and gadgets doesn't count toward this trophy.
  • If you happen to upgrade something make sure to load the last save before or risk reaching the end and playing all over again.
  • This is best done during your Lethal playthrough as most lethal powers are useless even in combat.

Wall Of Sparks
You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light

You can easily earn this trophy by making any enemy die from walking into a Wall of Light. Simply use a rewire tool on the control panel to make it kill enemies instead of you, then either attack or sprint past some enemies. They will usually chase you through the wall like idiots even after watching 3 of their friends burst into flames. If by chance, they will not walk into it on their own, you could always use Possession Level 2 to walk them in yourself.

This counts as a kill so if you try it during your Non-lethal run, save and reload after doing so.

You assassinated 10 unaware enemies

Performing an assassination is as simple as sneaking up behind an unaware enemy and pressing . This is one of the most common ways outside of straight battle to kill an enemy so you should have no problem getting it. This is likely to be your first trophy as there are 10 enemies in the intro mission alone who can easily be stealth killed.

After escaping prison, you completed a mission, not alerting anyone and killing less than 5 people

This trophy unlocks after finishing any mission after the prison without being seen by anyone. You can and should get this on your second mission if going for trophies Shadow and Ghost. Just be careful and take your time. Earning as many Runes as possible early will help as you can get some helpful skills to sneak by unnoticed.

You can go for this alone if you wish by killing less than 5 people during a mission, but if trying for the others it will come as part of your already planned stealth play-through.
  • Should come naturally with your stealth run.

After escaping Coldridge Prison, you completed a mission without alerting anyone

To unlock this trophy, finish any story mission without alerting any enemy to your presence. You can and should get this on your second mission if going for trophies Shadow and Ghost. Just be careful and take your time. Earning as many Runes as possible early will help as you can get some helpful skills to sneak by unnoticed.
  • Should come naturally with your stealth run.

You made others kill 5 of their own allies

To do this, simply find your way to the kill grinding location in the final mission at the Lighthouse. Once there, alert as many enemies as possible and let them start pulling their pistols. When they do simply step behind another enemy and put them between you and the one with the gun aimed. He should fire and wither seriously hurt or outright kill the poor sap. Simply let this happen 5 times and this trophy will unlock.
  • This may take quite a few elixirs to survive.
  • You should also try and kill the music box carrying enemies to stop them from distracting you.

Razor Rain
You killed 5 characters with Drop Assassination

To unlock this trophy simply jump or drop off of any higher ledge and press when prompted to perform a Drop Assassination. Do this 5 times and the trophy is yours.
  • A Drop Assassination will negate ANY amount of damage from falling no matter the height.

You played from the first mission through Kaldwin's Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters


This trophy is awarded for reaching the end of Mission 4 whilst killing less than 10 enemies. The end of Kaldwins Bridge is the halfway point of the storyline. If trying for the trophies
Ghost and Clean Hands it should come without much effort.

Read more in the description of Ghost for tips on how to be stealthy.

Clean Hands
You completed the game without killing anyone


This trophy is for not spilling a single drop of blood by any actions. ALL enemies must be avoided, rendered unconscious, or dealt with by special means. The only tools you can use are really your own hands for choke holds with , the sleep dart from your crossbow, and the nonlethal magic at your disposal.
  • While you may be spotted and still complete this, remember that unlike Ghost, you can't kill even your main targets.
  • This must be done start to finish - you can reload saves, and replay a mission after it's complete, but you cannot skip any mission in order to accomplish this task.
  • More details for accomplishing this trophy are listed under Ghost and Clean Hands.

Harm's Way
You caused 5 unintentional suicides

This Trophy can either be simple or a complete nightmare. Here I will give you the easiest way to pull this all off.

This may take a try or two, as getting the positioning and timing perfect is a bit of an art. But simple once you understand it. You will require Possession Rank II unlocked, and be prepared to fight! During you visit in the Boyle Estate in Mission 5,

I will explain the easier way to accomplish this trophy and save you some stress. Simply get into the Boyle Estate grounds away from the enemies and make your way inside. When you enter the front door, straight ahead you will see an active Wall of Light. The objective here is to possess 5 party-goers and walk them into the giant bug zapper. Be sure to release them from possession just before walking in as they will stumble forward and fry while you remain safe. After around 3 people getting fried, the guards will attack you and you will need to defeat them all to continue your work. Once the guards have fallen, you may find your last few victims hiding in some of the side rooms and walk them to their doom. After your 5th this trophy will be yours.

