Players: 1
Online Play: no
Online Trophies: no
Cheat Codes: yes, unlock Maximum Hazard Difficulty: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Cheats Affect Trophies: no
Minimum Playthroughs: 1-2
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Time to Platinum: 10-20 hours depending on skill and if you do 2 playthroughs

[top]CAUTION: Spoilers in Guide!!


King of Hazard Land!
Earn all Trophies in the game."You. Are. The. MAN! (Unless you are a lady. In which case, I apologize.)"

Complete all trophies in the game to get this trophy.

Start your first game."Thanks for buying my game. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. --Sincerely, Matt Hazard"

Start a new game and you get the trophy.

Take 5.
Pause the game for the first time."Hey...come back here and play!"

Pause the game. Simple as that.

Straight-A Student
Complete all of the in-game tutorials."Like I had any choice..."

Complete the tutorial at the beginning of the first level. This will take you a minute at most.

Hands-On Approach
Defeat an enemy using melee combat."I don't need a stinkin' gun to deal with YOU!"

You can get this trophy on the first level. Run up to an enemy and melee him. You will have to hit the melee button three times to finish the combo. Yes, it is that simple.

Perform 10 single-hit melee kills."In Hazard Land, the hand can be used like a knife."

There are two ways to get this trophy. First is to get a Hazard pick-up (which doubles the damage your guns do and gives you a one hit melee) and run up to the enemies and melee them. A second way is to run up to the enemy and shoot them until the Square button comes onto the screen(you have to be close to them). Hit the square button and Matt does a one hit melee.

Feeling Punchy
Defeat five enemies in a row using melee combat."Not as fast as shooting...but it sure is satisfying."

The best place to get this trophy would be on the first level. Right when you start the first level melee every enemy you see until you get it.

Score 20 headshots."A shot in the head is worth two in the chest."

Use the pistol in the first level. I have found it is the easiest gun to get head shots with. Also the sniper rifle will work, but is hard to aim fast when in cover and there are more than two enemies.

Score 50 headshots."That's using your head!"

The best way to get this trophy is to use your pistol to get the head shots. You can also get headshots with the sniper rifle in level three, but you have to shot the enemy fast or the wizard will die.

Head of the Class
Score 100 headshots."Don't lose your head! Oh...too late."

If you are like me, I always aim for the head. If you use nothing but the pistols in the first level, you should have no problem getting this trophy.

Better Than One
Score two headshots with one bullet."Eat lead...both of you!"

The best place to get this is the fourth level with the zombies. The first time the zombies show up, you will be in a tennis court. QA will tell you she has hacked something in to help you. It is located directly on the other side of the tennis court. Get the hazard pick-up and position yourself so that 2 zombies are walking towards you. When both of their heads line-up, SHOOT them in the head. This is best done with the Hazard pistol or magnum. You must do this while the hazard pick-up is active or it will not work.

Kill 50 enemies with the Hazard pistol."Frag you."

This will be your starting weapon in the second level and the most prominent weapon in the game. It is a good gun to get headshots with.

Kill 50 enemies with the shotgun."That was a blast!"

You get this gun in the second level and on. Try to run up on the enemies cover quickly, peek over and aim for the head. Hazard pick-ups help a lot for getting this trophy. Do not try to take on more than two enemies at a time with this gun. It is slow to reload and you usually have to shoot the enemy twice if you miss their head. I would not suggest using this weapon on Major Hazard difficulty.

Auto Dealer
Kill 50 enemies with the sub-machinegun."You would think this one would have been automatic. Get it? Automatic? Nothing?"

A good place to start would be the first level. Although it would be best to use the pistols in the first level to get the headshots trophies. You can easily get it on the level when the zombies first appear if you want to wait(dual sub-machine guns).

Russian Attack
Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47."They might be socialists, but they make a pretty good gun."

A good place to get this trophy would be on level 2 with the Russians. When you are fighting General Neutronov and you have to destroy the missile he is launching. Shoot at the enemies that spawn instead of shooting the general. Once you rack up 50 kills and get the trophy, go after the general.

