Players: 1
Online Trophies: Technically 1, however online play is not required, only an online connection to PSN.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-40 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: Minimum 2, but 3+ is HIGHLY recommended
Collectible Trophies: Good Listener, I Will Mourn You
Missable Trophies: N/A as there is Chapter Select after beating the game once.


When God gave birth to man many ages ago, he appointed the Grigori, the most human of all angels in heaven to watch over him. Hence, the Grigori were also known as 'The Watchers'. As time passed, the Grigori performed their duty, all the while becoming increasingly interested in how man lived, until one day they betrayed God and descended to Earth to be amongst mankind. When Heaven's highest order, the Council of Elders discovered this treachery, they resolved to send a great flood to destroy mankind and restore balance.

Enoch, a righteous scribe whom God saw favor in and granted immortality by allowing him to ascend to Heaven while still living, objected to the Council's decision. The Council agreed to spare mankind this terrible fate on the condition that Enoch return to Earth and escort the Fallen Angels back to Heaven. And so, your journey as Enoch begins ...

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • While I tried to keep it to a minimum, this guide contains spoilers throughout, so please read at your own discretion.
  • Any controller directions provided are based on default controller settings.
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon.
    • The Arch is a standard all-around weapon that is designed for close-range combat, but has decent range. It delivers moderate damage compared to the other two weapons in the game. It also aids during platforming in that you can glide with it. The Arch provides a moderate amount of defense against attacks.
    • The Gale is a ranged weapon allowing you to attack from a distance. In terms of damage, it is weaker than the Arch. The Gale allows you to perform a Gale Tackle, which is a propulsion move allowing you to clear large gaps, if performed in conjunction with a double-jump. It's also a good dodging maneuver. The Gale provides the least amount of defense against attacks.
    • The Veil is another close-range combat weapon. It deals the most damage of all three weapons, but is slower, and more cumbersome. Also, it doesn't have quite as good a range as the Arch. Additionally, it provides no added benefit during platforming. It does, however, allow for higher defense against attacks compared to the other two weapons.

  • As you fight the forces of evil, your weapon may become covered by their vileness, weakening it. The game will show you to purify () your weapon to re-strengthen it. Be sure to do so as often as possible.
  • Kills/guards/guardbreaks/object breaks are cumulative across playthroughs, so don't be too worried about any trophies not unlocking during a single playthrough.
  • There are many breakable objects in the game along your path. Break as many as possible as some of them offer recovery and power-up items.
    See Out Of Control.
  • It may seem like a good strategy would be to go guns blazing into each fight, but you'll realize that this isn't the best way to do things. Fight defensively as much as you do offensively. Don't sit among a group of three enemies. Try to put some space between them because as you're fighting one, realize that another one WILL come and attack you.
  • Wait for your enemies to attack and wait for the right spot to launch your counter-attacks.
  • In fights with enemies with weapons, especially multiple enemies, always try to daze them and take their weapons; it'll make the battles much more manageable. You should be doing this anyway for Hunter-Gatherer
  • The game has an autosave feature, but also allows you to save whenever you encounter Lucifel along your quest, so you have limited manual save capabilities. Be sure to take advantage of these manual save points. For example, if you're focusing on getting a trophy where you're not allowed to die, and you do, quit the game to the main menu, and reload your last save point.
  • During the boss battles, it's best to take your time at first. Learn the different attacks each boss and learn their patterns. Once you know their patterns, don't attack haphazardly; attack when the time is right. This will limit how much damage you take and will increase your chances of success.
  • Learn from your mistakes, especially during boss battles and platforming sequences. Certain platforming sequences will require you to have a Gale or an Arch, whatever the case may be. If you fail at a particular sequence and have to restart at a later point, be sure to be on the lookout for that particular weapon that you need to successfully negotiate the platforms in question.
  • Make sure to collect all of Ishtar's Bones during the Darkness stages during your first playthrough. After collecting all six, you unlock a "Special" outfit for Enoch to use in subsequent playthroughs. This "Special" outfit nullifies all damage by combat, making you, effectively, invincible. NOTE: Use of the "Special" outfit is not permitted in certain Chapters.
  • Don't forget about Overboost. Make use of it, especially during boss battles.


