Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 70+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: The Patron, Into the Manse, The Knave, Solitude, Servitude, Peace, and The Hero
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Spoiler Disclaimer

First and foremost, THIS GUIDE WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! Read at your own risk.

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Dragon's Dogma is an action RPG hack-and-slash title developed by Capcom. Features very prominent resemblances to Breath of Fire, Monster Hunter, and some of Dark Souls elements. Offline game features a party system, utilizing companions known as pawns, that enables you to download other player's pawns and use as your own through the "Rift". You are able to fully customize your main character and one pawn of your own creation to use in Dragon's Dogma along with various in-game pawns and the ones you can download online from other players. During the game you'll fight classic fictional RPG type enemies from goblins and trolls, to massive griffins, chimera, and even full fledged dragons. Also, you'll will have the choice of several different classes, known as vocations, to choose from as well as assign to your pawns.

In the story, you take the role of a your created character, who has had their heart stolen by an invading dragon that is destroying the village of Cassardis. The Dragon tells you a bit of your fate and that you have been marked as the chosen one, known as the "Arisen". Now you're to search through the land of Gransys to find this dragon while completing numerous quests along the way. You will play through the story utilizing the companions found through the rift to seek out and challenge this dragon and forge your path through history.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Map of Gransys

Helpful Tips of Surviving Gransys
  • Vendors restock limited merchandise after about 1 in-game week
  • Chests will reclose and more loot obtainable after 1 in-game week
  • Most meat and other fruit/vegetables you acquire will go bad after a couple days. Just before they perish, they will mold or turn sour where they will offer the most restorative properties.
  • For free healing supplies take as many empty flasks as you can to any of the Healing Spring locations and fill them up. Stock up on all your party members with these. They will work on your entire team as well and nearly heal as much as Potent Greenwarish does. Costs only as much as you spend on Empty Flasks.
  • Don't be afraid to store items on a pawn. If a Pawn dies, all items they were carrying or loot they had collected will go to the Item Storage.
  • You can access the Item Storage, universally from any Inn Keeper and some select merchants located throughout the game.
  • NPCs will all respawn if you have killed them or they got lost on an escort quest after 1 in-game week. Don't be afraid of this. Sleep at an Inn for a period of time if you need them right away.
  • Boosting a merchant's affinity and relationship towards you will offer new merchandise and better prices.
  • Play around with items and combining different herbs and materials together. Most often you can discover helpful items or make completely new rare items. Many times, you can boost the healing properties of your greenwarish's by combining with other items.
  • Enhance your equipment a level or two if you don't plan to change it for a while. Check out new equipment choices and view vendors wares before heading off down the road.
  • Be appropriately prepared for areas you've never explored before. Never know what you might find or when night will creep upon you. "The Night is Dark and full of Terrors".
  • View your pawns inventories from time to time in case they have picked up any other items. Often they will gather up loot you may have missed.
  • Make sure you keep both and abilities assigned as you need them. You will often find yourself in situations where just a simple light or heavy attack isn't enough and you must use your bows, shield, or whatever assortment you have equipped.
  • Dragon's Dogma features a Day/Night system. The 24 hour in-game cycle lasts about 1 Real-Time hour-Morning-Morning. This is equivalent to 30 minutes per daylight cycle and 30 minutes per night time cycle.
  • From the menu you can change Game Settings such as Offline or Online through the Options selection. Also, you can view numerous stats and information about your character and pawns from the History selection.

Some Pawn Knowledge
Pawns in Dragon's Dogma are your AI controlled allies that will travel with you and help you through your journey of Gransys. They will fight with you, collect loot and gather materials they see, heal you with spells if able, lure monsters at times, and many things such as these when sitatuions call for it. Their behavior though will be based on the creator's choices for them to act. This can be changed by buying certain items in the game at the Encampment location, but will only affect your main pawn when used.

Your main pawn will always be with you, unless they die and then will be brought back next time you visit a Rift Stone. You are able to fully customize your pawn's look and behavior at the beginning of the game and are allowed to alter it throughout. Also, they are the only pawn you can equip and unequip with ease. Anything you equip to another player's pawn you have summoned, will be gifted to them permanently so be careful. You can still store items or take items from another pawn, just not equipment. If your main pawn or another player's pawn is killed in action or released from your services, all items they were carrying will go back to the Item Storage, accessed from any Inn Keeper and select Merchants.

Only your main pawn will achieve level ups and gain experience. Using other player's pawns will acquire them only Rift Crystals based on what you have accomplished and any items you send the pawn away when you release it. They will gain any quest and enemy knowledge they didn't previously have as well. From time to time, you will have to release pawns and then re-hire them to see the level ups the creator has acquired them. Be careful as they may have changed their pawns vocation or appearance drastically.

Vocations and Abilities
You can begin learning new abilities for your basic vocation class chosen at the beginning of the game when you have reached the Encampment area. From here, there will be a Rift Stone inside a tent that you can visit and an NPC here that allows you to rest. He will also let you manage your items from Item Storage and sells/sets new abilities. After you have reached the capital city of Gran Soren, you can meet Asalam, another Inn Keeper who allows you to buy and change vocations all together.

All vocations and abilities will require discipline points to purchase. These are a separate set of experience points you will acquire from defeating enemies, bosses, and completing quests. After you have purchased a vocation or ability, it will stay unlocked permanently and you are allowed to change back to it for free whenever you visit select NPCs that give the option such as many Inn Keepers after leaving Cassardis.

Also, many abilities, such as any dagger abilities you unlock for one class and set, will be available for each vocation that uses them. For instance, you buy several sword abilities for the Fighter vocation. Then change to a Mystic Knight or Assassin which also can use one handed swords. You will still be capable of setting any sword abilities previously unlocked. The bows are a bit different since only Strider and Assassin use the same bow. The Ranger uses a Longbow so those abilities would NOT get to be used. Same for the Mystic Archer since it uses a magic bow.


There are several ways you can tackle this game but I will list how I managed to complete it and plan for the platinum. For the The True Arisen, you will need to do some exploring all around Gransys to achieve three trophies for discovering locations: Tourist, The Vagabond, and The Explorer. Having other players utilize your pawn in the rift will help achieve this trophies by their discovering of locations. Also, you will need to complete the main storyline, two times to achieve all story related trophies including Closure and The Ever-Turning Wheel. Either during your first playthrough or finishing up in the second, you will need to seek out and complete ALL Non-Notice board sidequests in the game to achieve the The Hero.

Also, throughout either game playthrough, you will need to make some optional choices during the final story moments of the game to achieve a few possible missable trophies: Solitude, Servitude, and Peace. These will be achieve during questions that the Dragon or Seneschal will offer you and one that simply requires you to die in battle for a special cutscene animation that will clarify a bit of the storyline.

Playthrough One
For this playthrough, simply create your character and have fun. Try to knock out all the sidequests and as many of the Notice Board missions as you desire to further your goal to achieving The Laborer and The Hero. You may not complete enough and all progress will be carried over into the NG after you complete this playthrough for any quests you completed and the number of board missions completed. You will still have to complete all questlines that lead up to certain quests so aim to complete this during playthrough two if you miss or fail a sidequest. Completing sidequests, especially the escort missions will grant you extra affinity and a bond with certain NPCs as well as giving them gifts to achieve: The Philanthropist, The Escort, and Affinity and Beyond.

During this playthrough go for any kills and collect as much gold as you need as well, but will most likely finish acquiring what you need during the second playthrough so view that section to complete any specific trophies in this regard. Take care of the vocation based and pawn recruiting trophies early as well to avoid dealing with these at later points. Change your vocation along with your pawns to acquire Human Resources and Inhuman Resources . You will also need to max rank a vocation and acquire all abilities for purchase to achieve the The Specialist. Acquiring 70+ pawns and recruiting at least one from the rift and during your normal travels in the Gransys to achieve Local Recruit, Foreign Recruit, and The Captain. The pawns and amount you have hired will carry over into your next playthrough in case you don't recruit enough for these trophies.

View all missable trophies as well and take note of achieving them before any points of no return during the story. The Patron and The Knave can potentially be missed if you mess up the quests involving Madeleine and progress to far into the game or if you lose out on forging a quest item that could result in a forged copy being created. Simply help out Madeleine and view the requirements and tips for these trophies so not to miss out on them. You also could miss The Hero if you don't complete all side-quests on either this playthrough or the next resulting in another game to complete all yet again, delaying your platinum. At some point, recruit a male pawn or if your main character is a male, acquire some female clothing and equip them with it to achieve The Queen's Regalia.

During the story make sure to select the Dragon's deal during "The Final Battle" to achieve Solitude. Defeating the Dragon will acquire you several story trophies as well as Dragon Forged. Afterwards as you progress you will encounter Seneschal in the Post Game section to ultimately complete your playthrough. Die during the battle with him to achieve Servitude. Afterwards he will also make you a deal similar to how The Dragon did. Walk away from him to achieve your final missable trophy in the story, Peace. Now continue through and defeat him to complete the first playthrough and achieve Closure as well as all other story trophies.

Playthrough Two
This second playthrough will be your clean-up play and required for one trophy to complete the game a second time. Load up your completed data and you are allowed to replay through the entire game keeping your levels and items acquired for a new game. This would be your best time in Post Game to try and defeat the Ur-Dragon, the strongest foe in the game with over 1,000,000+ HP. Also, any creature kills and total gold/kill trophies you haven't achieve yet, go for them during this game. Doing so will acquire you The Veteran, The Headshunter, Eye Contact, Serpent's Bane, The Laborer, The Coin Collector, and The Messiah.

Now run through the game a second time completing all sidequests you missed and are required for The Hero if you didn't complete them during the first playthrough. Along the way playing and completing the story, do any remaining Notice Board missions to achieve The Laborer. As you explore and finish sidequests you will most likely acquire Well Equipped and The Coin-Collector for collecting over 350 pieces of armor and weapons and acquiring over 10,000,000 gold. When you have achieve all other trophies possible, finish up the main questline and Post Game again for The Ever-Turning Wheel. If you have any remaining trophies, finish them up now or being another NG+ to resume playing and complete then. All quest completions, stats, gifts given, and other recorded information is carried over. When you have achieve all other trophies, you will obtain The True Arisen. Congratulations.


The True Arisen
Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies.

You will earn this trophy by obtaining all other trophies unlocked through playing Dragon's Dogma. Good Luck!

It Begins
Completed the prologue.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

As you start the game, you will take the control of a basic fighter wielding a sword and shield. Fight through this opening, rushing past the Dragon, killing goblins and fighting against some harpies. You will have a generic warrior battling with you and get to summon two pawns to utilize for the upcoming fights by the rift stone. One will be a mage and the other the strider class. Fight onwards an you will meet with some soldiers here to help. Continue until you walk out onto a room and cutscene occurs where the Chimera enemy will reveal itself and devour one of your comrades. You will earn this trophy after defeating the Chimera boss enemy.

Chimera Fight
Assign your comrades here to for whatever task you can from running up to fight Or staying back to help assist you. The mage will use some spells while your other fighters will generally fight with you to damage this foe. Immediately climb up using the grab ability onto the beast's snake tail and hack away with attack. You may get flung off or opt to use your strong attack to leap off and do a strike down with . Repeat this until the tail has been cut off and then focus on the goat head. Climb up onto the Chimera's side and strike up at this head until it's been incapacitated. This will nullify the monster from using it's spells on you and your comrades.

After taking down those parts, continue striking the beast and climbing up to deal the most damage to it's main lion head. He will rush around the room sometimes, so hang on and watch your stamina bar to avoid getting knocked off. If you do, wait for it to stop moving and then climb back up or get your attacks in when an opportunity presents itself. Sometimes, the lion will roar sending you flying back so watch for this and quickly get to your feet and recover if need be before it presses the attack on you. Continue until you have depleted all the Chimera's health bars.

