Players: 1
Online Trophies: no
Online Pass Required for Platinum: no
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Super Sleuth Card Collector Horror Stories The Puppet Master What Happened, Happened
Missable Trophies: all kill specific and collectable trophies are missable.
Difficulty Trophies: none
Glitched Trophies: none

[top]DLC Installation and Patch 1.02

You need to be extremely cautious when installing Underwater Labs DLC and Patch 1.02.
If you install the DLC pack without the patch it renders the game unplayable, you can't get past the first load screen.
If you install the patch on to a mid game save file it will reset/void all collectable progress, all collectables will reappear in the game world but cant be picked up.
If you uninstall the patch you will lose all audio and the game will become even more buggy.
In short if you have already started the game do not install either Patch 1.02 or Underwater Labs, wait until you have achieved your Platinum then install both and start over to gain your 100%
If you haven't started the game feel free to install both and achieve 100% trophy completion.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Be aware that this game does not have difficulty settings, chapter select or manual saves.
It has an autosave feature but if you die between saves you will have to recollect any logs, photos, stories or postcards.
The game is quite glitchy and prone to freezing, unfortunately the only cure is to turn your PS3 off and on again.
The Island hub is open world but certain areas are only accessible as the story progresses or upgrades/equipment are discovered.
There are several hatches littered around the island that look like they grant access to an underground area, at no stage of the game will you be able to open them (see Escape Dead Island: Underwater Labs DLC Trophy Guide for more information).
You can sprint by holding but don't bother as the zombies will still catch and kill you.
Stealth killing is your best option, but if you must fight out in the open when going for kill specific trophies make full use of dodge .
If at any stage of the story you become stuck press and you will be pointed in the right direction.

A note on collectables:
There are a total of 12 Postcards, 12 Lost Stories, 12 Research Logs & 16 Charon's Logs to be collected.
You will also have to take a total of 86 photographs.
There are also 28 Geopharm Files littered around the island but they have no trophy relation.
All collectables can be obtained in one playthrough but progress is carried over to NG+ if you miss any.
You can check your progress at any time by looking at the gallery in the main menu.
All collectables in the main menu are listed in numerical order but that is not necessarily the order in which they are available to find.
In all the below guides I have listed them in the order in which I found them.


The trophy set for this game is very simple.
The majority of trophies can be earned by simply playing through the game.
The only trophies you will have to go out of your way to get are kill specific or collectable.

Playthrough 1
Play the game from start to finish paying attention to collectables and kill specifics.
Entering the Villa during Mission 10 is the point of no return.
All collectables and kill specific trophies can be achieved in one playthrough.
Don't worry if you miss anything as you can pick them up in NG+.

Playthrough 2
Equipment does not carry over between playthroughs, however there is a katana available in the bathroom of the boat at the very beginning.
Clean up any remaining collectables and kill specifics.
Play the rest of the game through till the end.


Pure Platinum
Acquire all other trophies.

Acquire all other trophies to unlock this.

What a Trip!
Complete the game.

After completing Chapter 11 you will find yourself back on the beach.
Approach the box at waters edge to unlock this trophy.

And Back Again
Complete new game+.

New Game+ will begin immediately after the final credits roll.
Any collectables earned on your first playthrough will carry over but unfortunately weapons and upgrades don't.
At the very beginning of NG+ go downstairs in your boat and open the bathroom door to find a katana and a health upgrade pack.
The Mystery Keycard will just lead you on a wild goose chase that allows you open the cabinet in your room with the katana, it will not provide any collectables.
Other than that its pretty straightforward, simply play the game through the end.
Be sure and pick up any collectable and kill specific trophies you may have missed on playthrough 1.

Complete the prologue.

This is awarded for completing the short Prologue at the start of the game.
Here you will be introduced to the combat basics.
Unfortunately the super cool ninja with the samurai sword is not the protagonist of the rest of the game.
While you will have access to a pistol you will not earn Armed and Ready

Bon Voyage
Complete Mission 1 - Smooth Sailing.

Awarded for completing Mission 1 - Smooth Sailing.
This is quite a brief Mission introducing Cliff, Linda and Devan and their quest to discover the truth of what happened on Banoi.
Pick up the camera here to earn Shutterbug and take a picture of Linda for picture #1 of #86 towards What Happened, Happened.

Welcome to the Jungle
Complete Mission 2 - One Less Boat.

Awarded for completing Mission 2 - One Less Boat.
Another fairly brief mission.
Cliff, Linda and Devan arrive on the island of Narapela to find it deserted and decide to investigate further.

Hard Rain
Complete Mission 3 - Echoes.

Awarded for completing Mission 3 - Echoes.
Here we discover that Cliff maybe has problems beyond what is happening on the island.
During this mission you will find #9 of 12 Lost Stories towards Super Sleuth, #7 of 16 Charons Logs towards The Puppet Master and postcard #10 of 12 towards Card Collector.
You will also discover the rope earning Learn the Ropes and the screwdriver earning Improvised Assassin.

A For Effort
Complete Mission 4 - Marathon.

