Players: 1 (for story, hero, and online modes) - 2 (for vs. mode)
Online Trophies: Yes 5 (each is noted below)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum: Around 30-50 hours mostly depending on time it takes to achieve online titles.
Minimum Playthroughs:- 2 (1 for story mode and 1 for hero mode)
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No, you can return to any missed areas in story mode with the Time Machine and all fights become unlocked after defeating Hero mode.
Glitched Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

General Combat Tips

There are two types of Clashes you can activate and each one has its own advantage and disadvantage.

The Clash- Advantage: Fills up your Spirit meter faster and is quicker in execution. Opponent usually ends up in an unguardable position (Ex. Flat on the ground) and attacker can continue attack. Disadvantage: Seems to be the most expected online decision so it is harder to perform. Does not do the highest damage. Other notes: Clash will end with fighters in Blast Range.

The Clash- Advantage: Does the most damage for length of combo. Disadvantage: Does very little to fill Spirit meter and due to length it is easier to counter. Counter to this Clash will leave you vulnerable to a back attack. Other notes: Clash will end with fighters in Melee Range.

Countering the Clash:
If you are caught in a Clash you will be given the opportunity to counter by rapidly pressing the face buttons as quickly as possible. If you succeed in performing the counter you will appear behind your opponent to strike them and a mini game will initiate.
First your opponent will have a chance to press the button corresponding to which type of Clash you are in to counter your counter. If they fail you will strike them breaking the Clash, if they succeed it will be your turn to try and press the button in time. With each success the sliding icon will get faster and faster till one player misses.

Countering a Clash will perform a knock back and allow you to capitalize on them with Ki blast to try and gain the advantage.
Countering a Clash will perform one single strike to the back of your opponent, however you will not break away and are in perfect position to perform a Back Attack Clash (these Clashes cannot be stopped from initiating).

Getting at their Back:
This trick only works in Melee position.

Get about half dash distance from your opponent and perform a forward dash. This should shoot you right behind your opponent, immediately begin attacking to stop them from turning and you will get a Back Attack to take advantage of the fight.

Raining Ki:
This trick only works after a successful Clash in which your last chain was + .

This final chain will leave you above a grounded opponent. From this position your opponent cannot hit you without readjusting, however you can drop quick ki, heavy ki, or charged ki on them. Not every shot will connect but you will have pretty solid control from here. This trick is especially helpful against tougher computer opponents or when trying to get that final Spirit block for a Special or Ultimate attack.

Striker Booster:
If you completely charge you ki, hold till the meter below your health fully charges, you can press to activate Strike Booster Mode. Your ki gauge will begin to drain in this mode, but any Clash you attempt during this cannot be stopped from initiating.

Rapid Fire Specials:
Many of the characters in the game have at least one Special attack that only cost between 3-4 blocks of Spirit energy. If you equip this special you will earn enough Spirit energy to execute simply by succeeding in one Clash.

That said if you successfully hit the final + chain in your Clash you can drop two or three heavy ki shots to get a bump on your spirit energy, hit your special attack (placing your opponent in a vulnerable position), go for a ki Clash initiation, activate the Clash, and repeat till your opponent falls.
It doesn't always work, but these lower Specials can be quick tide turners and help make up big ground in a match.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Boosting the Online Titles

You will need a dedicated boosting partner, and
preferably mics.

First create a private room under Player Match and invite your partner. All titles can be earned in private of public matches so you're fine.

Decide who will be The first winner (Player 1) and who will be the first loser (Player 2), then settle in for a bit of a grind.

The first 10 matches:

Both players choose Goku and choose Wasteland as the location.
At the start of the first match have Player 1 initiate a
Clash and complete it, this will leave both Players in Blast range. Now both Players begin charging Ki by pressing , once you have reached a high enough level of Ki activate your next level transformation. Continue charging and transforming until the round timer expires.

At the start of the second match have Player 1 initiate a Clash and complete it, this will leave both Players in Melee Range. Repeat the second part of the first match process charging and transforming till time runs out.

For the third through tenth matches. Have Player 1 make a single strike against Player 2 then repeat transformations till timer runs out.