  1. Playthrough #1 - Although there are several difficulty trophies, and they stack, the only two options available at the beginning are EASY and NORMAL, so choose NORMAL for this playthrough to unlock the increased difficulties. Obviously in this playthrough, you'll get all of the story-related trophies, and it may not be a bad idea to also focus on Good Listener, and in particular I Will Mourn You while you're at it, as the latter will make subsequent playthroughs easier. Also, focus on either I'll take the best you have. or The armor okay? If not, I could..., with the former probably being the easier of the two for this playthrough. Additionally, try to unlock Time In The Spotlight and My Acrobatic Friend. If you die trying to unlock the latter, simply quit the game via the XMB and reload your last save. During this playthrough, you should also get a few of the combat/kill trophies, but probably won't get all of them, so don't worry.
  2. Playthrough #2 - At this point, you've unlocked the HARD and EXTRA difficulties. Play this second playthrough on EXTRA and you'll receive credit for lower difficulties you haven't unlocked trophies for yet. For this playthrough, get whichever one between either I'll take the best you have. or The armor okay? If not, I could... that you didn't get. During this playthrough, you should get the remaining combat/kill trophies you didn't get during playthrough #1.
  3. Playthrough #3 - This playthrough is probably the toughest of all. Revert back to your regular armor and prepare for a fight. Set the difficulty to HARD and go through the game, trying to achieve the coveted 'G' ranking for each stage. If you die during combat or fall during platforming, it may be best to quit to the main menu and reload your previous save. This playthrough has to be about as flawless as possible.
  4. Playthrough #4 - This isn't so much a playthrough as it is clean-up for any miscellaneous trophies you didn't get via the other playthroughs. This may not be necessary.


Lord of the Metatron
Earn all of the Trophies.

Unlock all the other trophies for this game and this will unlock. Good luck!

The Journey Begins
Finish Chapter 00.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

Chapter 00 is, more or less, a tutorial. Simply perform the basic actions shown in the tutorial and the trophy will unlock.

Journey's End
Finish Chapter 01.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock at the end of Chapter 01, when you reach the tower. Along the way, you'll have an encounter with Watcher Azazel. Whether you win or lose, the story will progress. However, if you want to beat him, here are some tips:
  • He has an attack where he shoots a cloud of insects at you. They're slow-moving but they follow you, so just try to avoid them.
  • He has a charge attack that can easily be dodged if you time your jump correctly.
  • He has an attack where he jumps up and tries to land on you. Don't immediately try to dodge this attack as soon as he, rather delay your dodge by a second or two, and if timed properly, he should miss you. He's usually vulnerable after landing so use this opportunity to land a couple of hits.
  • Don't get carried away mashing buttons. Even when hitting him, he can still hit you, and chances are he'll do more damage to you than you will to him.

Welcome to the Tower
Finish Chapter 02.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock after following the nephilim into the Tower and completing the 2D platforming sequence with the stained-glass windows. During this Chapter you'll encounter a couple of mini-bosses, Silversage & Goldsage. Their weapon of choice will be a Gale. The battle is relatively easy once you manage to steal one of their Gales. Use the Gale Thrust move to quickly dodge their shots. They should present little trouble, especially since they attack you one at a time. The second one won't begin to fight you until you've defeated the first.

An Unfriendly Greeting
Finish Chapter 03.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock after your battle with Woola and Foola, the two large pig-looking beasts. These are the bosses (or mini-bosses) for this Chapter. Dodging their attacks is relatively easy. Here are some tips for defeating them.
  • Dodging their attacks is most effective if you have a Gale since you can do a double-jump and then a Gale Thrust for some extra padding room.
  • Near the beginning of the battle, they have an attack where they charge at you from opposite sides. If you can time it properly, stand in between them and when they charge, jump (or double-jump) and dodge, and they should butt heads, leaving them vulnerable for attack, albeit briefly.
  • They also have an attack where they run around in circles. Just watch where they're going, and jump when necessary.
  • Mid-way into the battle, they have an attack where they both charge at you side-by-side. This is also relatively easy to dodge as well, especially if you have a Gale.
  • Focus on one pig at a time. Once you've killed one of the two and are down to just one, the battle becomes much easier.
  • This isn't crucial, but if you acquire the Eyes of Truth, pay attention to the colors you see above your enemies. The color indicates whether or not you are at a disadvantaged based on what weapon you currently possess. Even if you are at a disadvantage, though, you can still succeed in the fight; it just may take longer to take them down.

Nephilim Party
Finish Chapter 04.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock following the cut scene after defeating Nether Sariel. This is your first real boss fight. He doesn't change into his 'Nether' form, though, until you've defeated him in 'Watcher' form. As 'Watcher', his attacks are the same as they've been before. Sariel has a relatively easy-to-dodge-attack where he shoots orbs at you. Then he has his usual charge attack which can be dodged with a double-jump. He has two beam-type attacks. One of them is shot straight at you while the other one comes up from underneath you. The one that comes underneath you can be easily dodged by double-jumping to the side, while the other is best dodged by jumping towards (and over) Sariel. Again, like other boss battles, observe the patterns and attack when you see an opening.

As his 'Nether' form, he has similar attacks, but is much quicker and stronger, and is in the form of a bat-looking creature, so you'll have to time your dodges much better. One thing that will be to your advantage at this point is that you can make use of the Archangel Uriel, so do so. While the attack styles look differently, you can use similar maneuvers to dodge.