Awarded for completing Mission 4 - Marathon.
Cliff gets reunited with Linda and Devan and they decide to head through the jungle to try and reach higher ground.
During this Mission you will discover #11 of 12 Research Logs towards Horror Stories
Pick up the makeshift club at the beginning of the Mission to earn Blunt Trauma and the two way radio at the end to earn Voice Con.
You will also encounter a Bouncer for the first time but don't try for Mid-Air Mutilation until after Mission 7.

Live Together, Die Alone
Complete Mission 5 - A Fighting Chance.

Awarded for completing Mission 5 - A Fighting Chance.
After Linda is bitten our heroes split up, Linda and Devan head to safety while Cliff goes to investigate a nearby airfield.
Pick up the army knife to earn Cutting Edge and the pistol to earn Armed and Ready
You will first encounter the Spitter during this Mission, immediately begin progress towards Right Back at Ya!.
There is also a good spot to earn Thrillseeker.

Sign of Good Faith
Complete Mission 6 - Stories of the Dead.

Awarded for completing Mission 6 - Stories of the Dead.
Your new friend Xian Mei sends you to find a series of keycards to gain access to the labs in the hope of finding a cure.
Pick up the axe to earn Hatchet Man the combat flashlight to earn Lightbringer and an upgraded axe to earn A Real Weapon.
You will first encouter the Siren and the Butcher so begin progress immediately towards Oh Shut Up! and The Butcher of Narapela.
There is also a good oportunity to earn Wow Much Ninja Very Sneak and Conviction.

Complete Mission 7 - Beauty And The Beast.

Awarded for completing Mission 7 - Beauty and the Beast.
You gain access to the labs to search for a cure.
Pick up the shotgun to earn Buckshot Ballet, the gas mask for Through the Mist and the upgraded pistol for Silent Death.
You will also find a katana during this mission but it has no trophy relation.

On the Rocks
Complete Mission 8 - Devan.

Awarded for completing Mission 8 - Devan.
Cliff heads back to the marina to find Devan who he believes has discovered a boat to enable an escape.
Pick up the grappling hook for Anchorman and your third melee upgrade for Top of the Line.

Complete Mission 9 - Father's Day.

Awarded for completing Mission 9 - Fathers Day.
A very brief mission-Cliff heads back to the helipad to meet his father.

Crossing the Rubicon
Complete Mission 10 - Faith.

Awarded for completing Mission 10 - Faith.
Dr Faith Kimball contacts you and tells you to head back to the Villa where she is waiting with Devan.
Entering the Villa here is the point of no return, you can no longer freely explore the island, but don't worry collectables and kill streaks carry over.
Pick up the Hellfire shotgun for your last weapon related trophy Power to the People, there is also a good opportunity for The Smorgasboard.

Mind Over Mind
Complete Mission 11 - Deliverance.

Awarded for completing Mission 11 - Deliverance.
The final Mission- the full extent of Cliff's problems, both real and unreal, become apparent.

The Narapela Massacre
Kill 100 zombies in total.

This will occur naturally, I got it about halfway through Chapter 6.

Zombie Killing 101
Kill 50 zombies using a melee weapon.

You will get your first melee weapon at the start of Mission 4.
Equip it with , press for swift medium attack or for a slower heavy attack.
You can also lock on an enemy with , however this can't be cycled.
Both heavy and medium attacks will drain your stamina bar.
Your melee weapon will be your weapon of choice for most of the game as switching weapons on the fly is quite difficult and neither of the guns you acquire are particularly useful.
This will unlock pretty quickly, probably around Mission 6.

Dead is Dead
Execute 25 downed zombies.

Hit a zombie a couple of times with your melee weapon and they will go down, approach and press at the prompt to preform an execution.
Do this 25 times to unlock this trophy.

Deadly Arts
Stealth kill 25 zombies.

Click to crouch, sneak behind a zombie and press at the prompt to preform a stealth kill.
Do this 25 times to unlock this trophy.

Kill 25 zombies with pistol headshots.

You will acquire the pistol during Mission 6.
Equip it with , aim with and fire with .
A successful headshot kill will provide a brief animation, do this 25 times to unlock this trophy.

Kill 10 zombies with close range shotgun blasts.

You will acqiure the shotgun during Mission 7.
Equip it with , aim with and fire with .
Kill 10 zombies at close range to unlock this trophy.
A successful close range kill will display a brief animation.

Blunt Trauma
Acquire your first melee weapon.

You will acquire your first melee weapon at the start of Mission 4.
It is on a table to your right when you wake up.
Pick it up to unlock this trophy.

Hatchet Man
Upgrade your melee weapon.

You will find your second melee weapon during Mission 6.
After entering the staff village turn to your left to go around a large flowerbed to see a flight f stairs.
Go down the stairs and to your left you will find a hatchet sitting on a bench, pick it up to unlock this trophy.

A Real Weapon
Upgrade your melee weapon again!

You will find your third melee weapon during Mission 6.
On your way to the helipad Xian Me will tell you to take the elevator up the helipad.
Before you do head to the back of the room and on your left you will see your new weapon to your left.
Pick it up to unlock this trophy.