You stayed in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period

To unlock this trophy simply spend 3 Runes and buy the Level 1 version of this skill. The best way to earn this trophy is to possess any rat and crawl into one of the rat holes. Now just put your controller down for 3 minutes. As long as you don't leave the tunnel for at least 3 minutes this trophy will be yours as soon as you exit.

Hornets' nest
You killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow

To unlock this trophy will require a few upgrades including Bend Time II, Auto Reload for your Crossbow and probably a Bolt Capacity upgrade just for kicks. Find a group of at least 4 enemies to pull this off then get close range with them. Freeze time with Bend Time II, then let fly with the arrows.

Try shooting each one at least 2 times just to be sure. Weepers also count for this trophy and wear no armor making them much easier to kill.

Speed Of Darkness
You traveled 30 meters in less than 1 second

To unlock this trophy you need to move quickly. The best option is to use Bend Time Level 2 and freeze time completely. From there you can simply sprint until the Bend Time effect wears off and it should cover it. To be sure simply use any level of Blink to move a good quick distance and wrap this task up.

This MUST be in a straight line to cover the distance correctly. An easy place to get this is the hub town just behind the pub as nobody will bother you while doing the movement.

You killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second

This trophy is unlocked by killing 6 enemies at the exact same second. This can be done with Bend Time II and is quite possible at the above farming spot mentioned. This is easy with the max speed crossbow and 6 Weepers, but it's also possible by choking out 4 soldiers and the luring 2 more into the same spot and throwing a grenade into the pile.

Once all 6 are dead and either time resumes or they don't stand up, the trophy will be yours.
  • Easier with 6 Weepers on a High Chaos playthrough.

Merchant Of Disorder
You acquired 15 equipment upgrades

This trophy is for making 15 upgrades to your equipment. There are 27 total so purchasing any 15 will finish this trophy. This trophy will not affect your Clean Hands or Mostly Flesh and Steel playthroughs so you can get this at any time. Below are all the upgrades and their cost. (Some are unlocked by purchasing other upgrades for that weapon.)

  1. Crossbow Accuracy - 300 coins
  2. Crossbow Range - 450 coins
  3. Crossbow Reload - 600 coins
  4. Bolt Capacity =20 - 300 coins
  5. Bolt Capacity =30 - 600 coins
  6. Combat Sleep Dart - 600 coins
  7. Pistol Upgrade - 600 coins
  8. Pistol Accuracy 1 - 300 coins
  9. Pistol Accuracy 2 - 600 coins
  10. Pistol Magazine Capacity =2 - 300 coins
  11. Pistol Magazine Capacity =3 - 450 coins
  12. Pistol Magazine Capacity =4 - 600 coins
  13. Pistol Reload 1 - 300 coins
  14. Pistol Reload 2 - 600 coins
  15. *Pistol Explosive Shot - 600 coins (Blueprint)
  16. Bullet Capacity =20 - 300 coins
  17. Bullet Capacity =30 - 600 coins
  18. Spring Razor Radius - 600 coins
  19. Grenade Capacity =9 - 450 coins
  20. Springrazor Capacity =9 - 450 coins
  21. *Sticky Grenade - 600 coins (Blueprint)
  22. Sword Crossing - 600 coins
  1. Mask Optics 1 - 300 coins
  2. *Mask Optics 2 - 300 coins (Blueprint)
  3. Bone Charm Capacity +1 - 300 coins
  4. Bone Charm Capacity +2 - 450 coins
  5. *Boot Stealth 1 - 450 coins (Blueprint)
  6. Boot Stealth 2 - 600 coins
  7. *Improved Armor - 600 coins (Blueprint)

Art Dealer
You collected all the Sokolov paintings

During the game you will come across special paintings in the environment. These special pieces of art are worth quite a bit of money, as well as having a trophy attached for finding them all. You will usually come across them in the homes of the wealthier citizens of the city.