Visitor from Beyond Time
Finish Chapter 05.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

Defeat the Fire Nephilim at the end of the Chapter and a cut scene will ensue. The trophy will unlock at the end of the cut scene. The Fire Nephilim isn't incredibly tough to beat, but will present you with a moderate challenge. He has, essentially, three types of attacks.
  • His most basic attack involves trying to hit you with his arms by pounding the ground. These attacks are fairly easy to dodge, especially if you have a Gale, since you can quickly use Gale Tackle to evade the attack.
  • Another attack involves the Fire Nephilim extending his arms and spinning around. You have to attempt to dodge the swinging arms. This involves either standing still and letting a set of arms fly over you, or jumping over the lower set of arms.
  • His final type of attack involves him shooting lasers at you from his eyes. These are a bit tougher to dodge because the lasers move fast, so jump quickly. Obviously, if you have an Arch or Gale to help your jumping, use it.

Unnatural Evolution
Finish Chapter 06.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock after you defeat the Battorile at the end of Chapter 06. This boss is, essentially, a huge transformer-like boss. As long as you keep moving, this boss shouldn't present too much trouble for you. The one thing, as Lucifel instructs you, is that depending on his form, certain weapons work better over others. Observe the ring above it, and listen to the voice prompts to know which weapon to use.

A Warm Welcome
Finish Chapter 07.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock after the cut scene following your battle with Armaros at the end of Chapter 07. After fighting Armaros background dancers, you get to face him. It doesn't really matter if you win or not because this won't be your final encounter with Armaros anyway. But I guess if you still want to try your best, here's some tips on his attacks.
  • One of his attacks involves him shooting floating orbs in all directions. Just try your best to jump (or double-jump) over them.
  • He, like the others, has a charge attack that's relatively easy to dodge.
  • His most dangerous attack is when he gets 'absorbed' into the water you two are fighting on and he travels to where you are and shoots a beam up from underneath you. You have to time it precisely and dodge this attack by jumping sideways. It has a somewhat large AoE, so make sure you jump far enough away.

Like with the other bosses, observe his attacks and see when he's most vulnerable, and attack.

Aren't You Happy, Too?
Finish Chapter 08.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock after the cut scene following your battle, as Armaros, with Dark Enoch at the end of Chapter 08. For the most part, Dark Enoch is moderately easy to beat. He has no weapons, and doesn't have all the magical powers that the Fallen Angels have, but he does have a few tricks of his own. Early on, most of his attacks are melee, close-range except for a few. One such attack is where he spins and at the end of his spin shoots a projectile. Another one is where he conjures up a bunch of arrow-like projectiles and shoots then either inward or outward. These can be dodged relatively easily with proper jumping. He, like the other bosses, also has a charge attack that's relatively easy to dodge. Later on in the fight, he has an attack where he floats around after you. Again, some strategic jumping makes this an easy dodge. You'll notice that every so often Enoch will have his helmet shift around. Pay attention to how his helmet is positioned and what attacks he uses. It's indicative of what he'll continue to do throughout the battle.

Welcome Back, Enoch
Finish Chapter 09.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock after the brief cut scene where Lucifel frees you from your ice block at the end of Chapter 09.

My Beautiful Children...
Finish Chapter 10.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

This trophy will unlock after the brief cut scene after defeating Nether Ezekiel at the end of Chapter 10. Obviously, like Azazel, you'll have to fight Watcher Ezekiel first before she 'changes outfits'. Again, in her Watcher form, her attacks are predictable like the others. She has a couple of lightning attacks--one where she shoots multiple rays straight up from the ground (this one won't damage you much as long as you're not close to her) and another that she shoots a single ray at you (this one can be easily dodged). She also has a M. Bison-like stomp like Azazel, which can be dodged with a strategic double-jump. Again, just observe her patterns of attack and launch your attack when she's vulnerable.

As Nether Ezekiel, things get a little tougher. You're battle arena is now surrounded by an electric fence that can hurt you. I found that attacking with the Veil caused the most damage. She has a variety of attack, involving bursts of electricity, that are moderately easy to dodge. Then there's an attack she uses where she 'disconnects' the top part of her body from the bottom and floats above you trying to land on you. She hovers pretty slowly, so it shouldn't be to difficult to dodge when she tries to squash you.

The Last Job
Finish Chapter 11.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

After defeating Dark Armaros, a series of cut scenes will ensue. The trophy will unlock at the end of the cut scenes, right before the ending credits start to roll.

This Chapter sets you against two bosses in the form of Watcher/Nether Azazel and then Dark Armaros. For tips for Watcher Azazel, see Journey's End.

In my opinion, Nether Azazel is easier than Watcher Azazel. As Nether Azazel, he takes the form of a large insect which isn't all that surprising. His attack pattern is relatively simple. He teleports back and forth from a spot that's close to you to a spot that's right next to you and tries to kick you. He's relatively easy to dodge. After a few attempts at kicking you, he teleports to a spot far away from you and shoots a series of beams. Double-jumping usually works well with dodging these attacks. Study his pattern, and when you sense there's an opening, launch a brief set of attacks. Sooner or later, he should be finished.

