This is a karaoke video game from Disney. It features songs and music videos from Disney favorites like Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Demi Lovato, Hannah Montana, Jesse McCartney and Coldplay. You're able to sing solo, duet or compete head-to-head with friends and family in a multi-player mode.

****This is a pretty straight forward game no real stratagy to it, most trophies are dependent on singing skill, so if you don't get it the first time keep trying you'll get it. Good luck****


Disney Sing It: Pop Hits Trophy Guide
Guide by: Markoprime

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Players: 1-4
Online play: N/A
Online trophies: 0
Number of trophies: 50
Time to platinum: about 6-10hrs (depending on skill level and completion of hidden harmonies)


Sing It All
Win all pins and ribbons.

This is pretty simple, collect all other trophies to earn the platinum

Finish 100 songs in any mode.

This will come through procression of the game since you won't get all the trophies the first time you sing the song. Unless your that good at these games.

Accumulate a total of 100,000,000 points in Solo mode.

You'll get this trophy while working on the on above. It's a total score for all the songs you have done.

Master of All
Complete all Sing It Pro lessons with a Pro rating.

Tip: this one you need to get over 9000 on all the sub-topics to get this trophyThe sing it pro is a singing kind of tutorial for the game. It will teach you proper sing techniques and educate you on how to play the game better. The pro has 5 "classes" that are broken up into lessons. Complete the class and earn the trophy that goes with the "class".

Shining Showdown
Reach a combined total of 7,000,000 points in a single multi-round, multiplayer game.

When your playing the duet mode and getting the trophy for that one, you will also retrieve this one as well.

Complete 60% of Hidden Harmonies where songs have them.

The hidden harmonies come up during the song right before they come up you'll see blue stars at the start of the lyrics for that line. Hit those and you'll have no problems.To help you there is a total of 19 songs that have hidden harmonies Sing these; find the harmonies and the trophy is yours.
-The Climb
-7 things
-How do you sleep
-When you look me in the eyes
-Don't Forget
-It's amazing
-Let's do this
-Let's get crazy
-It's over
-Don't wake me
-Get back
-La La land
-Hold on
-I'm only me when i'm with you
-Love bug

Consistently Awesome
Achieve or witness 10 Sing It Superstar ratings in a row on different songs, in any mode.

This one can be alittle difficult unless your good at these games. You need to get about 1,300,000 on 10 songs right in a row. Pick 10 songs that your good at and set the song number to 10 on the sing it menu and run through them. Good luck!!

Natural Flair
Achieve at least 50% Flair in every song.

You'll get this through natural procression of the game.

Score 1,000,000 or more in "lt's Amazing".

Pretty straight forward score 1,000,000 on the song by Jem.

The Big Reveal
Find 80% of the Hidden Harmonies in "How Do You Sleep?".

Sing these words higher than what's on the screen and you'll get this trophy.
How do you, how do you sleep

All Flaired Up
Reach Maximum Flair in "When You Look Me In The Eyes".

Maximum flair is level 10. Choose the Jonas Brother's song and sing through the song and try to hit all the notes that you can.

Raise The Bar
Successfully predict 700,000 points or more on "7 Things".

Go to multiplayer andchange the type to Run the risk. Then pick the song and set the score to 700,000 you'll need two mics and just sing the song by yourself and the trophy will come up.

Master of Many
Complete the Sing It Pro Masterclass.

See master of the class trophy.

Riff Rider
Complete Topic 4 in Sing It Pro.

See Master of all trophy.

Tag Team
Complete Topic 3 in Sing It Pro.

See Master of all trophy.

Note Pro
Complete Topic 2 in Sing It Pro.

See Master of the Class trophy.

Breathe Right
Complete Topic 1 in Sing It Pro.

See master of all trophy.

Master of Some
Unlock Topic 5: Masterclass.

See master of the class trophy.

Sing It Superstar
Achieve Sing It Superstar ratings on at least 10 songs.

Sing it superstar is the highest rank you can get on a song in the game. Whenever I got this rank I got around 1,300,000 points in the song. Go for this score and hit as many good or greats as you can while sing the songs.

Bonus Guru
Get every Bonus at least once.

The bonus are:
Hidden Harmonies
True talent
and flairs
Get all these and the trophy is yours.

Secrets Revealed
Get a Harmony Bonus in every song that has Hidden Harmonies.

Sing and get a harmony bonus, they are the background vocals in SOS, How do you sleep, emergency, and I'm Only Me When I'm With You.

Banquet for Two
Finish 10 songs in Duet mode.

Grab a friend and pick 10 songs. Choose duet mode and go through the songs and the trophy will unlock.

Long Note
Hold a note for 5 seconds in "Warwick Avenue".

There is on really long notes you have to hold in this sing is about 3/4 of the way into the song. Simply hold the Note and you'll get the trophy at the end of the song. After your done singing it will take you to the screen and show you your rating and score. At the top you'll see song note length just make sure it says 5s and you'll be good. The long word you need is COME.

On Your Own Score
Score 250,000 points in You're On Your Own! mode during "The Climb".