During the fight, keep an eye on your comrades and revive them with : if they get knocked unconscious. Also, your mage will occasionally cast healing spells so if you see the green aura around her, go over to recover and save using your healing grasses.

Departed from Cassardis.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

After you complete the opening prologue of the game, you will get to create your own character and face off in the village of Cassardis against the Dragon. You will lose and he will steal your heart telling you to seek him out. The villagers here will take you and restore back to health in a house so just sit back and enjoy the minor cutscene here. Once you regain control of your character, you will be granted opportunity to pick your class, aka "vocation". You will have three options from Fighter, Strider, Or Magic. Choose which suits your fighting style, but be warned, you will have to use it for a time as you can't change it right away.

Continue from the house into the village. From here, check out the shops and explore the different houses around to collect some minor quests and items. Once you're ready to leave, approach the gate on the other side of the village and you will gain your first pawn from the rift, named Rook. Proceed on out the gate and you will complete this objective and achieve your trophy.

A New Ally
Summoned your own pawn.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

Once you leave Cassardis, you will continue down a road with your first pawn until you reach another settlement here named The Encampment. Mostly soldiers and the such will be prominent in this location, but make your way following Rook until you find the Rift Stone. Select it and be told you need to prove you are truly the Arisen. Search around the Encampment until you see a group of soldiers running and some men screaming of monsters. After the brief cutscene here, continue outside when you're ready to see a Cyclops and some goblins attacking the gates.

Cyclops Battle
For this, worry mostly on cleaning up the few goblins around first, before going after the Cyclops. This will allow Rook and the other soldiers to focus predominantly on the Cyclops. When ready, climb up onto him. Attacking and hanging onto it's legs, will render it unable to move, but for the most damage, climb up and attack his face and that big giant eye of his. Occasionally, the Cyclops will fall over, granting you to attack from the ground and do some of your more special abilities if you have purchased any at this time. After all the monsters are defeated, claim any loot and then proceed back inside to the Rift Stone.

Selecting the Rift Stone this time, grants you the ability to make your main pawn. This pawn you can never leave and will always be with you in battle throughout the game. Also, this is the one pawn other players can log in and download as their own secondary pawn to use in battle. You and your pawn will gain some experience and knowledge and even items from utilizing others' pawns and vice versa. Selecting back onto the Rift will allow you to download other pawns right from this moment and allow you to rid yourself of Rook if he isn't up to par with your standards. After you have created your pawn, you will achieve this trophy.

Getting a Head
Earned the approval of the Enlistment Corps.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

Complete the quests here in the Encampment and then speak with Ser Mercedes located nearby some beds to rest for the night and progress onward with the storyline. Your character is awoken in the morning, by some loud noises, screaming and a lot of commotion. After a cutscene revealing the cause of the ruckus, you gain control of your character and must battle the Hydra.

Hydra Battle
If you are a strider and have access to a bow, you can climb up the towers here and snipe away at it's heads or fire away with spells if you are a mage. Otherwise, simply run up and climb up one of the Hydra's many heads and strike the underbelly or top of the head to deal massive damage. Any other attacks to it's body will bounce off and deal minimum to no damage so avoid this all together. Try to avoid staying the ground as the Hydra will crawl over top of you dealing damage to your character.

Try to focus on one of it's heads to end the battle quickly as it will retreat away upon losing one of them. View a cutscene now with orders for your next destination, Gran Soren with the beast's head. You will receive your trophy when you have control of your character again. Now would also be a good time to finish up some of the board quests and exploring around for some alternate Side Quests that are open after the Encampment scenario is completed.

The Courier
Entered Gran Soren.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

After you have defeated the Hydra in the Encampment, you are met by Mercedes again who asks that you seek out the city of Gran Soren and escort them from the Waycastle to the Capital. When you are ready, head further up the road from the Encampment following your waypoint on yoru map and speak with Mercedes here at the Waycastle, noting the cart with the Hydra's head strapped down for the ride.

You will have to protect the group and the cargo along a very long road full of monsters to make it to Gran Soren in one piece. Try to leave right at morning time for this quest to save fighting at night time. Along the road you will be under constant attack by goblins and harpies, with occasional wolf and bandit attacks. More bandits and some undead will be out around nightfall so keep in mind and hurry to the City.

If the wagon gets low on health, try to kill foes further ahead, but also keep close at times when enemies are near to strike them before they can damage the cart further. They will heal it at certain points, but this isn't often enough that you should rely on it. Once you have arrived through the treacherous road and reached Gran Soren, view a cutscene and you will achieve this trophy. Now you're free to explore and speak to the numerous NPCs for more quests and to continue your main storyline if you prefer.

Writ Large
Received a writ from the castle.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

After you have arrived in Gran Soren and located the NPC Barnaby in the Pawn's Guild to further the story by completing the main quest "A Matter of Myrmidons", you will be given a new quest down in the Everfall, "Lure of the Abyss". For this quest, you are sent down into the underground area of the Pawn's Guild to investigate some changes. Go down there prepared to fight undead and an Ogre on some narrow passages. Best to have Fire and Holy affinity spells with your mages before proceeding. Fight your way through and to the bottom of the stairs going through different passages and activating switches as you go to open the gates ahead.

Ogre Battle
Be very careful during this fight as you're very close to the edge and one swing from this towering beast can send you or your allies down to the bottom for a quick death. If an important ally is dropped down and killed, rush to their aid quickly if you desire to kill this foe. Attack from range with fire or climb up to get some strikes into his head if you must get close. Watch your stamina to ensure you don't fall off or get thrown off down the long drop here. If you get overwhelmed by the Ogre, simply retreat on down the stairs and progress onward to your destination. There will be a good chance that if you can lure the monster into attacking you by the edge, he will fall off to his own death. Try and lure him into this and get out of the way.

Important to note that Ogres will go into a frenzy and always target women if they are in your party. If your entire team are females, the Ogre will jump frantically between all of you. Same applies if you're in female clothing and are a male character. Attack from range allowing them to tank this foe if you are a male character to ensure your own safety and go in to aid them only for easiest fight. When you are finished fighting this foe or need to retreat, continue down the stairs to the bottom.

Once you reach the bottom and examine the floor here where your quest waypoint is located, you will view a cutscene and be attacked by multiple worm tentacles and are forced to escape. They respawn infinitely so command your team to follow you and get out of there ASAP! Killing the tentacles offers no experience and you will be swarmed by them and other undead creatures. Only stop running to recover stamina and to aid a party member if they fall or simply abandon them and restore them with the Rift stone outside the Everfall.

Once you escape, complete this quest by speaking with Barnaby again. Now you're contacted by the Duke himself and are asked to participate in the "Wyrm Hunt". Go seek out Ser Maximilian to continue your quest and receive your Wyrm Hunt License. After you speak with him to further the story, you will gain this trophy and are offered four different quests to complete. You only need to complete two of these and are allowed to progress further in the game without finishing the others.

Come Courting
Attended an audience with the duke.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

After you receive your writ from the Duke, you will have to go speak with Ser Maximilian in the Noble Quarters, outside the gates to the Palace yards section of Gran Soren. He will ask that you complete some quests and take part in the Wyrm Hunt. You will receive a Wyrm Hunt License and can accept four different quests to further the storyline. You need only complete two of these and then speak with Maximilian to meet with the Duke himself now in honor of your great feats. Finishing this section, you get the story quest "Come to Court". Complete this by meeting the Duke and you will achieve this trophy.

Storyline Quests
  • The Cipher
    • For this quest, you will be given an ancient slate item to learn more about. Begin by speaking with a farmer outside the Pawn's Guild in the fields to be directed to The Black Cat. Finish running to and from different NPCs here to learn what you can of the stone. You'll need to go north of Gran Soren past the Windbluff Tower to meet with someone known as the Dragonforged. Travel here to learn what he knows and then return to Maximilian to complete this quest.

  • A Fortress Besieged
    • For this quest, you are sent to help retake an overrun fort. Proceed either West of Gran Soren through the Ancient Quarry and follow through to the Shadow Fort. Alternatively, you can go South-West like down the road along the path to the Witchwood to go past Arenst Ruins to reach the Shadow Fort as well. Once you reach this location, speak with the soldiers inside to learn more of your quest and of the goblins that have taken over.
    • Go inside and defeat the goblins as you see fit and open the gate to allow the soldiers inside. There will be a lever to open it located inside a chest in one of the jail cells in the rooms here. Continue fighting through and defeat the two Armored Cyclops that appear and then battle your way inside to defeat the Chieftain and win back the Fort. Report back to Maximilian when you're finished.

  • The Watergod's Altar
    • For this quest, you will have to help out a survey team exploring the Watergod's Altar location. Travel the quest way points through and finally arrive at the Altar taking whichever path you find easiest to cross over the river here and find the entrance through the falls. You will locate a NPC named Haslett here who would ask you to help out with some tasks here. Completing these will complete this questline. Go inside and begin navigating your way to the end to located another member of their team. You'll be fighting lots of Saurians and skeletons inside so prepare for these.
    • Once you reach the end and find the team member, you will have to battle a Cyclops. Defeat it as you have previous ones and then return to Haslett outside the Altar area. Now he would ask you to go back inside and retrieve five stones. Go in and follow each to the quest way points to recover them all. You'll have to use the item treasure you found near the Cyclops to drain the water to recover them all. Fight through the remainder of the dungeon and then return to Haslett once more. Return to Maximilian as usual to complete this quest.

  • Seeking Salvation
    • For this quest, you are sent to seek out information about a group known as the Salvation. Find the marked NPCs and question them about this and you should learn that Mason knows a little. Seek him out in the Slums underneath Gran Soren and you will receive a Salvation Badge to help get information from other NPCs in the city. Speak to several of them, including a guard named Ser Sairus to learn of a Salvation meeting in the Catacombs. Find this location slightly outside of town and bring some holy affinity spells/weapons with you for the battle.
    • Go through the Catacombs whilst fighting undead along the way and find the meeting. Watch a cutscene and battle more of the undead scourge. After you kill them all, Mason will reappear and start another minor quest. Make your decision involving the last remaining member of the Salvation meeting and then return to Maximilian to complete the quest.

Once you have completed any of these quests or all of them and are allowed to meet with the Duke, Maximilian will give you the quest "Come to Court". Complete this and you will receive this trophy and be finished with Maximilian's part of the storyline for now.

The Message
Received the duke's commendation.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.
To receive the Duke's Commendation, you will need to complete the 2 sets of quests from Aldous. You will be offered 2 quests each time to complete and after completing all of them, you will earn this trophy and be sent on another urgent quest. The first set asks that you defeat a Griffin and also oversee a trial of Fournival. The last set will require you to defeat the sorcerer Salomet and go with Mercedes to investigate some attacks and uncover the Night's Champion.

Aldous First Set of Tasks
Griffin's Bane
You're ask to help the guardsman slay a Griffin for this quest. Proceed out the gates of Gran Soren and meet up with them a short ways up the road. Follow them to a certain point where you will have to lure out this beast. Go kill or pick up a goblin and drop it's corpse in the marked highlighted location. This will bring down the Griffin and you can begin the fight. After you have done so much damage to it, it will fly off back to it's nest which the guards will remark is Bluemoon Tower and you're asked to meet them there. Go north of Gran Soren towards Hillfigure Knoll and go down the path to the right which will turn and lead back South almost. After trekking through some windy winding paths and fighting off hordes of bandits and a golem, you will reach your destination.

In the tower, you will fight undead warriors and have to navigate past some locked gates. Break open the gates to proceed forward and then finally when the camera changes angle, run as fast as you can before the Griffin catches up to you and you instantly die. Once you make it out of this beginning area, you'll find a long spirally set of stairs and can travel up to fight the monster. Prepare to bring fire as you will fight undead to begin with and then ultimately, the Griffin. Defeat it and you can return and report to Gran Soren.