At the end of ten matches, and considering each player pulled off at least one transformation per match, Player 1 win have earned 9 titles. Player 2 will have earned 7 titles.

The next ten matches:
Time to switch, have both people choose Vegeta but continue to play on the Wasteland level.

Reverse roles Player 2 now does the action listed before for Player 1 and vice versa.

By the end of this set of ten matches both players should have 16 titles, you're half way there!

Now comes the tricky part.

Player 1 select Teen Gohan, Player 2 select Gotenks (you will need Teen Gohan available after the switch so you don't want use him now)
Continue to choose the Wastleland as your level.

For the next five matches continue to do your transformations, however after each transformation during the cool down period Player 1 will fire heavy ki blast at Player 2 (so be in blast range), not charged ki you want to drag this out a bit.

Once you have enough Spirit energy to perform a Special attack let Player 2 charge their ki till they can use Defense Reaction Guard.

Player 1 fire your Special attack and Player 2 Guard, repeat till the timer hits 60 seconds or health of Player 2 is around 10000.

Once you reach this point make sure Player 1 is in Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan form and build up your Spirit till you can deliver the Kamehameha for the finishing move.

Repeat this for 5 matches then switch roles.

After this both Players should have 19 titles.

Next phase:

Exit your private match and go to the World Tournament option, set up a private tournament. Even though four players is the minimum you can set it too if two people log in and ready up the tournament will start.

Player 1 choose Trunks, Player 2 choose Trunks.

Don't forget your transformations! Keep using them to up the character usage count!

Alright you each need to lose 1 first round match, but it is possible it will skip the first round and put you both in the finals- if this happens alternate wins so you each get five World Tournament wins. Try to end every match with a Special move.

Once you each have 5 Tournament wins and each lost one first round match at least you are done here.

If you got enough transformations to clear Trunks from your list you should each have a title count of 25 by this point.

Final phase:

Both Players pick Frieza, once you have exhausted uses for Frieza move to Zarbon, then Cell as each of these have Transformations to make the usage counts increase faster.

Alternate wins using Special moves, once you have the title for twenty special wins start using Ultimate moves to finish matches.

Once you clear the titles for Special wins, Ultimate wins, Zarbon, Cell, and Frieza usage you should be at 30. Log out of online and begin cursing the developers to your hearts content.


First things First, Training Mode:

Do the tutorial and at least one training match, not only will it break you into the game but you'll grab your first couple trophies in the process.

Once you have a handle on the Gameplay head for Story Mode:

Here you'll unlock a bulk of your trophies and get some good miles on the few grinding move and defense reaction trophies.

You'll also unlock all the characters.

With one Story down head to Hero Mode clear the second:

Here you'll unlock another handful of trophies and continue to grind away your moves and defenses.

Alright while you're grinding one thing start grinding another, Time to go Online:

The online titles are some of the hardest things to grind out in this game if you go do it while grinding your other trophies you'll at least be getting two things accomplished instead of just counting the number of times you've used "x" character on "x" map.

Alright you should only have a few moves left to hit and the CPU battles to round out at this point, so head for Battle Mode:

Hammer out your 50 wins against "Very Hard" CPU and clear your last few defense reaction trophies to earn you Platinum.


OVER 9000!!!!
Obtain all the trophies.

Clear all the other trophies to unlock the Platinum.

The Actors Are All in Play!
Unlock all characters and forms.

All characters and forms are unlocked by playing through the games story mode and bonus chapters.

None of the characters are missable so as long as you return to story mode after the credits roll and finish the chapters with Janemba and Omega Shenron. Defeat Omega Shenron and the trophy will appear shortly thereafter.

World Domination!
Fight on all maps.

As long as you complete all of Story Mode, including the two additional chapters, you will earn this just by playing through.

If you're looking to accomplish it sooner than that you will need the four stages that are unlocked by progressing through the story.

These four stages are:

Ruined Planet Namek- unlocked by beating the Frieza saga part of Story Mode
Glacier- unlocked through wish from the Dragonballs
Temple- unlocked through wish by the Dragonballs
Supreme Kai's World- unlocked through wish by the Dragonballs

The trophy should pop after you finish your match on the last map.

