Players: There is only one Duke
Online Trophies: Duke doesn't need any online trophies
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes, Duke doesn't cheat, why should you?
Estimated Time to Platinum: Duke can plat this game in 25-30 hours
Platinum Difficulty: Duke makes this game 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2, Duke must beat the game on any difficulty in order to unlock the hardest difficulty Insane. Fortunately, Duke can simply replay all the chapters on Insane once you have fully upgraded your EGO
Collectible Trophies: Yes, I Am All That Is Man, Call Waiting, Bucket Head, and Party Animal.
Missable Trophies: None as you may find do anything in Chapter Select
Glitched Trophies: None


Big Bodi's Road to Platinum

1. First off play on Easy and focus on getting all of the collectables and EGO boosts out of the way in order to make the Insane run much easier.

2. After you defeat the Emperor Cycloid in The Final Battle you now have access to Chapter Select and the Insane difficulty. If you have all the EGO boosts now is the time to start your Insane run. Go to Chapter Select --> Duke Lives --> Select Insane. Now begin. The boss battles take long but if you repeat what you did earlier in your easy run you will be fine.

3. If you are missing any chapter specific trophy then use Chapter Select to clean up.


Savior of the Universe
You got them all!

Kill 50 aliens.

From the very beginning of the game Duke will face enforcers inside of Duke's home. Duke will have killed 50 alien bastards by the time the alien mothership shows up.

Kill 100 aliens.

Duke will have killed more of these alien motherfuckers by the time Duke rolls into the Lady Killer or The Duke Dome.

Nuclear Devastation
Kill 250 aliens.

Duke will have a large pile of dead alien bodies by the time Duke enters Duke Burger. 250 aliens killed, by Duke's count that is a small number.

On the Noggin'
Kill 30 aliens with headshots.

Duke knows the best way to kill a pig cop dead is to aim for its fat little head. Duke has the best chance of earning this with the use of the Railgun in Highway Battle Part 2. Duke needs to zoom in with the railgun for the quick clean kill.

Hippy-Stomper 20
Foot stomp 12 aliens.

Duke will come across the Shrink Ray Gun on the roof in Duke's Burger". Duke needs to hit the pigs that are dropped onto the roof with the ray to shrink their bodies and then approach the small enemy (Duke will have to look down to notice the small waste of life) and when Duke walks forward, Duke will stomp the Duke boot on their sorry asses. Duke knows you can reload the last checkpoint to farm this. Duke can also stomp the little Octababies.

Judge, Jury, Executioner
Execute 20 aliens.

When Duke has plugged enough bullets into an alien sometimes the enemy will fall to his knees. Duke should quickly approach the near fallen enemy and press to perform an execution. Duke's EGO and Health will fully restore once an execution has been performed. Duke should use the ripper, golden pistol, or the shotgun to have an enemy assume the position.

Kill 10 aliens with Trip Mines.

Duke has two methods to earn this trophy:

1. Duke can simply throw a trip mine onto an alien (beware that Duke can not throw the trip wire far); and
2. Duke can attack the trip mine to a wall or the floor and bait the alien swine into its red beam, the trip wire takes 2 seconds to activate.

Freeze Well!
Kill 15 frozen aliens.

Duke will find the Freeze Gun at the beginning of The Shrunk Machine next to 3 survivors who woo at the Duke's greatness. Duke will need to focus the beam on the targeted enemy until the enemy is fully encased in ice. Duke should run at the enemy and press to melee kill the fronzen enemy. The gun's ammo replenishes itself so Duke can work on this trophy early. A frozen alien kill only counts in two instances: 1. Duke hits when prompted to execute the enemy (does count as an execution kill and frozen kill); 2. the enemy shatters from a melee strike or from another gun.

Road Rage
Kill 15 aliens with the monster truck.

Duke's ride is known as the The Mighty Foot, which is found in The Mighty Foot, hop on and follow the wooden arrows until Duke notices a drop ship dropping off pigs with rockets and rippers. Poor fools, don't they realize the Duke is on a monster truck and simply needs to run over their sorry asses. Duke does not even have to accelerate but have a tire come into contact. Duke will have killed 15 aliens before the freeway portion of the level.

Fork the Pork
Kill 6 aliens with the forklift.

Duke will find a forklift to drive in the chapter The Forkstop Part 2. Take possession of the vehicle and press to accelerate and run into all the aliens in your path. There are more than 6 so do not fret if you miss one as you can throw hte forklift into reverse.