Defeating a Griffin

HP: 32,000
Attacks: Wind Gusts, Claw, Diving Slam
Weakness: Fire
Tactics: Read Below
  • To defeat this foe, either bring your best ranged abilities such as multi shot arrows or any fire spells you posses. If you're melee, you will need to wait for your pawns to knock the beast out the sky and then climb onto it or attack when it drops down itself. Once down or a hold of the Griffin, strike main on it's head or wings. Head is weak spot, but you can keep it down longer by injuring the monster's wings. Setting it afire will deal massive damage and keep it from flight as well. Watch out as it will use wind gusts to knock you back and if climbing will shake ferociously to knock you off. Don't fall off in air, or you will most likely die. Keep some stamina items on you at all times if you take off holding onto the Griffin. Occasionally when it's flying it will soar down and try to crush you on the ground, so watch out for it to dive bomb on top of your party.

Trials and Tribulations

For this quest, the guards of Gran Soren have arrested Fournival and you've been asked to retrieve any documents and evidence to acquit him or find him guilty. You are given four in-game days to complete finding information and turn it into Aldous. Once time has expired, it will no longer count anything you give Aldous for the quest. In the Market square they will hold a brief cutscene showing the verdict, based on your work. If you turn in no information, most likely he will be found guilty anyways. For extra help in finding him guilty, speak to Jasper and his family for evidence to lean the trial in this favor. Otherwise, speak to Symone(his daughter), the priest in the church near the gates, Windbluff Tower guardsman, and numerous others for evidence to say he's innocent. Also, Reynard during this quest will have forged documents for sell to turn the trial either direction. Turn in more evidence towards guilty or innocent based on how you want the trial to go. You receive nearly nothing except completing the quest if he's found guilty but he gives you a huge discount if prove him innocent. The Choice is yours.

Aldous Second Set of Tasks
The Wyrmking's Ring
For this quest, you are asked to find out information on a certain ring that has gone missing. Speak to numerous NPCs around the castle to get this quest going and once you have discovered some about the situation, return to Aldous. Now you're sent to the Ancient Quarry to investigate if the thief is there and speculated to be Salomet, a great and evil sorcerer that betrayed the Duke in the past. Go there and you will find him and a few others. Defeat them and he will escape. Return to Gran Soren and report to the Duke and Aldous about what happened. Now you're asked to go to Bluemoon Tower where he was spotted and finish this job and return with the ring.

Go to Bluemoon Tower and face Salomet in full power. Bring any holy/Fire enchantments and protection from Dark attacks to the fight as well as magical defense. Starting the battle, he will summon numerous undead to attack you and teleport around the room. If you can land any hits melee or spell wise, you can take him down quickly, but you need only catch him first. Once you have defeated him and claimed the ring, return to Gran Soren. You can give them the ring or make a forgery of it and turn that in to keep the real one for yourself. This will affect your treasure later in the game to give them a fake, but you can use the real one to claim it anyways.

Defeating Salomet

Attacks: Casts Spells, Teleport, Summon Undead,
Tactics: Read Below
  • The first battle is super easy and you just defeat some other mages and fighters. Once you track Salomet down to Bluemoon Tower is when the fun begins. Starting off he will summon numerous undead. Defeat them, but know he will continuously summon more throughout the fight. Kill as many as you need to or leave your pawns to fight them while you handle Salomet. He will use a wall of fire spell and other dark magic to attack you. Watch for any glowing areas around your characters footing and get away if you see this. While he casts, you can often get in an attack or two. Follow him until he stops moving to cast and strike. The battle may go quickly if your timing is good enough, but can last a while so prepare ahead of time. Keep up with him and you'll keep his spells at bay and deal some damage. Once defeated, you can collect the Wyrmking's Ring and return to Gran Soren.

Pride Before a Fall

You're sent to meet Ser Mercedes for her own quest and accompany her to Windbluff Tower to deal with a situation. Speak with her and then head off for the Tower, which is just North of Gran Soren. Once there, you will find an uprising so help the guards or proceed on through to follow Mercedes. Finally you will see a cutscene and she will begin to duel, the Night's Champion, Julien. Either intervene if you want to save Mercedes live and kill Julien yourself or sit back and watch the events transpire. Afterward, return to Gran Soren and report.

Honor and Treachery
After you complete Aldous's second set of quests "The Wyrmking's Ring" and "A Pride Before a Fall", you will receive a quest to go help at the Southern Waycastle between the Encampment and Gran Soren. Proceed down here, only to be told to return to Gran Soren as they were getting attacked. Down in the Craftsman's Quarters by the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren, you will have to battle a Cockatrice. Defeat the Cockatrice and return back to see Aldous and the Duke. After you complete all four of these main story quests and "Honor and Treachery" you receive the commendation from the Duke and this trophy. Also, you will be given an important task and continue through the main quest.

HP: 45,000
Attacks: Silence Magic, Petrification, Slam Attack, Flies and Smash, Claw Slash(can inflict poison)
Weakness: Thunder
Tactics: Read Below
  • Begin this battle by bringing panacea or any other healing magics to cure poison and petrification. The creature will often claw you and use it's own spells to inflict these statuses onto your character and pawns. If someone becomes petrified and then attacked, they will shatter and be killed instantly so be wary of this and quickly give them items to cure it or use on yourself. The Cockatrice will often fly up and then crash down as the Griffin and other Dragons do in the game, so watch out for this. Climb up and attack it's wings or head to do massive damage and drop it out the sky. Shoot up with your spells/arrows to drop it down as well if able. When it falls, quickly get in as many hits as possible or when you see an opening. Allow your pawns to do some of the work here as the creature will hop around so erratically, it can be quick a long difficult battle. After so much time, the Cockatrice may fly away completing this quest for you. Return to Aldous and the Duke to complete the quest.

Rough Landing
Completed the urgent mission.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

Deny Salvation
After you have completed "Honor and Treachery", you are given an urgent mission to save the Greatwall encampment North-West of Gran Soren in the corner of the map. Proceed up to this location marked on your map. You are sent through killing skeletons and undead and can rescue any of the soldiers throughout. fight your way through and you will encounter the Elysian guy from the Salvation group. He summons two Wights to attack you and you're thrown into one of the final battles of the game. Bring holy enchantments and spells to the battle for easiest time. Also, ranged attacks such as Strider/Ranger or Mages will find the upcoming battle easiest unless you can rely heavily on your pawns. After defeating the Wights and seeing Big Red show up, you will achieve this trophy and be allowed to progress through the rubble into the Tainted Mountain.

Defeating the Wights
This battle here defeating the twin wights will be very difficult if you're a melee user. Otherwise, fire at them while dodging their spells and kill off any undead that get in your way. Shoot any holy spells or fire arrows at them to drop them down. For melee users, you will have to rely on your pawns to take down the wights or jump attack as they lower themselves. Watch out for their spells and tank the undead until your team can bring them down. After you defeat the wights, you will view a cutscene showing the Dragon and inviting you to challenge him.

Accepted the Godsbane blade.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

For this trophy, you will first need to complete the urgent quest given to you by the Duke and save the Greatwall "Deny Salvation". Afterward, you will be free to seek out and face the Dragon in the Tainted Mountains, just beyond the Greatwall through it's rubble. Once you battle past the foes of the Tainted Mountain, you can meet the Dragon. This will begin the "Final Battle" quest and you have 2 options at first. The Dragon offers you a deal that he will leave forever and place you as King of the land, but at the price of your love's life given to the Dragon. Select this on your first game and then you will be asked to retry or reload. Start the battle again and this time, choose to face the beast and put an end to the Dragon. Once you defeat the Dragon, you will automatically given the Godsbane Blade and complete the quest also achieving this trophy.

Defeating the Dragon "Big Red"
The fight with him will take several stages in which you must do multiple forms of damage to him. Bring as many healing and stamina curatives as you can and also fire resistance with your best armor. The Dragon's biggest weakness is Dark magic so any of this type of spell will work. As with all dragons, their melee and weakest point, is the glowing heart so go for this will all attacks if able. Also, recommend level 50 for ease of battle, but still a challenge. Higher level if you're still struggling on this great foe.

Stats and Information
HP: 100,000
Attacks: Slams, Grab Attack, Mind Control, Fire Breath, AoE Fire Attacks, Tail Swipe
Weakness: Dark
Tactics: Read Four Stages of the Battle
  • First Stage of the Battle
    • For the first portion of the fight after declaring to face the Dragon, you will have to escape the first chamber as it's falling in on itself. The camera will now focus behind you and you must run as fast as possible down the hallway from the Dragon in pursuit. Finally, you will break from this and enter another chamber and only the Dragon's head will be out. Stand under his head and attack all out. Anywhere else and you will be caught in his fire breath attack and heavily damaged. After so much damage, the dragon will come out and you will face him in this small area. Aim best you can for it's heart and then he will retreat. Follow through the rubble and give chase.

  • Second Stage of the Battle
    • After giving chase to the Dragon, you will run down some broken bridges and have to leap over some destroyed sections to get to him again. Follow the path and head up the towers as you reach them for items and loot. Attack the Dragon when you can and finally reach the top of the tower. Get on the ballista here and fire at the Dragon. Once you score a hit, you will view a cutscene and go onto the next part of the battle.

  • Third Stage of the Battle
    • For this part, you are on the Dragon and climbing up his back while it flies through the air. Continue climbing up until you reach his glowing heart and then stab. Throughout though, the Dragon will shake and you'll have to rotate the left analog stick around to stay on. If you mess up and die, select Retry and continue climbing back from the tail. Don't worry about attacking while you're doing this or you will lose progress and slowly drift back to the tail end and fall off. After you strike the Dragon, he will fall leading to the final moments of the battle.

  • Final Stage of the Battle
    • The real battle with the Dragon begins here. You and your pawns are down in an enclosed mountain spot with the beast and are free to kill it now. Dodge it's fire breath and climb up it's legs or aim your ranged attacks at it's heart to deal the most damage. He will try to mind Control your party at times, but aim at the heart to dispel this attack. If he flies up or lands on the tower in the distance, climb up and use the Ballista in the area to fire away at him. He will eventually destroy them with fire spells or attacks so watch out and move if he target you there. If he flies up, climb up his tail really quickly if you can and attack his heart to drop him down. After so much damage he will fall over leading to some free attacks so utilize these moments with care and quickness. Continue using any dark attacks or enchants you can and repeat your tactics until you've felled the monster and completed the boss fight.

Peered into the very depths of the world.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

To achieve this trophy, after you have defeated the Dragon and completed "The Final Battle", return to Gran Soren. You will have begun the quest, "A Warm Welcome" and can go speak with the Duke. Sadly, he's not quite himself and attacks you claiming that you made a deal with the Dragon and are a liar. The guards rush in and see you with your hand in the cookie jar so to speak. Retreat away and head back to the Market District for a cutscene. Once this ends, you will have been thrown into the void of the Everfall from the destruction caused by the Dragon's defeat. Land on any floor hear to speak with a new NPC named Quince and begin the next section of the Post Game journey and the true ending of the game.

Escaped the yoke of eternity.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

Quince asks you to retrieve 20 wakestones to go further through and escape the Everfall's grasp. You can leave whenever you like, but you can't progress with the Post Game until you have completed this quest for her to activate what you need. To leave, fall through to the bottom of the Everfall and once it starts over, land or grab the top floor you see. this will bring you back outside the Pawn Guild. A ferrystone will also allow you to leave and return to any portcrystal you have placed in the game including the one in Gran Soren.

Completing this quest "Fathom Deep" will put you in the final stages of the game and you will be no longer to return to Gransys or the Everfall. Fight through the Everfall chambers to face very deadly and strong foes to retrieve the number of Wakestones you need. Coming into the Post Game and Everfall with plenty of wakestones can ease this quest tremendously saving time to explore and fight through the chambers.

Quickest way to obtain the 20 wakestones at once is to defeat the Ur-Dragon if you're capable. Find the Chamber of Lament and destroy him. He will drop all 20 every time.

