General Overview
Players: 1
Online Play: No
Cheat Codes: No
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (unless reload)
Missable Trophies: Yes,
The Enduring Vigil, Amaranthine's Last Hope, Keeper of the Vigil, & Commander of the Grey
Time to Platinum/100%: 15 Hours

Does not require Dragon Age: Origins disc to play(MAY REQUIRE GAME DATA)
[Does require Dragon Age disc if you buy it off PSN however]


The Enduring Vigil
Acquired all upgrades for Vigil's Keep (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

~+~This trophy can be missed~+~
For this trophy you must acquire every possible upgrade to Vigil's Keep. However, some of the places you can NOT return to, such as the Silverite Mine so make sure to do everything while you are there.

* Iron Ore deposit in Kal'Hirol for soldier upgrade from Wade
* Silverite Ore deposit in Silverite Mines for soldier upgrade from Wade
* Veridium Ore deposit in Vigil's Keep basement for soldier upgrade from Wade
* Wall upgrade from dwarf Voldrik in Vigil's Keep; Costs 80 sovereigns
* Granite deposit in Wending Woods for Vigil's Keep wall upgrade from dwarf Voldrik
* Door upgrade in basement of Vigil's Keep

Savior of Kal'Hirol
Destroyed the broodmothers in Kal'Hirol (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

This trophy is story related. You will come across a place called Kal'Hirol in a mission. This is also where you get the dwarf rogue, Sigrun, in your party. At the end after you fight a giant Inferno Golem and the talking darkspawn called The Lost, you will have to break several chains that lay about ahead of you and marked on your map. Break these and it will cause a stone to fall into a pit, killing several broodmothers. Afterward, the trophy is yours. Will update a bit more after I recall the mission name, etc.

Blind Vengeance
Escaped the Silverite Mines (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

This trophy is story related. There will be a point in Awakening that you and your team are captured. All you have to do is make it out of the prison and back to the world map. Before this though is when you are investigating the region of Wending Wood. Here there will be an elf named Velanna(who joins your team if you make the right decisions{Don't be hostile and talk nice}) who will try and fight cause she blames the humans for stuff going on and for taking her sister. The darkspawn are here as well and mainly who you fight along with bandits and such.

At a point though, you'll discover the truth and can tell her. She joins you at this point and leads you into the Silverite Mines. Battle your way into them and get captured. Make your way out & escape. The trophy will now be yours to claim.

Pride Before the Fall
Defeated the Baroness (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

This trophy is story related. You will eventually come to a location on the map known as Blackmarsh. Here you will fight several ghosts/undead creatures and finally make it to a enemy called "The First". He is another of the talking darkspawn who refer to a entity known as "The Mother"(that you may have seen in the clip from Kal'Hirol). He will send you into the fade after talking with you a bit.

Here battle your way into a crypt, fight some undead warriors, then make it up to the crowd gathering. You'll meet your next party member, Justice, and storm the witch ruling everyone here, The Baroness. You will also meet The First again. Kill him and she'll send everyone back through the fade. She also gets sent back so don't worry about missing out on killing her. Once back, Justice will have gone into the body of the dead Warden. He joins you and desires to kill The Baroness in this realm.

Once you find her, she'll transform into a giant demon creature who isn't really tough at all. Destroy it and the trophy is yours. A few chests about the next part have some decent loot and gold within, so take your time scoping out the place and then you can leave.

Amaranthine's Last Hope
Saved the City of Amaranthine (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

~+~This trophy can be missed~+~
You will get this trophy if you decide to save Amaranthine. Once you reach a point in the main quest, you'll have to return to Vigil's Keep and speak with the Seneshal. He lets you know that the darkspawn have assembled an army in the fields and marching on Amaranthine. You now must go there and fight off a few waves of darkspawn. Soon a messenger from the Architect arrives with news of Vigil's Keep being assaulted from the Mother. Afterward, the captain deems the city lost and asks you to return to Vigil's Keep and save it atleast.

For this trophy you must refuse every time he asks and stay to protect the city & survivors. It will come shortly after a few more waves of darkspawn and the killing of a armored ogre. This ogre is fairly strong so be advised.

Keeper of the Vigil
Saved Vigil's Keep (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

~+~This trophy can be missed~+~
You will get this trophy if you decide to save Vigil's Keep. Same as with "Amaranthine's Last Hope" except you must choose to return and defend Vigil's Keep, burning Amaranthine to the ground. Back at the Keep, you will fight several waves of darkspawn similar to when protecting Amaranthine and will get the trophy after killing the same type of armored ogre. This is not quite as challenging though since you will have some soldiers at the Keep fighting alongside you.

Completed Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

This trophy is story related. Simple enough, complete the main quest of the Dragon Age: Origins Awakening expansion and you will receive this trophy. The final boss is nothing more than a remodeled Broodmother along with several tentacles and the children darkspawn defending her. All that you need to know is take out the tentacles & children enemies and then tear into her until she summons more children into the fight. Keep going with this pattern and use any tactics you have at your disposal along with all your health items as afterward you will not be able to continue playing.

Commander of the Grey
Reached level 30 (”Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening” expansion)

~+~This trophy can be missed~+~
This trophy is obtained after your main character reaches level 30. Originally the level cap was set a little bit after 20 up to around 25ish if you played the right way in Dragon Age: Origins, but with this expansion, you're allowed to develop your character even further with a cap set around 35. Trophy won't really be missable as you level up quickly and will achieve level 30 in and around the final location heading to "The Mother". However you must level to 30 and set your skills before fighting the final boss as you can not continue playing afterward.

Also, a new character starts at level 18 and you are allowed to import your Dragon Age: Origins character. The imported character will be at whatever level you left them at, thus making it even easier to achieve this trophy.

~+~Disc Version Does NOT require original Dragon Age: Origins disc [Disc Version Requires GAME DATA]~+~

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