Dead Useful
Kill 10 aliens with environmental explosives.

Duke will notice red barrels, propane tanks, and other explosive items are scattered throughout the game. Duke will need to wait until an enemy is close but and unload into the barrel. Some barrels will take a few shots so Duke needs to be aware of that. A great area to earn this is early in the Duke Dome

Tosser… in the Literal Sense
Kill 10 aliens with tossed objects.

Duke will be given a refresher course on how to throw objects at enemies. Grab a liftable object with and when you see one of the aliens press to throw the object. On Easy most if not all objects thrown by Duke will kill the enemy in one throw. Duke can farm this trophy early in The Duke Cave.

Duke Angry, Duke Smash!
Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks while on steroids.

Duke receives his first set of steroids after Duke has found all 3 power cores in The Duke Cave. Grab the steroids, down them, and let Duke go crazy on everyone that dares to cross Duke's path. Reload the last checkpoint to farm this trophy.

Eat 10 pieces of food during the SP campaign.

After riding the large elevator down to the lower level enter the "Damn It's Late Show" door and head to the right and then immediately look to the right to see a vending machine. Face the number selection portion and spam until all the food items (10 of them) fall to the ground. Eat all of them. Also the same place where you put the popcorn into the microwave for the EGO boost you will see a plate of doughnuts.

video courtesy of MonsterAchievements

Toggle Spoiler

Natural Disaster 3
Kill 3 aliens at once.

Duke can earn this in the chapter The Duke Dome. The portion of the level where Duke rides a box in a crane and looking towards a parking deck is where a lot of enemies will pop out of vans and lookie there some red barrels. Wait until 3 aliens are close by and treat Duke to some BBQ.

Connman88 has an interesting 2nd method to earning this in his video.

Toggle Spoiler

Full Body Tourettes
Get knocked down 10 times.

The best time to farm this trophy is during the Alien Queen Bitch fight. Wait until the Alien Queen Bitch fire a purple scream at Duke and knock him over. Get hit 9 more times and boom another trophy.

Turd Burglar
Find and steal a piece of poo.

Duke can find his first turd in the game at the very beginning of Duke Lives. Once Duke regains control head to the right near hte open showers then turn right into the first bathroom stall, :hit: to pick up Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo and wait for the ping of the trophy sound.

Video courtesy of RoosterTeeth

Toggle Spoiler

I Need a Towel
Get hit by 10 Pregnator bombs.

Duke will see his two babes die in the The Hive Part 2 Duke will come across these two larger bugs that either jump on Duke or fire a green, luminescent goo. Duke needs to be hit by the goo at a distance 10 times.


Toggle Spoiler

Baron von Nukem
Shoot down 20 alien fighters.

Duke has two great chances of earning this trophy while he is on an AA turret Mothership Battle or Crash Course. It is possible to farm this early on as your EGO bar refills quickly on Easy difficulty.

video courtesy of connman88

Toggle Spoiler

Call Waiting
Listen to all phone messages.

There are 14 Phone Messages Duke must listen to, here is a breakdown by Chapter:

Duke Lives (1 phone message)
The Duke Dome (1 phone message)
Duke Nukem's Titty City (4 phone messages)
The Duke Burger (1 phone message)
The Mighty Foot (2 phone messages)
The Mighty Foot (1 phone message)
Shrunk Machine (1 phone message)
Generator Room (1 phone message)
The Clarifier (3 phone messages)

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Bucket Head
Find all 3 helmets in the SP campaign.

Duke must find 3 helmets from other famous franchises during the course of the game (Halo, Dead Space, and Borderlands)

1. The first is in Vegas Ruin, once you are outside of the Lady Killer, look at the open truck and see the ripper and the green armor (Duke will say "power armor is for pussies".
2. At the beginning of Alien Hive you will walk through an alien opening needed a rolling bug and look to the first left and turn on Duke Vision to see the remains of Isaac Clarke.
3. During Blowin' the Dam, plant the first bomb and fight two octopusi, then swim to some debris to your left and follow the cavern to find the head.

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Party Animal
Drink all of the beers in the strip club.

Duke will need to drink 9 beers in the strip club during the Duke Nukem's Titty City. The beer cans look similar to 16 oz. Miller High Life cans. Follow the video and Duke will get his drink on.

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Kill all of the catfish in the underwater level.

From the moment Duke begins his underwater adventure in Blowin The Dam, Duke needs to be looking for 15 catfish. Turn on Duke Vision and follow the video guide to find all of the fish.