The trophy counts on all matches played in all modes.

Training All Over Again
Do Training for the first time.

From the opening menu select Training Mode. Then on the sub menu select Training. From there select your characters and map, the trophy should pop just after the training match begins.

That's One Big Dragon!!
Summon Shenron for the first time.

Very easy trophy.

Before the start of every chapter in Story Mode, after the first, there is a free roaming section.

During this time you can fly to the appointed place and begin the next key story point or explore the open world. While exploring you will be able to find one Dragonball during each on these sections.

If you have the Dragon radar the balls will appear as a small yellow dot on the radar map and they may just be sitting out there or you may have to complete a fight or World Tournament for them. Without the Dragon radar you'll just have explore for them or skip to the next storyline moment.

After seven explore sections where you obtain one ball each go to the pause menu and head to the Capsule House. Once there go to the table with the Dragonballs and press to summon Shenron (if you're on Earth). The trophy will unlock right after he is summoned and then you can select one bonus item to unlock.

That One's Even Bigger!!
Summon Porunga for the first time.

Follow the same technique as for That's One Big Dragon!!

The only difference is make sure you summon the Dragon during the Frieza Saga on Namek to get Porunga to appear.

Porunga will grant you three unlockables instead of the one as Shenron does.

It does not matter if you collect all the Dragonballs during the Frieza Saga or if you obtained some before it started. If you do not have seven during the Frieza Saga just continue to collect them afterward then use the Time Machine option to return to Namek when you are ready to summon your dragon.

Thank You Very Much!!
Watch the credits.

This is a little misleading as you do not have to watch all of the end credits to obtain this trophy.

Once you finish the Majin Buu Saga you will have completed most of Story Mode. The credits will roll after you defeat Kid Buu, the trophy will appear just as the credits start.

Note: The game does not autosave your victory over Buu till AFTER the credits, so don't turn off your system or quit the game to skip the credits. Plus you get a quick preview of the final two chapters after the credits end.

Don't Forget the Basics
Complete Tutorial until the end.

This should be one of the first trophies you obtain for the game.

From the main menu select Training, then select the Tutorial option, now all you have to do is complete all the objectives within and the trophy will appear once done.

This game is not an overly complex fighter, but it can have its tricky moments so this tutorial mode is extremely helpful to get out of the way early and learn the basics.

Beginning of a Fantastic Tale
Win 1 Event Battle in Story Mode.

This is Story related and cannot be missed.

The first fight of Story Mode is Bardock vs Frieza. Win the match and defeat Frieza and the trophy should unlock thereafter.

Monster on a Full Moon
Clear a Giant Boss Battle in Story Mode for the first time.

This is Story related and cannot be missed.
During the seventh chapter of the Saiyan Saga you, as Goku will face off against Vegeta, who will turn into a Great Ape. Finish the fight and defeat Vegeta to unlock the trophy.

Great Air Battle!
Do a Sky Chase in Story Mode for the first time.

This is Story related and cannot be missed.
After the fifth chapter of the Saiyan Saga where you, as Goku, defeat Nappa you will be instructed to escort Vegeta to a new fight location and return to the open world section of the game. Go to the next story related location and the Chase mini game will start. Finish the mini game to set up the next fight and unlock the trophy.

Goodbye, Dragon World
Clear Story Mode for the first time.

This is Story related and cannot be missed.
The last fight of the main storyline will put you against Kid Buu at the end of the Majin Buu Saga. Defeat Buu and this trophy will unlock just before the credits begin to roll.

Note: Remember that even though the credits are rolling and the main story is over the Story Mode is NOT finished. After the credits finish you will return to the open world section and be able to challenge the last two bonus chapters to unlock the final two characters in the game.

I'm Going to Change the World!
Win 1 Event Battle in Hero Mode.

Once you finish creating your own Hero for Hero Mode you will be dropped into an open world section, much like the chapter transitions in Story Mode. Find the first objective event in your world and beat it to unlock this trophy.

Note: You will not have the Dragon radar at the start of Hero Mode, however if you equip your character with a Scouter you can use that to find your next objective.
Also training does NOT count for this trophy it must be your first event in the Hero Mode story.

