Players: 1-2 co-op
Number of Trophies: 51 (all trophies can be earned either online or offline)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: est. 70 - 100hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 12 and 500 waves in Survival mode
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies:N/A

The bugs are back in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and its no picnic for the world's elite soldiers as the most concentrated giant insect invasion ever threatens human civilization unless the Earth Defense Force (EDF) can stop them! Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is a co-op multiplayer Arcade Shooter that gives the player the ability to destroy thousands of giant bugs and turn an entire city to rubble in an unforgettable gaming experience built for replay.

Insect Armageddon continues to follow the rich history of casual fun and addictive gameplay that made the franchise a cult classic. Insect Armageddon also adds a new aspect to the Earth Defense Force series that was born in Japan, with additional elements for all EDF soldiers to experience. The Campaign mode that lets up to three players team up online to battle the insects and aliens across a completely destroyable city. Every EDF soldier is armed with over 150 weapons and four upgradeable armor sets and engages in nonstop arcade action that is the fastest and deadliest in the series. In addition, the game also features a six-player Survival mode that pits a human squad against a nonstop onslaught of the largest enemies the aliens have to offer. New Detroit's giant bug problem is unavoidable, and mankind's last hope lies with the Earth Defense Force to defend the world from the insect swarm, even if it means blowing up the entire city as part of the extermination process.

[top]Tips & Strategies

-All kill trophies can be earned within a combination of story mode and survival mode. All kills within these two modes are added together.

-Survival mode trophies are easiest earned with a partner.

- You can see trophy progress by going to extras on the main menu and then by going to stats.


Step 1: Story Mode - Normal, Hard, and Inferno with any single class

Start playing the game on normal difficulty. You have to play many playthroughs to achieve your kill trophies, and also upgrade this will allow you to upgrade your weapons and armor making it easier in your hard and inferno playthroughs. There are three Chapters in the game with 5 missions a piece. Also you will want to keep the same armor class throughout this playthrough. This will make easier to upgrade the same armor class.

All of the four armor classes must be fully upgraded for the Lifer trophy. There are 8 levels of xp to get and you can only get the level you can reach dependent on what difficulty you're playing.

Here's the breakdown:
Max of Level 5 xp in Normal difficulty
Max of Level 7 xp in Hard
Max of Level 8 xp in Inferno
This is why you have to run through on Hard and Inferno with the same armor class. So, you can fully upgrade to Level 8.

Armor Classes:

Step 2: Rinse and Repeat Steps 1 with a different class

Choose another class, and you have the option of playing through the game again or grinding out the xp's needed by playing through the chapter select. If you want to grind set the difficulty to inferno and select a chapter, I would suggest chapter one since the eniemes are easier. Your main focus in this step is to get all four classes to level 8 xp.

Step 3: Survival Mode:
Survival mode consists of surviving waves of alien insects. You have to reach wave 5 for the Good Start trophy. You'll need to play through a total of 500 waves of Survival mode. You will also have to accumulate a total of 10,000 kills in Survival mode. Use this mode to rack up any bug kills needed after playing through the 12 playthroughs.


Earn all Trophies in the game Get a life

Simply collect all the trophies to get this jem!!! Go EDF!!!!!

Amateur Ant killer
Kill 100 Ants 100? That's nothing!

These are ants you don't want to invade your next pinic. Seriously these are the first eniemies that you come in contact with in the game. I was able to get this trophy in the first mission on chapter one. Just unleash the holy hell on any ant you may see before your computer AI gets them.

Welcome to the EDF
Kill 1000 Ants 1000? There must be a jillion of those things! Get busy!

Same as above just shot any ant that you may come across throughout the game. If you want to play survival mode first all of the ant kills also count towards this.

Ant Farmer!
Kill 10000 Ants Good start!

The game keeps track of all your ant kills throughout the game and throughout the 12 playthroughs. The kills in survival mode also count towards this. Mostly all of the survival mode waves/maps have ants in them so you will be able to get any additional kills in that mode. A good map is the Cornstone map since you will start off with a turret and the ants are in the first three waves. Just keep replaying these if you don't want to go searching for them.

Kill 100 Spiders You want a medal for that?