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Doodle something on the whiteboard in SP.

In the chapter entitled, Duke Lives, Duke will come across 3 EDF soldiers planning an attack on a white board in the locker room. Approach the board and lift the pen and draw anything, does not have to be meaningful. As long as a pen touches the white board.

video courtesy of connman88

Toggle Spoiler

I Need a Date
Look at every page of a calendar in SP.

The earliest you will find a calendar is in The Shrunk Machine. Duke will find a calendar in the same room as the freeze gun is in. Duke will need to clear out the area and enter a set of double doors , 3 enemies will come at you but can be easily destroyed, look at all of the pictures and the trophy will pop when you look at the month of December.

video courtesy of ssdd2k1

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Stick Bomb Like You!
Put a Trip Mine on a live alien.

Whenever Duke has a Trip Mine press to throw a Trip Mine. In order for Duke to earn this trophy the Trip Mine must be thrown onto the alien. Be aware that the trip mine does not travel far. The earliest time to pull this off is when you are given the Trip Mines in The Ladykiller Part 3.

Big Guns, Big Ships
Blow up 5 enemy Gunships or Dropships.

Duke will come across many of these type of ships throughout the course of the game. The dropships have an under-carriage to them and teh gunships will fire at you. Duke will have a good shot of them during Mothership Battle, Duke Dome, and The Mighty Foot.

Win air hockey with a score of 7-0 in the strip club.

Duke can find the air hockey table in Duke Nukem's Titty City in the Game Room at the back of the club.

D-fense, D-fense, D-fense. Those few words need to be going through Duke's head this entire time. Only when the puck has slowed down to a crawl in front of your hand should you take a attack with the puck but then immediately place your club back in front of your goal. The loser will constantly miss the puck as it heads into his own goal and he will score points on himself. It may take a few tries but it can be done.

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Balls of Steel
Earn a 1,000,000 pinball score in SP.

Duke can find the pinball machine inside of the gym in The Duke Cave to the left of the entrace. Here is what needs to be done:

1. Get a 2x Multiplier- see those 3 lights (need to be red) above the 3 bumpers. Once all 3 of those are lit red you are given the 2x multiplier. Use the flipper to manipulate the lights so Duke can hit any that are not lit.

2. Now using the left stick Tilt (once ever 3 seconds) to the upper left flipper and keep hitting those 3 targets and those 3 targets only. The process should be soft flip, Tilt back to the left, count to 3, hit softly, Tilt back to the left, and count to 3.

3. Repeat this process until you reach the 1,000,000.

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Flaggon of Chuckles
Drink a beer in SP.

Duke will find his first beer just after you crawl in the duct away from the gym in the level The Duke Cave. Chug it down and whoop some alien ass.

Take steroids in SP.

Duke's Cave is the chapter in which Duke can find his first bottle of steroids. After Duke has found the power cores a bottle of steroids will rise from the core. Take them and kick some ass baby.

video courtesy of connman88

Toggle Spoiler

He's Got a Hologram!
Use a Holoduke in SP.

Duke can find the first holoduke on the roof of The Duke Burger chapter in one of the destructable EDF boxes. Push right of the D-Pad to activate. If Duke misses it here, Duke can find another one in Ghost Town.

Substance Abuser
Drink while on steroids or vice versa in SP.

The Duke Cave is the earliest and easiest time to earn this trophy. Once Duke finds beer (you automatically drink one but if Duke looks down again Duke will find another one) after leaving the gym. Duke will now need to find the 3 power cores to restore the generator. Once all 3 power cores have been found steroids rise from the generator. Drink the beer and take the steroids.

I Am All That Is Man
Discover all Ego cap awards.

Duke can interact with special objects in the game that boost his EGO (shield). Finding all 36 of them will give the Duke more EGO than the alien horde can handle and can make Insane Difficulty much easier.

