Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 16 (1 DBZ: Budokai HD Playthrough and 15 DBZ: Budokai 3 HD Playthroughs)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: 4 ( Budokai 3 Team Earthlings, Budokai 3 Team Android, Budokai 3 Fierce Warriors, Budokai 3 Buu Saga)
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Basic Moves:
- Guard
- Punch
- Kick
- Ki Blast
  • Always check to equip the right skills for your character; sometimes they don't auto equip and you don't wanna miss the power ups.
  • Make both games difficulty on very easy to make your life easier.
  • To transform you will need to fulfill two requirements, firstly fill up the bar enough for your transform power to be possible and secondly you need to press + + together to transform. This will skip transformations if you have more energy for the next transformation (e.g. Kaioken to Super Saiyan 2)
  • Dragon Rush is a special event when during a fight one person is attacking and the other one is defending. In order to win as an attacker you will have to get three different QTE's correct so that the enemy doesn't guess it. In order to win as a defender you need to guess the enemy QTEs that were chosen.
  • Sometimes when two rays of energy (Kamehameha, etc) hit simultaneously you will have to perform a short minigame where the person to spin their Right stick faster will win.
  • Sometimes during hand to hand combat you will clash with the enemy causing the two of you to do quick punches. The way to win this is similar to the previous.
  • If you punch someone at the edge of the map it might cause them to go through a couple parts of the map and change scenery dealing extra damage.
  • Ultimates are done by charging up enough energy to be able to use the ultimate and then hitting to go into Hyper Mode/Ki Mode which looks similar to Kaioken. During that time you will have to initiate the ultimate move and a minigame will occur where you will have to fill your bar more than your opponent. This is done by hitting when the bar is close to full. Usually you can fill it almost full and you have three chances to press . The one with a bigger bar filled wins but the attacker generally gets an advantage.
  • Finishing off certain enemies with certain characters will give you bonuses. For example one trophy related one is to kill Kid Buu with a Super Spirit Bomb as Goku, this unlocks Uub. Another is to defeat Perfect Cell with a Father-Son Kamehameha as Teen Gohan to unlock Super Perfect Cell. These are usually related to the DBZ anime so try out those moves.


Budokai HD

Part 1: Story Missions
  • Stage 1: Complete the main story of DBZ: Budokai
    This will unlock the optional stories as well as most of the characters in the game. Will also get used to the games control as the difficulty of these is really easy and you should have no problem at all with completing the main game.
  • Stage 2: Complete the optional stories of DBZ: Budokai
    This will unlock more characters towards your character trophies as well as a couple other story trophies.
Part 2: Tournaments
  • Stage 1: Novice
    Complete the first level of World Tournament Mode
  • Stage 2: Adept
    Complete the second level of World Tournament Mode
  • Stage 3: Advanced
    Complete the third and final level of World Tournament Mode
Part 3: Character Clean-Up!
  • Clean Up
    Get any character trophy you may have missed by not playing in the optional story missions. Not much here, and this shouldn't really even happen.
Budokai 3 HD

Part 1: Goku Dragon Universe
  • Goku
    Complete Goku's Dragon Universe, this is the first one you should attempt to do. It's the longest Dragon Universe out of them all and don't forget to unlock Uub at the end by defeating Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb.
Part 2: Other Dragon Universes
  • Kid Gohan
    You can start this straight away but I recommend going for it after Goku's. Really easy and a fairly short Dragon Universe to play through.
  • Teen Gohan
    Unlocks after the previous so you might as well do this straight after
  • Gohan
    The last of the Gohan Dragon Universes. Unlocks after the previous so do it straight after.
  • Vegeta
    Can be done straight after you unlock the character in Goku's Dragon Universe. I recommend you do this next.
  • Krillin
    Another really quick Dragon Universe, do this one after Vegeta's.
  • Piccolo
    Do this one after Krillins. It's fairly average in length.
  • Tien
    Really quick DU, do it after Piccolo's.
  • Yamcha
    Really quick like Tiens, so do it right after.
  • Uub
    You should've unlocked Uub at the end of Goku's universe if done correctly. MISSABLE
Part 3: Second Playthroughs
  • Goku
    Replay through the Goku DU to get Broly, Cooler, Bardock and Omega Shenron. MISSABLE
  • Gohan
    Replay to get Videl and Supreme Kai's Characters. MISSABLE
  • Krillin
    Replay to get Android 16 MISSABLE
  • Piccolo
    Replay to unlock Hercule. MISSABLE
Part 4: Broly Dragon Universe
  • Broly
    Complete for the trophy after you have unlocked him in Gokus 2nd playthrough
Part 5: Tournaments
  • Stage 1: Novice
    Complete the tournament on Novice
  • Stage 2: Adept
    Complete the tournament on Adept
  • Stage 3: Advanced
    Complete the Tournament on Advanced
Part 6: Dragon Arena Unlockables
  • Saibaman
    Unlock from Dragon Arena when fighting Level 32 character and Nappa breaks in
  • Cell Jr.
    Unlock from Dragon Arena when fighting level 66 character and Piccolo breaks in
  • Cell Games
    Unlock from Dragon Arena when fighting level 51 character and Cell breaks in
Part 7: Cell Games Tournament
  • Cell Games
    Complete the Cell Games
Part 8: Clean-Up
  • Clean-Up!
    Clean up any missing characters.
Part 9: Platinum