Dealt the blow of deliverance.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

For this trophy, you will have to defeat Seneschal. This battle will take place in a few stages. Firstly, after you have control of your character upon viewing the cutscene, run towards his spirit and let it kill you. Get this out of the way to achieve another trophy Servitude. Now retry and run ahead and attack Seneschal. He only has one attack and will use it sparingly. About 3-4 hits on him and he will be defeated. Now you will have to do this same thing again. Repeat and dodge his spell blasts attacks. Only difference in this encounter is that he will teleport around more often. Use long ranged attacks if you get annoyed of his antics. After you have defeated him this second time, view a cutscene and you will be offered a choice like with the Dragon battle. Walk away from Seneschal towards the copy of your character to achieve Peace. Retry again here and you can finally complete this battle.

Battle with Seneschal (Final Part)
Run forward down the long path ahead of you. Either run past or cut down the copied images of all the NPCs you've encountered through the game and finally reach Seneschal himself. You will finally have your main pawn back and are able to begin battle with Seneschal and his own pawn. His pawn will be random, but based on what form he takes himself. You may find yourself fighting against a warrior and a fighter or either two mages/sorcerers. Prepare for them the best you can and take them down. Focus on either him or his pawn and allow your pawn to handle the rest. Use any tactics against normal human enemies you've fought previously in the game, except they have more strength, defense, health, etc.

Once you have depleted the health bar of the pawn and the Seneschal, wait for your pawn to grab hold of him and you deal the final blow or grab hold of him yourself. He won't die until you do this so if you don't know why you can't win, make sure your pawn is alive and attempt to grab hold of Seneschal. Enjoy the final cutscenes of the game. Now you are the Seneschal of Gransys and the world. Congratulations.

Obtained the almighty power of sovereignty.

Missable Trophy!

You will acquire this trophy during the Great Wall story missions and when you seek out the Dragon in "The Final Battle". You are given a choice either to slay the dragon or offer your beloved to him for the kingship of the land and he will leave forever. Either walk away or walk to your beloved's location for the Dragon to ask you if this is your choice. Selecting Yes when he asks will cause a cutscene with the Dragon flying away and you sitting on the throne of Gran Soren.

Make sure you don't attack or walk to the Dragon as he will ask if it's your intent to face him. Select no if this happens or if you walk away and you do want to fight him. Afterwards, you will have to retry or reload from previous checkpoint. Reloading will start you off outside the Dragon's Roost area and give you the chance to retreat if you do not want to fight him yet. This will not complete the game and you must select to fight the dragon to continue the story.

Soar unto a new world.

Missable Trophy!

First, you must make it to the final boss battle of the game and finish all the Everfall quests in Post Game. For this trophy, simply fall in battle during the first parts of the battle with Seneschal. You will get a cutscene showing your character dying and then falling through the sky. You will be shown the opening trailer again for the game and it will make a bit more sense now as well. Afterwards, retry or reload and continue through with the fight against Seneschal to defeat him this time.

Took refuge in an illusion.

Missable Trophy!

To obtain this trophy, during the third part of the battle with Seneschal, you will be given a choice, similar to when you battled Big Red, the Dragon earlier in the story. Opt to walk away from Seneschal and past the image of your character. Continue and you'll appear back in Cassardis. Walk back to the gate and then the game will ask if you want to retry or reload from checkpoint. Retry and then proceed through the real quest and defeat Seneschal. Refer to Mercy for more information on how to defeat Seneschal.

Put an end to all things.

This Trophy is Story Related and can not be missed.

This trophy will be acquired when you complete the story quest "The Final Judgment" and ultimately complete the game. You will have to battle and defeat Seneschal in the Post Game section after you have defeated the Dragon and completed all parts of the Everfall to reach this point.

You achieve this by using the Godsbane Sword and plunging it into your heart at the end when you take over the mantle of Seneschal of the world. This will complete the game and afterwards, you are allowed to replay the game with your completed save file and experience/items.

The Laborer
Completed 50 notice board quests.

Simply complete any 50 quests received off the notice boards positioned all around the world to achieve this trophy. The first board you will find is in Cassardis located in Pablo's Inn nearby your home and one of the local fisherman's homes. Simply select on the board and accept the quests given. As you complete quests and continue deeper into the story of Dragon's Dogma, more quests will become open to you and new areas.

Check back often as you journey through the land for quests periodically. Each area will offer different quests and some you are forced to complete then or abandon so take heed when you select a quest of what you may have to do such as escort missions. Choose all you can before leaving an area to complete as you go through the story. On completion of a quest, you receive your reward immediately and do not have to go back to the board or any certain NPC to claim it. Makes it easy to complete as you go.

Notice Board Locations
  • Cassardis - Pablos' Inn: Offers primarily Escort quests and some Hunting goblins, rabbits, wolves, etc. Basic beginning and easy quests located here.
  • The Encampment - Training Gate: Offers primarily Hunting Quests
  • Gran Soren - Azalam's Union Inn: Offers primarily Escort quests and some advanced Hunting quests.
  • Gran Soren - Market District Alehouse: Offers primarily retrieval and collection quests.
  • Gran Soren - Pawn Guild: Offers primarily advanced Hunting quests
  • Gran Soren - Pawn Guild Underground (Everfall Entrance): DLC Quest Board

Notice Board Quest Help
Many of the Notice Boards, will ask you to escort other NPCs to different locations, and at times they will stay there for the remainder of the game. Most of the remaining board quests you'll find, have you hunting different quantities of enemeis down. For help with where a location for an escort is, if you think it may be a far venture and you're not ready, check the Map Located in the Tips section of the guide and also in the The Explorer trophy section. Listed below will be some prime locations for the remaining hunting quests you'll find frequently throughout the game.

Hunting Board Quests
Listed below will be the primary locations for some of the hunted enemies you will find throughout the game. Many can be found anywyere and at different times of day/night so take that into consideration.
  • Rabbits: Found outside Encampment area
  • Seagulls: Beach areas around Encampment and Cassardis
  • Crows: Abbey
  • Goblins: Around Cassardis, south of Gran Soren, but located everywhere throughout Gransys
  • Hobgobins: More elite version goblins, located more North of Gran Soren and around Devilfire Grove(Past Ancient Quarry)
  • Wolves: Around Cassardis, South of Gran Soren, but located everywhere throughout Gransys
  • Direwolves: Elite version wolves found North of Gran Soren, but primarily at night
  • Chimera: North of Gran Soren, towards Greatwall and Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort
  • Griffins: Can start an attack around city of Gran Soren after completing story quest

Collection Board Quests
Listed will be several of the more commonly ask collection items for the Notice Board Quests you'll find around Gran Soren's Alehouse board.
  • Bugles: Acquired as quest rewards and randomly as loot in chests.
  • Snakeskin Purse: Found near small camps around bodies of water, such as streams. Can be located along shallow water of river separating Gran Soren side of Gransys from Abby, Greatwall, and Catacombs.
  • Seeker's Tokens: Found randomly in chests. Gran Soren offers numerous as well as Soulflayer Cavern. Enemies may drop, such as Ur-Dragon.
  • Tufts of Hair: Chest the Duke's chambers inside the Duke's Demesne in Gran Soren by his chair for several of this item. Found randomly as loot as well.

The Hero
Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

Missable Trophy!

For this trophy, you must complete all quests in the game, meaning you will need to complete every sidequest as well. The Notice Board quests do not count for this trophy. You can complete most quests and then begin NG+ and finish up anything to achieve this trophy. There will be some sidequests that can't be completed and are failed/canceled after certain other questlines are finished or points in the Story. Save at Inns before doing any big changes so that you can reload from checkpoint in case something is changed or canceled drastically. At the end of this trophy section will be an entire quest list to check for sidequests involved in achieve this trophy to view and compare.

For the easiest completion of all quests, try to seek out each one when you get to a new location, such as entering the Encampment and completing the events. Now you'd want to go back to Cassardis and finish the quests that open up here before they go away and you miss them for good. Same once you get to Gran Soren. Look at the key and follow when a quest will first become available and go complete it before you further progress the story, unless you need certain storyline quests completed beforehand.

Some points of No Return that affect other sidequests.
  • Reach Gran Soren and meeting the Duke will affect some previous quests found in Cassardis.
  • "Trials and Tribulations" story quest will affect numerous sidequests from Gran Soren.
  • "Deny Salvation" will cause many if not all sidequests to become unavailable. Don't progress past this story mission until you have completed everything you want to in this game.
  • Defeating the Dragon will affect many aspects of the game and the world of Gransys.
  • Defeating the Seneschal and taking over the title will cause all Notice Board quests and other tasks to become unavailable for the remainder of the game. You will also be unable to interact with anyone.

Side Quest Color Key
The quest name will be color-coded to when it is available by it's color. Example: Cassardis Side quest "Floral Delivery" is available immediately and is bold black. Guard Duty becomes available later during some events in the game and will be a different color. Any questions or feedback, please let me know.

QUEST - Available Immediately
QUEST - Available after events at the Encampment area
QUEST - Available after entering Gran Soren during the story, before meeting the Duke
QUEST - Available after completing certain events in Gran Soren such as story quest A Matter of Myrmidons
QUEST - Available after meeting the Duke and finishing Wyrm Hunt quests during the story, however may require further story quests completed

Cassardis Side Quests
These sidequests will take place in the starting village of the game. Certain quests may become available after reaching further points in the main story line or possibly become unavailable after progressing to a point also.
  • Floral Delivery: Available at start of game. For this quest, speak to the NPC named Benita in town to help with the injured members of the village. She requests Five Sunbright flowers and 1 Moonbright flower. The Sunbright flowers will grow naturally in most areas through Gransys. The Moonbright can be harvested in several places as well, but can easily be found along the shore and can only be harvested in evening/night time. Keep this in mind and return to her with your flowers to complete the quest. Rewards are based off the time takes to complete so take heed.

  • Grim Tidings: Speak with the NPC Elvar around town to learn of the passing of another villager. He asks that you report this news to his friend down on the beach. Simply run to him and tell of what has happened and then report back to complete this mission.

  • Lost Faith: Go to the chapel here in Cassardis and speak with the Father Clemente to learn of the quest. You will need to located some lost scriptures of his. As you head out the chapel, you will see a boy named Tomlin who speaks of losing them. Go hop onto the rooftops and begin searching nearby for these. You will find them lying on the edge of the roof, near a smokestack. Return after you have located them and complete this quest.

  • An Uninvited Guest: Speak to Pablos at the Inn to begin this quest. You will learn of a thief and need to speak to several NPCs around town to learn more. Seek them out following the waypoints and then return to him when you have your information. Continue through with the quest by speaking with him again telling him you are ready and then it will automatically go to night town. Step out of the Inn and wait for the thief to run by. Simply get ahead of him and wait for him to run back by you and select to grab him. Once you have hold of him, you will return to Pablos and complete this quest.

  • Deep Trouble: Speak to the NPC at the entrance to town by the well here. He will tell you of monsters and noises down below and asks you to go check it out. Go down and face some Saurians. Aim for their tails to weaken them for an easier fight and try to not get surrounded. Also, down here in the water, don't let your lantern get wet or you will be stranded in the dark. Go into your inventory and unequip it, and then re-equip it to quickly recover it before continuing the battle. Defeat all the Saurian lizard enemies and return to Poll outside the well to complete this quest.

  • Guard Duty: For this quest, go to Pablos' Inn and speak with the lady named Madeleine here. She will be necessary to help for a The Patron. Successfully escort her to The Encampment and either pay or deny her the 1,000 gold she asks for. This will complete the quest.

  • Lost and Found: This quest will start as soon as you leave the Encampment and see the NPC that will begin shouting about Quina from Cassardis. Return to the village and speak to Adaro to learn of her whereabouts and travel to seek out the witch of the Witchwood area. Travel down through the Witchwood and then escort Quina through to find the witch at the end. Afterwards, return to the village to complete the quest.