These must be collected in order, if you miss one you cannot go back with chapter select to earn this.

Painting Locations:
  • Mission 2: Located in the High Overseer's basement room.
  • Mission 3: Located in the art dealer's house. You will find two enemies discussing the painting on the second floor of the home.
  • Mission 3: In the art dealers safe. The combination is taken from the art dealer at the Golden Cat or can be guessed from the following. 879, 138, 656, 679, 696, 686, or 979.
  • Mission 3: Located in the bedroom on the third floor of the art dealers home.
  • Mission 4: Hidden poorly just inside the main entrance of Sokolov's home. Found among other art pieces on the ground floor standing in the center of the room.
  • Mission 5: Find this one in an art gallery in the middle of the top floor of the mansion.
  • Mission 5: Hanging in the bedroom of the sister who is your target. This can change depending on what sister is your target.
  • Mission 6: In the Lord Regents chamber, there is a fireplace you can pass through. On the side with the Piano, the painting hangs above the fireplace.
  • Mission 7: When making your way toward your equipment, you will see a small metal balcony on your right hand side. Blink onto it and take care of the weeper inside and grab the painting from the wall.
  • Mission 7: After stealing the key from Daud, you will open the doors and climb down a long chain. As you make your way down it is on one of the upper levels you can jump to.
  • Mission 7: When you find Granny Rags and Slackjaw in the sewers, you will find this painting above her bed. NOTE: This can be unreachable if you didn't finish missions for one of the two earlier in the game.

You collected 10 bone charms

This trophy is for collecting any 10 of the skill boosting Bone Charms Hidden in Dunwall.

Bone Charms are small semi magical items carved from, you guessed it, the bones of whales! They all provide some slight boost to a skill or statistic. While none are really amazing. Some can be quite useful in helping with movement and magic skills. This Trophy could be considered missable, but there are 27 to be found in a single playthrough and you only need about 1/3 of the total.

Once you receive the Heart item from the outsider, it will show you the locations of hidden Bone Charms as well as Runes. Since you can see their distance and location even through walls, this trophy can't be missed as long as you give a slight effort.

There are 27 to be found in each playthrough, 36 total possible results, and the Charms you get are randomized each time you start a Mission on a certain map. DO NOT RELY ON THESE! Considering the randomness of what you may get, they are no sure bet in your play style. Just enjoy the perks.
  1. Acrobat - Slightly faster climbing.
  2. Albinos - Increased chance of white rats.
  3. Blood Ox Heart - 20% increase to maximum mana.
  4. Carrion Killer - Killing rats grants some adrenaline.
  5. Clockwork Malfunction - Enemy grenades take slightly more time to explode.
  6. Falling Star - Drop assassinating recharges mana by 20%.
  7. Fleet Fighter - Drawn weapons do not slow movement speed.
  8. Golden Touch - Slight increase to value of precious items.
  9. Healthy Appetite I - Food heals slightly more.
  10. Healthy Appetite II - Food heals moderately more.
  11. Plague Affinity - Damage by weepers grants a small amount of mana.
  12. Plague Resistant - Weepers inflict slightly less damage.
  13. Rat Scent - Rats attack only when approached in close proximity.
  14. Reinforced Bolts - Bolts stuck in enemies break less often.
  15. Robust I - Potions grant 5% more health.
  16. Robust II - Potions grant 10% more health.
  17. Scavenger - Greater amounts of ammo on discovery.
  18. Spirited I - Potions grant 5% more mana.
  19. Spirited II - Potions grant 10% more mana.
  20. Spiritual Pool - Slightly faster mana regeneration.
  21. Spirit Water - Drinking from faucets recharges mana by 20%.
  22. Strong Arms - Faster choking speed.
  23. Sustained Rage - Adrenaline takes slightly longer to cool down.
  24. Swift Shadow - Increased movement speed in stealth mode.
  25. Throwing Hand - Thrown objects travel slightly further.
  26. Tough Skin - 15% increase to maximum health.
  27. Twist of Fortune I - Very rarely, using a potion grants full mana.
  28. Twist of Fortune II - Sometimes, using a potion grants full mana.
  29. Undertaker - Increased movement speed while carrying a corpse.
  30. Unnerving Target I - Enemies have a slight chance to miss with guns.
  31. Unnerving Target II - Enemies have a moderate chance to miss with guns.
  32. Vengeance - Being damaged grants a small amount of adrenaline.
  33. Water of Life - Drinking from fountains grants 7.5% health.
  34. Welcoming Host - Possession lasts 30 seconds on white rats. (Normally 20.)
  35. Whirlwind I - Swing speed for swords is slightly faster.
  36. Whirlwind II - Swing speed for swords is moderately faster.

