Players: 1-4 (local and online)
Online Trophies: Yes, all trophies can be achieved in your online playthrough.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 40+ (Really depends on how you play, what your teammates do and your luck in finding good games. You can half the time if you play from beggining to end with 3 controllers and 3 friends)
100% Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 + 1 Legend playthrough.
Collectible Trophies: No.
Missable Trophies: No.
Glitched Trophies: See Cheats, Glitches & Exploits



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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is an easy game to 100%, but it could cost you a lot of time.

is this game worth the money? Yes it is certainly worth it!
is this game worth the money for just the trophies? No, there are just 2 silver trophies and no gold. This game is pretty time consuming for a PSN game so don't go and buy this just for trophies.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Whenever you are going to play the game, try to join or host a game online. Why? Because when you are playing online you will have more fun, you will level up faster, you will get more items and cash and it will let you get Destroyer more easily.


If a friend is coming over at your house and you want to play Dungeon Hunter, you can always play together. Let the second controller press and you can play. (This works in Local play and online play) If you got a brother or a friend who can help you a lot, it could speed up the trophies because you can complete 2 or 3 (when playing with 2 other friends) playthroughs at once.

The best char to start with will be the Warrior or the Rogue. If you can't find a game or if you are hosting a game and nobody is coming, These 2 chars can easily solo it. The mage's HP is very low and you will die faster. In your Legend playthrough I also recommend the Warrior or the Rogue.

Do not buy items from shops, except for potions. (more info at Rich King)

Try to buy most of your potions at shops. (more info at Rich King)

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits

There are no cheats for this game at this moment.

I am not sure how this worked but I got The Ultimate King without completing the game on my mage. What I did was: I completed the Hero difficulty on my warrior. After that I completed the Hero difficulty on my rogue. Than I completed the Legend difficulty on my Warrior and the trophy popped. (So I only completed the game on my Warrior and Rogue) Again, I am not sure how this could happen. Ofcourse it's better that it popped up earlier but you still need to complete the game on your mage after that so it doesn't really matter.

Sometimes people will get stuck behind a door or something else when you use a teleport. I am not sure how this work. It is probably a bug but if you know more about this, PM me.

[top]lili's pro way to 100%

Start with making a warrior and host your own game and hope that someone joins you. this will give you more speed in leveling and you need to kill the first boss with more than 1 player for a trophy. (If you got 1 or 2 friends, make a mage and/or a rogue at the same time) Play together or alone till you completed the game on hero difficulty. Meanwhile, complete every quest you find (Quests are marked as a ! and are very easy to find) Don't forget to go back to the quest giver because some of them give another quest when you completed one.

Now you will probably have these trophies: Level Up, Level 10, Level 25, League of Kings, Potion Addict, Devoted king, Brutal King, The Warrior King and if you did it with more players The Rogue King and The Mage King. You could get One For All but I preffer to solo the Queen and 4-player it in Legend difficulty. If you didn't get one of these trophies, check below for more info.

Now you have unlocked the Legend difficulty, play it with your Warrior or Rogue till you've completed the game again. When you are near the end, try to find a game that will have 4 players in it to kill the boss.

You will probably get Level 50, Level 75,One for All (if you complete with 4 players), Tyrant, Destroyer, Legendary King. If you didn't get one of these trophies, check below for more info.

Now go and get every other trophy that you didn't get in these playthroughs.


Level Up
Gain a level with one character.

Just kill a few monsters and you will level up.

Level 10
Reach level 10 with one character.

You will get this pretty soon, just keep playing and you will get this.

Level 25
Reach level 25 with one character.

This trophy will pop around the middle of your Hero playthrough.

Level 50
Reach level 50 with one character.

You will get this trophy most likely on your Legend playthrough but it's also possible to obtain in Hero difficulty at the end.

Level 75
Reach level 75 with one character.

Level 75 is the highest level that you can achieve in Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. You will probably have this at the end of your Legend playtrough but if you didn't get it yet, just go for this Rich King and you will easily be lvl 75 when you have obtained 1,000,000 gold.