  • Deeper Trouble: This quest can be started at this point, but requires at least one in-game week to pass after completing Deep Trouble sidequest before it can be obtained. You will hear some screams coming from the well again and upon adventuring down to see the trouble, you find Ser Rorric who requests your help in destroying the Saurian eggs down inside. Agree to do this and go out, killing any Saurians and all marked egg locations on your map. However, a Giant Saurian will emerge and seek to stop you. Defeat all Saurians around first and then focus on this foe. Use your strongest attacks and aim united against it's tail to deal most damage. After you have destroyed all eggs and the beasts, return to Rorric to complete the quest and be finished with this well.

  • Dying of Curiosity: After talking with Merin on the beach and visiting Cassardis again, you will begin this quest. You're to seek out another villager, Valmiro by speaking to people around town. They will tell you about him possibly leaving town so leave and head along the beach shore outside Cassardis and headed to the Encampment. Bring around ten healing herbs with you as you go for the quest as well. You will have to help him around different locations here until finally makes it and you complete the quest.

  • An Innocent Man: Started by talking to Tomlin after you have met the Duke. He will tell you of his missing father and his work in Gran Soren. Go search him out there and visit Ser Jakys in the Noble Quarter to learn something about what may have happened to him. Purchase or combine to make two skeletons keys for the journey as you're going to break him out of jail. Shackles + scrap iron/Hunk of ore=skeleton key. Go down into the jails and wait for him to knock the jester away. Unlock cell and speak to him and then unlock the cell across to escape through the sewers. Afterwards, you will emerge into the Slums and he will be reunited with Tomlin. After they go out the doors down here, your quest will be completed.

  • Farewell, Valmiro: After completing "Dying of Curiosity", speak to Valmiro inside Cassardis after you have met the Duke to start his latest adventure and your newest sidequest. he will ask a few things for the trip so acquire them and return to him. Needs: Potent Greenwarish(Herb found, purchased at stores, combinable item), Lantern(bought from stores around Gransys), Sour Ambrosial Meat(rare drop of meat from bison and deer), and a Pilgrim's Charm(found as loot or acquired from Fountival in Gran Soren). This will complete the quest.

The Encampment Side Quests
  • Strength in Numbers: After you have completed the story mission defeating the Cyclops here during your first visit, Ser Berne will approach you about training with your pawns. Agree to do his training and complete the three stages of training. Step One- Carrying boxes to the marked location. Step Two- Destroy all scarecrow targets. Step Three- Destroy all scarecrow targets again with some being resistant to physical attacks. Complete these and Berne will congratulate you and send you on your way.

  • Search Party: Note: This quest can also be started when you see Reynard in gran Soren/Gransys areas. To begin this quest, you will need to request Reynard immediately after leaving Cassardis and heading for The Encampment. Save him and he will run ahead to the Encampment. Speak with him here and start the next set of requirements to fulfill this quest. Keep in mind, completing this quest will cause Reynard to go away and leave Gransys for the remainder of the game. Don't complete until you are finished with him.
    • Buy/Sell 10 items from him to begin the quest and he will ask for a piece of Scrap Iron. Bring this to him.
    • Buy/Sell 15 items from him for his next request, an item called Miasmite. Can combine Firefly Stone + shard of miasmite to create Miasmite. Also acquired from the phantoms at night time North of Gran Soren/Catacombs.
    • Buy/Sell 25 items from him for his final request: Locating his father and why he ran away from his family. To complete this quest, you will have to locate all 6 journal entries located throughout the world.
      • Journal Entry 1: Found in a chest located in The Encampment.
      • Journal Entry 2: Found in a chest located on the second level of the Catacombs. You don't need the Salvation key or five orbs involved in a sidequest here to find it.
      • Journal Entry 3: Found in Gran Soren after crossing the rooftops slightly north of The Black Cat in the Venery area. Find a boxed in area with a ladder and the chest will be right here.
      • Journal Entry 4: Found in a chest in the Miasmic Haunt area, south of Greatwall Encampment area in Barta Crags section of Gransys.
      • Journal Entry 5: Found in a chest in Soulflayer Caverns.
      • Final Journal Entry: Found in a chest located in the Ancient Quarry, north of Gran Soren

Gran Soren Side Quests
These quests will be obtained once visiting Gran Soren. Suggested you complete the sidequests at earliest point as furthering the story will cancel and negate some quests from starting.


- Available Immediately
QUEST - Available after entering Gran Soren during the story, before meeting the Duke
QUEST - Available after completing certain events in Gran Soren such as story quest A Matter of Myrmidons
QUEST - Available after meeting the Duke and finishing Wyrm Hunt quests during the story, however may require further story quests completed
  • A Troublesome Tome: This quest can be started immediately upon arriving at Gran Soren. You will begin this quest by speaking to Steffen in town near the market square area. He asks that you recover a certain magical tome for him. This book you can skip right ahead and locate in The Ruins of Aernst Tower, further down the road splitting from path leading to Witchwood south of Gran Soren. Go here and make peace with the Bandits OR kill them OR simply walk in under quise of peace and steal the tome. Returning the real tome to Steffen will acquire you a great asset in upcoming battles during the main story so it's wise to do this.

  • Land of Opportunity: For this quest, seek out the NPC Fournival either walking through the market of Gran Soren or in the Noble Quarters in his home closest to the Palace gate where Ser Maximilian stands. Speak to him and he will ask you to kick some tenets off his land. Go back and search each of them out but this quest is easiestly completed by speaking with Jasper and then going back to Fournival and purchasing the land for them for 80,000 gold. Otherwise, speak to all of them and chase down Pip where he runs away and then rest at the Inn to allow Jasper to make his decision.

  • Chasing Shadows: After you enter Gran Soren and complete "A Matter of Myrmidons", go to the market and speak with Mason. He tells you of a shadowy figure coming out at night. Speak with the Innkeeper nearby to proceed with this quest and rest until night. Now head to the Noble Quarters and follow the figure through the city. Don't get too close and follow on the map if you lose sight of him. Finally you will follow him into a building and can listen in at the window for another cutscene. After this go back and speak with Mason or the Innkeeper to complete the quest. Now allows you to visit Madeleine's new shop for a .

  • Escort Duty: For this quest, you will need to complete "Land of Opportunity" and "Chasing Shadows" and then speak with Fournival. He wants you to escort his daughter around the town and keep her happy. This quest will make you want to kill her and quit playing as Symone(his daughter) is that annoying. Simply do as she asks until time is up. She will play hide and seek so search her out during these times. She will either be behind the Alehouse in the market or hiding in the Inn. Keep some water on your or go purchase some if she gets thirsty as well. In the end, she will desire a race. Just let her win and complete the quest. Reaching the best reward for this you will receive a gold idol that can be used in forgery or in other sidequests around Gran Soren. Don't lose her during the game, however, or you will fail the quest.

  • Reaper's Scorn: For this quest, visit the area around the pawn guild and search for the craftsman's house nearby. Should be open and can speak with a man inside who wants you to save his son. He'll hand you two shards of a wakestone. Simply find a third or use a full wakestone if you posses one and select to aid his son while standing to his side.

  • Nameless Terror: After completing one of the Wyrm Hunt quests, "Seeking Salvation" or another story quest "Come to Court", you will get a cutscene upon leaving Gran Soren. You will have to go to several specific ambush locations in the dead of night around 4 AM to 8 AM. If in "Seeking Salvation", you let the man live at the end you will begin Nameless Terror the next time you leave Gran Soren on foot. Otherwise, after you meet the Duke it will begin.This quest will become canceled if you complete "Deny Salvation" quest. Images provide courtesy of bagelbear

  • Supplier's Demand: Talking with Madeline in her shop after you have first visited the Duke will start a new quest where she wants you to bring her an idol. Go search out any located in the world and return to her. Based on which kind you give her will result in different rewards and items at her shop.
    • Forgery of an Idol- Minimum reward, but completes the quest. Allow Mountebank at Black Cat forge any Idol
    • Bronze- 1/2 of the reward. Bronze idol is found in Hillfigure Knoll in Dragonforged house and in Selene house in the Witchwood.
    • Silver- 3/4 of the reward. Found as reward for completing a Notice Board quest, "Put the Eye Out" from Gran Soren Inn Board.
    • Gold- Full reward. Found as reward for completing sidequest "Escort Duty" and achieving best results with Symone.

  • Bad Business: After you meet the Duke and completed "Chasing Shadows", you can revisit Madeleine's shop to see it has finally gotten opened. Later in the game, return after completing some of Aldous's quests to see she's missing and another NPC is there in her stead. Speak with her and then go speak to different NPCs around town to learn of her whereabouts. Venture into the Slums section of the city. Follow her through the doors here and begin a cutscene with her speaking and some guards. Tell them you haven't seen her and then you will complete the quest. Completing this quest will most likely max out Madeleine's affinity with your character if you have helped her in every instance. May be started after completing "Honor and Treachery" main quest, defeating the Cockatrice, but before going through and completing "Deny Salvation".

  • Idol Worship: After you meet the Duke, speak with Caxton Amory NPC and he will ask for an Idol. Go search for any other idol in the game and bring it back to him to complete the quest. Rewards are based off the idol he receives and will affect his weapon and armor selection.
    • Forgery of an Idol- Minimum reward, but completes the quest. Allow Mountebank at Black Cat forge any Idol
    • Bronze- 1/2 of the reward. Bronze idol is found in Hillfigure Knoll in Dragonforged house and in Selene house in the Witchwood.
    • Silver- 3/4 of the reward. Found as reward for completing a Notice Board quest, "Put the Eye Out" from Gran Soren Inn Board.
    • Gold- Full reward. Found as reward for completing sidequest "Escort Duty" and achieving best results with Symone.

  • Rise of the Fallen: Speak to Ser Maximilian about this and he asks you to investigate the Salvation cult further. Go buy or acquire some Salvation Robes and speak to some NPCs around town to learn of their whereabouts. You will happen upon a meeting down near the waterway in the Venery section of Gran Soren and can listen in on the conversation. Following the one member to locate the Catacombs key and then proceed to the meeting in the Catacombs. Search out the five keys located in different sarcophagus's here to open a locked door near the bottom of the Catacombs. More information when finish this quest. This quest will become canceled if you complete "Deny Salvation" quest.

  • Witch Hunt: Listen to the conversations around Gran Soren during the game in the Market area of Gran Soren after you have met with the Duke. Now go to the Witchwood to save Selene. You will have to battle a Metal Golem here so destroy all it's crystal weak points and then go in to speak with her. Completing this will most likely max out her affinity for you as well. This quest will become canceled if you complete "Deny Salvation" quest. If you didn't help Quina from the Witch Woods previously in the game, this sidequest may not be available.

Gran Soren - Duke's Demesne(Palace Quarters) Side Quests
Quests in Gran Soren will begin here after you have met the Duke and completed certain other events during the story. This will cause many other sidequests to become unavailable so complete any that you want before proceeding here.
  • Arousing Suspicion: To begin this quest, you will have to explore the Duke's castle and search for an NPC named Aelinore, the Duke's wife. Speak with her and then look for another NPC named Mirabelle. After talking with her, you should start this quest and have to meet in the gardens at night. Come back and stand in the waypoint until she appears(similar to the quest "The Conspirators"). Afterwards, seek out Aelinore in her chambers at the top of the tower, but you will have to sneak past guards and the like to get here as they will be patrolling. Once you reach her, watch a cutscene and step in before you fail the quest. Afterwards, break out of jail and walk right on out with your skeleton key that you will have.

  • Duchess in Distress: Requires "Arousing Suspicion" completed before available and completing all of Aldous' quests. Afterwards, complete the quest "Honor and Treachery" and save Gran Soren from the Cockatrice. Upon returning to see Aldous and the Duke, you will be given an urgent quest. Seek out Mirabelle again in the Palace yard and she asks that you help Aelinore again as the Duke is furious and will kill her. This quest leads to Duke's Manse. Agree to help and she'll give you some armor to wear. Equip it and you can walk about the castle at night and enter the Manse area that is well guarded and access is denied to everyone. You will have to travel up North now, past the Windbluff Tower and take a path going towards the Duke's Manse. Enter this area and follow the waypoints to reach and rescue Aelinore. Getting her out safely will complete this quest. May be started after completing "Honor and Treachery" main quest, defeating the Cockatrice, but before going through and completing "Deny Salvation".