Later on, you come up against Dark Armaros, but he looks quite different. Much like earlier fights, you'll have to pick and see which weapons have the most effect on Dark Armaros at a given time. Armaros has a variety of attacks, but the only time he's vulnerable is when he does a dive in and out of the pool of water underneath you and tries to land on you. While he's in that prone position laying on his belly, he's vulnerable so hack away. Remember to take notice if your weapon is causing any damage or not. If it isn't then you need to switch to another weapon. If I recall correctly, Lucifel prompts you which weapon to use during the appropriate time.

Escape From The Darkness
Finish the Darkness stage.

You'll encounter your first Darkness stage in Chapter 02 - The Tower. To get to the stage is a bit tricky. On the same level where you find the Freeman that gives you the 'Sariel' note, you'll come across a switch that activates a set of rotating platforms. If you notice, to the right of the rotating platforms, you'll see that there's a large gap that leads to another platform. To cross the gap use your double-jump and Gale thrust combo (, , +) and you should make it over. It may take you a few tries to get it because the rotating platforms makes it a bit tricky to negotiate landing on the other side. Once you've made it across, follow the path and it'll lead you to the entrance to 'The Darkness'. To unlock this trophy, simply make your way out of the darkness by platforming up, before the vileness (the ooze rising beneath you) consumes you.

Finish all chapters at the Easy difficulty level or higher.

Finish all chapters at the Normal difficulty level or higher.

For your first playthrough, only EASY and NORMAL are available as difficulty settings. Select NORMAL, and complete the game to unlock this trophy, along with Angels. Increased difficulty settings will subsequently be unlocked.

Finish all chapters at the Hard difficulty level or higher.

See Seraphim.

Finish all chapters at the EXTRA difficulty level.

Once you finish your first playthrough, this difficulty setting should be unlocked. After unlocking it, select EXTRA difficulty from the menu and complete the game to unlock this trophy along with Dominions.

What's Yours Is Mine
Acquire all the Pearls from the servant beasts.

This trophy is, essentially, unmissable. The 'Pearls' refer to the three types of weapons that you learn to steal during the early stages of the game. Assuming you're stealing the enemies' weapons when instructed to during the game, once you steal the last of the weapons, the Veil, from Ezek V during Chapter 03, this trophy will unlock.

I Will Mourn You
Obtain all entries in the Prophecies of Ishtar.

Some chapters in the game contain a hidden platforming stage known as the 'Darkness'. To escape the Darkness, you have to successfully negotiate the series of platforms and escape by reaching the hand before the rising ooze of vileness consumes you and you die. While you're in the Darkness, look for fragments of Ishtar's bones. Make sure to take them back with you when you try to escape the Darkness to acquire the various Prophecies of Ishtar. Obtain all six of the Prophecies of Ishtar to unlock this trophy and receive a very valuable reward at the end of the game. The six stages of Darkness are indicated below.
  1. Chapter 02 - Prophecies of Ishtar #1 - Gale Required! The entrance to the Darkness in this Chapter is off the beaten path a bit. To get to the stage is a bit tricky. On the same level where you find the Freeman that gives you the 'Sariel' note, you'll come across a switch that activates a set of rotating platforms on the right side of the stage. If you notice, to the right of the rotating platforms, you'll see that there's a large gap that leads to another platform. To cross the gap use your double-jump and Gale Tackle combo (, , +) and you should make it over. It may take you a few tries to get it because the rotating platforms makes it a bit tricky to negotiate landing on the other side. Once you've made it across, follow the path and it'll lead you to the entrance to the Darkness.
  2. Chapter 03 - Prophecies of Ishtar #2 - The entrance to the Darkness stage in this Chapter is a bit hidden. Similar to how you reach the Freeman that gives you the 'Ezekiel' note, after your battle with Sariel, cross the chasm with the floating platforms and wisps, and you'll come to a path with a roof. Don't enter the tunnel, rather jump up to the roof, and follow the path to the entrance to the Darkness stage.
  3. Chapter 04 - Prophecies of Ishtar #3 - After you've completed all the platforming stages in this Chapter and you're back at the hub, a set of stairs will appear ahead. However, back-track towards the beginning of the stage and you'll come to the entrance to the Darkness stage.
  4. Chapter 05 - Prophecies of Ishtar #4 - After your encounter with Ezekiel, continue on your path and you'll have to climb up the side of a large rock. Make your way to the third platform (it should be the one right below the top platform). Go around to the right and make your way to the entrance to the Darkness stage.
  5. Chapter 07 - Prophecies of Ishtar #5 - Near the beginning of the Chapter, you'll have a battle or two, and then a quick cut scene will ensue where you'll see Nanna on top of a Nephilim, and you'll hear Lucifel's voice asking if she followed you here. Continue on and another battle ensues. After the battle, head to your left and you'll notice a series of waterfalls. Make your ascension and at the top will be the entrance to the Darkness stage.
  6. Chapter 10 - Prophecies of Ishtar #6 - You come across a part during the platforming that you have to jump on top of the pendulums that you had previously dodged earlier in the level (the second set of pendulums, not the first). Once you've made your way across, you meet up with Lucifel. Continue on, and you'll encounter a chasm that you have to cross by using the moving blocks with neon orange writing on them. If you notice, there are two sets of blocks--one going forward, and the other going to the left. Wait for the set of blocks that goes left, and use it to go left. Climb the small set of steps and the entrance to the Darkness will be at the top.

