Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Difficulty-Based Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Quests for Tower Sweeper require collecting items.
Missable Trophies: Tower Sweeper and Family Outing
Glitched Trophies: None


Legacy is the first post-release DLC for Dragon Age 2. The events take place prior to the ending of the main game, and it can be accessed anytime after Hawke reaches Kirkwall. Your party will travel to a new location called the Vimmark Mountains in search of the Carta, who has been attacking the Hawke family.

If you liked Dragon Age 2, you will enjoy Legacy. The story is more focused than most of the main game, and the combat is a little bit more challenging. All of the trophies are fairly straightforward and can be accomplished in a single playthrough.


  • Choose a Dragon Age 2 save file to play from. See Family Outing for a possible missable trophy if your save file does not have certain characters alive.

  • If you are using a save file from Act 1, you can start the DLC by interacting with the griffon statue in the storage room in Gamlen's house.

  • If you are using a save file from Act 2, Act 3, or Post-Game, you can start the DLC by interacting with the griffon statue in the library area of Hawke's Estate.

  • NOTE: While you are still in the Carta Hideout before the fight with Gerav, you will come across a caged Bronto and 3 locked siderooms. Go through the door to the right of the Bronto, turn left, and then turn right down some stairs. You will find the Warm Orb. With this, you can go back to near the beginning of the DLC in Vimmark Chasm (where you first fought a Bronto) and this will trigger an optional (and difficult) boss fight. If you go past the griffon statue (when the door locks you in), you will not be able to go back. This boss is completely optional and does not affect any trophies.


Defeated an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains. ('Legacy' downloadable content)

*This trophy can NOT be missed.

Towards the end of the DLC, you will need to make a choice to help either Janeka or Larius. The story and puzzle change depending on this decision. Right before the arena where the final boss is, you will have an opportunity to change sides. You will then fight the person you choose against, along with 3 other Wardens. After this fight, you enter the final arena and will have to interact with 4 pillars to trigger the final boss fight against Corypheus.

This is a more difficult fight than most of the battles in Dragon Age 2, but still not overly difficult. The battles takes place over 3 phases.

When his health is down to 75%, he will go to the center of the arena and release flames from both arms in a straight line that will go all the way across the arena. You will have to deactivate the four pillars again to resume the fight against him. After you deactivate each pillar, two Pillar Guardians (Shades) will spawn next to it. The same process will happen when his health is at 50%, he will summon the fire again, and creates a maze that you have to navigate to go from one pillar to the next. At 25%, he adds lightning and falling ice to the maze and fire.

The best method I found was to make sure you control the entire party (press and ) for the entire battle (or at the least during the pillar portions). This way they follow Hawke around. Otherwise, they tend to just stand in the path of the fire. As you deactivate each pillar, stay inside the alcove and kill the guardians. Wait for the fire to pass the alcove and proceed to the next one. Do this for all 3 phases and you should be fine. You should have a good number of health potions on hand just in case.

Once he's defeated, you will get a couple of closing cutscenes. The final one varies depending on where you were in the main game when you started the DLC, as well as the status of your family at the time.

Deep Roads Safari
Killed a genlock, genlock alpha, hurlock alpha, bronto, and deepstalker in the Vimmark Mountains. ('Legacy' downloadable content)

*This trophy can NOT be missed.

You will encounter all of these enemies throughout the natural progression of the story. Below is where you will encounter each enemy for the first time.

Bronto: After the very first gate at the beginning of the DLC (before you enter the tower).
Genlock Alpha: Right after you break the first seal on Sashamiri's Floor. It has armor and a large shield.
Hurlock Alpha: Right after the Mark of the Binder for the Malcolm's Will side quest; on Farele's Floor. Tall darkspawn with a large axe.
Deepstalker: In the first large room when you reach the Tower Base.

Family Legacy
Applied three effects to Hawke's Key. ('Legacy downloadable content)

*This trophy can NOT be missed.

Hawke's Key is a large sword (Warrior), dagger (Rogue), or staff (Mage). It is used to to open up three seals during the main quest. You will acquire the Key by looting the body of the Carta leader Ratigan early in the DLC. After opening each seal, you will have to defeat a Guardian. Once the Guardian is defeated, you will have to pick from one of four pillars (each offering a different effect). After opening the third seal and picking your choice of effect, you will get the trophy.