  • The Conspirators: After you've met with the Duke and begun Aldous' quests for him, speak to a knight named Ser Fedel here and he asks that you meet him at night in the Gardens. Sleep at the Inn or wait and go to the waypoint. Wait until he appears after you and he'll ask for a letter. Go to the waypoint up North by some bandit camp and you will get attacked but see it get taken away. Go to Soulflayer Cavern now and fight your way through. Near the end, you can slide down a drop and land to the left on a bit of land that goes flat. Follow this new path and you will be able to locate some parcels and the important letter. Take it back to the Duke's Palace where you are approached by another man. Either give to him or take to Fedel to complete the quest. Forge it and give it to both of them for bonus rewards. This quest will become canceled after you complete "Trials and Tribulations" quest during the story.

Witchwood Side Quests
Here you will complete several other sidequests in the game and have to navigate through a foggy wood full of spirits, wolves, and other creatures. You will have many dealings with the witch's daughter near the end of the wood for most of the quests involved.
  • Mettle Against Metal: After you completed "Witch Hunt", exit and reenter the Witchwood and go to Selene's house. Go back under it to where you met her and the Spirit of the Witch by the grave. Down here, you can find a light colored rock golem that will come to life when you get near it. It uses the same principal as defeating other Metal Golems, however, it's medals/crystals you must destroy aren't located in it, but around the area. You will see them shooting light into the Golem, powering him and giving life to the beast. Seek these by following the path they are shooting and destroy them all. You may need ranged attacks or good pawns that know to attack them to destroy all of these medals. After you do, the golem dies and you complete this quest.

  • The Dragon's Tongue: Another quest involved in the wood after you have saved Selene during "Witch Hunt" quest. Go to the grave where you completed that quest at and search for an Ancient Tablet here and search for those that can understand it's meaning. Go to the chapel in Gran Soren and meet with Geffrey who leads you to Hillfigure Knoll to ask the Dragonforged. Go talk to him right away to complete this quest fast and easy.

Ancient Quarry Side Quest
  • Of Merchants and Monsters: Speak to Alon outside the Ancient Quarry North-West of Gran Soren to begin this quest. He asks that you clear the tunnel and open the path at the end so that he may journey through for travel sake. You will have to kill the three Ogres inside to accomplish this and then open the paths to reach the end. Also, this quarry will serve as a shortcut to reaching the Shadow Fort later in the game unless you take the opposite route through the Ruins of Aernst Tower to reach it.

The Abbey
You will locate this area further up north past Gran Soren and along the path past the Ancient Quarry. It will be near the waterfall area of Prayer Falls. Located is a old church and many graves so expect to face the undead here.
  • Talent in Bloom: After you have escorted Quina to the Abbey during one of the Notice Board quests, you can speak to her here and start this sidequest. After you have met the Duke and if you haven't completed that Notice Board quest, she will automatically go here. She gives you a rare blessed flower to give to someone. Simply give it right back to her to complete the quest or give to anyone else before it withers.

  • A Parting Gift: This quest becomes available after you completed "Talent in Bloom" sidequest for Quina. After a bit of time has passed, speak to an NPC named Clarus in the Abbey area, who desires a Pilgrim's Charm. Buy this from one of the merchants in Gran Soren(Madeleine) or find it as loot randomly. One can be acquired in the Catacombs. Give this item to Clarus to complete the quest.

Ruins of Aernst Tower
These ruins are located, South-West past the path leading to the Witchwood from the Encampment. You will travel here for another sidequest, "A Troublesome Tome" later in the game if you desire to wait, or you can explore and locate this place early on.
  • No Honor Among Thieves: When you first arrive here at the camp, seek out Maul, the bandit leader and speak with him. He will bring up a task for him. Either kill 10 female bandits up north near the Greatwall encampment or go to Cassardis and return the rogue bandit, Pike. Either kill the other female bandits or tell Pike to return to the camp and then go back and speak to Maul to complete this quest.

Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort

You will locate the ruins just South of the Greatwall Encampment North-West of Gran Soren past the Abbey located down one of the extending paths from the city. You will need to go through here during the main story of the game so can wait till then or complete after you have finished the Encampment section of the game. Many very tough foes lie up here and you will most likely need to wait until you are further and higher level in the game before proceeding.
  • Thick as Thieves: You will begin this quest when you enter the ruins of Heavenspeak and talk with Ophis, a female bandit leader of the camp. You will need all female party members or dress male character in female clothing and speak to Ophis before entering to not provoke the bandits into attack you. After speaking to Ophis, you can either kill 10 male bandits or go speak with another member down the ladder named Betiah. She will ask you to feed a cyclops which is located further down the main section towards Greatwall, barricaded in a bone fence. Kill or pick up a goblin and bring down here and drop it by the cyclops to feed it or go kill the bandits of Aernst Tower and then return to speak with Ophis to complete this quest. Completing "No Honor Among Thieves" and having Maul's badge with not affect this quest.

Windbluff Tower
This guard post can be found directly North following the road from Gran Soren, as headed to Hillfigure Knoll.
  • Supply and Demands: For this quest, speak to Ser Darius after you have met the Duke. He tells you that supplies are low and requests you deliver a message to the Duke. Proceed back to Gran Soren and speak with Julien or the other guards to tell them of the situation. They will ask a response, so tell them what Darius requested. Different responses will affect the reward. Return and inform Darius of the outcome and complete this quest. This quest will become canceled after you finish "Trials and Tribulations" for Aldous during the story quest line.

Complete Quest List

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Human Resources
Changed your vocation.

Once you arrive in Gran Soren, you can find a NPC named Asalam, the Innkeeper of this town. Speak with him to buy and set skills or change the vocation of your character and pawn. Changing it will cost between 1,000 and 1,500 Discipline points, so don't waste them all on skills right away. Also, you will want to save some to use for newer skills of your next vocation. Once you have selected and confirmed the vocation change for your character, you will achieve this trophy. Refer to The Specialist for more information on Discipline points.

NOTE: Once you have changed your vocation, you need not have to buy it again with Discipline points. it will remain unlocked to switch back and forth to any purchased vocations. Also, any vocations you purchased will still be available once you reach the Gran Soren Inn during NG+.

The Specialist
Learned all the skills of a single vocation.

You will acquire this trophy by max ranking any vocation and then purchasing all abilities under it. New abilities will become open as you level up vocations and purchase other skills. To purchase an ability or new vocation you will need Discipline points. These are acquired through killing monsters and completing quests.

NOTE: Most skills will be interchangeable with all vocations granted your weapon matches so switch throughout different vocations to learn numerous other skills that can be mix-matched and very helpful during your travels. Same as with your vocation, all skills will remain purchased permanently through your game and NG+.

The Veteran
Defeated 3,000 enemies.

Simply defeat 3,000+enemies and you will receive this trophy. Traveling at night will offer more enemies as will exploring and taking part of all board quests you are given. You will most likely achieve this trophy during NG+ and if you complete all sidequests.

Defeated a hydra or archydra.

You will have to slay any Hydra to achieve this trophy. You face one in the Encampment story quests, however it retreats and this doesn't count for the trophy. Later in the Post Game, you can find a Archydra in one of the chambers of the Everfall. Also, returning to Cassardis in Post Game, you will get a Notice Board Quest to slay the Hydra in the Frontier Caverns. Complete this and you can achieve this trophy.

Facing either Hydra is the same, just the Archydra has much greater attack and defense. Avoid getting underneath them as they move and smash their heads down or you will take massive damage. If you're melee fighter or strider type, climb up their necks and attack the underside until you manage to slice off the head. Using fire attacks on the damage sections before they grow back will cause massive damage as well. Watch out to jump off or jump to another neck if he starts to slam it down as you may be killed from the damage you will take. Use any fire spells and target this underside from afar or shoot with flaming arrows to take the least chances of being hurt. Simply repeat this and kill it as you did in the Encampment quest, except you must fully take down this foe.

Attacks: Neck Slam, Eats Character/Pawns, Slides Over with Body
Weakness: Slashing attacks
Additional: Mostly resistance to all elements and bash attacks. If a party member gets eaten, quickly attack that head to free them in the lump before they are swallowed whole and die. All Hydras can regrow their lost heads so attack quickly and with fire affinity weapons and spells. Destroying a head and attacking the severed location with fire will cause it to cease growing back and deals massive damage to the foe.

Eye Contact
Defeated an evil eye.

For this trophy you will have to defeat an Evil Eye enemy in the game. These enemies will be located down in the Everfall and are responsible for the endless wave of tentacles that attack you during the story quest "Lure of the Abyss". You can't fight one here, however in the Post Game you are capable of locating and destroying one. The first time you enter the Everfall Post Game, you will land on a section and speak with a NPC named Quince who will send you on a quest to gather 20 wakestones. Don't confuse this with the smaller "Vile Eye" enemies that will frequent the Everfall post game.

The Evil Eye can be fought here in the special location Chamber of Confusion. You will land here until you have completed it once or return and speak with Quince with all 20 wakestones. Proceed through this area and face the foe. It's biggest weakness is the eye which is protected by magic during most of the fight so aim for it's back and the tentacles until you can freely attack it there. At times it will disappear and appear behind your party through warps it creates. It will also summon forth tentacles for you to attack so destroy these when you can to weaken the boss and get back to doing the real damage. If it falls down, go all out attacking it's undefended eye and deal massive damage to the foe. Once it's defeated, the other chambers of the Everfall will become open for full exploration. More Evil Eyes lie down in other Chambers, but this one is virtually unmissable.

Evil Eye
: Everfall Post Game - Chamber of Confusion
HP: 66,666
Attacks: Tentacle attack, smash, Petrification status, Magic spells
Weakness: Holy attacks
Additional: It's barrier will protect it from most harm during the battle. Also it's highly resistant to all other elements aside from Holy and resistant to bash attacks. Keep in mind that you can't grab or climb on this enemy in the game.

Serpents' Bane
Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.

For this trophy, you will need to slay a Drake, a Wyrm, and a Wyvern. There are several key differences between these different enemies. Drakes will be more resistant to fire attacks and utilize them in their own assaults against The Arisen. Wyrms are ice lesser dragons and thus weak to fire attacks. They are only found Beyond the Rift in Post Game in the Everfall's many chambers. Wyverns are the toughest and are resistant to all forms of attack, being most resistant to Thunder as that is the element they will utilize. Also Wyverns will fly more often and you will need to be a ranged vocation or climb up to strike it down if your pawns don't for you. They each have one common weakness...their heart crystal. Always aim for this in your assaults and you'll make short work of any dragonkin.

Location: Found outside Shadow Fort area near pond just past exit from Ancient Quarry, Estan Plains around Gran Soren to the West of city
HP: 80,000
Attacks: Fire Breath, Mind Control of pawns, Smash, Grab and smash, Tail swipe
Weakness: Ice
Tactics: Bring lots of healing items and some flasks of water to put out fire when you get hit. Also, attack it's heart to deal the most damage to the foe. If you see it taking control of your party members, attack it's heart to break the spell or kill them and revive to bring them back. Dodge it's fire breath attacks when you can and stay under it's head clinging to it's chest. Sometimes it will fly up and wave it's wings to knock you down so hold up your shield when this happens to take slight stamina damage but avoid getting blown back.

Location: Post Game Everfall - Beyond the Rift
HP: 60,000
Attacks: Ice Breath, Mind Control of pawns, Smash, Grab and smash, Tail swipe
Weakness: Fire
Tactics: Use any fire spells or fire enchanted weapons to deal massive damage to this foe. Climb up and go for it's exposed heart to deal damage and watch out for being frozen from it's breath attack.

