Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2, you need to complete the game on Easy, Normal or Hard to unlock Insane difficulty.
Collectible Trophies: I Am All That Is Man - Again!
Missable Trophies: None, any trophy or Ego cap you missed can simply be gotten via chapter select.
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. After completing your first playthrough and are just about to go and do your Insane playthrough. Go to Chapter Select, choose the first level and choose the now unlocked Insane difficulty. Starting your Insane playthrough this way means that all the Ego caps you've collected will still remain and it will make your Insane playthrough much easier. DO NOT select New Game otherwise your Ego bar will reset and you will have to collect all the Ego Caps again.

2. Always check lockers and EDF boxes which may contain items such as Beer, Steroids and Holodukes which will come in handy when fighting large groups of enemies.

3. The following trophies; Bubble Buster, Passive Aggressive and Bloody Red Rover can be farmed by reloading the checkpoint and just keep doing the trophy requirement until the trophy pops.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Do your first playthrough on Easy, Normal or Hard in order to unlock Insane difficulty. Focus on getting all the Ego caps on your first playthrough so that when you do your Insane playthrough, it will be slightly less difficult for you. After completing it on Insane, play any level through chapter select if you missed any trophy.


Bubble Buster
Kill 10 expanded enemies with melee attacks

Very easy trophy. In order to do this trophy you will need the Expander weapon. You first encounter it during Going Down near the beginning of the level after dropping down from the vent and shooting the fire extinguisher to put out the fire and it is right in front of you on the ground. Just after opening the door, you encounter your first batch of enemies. Just simply shoot each enemy once with the Expander and then rush over and melee attack them. Only shoot them once as two shots will cause them to explode. Repeat it ten times and the trophy is yours. You can farm this trophy by simply reloading the checkpoint.

Kill 3 enemies within 3 seconds with the Impregnader

This trophy can be tricky. You first encounter the Impregnader during Me, Myself And I during the third combat challenge which you use to take out all the Pregnators. It takes about two to three shots to take out an enemy so the only chance of getting this trophy is by having three enemies grouped together. The only time I was able to do it was just after completing the third combat challenge in Me, Myself And I. When you escape the room through the vent and crawl your way through until you get to the vent cover, you will see the room with the Duke clones all watching the film. Just drop down into the room, let the Duke clones run towards you and starting running around the room until you can get the Duke clones grouped together and start firing at them. If you do not get it then simply reload the checkpoint which will spawn you at the point just before you drop into the room and just keep doing it until it pops.

Passive Aggressive
Let 20 enemies die by someone else's hand

Another easy trophy. During All Your Base... and Tunnel Vision, Dylan and General Graves will be fighting alongside you. For this trophy, just let them do all the dirty work for you by killing every Alien in sight. I got it about halfway through Tunnel Vision but if you didn't then just simply reload the checkpoint and repeat the process until it pops. I recommend doing this on your first playthrough as it takes longer to kill an enemy on Insane.

Also there are a few occasions throughout the game were you see Duke Clones fighting it out with the Aliens but I'm not sure if they do contribute towards the trophy.

Bloody Red Rover
Kill 30 enemies with the moon rover

Again a very easy trophy. The only encounter with the Moon Rover is during the Duke Side Of The Moon level, you get into one just after the start. Just simply run over every Alien you see and you should get it just before you encounter the Alien Empress. Don't worry if you didn't get it by then as you will encounter Aliens during your fight with the Alien Empress.

Earn a 1,000,000 pinball score on the Scientits pinball machine

This trophy can be a downright pain in the ass. You find the pinball machine inside the Burning Bush during The Burning Bush. Here are some tips to get this tough trophy:

1. Get AT LEAST a 2X Multiplier - Personally I would aim for at least a 4X Multiplier as it takes forever to reach 1,000,000 but a 2X Multiplier is better than nothing. To get a Multiplier, you need to activate all three red lights on the pinball machine. There are two located above the top two bumpers and the third is on the woman's necklace. Once all three lights have been lit up, you receive the Multiplier. You can also manipulate the lights by pressing either or when you have at least one light activated so that you can get the ball to hit whatever light you haven't activated. If you hit any light you have already activated, it turns it off again.

2. Once you get a Multiplier, let the ball roll down to the bottom right flipper and hold . See those four grey circles on the right hand side? Get the ball to light all four circles up and let the ball roll down to the bottom right flipper and hold it until they reset and keep repeating the process. Also be mindful of the red flap that is just below the grey circles as every so often it disappears and if the ball goes down there, you end up losing a life. It doesn't normally disappear until after lighting up all the circles and the ball has reached the bottom right flipper. Now when this happens, let go of the for about a split second, letting the ball go down a tiny bit before hitting and hopefully it should hit the back of the top right flipper which closes this gap. If you happen to miss and the ball should be heading straight down the gap, use the tilt (up on the left stick) which should push the ball up.