The Escapist
After Coldridge Prison, you eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map

This trophy is obtainable any time you see large groups of enemies numbering 5 or more.

In the kill farming spot mentioned in the tips section, simply run out and gather 5 enemies attention and run back to where you entered. Then jump back down and hide in the pipe you crawled in from. After a few moments your pursuers will lose interest and your trophy should unlock.

You fought 5 enemies at once and none of them survived

This trophy is awarded for simply killing 5 enemies while in active combat with them all or more. You MUST make sure all 5 are actively chasing you for this to register.

This can be unlocked at any point in the game where there is a large group of enemies. This is likely to happen on accident during your high chaos full-lethal run. Otherwise if you haven't earned it, the very last missions second area is heavy with enemies to gather and slay. Simply go to the right and sneak through the sewer tunnel and into the base, then after climbing up the chain, the area just outside houses well over 10 enemies. Simply run in a circle or 2 and lure them in, then go nuts killing them.

You escaped Coldridge Prison

Non-missable; story-related.

This Trophy is awarded for completing the introduction mission. Simply reach Samuel at the river and tell him you're ready to go for this unlock.

You eliminated High Overseer Campbell

Non-missable; story-related.

This trophy will be awarded for either killing, or excommunicating the High Overseer during mission 2.

For more detail on the non-lethal excommunication, see Poetic Justice.

Child Care
You located Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne

Non-missable; story-related. This trophy is unlocked for foiling the Pendleton twins plans and ruining their day. There are multiple ways to kill each of the brothers, one of the lethal ones involving the trophy An Unfortunate Accident. Simply take care of them how you please and finish the mission to earn this trophy.

For more information on the non-lethal deportation of the twins, see Poetic Justice.

Capturing Genius And Madness
You abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician

Non-missable; story-related. This trophy is unlocked by simply abducting Anton Sokolov and escaping in Mission 4. Make your way to Samuels boat and leave the area to earn your trophy.

You assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

This trophy is unlocked by simply killing the Lord Regent. This is likely to come naturally during your Lethal playthrough during Chapter 6, so long as you are slaying everyone anyways. No matter the form of death, this trophy will unlock shortly after his body hits the floor.

Political Suicide
You brought about the Lord Regent's fall from grace by broadcasting his crimes

To Earn this trophy you must take down the Lord Regent non-lethally by broadcasting his crimes to the citizens of Dunwall. This trophy will come naturally during your Nonlethal run and as a part of Poetic Justice. Refer to the description of Poetic Justice for more information on how to accomplish this.

This Is Mine
You recovered your belongings

At the start of Mission 7, your equipment will be taken from you and you will have to either recollect new things, or get your equipment back. Even in your non-lethal playthrough having all your potions and sleep darts is helpful.

Since it took so long to build up all your supplies it's likely you will want them back!

You completed the game

Non-missable; story-related.

This Earn this trophy for simply completing the games final mission. After you watch the results of your playthrough, this trophy will unlock. This can be earned on any type of run no matter if lethal or non-lethal.

Dunwall In Chaos
You completed the game in high chaos

This trophy is unlocked for completing the game in High Chaos. Either this or Just Dark Enough will unlock at the end of the game.

Chaos is increased by essentially killing and causing, well, CHAOS! Simply kill everyone in your way and cause as much death as possible. No non-human creatures such as rats, hagfish, and River Krusts DO NOT contribute to your Chaos total. Simply maintain High Chaos through the game and receive the worse ending.

