Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: None
Trophy Difficulty: 8 / 10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to Platinum/100%: 2 ~ 3 hours

[top]Tips & Strategies


Another Add-on with a new Campaign. This one is however rather small but with a high difficulty. For the fans that wanted something challenging. It features the strongest boss and the toughest trophy in the entire game. There really isn't much into the story really. It is focused on the increased difficulty.

Recommended Playthrough:
First make sure you have a character ready for import. No equipment on any party members, got loads of health potions and have the best gear available. When ready start the DLC and import the character. You can play the DLC on any difficulty you would like. This includes Casual and Normal. Get all of the research notes and save before the final boss. You may want to defeat it first on normal or casual mode so you know how the boss fight will go. Once that is done reload the save file. And prepare for the fight on hard mode. Kill it and you should have all of the trophies for this DLC!

Tips and Hints.

This DLC is by far not easy and below I have set some tips to get through this more easier.
  • You can change the difficulty through the DLC as you require. It is recommended to do the dungeon in either normal or casual and for the final boss change it to hard for the trophy.
  • You can activate switches and/or loot chests/corpses during battle by pressing and holding and then press while in front of the object. This is not explained anywhere during the game, DLC or any expansion. (You need this for the final fight!).
  • When going for Hard mode make sure to adjust tactics to your needs. And do NOT use any of the default untouched.
  • You especially want to set <=75% hp for any lesser hp potion and <=25% for any max healing potion for the final boss.
  • If needed pause the battle by bringing up the menu ring and select your actions there. Do this often to make sure everything is well.
  • Try to get all of the research notes when you can. Making your golem stronger will greatly benefit with healing spells and other skills.
  • You will face boss level monsters quite often. At some points even several or nothing but boss level. This is depending on your difficult setting.
  • If your character is not a mage (or do not have any healing spells for some odd reason o.O) make sure you have plenty of potions. They are only very few during the DLC. When your golem get his healing spells use him as a healer rather then a tank or wannabe mage. (he is a really bad overall use golem though..)
  • You will get Memoirs of the First Wardens at the start. Save them for the last boss. So you can use it there to change your stats, spells, talents and skills.
  • Getting Master Vitality and Master Clarity will also help staying alive longer.

It is recommended to take a character from the Awakening expansion so you have access to all of the skills and the best equipment. Remember that monsters will have their level adjusted to yours!
  • Before loading up your character unequip all of the items your other party members are wearing. This allows you to use their equipment on your new party members (even though they suck..)
  • By having a character from Awakening you have access to new spells/talents. Make good use of them. Having them is even beneficial for the Grim Reaper trophy.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Defeated the Harvester ("The Golems of Amgarrak" downloadable content)

You must defeat the Harvester which is the final boss of the DLC. You can do this on any difficulty and combine this with the Grim Reaper should you want too. However that requires to do this boss on either Hard or Nightmare mode. Which I do not recommend for getting used to this boss.

Grim Reaper
Defeated the Harvester on Hard or Nightmare difficulty ("The Golems of Amgarrak" downloadable content)

This is by far the hardest trophy of the game. And this includes the original game, all of the DLC and the expansion. This is also the first and so far the only trophy that has a difficulty requirement. Make sure you are properly prepared. From which all of the tips and hints above do apply. So make sure all of the tactics and potions are set. And that the game difficulty is set on Hard.
Also you want to use Flaming Weapons from the golem since boss seems to be weak to it. This requires one of the research notes however it is recommended to get all of them before you start the fight.

The boss fight itself consists out of 2 phases. First phase you will be fighting the harvester while his controlling a big blubbing golem. During this phase he will summon skeletons while smashing in on you. On hard mode a number of these will be boss level. Also he will cause a red aura to appear in which the skeletons will smash harder. During this you want to hit the switch to get rid of it. As a side effect all of the skeletons will die instantly. Keep repeating this till his entire health bar is gone.
Then phase 2 will start after a cinematic. This time you will be fighting the harvester it self. He likes to jump around and hit really hard. Any skeletons left alive from phase 1 will also be there. Kill those off first. Then focus on the boss. He will no longer summon any skeletons. The red aura will still appear from time to time but there won't be a switch to hit to get rid of it.

Unfortunately phase 2 can be quite buggy and or glitchy. Phase 1 is in general quite easy. Try to kill him right after you hit the switch and pray that there won't be a boss level skeletons around when phase 2 starts. Or you are in for some serious trouble. Try to crowd control all of the skeletons at the start of phase 2. You should enter the red aura really fast in phase 2. Remember that there is no switch to remove the aura so they will hit hard.

Bugs and glitches:
At the beginning of phase 2 if you finished phase 1 right after hitting the switch or hitting it at the same time he dies the boss may just be doing nothing and freeze there. Making him an easy target. However the chance for this is very small. What is more likely to happen is the boss ends up running away pretty far, resetting the battle status (while the combat status stays the same.. but you get free resurrections and regeneration). Also the boss can jump into a wall and can not be hit. Basically getting glitched. At the same time, skeletons that you had killed at the corners prior to the fight may respawn (in my case I had around 1~2 dozen of them, nearly whipping my team... while the boss was stuck in the wall ><). At least none of them will be on boss level so they should be easy to kill, just be ware of the red aura.

Doing this boss as a mage will be the hardest while doing on a rogue the easiest and warrior the second easiest.

Mage Tactics:
For the mage you want to be specialized in Spirit Healer/Battle Mage/Arcane Warrior. Make sure you get all of the spells. Starting with Shimmering Shield, Elemental Chaos, Cleansing Aura and Arcane Field as sustainable spells. Heal is also not bad. Basically this way you take very few damage while doing a lot of damage, this also helps while running should it be needed. And you are not depending on the rest of the team which will die very fast. If you still have trouble keeping up your life use Draining Aura instead of Elemental Chaos.

Rogue Tactics:
There are 2 possible builds. One is archery and the other is dualwield. Both however demand a high dexterity (pref 100+) and the rest in constitution and some in cunning. Both also demand the Accuracy sustained spell. This way you will dodge nearly all of the tactics while dishing out a lot of damage.

Warrior Tactics:
With a tanking warrior you can get Carapace. And with a high constitution you can basically attack the boss without getting any damage while this is up. While it is not up.. kite the boss around.
An alternative is going same was as with an archery rogue. By spending pretty much almost all of the points in dexterity and get accuracy.

Golem Tatic (class independent):
Here you will simply only control the golem. You hit the switch and cast the healing spells.. Nothing special. Requires some luck though. But with this strategy you do need to keep your party alive though. When they go down, so do you.

A Secret Stitched Together
Gathered all of the research notes in Amgarrak ("The Golems of Amgarrak" downloadable content)

You have to locate and loot the 6 Research Notes from chests inside the dungeon. Once you have found all of them the trophy will unlock. The list is below in the spoiler tag.

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If you have any questions feel free to ask here or pm me (or contact me in any other way).

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