The spiders are another enemy you will come across early in the game in Chapter 1. Shoot a total of 100 to get this trophy or you will earn this while you are trying to get the survival mode trophies.

Good Start
Make it through 5 Survival Mode Waves in one session Five Alive

For this trophy have to only survive to wave 5. The only armor class available is the trooper. I would suggest that you get a second player or try finding a boosting partner online to help you in case either of you are hit and need revived.

Below is the maps and what are in the maps to kill. Remember that you can use survival mode to clean up any leftover kills you need.

Eniemies on this map:

Toggle Spoiler

Shallow Grave
Eniemies on this map:

Toggle Spoiler

Pain Garden
Eniemies on this Map:

Toggle Spoiler

Original Sin
Eniemies on this Map:

Toggle Spoiler

Eniemies on this map:

Toggle Spoiler

Double Whammy
Eniemies on this Map

Toggle Spoiler

Spider Fighter
Kill 10000 Spiders Arachnocidal maniac!

You'll come across this trophy through natural progression of the games needed 12 playthroughs for the plat. If you are short than you will most likely will achieve this while playing the 500 survivor waves needed. Just keep replaying the maps where you know where alot of spiders are. A good map I use is Cornerstone and double whammy. In cornerstone you get a turret, that will help you with the Nothing Turret trophy. And in double whammy you get a tank, that helps you with the I heard them Scream trophy. Both weapons trophies need 500 kills with each. The tank is the best weapon to kill spiders in to me. The tank kills them in one shoot.

Tick Picker
Kill 100 Ticks Tick...Tick...

Ticks are nasty little buggers. They are about the same size of a trooper, and if you let them get to close to you they will jump on your back. A single shot kills them and they can be grinded out in survival mode. A few good maps are cornerstone and double whammy since they both give you weapons and extra armor. The funny thing is with the tank in double whammy the ticks kill themselves while trying to kill you. Just grind out a hundred kills and you'll get this trophy. The same can be done for the Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop trophy below.

Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop
Kill 5000 Ticks Boom!

See Tick Picker above......

Hector? What?
Kill 10 Small Hectors What's a Hector?

See Hector Wrecker trophy below.......

Hector Wrecker
Kill 100 Small Hectors Hector Who?

You'll get around 20 Small Hectors in a single playthrough. If you want to you can also earn some kills in survival mode. Most later waves have hectors in them. Use the enemy list for the maps I made in the Good Start trophy discription.

Kill a Large Hector The bigger they are...

This trophy is story based and will be earned through natural progression of the game. The first time you see the large hector is in chapter 2 mission 4. The weak spot here is the chest; so focus all of your fire power there.

Kill a Queen Ant The Queen is dead!

This is a story based trophy and also the last big boss battle in the game. The ant stays inside of her nest. As far as killing her you will first shot right above her head. It kind of looks like a huge fat spot on top of her head. Once that is taken care of you'' shoot at her sides towards the back area of her body. Once you take this out the Queen will blow the heck up and you will have gotten this trophy.

Kill a Daddy Long Legs Well he's a long gone daddy...

This trophy is story will be earned through natural progression of the game. The daddy long leg is the big boss battle of chapter 1. To kill the spider you'll need to get under it and shoot above you at the opening that is red. The opening closes so you won't have a continuous amount of time shooting at it. YOu'll see the red go from being bright to slowly dimming. Once it is almost black you will have beaten the spider and get this trophy.

Kill a Mantis We mean it Man...

See Manticore trophy below....

Kill 10 Mantises Preying ON Mantis

You'll first come across the Mantis in chapter 2 mission 3 and 4. In these two missions you'll kill 5 right off the bag. So just replay these two missions and you'll get it. When you are fighting them there isn't any soft spots so use the best rocket launcher you have for them.

The Sting's the Thing
Kill 10 Wasps Empty nest

See War Against Soaring Pests Award Below......

War Against Soaring Pests Award
Kill 100 Wasps Get out of my yard!

Youll get this through all the needed playthroughs. At the end of my first normal playthrough and 60 survival waves I had 26 wasps killed. So this willbe easily earned through your 12 playthroughs. If you want a good grinding spot than the Shallow Grave map in survival mode is your best place to mop up any left over kills.

It's a Start
Destroy 100 Gunships Mmmmm...Gunships

See Fleet Depleter trophy below........