The Ultimate Warrior
Earn all trophies.

Earn (or collect heheh) them all to get your wish; The Platinum.

Special Beam Cannon
Clear "Mysterious Alien Attack" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Story Related

This is the first story trophy you should get while playing DBZ Budokai where you will battle the infamous Raditz. This battle is really easy and the only real ability that Raditz uses is Double Sunday, the worst move in the game. Beat the crap out of him to get to the second part of the battle. Focus on learning to use Kamehameha in this fight as it's your real only move and only costs one bar of energy.

You will now have a mini-game where you will have to stand and have to force Raditz to stay in the middle so you have to use and to move Raditz around.

After this is done you will get your easy trophy.

Focus Your Ki!
Clear "A Mutually Dead Foe" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This mission is available after you complete the main story. Once you are done go back to the Saiyan Saga and pick 'A Mutually Deadly Foe'. This will be similar to the first mission except you play as Piccolo. This is just as easy as the first battle as Goku, except you're the other character. You should walk through it at this.

The second part is a similar minigame to the one from the first mission except now you're Piccolo shooting the laser so you will have to rotate and at the same time to charge up the Special Beam Cannon. Once you do it correctly you will receive the move for Piccolo to use.

Saibaman Hunter
Clear "Saiyan Attack!!" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This mission will happen straight after the 'A Mutually Deadly Foe' mission, and it is another optional mission in the game. You will be playing Piccolo again except this time you will face six Saibamen. This battle is really easy.

After this battle you will have to face off against Nappa. Spam Destructive Wave against him and you should be fine. I found that he is a bit tougher than when you fight him as Goku but still easy enough for you to handle at this point.

Saiyan Sage Clear
Clear "Vegeta, Saiyan Prince" to complete the Saiyan Saga in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This is the final mission in the Saiyan Saga, which is part of the optional missions you do after completing the main game. You play as Vegeta and you face off against Goku, re-enacting the battle from earlier on in the story when you play as Goku. Afterwards you will fight Krillin. The catch is that health doesn't regenerate between fights, so you will have to avoid damage as much as possible. After this easy fight you will have to fight with whatever health you got left, again. This time you will battle the one and only Kid Gohan, and he is quite annoying. Due to him being small and spamming Masenko I recommend being quick and trying to use Galick Gun as much as possible. Once you complete this you will get the SSJ Vegeta upgrade.

Intensive Training
Clear "Let's Go To Namek!" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Story Related

This is like a training mission. You will have to do three tasks in order to complete these missions which are all fairly easy.

The first task is to deflect 15 Ki Blasts from Vegeta which is really easy. You just have to time it just as the ki blast is about to hit and hit to deflect it.

Next is to set up the special mode where both you and your opponent start punching eachother really fast. To do this you will have to hit and at the same time and usually your opponent will also do it, causing the mode to happen. In order to win this you will need to spin your in order to win this fight.

The hardest part, you will fight Vegeta, but you only have one bar of health. I found this fight quite difficult but once you spam a lot of kamehameha's you will be able to easily complete this.

Clear "Goku's Arrival!" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Story Related

This one has three parts. Pretty much you play as Goku on Planet Namek. There are three battles so make sure to use your Kaioken and spam Kamehameha's in these fights for some easy victories. The first battle is Goku vs Recoome. He is literally a repeat of fighting Nappa. Just use Kaioken X2 and X5 as well as Kamehameha to stop him from doing any damage to you. The next part is you as Goku again this time against Ginyu. He is very similar to Recoome so you shouldn't have many problems.