First Seal: The Guardian here will simply teleport around the room. Below are you choices of effects once he's defeated.

Pillar of Nature Damage: +5 nature damage
Pillar of Cold Damage: +5 cold damage
Pillar of Electricity Damage: +5 electricity damage
Pillar of Fire Damage: +5 fire damage

Second Seal: The Guardian will teleport and create clones of himself. It is easy to distinguish which is the real Guardian by looking at their health bars. His is much longer.

Pillar of Attack Speed: gives 3% attack speed
Pillar of Armor Penetration: allows attacks to ignore enemy armor
Pillar of Mana/Stamina Drain: gives a 5% chance to regenerate 1% mana/stamina
Pillar of Health Drain: gives a 5% chance to regenerate 1% health

Third Seal: The Guardian will again teleport and create clones of himself, however this time they will all have identical health bars throughout the fight, making it difficult to tell the real one. If you attack a clone, he will fall after a few hits.

Pillar of Critical Damage: 5% critical damage
Pillar of Critical Chance: 2% critical chance
Pillar of Stun Chance: 5% chance to stun
Pillar of Speed Reduction: 25% chance to reduce enemy movement and attack speed

Family Outing
Completed the main quest in the Vimmark Mountains with Bethany or Carver in the party. ('Legacy' downloadable content)

*This trophy IS missable.

Just as the description says, make sure either Bethany or Carver are with you when you defeat the final boss. He/she does not need to be in your party for the entire DLC. You will have only ONE chance to change your party once you get locked into the prison (as well as access your storage chest) right after you enter Corypheus's Prison.

If you are playing using a Post-Game save, you will only be able to choose characters for your party the survived in the main game. Therefore, if neither Bethany nor Carver are still alive (i.e. you took them to the Deep Roads and Anders wasn't in your party at the time to make them a Grey Warden), you will not be able to achieve this trophy with that save file. If this is the case, you will need to either use a save from anytime after Hawke reaches Kirkwall or start a new game.

Tower Sweeper
Completed every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower. ('Legacy' downloadable content)

*This trophy IS missable.

There are 3 side quests that must be completed to earn this trophy: Malcolm's Will, Altar of Dumat, and The Paragon's Heir.

Malcolm's Will: There are 3 parts to this quest, each one requiring you to release an enemy from a prison, and defeating them.
  • This quest is acquired early in Sashamiri's Floor after defeating the first set of shades. You will see another Shade behind a magical barrier. There are two trigger points on the nearby walls called Mark of the Binder. Interact with both, and then interact with the prison to release the Shade and destroy it. Other Shades will also join the fight.

  • The second prison holds an Abomination (also on on Sashamiri Floor). One of the two seals is a couple rooms after the you see the prison. You will fight through some skeletons to get to it. Once the Abomination is released, Profanes will join the fight.

  • The third prison holds a Desire Demon on Farele's Floor (soon after you first encounter the Hurlock Alpha). The 2nd Mark of the Binder is in the room after the prison. Once the demon is released, skeletons and corpses will join the fight.

Altar of Dumat: This quest is acquired right after the Hurlock Alpha on Farele's Floor. You will need to collect four items and place them on an altar in the Tower Base later one.
  • Dumat's Crown will be in a side room to right of the main room. This item will begin the side quest.

  • Dumat's Sacrificial Dagger will be to the left of the main path soon after you complete the Malcolm's Will quest on Farele's Floor. The main path goes right, you should go left to get this item.

  • Dumat's Ritual Scroll will be directly north of the altar and up some stairs (Tower Base).

  • Sacred Urn of Dumat will be in a small room near the 3rd Legionnaires note (south center part of Tower Base map).

Once all 4 items are gathered, go to the Altar of Dumat in the Tower Base (southwest corner of map) and choose to place the offerings to complete the quest.

NOTE: You can also choose to defile the altar and fight a few demons to complete the quest.

The Paragon's Heir: Requires you to find 3 Legionnaire's journal entries to locate the body of Tethras Garen.
  • The first note will activate the quest. It is located in the Tower Base, right after you first encounter the Deepstalkers. It will be on a peninsula (south part of the map).

  • The second note is east of the last one in a rectangular room on the northern part of the map.

  • The final scroll is right after a fight with spiders and deepstalkers in the south-center part of the Tower Base map. A marker showing Garen's marking place will appear on the map after you acquire the final note.

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