Your Real Training Starts Here
Clear Hero Mode training for the first time.

Anytime you are in the open world section of Hero Mode you can hit to access the training menu.

Yamcha is the first Master you will have access to. Select him and complete his first training option (Sparring 1) and the trophy will be yours.

Note: You do not have to face Yamcha, you can wait till you have a different Master to face.

All 7 Are Here!
Obtain 7 Dragon Balls in Story Mode.

As talked about in That's One Big Dragon!! you can collect one Dragonball between each story chapter. After all seven are in your possession this trophy will unlock.

This trophy appearing is also an excellent indication that you can go to the Capsule House and summon your first dragon.

I Changed the World!
Clear Hero Mode for the first time.

You'll get this trophy for completing the Hero Mode storyline.

This is a bit more difficult than clearing the standard Story Mode as you will be starting as a newly created Hero with almost no power.

Each event battle in the Hero Mode, as well as the smaller random battle found on the world map, will yield you AP to help level up your character and give him a better chance of survival. However this is a fairly time consuming task.

The final fight of Hero Mode is a Giant Boss battle against Ultimate Shenron. Beat it, watch the little scene after, and the trophy will pop just as a big Congratulations appears on the screen.

How Do I Look?
Obtain a Hero hairstyle for the first time.

After defeating each event in the first half of Hero Mode you'll notice these small white crosses as new additions to your mini map.

Some are Hairstyles, some are clothing, and some are training marks.

Fly around a grab any you see, once you pick up your first hairstyle this trophy will unlock.

Note: It is much easier to try and track these down after the second event battle when you get the Dragon Radar, but you can find some of them after the first event battle if you don't mind a little wandering to hunt them down.

Becoming Fashion Aware
Obtain a Hero costume for the first time.

You'll earn this trophy the same way as How Do I Look?

Fly around, find a white cross, grab the item- if it's a costume celebrate cause this trophy will unlock.

Note: Again, can be done after the first event battle, but easier after the second as you'll have the radar.

The Martial Artist's Path
Obtain a Hero Fight Style for the first time.

At any point during the open world section of Hero Mode press to access your training menu. Once here you can select a Master to spar with to earn Skills, Special Attacks, and Ultimate attacks.

To obtain this trophy you will have to clear 100% (or all 6 Sparring matches) with a particular Master. Once done you will be rewarded with the option to use your Master's Skill set as a "Free Skill" and Fight Style.

Note: This "Free Skill" does not count toward you 20 unlocked skills. Yamcha's fight style does not count toward this trophy it must one of the Masters you unlocked from beating a Hero Mode event.

Master! Please Teach Me!
Obtain a Hero Master for the first time.

To earn this trophy you need to recruit a new Master to train you, much simpler than it sounds.

Finish the first event battle in Hero Mode and Captain Ginyu will be added as a Master to spar with, trophy will unlock shortly thereafter.

Limit Breaker
Obtain 20000 Hero AP.

You earn AP by completing Event Battles or random map battles during Hero Mode.

Event Battles are marked with either a star or a small yellow dot (these are when searching for the Dragonballs). Random battles are marked on the map by blue pentagons.

As you move through Hero Mode you'll earn slightly more AP for some of the harder Event battles, however not by much. With the exception being the fight with Ultimate Shenron which yields almost a full level of AP.

If you finish Hero Mode and have not finish earning 20,000 AP don't worry, all the battles will now be open and available to fight at any point. However note that the level of AP you receive for each Event Battle will now be drastically reduced (so don't go back to Ultimate Shenron thinking he'll still give you a ton of AP).

Tip for Grinding AP:

If you're working on your AP after you've completed the main story don't bother with the harder fights. Go reface Captain Ginyu or Piccolo, the AP might be small but the matches will be quick to get over with.

If you're working on getting this before you finish the story stick to the random battles early because they get harder as you advance through the events. Again the AP from these battles isn't huge, but if you can use the Raining Ki tactic you can make short work of a lot of these battles.

When you're Hero's stats are just above "B" level you'll know you're getting close to 20,000.

