Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3/4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Devices - Learn to use all the devices. Pigsy isn't very strong, and he ain't fast either so always try stay in cover, and use your devices to stun, distract or even kill the Mechs.
  • Head shots - Always aim for the head while shooting Mechs. A Head shot is a one hit kill, I suggest using this all the time since if a Mech gets close you probably die.
  • Small EMP device - You also have a small EMP device build into your right arm, you can stun one Mech with it by pressing when he is very close to you. It takes a while to reload but it can save your life if you missed a head shot and the Mech is closing in fast.
  • Ally Device - I know I already said you should learn to use all devices, but this is one of my personal favorites. The ally device can be used in multiple ways, you can use it so a Mech will kill another Mech for you, then you'll head shot the allied Mech to finish it off. You can also use the ally device to kill melee Mechs if there are shooting Mechs around. Once the melee Mech is your ally every shooting Mech, and turret start too shoot at it. You can also use your Ally device on a turret, now believe me, an allied turret is your best friend in the Pigsy's Perfect 10 DLC.
  • Rushing - While you could rush through levels in the original game, it will instantly kill you in the DLC. Like I already said Pigsy is very slow, and very vulnerable, always try to use cover, and if you don't have any cover use your devices to stun or to distract them.
  • Trouble Vision - You can use Trouble Vision by pressing and holding , the hole screen turns green and you will be able to see through walls. It will also show enemies on it, they are colored red, while if you can destroy something with your Bomb device its orange. You will also be able to see the grappling anchor points much better while in Trouble Vision. I suggest you use it while you come into a new area, just so you can plan a bit ahead. In some chapters you will get ambushed, if you use the Trouble Vision you will know when and where they ambush you.


  • [step #1] Start the game up and enjoy the short, but fun story line. I suggest you use my video to make sure you collect every Pin-up, and Food Can. This play-through you will earn you the story related trophies, and if your lucky some of the combat ones.
  • [step #2] In step two you can use the chapter select to earn the left over trophies, most probably the ones for using an Ally, and Bomb device on 4 Mechs, and stunning 5 Mechs with an EMP device. This last trophy for stunning 5 enemies might take you a few tries, it's really a difficult trophy.


A Moment to Savor
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Reach the top of Dead Man's Peak.

This trophy is story related, which means it can't be missed.

Build a New Friend!
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Find all the parts to build Perfect 10.

This trophy is story related, which means it can't be missed.

What can possibly go wrong?
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Complete all chapters.

This trophy is story related, which means it can't be missed.

Perfect 10
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Finish the Shooting Gallery under 40 seconds without shooting any pin-ups.

This trophy requires you to finish the shooting gallery under 40 seconds without shooting any pin-ups. This trophy can be a bit difficult at first since when you start the game up you will be put into the shooting gallery almost right away. When you get in there you'll be told that you can aim by pressing and shoot by pressing , after that a small shooting game will start. In order to succeed you have to shoot every bad guy, while not hitting any pin-ups. This might take you a few tries so you can memorize where the bad guys will pop-up. I also suggest you turn up the sensitivity up a bit in the options menu, just press , go to options, controls, then turn up both the Y and X axis. If after a couple of tries you didn't find a good strategy to shoot all the bad guys in under 40 seconds, watch the video below where I show you how to earn it.

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Best Best Friend
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Ally a single Mech 2 times.

This trophy requires you to ally a single Mech two times, this trophy is really easy to earn once you acquire the Ally device. When you have the Ally device you have to search for a Mech, preferable one that hasn't a weapon. Once you found the right Mech press to select the Ally device, then press followed by to drop down the device. Press :up to select the Distraction device, throw it inside the circle of the Ally device. When the Mech you luring is inside the blast radius of your Ally device press to make him your ally. When a Mech is an ally you have to watch out for other Mechs cause they will consider him an enemy, though if there are no Mechs around he stay near you. The good thing about the Ally device is that the device is reloaded and ready to use before the Mech turns into an enemy again. So once the Mech is an ally place another Ally device near him, and wait until effect wears out, as soon as he is a normal Mech again press to activate the second Ally device and your trophy will unlock.

Pigsy's Perfect 10: Stun 5 enemies using one single EMP device.