Good Listener
Obtain all of the Freemen's Notes.

After your battle with Watcher Azazel during Chapter 01, you'll encounter a Freeman. The Freemen are a group of humans that oppose the Fallen Angels. They give you conditions surrounding the game such as details about the Fallen Angels you're after and what's inside the Tower they abide in. Collect all 19 of their notes and this trophy unlocks. Below are the locations of the Freemen, along with the names of the particular notes each gives you.
  1. Chapter 01 - Heavenly Messenger - After your battle with Watcher Azazel, you'll find your first Freeman along the main path in an alcove to the right; he's pretty hard to miss.
  2. Chapter 02 - The Tower - As you're making your way to the tower, you'll ascend various levels of platforms. This Freeman can be found on a path to the left once you've been transported to the 3rd set of platforms.
  3. Chapter 02 - Observer in the Sky - This Freeman is also along your path to the tower, on a path to the left, near a spot where you can meet up with Lucifel.
  4. Chapter 02 - Sariel - Gale Required! This one is a bit tougher to get to than the previous ones, and a Gale is required if you want any chance of making the jump. You'll come across a set of spinning platforms. After that, you ascend some steps and get transported to the next set of platforms. From here, you go along the path and take a left. You'll come across a gap which seems like too far a jump to make, but this isn't true. Perform a double jump (tap twice) and while in mid-air, perform a Gale Tackle ( + ) and you should land safely on the other side. The Freeman is at the end of the path.
  5. Chapter 03 - Ezekiel - After your battle with Azazel, cross the chasm with the floating platforms, but instead of going into the tunnel, jump on top and follow the path to the first of three Freemen on this level.
  6. Chapter 03 - Search for a Hero - This Freeman will be hard to miss. During the 2D platforming sequence where it switches continuously between night and day, just keep progressing and he'll be directly in your path.
  7. Chapter 03 - Three Large Pigs - Gale Required! During the 2D platforming sequence with the fire, make sure that if you don't already have it, that you use the Fruits of Wisdom to change your weapon to the Gale. If you're unsure, the Fruits of Wisdom should be green (Blue gives you an Arch, while Yellow gives you a Veil). To get to this Freeman, proceed to the end of the platforming sequence but DO NOT go through the door. From the platform leading up to the stairs, do a double-jump and Gale Tackle (, , +) and jump over the door. A platform will pop up underneath of you. Negotiate the various platforms and at the end you'll see the Freeman. There's no need to backtrack from here as there is an exit by the Freeman. However, be sure that when you jump to the final platform that you don't over-jump because if you even come close to the door you'll completely miss the Freeman and the game will proceed to the next stage, in which case, just quit to the XMB and reload the Autosave, and try again.
  8. Chapter 04 - Nephilim - During one of the platforming sequences, you'll come across a portion where you'll have to go up while Nephilim are on both sides moving large, yellow blocks back and forth, giving you little time to jump up. If you notice on the right-hand side that the 3rd level has no Nephilim. Make your way to this platform and you'll see the Freeman there.
  9. Chapter 04 - Sariel's Beloved - During the platforming sequence where some Nephilim have what appear to be large beach balls strapped to them, you should come upon this Freeman; he's pretty tough to miss. You'll hear a voice saying "search the area well" when you're near.
  10. Chapter 05 - Freemen - Near the beginning of the stage, you'll come across a narrow bridge, and at the end you'll see some Fire Wisps. Instead of continuing straight ahead with the stage, go toward the left and drop down a couple of ledges and the Freeman will be at the bottom.
  11. Chapter 05 - Fire Nephilim - After you meet up with Lucifel and climb onto the platform that takes you up, you'll begin the 2D platforming section. From the start, go all the way to the left of the first level, and you'll be forced to go up. Wait for the moving platform, and ride it to the right and you'll see the Freeman. NOTE: When he gives you the note, the title will be 'Freemen' but if you go to the start menu and look in the library, the title will read 'Fire Nephilim'.
  12. Chapter 05 - Baraqel - After your battle with Azazel, you'll go up another lift and fight a group of Doruga (the enemies with circles for heads). Once you beat them, you're back at the 2D platforming stage. You'll come across a point where you'll have several moving platforms, and you have to make your way left and end up at a small lift that takes you up. Once you're at the top, keep heading left and down a ramp. Jump to the last platform where the Freeman will be waiting for you.. NOTE: Much like the previous one, when he gives you the note, the title will be 'Fire Nephilim' but if you go to the start menu and look in the library, the title will read 'Baraqel'.
  13. Chapter 06 - Future - This one is relatively easy to find, and is the only one in this level. At the beginning of the stage, you'll hear Lucifel's voice; he's apparently talking to God on his cell phone. Before going to meet him, look to your left and ascend the staircase. The Freeman will be at the top.
  14. Chapter 07 - Armaros - This Freeman is located near the same area where you find the entrance to Darkness stage #5, except instead of going left, you go right, down a ramp to a platform with a small tree. From the platform, jump to the watery pathway and head right all the way to the end to reach the Freeman.
  15. Chapter 07 - Water Nephilim - This Freeman is pretty hard to miss. After your battle with Watcher Azazel, you'll go through a door and enter a side-scrolling stage. After your first battle, keep going a bit, and the Freeman will be in the distance.
  16. Chapter 07 - Nanna - This one is a bit tricky to get to. It helps if you have a Gale or Arch. In the same area that you found the previous Freeman, you'll have a battle with Watcher Ezekiel. Afterwards, you'll finish that particular portion of the Chapter and enter a 2D platforming stage. Instead of sliding down the watery slope, jump the gap to the platform. You'll come across a weapon wisp, so if you don't have a weapon, grab one now. I find that the next jump and the one at the end near the Freeman are most easily done with a Gale since they're rather large gaps. Keep jumping across, making sure not to fall and you'll reach the Freeman at the end.
  17. Chapter 10 - Arakiel - You'll come across a side-scrolling portion of the Chapter where you'll fight some ramps, and you'll see a silhouette of the battle between Nanna (Ishtar) and Ezekiel in the background. The following stage will be a tile-sliding stage. This is where you'll encounter the first Freeman. From the first block, ride the tile forward to the second block. From the second block, ride another tile to the right. Once on this block, hit the wall to the right and it should fall creating a bridge to the block on the right. There should be a breakable object here. From here, ride a final tile to the block behind you (towards the camera) and the Freeman will be here.
  18. Chapter 10 - The Legend of Ishtar - This one can be seen easily as long as you don't go too fast. After you've made it past the sliding tile puzzle and have ascended the set of blocks using the bouncing tiles with the green rings, you should come across Lucifel. Keep going up and you'll come across a platform that has two holes, and a bouncing tile to the far right. Jump up to the next platform and it should be the same thing--two holes and a bouncing tile. Make your way to the right, and if you look below you, you should see the Freeman on the platform directly below you. Jump down the whole and over to the platform he's standing on to receive your note.
  19. Chapter 10 - Small Nephilim - From the previous Freeman, you'll make your way up and use a bouncing tile to jump through a series of platforms with holes that get increasingly small. You'll end up on a platform that opens up wider on each side. Obviously, as you approach each side, a battle ensues. Head left and fight off your enemies. Jump on the bouncing tile and the Freeman will be at the top to give you this note.