Growing in Power
Obtain 500 Hero AP.

Follow the advice in Limit Breaker.

Point Getter
Obtain 1000 Hero AP.

Follow the advice in Limit Breaker.

Tapping into Latent Power
Collect 10 Skills.

Follow the advice in Skill Master.

Skill Master
Collect 20 Skills.

The only way to unlock Skills is to train with a Master in Hero Mode.

From the open world press to unlock the training menu, next select a Master and then select a level of sparring. Not every level of sparring will unlock a skill, some unlock Super Attacks, some Ultimate Attacks, some Skills, and some nothing.

The only way to guarantee you will get a skill is to clear all the spar sessions for one Master, this will give you the Masters fight style as a skill. It will also say you have unlocked the Master skill set as a free skill, this does NOT count in your skill count.

Keep sparring til you unlock 20 skills and the trophy will appear during the autosave afterward.

Which One Shall I Choose?
Collect 10 Super Attacks.

Follow the advice in Super Attack Collector.

Super Attack Collector
Collect 30 Super Attacks.

There are two ways to unlock Super Attacks.

You will unlock specific Super Attacks for specific characters by playing through the Story Mode as each chapter usually comes with some type of new attack for the fighters within it.

You will unlock Super Attacks specifically for use by your custom Hero by playing Hero Mode and completing the training sessions. These attacks can only be equipped to the created Hero who completed the training.

Once you have accumulated a total of 30 attacks through either method or a combination of both the trophy will unlock during the autosave.

I Still Want To Fight
Win 5 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.

This trophy can be stacked with Fight Seeker.

To obtain this trophy all you have to do is defeat CPU in 5 battles. For this trophy difficulty does not matter, however if trying to stack it with Fight Seeker be sure to set the difficulty to "Very Hard".

I Want to Fight Someone Strong!
Win 30 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.

This trophy can be stacked with Fight Seeker.

To obtain this trophy all you have to do is defeat CPU in 30 battles. For this trophy difficulty does not matter, however if trying to stack it with Fight Seeker be sure to set the difficulty to "Very Hard".

Fight Seeker
Win 50 times in a 1P vs. 'Very Strong' CPU battle.

There are two ways to approach this trophy and each will determine how difficult it is to unlock.

Method 1: Fighting Fair

For this method set the difficulty to "Very Hard" select your character, then select your opponent and get to fighting. Good Luck.

See the General Combat tips at the top of this article for a little help in facing a stronger opponent, in particular the Raining Ki can be very helpful.

Another thing to keep in mind is that more often than not the CPU falls into a pattern when selecting its Clash choices. Sometimes it will always go to the same choice depending on whether you are in melee or blast distance, sometimes it follows a pattern such as alternating choices. If you can see the pattern you have a better than average chance to counter the Clash and take control of the fight.

Method 2: The Bully Approach

For this method first go to Hero Mode and create a new Hero. Once you finish creating his appearance exit Hero Mode and go to Battle Mode. Set the difficulty to "Very Hard" and select your character. For your opponent select the Hero you just created.

The New Hero's life will be around 15,000, while your health will be 50,000 giving you a solid advantage from the onset. The CPU may still offer a bit of a challenge but one solid combo and Special move should be enough to finish them off in most rounds.

Note: I recommend exiting to the character select screen after each match to activate the game's autosave. This is not necessary but is a good safety precaution as if your system turns off mid match only the matches that were autosaved will count toward your trophy.

Defense Learner
Perform Defense Reaction-Guard 10 times total in real battle.

Follow the advice in Defense Professional.

Defense Professional
Perform Defense Reaction-Guard 100 times total in real battle.

By holding you'll charge your Ki meter just under your life. As it charges the three icons next to it will highlight depending on the level of charge.

Guard is the lowest highlighted icon, takes roughly a third of the Ki meter to illuminate.

To use Guard you'll need your opponent to attempt a Special or Ultimate attack. Just before the attack hits a small sub menu will appear next to your character, select to guard.

Guard slightly reduces the damage you take from Special Attacks.

Once you have used Guard for the 100th time this trophy will unlock during the autosave after the match.