Peekaboo...I Shot You!
Kill 50 enemies with the Sniper Rifle."Zoom, pow! Right to the moon."

The best place to get this is the third level when you are protecting the wizard. It is almost automatic that you will get this trophy.

Blind Luck
Kill 25 enemies using blind fire."Sorry. Didn't see you standing there."

Get behind some cover and shoot the bad guys without aiming. Go up to some cover and press x. Then aim your reticule over an enemy and fire without aiming. You could also run up to the enemy and shoot them without pushing the aim button. That is also a good way to get yourself killed though.

Second Amendment
Kill at least one enemy with every available gun."The developers put all those guns in the game for a reason..."

The guns are as follows: magnum, shotgun, sub-machine gun, water pistol, grenade launcher, AK-47, plasma rifle, Hazard pistol, six-shooters, sniper rifle, 9mm, .45 cal, energy pistol, and mounted sniper rifle. You can find the 9mm, sub-machine gun, magnum, and the .45 cal in the 1st level. The shotgun, Hazard pistol, and six-shooters can be found n the 2nd level. The sniper rifle and mounted sniper rifle can be found in the 3rd level. The plasma rifle and energy pistol can be found in the 5th level. This is where all the guns will first appear.

Say "No" to Pots
Shoot 30 potted plants."Look at 'em. Just sittin' there, bein' all green and stuff. They were askin' for it!"

There are a couple right at the beginning of the second level on top of the tables and shelves. I believe there are 10 in the room. Shoot all the plants in the room and make sure not to progress far enough for it to save. As soon as you shoot all the plants, quit and reload the level. Do this three times and you got the trophy.

Fire Hazard
Shoot and destroy 30 fire extinguishers."Extinguishers. They're not just for fires anymore."

There are three in the butcher shop in the second room. Get the checkpoint in the room before shooting them all. Shoot them and then quit to the main menu. Then choose continue from the main menu. Repeat this step until you get it.

Destroy 20 destructible cover objects."I know it's a waste of ammo...but I LOVE that de-rez effect!"

Shoot all cover that you use and your enemies use. I am pretty sure the cover you are using (that your enemies destroy while you are behind it) count to. I got the trophy after an enemy shot and destroyed my cover.

Blow up 50 explosive objects."Hey...I didn't pay for 'em. Why should I care?"

Shoot all the barrels and propane tanks you see. You will eventually get it throughout the game. There is quite a few in the third level with the wizard and the sniper rifle. If you do not have this by level 7, enter the large warehouse where you get ambushed. This room has lots of explosives waiting to be shot. After you go up stairs you will reach a checkpoint. There will be a Hazard pick-up on the right side and three propane tanks on the floor. You can shoot the three propane tanks in the room and then die. Restart from the checkpoint and shoot them again until you get the trophy..

No Pain, No Gain
Kill an enemy with an explosive that also damages you. "That's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you. Well...maybe not quite as much."

A good place to get this trophy would be at the end of the third level. Right before you battle Sniper scope, you will have to make your way to the exit. There is a grenade launcher in the middle of the room. Pick it up and get to cover. When one of the enemies takes cover in front of you or right by you. Shoot him and it should damage you and kill him.

Maxx Karnage
Collect 20 Hazard pickups."Maxx Karnage...sounds like a cool action hero name."

The pick-ups are in a cylinder that looks narrow and has a red stripe I believe. QA should tell you where the first one is. You should get this through the progression of multiple games or use the same strategy as above. In the 7th level after the initial ambush in the warehouse go up stairs and you will reach a checkpoint. There will be a Hazard pick-up on the right side. Grab the Hazard pick-up and then die. You will spawn right by it again. Keep doing this until you get the trophy.

Shield Master
Collect 20 Master Shield pickups."It's not like I was afraid of dying...I just wanted the trophy!"

This pick-up is in a cylinder that looks narrow and has a blue strip running up the side. The first one you will get is in the fourth level towards the end. You could get the pick-up and then die. Pick it up again and then die tell you get to 20. You could also just keep playing the game until you eventually get it. There are also two in level 6.

Just a Flesh Wound
Complete a level without dying."Eight million corpses in this level...and you're not one of them."