Chaos level is shown at the end of each mission in the summary screen. Simply cause as much havoc as possible in each mission to keep it high and receive the High Chaos ending.

Just Dark Enough
You completed the game in low chaos

This trophy is unlocked for completing the game in Low Chaos. Either this or Just Dark Enough will unlock at the end of the game.

Chaos is increased by essentially killing and causing, well, CHAOS! Simply avoid killing anyone along the way. Achieve Low Chaos through the game and receive the worse ending. This should come naturally during your Clean Hands run.

Chaos level is shown at the end of each mission in the summary screen. Simply cause as much havoc as possible in each mission to keep it high and receive the High Chaos ending.

You escaped prison and navigated the sewers undetected

This trophy is the start of your stealth playthrough. Simply make your way through the entire prison from the start until you reach Samuel at his boat without being detected by any enemies. There are only around 10 enemies in the entire level so this isn't too hard as long as you watch their movement and move only when you're sure it's safe.

Gentleman Caller
You completed all the Granny Rags side missions

This trophy is for finishing all of Granny Rags side work during Chapter 2 and then siding with her in the tunnels of Chapter 7.

Mission 2 Objectives:
  • Meet Granny Rags in the Distillery District. Her home is just to the right after you climb the stairs into the district. Her door will require a key, but you can enter through the scaffold just above. Initiate conversation to start her Missions.
  • Her first request is that you take care of the "Gentlemen Callers" outside her home. You must either kill or incapacitate at your leisure, depending on what play through you're currently on, to complete this mission. Return to her after they are dealt with to receive a Rune and your next mission.
  • Your second objective is to deal with the local gang by poisoning their elixir supply with a plague sample found in town. The sample can be located at Dr. Galvani's lab which is located on Clavering Boulevard. Entering the lab via an upstairs door is easier than ground floor, as there are fewer enemies on those floors. The sample is located on the 3rd floor behind a false bookcase.
  • From this Point, Go to the Distillery down the alley from her home. You will be in a hostile area from here on so come prepared! Sneak your way through to the lower room and into the makeshift office. Then add the viral mixture into the still and make your way back out of the Distillery. (This will not hinder you from earning Clean Hands.)
  • Simply return to Granny Rags to receive your reward and finish this part of her missions.
Mission 7 Objectives:
  • As you wander through the sewer, you will come across Granny Rags holding Slackjaw captive. At this point talk to her and she will ask for your assistance. Simply kill Slackjaw and toss him into her tub of stew. She will thank you by handing over her key to the sewers, as well as send you to one last rune for your help.
  • If you make a save before siding with her you can achieve Street Conspiracy with a simply reload. Also saving your stealth run from forcing you to kill anyone.
  • For stealth simply pickpocket her key and run like hell!

Street Conspiracy
You completed all the Slackjaw side missions

This trophy is for finishing all of Slackjaws side work during Chapter 3 and then siding with him in the tunnels of Chapter 7.

Mission 3 Objectives:
  • Meet Slackjaws men in the Distillery District, they will tell you he is looking for you. Enter the Distillery to find him and speak with him. He says someone has poisoned the elixir still and is trying to push him out of the area. He will the ask you to follow up with a spy of his to find out what's going on.
  • Head over to Galvani's Laboratory again and make your way to the 3rd floor to find his man dead with a note next to his body. Take this note to Slackjaw to get your next objective.
  • He has now rewarded you with a key to the building next to the Golden Cat making infiltration easier on you. But he also has another deal to strike with you! He asks that you find a local art dealer and steal the combination to his safe so that he may steal its contents. By doing so he will also help you get rid of the Pendleton Brothers.
  • Now you need to make your way into the Golden Cat and find the room where the art dealer is enjoying his "kink" time. Simply "torture" him for a bit until he spills the beans on his safe combo, then either kill him or leave him be, depending on your play style.
  • You can now either return and rob the safe first for The Art of the Steal, or return to Slackjaw and hand over everything. He will dispose of the twins and keep you guilt free.(Required for Clean Hands.)
Mission 7 Objectives:
  • As you wander through the sewer, you will come across Granny Rags holding Slackjaw captive. At this point talk to him and he will ask for your assistance. You can attacker her to make your life hell, or be smart and sneak up to her room and burn her picture right away and save yourself some trouble. Then simply kill her to save Slackjaw. Release him and he will thank you and reward you with this trophy.
  • If you make a save before siding with him you can achieve Gentlemen Callers with a simply reload. Also saving your stealth run from forcing you to kill anyone.
  • For stealth simply pickpocket her key and run like hell!