Now this is the "tricky" part. The characters will swap (like in the anime) and you will be playing as Goku in Ginyus body fighting Ginyu in Gokus body. Pretty much its pretty difficult but once you figure out the moves for Ginyu you should be able to defeat Goku in no time.

Super Saiyan
Clear "The Legendary Super Saiyan" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Story Related

This is what we've all been waiting for. In order to get this trophy you will have to defeat Final Form Frieza. You're no one other than Goku and will have Kaioken x10 at your disposal to defeat the enemy. This is just like every other fight, except that Frieza might spam his teleport a lot. Once you have defeated him you will fight him in SSJ Goku form. This form is quite new to you as you haven't used super saiyan yet. Pretty much how it works is that you will have to keep up you energy bar in order to stay in this form or you will fall back to Goku. You need to do as much damage to Frieza as possible, as he will be in his 100% Final Form Frieza. Another bad thing is that you will have only two bars, meaning you do not have much room for error, as any of Frieza's moves can dramatically lower that amount. Do not lose your SSJ form and you should easily be able to defeat him.

Namekian Saga Clear
Clear "The True Ruler" to complete the Namekian Saga in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This trophy involves you going back and completing all the optional missions for the Namek Saga. There are five fights you will have to do for this.

Vegeta's Part:

For the first three missions you will play as Vegeta, where you will have to fight Zarbon, Recoome and Frieza respectively. For Zarbon it is no new task to you and just beat the crap out of him. Spam Galick Gun and you should win in no time as he is as weak as Raditz, even when he transforms into his ugly self. Recoome is the same as the one with Goku except you're playing Vegeta so just spam Galick Gun and I can't really give you any more advice, it's really easy. Frieza is the last part, you will fight him in his first form. This should be a roll over just a the previous, which will cause Frieza to transform to his final Form for a small fight. However he doesn't gain much damage here so you can easily defeat him.

Frieza's Part: You play as Frieza, and firstly you have to go through all the minor characters, starting with Kid Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta. They're very easy if you effectively use your teleporting and death beam. My only problem was with Vegeta but it isn't that much as you outdamage him by a lot.

The next part is Fighting Super Saiyan Goku as Final Form Frieza. This is one of the most fun fights, and probably the hardest in the game. You will have enough energy to destroy him so you should be able to do this with ease after a while. Death Beam is your friend.

Beat The Illness
Clear "A New Threat" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Story Related

This is one of those weird fights. You will be fighting as SSJ Goku against fellow Android 19, except that you will be infected with the Heart Virus that Goku suffers during the Android Saga so your health will deplete fast. Your goal is to maximize your damage in a short duration of time, mainly with the use of combos and kamehameha, as it does quite a lot of damage to him. He's quite fat so you should be able to beat him up in no time. You will get the Viral Heart Disease skill after you win which I never made a use of. I have no idea why it's in the game

Fusion With Kami
Clear "A Wicked Omen" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Story Related

For this trophy you will be fighting Imperfect Cell, as the one and only Piccolo. This is a fairly easy fight as long as you Sync with Nail and then Sync with Kami. You should be able to do it straight away as you will start with the entire bars filled and it is no challenge to defeat. Destructive Wave is so good against him as it puts you at a necessary range if he gets too close.

Super Saiyan 2
Clear "Gohan Explodes!!" in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Story Related

This will be the fight as SSJ2 Teen Gohan. Firstly you will do a fight similar to that of the Piccolo vs 6 Saibamen fight, except that you will be fighting 7 Cell Jrs. They're quite easy to defeat in this mode and I had no problem fighting them. Afterwards you will battle Perfect Cell. You will need to transform straight into SSJ2, and then he should be fairly easy. Your kamehameha does a ton of damage to him but he might sometimes answer with his own so you might have to win a clash. The hardest part is the final part of this mission where you will fight the Super Perfect Cell form of Cell. This time you will need to try hard as he will be able to take you down with a good set of combos. Once you defeat him you will complete the main story of the game, and you should go back and do all the optional missions.

Android Saga Complete
Clear "A Cold-Blooded Assassin" to complete the Android Saga in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This is similar to the one found in the other two Sagas, where you will have to go back and complete the now unlocked optional missions. You will need to complete all the previous optional missions for these to unlock. In order to do this trophy there are a set number of fights to do.