Benevolent Missionary
Defeat more than 500 enemies.

Not much to this trophy. Defeat 500 enemies and it'll unlock. It unlocked for me near the end of Chapter 07.

Benevolent Savior
Defeat more than 1000 enemies.

Again, not much to this trophy either. Defeat 1,000 enemies and it'll unlock. Chances are you won't unlock this trophy in one playthrough. This trophy unlocked for me about halfway through Chapter 04 of playthrough #2.

My Acrobatic Friend
Finish Chapter 08 without dying.

This trophy may prove to be very difficult. Chapter 08 is pretty much entirely platforming and there are a lot of tricky jumps. You play as Armaros, believe it or not. There aren't too many things that can make this trophy any easier other than practicing. If you die, you'll have to reload your last save from the main menu, whether it be the autosave or a manual one. Also, Armaros has the same glide ability that Enoch does when he has his Arch, so make sure to put it to good use.

Out of Control
Break 500 destroyable objects.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter many breakable objects. To unlock this trophy, simply break 500 objects throughout the course of the game. Aside from wanting to break them for the purposes of this trophy, many objects reward you with recovery and power-up items, so it's in your best interest to break everything in your path. The trophy should unlock near the end of your first playthrough.

Counterstrike Artist
Execute 100 Perfect Guards.

A perfect guard is a guard that is timed well-enough that when the enemy strikes, it stuns them and leaves them vulnerable for attack. You can tell when you've performed a perfect guard because there will be a slightly longer delay than usual after the guard, and the visual effect is more pronounced. Time your guards and press to execute 100 of these throughout the game and the trophy unlocks.

If you're eager to get it out of the way early, there are plenty of situations where you come up against two or three enemies. Take out all but one of them and perform your perfect guards on the remaining one and it will unlock. The black and white portion in Chapter 01 where you're making your way to the tower has ramps (spider-looking creatures that walk on four legs), that are relatively weak and easy to block. Use these as an opportunity.

The first half of the video below gives a demonstration of a perfect guard.

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Show No Mercy
Execute 100 Guard Breaks.

A guard break is another well-time move where you attack your enemy (while they're guarding, of course), take a slight pause, and attack again. if done correctly, your foe's guard will fall, leaving him open for attack. Execute 100 of these to unlock this trophy. These may take a little bit more practice as I found them more difficult than the 100 perfect guards.