Here is a nice little breakdown to keep track along with the video:

Duke lives
1. Admire self in bathroom mirror
2. Pee in bathroom toilet
3. Get all of the pool balls into any pocket using the cue ball

Damn! Its Late
4. Microwave popcorn in the break room

The Duke Cave
5. Bench press weights (there is one to the right of the entrance and the rest are near the bench, just need to do one press)
6. Curl weight that are to the right of the bench press
7. Punch the brown mini bag
8. Shoot basketball from beyond the foul line
9. Pinball, score 290,000+
10. Punch the red heavy bag

Lady killer
11. Win on the slot machine (any combo of 3)

Duke Dome
12. Go through the trailer roof and look at the large copier and copy the Duke's jeans

The Hive
13. Slap wall breasts that are near the first instance of finding some babes

Duke Nukem’s Titty club
14. Use bathroom "Glory hole" stall
15. Pay the stripper on the main stage when prompted
16. Put the porn dvd in the t.v.
17. On video poker game make sure to get a 3 of a kind or better
18. Get to Round 5 in the Alien Abortion game in the Game Room
19. Win against the opponent on air hockey (does not have to be 7-0 but go ahead and do it)

Crash Course
20. Throw the 3d Realms Frisbee

The Duke Burger
21. Smoke the cigar in the back storage room
22. Read the Porn magazine

The Mighty Foot
23. Look through the observation decks binoculars at the babes and shark
24. Look up porn on the computer

Ghost Town
25. Read the porn magazine

Dam Top
26. Throw the paper plane from the back of the bus over the dam

The Shrunk Machine
27. Look at the calendar and finish for a trophy

The Forkstop
28. Read the porn magazine

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Carry the gold pistol through the whole SP campaign.

Duke receives the gold pistol in the Duke Cave. Duke must keep the gold pistol in possesion from that point until Duke has destroyed the Cycloid Emperor in the Final Battle. If Duke loses the gun, Duke can use chapter select and replay any chapter in which the gun was not in Duke's possession.

Sunday, Black Sunday
Shoot down the blimp above the stadium.

During Duke Lives Duke will pick up the Devastator and come across the Cycloid and right above the Cycloid is a blimp. Duke will need to fire onto the blimp until a bright blue explosion erputs and the trophy will pop.

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

Nobody Likes a Whiner
Knock out the talent at the talk show.

During Duke Lives Duke will come to the tv stage of "Damn, It's Late Show" and talk to the host about the appearance cancellation. Duke will leave the room and hear some douche complain about the help, approach this powder puff and punch his face using .

video courtesy of ssdd2k1

Toggle Spoiler

Lots of Whacking
Win a game of Alien Abortion.

Duke Nukem's Titty City has a special game in the upper section of the Game Room (to the left of the main stripper stage). Start the game and using right stick move the cursor over any of the aliens that pop up. Duke can spam the whole time. Duke should hit every alien and will receive the trophy once the 5th and final wave has been concluded.

video courtesy of ssddk1

Toggle Spoiler

Companion Barrel
Unlock the secret closet at the end of the Forkstop.

Forkstop Part 2 is where you will find another working forkstop. First you need to clear the general area of all enemies and bring the forkstop down to the floor. Now hop on the forkstop and head to the right and lift the fork to the very top, now hop on the forkstop, over the railing and head back to grab the barrel. Return to general area and head to the other side, see the red button, press it and have the dolley come down half way, while holding the barrel jump on the black object, then the ramp, and head to the back hallway and to the left. Drop the barrel on the heart and head into the newly opened closet.

video courtesy of PowerPyx

Toggle Spoiler

One-Eyed Freak
Defeat the Cycloid.

Duke's first boss battle pits the hero against a large alien which fires two rockets with decent accuracy and a charge attack which can easily be dodged. Circle strafe the slow moving enemy and continue to blast the Cycloid until it glows. Ammo is a problem as there are none of the football field, look for red smoke on the field and that is where the ammo will fall during the battle. When you see the Cycloid's health bar flashing red, run to the enemy and press the button prompts.

On Insane ths Cycloid is still a joke overall, it takes longer to kill but nothing truly changes.

video courtesy of RiesenZero

Toggle Spoiler

Pit Champion
Defeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas.

At the beginning of the battle you are informed that only explosives, or a turret can subdue the beast. Whip out the tried and true rocket launcher and begin to pepper the Battlelord. The rocket launcher only has 5 round and the ammo box to replenish your supply is located to the right of where you first entered the boss area. Continue to take pot shots at the boss and if you are taking considerable damage use the rock column in the center of the area to block yourself from his attacks. Once his health bar is flashing read move in for the QTE kill.

On Insane the Battlelord uses his blue mortar attack a lot and is constantly moving and Duke needs to be moving around that central pillar constantly to stay out of the line of fire. Do not rush this boss battle time wise and Duke will be fine.

video courtesy of bystanderg

Toggle Spoiler

Not Bad for a Human
Defeat the Alien Queen.

