Echochrome is this artsy puzzle game franchise. The first game used optical illusions to control a mannequin man to collect echoes of itself. The second game, however, features a whole new way of thinking. You will have to control the source of light of a bunch of blocks and then guide the shadow mannequin to walk on all of the shadows to the door. The game features three play modes plus a level creator, where you can create a level with your own personal touch, and then share it with the world. You can also play others uploaded levels.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: 2 (Custom Crafter and Sticker Sticker)
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Watchu talking 'bout reader?
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 + Online + Clean-up
Collectible Trophies: 1 (kinda) (Art Collector)
Missable Trophies: None - You can choose every level at any given time
Glitched Trophies: I have not encountered any of that
Required Peripherals: A Playstation Eye and a Move Controller

[top]Tips, Strategies & Legend

General tips:
  • Levels can be finicky done. Meaning that if you are careful enough you can totally complete the level in a way you weren't suppose to. It's easy to sequence break the game.
  • Don't give up. I know it's a banal tip, but sometimes understanding the level takes a few tries.
  • Look at it from all angles. Lead the light on every part of the walls.
  • Find the exit first. It usually gives you a better idea of what the goal is.
  • Question everything. Why is this archway here, or how come that it is possible to drop down on this platform? There usually is a reason.
  • Remember the order. If you already taken a path to an echo it's easy to backtrack (unless drops or bouncepads has been involved).
  • Question everything. Why is this archway here, or how come that it is possible to drop down on this platform? There usually is a reason.
  • Part them mannequins. It makes it easier when the mannequins do their own individual things.
  • It's usually easiest to focus on the mannequin who has the largest paint percentage, then prioritize them from big to small.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Nothing to see here.... move along


Step 1: One Big Escort Mission with shade pictures

Start off by playing through the "Escort" mode. It's the easiest of the modes, but it still has some harsh moments. You will also need to focus on the Shadow Art, so be aware of those.

Step 2: Echo-o-o-o-o

Now play through all of the levels in the next mode "Echo". These are a bit harder and takes a bit longer since you have to traverse back and forth the level instead of going from a to b.

Step 3: Painting the Shadows Red

Take a last playthrough of the game in the last mode "Paint". These takes the longest and can be tricky sometimes.

Step 4: Online Shenanigans

First go into the creator and create and publish five levels. They don't have to be good, then go around and play 100 levels to the end to place 100 stickers. You can place more than one sticker per level, but only once a day.

Step 5: Cleaning the Rest Up

If you have any of the misc. trophies left find a place to grind these.


Avid Walker
Take 10,000 steps.

This is as simple as it gets. As long as you're not manipulating the scenery the mannequin will walk around. He just needs to take ten thousand steps. Remember that you can speedwalk by pressing and holding the button.

Big Bouncer
Jump 100 times.

Jumping is a fairly simple mechanic in the game, but you cannot automatically jump. You'll have to use... JUMPPADS!!! These are the spheres that you use to create the doorway. Use the light to to make the sphere slightly visible on the top of a platform to make the mannequin bounce of it... Do this 99 times more and you should get a trophy. You should probably have this before the end of all three modes. I got it before my first mode was done.

Ankle Twister
Fall through holes 100 times.

Whenever there is a hole in the blocks, the mannequin will fall through when walked on. Make it walk and fall through 100 holes to get this trophy. There are really no specific level to grind this, but you should be able to get this before the end of your first mode.

Tunnel Digger
Walk through arches 50 times.

There are these arches scattered around. When you walk through one, you come out of another, no matter where it is, as long as it's aligned with a wall. You will have to do this 50 times. You will most likely get this early on.

Head Banger
Hit your head on ceilings 30 times.

This is pretty easy. You get this by using a bounce pad to bounce the mannequin into the wall above. A good place to get this is on the level e-5 "Hello" Right as you enter the level there is a bounce pad and a small passageway to your right. It's easiest to just grind the small number here, since it's not common to accidentally do that through normal gameplay.

Goal Tender
Reveal 100 goal points.

This will most likely be your first trophy. To reveal a goal point light the wall in such way that a rectangle block and a jumppad sphere forms a door with an arch on top. It will then reveal a door. If you then destroy it again, and then reveal it again, it will put another reveal on the counter. You could just do this, but you will get it through normal gameplay anyway so don't bother.

Art Collector
Collect every piece of shadow art.

There is a total of 26 pieces of shadow art in the game. You unlock them lighting certain levels in a certain way so the blocks shadow creates an image. Below is all of the levels with shadow art. Please note, that when you've found a piece of shadow art you need to hold the image still for a few seconds for it to register.

The link below will direct you to a playlist made by me, that contains all of the shadow art:

This is where you will find the videos.

Light and Shadow Apprentice
Finish all Play Mode levels in one game mode.

Please take a look at: "Light and Shadow Master ".

Light and Shadow Journeyman
Finish all Play Mode levels in two game modes.

Please take a look at: "Light and Shadow Master ".

Light and Shadow Master
Finish all Play Mode levels in all three game modes.

There are three modes in Echochrome II

Pretty simple mode. You need to reveal the exit door, and make the mannequin walk through it. It's really not that hard to do and going through the all the levels in this mode will take around 3-5 hours. Notice, that you seldom is going to use the "proper" way and just go with a form of exploit. Heck, I do it all the time.

This mode is a bit longer. You'll have to make the mannequin go to "collect" an Echo. Then another echo appear, that you'll have to collect. After collecting all of the echoes the level is complete. This one takes a bit longer and it is a bit harder too. 5-7 hours I would say.

The last mode is the weirdest. You now have differently coloured mannequins, which you have to use to paint the level, so that it has a certain percentage of each colour. I would recommend to try to isolate the mannequins so they don't interfere with each other. This one takes some time too, so expect at least another 7 hours.

Once you get to the "G" section of levels you can also rotate the room, this will make it a bit harder to find a clear path.

Once all of the modes are complete you will get this trophy.

Custom Crafter
Upload five custom levels.

Go to level editor and make a level. It doesn't have to be something advanced or beautiful, just make sure it's beatable. Upload it and then just do that same progress 4 more times and you should be good. As soon as you've uploaded the fifth level the trophy should pop-up.

Sticker Sticker
Affix 100 rating stickers.

This is done online. Play through a level online, and then choose to rate it. You can now place one sticker on the border of the level. Just play through 100 levels and place a sticker for each one. Be aware that it is a finicky process to place them sometimes. You can place one sticker a day on each level. This will take you some time. You can always create your own levels and play them and rate them.

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