The easiest way to get this trophy would be to play the first level on Minor Hazard difficulty. Be patient and use your cover wisely. Take advantage of the Hazard pick-up in the middle of the level. Try to go for headshots from behind cover and I am sure you will get it.

Hazard Avoider
Complete the game on the Minor Hazard difficulty setting."Sure you GRANDMOTHER could win on 'Easy!'"

Beat the game on easy. It is a piece of cake.

Complete the game on the Major Hazard difficulty setting." least you didn't have it set to 'Easy...'"

Complete the game on Major Hazard difficulty. Look below for tips and hints.

Hazard Master
Complete the game on the Maximum Hazard difficulty setting."You've done this before, haven't you?"

You must beat the game on Major Hazard difficulty setting to unlock this difficulty. Cover is your friend, use it. Only melee if you have to, as it is slow and you still get shot while you are doing it. Also make use of the point-to-cover system to move from cover to cover. Try to aim for headshots as it makes it easier to conserve your ammo and take your enemies out quickly. Make use of the Hazard pick-ups, (which doubles the damage your guns do and gives you a one hit melee), master shield pick-ups(which make you invulnerable for a set amount of time)and the fire and ice upgrades. Be patient and pick off the enemies one by one. Do not go in guns blazing or you will die. Make good use of cover, pick-ups, and the fire and ice upgrades. If you use all the strategies from above you should be able to make it through. If you want to unlock this right away, go to the difficulty selection menu, enter this code to unlock Maximum Hazard Difficulty: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Multiplayer Master!
"What? No multiplayer? Sigh. Well...not like we can take the trophy back NOW..."

You need to complete the game one time on any difficulty.

...Where Credit is Due
Watch the credits from beginning to end."Hey...aren't they the guys who made Dead Head Fred?"

Complete the game to view the credits. There is also a credits button on the start page at the bottom. Scroll down to it and watch the credits. You can not skip through them, you have to watch the whole thing.

Disco is Dead
Defeat Sonny Tang."Sonny, YOUR ass is kicked!"

Press the corresponding buttons that come on screen in the cut scene to beat him.

Defeat Sting Sniperscope."Your present ends now."

Press the corresponding button that come on screen in the cut scene to beat him.

Head Cheese
Kill all enemies in the butcher shop with head shots."Nice shooting! But it's not like you're PAYING for that ammo. Feel free to use more."

This should be done on Minimum Hazard difficulty for easy and quick results. Be patient and take your time. Always use cover and a pistol.

Meat Your Maker
Destroy all of the meat in the Level 2 meat locker."Have a beef with the owner? Steaking your claim? Beating your...hey, I can go on all day."

There is only one room that has meat hanging from the ceiling in the second level. You have to shoot all the hanging meat in that room. The meat should break apart twice so you know you have shot it all you can. Keep shooting all the meat until you get the trophy.

Kill 50 enemies with the Dual-Wield Six-Shooters."Now all we need is the spaghetti..."

A good place to get this trophy is the second level with the cowboys. Pick up the dual-wield six shooters at the beginning of the level and kill 50 enemies with it.

Bedlam Basher
Kill a Bandit from behind with a melee attack."Good for you. Coward."

You'll have to cause him to stumble with a shot or two to the leg. As he is stumbling, run behind him and melee him quickly.

Toggle Spoiler

Dances With Guns
Complete both nightclub encounters without any of the dance-bots being destroyed."Do dancing robots dream of disco sheep?"

You have to be careful while you are shooting the enemies. The first encounter is pretty easy. Take out the enemies quickly with headshots and try not to take cover in front of the dancers. The second encounter is a little tricky. The enemies spawn right in back of the dancers in the middle of the room. Wait until the enemy position themselves in the middle of the room by the dancers. Then pick them off one by one with headshots if possible. DO NOT use the sub-machine gun. It sprays too much and you might hit one of the dancers. My suggestion is to use the Hazard pistol. If the dancer is flashing a little bit, that is ok. I got it and two of the dancers where flashing a little bit. Though try not to have any flashing so you are sure. You will get the trophy right after you exit the small room with the dancers in the middle where the enemies spawned.