Location: Post Game Bluemoon Tower, Post Game found along Conquest Road in one of the random "Ambush" quests north of Gran Soren
HP: 70,000
Attacks: Wind/Thunder Breath, Mind Control of pawns, Smash, Grab and smash, Tail swipe
Weakness: None?
Tactics: Fire at it's wings with arrows or spells or grapple and climb up it's tail. If you fire enough, you can bring it down out the sky. Climbing up and dealing damage to it's weakened heart will cause massive damage and drop it as well. Once it's down face it as a normal dragon foe, but it will soon take to the skies again. Watch out for it's breath attacks that will cycle through the area while it flies until you can bring it down.

The Messiah
Defeated the Ur-Dragon.

Found in Everfall POST GAME. Once you have the ability to drop down into the Everfall after you defeated the dragon, you can try to locate a broken bridge type area towards the South side of your fall. Try to land or grab onto this floor and enter the door that is directly ahead of you in the Chamber of Lament. Here you will find a wide open area, with purple flames burning all around. Proceed forward and you will be attacked by three random pawns, some based off other pawns online so be careful. Go forward and click the stone nearby to start a cutscene if this is your first entry. Otherwise, step out onto the battleground and wait for the Ur-Dragon to reappear. Bring all the holy enchantments you can and protection from Dark Attacks. Also you should acquire as many Health/Stamina curatives as possible for the long battle. Easiest way to achieve this fight is to step in and out of the room as the dragon retreats so that he will appear immediately.

Facing the Ur-Dragon offline, you will have to take his total health down completely with only the assistance from your pawns. After you have dealt so much damage to him or a certain amount of time has passed, he will retreat. Walk out the area and return for him to come back and continue the fight. He'll have over 1,000,000 HP so prepare for a long fight. Defeating him offline will give you different item drops from Online battle, but still some very good gear and all 20 Wakestones you will need to progress the story in Post Game.

Ur-Dragon Stats and Information
HP: 1,400,000+
Location: Everfall - Chamber of Lament (POST GAME ONLY), NG+ Cassardis Beach Riftstone(takes right to Chamber of Lament and back to beach when leaving)
Attacks: Claw Swipe, Tail Swipe, Bite, Dark Magic, Breath Attack, Grab Slam, Fly and Smash
Weakness: Holy
Tactics/Additional: Read Below

Online Fight

The Ur-Dragon is unique in that if you face him while signed into the Dragon's Dogma servers, his health and damage taken will be accumulative with all other players that has fought him lately in this generation of him. Once defeated, he will respawn later so you area allowed to fight him as many times as you want, even offline if need be. If you can get lucky enough, you can find him nearly dead and you only have to destroy the orbs that are glowing positioned around his body. They will cover his face, chest and wings, but are very easily spotted. Destroying parts of his body will acquire you numerous rare items so take down as much of him as you can. There will be a chance that you can find him already out of health and need only destroy the orbs around him. If you do so much damage to him, he will retreat. If this happens, simply walk out the area and step back in and wait for him to show up again to finish him off. Also, note that if people constantly die or have trouble facing the Ur-Dragon, it will become slightly easier fight for others. Same works opposite way if people are defeating him easily, he will power up and become a much tougher opponent.

Tactics for Defeating the Ur-Dragon
Try to be any sort of ranged attack user here. If you can cast spells like holy magic or are a ranger with some increased arrow output, you can destroy him relatively easily by aiming up at his weak points to destroy them. Otherwise, you will have to climb up as a melee class player and strike them while your pawns fire at a distant keeping him distracted or sit back and heal. Definitely recommended to have: Mage-Healing purposes/support spells, Ranger-Long range attacks, Yourself-Whatever you like playing as but will affect your other choices for pawns, and a Tank Fighter or Sorcerer for powerful Holy spells. Keep your entire party stocked up with healing items and keep plenty on your character too. Bring many stamina items so you will be free to run and won't get stuck catching your breath when he decides to blast you into oblivion or if you will be climbing u him during the fight.

Biggest challenge will be destroying his wing weak points once you finally whittle away the Ur-Dragon's life. He will be moving around and you can't climb up to strike them, resulting in needing magic or archery to target them. A Magic Archer vocation will make this battle easy with it's lock on arrows that you can target these weak points with if that interests you to leveling up before hand. Once the foe is out of health and you destroy his weak spots, he will die.

Key Hit Points
  • Head

  • Under the Jaw

  • 3 Spots on the Neck

  • Chest

  • Stomach

  • 2 on the Back

  • 2 on Left Wing(Inside wing, Shoulder joint of wing)

  • 2 on Right Wing(Inside Wing on tip, Should joint of Wing)

  • 3 on Left Leg(foot, heel, thigh)

  • 3 on Right Leg(foot, heel, thigh)

  • Left Side Torso

  • Right Side Torso

  • 2 on Tail

Youtube Video Courtesy of Bill Django
Video will slightly detail another player going after the weak spots located over the Ur-Dragon's Body after it's health was taken down.

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Local Recruit
Directly enlisted a pawn to your party.

For this trophy, you simply need to hire any pawn from outside the rift, such as in Gran Soren in the Pawn's Guild. Often you can meet other pawns walking the roads or hanging about in towns. Select to speak with one and join a covenant to enlist them. You can always favorite your current pawns and re-enlist them after you have done this and acquired your trophy.

Foreign Recruit
Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.

For this trophy, you will need to access the Rift during the story of the game. You will first have access granted when you complete several of the tasks in the Encampment during the main questline, including making your own pawn. Create your pawn, and then search the rift for other players pawns to download. The game will have some default ones available if you do not have online access. Simply recruit any other pawn and you will achieve this trophy.

The Captain
Enlisted a large number of pawns.

You will earn this trophy when you have enlisted at least 70 pawns to your side during the game. These can be generic pawns from the game or ones you download from other players online. Simply recruit a pawn in the Rift and then send them away and recruit another. You can favorite and save certain pawns to use again later so mark any that you will desire to use again. Also, each time you fire and re-hire a pawn it will count as a new pawn recruited.

Inhuman Resources
Changed your main pawn's vocation.

This is the same as changing your own character's vocation. Simply go to Gran Soren and speak with the Innkeeper here to buy a new vocation using your discipline points, costing roughly 1,000 to 1,500. You will need to save these so you can upgrade the new vocation if you plan to keep it, otherwise, simply switch back to your previous one. Once you buy a vocation, you need not have to pay for it again.

The Savior
Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.

After arriving in Gran Soren and you gain access to the Pawn's Guild, search the nearby houses around the Guild building to find a man and his son. If you have a full wakestone, you can complete this sidequest and achieve this trophy. Select to aid the boy and you will view a cutscene using the wakestone to return him to life. You'll need three fragments to make a whole and you will receive two from the man himself, so at least try to have one of them by this point. These will be acquired randomly as loot found in quests and on monsters. Simply explore until you find one if you haven't already or visit some of the NPCs in town as a select amount of wakestones can be purchased such as from The Black Cat.

You can also achieve this trophy by using a wakestone on yourself or a party member in case you miss out on the listed Sidequest. Also any killed NPC from the game can be restored using a Wakestone, including some story foes for extra dialogue and secret items.

The Knave
Obtained a forgery.

Missable Trophy

To obtain this trophy, you must visit Mountebank in Gran Soren, at his shop down in the alleys called The Black Cat. He is capable of making a copy of any item for a select fee of gold in the game. However, the copy will not retain any magical properties of the original. Not all items will count for this trophy. You will need to use certain items that result in a "ITEM FORGERY" being created. Some quest items can be copied and store away for ease of access on your next playthrough and will often result in a Forgery. Certain sidequests ask for items often and you may copy these too. Your rewards sometimes will be affected by turning in a forgery so be careful of this.

Easiest way to achieve this trophy, is by reaching the rooftops of Gran Soren and locating the top floor of the Black Cat area. There is a chest here containing a forged copy of a Wakestone Shard. If you pick up this item, you will achieve the trophy. The item description says it's a forgery and can't be used with other shards.

Forgery Items
  • Bronze Idol
  • Silver Idol
  • Gold Idol
  • Salomet's Grimoire
  • Wyrmking's Ring
  • Wakestones/Shards
  • Magic Finger Item

The Craftsman
Combined two materials to make an item.

To achieve this trophy, you need to find two items that may be combined together and then combine them. Example: Lantern + Flask of Oil can be combined to refill your lantern will fuel and counts for the trophy. Any different herbal medicines that can be combined will work as well. Most of all herbs and materials you find can be combined with something else to create unique items or better curatives. Certain blank scrolls can be combine to create tome spells that can be used once.

Useful Item Combinations
  • Lantern + Flask of Oil = Refill lantern with fuel
  • Greenwarish + Wormwood Sap = Desiccated Herbs
  • Greenwarish + Sweet Pollen = Potent Greenwarish
  • Hunk of Ore + Shackles = Skeleton Key
  • Firefly Stone + Shard of Miasmite = Miasmite(Need this item for Reynard "Search Party" sidequest - Item Combination Courtesy of DaveyHasselHoff)

Dragon Forged
Strengthened equipment in wyrmfire.

This Trophy can not be missed.

To achieve this trophy, defeat either the Dragon or the Ur-Dragon(ONLINE ONLY) for your equipped gear to be automatically upgraded into Dragon forged. This will replace your level with a small reddish Dragon's Dogma symbol and takes it beyond level three for more stats. When you get ready to defeat either of the two main dragons of the game, switch your gear to whatever you want upgraded. Try equipping your pawn's gear just at the end of the fight so they will acquire the benefits of this upgrade as only your character's equipment will be affected. It does not have to be upgraded for the dragon forged to happen.

Also defeating Drakes and other dragon creatures will sometimes upgrade any upgraded armor that is currently equipped to your main character. Occurs randomly but may be based on you achieving the final hit.

Well Equipped
Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.

Simply play through and collect over 350 pieces of armor or weapons and you will receive this trophy. Check all chests you come across and gather all loot you find to help progress this trophy. Pick up any armor you find even if you don't want to carry it or sell it later just to count and then discard it away. Buying gear will also count for this so visit vendors in town for armor and weapon upgrades. Can be checked in your In-Game History of gear collected also. All equippable weapons and armor will count towards this trophy including rings and cloaks.

NOTE: You must find 350 unique pieces of armor and weapons. This means, that only one of every piece of armor you acquire will count. EXAMPLE: If you have 2 Broadswords, it will only count as 1. Any further pick ups of the same weapon/piece of armor will not count towards your total. Explore all dungeons and open all chests you find as well as purchase all equipment from shops. Try to buy and sell it all back once you know you have bought everything you haven't already held once to easily cycle from shop to shop. In the end game of your NG+, you will have virtually no need for money except healing items and upgrades so use this as an opportunity to buy and sell lots of gear from shops that you haven't explored thoroughly yet.

  • Cassardis NPC
  • Gran Soren Caxton Armory (upgrades shop through game progress + idol sidequest)
  • Madeleine (upgrades shop through game progress + idol sidequest)
  • Reynard Traveling Merchant
  • NPC on first floor of Everfall Post Game
  • NPC located in Chamber of Hesitation in Everfall Post Game
  • Merchant outside Greatwall

A Queen's Regalia
Dressed a male party member in women's clothing.

To acquire this trophy, you will need to acquire any female armor set in the game and equip a male party member. You can acquire the Captain's Armor set as DLC or buy the Lady's Garb from Madeleine or Mountebank in the Black Cat. Equip a male pawn if your main character is a female with these.

The Philanthropist
Gave 50 presents.

For this trophy, you simply need to give out 50 presents to NPCs during the game. Walk up to any NPC you see, select to speak with them, and then select option to give them a present. Select anything from your inventory. It doesn't have to be an item they like or to different NPCs, but once you had out 50 gifts, you will receive this trophy. May also count giving gifts back when sending away pawns in the Rift.

The Escort
Acted as a reliable travel companion.