Gunship Down
Destroy 1000 Gunships 1000 down

See Fleet Depleter trophy below........

Fleet Depleter
Destroy 10000 Gunships Bet you died a lot doing this...

Gunships are the small crazy ships that fly around you and shoot red lazers at you. They are hard to hit cause they move around so much. But when the stop to shoot you unleash on them. They usually only take a couple of shoots to shot down in normal mode. All you can use the kill/trophy tracker in the extra screen at the main menu. Any extra kills can be earned while trying to get the neede survival mode trophies.

It's Bomber
Kill 10 Bomber Spiders Drop the Bombers!

Bomber spiders are huge really fat spiders that shoot ticks out of their backs. They have no known weak spots. So just unleash the holy heck on them with your most damaging weapon. I like using my level 5 missile launcher, since that seems to kill them slighly faster. The thing is if you don't kill them fast enough they will just keep shooting ticks out of there backs. They are very useful in getting the tick kills as well.

Look What the Rookie Did!
Kill 5000 enemies Bug juicer

See the Who Ravages the Ravagers? trophy below.........

Hangin Tough
Survive 100 (total) waves in Survival mode Big Wave Rider

See Survive-O-Rama trophy below.......

Who Ravages the Ravagers?
Kill 25000 Enemies Master killer

Simply do as the trophy states. This be pretty much earned by trying to get the other kill trophies. Kill anything that you come across: wasps, ants, spiders, hectors, ships and mantis.

Eyes Up!
Destroy 10 Carriers Tora! Tora! Tora!

See Carrier Dropper trophy below........

Carrier Dropper
Destroy 100 Carriers Mayday! Mayday!

There are only about 8 carriers in the campaign mode that can get shot down. So do the math 12 playthroughs times 8 is 96 carriers shot within the total playthroughs. Chapter 2 Mission 1 is a good spot to get the last 4 needed for the trophy and if you wait until you have a higher armor and weapons it will be alot easier shooting down the ships.

Nesting Instinct
Destroy 10 Anthills/Spider Nests Total Nest-ruction!

We all have kicked ant hills in a younger days. This time we get to blow them the heck up. What you want to do is kill any ants that maybe around to make it easier on you. Once you are close enough to the hill you will be prompt to press the triangle button and hold it in. Make sure that you have back up since any thing that may attack you will restart the gauge. I get this trophy towards the end of the first chapter in the first playthrough. The playthroughs all get added together so you will be able to get the Homewrecker trophy below through natural progression of the games multiple playthroughs.

Destroy 100 Anthills/Spider Nests Hit'em where they live!

See Nesting Instinct trophy above......

Collect All Dropped Weapons Look what the Hector Dropped!

There are 107 total drop-only weapons from "Elite" enemies and bosses. The weapons are random and will drop on any level of the game, but you only get up to Tier 4 while playing on Normal difficulty. There is only one Tier 8 weapon for each armor, which is a gift for maxing the respective armor's level. Weapons in your inventory that came from a drop will have a biohazard symbol on them.

Smells Like Team Spirit
Incapacitate a teammate Way to be!

For this trophy you will have to kill a team member in your group. First thing is clear the current objective in the story, then once that is done use a grenade launcher and shot it at your teammate. DO this until the team member needs revived and you will get this trophy.

Unlock all Armors Sharp dressed man

There are four different armor types in the game, and you are able to unlock one at the beginning of the first four missions. Just unlock all four and the trophy is yours.

Level up an armor completely Isn't that special...

See lifer trophy below...........

Level up all armors completely Well, Hello, Mr. Fancypants!

There are eight levels for every armor type, and the final level can only be earned while playing on Inferno difficulty. You can unlock up to rank 5 in Normal difficulty and up to rank 7 on Hard. The more kills you get, the more experience points you will earn. The harder difficulies will bank you more points. So if you need to catch up any points than play the Inferno settings on the first mission on chapter 1.

Here's the Breakdown of XP needed for upgrading levels:

Level 1: Default
Level 2: 1,500xp
Level 3: 11,400xp
Level 4: 25,000xp
Level 5: 55,000xp
Level 6: 138,000xp
Level 7: 379,500xp
Level 8: 793,500xp

High Roller
Purchase all available weapons for a single armor You are a consumer

See Daddy Warbugs trophy below......