This trophy requires you to stun 5 enemies using one single EMP device, this trophy is the hardest trophy in the DLC. Now to earn this trophy you need both skill and luck, though I found a spot that will reduce the amount of luck you need. In order to earn this trophy you'll have to start up the chapter "Under Attack", once your in there you should see that you are surrounded by Mechs, kill them all. Once they are all destroyed walk towards the Turret, and a small cut-scene should start, now in the main story line you probably activated the Turret which I also did, though for this method to work you cannot, I repeat cannot activate it. After the cut-scene you will be attacked by 4 melee Mechs, press to select your distract device and throw it right next to the barrel in the upper left corner of the screen. When all four Mechs are standing there shoot it to destroy all four, the next wave will contain one Mech that has a gun, and two melee Mechs with shields. Press to duck behind the stone wall while the two shielded enemies are running towards you, select your EMP device by pressing , and throw it when the two Mechs get close. Kill both Mechs with a headshot. Use your distract device once more to distract the shooting Mech, while he is distracted you jump of your starting platform, and run towards the stone wall on the left side of this area. When you are there just wait and show all your devices can reload, when there all reloaded kill the shooting Mech with a headshot. When you kill that last Mech the third wave of enemies will appear, and that is the wave we need to earn this trophy. Once the third wave appears throw your distracting device into the middle of the area where the Mechs spawn, once there all close to each other throw your EMP device to stun all five enemies and your trophy will unlock.

I know this is a huge wall of text, and sometimes text can be a little confusing, so I also created a video on how to survive the first two rounds, I also show you how to group all of the Mechs together and earn the trophy.

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Pigsy's Perfect 10: Ally 4 enemies using one single Ally device.

See Four Birds, One Stone for a detailed description on how to earn this trophy. The only thing that changes is instead of using the Bomb device you use the Ally device.

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Four Birds, One Stone
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Kill 4 Mechs with 1 Bomb device.

This trophy requires you to kill 4 Mechs with 1 bomb device, this is one of the hardest trophies in the DLC. I found the perfect spot to earn this trophy, It's in the chapter called "Under Attack". Start it up and you should be surrounded by some Mechs, kill them all and make your way towards the Turret. Now while playing the main game I think you turned it on just like me, how ever for this method to work we need it to stay off, so what ever you do do not pull the red lever. Now select your distract device by pressing , and throw in one platform lower, try to throw it in the middle of the platform. When all four Mechs are standing around the distracting device throw your stun device, now immediately jump of your platform and walk towards the Mechs, press to select the bomb device, and press followed by to put the bomb device on the ground, walk away and press to detonate the bomb device. If done correctly all four Mechs should be killed by the bomb blast, and shortly after that you should earn your trophy. If you still don't really know how to earn this trophy I made a video of me earning it, it's inside the spoiler tag.

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Ultimate Pork Roast Recipe
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Use all 4 devices on one enemy.

This trophy requires you to use all 4 devices on one enemy. This trophy sounds very hard but it really isn't. In the last chapter of the DLC you will be fighting a couple of waves of enemies while your taking cover behind a piece of stone. In the third wave of enemies there will spawn two Mechs with shields who can shoot, and two melee Mechs. Destroy the melee Mechs, and one shielded Mech, while using the EMP device to stun them, once there gone you will have one Mech left with a shield. Now just use the Distract device, don't throw it too far though, you don't want the Mech to go to far. press to switch to the EMP device and use it, then press to select the Ally device. Once you made the Mech your ally press to select the Bomb device and drop a bomb right next to the Mech, while walking away press and the Mech will blow up, and you'll earn a trophy for using all 4 devices on one enemy.

Dinner Date
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Collect all hidden food and pin-up girls.

This trophy requires you to collect all hidden food, and pin-up girls. This trophy is a little bit annoying but much easier then collecting all those Tech Orbs in the original game. There are 27 can's of food, and there are 12 pin-up posters scattered around the world. Pigsy can use his trouble vision by pressing , the screen will turn green and you'll be able to look through walls. Another good thing is that you will be able to see the collectibles through walls. Now to make this trophy very simple for you guys I created a video while picking up every collectible.

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