Players: 1
Price for DLC: $14.99 US / Free {Only if you buy the game new}
Release Date: November 3, 2009
Online Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: None
Time to 100%: About 2-3 hours


Rock and a Hard Place
Completed "The Golem in Honnleath" ("The Stone Prisoner" downloadable content)

This quest is given once you download and install "The Stone Prisoner" DLC. To really begin it, you must travel around your map and at some point you will stop by a place named Sulcher's Pass, with only a merchant. He sells various knickknacks, but is important as he gives you a control rod used to command a golem in the town of Honnleath. After the conversation with him and you have received the item and password to activate the golem, continue on to the newest place opened on your map, Honnleath.

Here you can try to use the control rod, but nothing will happen as you have the wrong code for it. Enter inside the building here and kill all the enemies and make your make to the people behind the force field. There's a man amongst them who would ask you to find his daughter down in the basement area. Agree to do this in exchange for the code to control the golem. Proceed onwards, killing various spirits and demons and you will make your way to a girl and her "kitten". This kitten is really a demon. Agree to whatever terms you want and complete the puzzle if need be. Afterward, return to the man, with or without, his daughter and get your code. Leave now and return to the golem saying the new code. It awakens and you are given the option for it to follow you and join your mission. The trophy is yours once you have finished this.

Puzzle Solution

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Stone's Lament
Completed "A Golem's Memories" ("The Stone Prisoner" downloadable content)

This quest is started after you have Shale, the golem from Honnleath. You will need to have done everything throughout Orzammar and be at the quest where you have permission to search for Lady Branka in the Deep Roads. At the end of this quest, you will come to a point where you meet another golem, Caridin, and have to choose to help it or Lady Branka. Do what you must, but if Shale is in your party, she will leave if you refuse to help Caridin and you'll be forced to fight both of them.

The next part of this quest depends on if you have Shale with you when you find Caridin and Branka. If Shale is in your party, then Caridin will tell about her past and of Cadash Thaig. You can go there once you arrive back with news of Branka at Orzammar. If you didn't take Shale with you, then she will talk to you back at camp and remember something about the Deep Roads. Return later with Shale to the Deep Roads and she'll remember Cadash Thaig. No matter what you decide to do before hand, go to that place in the Deep Roads and kill all the darkspawn there. You will eventually reach a stone and it will tell of Shale's history and this trophy will be yours.

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