Players: 1-2 (Offline) 1-8 (Online)
Online Trophies: Yes, 15.
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: Around 20-30 Hours. (Campaign + Multiplayer)
Minimum Playthroughs: One.
Collectible Trophies: Yes, 6. (Technically)
Missable Trophies: Yes.
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Driver: San Francisco is the fifth main installment in the Driver franchise, and the direct sequel to Driv3r (Driver 3). Picking up only months after the events of Driv3r, John Tanner survived being shot in Istanbul and made it safely back to San Francisco. Jericho, having been captured, escapes his prison van and takes to the streets of the city. Tanner, and his partner Jones, chase after him, where the two literally run into each other causing Tanner to slip into a coma. The game takes place during his comatose dream, and it's up to you to use Tanner's new abilities to track down Jericho and find out what he's up to before it's too late!

[top]Tips and Strategies

Driver: San Francisco has many in-game tutorials in SP and MP just in case you don't pick up something the first go.


1) Single Player. Easily the best part of the game. Complete all tasks, missions, buy all of the cars, and snag all of the collectibles. There isn't that can;t be done on the first playthrough, nor left behind.

2) Multiplayer. Everything is straight forward and explained very well. If you're having trouble with anything, boosting for help is always an option.


You ARE the Wheelman
Collect all Trophies

Put your foot to the floor and run down those other trophies to get this gasoline soaked platinum.

Drivers Ed.
Complete the Prologue

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish the Prologue.

Back on the Road
Complete Chapter 1

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 1.

Eyes on the City
Complete Chapter 2

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 2.

Against the Odds
Complete Chapter 3

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 3.

Now You See Me...
Complete Chapter 4

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 4.

Deep Cover
Complete Chapter 5

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 5.

Another Perspective
Complete Chapter 6

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 6.

The Truth
Complete Chapter 7

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 7.

Complete Chapter 8

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish Chapter 8.

End of the Road
Complete the Story

Story related, cannot be missed.

Finish the last of the story.

Reach Multiplayer Level 5 (Public)

See Master.

Reach Multiplayer Level 20 (Public)

See Master.

Reach Multiplayer Level 38 (Public)

Like most MP games with a leveling system, you'll gain XP for playing the different types of MP games. The more XP you have, the higher your level. Driver: SF tops out at 40, so don't worry about grinding forever, though you'll probably get there trying for the other MP trophies this game has to offer. There are 11 different games to choose from Racing to Capture the Flag, and so on. Level 38 takes about 450,000 XP, give or take, to achieve.

A quick tip: For quick XP boosts, complete the MP tutorials in the MP menu. They hand out generous anouts of almost free XP upon completion. The more you level up, the more abilities you unlock, thus the more tutorials you unlock.

Toggle Spoiler

Air Rage
Spin out 10 Vehicles with Impulse (Public)

Unlocked at level 8 in multiplayer, you will gain the ability to attack your fellow opponents with a little something called Impulse. Once gaining this ability, you'll add another ability bar to your screen, a blue one, just above your Shift/Boost bar. When it's full, go into Shift. Instead of finding a new ride, target your cross-hair at and enemy vehicle. Press and hold , keeping your sight on the enemy the whole time. Once your meter is maxed, and your sights are on an enemy car, let go and watch as your foe spins out. Do this ten times and this is all yours.

Quick Tip: If your sight isn't on target, the attack will miss, and your energy will be wasted, not counting toward this trophy. So be careful.

Swap or Spawn into 20 Unique Vehicles (Public)

In multiplayer, you'll unlock the ability to Swap (level 5) or Spawn (level 14) a vehicle right into the game. Once you have these unlocked go to the Vehicles in your profile and select two cars.

To Spawn, wait for your Weapon Charge to max out, choose one of your two cars using up or down on the d-pad, then go into Shift. Instead of choosing a new car, hold and and an aura will appear. Let go of the button, and your chosen car will appear.

To Swap, as above, have a car selected and wait for your Weapon Charge to max. Instead of going into Shift, simply press and your new car will take the place of your present one.

Do either of these, or a combination, with 20 different cars and its all yours.

You'll have 20 different cars available at around level 20.

Professional Racer
Place in the top 3 in Classic Race 10 times (Public)

In the MP games under Racing, Classic Race is Paired up with Sprint GP, and is basically a two lap race around a pre-determined chunk of San Francisco.

Simply compete in a race and come in at at least 3rd place, repeat 10 times. Nothing fancy here.

Picking Up the Pace
Place in the top 3 in Sprint GP 10 times (Public)

In the MP games under Racing, Sprint GP, unlike Classic Race, is a set of five short sprint races where you gain points for the position you finish in each short race. Your placing is determined by the amount of points accumulated over the five races, not just the races by themselves. So to get this, you'll have to place at least 3rd overall in points.

Get this just right, and you'll get this soon after Professional Racer.

Round and Round You Go
Place in the top 3 in Shift Race 10 times (Public)

Much like Classic Race, you will race against others competing for placed positions, the only difference here is, you have the power you use Shift. As the description suggests, place in the top 3, ten times. No strings attached.