Your Weapons Are Your Best Friends
Have your weapon destroyed.

A strong-enough hit by an enemy, usually a boss, and your weapon may break. This trophy unlocked for me during the Watcher Sariel fight during Chapter 02. I got hit by one of his attacks, and lost my Gale and the trophy popped.

Quite a Find
Collect the Eyes of Truth.

You should encounter this early on in the game. During your fight with Ezekiel's giant pig-looking beasts, Foola and Woola, in Chapter 03 the game will tell you about weapon wisps, and how you can attack them to nab whatever weapon you see fit to use during the fight. At a certain point, while picking up a weapon, you'll also pick up the Eyes of Truth, and the game will explain what's its use is, and the trophy should unlock. While the video below doesn't show the trophy unlocking, it'll show the battle and the player picking up the Eyes of Truth at around the 1:20 minute mark.

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Rest in Peace
Defeat 50 of Souls of the Beloved

You'll first encounter these in Chapter 03. They are floating female spirits that can overtake your soul. They're not difficult to kill at all. Simply defeat 50 of these and the trophy will unlock. It shouldn't take long, as the trophy unlocked for me during Chapter 04 where they are more prevalent.

I'll take the best you have.
In Chapter 10, take all weapons from all enemies and complete the chapter.

Much the same as Hunter-Gatherer, simply perform a weapon steal on every enemy on the level, and once you've completed it, the trophy should unlock. If you miss a weapon (e.g., you kill an enemy without recovering their weapon), quit to the main menu and reload your last save.

I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 1
Defeat Nether Sariel without executing a recover.

I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 2
Defeat Nether Ezekiel without executing a recover.

I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 3
Defeat Nether Azazel without executing a recover.

I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 4
Defeat Dark Armaros without executing a recover.

These four trophies are probably best left for playthrough #2, where you have the use of the "Special" outfit which nullifies all damage. Since you can't take any damage, and aren't allowed to perform recovers for this trophy, the "Special" outfit will make easy work of this.

Arch Master
Defeat 300 enemies with Arch.

The Arch is the first weapon you encounter in the game. It is a versatile weapon that's good for close-range combat, and also can aid you in platforming by allowing you to glide a bit, giving you a few extra seconds for difficult platforming sequences. Defeat 300 enemies throughout the course of the game with the Arch to unlock this trophy.

Veil Master
Defeat 300 enemies with Veil.

The Veil is the final weapon you'll encounter in the game during Chapter 03. You'll come across a beast named Zeke V. Knock him around until he's dazed, and approach him and press to steal his Veil. The Veil is not as quick as the other two, but it packs more of a punch, so to speak. It also provides a bit more defense than the other two. Defeat 300 enemies throughout the course of the game with the Veil to unlock this trophy.

Gale Master
Defeat 300 enemies with Gale.

The Gale is a projectile-based weapon that's good for long-range attacks. Your first chance to acquire one is in Chapter 02. You come across a couple of foes, each with Gale, and you have to fight them, but luckily it's only one at a time. The game will prompt you that you'll need a Gale for this fight. That's your cue to try to daze your enemy, and press at the right time to steal the Gale from your first foe. Once you take him out, it's time to fight the second one. Aside from his Gale attack, he'll also use his Gale Tackle, a special move which basically allows his to quickly thrust himself at you. To unlock this trophy, simply defeat 300 enemies with your Gale.

Martial Arts Master
Defeat 100 enemies with bare hands

This trophy may unlock, during the normal progression of the game, during Chapter 08 since you have no use of weapons in that Chapter. If it doesn't, simply reload it from the chapter select and replay it until it does.

Pushing the Limit
Launch an Overboost.

You learn this battle technique during the final battle at the end of Chapter 04 with Sariel. The game will prompt you to use an Overboost. Simply press + to use Overboost and the trophy will unlock.

A Reliable Friend
Raise your boost level to 10.

This isn't so much difficult as it is tedious and time-consuming. You'll unlock your Overboost power during Chapter 04 during the final battle. If you press the button, you'll notice that a new gauge has appeared in the bottom, right-hand corner. It indicates what your current boost level is. To increase your boost level, just keep collecting the Fiery orbs throughout the game. Chances are you won't reach level 10 with just one playthrough, so be prepared for multiple playthroughs, which are necessary for the platinum anyway.

No Problem
Finish any chapter without collecting any armor-recovery items.

This trophy isn't too difficult. Make sure to not break any objects as they may contain armor-recovery items. Also, there are some stages that have armor-recovery items laden along the path, so make sure to avoid these. While this trophy can be attempted in multiple Chapters, the easiest and quickest is probably Chapter 01 (playthrough #2) since it has enemies of the weakest variety and you can use the "Special" outfit, making it unnecessary to even need any armor recovery items. Also, assuming you've already collected the first Freeman's note, don't go to him if attempting this trophy, otherwise, he'll give you armor-recovery items as well.