Boosting your Defense Reactions:
You can boost all the Defense Reactions in Battle Mode using a second controller.

To get the most out of this method choose Team Battle then only choose one team member for both players, this will give you each 60.000 life instead of 50,000 like a normal match.

Then choose a stronger character for Player 1 and either Yamcha or Krillin for Player 2.
Equip Player 2 with the Kamehameha as a Special move (this is because it cost very little to use and does not do very much damage, it is also one of the easiest to Evade).

Once the match starts move to Blast Range and have Player 2 lob heavy Ki shots at Player 1, it will take eight shots to gain enough Spirit for the Kamehameha.

Once Player 2 has enough Spirit have Player 1 charge their Ki to the desired Defense Reaction level. Player 2 will attempt the Kamehameha and Player 1 will perform their Defense Reaction.

Continue till the match ends then repeat until you have cleared all your Defense Reactions.

Evasion Learner
Perform Defense Reaction-Evade 10 times total in real battle.

Follow the advice in Evasion Fiend.

Evasion Fiend
Perform Defense Reaction-Evade 100 times total in real battle.

By holding you'll charge your Ki meter just under your life. As it charges the three icons next to it will highlight depending on the level of charge.

Evade is the middle highlighted icon, takes roughly a two-thirds of the Ki meter to illuminate.

To use Evade you'll need your opponent to attempt a Special or Ultimate attack. Just before the attack hits a small sub menu will appear next to your character, select to attempt an Evade.

Once you have activated the Evade option a blue bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, you must press the just as the moving dashes pass under the button icon. Evade gives you a chance you knock away a Special Attack avoiding all damage..

Once you have used Evade for the 100th time successfully this trophy will unlock during the autosave after the match.

Note: You must succeed in the button press and evade the attack or it will not count toward your 100 Evades.

There is a boosting technique listed under Defense Professional.

Interception Learner
Perform Defense Reaction-Intercept 10 times total in real battle.

Follow the advice in Counter Hero.

Counter Hero
Perform Defense Reaction-Intercept 100 times total in real battle.

By holding you'll charge your Ki meter just under your life. As it charges the three icons next to it will highlight depending on the level of charge.

Intercept is the highest highlighted icon, takes above two-thirds of the Ki meter to illuminate.

To use Intercept you'll need your opponent to attempt a Special or Ultimate attack. Just before the attack hits a small sub menu will appear next to your character, select to attempt an intercept.

Intercept gives you a chance to counter your opponents Special move with one of your own. You do this by competing for five seconds to see who can mash the faster.

Once you have used Intercept for the 100th time this trophy will unlock during the autosave after the match.

Note: Unlike Evade it does not matter if you win or lose the mash off either way it will count as an Intercept.

There is a boosting technique listed under Defense Professional.

Successfully perform Clashes 20 times total in real battle.

Follow the advice in I See Right Through You!

I See Right Through You!
Successfully perform Clashes 100 times total in real battle.

To perform a Clash you must hit your opponent with a combo of three strikes or Ki blast or by hitting your opponent with a charged attack in Melee range. This will initiate a face off in which you and your opponent will each select either or . If your opponent selects the same as you the Clash will be countered, if you select differently the Player who initiated the Clash will begin a Clash chain.

To obtain this trophy you must perform a Clash Chain all the way to its finish 100 times in battle in any mode other than Training Mode.

This trophy will most likely come from normal gameplay and most likely require no excessive boosting to acquire.

Moves On Parade
Perform 50 Super Attacks total in real battle.

Every character has 2 Special moves and 1 Ultimate move they can use during any round of battle. In every mode other than Story Mode you'll be able to customize these Specials.

During the match if you look at your Spirit meter you will see two arrows, a smaller yellow arrow and a bigger blue arrow. Where these arrows are on your Spirit meter indicate how much Spirit you will have to accumulate to execute them.

When the yellow arrow is lit up you can press up on the right analog stick to execute that Special move. The blue arrow Special is activated by pressing down on the right analog stick.

You will accumulate Spirit faster by executing Clashes or performing counterattacks.

Execute a total of 50 Special moves over all Modes of gameplay (except training) to unlock this trophy.