Carry the Team
Score 10 times in Capture the Flag (Public)

This is easy as it sounds, but it will take some time. In each match, there are two possible scoring opportunities for either team. So even if you carried your team with every flag capture, that'll only amount to two.

To get said flags, you can do a few things;

One, Do well in a Qualifying Match, so you start out front.
Two, smash a flag carrying opponents vehicle and steal it from them.
Or three, rescue a flag after a teammate has dropped it.

After all is said and done, drag that flag back to your base and you'll score. Only the flags you capture count toward this trophy. Not any your teammates capture.

Pass the Torch
Carry the Torch for 20s, 25 times in Relay Race (Public)

Now once the game starts, you or a teammate will grab the torch, and take off through the checkpoints, scoring points. Once you, or whoever has it, time starts to tick as the carrying car will run out of fuel. Once you run dry, you'll drop the torch. Running the meter dry is the best indicator of getting the proper time in as a Torch Carrier. It is possible to regain the torch using Shift and quickly choosing a new car near the torch, but it's most likely a teammate will pick it up before you can. That's okay because he'll run out of fuel eventually too, and you can snag the torch again. Repeat 25 times, and you've got another trophy.

Quick Tip: It helps to have a nice fast car in your pocket to Swap into. You can change this in your Profile under Vehicles.

Relentless Assault
Successfully attack the base 10 times in Blitz (Public)

Your goal here is to drive a car into the enemies base. Doing so will score your team 10 points, and a score toward this trophy. The trick is, the other team can defend by knocking your car out in one hit. A good tip is to watch what your teammates are doing. The other team can get distracted dealing with your teammates and this will allow you to sneak in and score. Repeat 10 times for this trophy.

Tag, You're It!
Keep the Tag for 10s, 50 times in Tag (Public)

Much like the schoolyard game Keepaway, you score points by the amount of time you are It, or have the tag. Once the on screen counter reaches 10, that counts toward this trophy.

You could farm this, if you're skilled, by allowing your opponents taking the tag once you've crossed the 10 second mark and quickly regaining the Tag by Shifting into a car near the Tag holder, or Spawning a car right next to them.

Getting Away With It
Reach 25 drop-off locations in Takedown (Public)

During this game, you'll have the chance to play as the Getaway, or one in a barrage of Cops chasing said suspect. You'll need to be the Getaway and drive to the drop-off points located around the city, seen on your map, while avoiding being pummeled by the cops. There are 4-5 in each game when you play as the Getaway, so even if you get all of them, it'll take a bit to accumulate 25. Once you do, this trophy will pop.

I'm On Fire!
Stay in both trails for 30s in Trailblazer (Public)

This is a bit tricky, but the key is during one game. This is not accumulative over many games, you have to be in both trails of the Lead Car (DeLorean) over the period of one outing. This doesn't have to be consecutive seconds, just as long as you get it all in one game, and it'll be yours.

One trick is to Shift into a large, strong vehicle, like a Car Transporter or Tanker Truck. This way you can stick to the Delorean's back and be nearly immovable as they are quite hefty.

Stay With the Pack
Score 1000 gates in Checkpoint/Team Rush (Public)

Mostly self explanatory. In the games Checkpoint Rush and Team Rush, accumulate 1000 gates by driving through them. This won't be a bad of a grind as you might think. In a good game of Checkpoint Rush, you can rack up 100+ in one setting.

The Challenger
Beat the Target Time/Score on any Challenge

First you need to own a garage. After that, you can find challenges on your map or in the garages itself. Simply accept a challenge and achieve the best time. Easy as that.

Fan Service
Complete the 'Blast from the Past' Challenge

First complete Smash Activity 1. Once you do it'll unlock the DeLorean DMC-12. . Now accelerate until to hit 88mph. Yeah, I'm serious. You'll notice trails starting to come out of the rear, much like in Trailblazer, as an obvious, and very nice, reference to the Back To The Future films. This should unlock the Blast from the Past challenge.

If you've played the first Driver, you'll recognize this immediately. At least this time you won't have to complete it to play the rest of the game. Simply finish all of the tasks on the list under a minute and this one is all yours.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Unlock a Movie Challenge

See That's a Wrap!.

Cut! Print It!
Unlock 6 Movie Challenges

See That's a Wrap!.

That's a Wrap!
Unlock all 13 Movie Challenges

Scattered around San Francisco are blue Movie Tokens, which appear as small blue hexagons on your map. To unlock all 13 challenges, you must collect 130 Movie Tokens. Some take some practice and a little help with Car Transporters or some supercar, but there aren't any particularly hard ones. To make things easier, purchasing the Token Finder upgrades in your garage allows you spot them on your map much easier than them only appearing when you're close to one.

Remember, you don't have to complete the challenges, just collect enough Movie Tokens to unlock them.

Complete an Activity

See Radioactive!.

Complete 25 Activities

See Radioactive!.