League of Kings
Kill the Goblin King with more than one player present.

The Goblin King will be the first bost that you will encounter. You will be asked to slay him when you have visted the Market. Just ask a friend to come over with a controller or find a game that is near the boss.

One For All
Beat the final boss in a 4-player multiplayer game.

The best place to do this is in your Legend playthrough because it is way easier there to kill him with 4 players. The trophy will pop after the credits.

Potion Addict
Drink 200 potions with one character.

You will get this very soon in your Hero playthrough if you are a Warrior or a Rogue. Potions are buyable in shops and in the map themselves. Try to buy all your potions in the shop because of Rich King

Rich King
Earn 1,000,000 gold with one character.

This is probably the most anoying trophy in the game. You need to obtain 1,000,000 gold total. When you have complete your game on Legend and saved your cash, You will have most likely around 500-600k gold. The best way to earn money is to join a game online in act 11. If someone didn't complete the boss yet and you join him, you will get money from the quest when he is finishing it. In act 11, the 5 guards will give you 20k each and the Queen will give you 40k in Legend difficulty. that will be a total of 140k + items, around 160k each full completion. That will mean that you need around 3/4 plays to get your gold. A much worser way is to keep re-entering the Jeremo Sewers. There are these moveable blocks that you can use. There are a total of 6 chests in this map so if you find some good things that are worth like 1k, You can get up to maby 20-40k each visit.

If someone has a better way than this, let me know.

Kill 10,000 monsters with one character.

You will get this on your Legend playthrough. If not, just go for Rich King If you still didn't get it, go and play around in the Jeremo Slums.

Destroy 1,000 barrels with one character.

There are a lot of barrels in the game. destroyable crates are also counting as a barrel. 1000 looks much but if you destroy them from the first map, you will get this trophy popped up on the middle of your Legend playthrough. If not, the best place will be in the Jeremo Slums. You will get a quest in the Jeremo Market where you need to kill an Assasin. There are around 33 crates that you can destroy there, Just keep re-entering the map and they will keep spawning. (The assasin will not show up again if you killed him already)

Devoted King
Complete all quests on Hero difficulty.

When you first start up the game, Hero difficulty is automaticaly enabled. Just complete the game and this will pop up when you completed all the quests, they are easily spotted with a big ! on the map. Just complete them all and remember to keep going back to the quest giver because they can give you an other one after completing one.

Skillful King
Kill a boss only using skills (no basic attacks).

This can be easily done if you completed the game as a warrior on Hero difficulty. Just host a game and go to the Goblin King. Use cripling strike only. This attack is very powerfull but it will drain some HP of your own. Make sure to bring enough pots to refill your MP and HP if needed.

Brutal King
Kill a monster in a single blow.

If you start up the game as a Warrior, when you use your special attack with , you will get this on your first kill. You can also get this without using your special.

Legendary King
Beat the game on Legend difficulty.

This difficulty will unlock if you completed the game on Hero difficulty. Legend is exactly the same as Hero. The only diffrence is that the monsters are more powerfull. This will be even easier as your Hero playthrough because your skills are very powerfull in the later levels.

The Warrior King
Beat the game as a warrior.

Create a Warrior and complete the game with it.

The Rogue King
Beat the game as a rogue.

Create a Rogue and complete the game with it.

The Mage King
Beat the game as a mage.

Create a mage and complete the game with it.

The Ultimate King
Beat the game with all 3 character classes.

You can speed this trophy up by playing this game with some friends at home. You can do local play and start the game up with 3 friends. Create a Mage a Warrior and a Rogue and start owning the game. If you complete the game with all 3 at the same time, 4 trophies will pop at the same time.
If you can't play with 2 other friends or play the game 3 times with each a diffrent char.

This guide is made by me and made by me only. I did not look on other sites, I got this information with just experience.

Thanks for looking into my guide and I hope this helps you get your 100%
(This is my first trophie guide, hope you guys like it)

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