Players: 1
Online Trophies: NONE
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: THERE ARE NO CHEATS
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-4 HOURS
Minimum Playthroughs: 4
Collectible Trophies: NONE
Missable Trophies: NONE
Glitched Trophies: NONE


This is one of the original laser disc games that game to the arcades back in the '80s. You are DIRK THE DARING. You set out to rescue the PRINCESS DAPHNE from the clutches of the EVIL DRAGON. Set to the great art of DON BLEUTH, you try to conquer all types of obstacles on your way to the DRAGON'S LAIR.

[top]Tips and Strategies

1. Save the game every chance you get. I recommend that when you finish a scene and move onto the next one save the game when the next screen is starting. This will save you on playthroughs. If you die just restart from your save point so you still have your perfect game.

2. The trophies are not stackable. That is where the save file comes in.


Playthrough #1 This is not really a playthrough because you will not get off the first screen. This is for Bumbling Knight.

Playthrough #2 This time you will be going for Lair King, Flawless, and Save Me. Set the game up in the menu for 5 lives, easy mode, with move guide.

Playthrough #3This time you will be going for Master Knight. Set the game up in the menu for 5 lives, easy mode, with no move guide.

Playthrough #4This time you will be going for Dragon Slayer, Singe Attack, and Valiant Adventurer. You must play this round in Arcade mode. Then set up the game for 3 lives, hard mode, with no move guide.


Save Me!
Beat the game on any mode.

See Lair King

Bumbling Knight
Never make a correct move in a new game.

This is the easiest trophy of the game. It does not matter what mode you are in. When the first scene begins, which is usually the swinging chandoliers, whichever way you are supposed to go just do the opposite and die. Do this for evey life. It is very important that you do not make any correct moves.

Valiant Adventurer
Beat the game on hard, arcade mode.

See Dragon Slayer

Master Knight
Beat the game on easy, no move guide, 5 lives mode.

Be sure to set up the game on easy, 5 lives, and no move guide. Make sure you save every chance you get. Finish the game and the trophy is yours.

Singe Attack
Beat the game in 3 lives, any mode.

See Dragon Slayer

Beat the game without dying, any mode except infinite lives.

See Lair King

Dragon Slayer
Beat the game on hard, no move guide, 3 lives mode.

Make sure you start the game on hard, no move guide, and with 3 lives. Save the game whenever you can. When you finally reach the Dragon save the game right away. Now finish the game. That will give you first trophy. Do not restart the save file until you see the trophy pop. Once you have the trophy restart from your save file and finish the game again. This will unlock your second trophy. Again wait till the trophy pops and then restart your save file for the third and last time. Finish the game and you will recieve a third trophy. You should now have recieved Dragon Slayer, Singe Attack, and Valiant Adventurer using this one save file.

Lair King
Get the highest possible score (427,469).

Set the game up for easy mode, 5 lives, with the move guide. You must have 5 lives to get the highest score. Go through the game normally and save often because you need all 5 lives by the time you reach the dragon. Before you get to the dragon you will do the scene where the circular fall drops with you on it. As soon as you see it save the game. it looks like this.

Toggle Spoiler

This scene will either fall one section of three stops to jump off or fall three sections with nine stops to jump off. You must jump off on the third section to get the max amount of points. You will come to this scene four times over the course of the game and two of them must be done this way. Again remember to save the game at the start of the scene so if it is only a one section drop you can restart the save. Now when you get to the Dragon you must play out the whole scene until you get to the part when you get the sword. Remember to save the game as soon as you enter the scene. You will go into a fight scene with the Dragon and the final button pushes will be left, left, sword. When Dirk looks like he is going to throw the sword and you are prompted to hit sword, don't do it. Let the dragon kill you. Here is a video of the final battle.

Toggle Spoiler

Now you will start the dragon scene again. Do it all over again and die with every life you have. When you get to your last life kill the Dragon. Your score should now be 427469 and you will get the Lair King. When the trophy pops restart the save file and finish the Dragon scene again and the second trophy will pop. Once it pops restart the save and start the save file again and do it again for the third trophy will pop. You should now have Flawless and Save Me

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