After you enter sing it a mode selection screen will pop up. Go down to game mode and change the mode to you're on your own; hit continue and chose "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.

On Your Own
Play "La La Land" in You're On Your Own! mode.

Change the game mode to You're on your own and select "La La Land" by Demi Lovato, it does NOT matter what your score is at the end the trophy will pop up after the song ends.

Tag 10 songs as favorites.

This is the easiest in the game. Simply go to main menu select sing it, this will take you to the screen with the songs on it, you'll see 5 empty stars just pick any 10 songs and this will unlock the trophy

Party Planner
Finish all 30 songs in multiplayer mode.

Sing all 30 songs in any mode on multiplayer. Multiplayer modes are duet, showdown etc.

Finish a song in every mode at least once.

Choose any song and play in Solo, You're On Your Own, Single Mic Duet, Dual Mic Duet, Showdown, Run The Risk, Team Play and you're own your own multiplayer modes.This will unlock the trophy for you.

Song Book
Sing all 30 songs in any mode.

Sing all the songs in sing it. Easiest if you do this single player, but if you do this with a friend on multiplayer it should knock out both trophies.

Name in Lights
Get on the high score table on every song.

Simply play all songs in the game, there is 30, and get on the high score charts. Most of the songs if not all are no higher than 400,000 to get in the table. *Helpful hint always go for 1,000,000 on every song. This will help out with the Multi-millionaire trophy.

Sing It Better
Pass 2 Lessons in Sing It Pro.

See Master of all trophy.

Number 1
Get to number one on the high score table with "Change".

Choose "Change" by Taylor Swift and score over 1,000,000 on the song to unlock the trophy.

Riding the Waves
Get 90% of the curved notes in "Get Back".

Sing the song by Demi Lovato and get at least 90% on the curved notes.

Up on High
Get on the high score table with "Bubbly".

All you have to do is score above 400,000 to be on the high score table.

Lip Sync
Get all the spoken words spot on in "Hoedown Throwdown".

This one is tricky you need to get a 100% on all the spoken words; the "boom boom clappty clap" this one took me 10 tries to get but keep trying you'll get it.

Super Duo
Sing "Hold On" in Duet mode and get a Sing It Superstar rating.

Pick multilpayer and duet, then pick Hold On. Now sing the song and get a score of 1,300,000 and the trophy is yours.

Harmony Hunter
Find 50% of the Hidden Harmonies in "S.O.S.".

Same as above, you'll come across it through the natural play through of the song.

Get a Sing It Superstar rating in "Don't Forget".

This one you need to score at least 1,200,000 to get the highest rank. After your done with the song don't forget to enhance it. See "Enhanced" trophy for more info on enhancing.

Such Flair
Reach 50% Flair in "Lovebug".

Pick the song "Lovebug" by the Jonas Brothers and sing the song as well as possible. At the end of the song it will show flair level reached. Aim for level 10 and the trophy will unlock.

Pure Talent
Score a Pure Pop Star or better in "Sneakernight".

Pick "Sneakernight" and sing the song. Score at least 1,000,000 to earn at least a Pure pop star rank. (the 1,000,000 is what i usally get when i receive pure pop rank).

Complete "7 Things" in Single Mic Duet mode.

Go to sing it mode. Then at the next menu it should have number of player, mode,x's singing. Select two, then one mic duet, 1, then you even don't need a friend; just sing the song like you're one player, and after the song you'll receive the trophy.

Tough Time
Play "Burnin' Up" on the hardest difficulty level.

Simply pick the song, and change the difficulty to hard. It doesn't matter the score just finish the song.

Showdown Shakedown
Finish "Violet Hill" in 2P Showdown mode.

At the mode screen change player to 2, mode to showdown, and the song to Coldplay's "Violet Hill" then just finish the song and the trophy is yours.

Use Sing It Encore and enhance "Get Back".

Sing the song by Demi Lovato and after you finish it on the right hand side of the screen that shows your score there is a box that has sing it encore. Click the box and this will take you to a replay of you singing. On the bottom is 3 boxes click the one that has enhance on it and the trophy will unlock.

Bonus Harmony
Score a Hidden Harmony bonus in "Emergency".

Hidden harmonies are the backgrounds vocals, all you need is to find one and this will unlock.

Score an accuracy bonus in "Realize".

Sing the song and try to hit the note as accurate as possible, you'll see in the right hand bubble it say accuracy get this and it will unlock the trophy.

Wrap it Up
Score some rap points in "Sneakernight".

In the song there is a part that goes into a rap. Hit as many of the rap words as possible. You'll get this while trying to get the "Pure Talent" trophy.

Get 65% of the curved notes in "Hold On".

A curved note is a note that slopes down at the end, all you have to do is get 65% of them to get the trophy, I got 97% the first time so it isn't hard to do.

Find a Hidden Harmony in "I'm Only Me When I'm With You".

You'll get this while singing through the song. You're bound to come across at least one while singing the song.

Get Style
Win some Flair in "Fly On The Wall" .

Not 100% sure on this one the wife did it. Finish the song with trying to hit the all the notes. She got mostly all of the notes and got pure popstar.

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