Treasures of the Sun is DLC to the original DS3 game and will take you to the Aranoi Desert in search for a lost Legion hero, the story of the St. Harim, and why the Deserts of Aranoi are cursed. You will fight through hordes of new villains only to find a forgotten Abbey hiding a long-lost secret: the greatest treasure of the Azunite faith.

If you are looking for the DS3 guide it is located here. http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/sh...I-Trophy-Guide by NeroRadec707.


Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 3, The Path Not Taken , Confirmed Shriner , and The Worm Has Turned . But you can get them later on if you do miss them.
Glitched Trophies: 0
Special Equipment Required: No
Online Pass Required: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

You will use whatever character you used in the main story of the original game. So make sure you use the characters you are most comfortable with and keep them geared up as you receive new equipment. You can actually level up to 35 now with this DLC. I used Anjali with Lucas being my computer sidekick. The DLC is short and pretty easy except for maybe 1 or 2 fights. So save often.

Sorry if the descriptions might come off as basic. Most of the trophies are straight forward and will come as you play the game with the exception of 4 of them.

To start the DLC there are a few ways of getting to it. If you are in the middle of the regular DS3 game. When you get the chapterhouse in Stone Bridge you can talk to Oswalt to activate the quest, which is located in the Causeways. For those who have beaten the game. You will need to Load up your save file that says "End" in front of the character you want to play. It'll say "End Lucas" or whatever character you beat it with. After loading up that save file, you will head to the Causeways and there will be an exclamation point that gives you the quest. From there you head to the teleporter in the Causeways that leads you to the Abbey of St. Hiram.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

No glitches, cheats, or exploits in this DLC.


I suggest you play on Normal or below for difficulty, take on 2 or more quests at a time so you can finish off the quests at a faster rate with less back tracking, and keep your characters geared up while playing through this DLC. Also, it'd help you to play it after you beat the game so your level is much higher with better skills and gear.

Be careful when fighting the Automatons. Those 2 fights were the only fights I actually died during the whole DLC. The long range attack the first Automaton you run into killed me in 1 hit. I let my Sidekick take care of it while I hit it with long range attacks. So be warned, they might kill you a few times if you are not careful.

Just play and enjoy the DLC. Even though you can miss some trophies, you can get them at anytime during or after you beat the DLC.


It Ain't Lion
You spoke to the Lamasu.

This is a story related trophy and also the last trophy you will earn. Right after the fight with the High Priest Molochi and earning yourself the Mummy Dearest . You will travel further into the vault to find the Lamasu and the ending to this DLC.

The Path Not Taken
You respecced your character.

This is missable. As you enter the Abbey and talk to Eleanor. There will be a fountain in the center of town with a sign that talks about respeccing your character... Just stand in the fountain for about 3 seconds and it will ask you if you want to restat your character. It will cost you 20,000.

Mummy Dearest
You defeated High Priest Molochi.

This is the final Boss you will fight in this DLC. It's story related so don't worry about it. He summons a lot of enemies to help him throughout the fight but he is not hard at all. It will take you a few minutes to kill him so just keep your HP up, take out the enemies everytime he spawns them, and focus on using your strongest attacks when he stands still.

Bones on the Sand
You survived your first encounter with the undead in the desert.

This trophy is impossible to miss. As you enter the DLC area, this will be the first fight you run into. Kill them all and you get the trophy.

Confirmed Shriner
You lit the sacred flames at all three desert shrines.

This is a Missable trophy. While exploring the desert, you will come across 3 different shrines that give you special powers if you activate them. It's hard not to miss this trophy, but you can if you just walk past them or ignore them completely.

The Worm Has Turned
You defeated the Giant Sand Worm.

This is Missable. There will be signs posted in the desert right outside of the Abbey warning you of a Giant Sand Worm. You'll then receive the quest to slay it. It's on a path nearby that leads to a dead end. The boss was not very strong, but it did take awhile to kill. Just slay it, and the trophy is yours.

Litany Learned
You learned the recitation in the Temple of Azunai.

This is a story related trophy. When you get inside the temple, you just need to explore every area of the temple and activate every quest point you see.

Anointed Ointment
You collected the sacred oil in the Sandspring Cavern.

This is a story related trophy. The sacred oil will be at the very end of the Sandspring Cavern. There will be new mops that you will encounter inside.

All Ye Who Enter Here
You performed the ritual and gained access to the Agallan Vault.

This is story related and can not be missed. After doing Anointed Ointment and Litany Learned . You will make your way back to the Abbey where you will open the Agallan Vault and earn this trophy.

Mistress of the Abbey
You met Eleanor, de facto leader of the Abbey of St. Hiram.

This is story related. Once you reach the Abbey, just walk up to Eleanor and talk to her. After the conversation is over, the trophy is yours.

And again, if you are looking for the DS3 guide it is located here. http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/sh...I-Trophy-Guide by NeroRadec707.

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