Daddy WarBugs
Purchase all weapons for all armors All gunned up!

For this trophy you will have to purchase all weapons for all armor classes. You earn money the same way as you earn XP. To see what weapons you still have to buy you have to start the game, and then check your armor classes for any unbought weapons. Weapons that you get from killing elite bosses do not need to be purchased. You're going to need somewhere around 2,000,000 for each class.

Below are the Armor types and the weapon Costs:

Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Helping Hand Award
Revive a teammate Good job! Now do it some more

To revive a teammate you need to press triangle and hold it in until the team member is back on his feet. Or you can kill a teammate and just revive him. This will get you the Smells like Team Spirt trophy as well. IF you want you can just grind out another 249 kills and revives and get the Bedside Manner trophy. I am sure that you will get alot of revives while playing the Inferno difficulty.

Bedside Manner
Revive 250 teammates You're so nice

See Helping Hand Award trophy above......

Survive 500 (total) waves in Survival mode I will survive!

You'll get this by trying to get the needed kill trophies.

Get 1000 kills in Survival mode Still on the island

See the Social Dead Butterfly trophy below.........

Social Dead Butterfly
Get 10000 kills in Survival mode They got...FRAGGED!

Simply get 10,000 total kills while playing in survival mode.

Lander Commander
Get 250 kills with the Lander Turret Hot LZ? What hot LZ?

The Lander is the aircraft when you start the game. You can get atleast 30 kills. Then in Chapter 2 Mission 3 you get control of the Lander Turret once again. YOu should get this within the 12 playthroughs, but if you don't than you can just farm kills in these to missions.

Mechs Master
Get 500 kills with the Mech It's a Mech-a-delic freakout!

You first get to use the Mech in chapter 1 mission 4. If you want to get some quick kills than you can play survival mode map Marooned. This maps starts you off in the start of the map. Normally the first three waves are the easiest, just get to the end of the third wave and press start and retry until you get the 500 kills.

I Heard Them Scream
Get 500 kills with the Tank Tanks a lot

The easiest and fastest way to get this trophy is to do it in survival mode. You get a tank at the start of the Double Whammy map. Just play through the first three waves, since they are ants, spiders and ticks. While doing this you will add up any needed kills for those insects for the other trophies. This is what I did and got the trophy within a hour from starting.

Nothing Turret
Get 500 kills with Base Turrets Like a Turret in a punchbowl...

The easiest and fastest way to get this trophy is to do it in survival mode. You get a turret at the start of the Cornerstone map. Just play through the first three waves, since they are mostly ants, spiders and ticks. While doing this you will add up any needed kills for those insects for the other trophies. This is what I did and you will get the trophy in no time.

The Architect
Destroy 500 buildings Urban renewal, EDF style

Shoot at any of the buildings with a missle launcher, tank, mech or grenade launcher. Most buildings only take a single hit to knock down. So just keep shooting at any buildings when you get a chance and you'll earn this trophy.

Demolition Derby
Destroy 500 cars/vehicles Traffic un-jammer

Just shoot at any cars, trucks or vans that you may come find. There are lots of chances to shoot at cars since there tons in this game.

Destroy 500 world objects You litterbug

This is the same as the other two above. This trophies includes all objects, cars, buildings, trucks and bridges. You should gets this trophy before or around the same time as Architect, and Demolition Derby.

Chopper's Choice
Beat the game on Hard Rule #3

You will get this trophy after you beat the game on your second playthrough. I suggest using the same armor class for all three playthroughs. I just think it will make the game a little different with the next class. I used the trooper class first. I will say this again this trophy doesn't stack.

Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe
Beat the game on Inferno Dante? Is that you?

YOu will get this trophy after you have beaten the game a third time with the same armor class. Now great ready to start over sing a second class.

Helpful tips for Inferno:

Toggle Spoiler

Lemon Squeezy
Beat the game on Normal Easy Peasy

You will get this trophy after you beat the game on your first playthrough. I suggest using the same armor class for all three playthroughs. I just think it will make the game a little different with the next class. I used the trooper class first. I will say this again this trophy doesn't stack.

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