The first few are as Vegeta, where you will be SSJ Vegeta fighting the previously defeated Android 19. This will be very easy as you already done it with Goku. Your health wont be draining so you should just Galick Gun him down until his health depletes. Next part is fighting against Android 18, which is a bit harder but still really easy. She is much faster and nimble than Android 19 but doesn't do that much more damage.

Next part is where the game gives you the next form, Super Vegeta. You will fight Semi-Perfect Cell as this form and this should be fairly easy. You have a damage advantage, and you just have to avoid his attacks. Galick Gun will take away a lot of his health each time so you should defeat him in no time. Right after you will fight his Perfect Cell form. This is a bit harder. You will need to move fast and use Galick Gun effectively as missing it might mean a lot of lost health from a Cell counter attack. At this point in the game this fight wont be that much of a challenge having faced the previous battles.

Next up are the weird fights. First you will be fighting as Imperfect Cell, who is really weak and literally similar to Goku. Defeat Android 16 and be happy you don't have to play any more missions as this guy. Ohwait... Krillin will show up and will... try to stop you? Yeah...

Now I don't know what to say about this mission. You're... Cell gone wrong or something. But you have to fight Yamcha the last remaining 'Threat' on the planet... threat This is too easy to lose.

Budokai Novice Champion
Win World Tournament mode on Novice in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This is the easiest level difficulty in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai World Tournament Mode. The novice difficulty contains 3 battles that you will have to do and it doesn't matter who you pick it should be a really easy three battles. Just knock out the enemies either by depleting their health to 0 or knocking them out of the ring to earn this trophy.

For more tips see Budokai Advanced Champion!

Budokai Adept Champion
Win World Tournament mode on Adept in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This is the 2nd difficulty in the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai World Tournament Mode, and in order to play it you will have to win a world tournament on the Novice difficulty. Adept difficulty contains and additional battle, so now the tournament will force you to fight 4 battles in order to win the title. These are fairly easy just like Novice, but the enemies will now be able to easily knock you out of the ring (if you position yourself for them to). Best thing to do is the same as for Novice, try and KO them before they knock you out the ring or knock them out the ring really fast. I recommend using any of the Saiyans for this one, but Uub and Cell I found also effective.

For more tips see Budokai Advanced Champion!

Budokai Advanced Champion
Win World Tournament mode on Advanced in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

This is the 3rd and final difficulty of World Tournament Mode. It is pretty hard, as the difficulty of the characters goes up from the previous modes. You will need to win five fights in a row in order to get this trophy. You will need to complete World Tournament Mode on both Novice and Adept in order to get to fight on this difficulty. It has to be purchased from the Skill Shop. This mode will be really difficult, and I encourage you to play a character with an easy skill to knock enemies out, such as Hercule or Vegeta or Goku. I got it by playing Vegeta and spamming Galick Gun. Watch out as it is really easy for the enemy to knock you out of the ring and you will want to avoid the fight to last really long. Ring Outs are the easiest way to get through this tournament mode.

Budokai Team Earth
Unlock Great Saiyaman, Trunks, Yamcha and Hercule in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

For this trophy you will need to unlock the following characters:

Great Saiyaman - Unlocked by completing the World Tournament Mode on Advanced Difficulty

Trunks - Story Related. Unlocked as Vegeta during the Android Saga.

Yamcha - Optional Story Related, unlocked in the final mission of the optional stories of the Android Saga.

Hercule - Unlocked by completing the World Tournament Mode on Adept, you will get this on your way to getting Great Saiyaman.

Budokai Team Frieza
Unlock Zarbon and Dodoria in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

For this trophy you will need to unlock the following characters:

Zarbon - Unlocked through progressing the Optional Namek Saga missions

Dodoria - Unlocked through progressing the Optional Namek Saga missions.

Budokai Team Android
Unlock #16, #18 and #19 in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

In order to get this trophy you will have to get the following characters:

Android 16 - You will get this from defeating him during a Optional Story Mission as Imperfect Cell.

Android 18 - You will get this from defeating her as Vegeta.

Android 19 - You will get this from defeating Android 19 as Vegeta.

Budokai Legend of Hercule
Unlock Legend of Hercule mode in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

You can purchase this mode once you complete the World Tournament Mode on Adept difficulty. This can be found in the Skill Shop. Buy it and the trophy will unlock.