Duke will approach this big bitch and immediately head to the left side where Duke will notice a bouncy plant open up. Have Duke throw a pipe bomb on the trampoline and wait for it to come into contact with the queen before detonating the pipe bomb. The Queen will open her arms revealing her Total Recall cosplay. Duke can get in about 4 shots with the RPG before the beast closes off the goods. There is an EDF ammo box on the left and an explosives one of the right to refill the pipe bombs.

On Insane this fight is a bitch literally. The claw attack can kill you in one strike and he purple screech can decimate your health in a few seconds. The best way is throw the pipe bomb hit the breasts 5 times and run back into the left cover and wait until the pregnator pops up and kill it. Then repeat, now when the Bitch raises her arms and lets out a loud scream then an octabeast will show up. Throwa pipebomb at it and destroy it when its near the octabeast to take it down. This battle is won by taking your time and thinking it out.

video courtesy of bystanderg

Toggle Spoiler

A Good Dam Fight
Defeat the Battlelord on the Hoover Dam.

As soon as the dam is cleared in The Dam Top, Duke will notice another Battlelord arrive at the top. This Battleloard has more armor and is much more aggressive and also has two flying aliens along for the ride. There are two EDF boxes, one near where the Battlelord enters the Dam top and another halfway down the stretch. On Insane difficulty Duke will curse more as this guy is a giant douche. Not only do you have to take his full health bar twice but there are two QTE sequences. Best method is to seek cover as best you can and keep the RPGs flying. Do not stray far from the EDF box.

On Insane this battle sucks so just get over it. When the Battlelord comes up the dam run all the way back to the furthest EDF ammo box and set up behind the car. The Battlelord can not hit Duke and can eliminate about 1/2 his health before the real fun starts. Even when the Battlelord approaches keep firing. When the Battlelord is about 20 feet from Duke its time to run to the right and get cover from large cars or the bus. By now the first QTE should be done. Now slowly make it to each EDF box to re-arm but only when the Battlelord is not firing. The key here is finding a blind spot to where Duke can hit the Battlelord and the Battlelord can not hit Duke


Toggle Spoiler

Defeat the Octaking.

Duke must use the Devastator to take down the Octaking while dealing with the smaller Octabrains. The best method to win this battle is to hide in the far right area and throw pipebombs at the Octabrains. When the pipebomb gets close detonate it. When all 3 Octabrains are dead quickly unload into the Octaking. Now the Octabrains will now respawn, rinse and repeat. The Octabrains will stop spawning after the Octaking's health is completely down. Using a Holoduke is also a great idea.

video courtesy of WeSoldTheWorld

Toggle Spoiler

Beating the One-Eyed Worm
Defeat the Leech.

Pretty easy battle except for the fact Duke must breath O2 often. Two attacks Duke must be careful of: 1. the Leech Slam (just move) and 2. his spear attack (also easy to dodge). When the Leech begins to suck Duke in unload a rocket into him for huge health loss. There are 3 air pockets and two EDF ammo boxes in the area. Just keep moving and firing the rockets.

video courtesy of bystanderg

Toggle Spoiler

Piece of Cake
Complete the SP campaign on Easy Difficulty.

Duke will earn this at the conclusion of the press conference on the first playthrough.

Let's Rock
Complete the SP campaign on Normal Difficulty.

Check Damn I'm Good trophy.

Come Get Some
Complete the SP campaign on Hard Difficulty.

Check Damn I'm Good trophy.

Damn, I'm Good
Complete the SP campaign on Insane Difficulty.

General Tips

1. Check all the lockers, EDF boxes, and doors for ammo, beer, Steriods, and other items to help Duke.
2. Finding all of the EGO boosts early will make this run easy.
3. Take cover and also back up from a room to make things easier.
4. Enemies now take twice as long to kill so rushing in to clear a room is a bad idea. Mostly use the shotgun or a long range weapon, check for explosion barrels.
5. Boss fights may seem a challenge but if you think about the next move Duke will notice the bosses will repeat attacks and also learning to exploit cover will help.
6. The final boss battle is simple, kill Pigcops to pick up rocket ammo and keep firing. Do not get too close until the Emperor Cycloid goes down.

Special Thanks
Watch the credits all the way through.

After Duke takes down the Emperor Cycloid in The Final Battle the main credits begin to roll. Now this game has been in development for over 14 years and the credits reflect that. Go for a walk or go hang out with friends because this will take a while. Put the controller down and let the game roll through the credits to earn this.

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