Russian to the Finish
Defeat General Neutronov."From Hazard, With Love."

You will enter a room and he will start talking. After the cut scene, kill the immediate threat of enemies and then start shooting the general. After you shoot him enough, a bridge will lower and you can go to the next part. You will now have to activate three switches which are red. Walk up to the console and push the square button on all three consoles while avoiding the generals grenade launcher. Now you must shoot all three canisters on the platform he is standing on, in the middle of the room and blow them up. A second bridge will now lower and you can go to the next part. Take out the General before the time runs out. Once the general is dead, head across the bride to the bomb and push square by it. The bomb is now disarmed.

Defeat Sting Sniperscope again in Level 3."Your present ends now. Again."

Press the corresponding buttons that comes on screen in the cut scene to beat him.

Death Hazard
Score 20 single-shot Zombie kills."Don't these things usually hang out in shopping malls?"

The first wave of zombies will spawn in the tennis court on level 4. Shoot ALL of them in the head. Picking up the hazard pick-up on the other side of the tennis court helps out tremendously. With the Hazard pick-up you can get a one shot headshot on the zombies with the Hazard pistol, instead of the two it takes without it. Shoot as many as you can with the hazard pick-up. You may or may not get the trophy in the tennis court, so don’t freak out. The zombies will sporadically appear throughout the level. As you are heading down the stairs after you get the shield pick-up, two zombies will appear right as you kill most of the enemies right before you go into the guest house.. Although the spawn points could vary from game to game, but that is where they spawned for me. Make sure to get one shot head shots. The two shot head shots do not work for the trophy. A good gun to do this with is the magnum and the energy pistol. Another way to do it is wait until the level with the space marines. As soon as you get off the elevator there are two space marines kill them and two zombies will appear. Kill the two zombies with the energy pistol and then go into the next room and die. You will be restarted in the elevator and can do the process all over again until you get it.

Housing Crisis
Escape from Dexter's mansion."I gotta get me a house like THAT!"

When you first encounter Dexter, there will be a cut scene. You will then have to battle two female bots with dual sub-machine guns. Hide behind the chairs and shoot one of them. When she slumps over, run over to her and press square. This will do a one-hit melee. Repeat with the other one and this part is done. You will then go into the next room and fight Dexter. Press the corresponding buttons that comes on screen in the cut scene to beat him. You are not done yet though. He will kick you in the balls and run away. Now you must go on and kill the enemies in the next room with the pool. Hide behind the pillars and try to kill the first enemies that come in as quick as possible. More enemies will come and a couple of zombies show up. Make sure to shoot all the zombies in the head (one shot kills only). Kill them all and make your way to the balcony. There should be two enemies that will spawn and shoot at you. Kill them and go into the garage and fight Dexter again. Press the corresponding buttons that comes on screen in the cut scene to beat him. You beat the crap out of him and then save his life. Now you must make your way back to the guest house. A bunch of enemies are going to spawn on your way back to the guest house. Use cover wisely and make good use of the dual sub-machine guns. Try to take out Dexter’s Darlings first. Slowly make your way to the guest house to get the trophy. Make sure to shoot the zombies in the head (one shot kills only) that spawn at the end. Also make sure to pick up the Mater Shield pick-up right before you go down the stairs with 6 Russians running up them.

Pure Energy
Kill 50 enemies with the Energy Pistol."Blaster? I hardly know 'er!"

You will get this weapon with the plasma rifle on level 5. Replay this level once or twice and you can get the trophy.

Well, I Heard Them Scream
Kill 50 enemies with the Plasma Rifle."Plasma Rifles--they're not just for Space Marines anymore."

You will get the plasma rifle in level 5, while you are protecting the chef. Use it and kill all enemies with it until you get the trophy. Replay the level once or twice.

Tramm Ride
Defeat the Tentacle Beast of Tramm."One-two shot right to the tentacles."