Budokai 3 Goku
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Goku

WARNING: Make sure to defeat KID BUU using the Super Spirit Bomb in order to be able to unlock Uub

This is the first Dragon Universe you will want to do. This is the longest one too and will get you used to the game. The fights are fairly easy and having played the Budokai HD you should easily be accustomed to the fighting. Simply fly around and follow the red dot. This will lead you to a series of different fights, and most of which are relatively easy.

You will first face off against Mr Double Sunday, your brother by blood; Raditz. He is really easy. Equip Kamehameha and spam it and he will fall with ease.

Next you will fight Nappa using your Kaioken skill. This is another really easy fight, spam your Kamehameha and win it like you did in the last game.

The third step is to fight I suggest you find the Spirit Bomb Skill first. This will be really useful in later fights as well as needed for Super Spirit Bomb later on in the game which is crucial on getting the platinum. Oh yeah and defeat Vegeta, he's really easy.

Recoome will be the next easy fight you have to go through to get this platinum. Just do this fight like all the previous. Next you can roam and get some free stuff as well as free levels. Then go to the next red dot and fight Ginyu. This fight is really easy, way easier than in the first game.

Now fight Frieza. Yeah so easy I literally don't have to give you tips. The fights are all the same. KA-ME-HA-ME-HA (and Kaioken for lots of DPS)

Now get the SSJ Goku Skill. Equip this. Your best friend. Defeat Frieza... Bam next step Android Saga

This game is really easy as you can see. In the Android Saga you will need to defeat Perfect Cell (use your Warp Kamehameha move that you get from Kami's Lookout) and Unlock the Cell Ring. After this easy fight you will move on to the next Saga...

In this saga you will get SSJ2, defeat Majin Vegeta and then get SSJ3. Now you will have to battle Majin FatBuu and it will be super easy. The next fight is much harder, it is Super Buu. Against Super Buu you will need to use some pretty heavy skillage, as he is quite strong. I got instant SSJ3 and tried to defeat him that way, as during SSJ3 you can easily damage him with your Warp Kamehameha. This way you can take him down without him being able to answer. There will also be an easy fight as Super Vegito, but that one is so easy I dont need to mention it.

Now for the important part:


For this fight you cannot go into Super Saiyan form. You will need to defeat him using your Super Spirit Bomb (Ultimate Technique). IF he survives it, it does not count. You will need to knock him out using this technique. Once you defeat him with this technique you will unlock Kid Buu and the story will still continue. Go and pick up SSJ4 at the ??? red dot. This will be really important and is MISSABLE. Head to the final red dot and fight Uub, who is really easy but it is in a tournament mode so he can knock you out the ring. Defeat him and you should have no issue and you completed your first Dragon Universe.

Budokai 3 Kid Gohan
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Kid Gohan

This is a really easy Dragon Universe. You will play as Kid Gohan and you will learn Masenko, your way through these fights. You will have to fight Piccolo and Saibamen, and then move onto the next Saga. After wards you just have to beat Recoome and Frieza. These are really easy fights as you will be given a skill known as Unlock Potential! Which is a Kaioken level ability for Gohan. After that you will unlock this easy trophy.

Budokai 3 Teen Gohan
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Teen Gohan

This is unlocked after completing the Kid Gohan DU.

You will get the Kamehameha skill, and you are literally going through the Android Saga. This is a really short DU as you will need to defeat Krillin and Goku which are really easy fights. Afterwards you will face off against Perfect Cell who is quite strong but I found him really easy as you're given SSJ and SSJ2 Gohan respectively for the two fights you have with him. He is easily defeated, and if you can use Father-Son Kamehameha you will get the Super Perfect Cell skill for Cell which is quite cool. It is all optional to you though.

Budokai 3 Gohan
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Gohan

This is the last DU of Gohan, as he struggles through the Buu Saga. You will get some skills back and you have to go and fight your younger brother, Goten. This is a really easy fight, just defeat him and you will be on to the next step. Now go around and do some scenery. You will unlock Videl and this is one of the characters you can miss. Fight her but she is really easy, Krillen level. Next defeat Dabura, and recieve your Ultimate skill, Super Kamehameha. This skill can be used to dispatch of any of your upcoming foes with ease.

Next two fights are sort of average. First you fight Majin Buu, who is obviously set up to easily be defeated with your new ultimate ability. I had no issues with this. Next up is the monster that is Super Buu. I spent quite a while doing this fight. Going Super Saiyan is the best way to do this. The fight is quite tough but I found to be able to defeat him very quickly once you learn his moves.