3. Repeat the second process and after a while you should get the 1,000,000 and the trophy.

Heart to Heart
Finish Doctor Proton

Very easy boss, even on Insane. You fight Doctor Proton in The Doctor Is In level. Before he enters, make sure to pick up the Devastator. His attack consists of his turret firing in short bursts at you but doesn't do too much damage so you can just keep shooting at him while remembering to grab ammo from either of the two EDF boxes located around the room when you are running low. Every now and again he will go to one of the four stations around the room where he slowly recharges his health. When this happens, run over to the station he is at and turn off the switch and then continue shooting at him. When his health bar is halfway down, he'll start firing a laser at you but this can be easily avoided by hiding behind one of the pillars. Once his health is fully depleted, run over to him to initiate an action sequence and repeatedly tap when prompted to rip off Proton's head, defeating him once and for all.

Hedonist, not Misogynist
Discover and reject the video game that lets you slap women

Definitley the easiest trophy of the lot. When you are inside the Burning Bush during The Burning Bush level. There is a game next to the Duke Nukem game called PimpSlap. Just simply press and Duke will say; "No fucking way I'm playing that piece of crap" and you get a nice shiny trophy.

Another Piece of Cake
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned me on Easy Difficulty

See Damn, I'm REALLY Good .

Let's Rock Out
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned me on Normal Difficulty

See Damn, I'm REALLY Good .

Come Get A Little More
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned me on Hard Difficulty

See Damn, I'm REALLY Good .

Damn, I'm REALLY Good
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned me on Insane Difficulty

In order to unlock Insane difficulty, you will have needed to have completed the game on Easy, Normal or Hard. Insane mode can be particularly tough in some areas but overall not too tough. As long as you collected all the Ego caps on your first playthrough, it will be slightly less harder to beat. Just remember not to rush into fights and to save any Beer, Steroids and Holodukes you collected for much larger fights.

Below I have written a detailed walkthrough on defeating the Alien Empress

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I Am All That Is Man - Again!
Discover all Ego cap rewards in The Doctor Who Cloned Me

Ego caps are special interactive objects that Duke can interact with. When Duke interacts with an Ego cap, it gives Duke a permanent boost to his EGO bar which comes in handy when playing the later levels as well as playing on Insane difficulty. You can see how many Ego caps you have collected by highlighting a level in chapter select which is handy if you happen to miss any.

Below I have listed all the Ego caps that I came across on my playthrough:

Rude Awakening
1. Use the toilet inside the room with the broken wall.

Going Down
2. After dealing with the first batch of enemies, enter the room where the Alien with the shield came out of and there is a porn magazine by the spinning chair.

In Security
3. After dealing with the Pregnators and the Octobabies, enter the room and hit the keyboard for computer porn.
4. Next to the keyboard is a bottle that you can drink.

The Clone Carousel
After leaving the turret room, go upstairs and go right to find a porn magazine.

Me, Myself And I
5. After going through the voice check, go left through the door and then go right into the room with the basketball court. Get a ball into the basket.
6. Go into the Melee Training area and hit the punching bag.
7. In the same room, admire yourself in the mirror
8. In the same room, look up to see a pull up bar and do a pull up.
9. In the same room, beat the Duke clone at arm wrestling.
10. Leave the Melee Training area and take a left into the next room. Pick up and curl a dumbell.
11. In the same room, lift weights in front of the mirror.
12. In the same room, add all 6 weights to an empty bench and do a bench press.
13. Leave the room and go into the next room, walk past the Duke clones and go through the door. Go over to the switch and press it to bring down a film projector, then bring over the film reel and place it in the projector.

Meat Grinder
14. After getting into the RC car, drive over to the desk in the same room and park by the chair. Get out of the car, jump on top of the car then onto the chair and then finally onto the table and hit the keyboard for computer porn.

The Doctor Is In
15. Defeat Doctor Proton.

Magic Carpet Ride
16. When you are indide the room where you have to hit the switch, there should be a door right behind you. Enter it and take out the two pigcops and go down to the end of the room and go left. Go over to the dart board and pick up the dart and throw it at the dart board.

The Burning Bush
17. Get 250,000 points on the Scientits pinball machine.
18. Complete all levels on the Duke Nukem arcade machine.
19. Go upstairs, go into the second room on your right and use the toilet.

Duke Side Of The Moon
20. In the area where the broken down Moon Rover with the power cell you have to take is, there is an American flag nearby which you can put up.

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