At the end of level 5 you will appear on a boat with six big tentacles. As soon as the cut scene is over, run to the top right of the ship in the corner behind the barrels. The tentacles can not reach you there. The tentacles will crash onto the boat one by one. When the tentacles get stuck in the boat shoot the red part on the tip of the tentacle. Shoot all six of the big tentacles and six smaller tentacle will now come onto the ship. Grab the sub-machine gun in the middle, but keep your energy pistol. Shoot the small tentacle with the sub-machine gun and it will retreat back into the sea. Now a bigger tentacle with mines will show up. Shoot the mine in its mouth with the sub-machine gun before it throws it at you to kill the tentacle. Do this another six times while holding off the space marines with the energy pistol. I stayed at the bottom of the boat behind the barrels. Wait for the space marines to spawn and shoot them with the energy pistol. Right after you shoot the last one, shoot another small tentacle with the sub-machine gun to get the big one to come. Again shoot the big tentacle with the sub-machine gun before it throws the mine to kill the tentacle. Repeat until all the tentacles are gone. There will be a cut scene and there will be three tentacles left. Shoot one on the tip and it will go back into the ocean. There will be another cut scene that says there are only two left. Shoot another tentacle on the tip and it will go back into the ocean. There will be another cut scene saying the are only two left. QA then fixes the problem and you are left to kill the last two. You have now beat the Tentacle Beast of Tramm.

Your Turn
Defeat Altos Tratus."Forecast for the next level: no more clouds."

This fight has two parts. During part one, Altos has three attacks. The first attack is long swings of his sword that sends out shockwaves. When he does this attack, take crouching cover and use your Energy Pistol to shoot at him around a corner. The second attack is summoning some Space Marines. Killing them can replenish your Energy Pistol ammo and make things easier on you. The third is a meteor shower. Altos Tratus summons multiple flaming rocks that spin quickly around his head then slow down. During the time they are spinning, shoot him with some Energy Pistol shots. Once the rocks have stopped spinning, run for your life in a constant direction. If two or three of these rocks hit you, it's game over. When Altos starts getting low on life, he becomes invulnerable and summons little health packs that float slowly toward him. Shoot these out of the air with your Pistol before they reach Altos Tratus, so that he is not given the chance to regain too much health. Continue to deplete his health and start phase two.

Part two is very similar, but instead of swinging his sword to cause shockwaves, he throws his sword and makes it spin in a circular motion at chest level towards you. Take crouching cover again quickly and spray Sub-Machine gun bullets at him. When the sword returns to him, get near him and spray him quickly up close. His meteor attack has also changed. Instead of lots of small meteorites, they are now large and more explosive. Use the same tactic as part one, but just be careful not to get stuck in one area with these things flying at you. He will also summon more Space Marines and health packs. Make sure to destroy the health packs to keep this fight from dragging on too long. If you run out of Sub-Machine gun ammo, switch with one of the AK-47s around the area.

"What do you mean the interrogation feature was cut?!? Here...just take the trophy."

Watch the cut scene after Altos Tratus.

Deja-Vu (All Over Again)
Defeat Sting Sniperscope yet AGAIN on Level 7."I. Have had. Enough. Of YOU!"

When you start the battle, immediately move to the right and hug the left side of the freighter crates and run behind the red one near the first red Gas Canister. Use your Plasma Rifle to shoot and de-rez the tall cover located to the right on the raised walkway to the right of the red freight crate, which gives you an opening to shoot the first red Gas Canister. Once you have blown it up, go to the left side of the red crate and sprint across to the red freight crate on the left side of the street. With the aiming reticule on the right side of the screen, this gives you easy access to shoot the red Gas Canister just below Sting. When this canister is done, prepare to run around the right side of the red freight crate and go straight for the left semi truck, which you can then follow the left side of for a clear shot at the last red Gas Canister. When all three have been destroyed, you move on to part two. After a short cut scene showing Sting strapped into a control seat, QA tells you that your goal is to destroy the satellite towers in the area. In order to do so, you must shoot the seals on each door and coax Sting into using the Maul of Morning, a giant satellite powered laser that will quickly turn you into dust if you do not take shelter inside one of the rooms. Break the seal on the first door using your Energy Pistol and hurry inside. If you are quick enough the Maul of Morning will destroy the first satellite tower and a wave of Space Marines will appear. Before killing all three Space Marines, take this time to cover behind the lower cover crate near the Energy Pistol and destroy the seals on the other two doors. When this is complete, take out the remaining Space Marines and run for the nearest available satellite towers. If you did not happen to get to one in time, all you have to do is stand out in the open and listen for the Maul of Morning to reappear and hop back inside the room. With the second satellite tower taken care of, another wave of Space Marines appear. Take cover in a safe area and use your Energy Pistol to remove them from the area. If you happen to have the Ice upgrade, use it to make it easier on yourself. Once all three Space Marines are gone, run to the final Satellite tower and allow the Maul of Morning to destroy it. With Sting Sniperscope finally vulnerable, QA tells you to finish him. After an epic attack, Sting Sniperscope de-rezes and QA appears.