Take 100 weapons from enemies.

You can take an enemy's weapon while they're dazed after you've knocked them around a bit. The first instance you're shown how to do this is during Chapter 01 against the Martyr. You are unarmed while he has an arch. Hit him a few times until you're prompted to steal his weapon. Approach him and press . Do this 100 times throughout the game for this trophy to unlock. I unlocked it during Chapter 10, so don't fret if it seems like it's taking a while.

Living Miracle
Finish all chapters without a single Game Over.

This is best left for playthrough #2, when you have the use of the "Special" outfit. The "Special" outfit nullifies all damage, so you don't have to worry about dying through combat, but you still have to ensure that you don't die too often during the platforming sequences otherwise you may still wind up with a 'game over'. A game over is signified by a black screen appearing where you can either CONTINUE or go to the MAIN MENU. While you are allowed a certain number of deaths during platforming before you reach a game over screen, it's probably best to quit to the main menu and reload a previous save if you die during a platforming section of the game.

Indomitable Soul
Execute 50 recovers.

This trophy should present little trouble. Essentially, any time your armor, and subsequently your HP drop low enough, the screen will appear as if eyes are shutting (basically, you're dying). Quickly, repeatedly tap , , , and together and you'll perform a Rapid-Fire Recovery. Simply perform 50 of these to unlock this trophy.

Battle for Honor
Register for the SCORE RANKING.

SCORE RANKING mode is unlocked after finishing the first playthrough. Once you've finished the game and are back at the menu, select NEW GAME to start a new playthrough and put it on whatever settings you'd like. Once you've finished a chapter you should see a screen that says "Registering Score" and the trophy should unlock.

NOTE: You have to be logged on to PSN in order to register your score.

The armor okay? If not, I could…
Finish Chapter 10 without taking any weapons from enemies.

This is pretty straightforward, although it may not necessarily be easy since you start the chapter with no weapons. To make it easier, it's probably best left for playthrough #2 since you can use the "Special" outfit and go through the Chapter fighting bare-handed. Go through the chapter, purposely avoiding stealing any weapons from your foes. Complete the chapter and the trophy unlocks. If you steal a weapon by accident, quit to the main menu and reload either your autosave or a manual save, whichever is more recent.

Time In The Spotlight
Defeat 50 enemies during Armaros show.

Let me start off by saying that this guy's a piece of work. Once you see him in action you'll know why I say that. That being said, this is done in Chapter 07. Armaros will begin his dance routine. Now's the time for you to go to work. It's probably best to use the Gale since you can cover as much terrain as possible with the limited amount of time you have. Kill 50 enemies and the trophy unlocks. There's a manual save point right before you enter this fight so you can simply reload from the main menu if you don't get the trophy. If this trophy proves difficult on NORMAL setting, you can always replay it on EASY, making the enemies easier to kill.

The second half of the video below (begins at around the 1:00 minute mark) gives a demonstration.

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Earn a G rank in every chapter at the Easy difficulty level or higher.

See Conqueror.

Earn a G rank in every chapter at the Hard difficulty level or higher.

This is certainly no easy feat. There are a few things that you should keep in mind for this trophy.
  • First off, if you used the "Special" outfit for playthrough #2, you obviously saw the message that certain things don't get scored when you equip the armor, so you'll want to NOT use it for this trophy/playthrough (assuming you're following the roadmap and this is playthrough #3) as it will automatically lower your score .
  • Try to minimize your deaths from both combat and falling, if at all possible. Don't be afraid to reload previous saves. You may think it's making the game longer, but it's best to re-do a five-minute platforming sequence from a previous save, than to have to re-do an entire chapter.
  • You'll want to take as little damage as possible. Obviously, go for your enemies' weapons when you can; you'll want to fight an unarmed opponent over an armed one any day.
  • There are flame collectables in each chapter that serve as score multipliers. Collect as many as you can find along the way.
  • I can't stress this enough: DO NOT GO IN GUNS BLAZIN'! This is crucial for bosses, more than anything else. Most bosses can deal quite a bit of damage and will make quick work of you if you're sloppy. Study their patterns and their various attacks. They usually have an arsenal of about 4 of 5 attacks that they do, and fortunately, while they vary in style, they're essentially the same for all the 'Watcher' bosses. Once you get to the 'Nether' bosses, though, it's different for each one. Again, study the 'Nether' bosses' patterns and attack when the time is right.

There really isn't a secret formula to this trophy and Adept. Basically, just try your best, avoid damage and dying, try to use combos as much as possible to increase your score, and try to finish the stages as quickly as possible since time is scored as well.

Quote Originally Posted by Kaito
Ok I got it, easier than I thought, to get a G rank what is very important to:

-steal every weapon from the enemies you face during the stage.
-never die (which means no falling during platform sessions & no rapid fire revive during fights).
-find every flame of power in the stage.

If you die, you miss a weapon or a flame of power you can go back to the menu and load your previous save ( prepare to do it a lot of times).

Hope this helps

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