Budokai 3 Vegeta
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Vegeta

Vegetas DU is no harder than any other DU in the game. It is just quite lengthy similar to Goku's Dragon Universe.

Firstly it is the Saiyan Saga where you will fight Goku and Kid Gohan. They're so easy they die almost instantly from your Galick Gun.

Now move onto Namek, you will face Recoome, aka MR EASY because he is just a character to beat up. He leads on for you to fight First Form Frieza, which if you dodge the Death Beam of, is just as easy as the previous fights. These fights are really easy so you should have no issue. For the last fight in this saga you will battle Final Form Frieza, and he is just as easy as the First Form if not easier, if you just avoid his death beam.

In the Android Saga you will get SSJ Vegeta and Big Bang Attack, your Ultimate Move. Use it and you will win every fight. You will fight Android 17 and Android 18 one by one. These fights are literally identical and I just used it to test out my new moves. Super Saiyan overpowers both of them. Next you will fight Cell, at first he is just Semi-Perfect Cell, so he will die from a good few Galick Guns to the face. However the next fight is against Perfect Cell. Except that he seems to have the power of the last one. Just turn SSJ and maybe pull off your Ultimate Move and he will be done and over. Really easy...

You will now enter the next Saga and receive SSJ2. You can defeat Goku by spamming Atomic Blast, your new best friend. This ability is available as Majin Vegeta and makes Goku seem useless. You will have to defeat Majin Buu after but he is even easier with the same tactic.

Now you play as Vegito. He is super strong, and you should roll over Super Buu with him. I had no problems. The Spirit Cannon makes this fight way too easy. Now you just have to beat Kid Buu. The fight is similar to Gokus but you don't have to finish him off with your Ultimate move, (though it makes it 10 times faster) so just defeat him.

Budokai 3 Krillin
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Krillin

Really easy DU.

Krillin has a couple fights, all involving spammage of Kamehameha. Defeat a couple Saibamen, then defeat Nappa. Bam you're in Namek. Here you just have to defeat Recoome, which with Unlock Potential makes it a repeat of Kid Gohans Dragon Universe. You will afterwards have to fight Goku (Ginyu) who is a tougher opponent but nothing special. I found him relatively easy by just spamming Kamehameha's. The last fight is Second Form Frieza which is the hardest fight for Krillin. His death beam can take you down very fast but I found it relatively easy to win.

Budokai 3 Piccolo
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Piccolo

Another easy DU.

This one involves you being Piccolo and using Destructive Wave to win every fight. Literally nothing more. Special Beam Cannon is completely useless and I never used it. Once you defeat Kid Gohan and Saibamen you will move onto Namek. Here you will fight Second Form Frieza. Sync with Nail and he should be easy. For your next fight you're in Android Saga against Dr Gero. I found this fight just as easy so I guess I don't have to say much. It's pretty much putting down health bars at this point.

You will get Hellzone Grenade and fight Android 17. I found it pretty useful move and will make this fight a lot shorter. Android 17 is quite nimble and annoying to counter. However with Sync with Kami and Hellzone Grenade you should have no issue. Now the hardest fight which is Majin Buu. He is the only challenge I had in this DU and tbh not even that much of a challenge. He just has a lot of health. So a lot of Destructive Waves. So easy wins.

Budokai 3 Tien
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Tien

Easy DU.

Nappa is your first opponent. He is really weak like in the previous DUs. At this point its all about just playing these new characters.

Neo Ki Blast Cannon is your ultimate move. You will now have to fight Semi-Perfect Cell. This fight is relatively easy, and I thought he isn't much of a problem to Tien either. Use the ultimate and he should be toasted. Your last fight is Cell Jr. You will fight in Cells Ring which makes the fight the more interesting. I found it to be a really easy win so have fun. Use that ultimate.

Budokai 3 Yamcha
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Yamcha

Easy DU.

Win your fights in order to finish this DU. Yamchas fights are super easy as he isn't a very skilled character. You will get this trophy after you defeat Tien in the final battle.

Budokai 3 Uub
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Uub

Easy DU.

You will have to defeat Goku. Except in a ring, and Uub is the king of Ring-Outs. Ring-Out Goku to move onto the second fight.

Now you have to fight Majin Buu. Spam Ki cannon and he cannot respond to you. He will literally not be able to land a punch if done right.