Observe the Grenade
Kill 3 Tester employees with a single shot from the grenade launcher."Test the grenades: check!"

Use the room before the Wally boss encounter for this one. Remove any non-Tester employees from the room and grab a Grenade Launcher and the Maximum Hazard Upgrade available in the area for best results. The testers are the pink ones. There is also another way to get this trophy. At the end of the game at the boss fight the will be wave after wave of enemies. Wait till the testers start spawning and get grouped together. Shoot and kill all three for the trophy. Here is a video to help.

Toggle Spoiler

Beat the Snot out of Wellesley with My Bare Hands
Defeat Wally Wellesley in the final boss battle."Like I said…"

There are three parts to this fight. Part one pits you against two Zombies and two Dexter's Darlings. Use cover and stay as far away from the Darlings as you can. Use your Energy Pistol from cover to the Zombies heads. If you stay in a good position far from the center of the stage, you should be safe enough to stay in the same spot and kill all of the Zombies first. After taking care of the Zombies, start taking out the Darlings. If you start getting low on ammo, freeze both Darlings with the Ice upgrade. While they are frozen reload on Energy Pistol ammo near the entrance of the area, and quickly make your way to safety on the far left side of the room. Knock each Darling over and carefully make your way over to finish the job, and repeat for the next few waves of Darlings. After the last wave of Darlings is complete, a cut scene showing Wally coming in closer displays and the blue gate on the left side of the room opens. You must make it to the other side of the blue gate and press the glowing blue console found there. At this time though, Wally will periodically shoot at you as you make your way. You MUST keep cover between you and Wally, or else he will de-rez you. Move from cover to cover to the console, and interact with the console to move to part two.

Part two is similar, but instead of small waves of Darlings and Zombies, you get larger waves of Wafferthinns and Space Marines. Use the blue gate pillars as cover to put between you and the rest of the room, or take cover on one of the many objects near the console you just de-activated. Use your Energy Pistol to kill any nearby enemies and leave cover for ammo when needed. Remember to return back to your previous cover spot. Do this until all but one Wafferthinn is left. Make your way to the opposite side of the room, picking up ammo for your pistol and an Energy Rifle if you do not currently have one. Kill the last Wafferthinn, and Wally moves in closer again. If you are not currently next to the gate with the console, make your way there moving from cover to cover quickly. Wally has become a quicker shot, so do not risk trying to go for cover at any real distance. Move to the closest cover and make your way to the console, interacting with it once you have reached it.

Part three puts you against constant waves of three Employees. This is possibly the easiest phase. Just be careful for the enemies with the charging Plasma Rifles. Shoot them to knock them off balance, or kill them quickly with your own charged shot. Occasionally you may have to move in for ammo, but by now the whole floor should be littered with whatever you want. Kill the last Employee and Wally will float in closer with some type of remark. You must make your way down to the center of the room and down some stairs to the last console. This is extremely difficult if you do not time moving from cover to cover correctly. The cover is spaced out so closely for a reason; Wally has become an even faster shot and you do not have time to move any quicker than from cover to adjacent cover. Make your way to the center console and quickly interact with it to enter the final cut scene.

Meet Quentin.
Meet Quentin."DUDE!!!!!"

All you have to do is meet Quentin. You will get this through the progression of the game.

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