The Art Of The Steal
You got the Art Dealer's safe combination for Slackjaw, but robbed the safe first

While doing Slackjaws side missions, you will be asked to get a safe combination for the safe in the home of Bunting the art dealer.

Bunting can be found in a side room of the Golden Cat waiting to be "tortured" by one of the girls. Simply shock him a few times and the option to ask for the combination will come up. Ask him and he will willingly give it up to his "dominatrix." Now make your way back to his apartment and loot the safe to complete the next step of this trophy. Finally make your way back to Slackjaw and he will reward you for your help and this trophy will be yours.
  • This is the only safe in the game where the combination is randomly chosen from a list of 7 variations. It will always be one of the following. 879, 138, 656, 679, 696, 686, or 979.

An Unfortunate Accident
You killed Morgan Pendleton with steam

This trophy is for somehow getting Morgan Pendleton into the steam room in the downstairs of the Golden Cat during mission 3 and then steaming him like fresh leather. There are two ways of accomplishing this act laid out below.
  1. This is the proper way. First locate the Cat Houses Madame and listen to her talk about the twins. She will bring up that Morgan is in the Steam Room. This will now spawn him there and make your job easy.
  2. The other option is to sneak up on him in his normal location and simply choke him out or sleep dart him and carry his body down to the steam room.
Either way your last step is to sneak into the side room next to the one he is in. Then simply pick up the valve and let the steam fry him till crispy, earning you this trophy as soon as he's dead.

Well Mannered
You completed the Boyle Estate mission without spoiling the party

This trophy is awarded for completing mission 5 without causing panic in the Boyle Estate. This is most easily done by not killing your target, but knocking her out and shipping her off to safety. Simply don't get caught causing trouble or sneaking about and this trophy will be yours. Keep your weapons holstered and keep quiet and you should have no issues with security

King Of The World
You reached the top of Kaldwin's Bridge

This trophy is unlocked for reaching the high point on Kaldwin's Bridge during mission 4. Once you reach the higher side of the bridge that you start on, you get to a point where you must raise the bridge or not. Simply climb the chains nearby and warp up as high as you can. You should get this when you can clearly walk across to the other side. This is also the prefered route for your stealth run anyway so note where it is!

You protected Callista's uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow

For this trophy you must take multiple steps to save Captain Curnows life.

As you are leaving the Hound Pitts Pub for your first official mission, A young girl will be standing near the shore to talk to you. She then shares that her uncle is in danger of being killed by your target High Overseer Campbell. She then asks you to save his life and make sure he is safe.

Once you arrive in the High Overseers chamber, you will see the 2 glasses on the table, and this leaves you with 2 options as of now. The first is to Swap the glasses and let the High Overseer drink the poison, killing him. The next is to Destroy both glasses and hide on the small ledge on the wall between the Door the two men exit, and the Rune hanging on the wall. Simply wait for them to come out and close the door behind themselves. At this point Shoot one man with a sleep dart and then quickly shoot the other knocking both out without being noticed.

You can now hide the body of Captain Curnow and deal with the High Overseer as you see fit, be it lethal or not. Your next course of action is to return to the unconscious body of the Captain you stowed away before. Not climb out the window and take the ledge outside around to take his body to the safe spot designated in game. Once you drop his body in the dumpster and close it your mission is complete. Thanks to Hitman for this idea as well!
Quote Originally Posted by Hitman
For this trophy, another method is to just have the Overseer poisoned by switching the glasses. His bodyguards will come in and the captain will make a stand and make a run for it. You can track his movements on your screen. Once he's outside, the trophy should pop. That's how I got it.
Now finish the mission and return to the pub to gain Callistas favor and also your trophy.
  • For more details on disposing of Campbell, see Excommunicated.