Budokai 3 Broly
Clear Dragon Universe in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with Broly

You will unlock Brolys DU after the second time you play Goku's DU. You will get the character in it and you will just have to defeat some easy opponents. I think this is here just for fun, and I had a lot of it. RIP Videl.

Budokai 3 Novice Champion
Win World Tournament mode on Novice in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Same as in the Budokai HD game, you will have to go through a World Tournament Mode in order to get this trophy. With the new Uub character this is a walkthrough. I just spammed Ki Cannon and Ring-Out'ed everyone for easy wins. You should have no issue with this and will quickly move onto Adept.

Budokai 3 Adept Champion
Win World Tournament mode on Adept in Dragon Ball Z:Budokai 3

This follows from the previous trophy. On Adept difficulty there is an extra fight to be fought, increasing the total to four fights. I found this trophy really easy to do by spamming Uub's Ki Cannon and getting Ring-Outs. Enjoy this easy trophy. you will need to purchase this difficulty from the Skill Shop as it will not unlock automatically just like in Budokai HD.

Budokai 3 Advanced Champion
Win World Tournament mode on Advanced in Dragon BallZ: Budokai 3

This is really easy. Just use Uub. The difference in Advanced is that there are now more enemies, increasing the amount of battles to 5 and there will be a lot of teleporting so make sure you dont get caught off guard. They can just as easily knock you out the ring as you can knock them out. Use Ki Cannon and you should easily make it through this difficulty as well.

For those masters of fighting games who don't like fighting, you can try the Heart Disease trick, where you will have to equip your character with Heart Disease, Senzu Bean and set the timer to 30 seconds. This way you will keep losing health, fight them but do not let them ring you out as that will cause you to auto lose (and therefore fail the trick). In the last few seconds the senzu bean should heal you to full health thus giving you the auto win.

Thanks to Dark Fox for this tip

Budokai 3 Cell Games Champion
Win the Cell Games in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

This is probably the hardest trophy in the game. You will need to unlock the Cell Ring which can be gotten by fighting a level 51 character in the Dragon Arena until Cell breaks in. Once he has broken in you will have to defeat him. If you defeat him you will unlock the Cell Games arena in Tournament mode. In order to be able to fight on it you will need to beat World Tournament Mode on Advanced.

There's a huge difference in the ring. There is none. You will be doing literally the same as in World Tournament Advanced, but you will have to literally KO the opponent. In order to KO them you will have to deplete their health. You will need to use your most powerful character, which in my advice would be Goku. You can go straight to Super Saiyan 4 and destroy most of your opponents. I feel the difficulty is easy in the first two fights but once you fight in the fourth or fifth fight you will be fighting a much stronger characters.

Another good character to use could be Omega Shenron, his punches and abilities deal tons of damage and his ultimate is almost an instant KO victory.

Once you win the five rounds you will get this trophy.

Budokai 3 Goku's Family
Unlock Goku (Kid), Gohan (Kid, Adolescent, Saiyaman)and Goten in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Kid Goku - Unlocked by completing Broly's Dragon Universe.

Another way is to go to Grandpa Gohan's House after you have defeated Raditz in your second playthrough of Goku's Dragon Universe (located to the east)

Teen Gohan - Unlocked by completing Kid Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Gohan - Unlocked by completing Teen Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Great Saiyaman - Unlocked by completing Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Goten - Unlocked by kicking Goten's butt in Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Budokai 3 Vegeta's Family
Unlock Vegeta and Trunks (Future and Kid) in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Vegeta - You will unlock this when you defeat Frieza as Goku during the Goku Dragon Universe.

Kid Trunks - You will unlock this when you defeat Majin Buu as Vegeta in Vegeta's Dragon Universe.

Trunks - Unlocked by completing Vegeta's Dragon Universe

Budokai 3 Team Earthlings
Unlock Hercule, Videl and Uub in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3


- Unlocked during a second playthrough of Piccolo's Dragon Universe. The area to find him is in the first column from the left, third block down inside the desert. Here you will trigger a chat with Hercule, and you will have to then go to the Central City when you're about to fight Majin Buu (but do not fight him before doing this). - MISSABLE

Apparently it is said to be possible to get him on the first playthrough of Piccolo's DU, but I have not received concrete evidence to support that claim.