Complete 50 Activities

While looking at your map, you can find these large blue diamonds floating around, usually with lightning bolts, stars or badges on them. These are Activites. They're unlocked as you progress though the game and ask different things of you such as stunts, chases, races, etc. Finish off all 50, and this one is yours.

We Dare You...
Complete a Dare

See Master Driver.

We Double Dare You...
Complete 40 Dares

See Master Driver.

Master Driver
Complete all 80 Dares

Dares appear as small blue diamonds on your map. Much like activities, they ask you to complete all kinds of different tasks. You'll unlock these as you progress through the game. Finish all 80, and another trophy is yours.

Are You Insured?
Buy your first Vehicle

After buying a garage and as you complete Chapters, Activities, Dares, etc, you'll unlock cars that you can purchase at your garage. Simply save up some fundage and purchase a nice cheap car.

Car Nut
Buy 50 Vehicles

See Petrolhead.

Buy all of the Vehicles from the Garage

Buy all garages, complete all dares and activities, and finish the story. After all that, you should have unlocked every car in the game. There are 140 of them, ranging from 1 WP to 1,000,000 WP, so make sure to take advantage of things like WP multipliers, available in your garage early on.

Here's a list;

Toggle Spoiler

First Time Buyer
Buy your first Garage

As your progressing through the game, you'll be able to purchase a garage where you can buy upgrades, cars, etc. Once you buy one up, which you'll have too, this will pop.

Keys to the City
Buy all of the Garages in the City

The farther you progress in the story, the more San Francisco you'll unlock. With more areas, come more garages. To find them, look in your map and zoom out as far as you can and search around for any gray garage symbols and purchase them. There are 10 in total, 7 in in the south and 3 in the north. They range from 5,000-100,000 WP. So save up.

Here's a rough map.

Toggle Spoiler

Tricked Out
Buy all of the Upgrades from the Garage

This will be an expensive venture, but if you focus on WP multipliers and no too much on buying cars so quickly, it won't be too bad. You can unlock these buy doing dares, activities, story missions, and buying the upgrade before it. There are 13 total.


Toggle Spoiler

Hey Big Spender!
Spend 5,000,000 WP

WP, or Will Power, is the in-game currency, and can be easily obtained from various Challenges, Activities, Dares, etc. To maximize your WP, buy the WP multipliers, which are made available in your garage, early on as you play through the game. Everything you can purchase counts toward this; garages, cars, upgrades, etc. Just buy what you can, when you can, and this trophy will come naturally.

This Can't Be Real
Complete the Shift Tutorial

At the very beginning of the game, you'll get to try out this feature by going though a short tutorial. This should be the first trophy you get if you started on your single player playthrough first.

Shift Happens
Shift 1000 times (Story/Online)

As the trophy states, use Shift 1000 times over the course of single player and MP. Since it's accumulative, you'll have no problem with this coming naturally. You can also keep track in your Profile under Statistics.

Due for a Service
Drive over 1000 miles (~1610 km) (Story/Online)

Much like Shift Happens, this should come naturally over your playthrough and time spent in MP. Drive 1000 miles, and this is all yours.

Cops & Robbers
Complete 30 Freedrive Cop Chases

There are two ways (in single player) to approach this. From inside of a civilian car, or inside of a police car. If you're in a regular car, you can see cops driving around as little blue dots on your minimap. Simply drive up and give 'em a little tap to start a chase. Elude the cop(s) and thats that. As a cop, you can see wanted suspects as little red dots on your minimap. Drive up to them and chase them down to catch them. Do any of these 30 times and you've got a trophy.

Ramped Up!
Complete a Getaway Activity in a Car Transporter

There are many different types of activities around the city you can get into. You need to look for a Getaway Activity. Once you've found one, Shift into a Car Transporter, or buy it in the garage, then drive it over to accept the Activity. Use this vehicle to lose your pursuers and complete the activity. Getaway Activity 1 seems to be the least difficult to run through in such a slow vehicle. Using Shift to pelt cops with oncoming traffic makes it a breeze.

Lombard Streak
Drive down Lombard Street, no collisions, over 20mph (32 km/h) (Story)

This is very simple once you know where to look. Lombard Street is this famous stretch of road that zig-zags down a hill in San Francisco. Starting at the top. you have you cruise down this road above 20mph without touching anything. The best way I found, is enter the street around 30mph, and feather the gas to maintain speed and control. Stick to the Orange/Brown center of the road as much as possible and do not hit the walls or caution poles. A cop car works surprisingly well for this one if you don't have anything special in your garage yet, simply Shift into one and give it a go.

Here's a map to find Lombard Street.

Toggle Spoiler

Show Off!
Perform a 250m Drift or Jump (Story/Online)

This can be gone several ways, here is a quick example video in the spoiler, courtesy of MotoGamesTV.

Toggle Spoiler

Your run doesn't have to be as graceful, I know mine sure wasn't, but as long as you learn from your mistakes, you'll pick this up rather quickly.

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