Master of Moves
Perform 50 Ultimate Attacks total in real battle.

Every character has an Ultimate move. This move can only be performed when one of the Players under a third of their life total initiating "Spirits High" mode.

In this mode your Spirit meter will gain three additional blocks and to perform your Ultimate move you must spill your Spirit meter to the very top (you will know you're ready as the meter will begin to flash).

Now simply press to activate your Ultimate move.

Once you have performed a total of 50 Ultimate moves across all modes of play, except Training Mode, this trophy will appear.

World Tournament Champion
Win the World Tournament.

Follow the advice in Cell Games True Champion.

Cell Games Champion
Win the Cell Games.

Follow the advice in Cell Games True Champion.

W.Tournament True Champion
Champion of World Tournament on Hard Difficulty.

Follow the advice in Cell Games True Champion.
This trophy can be stacked with World Tournament Champion.

Cell Games True Champion
Champion of Cell Games on Hard Difficulty.

There really is no easy way to get this trophy, you're gonna have to work for it. However there are a few tricks that might make it "easier".

It is possible to go create 3 new Heroes in Hero Mode and then keep reloading the tournament in the hope that at some point they end up as your opponents, but this option is unlikely to work without a great sense of frustration and is not reliable.

Instead select a character you are comfortable and good with, if you have cleared Hero Mode and are using skills make sure none of the other characters have skill sets equipped to give you a slight edge.

Set the number of participants to 4 to lessen the number of fights you will have to win.

Now once the brackets load look at all your potential opponents, if you are facing a character that has a low spirit special (Ex. Android #16 has an incredibly annoying and somewhat strong Special that only requires 3 and a half blocks) back out of the tournament and reload the brackets in hopes of getting a an opponent who will have to work for their Special. (You can set your opponents specials in the Battle Mode and it will carry over to this mode)

Use the tricks in the General Combat section and Fight Seeker parts of this guide as well to help get over your opponents.

Winning either the Cells Games or World Tournament on Hard will unlock both the trophies for Hard completion and regular win at the same time.

Battle Rookie
Fight in an Online Battle 1 time.

Pretty simple trophy. Select Online Mode from the main menu, then select either Ranked, Player, or World Tournament Match. Get in, select a character, and the trophy will appear after the dust settles.

It does not matter if you win, lose, or tie for this trophy just finish the match.

Note: The online for this game is not exactly thriving so you may need a boosting partner for this. Also Communication Errors are common and end matches early, the trophy will not appear if your match ends due to Communication Error.

Regular Battle Customer
Fight in an Online Battle 10 times.

Follow the same advice as Battle Rookie.

Battle Veteran
Fight in an Online Battle 30 times.

Follow the same advice as Battle Rookie.

Title Holder
Collect 5 or more titles.

Follow the advice list in Title King.

Title King
Collect 30 or more titles.

I cannot stress this enough, find a boosting partner for this trophy!

See the Boosting technique listed at the top of this article for help.

This will almost without a doubt be the trophy that takes up the bulk of your time in this game, that said here are some things that can help you move it along a "little" bit faster.

Here the link for the Official Boosting Thread: http:// . Go Find a partner.

Here are all the ways to earn titles online (you can also look these up under Battle Records- Title List in the online menu):

Toggle Spoiler

If you are the type of brave dedicated soul who is just going to grind this out (like me) I will tell you firsthand it is a nightmare. The online is not very active and ripe with Rage Quitters.

If your match ends in a no contest by disconnect, or opponent bail out, you will not get credit for character usage, any combat techniques, or location. You will also gain no battle points to advance your level.

Use characters your are comfortable and good with and look for your opponents to fall into patterns. Good luck.

Dragon Ball Doctorate
View all character profiles in the Character Encyclopedia.

Note: You cannot earn this trophy until you have completed story mode and the two additional chapters after the credits. Once you've unlocked The Actors are All in Play! hit the and go to the capsule house. Select Character Encyclopedia and open up Goku's entry until the character text appears, then scroll through with until you cycle all the character profiles and return to Goku. The trophy will appear shortly thereafter.

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