Videl - Unlocked during Gohan's Dragon Universe after the battle with Goten. You will need to speak to her in the plains to the east of Goku's home. After this scene, you will need to go to the south-eastern corner of the map and speak to her here. - MISSABLE

Uub - Unlocked when playing as Goku during his Dragon Universe. You will need to defeat Kid Buu with a Super Spirit Bomb to unlock Uub. - MISSABLE

Budokai 3 Team Frieza
Unlock Ginyu, Recoome, Frieza and Saibamen in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Recoome - Unlocked by defeating Recoome in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Ginyu - Unlocked by defeating Captain Ginyu in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Frieza - Unlocked by defeating Frieza in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Saibamen - Fight in the Dragon Arena until Nappa break in, then defeat him for this character. You will need to fight a level 32 or higher character to be able to get Nappa to break in.

Budokai 3 Team Android
Unlock #16, #17, #18, Dr. Gero, Cell and Cell Jr. in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3


Dr. Gero
- Unlocked by defeating Dr. Gero in Yamcha's Dragon Universe.

Android 16 - Unlocked during a second playthrough of Krillin's Dragon Universe. After you beat Frieza you will need to go to the red dot on the right which will lead to a Captain Ginyu as a frog scene, now go to the other dot and fight Frieza. Continue the story and head to the World Tournament Stage, and follow up with going to West City where you will meet him and unlock the character. MISSABLE

Android 17 - Unlocked by defeating Android 17 in Piccolo's Dragon Universe.

Android 18 - Unlocked by completing Krillin's Dragon Universe.

Cell - Unlocked by Completing Gohans Dragon Universe.

Cell Jr. - Unlocked by playing Dragon Arena and fighting a lvl 66 or higher opponent. You will need Piccolo to break and and defeat him in order to unlock Cell Jr. as a character.

Budokai 3 Buu Saga
Unlock Buu (Majin, Super and Kid), Dabura andSupreme Kai in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3


- Unlocked by defeating Dabura in Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Majin Buu - Unlocked by defeating Majin Buu in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Super Buu - Unlocked by defeating Super Buu in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Kid Buu - Unlocked by defeating Kidd Buu in Goku's Dragon Universe

Supreme Kai - Unlocked by Defeating Majin Vegeta in a second playthrough of Gohan's Dragon Universe then going to the Plains close to West City. You will need to meet the requirement to unlock Videl. After the fight with Goten you will have to head to Kami's Lookout. Beat Piccolo's green ass and head to Northwestern mountain areas of the map (bottom right corner of the 3rd block in the top row). Now beat Dabura's butt and then have to fight Majin Vegeta by going to the next dot. After that stupid fight, go to the plains in the middle of the continent next to West City. (2nd block in the second row) MISSABLE

Budokai 3 Fierce Warriors
Unlock Cooler, Bardock, Broly and Omega Shenron in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3


- Unlocked by Defeating Broly in the second playthrough of Goku's Dragon Universe. After Buu has absorbed Gohan in the second playthrough of Goku's DU, east of that, there is a scene to be found with Hercule. Now move towards the southern red dot, but do not touch it. Instead go a bit north of it, and initiate a scene with Tien. Now go back to the mentioned red dot and initiate a scene with Kibito Kai/Kibitoshin. After defeating Buu, make sure to pick up the SSJ4 Capsule (for Omega Shenron) which can be found in the south eastern corner of the map (where the Compass sign is). Now go and initiate a scene with Vegeta and that will initiate the Broly fight. MISSABLE

Cooler - Unlocked by Defeating Cooler in the second playthrough of Goku's Dragon Universe. After beating Frieza, there will be 3 red dots on the mini map, go to the most western dot, and here you will fight SSJ Vegeta. After beating his ass down you will be able to fight Cooler for the character. MISSABLE

Bardock - Found at the beginning of Goku's Second Dragon Universe at the Saiyan Spaceship. Do this first as it is MISSABLE.

Omega Shenron - Unlocked by defeating Omega Shenron in the second playthrough of Goku's Dragon Universe. Before fighting Uub, go to the island in the south eastern corner of the map (where the Compass sign is) and pick up the SSJ4 Capsule. It will be on the big island in that corner. You will need to have unlocked Broly and once you have the capsule, head to the West City for a scene. This will unlock the next scene which is at the World Tournament where you will have to fight Gotenks. After that fight Omega Shenron will be available to be fought in Central City. Beat him and you will unlock him. MISSABLE

Budokai 3 Dragon Arena
Unlock Dragon Arena mode in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Unlocked by completing all 10 Dragon Universes. You will get this on your way to the Platinum.

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