For this trophy, you will need to complete any escort quest during the game. Escorting Madeleine during the Side Quest, "Guard Duty" will NOT count for this like the other different board quests. In Pablos' Inn, after completing the events at the Encampment, you will find a mission to escort another NPC slightly past the Encampment area for the quickest mission. Check before you agree to escort any NPCs that you have no need of them for a while incase they get lost or die during the quest.

After One Week, any NPC will respawn in case you lose one thanks to an escort quest or other means.

Affinity and Beyond
Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.

You can raise a person's affinity by giving them gifts, escorting them on Notice Board missions, and completing other quests and task for the NPCs of Gransys. After you have met the Duke, and completed a quest in the Abbey "A Talent in Bloom" for Quina, you acquire a blessed flower to give to anyone. Giving this will give massive boost to any priests or the ladies of the Abbey and fully max out Quina's disposition for you. Also, after finishing the Witch Hunt quest, you find a Tablet that turns into an item called an Arisen's Bond after you take it to The Dragonforged guy in Hillfigure Knoll. Giving this to anyone will fully max their affinity for the remainder of the game.

Completing the side quests "Lost and Found" and "Witch Hunt" during the game involving Selene and the Witchwood. Completing all these and giving her herbs will max her affinity.

Helping Madeleine in your beginning escorts, donating gold, completing her sidequest "Supply and Demands", and then helping her escape from Gran Soren will max her affinity.

Completing "Arousing Suspicion" and "Duchess in Distress" will fully level up your affinity with the Duchess Aelinore.

Into Dripstone Cave
Entered the azure caverns.

For this trophy, you will need to travel to The Encampment area and complete the storyline quests here and then return to Cassardis. Upon entering back through the gate, you will notice a man standing nearby the well and has removed the top. Accept his quest to check it out and upon going into the well, you will achieve this trophy for entering the Dripstone Caverns, also known as the Azure Caverns.

Completing "Deep Trouble"
Simply light your lantern and venture through the caves, fighting rats and collecting the various loot strewn about. You will come to a drop off and will have to fight some lizards here, known as Saurians. Go for their tails with your attacks and keep an eye on your comrades as they may fall in battle if you are a lower level. Try to avoid taking too long to kill these foes as more will show up shortly and they can surround you. Keep up the attacks to break down their armor and rid them of their tails. When they are weakened, they will crawl back into the water so don't let them escape and try to finish them off quickly. After they are defeated, you can return through one of the exits and complete the side quest.

Into the Ancient Quarry
Entered the ancient quarry.

You will happen through the Ancient Quarry during the main story quest "The Wyrmking's Ring". However, after you explore through Gran Soren, you can take a road leading West of the city and follow it up to the Ancient Quarry. Upon your first visit through the Ancient Quarry, you will find an NPC outside that asks you to open the gate and will request that you kill all the monsters inside, meaning the three Ogres.

Completing "Of Monsters and Merchants"
Go through the tunnels and open the final path as well as clearing out the Ogres and complete this quest for easy experience and knock out a sidequest. You will need to step on a panel near the end and it will raise the gate. Afterwards, you can reach this area from a side route on the other end. Defeat the Three Ogres that live inside the tunnels and return to him informing the passage is open. Next he will ask about the Ogres and if you hadn't killed them already, he requests you do so. Complete that and you will be finished with this sidequest.

Into Soulflayer Canyon
Entered the Soulflayer Canyon.

You will locate this dungeon while exploring a sidequest to find a guard's missing letter from Gran Soren after you meet the Duke. It is right near the Greatwall and a bandit camp so prepare for this or to explore when headed to these areas during your game play. It will be located North on the path leading to the Greatwall from Gran Soren.

Completing "The Conspirators"
For this quest, a guard requests you return a letter he lost about morale and other bad things within the ranks of the Duke's army. After speaking to Ser Fedel at night in Duke's Demesne area, you can begin this quest and seek out the letter. Follow the waypoint to the marked location, and find that it's being taken away by monsters. Follow it to the Soulflayer Canyon and explore this dungeon to find it. Return to Gran Soren letter in hand and give to Fedel or the guard that will stop you and question it. This will complete the quest.

Into the Manse
Entered the duke's manse.

You will enter the Duke's Manse only during the sidequest after you meet the Duke "Duchess in Distress". First you will have to complete the mission "Arousing Suspicion" with Aelinore before you have have completed the Duke's tasks. Then during "Duchess in Distress", you will have to locate and go to this location. It is located down a side path North of Gran Soren from the Hillfigure Knoll astray from the path leading down to Bluemoon Tower.

Into the Frontier Caverns
Entered the southwestern caves.

During the game, you will be asked to help some men fight off and re-capture a overrun fort, The Shadow Fort during the quest "A Fortress Besieged". Once here, you can find numerous goblin holes and tunnels through the ground, but one by the gate to the Fort itself can be explored. Go down and enter this hidden away cavern to achieve this trophy. Several Notice Board quests such as "Put the Eye Out" and "A Challenge" will ask you to come here and defeat certain enemies. For more information on "A Fortress Besieged", read the story trophies at the beginning of the guide.

Completing "Put the Eye Out" and "A Challenge"

During the game, you can check the Notice Boards in each city to acquire different quests. In Gran Soren at the Inn, you can find a mission to hunt a Cyclops in the Frontier Caverns. Go there during this time to face and defeat an armored Cyclops foe. Follow the same tactics as always to fell the enemy.

In the Post Game however, you can return to Cassardis and see a quest called "A Challenge" asking you to go to these caverns and face a great foe. It will be a Hydra. Read Headshunter for more information on defeating a Hydra.

The Tourist
Visited 50 locations.

You will acquire this trophy through normal progression of the story by traveling through other locations in the game. See The Explorer for more information.

The Vagabond
Visited 100 locations.

You will acquire this trophy by visiting all locations of the main story and through extra exploration of Gransys. See The Explorer for more information.

The Explorer
Visited 150 locations.

Visit all locations during your exploration of Gransys and allow your pawn to be used by other players in their travels to acquire this trophy. Explore all areas of the game fully and all dungeons that you encounter to make this trophy the easiest. Every chamber of the Everfall in the Post Game will count for this so explore it as thoroughly as possible if you haven't achieved the trophy by that point. Exploring fully the list of key locations through the game and areas around them will acquire you many extra locations to explore. Check Notice Boards when randomly exploring for some escort quests to more less-ventured-to areas of the game.

Full Game Map

Toggle Spoiler

Possible Locations
Main Cities/Locations
  • Cassardis
  • The Encampment
  • Gran Soren
  • Windbluff Tower
  • Shadow Fort
  • Greatwall

Biggest Dungeons
  • Bluemoon Tower
  • Catacombs
  • Soulflayer Caverns
  • Dripstone Caverns
  • Frontier Caverns
  • Everfall (Beyond the Rift)

Other Locations
  • Tainted Mountains
  • Witchwood
  • Duke's Manse
  • Mountain Waycastle
  • Hillfigure Knoll
  • Ruins of Aernst Castle
  • Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort
  • Prayer Falls
  • The Abbey
  • Rest Camps/Traveler's Camps scattered through Gransys
  • Numerous Healing Springs located through Gransys
  • Chambers Beyond the Rift of the Everfall
  • End-Game areas of the Seneschal

The Ever-Turning Wheel
Completed the adventure a second time.

For this trophy, complete the main story and then select to continue playing using that completion data and complete the main questline again.

The Coin Collector
Earned a total of 10,000,000G.

Simply accumulate a total of 10,000,000+ Gold during the course of the game to achieve this trophy. Going into your menu and viewing your character statistics will give different figures on how many enemies you have killed, how much gold you posses, total gold you have collected, etc so view this constantly to keep track of these goals.

Ways to Acquire Gold
  • Finding with Loot.Primary way will be too loot enemies and find during your world exploration. Keep eye peeled for a shiney sack/bag of coins. Larger the bag, means more gold you will acquire.

  • Completing Quests. Many of the sidequests and notice board quests will offer you a great sum of gold to accomplish many tasks along your journey. Visit the boards and speak to NPCs often to update your quest log and seek out these as you near areas pertaining to the quests. Story Quests will also acquire you a great sum of gold. In NG+, you will have options open for new Notice Board Quests that offer greater sums of money along with the same ones normally available to complete. Finish some of these and acquire the Golden Weapons for them as rewards for maximum and quickest way to acquire gold.

  • Selling Gear and Loot. When you have plenty of any items you won't need or use, try to clear it out by selling it at any vender(particularly one you have invested some affinity into with presents). Some notice board quests will give you rare golden weapons also. Sell these away to earn fast and easy money for nearly useless weapons. Also, any upgraded equipment will be worth more, but don't go out of your way to upgrade things you won't use as it'll cost more in the long run. If you have a large enough sum of money, you can buy numerous costly weapons and armor and then sell it back to the vendors. Repeat this until you have accumulated what you need or run out of money as you will only get half back when re-selling, though it will put the item back in the merchants inventory.

  • Duke's Treasury. Here you can sneak in at night and easily ferrystone out before they can catch you. This will be the door that most often will have a guard posted and will not grant you access. After you have completed the story quest "Honor and Treachery" to defeat the Cockatrice, you will be let in only once as a reward for saving the town. Chest in here has paladin's cape inside, but requires the Wyrmking's Ring to open.

  • Bluemoon Tower(Griffin Battle during story quest "Griffin's Bane"). Lots of gold will be scatter all throughout the tower, but primarily on the Griffin's roost up top. Search and gather it all up before leaving.

The Patron
Helped Madeleine open her shop.

Missable Trophy!

During the course of the game after you have completed the quests during the story line in the Encampment, return back to Cassardis and go to Pablo's Inn. Here, you will be able to find a wandering peddler here by the name of Madeleine. She will ask for an escort and requests your assistance. Help her to The Encampment a short ways down the road. This starts the side quest, "Guard Duty". Simply walk with her from Cassardis to The Encampment and fight off the goblins that you will most likely encounter. She's invulnerable so no worries, but she'll stop often to pick up herbs and ore. Just be patient and you will reach the destination soon.

Once you escort Madeleine to the Encampment, she will yet again ask a favor of you in the form of 1,000 gold. If you have completed many of the board quests and some of the villager's quests around town without blowing too much money on inns, gear, and supplies, you will most likely have enough to spare without breaking the bank. Help her and she greets you farewell and heads off to Gran Soren, where you probably will be heading next during the main quest line.

Once you have arrived in Gran Soren, you can find her hanging around the Inn. She won't have her shop yet until after you complete the next storyline quest here, "A Matter of Myrmidons". Next you can find a NPC in the center of town named Mason, who offers you to complete a quest for him, starting a side quest, "Chasing Shadows". Speak with the NPCs involved for this quest and wait for evening to come. Go out and search for a strange figure and follow him, but don't get too close. Listen in on a conversation after making your way through town and then return back to complete this quest. Conversation was with Madeleine planning on opening her own shop.

For the sidequest "Chasing Shadows", simply go to the Norther section of the city past the Passage Gates nearby the Pawn's Guild at nighttime and you will see a cutscene of a man walking away. Follow him or look at your map to see where his blip is going and progress after him whilst keeping your distance. After you complete the quest, you can check near The Black Cat vendor in the Gran Soren alleyways. There will be a new shop here of Madeleine's that you can visit and once you speak with her, you will obtain this trophy.

NOTE: You can still acquire this trophy after visiting her shop after completing "Chasing Shadows" even if you did not give her gold and possibly if you didn't escort her from Cassardis to the Encampment. Just locate her shop down near the Black Cat once you notice her gone from the Inn in Gran Soren.


  • Capcom and their studio for working on and creating this very fun and epic game.

  • Brady Games Strategy Guide for Boss HP stats.

  • Bagelbear for tips and images provided for sidequest "Nameless Terror".

  • Cocoasg for some valuable tips and helpful input.

  • Bodigard for tips and helpful input while writing the guide.

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