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    Missing some pins from Tiki Sam

    I can't find the last four pins I need. Guides from other sites say the pins I need can be purchased from the trader Tiki Sam, but because I stole the black pearl from the back of his shop he will not sell to me anymore. I was able to get some of the pins he sells from the black bags at the pin trader, so I'm not sure if I need to do something to make the rest available. The guide doesn't address this issue. I don't want to do another playthrough, so any help would be appreciated.

    The pins I need are:
    Ventureland Preservationist
    Hook Vs. Pete Pan
    Tiki Sam
    Pirate Friend

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    I am going for the plat this week so basically from my previous mistakes i learned that you cannot obtain all pins some u have to get from store all you need to do is wear a certain costume don't remember which one atm (the one that gives you extra metals) then you grind your way till you reach 40 metal scrap and buy a pin collect 8 pins to buy a hidden pin there you will get the remaining pins needed...i'll start playing it tomorrow and as i progress i'll let you know anything new i discover

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