Mercy Is The Mark
You spared Daudís life

This trophy is unlocked for letting the leader of the assassins Daud live by simply rendering him unconscious instead of ending his life.

Towards the end of Mission 7, you must either steal the key away from, or kill Daud, in one way or another. Choking both him and his guard with or using Sleep Darts on just the guard and then choking him are your best bets. Do anything to keep him alive. Grab the key hanging off of his desk and head back through the previous doors toward the tunnels.

The trophy will be yours after exiting the area into the tunnels.

Lights Out
You deactivated at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island

At the start of Mission 9, you will need to break into a highly secure island fort. The beachhead where you land has many security devices protecting it, your goal here is to disarm 5 of them in any way possible.

To accomplish your task you must simply Rewire or deactivate the oil canister for each one you come across. These security measures include such things as Alarm Towers, Arc Pylons, Watchtowers, and Walls of Light. This is easiest on your lethal playthrough as the Arc Pylon will kill anyone nearby when you rewire it. That or simply remove the power source to make sure nobody dies.

Any 5 will do on the island, and there are more than enough on the beachhead alone. Be sure to deactivate all the ones you see and you're sure to earn your trophy.

Long Live The Empress
You saved Empress Emily Kaldwin

This trophy will unlock automatically at the end of mission 9 during a Low Chaos playthrough. It is also possible to save her in High Chaos but will require you to move quickly to make it to her. If you don't catch her during High Chaos, then you will not get the trophy.

Poetic Justice
You neutralized all key targets using indirect means


This trophy is awarded for taking care off all the main targets via non lethal and damning ways. "For some people, death is the better option..." While you can do this on any playthrough, it is pretty much needed for Clean Hands anyway.

Below are the ways to do more than just kill your target, but ruin their lives.


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

After all 5 of the targets have been dealt with in their special ways, this trophy will be yours!

Food Chain
You assassinated an assassin

This trophy is for being the bigger dog and assassinating another assassin. 3 assassins will show up in Mission 2 near the distillery, otherwise they are plentiful in Mission 7.

Simply sneak behind one of them and slit their throat without being seen to snag this trophy. They are highly perceptive compared to soldiers though so make sure to avoid their lines of sight.

Alive Without Breath
You took possession of a fish

This is on of the easiest trophies to earn. All you need is to unlock the Possession skill and find some water. Seek out any fish and press to take control. This trophy should promptly unlock and you'll be one baby step closer to platinum!

Creepy Crawly
You used a rat tunnel

To earn this trophy simply use Lvl1 of the Possession ability to possess a rat. After taking control, simply find an open grate in the wall and crawl into it. Once inside the hole this trophy will be yours.
  • This can be used as a tactic to pass enemies or enter rooms without a key!
  • Should be done at the same time as Inhabitant.

Back Home
You grabbed a live grenade and threw it back, killing an attacker

To earn this trophy you must throw back a grenade and kill the THROWER with it.

A few enemies will stop their sword attacks to use their side arms against you. Some Overseers carry an unlimited number of grenades and will step back and throw one your way. Simply aim at the thrown grenade and press to pick the grenade back up, then press to throw it back at them.
  • It is easiest to throw at the ground just in front of them, as the bounce can send it too far behind the target. It may take anywhere from 1-4 grenades to take down an enemy, so be prepared with a few potions.
  • Using Bend Time may make this easier for you as it stops the fuse longer and gives you time to aim your return throw.

Big Boy
You killed a tallboy using only your sword

Tallboys start to appear at the beginning of Mission 5 during an intro video. Unlocking this trophy may seem tricky depending on how you go about it.

The 2 simpler tactics are to either jump off a high ledge and assassinate them using as you would any other enemy, or to use the Blink ability to warp above one of them from the ground. While the 2nd method may sound quicker, it's actually quite difficult to land it perfectly without either some luck or practice. I would suggest doing it by jumping off a higher area, but if you can't seem to make it work, a few tries should get your timing down to use Blink.

There is also the option of outright combat although it's not the easiest method. For this you must have plenty of Mana and Blink equipped. Now just blink up the their level and swing your sword. After multiple swings, the driver should perish, earning you this trophy if you made contact with nothing but your blade.

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