Players: 1-4
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 2
Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Time to 100%: 5-10 hours


Bin collector
Kill Billy the Bin in New Junk City

Billy the Bin is the first boss in the game, he is very easy once you know what to do, so i will tell you.

First phase he is in a human form, in this form he will drop items on your head which does a decent amount of damage to you, so what you need to do is shoot at him, and when you see items dropped then shoot straight up, then back at Billy. After this he will go into a tank form, and shoot anvils at you, all you need to do is fire directly at him. The last phase he will drive back and forth, if he comes close to you he will do a uppercut. The trick here is to stand in the middle of the room and fire at him, when he gets close jump over him. If he should hit you with the uppercut all the phases will start over again.

Atom Raider
Collect 100 atoms (without exiting the game)

See "Atom Jefferson" for how to do this.

Atom Jefferson
Collect 500 atoms (without exiting the game)

This should come while you do your first playthrough, but if you should end up not having it by the last level then you can just restart the level and collect some more, it says you need to get it without exiting the game, but nothing about restarting the levels.

Groovy Leader
Be 'No. 1' in each PlayStation Network multiplayer level

This basicly means that at the end of each level you need to have the highest score. Orbs does not give much points, the thing that actually gives the most points seems to be killing enemies, as well as getting the weapons that are laying around in the stages. So go mainly for the plasma upgrades, and kill enemies.

This trophy is easily boosted, you can ask to be boosted in this thread.

Canadian stunt
Use the whip to swing from any moose head in Single Player mode

The first moosehead can be found at the very first stage, once you get to a continue during the stage that has orbs inside a wall beside it, that's where the moose head is. Simply jump back up on the ledge, then jump towards the moose head and swing from it.

Banker Whipper
Whip a banker twice in What The Heck?

What The Heck? is a level, third level to be exact, and the bankers are the guys running around with briefcases. To get the trophy simply use the whip on them until the trophy pops.

Space Collector
Collect more than 100 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game)

See "Super Space Collector" on how to do this.

Super Space Collector
Collect more than 300 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game)

Blue orbs are collected on Andy Asteroids levels, so focus on getting these! If you do not have this trophy by the last Andy Asteroids level then you can just restart the level to get some more.

Snot a Trophy
Collect more than 300 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game)

Done in the very first stage, once you reach the refrigerator hanging on a string, just shoot at it until it drops down, the cow will then be launched and you will acquire the trophy. Note that you need to stand directly under it and shoot directly up for it to drop.

Earthworm Never Dies
Clear Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting without losing a life

There are some secrets in the levels which will get you to the end faster and safer here is a list of useful secrets:
  • What The Heck? - Avoiding the snowman: Once you meet your first banker there should be a wheel close to him. Stand on the wheel, face right and press down while whipping, this will get you an extra life and will enable you to pass the snowman, so you do not have to spend any time or lives on him.
  • Down The Tubes - Refill the pod: Align the tube on the left side of the pod with the air supply stations, this will refuel the pod with air.

The bosses can be pretty hard if you do not know what to do, so im going to tell you.
  • Billy the Bin - Refer to the "Bin collector" trophy.
  • Chuck - Wait for the crates to drop, then whip them at the spring so they hit Chuck. Avoid the tuba's and do not shoot at Chuck, if you shoot him he will barf fish at you.
  • Snowman - Can be avoided, but if you do fight him then you just shoot at him and avoid the fireballs he spews out.
  • Evil the Cat - Has to phases, in the first phase just dodge the fire he is shooting out. In the second phase he will jump out random places, so fire up in the air and to the sides in hope of hitting him. Once he is hit he loses one life and fire will appear from both sides, so jump and helicopter to avoid it. He has a total of 9 lives (who would've guessed).
  • Major Snot - Barge him into the walls to damage him. Stay away from him when he spins as well as you have to stay away from the walls. At phase 2 and 3 there will also be a monster in the water which you have to avoid as it kills you with one bite.
  • Chicken Walker - First phase he shoots out egg, shot the eggs and avoid them. Once the chicken walker is under the chute then whip the target, some goo will come out and damage the chicken. Repeat this 4-5 times and you will be sent to the second phase. Here both of you are falling down a shaft, avoid the chicken walker at all cost and shoot his bombs as well as him. He takes a lot of damage so you gotta be careful as the fight lasts a while.
  • Evil Queen (Warm-up) - Jump and whip her butt, meanwhile dodge the spikes.
  • Evil Queen - Beware of the bugs, no trick to taking this one out, just shoot directly in the direction that she is (if your above her shoot directly down, and so on with the other sides as well)

World Partnership
Complete all the Playstation Network multiplayer game levels

Means you need to complete the game with a online partner. Be sure to create your own game as if the host of the game leaves you need to start over again.

Get through Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting in under 50 minutes

Refer to "Earthworm Never Dies" for fastest ways of taking bosses and shortcuts. Also restarting a stage does affect time, it resets the time for that stage as well, so if you feel you have used more time then you should, then just restart the stage.

Also refer to these videos for a full speed-run:

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