Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Inspired by the wave of monster films such as Godzilla that reached its peak in the 50s, and with an added dash of Hammer Horror, Eat Them! lets you control a series of towering monsters as they smash, crash and munch their way across a number of cityscapes and wraps it all up in a distinctive and colourful comic book art style.

As disgraced government scientist Dr Wilder, your aim is to wreak havoc on the city that spurned you by assembling your monster and unleashing it on the terrified citizens of the city. And since the monsters are people-powered, these good folk had better watch themselves because the more you progress, the more people-eating you'll need to do to keep the beast going.

Once you hit the city streets, there is a wide range of buildings, vehicles and more for you to unleash your wanton destruction on; and best of all, there are heaps of pesky humans for you to snaffle up and gobble from pesky civilians running for cover to the meddling security forces intent on stopping you in your tracks

[top]Tips & Strategies

Just follow the guide


Step one: Play through the game
Play every level and aim for gold but not a problem at this stage. Build as many different monsters and unlock as many parts as you can whilst playing and aim for the easier trophies

Step two: Gold medal all the levels
Revisit any level and get the old medals

Step three: Clean up
Finish off any trophies you've missed


Complete all missions in every level.

You just need to complete every level in the game with at least a bronze medal. The trophy will then pop up.

Complete all missions in every level with all awards.

Complete every level to a gold medal standard. Throughout the game you will be unlocking new monster parts which will help you when you revisit levels as your monster will be upgraded to make the gold medals abit easier.

Disposable Heroes
Lose 10 monsters in the course of play.

To get this trophy you just need to die ten times. This should come naturally whilst playing the game.

Megabucks Monster Club
Cause over $850,000 worth of property damage within a level.

Courtesy Of TheFlyingToaster

Toggle Spoiler

Your damage score is displayed at the end of the level and you need $850,000 or more. Create a powerful monster but you will need to have unlocked most parts by getting gold medal scores playing the game. Play level maximum destruction - banking crisis - central commerce as shown in the video above to acheive this trophy.

Monster Modelling School
Build and use 6 different monsters in the game.

Throughout the game will unlock new monster parts so it will be easy to create six different monsters. Make sure you use each monster and play the whole level with that monster.

Monster Mash-Up
Compete in a multi-player game.

This can be done with another player or a single player using two controllers. Select multiplayer and play any level. If you are a single player using one controller you can press the button to pause it and reassign the controller back and fourth. The trophy will pop up at the end

Demolition Master
Destroy 100 buildings.

Just playing the game this should come naturally. Once a building has been destroyed the message "BUILDING DESTROYED" will pop up. Remember to stomp on the rubble to make it quicker to destroy the building.

I Wonder What's for Dinner
First time monster eats.

Throughout the game your monster will eat so it will pop up naturally whilst playing. At the beginning of the game during the tutorial you have to eat a cow so you should get it there.

O.C.M (Obsessive Compulsive Monster)
Totally destroy every building in a level.

Courtesy Of TheFlyingToaster

Toggle Spoiler

Similar to MEGABUCKS MONSTER CLUB trophy but play the first maximum destruction level - industrial strength - industrial zone area as shown in the video above. Destroy every buidling you see and it will display "BUILDING DESTROYED" once each building has been fully destroyed. Once the rubble is on the ground try stomping on them also just to make sure its destroyed.

Monster Games
Run over 1000m, throw an object over 50m in a single throw, and jump over 50m in a single jump. All in one level.

Running 1000m - This is quite easy. Just run about until you've done 1000m.
Jump 50m - Best way is to jump from a building or build a monster thats good at jumping. You will see "BIG JUMP" appear once you jumped this distance.
Throw and object over 50m - Just pick up and object and throw it like a car.

All the above must be done on one level

Twinkle toes
Complete a race level and cause less than $50,000 worth of damage.

Create a monster that increase your speed and jump ability. Play level around the houses - the suburbs and be as careful as best as you can and avoid obstacles to avoid damage.

Inspector Monster
View every monster part in the Monster Lab.

To unlock every part and monster you will need to unlock the DOMINATION trophy first. Once you have this go to the main menu and look at every part in the monster lab.

Creature Feature
Make your first monster.

Courtesy Of dchristopher56

Toggle Spoiler

Go to the monster lab in the main menu and create yourself a monster. Pick up the parts you want for each section of the monster and once you are finished the trophy will pop.

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