Top of the Line
Upgrade your melee weapon for the third time. Yeah!

You will find your final melee weapon during Mission 8.
In the basement of the office building you will find it sitting on a bench near the water, you will be wearing a gas mask.
Pick it up to unlock this trophy.
This weapon will allow you to open any barricaded doors you have come across.

Improvised Assassin
Acquire your first stealth kill weapon.

You will find you first stealth kill weapon during Mission 3.
After sneaking past the zombies in the docks area you will enter a building by lifting a broken door.
You will see a screwdriver sticking out of a zombie sitting in a chair, retrieve it to unlock this trophy.

Cutting Edge
Upgrade your stealth kill weapon.

You will find your second stealth kill weapon on your way to the airfield during Mission 5.
After you go through the hole in the fence Linda will talk to you about Sense and Sensibility over the two way as you climb a ladder.
After climbing the ladder stay on your right and duck under a ledge to find a doctor holding an army knife and a health pack.
Pick up the knife to unlock this trophy.

Armed and Ready
Acquire the pistol.

You will acquire the pistol during Mission 5.
Xian Me will give it to you.
It is part of the main story and can't be missed.

Silent Death
Upgrade the pistol.

You will find an upgraded pistol during Mission 7.
After leaving the toxic area where you first get the gas mask, you will get a keycard off a bouncer.
Use this keycard to go through the door on your left rather than following the blue line.
You will go through an upside down room, in the next room turn left to find this sitting on a bench.

Buckshot Ballet
Acquire the shotgun.

You will acquire the shotgun during Mission 7.
Xian Me will give it to you.
It forms part of the main story and can't be missed.

Power to the People
Upgrade the shotgun.

You will get your final weapon upgrade during Mission 10.
At the top level of the Villa, after taking the picture of the "Rhino Bed" go up the next flight of stairs.
Go into the room at the top of the stairs, a shadow Butcher will spawn, kill him and go through next door to see the Hellfire shotgun.
Pick it up to unlock this trophy.

Mid-Air Mutilation
Kill an airborne Bouncer.

You will first encounter the Bouncer during Mission 5.
They will jump through the air to attack you.
You will need to soften him up first then shoot him with your shotgun as he jumps towards you.
There are many opportunities to get this trophy, simply pick one and go for it.

Right Back at Ya!
Kill 10 Spitters with a ranged weapon.

You will first encounter the Spitter during Mission 5.
You will need to kill 10 of them with your pistol to unlock this trophy.

Oh Shut Up!
Kill 5 Sirens while they are screaming.

This is the trickiest trophy in the game.
You will first encounter the Siren at the Villa during Mission 6.
They emit a high pitched scream which acts as a call to arms to all nearby zombies.
This scream only lasts about 2 seconds so you have to be quick.
They will not scream if there are no nearby zombies so clearing out the area first is not an option.
The best way to do it is keep him at a distance and get in a couple of shots with your pistol before he knows you are there then finish him off as he screams.
You will have to do this five times to unlock this trophy.
They are in fairly limited supply, only seven up to the middle of Mission 10 so you may have to carry over your streak to NG+.
There are also several shadow Sirens throughout Missions 10 & 11 but it is difficult to tell the difference between them and regular shadow zombies.

Learn the Ropes
Acquire the rope.

You will find the rope during Mission 3 in the Marina area.
A brief cutscene will show you where it is located, pick it up to unlock this trophy.

Acquire the grappling hook.

You will find the grappling hook in the docks area of the marina during Mission 8.
It is in the shed in the center of the area, there's a Spitter on the roof.
The story can't progress without it.

Through the Mist
Acquire the gas mask.

This can be found during Mission 7.
It's in Dr Faith Kemball's lab beside a keycard, you won't miss it.
It allows access to previously inaccessible areas but is also important for story progression.

Acquire the combat flashlight.

You will find the combat flashlight during Mission 6.
It is located downstairs in Dr Faith Kemball's house in the staff village.
Pick it up to unlock this trophy.

Acquire the camera.

At the beginning of Chapter 1 you will be prompted to pick up a camera.
Pick it up to unlock this trophy.

The Butcher of Narapela
Kill 10 Butchers.

You will first encounter a Butcher at the Helipad during Mission 6.
Don't try running away as he will catch and kill you.
Make full use of dodge and move in for a melee attack after he does his spin attack.
If you kill every Butcher you encounter this trophy will unlock around the middle of Chapter 10.

Voice Com
Acquire the two-way radio.

You will pick up the 2 way radio once you reach the mountaintop during Mission 4.
It forms part of the story and can't be missed.

Super Sleuth
Collect all lost stories.

Lost Stories are represented by small objects littered around the Island.
There are 12 in total.
The first isn't until Mission 3.
Here is a text guide in the order in which I found them.

Toggle Spoiler

Horror Stories
Collect all research logs.

There are a total of 12 research logs to be found.
Here is a text guide in the order in which I found them.
The first isn't until Mission 4

Toggle Spoiler

The Puppet Master
Collect all Charon's logs.

There are a total of 16 Charon's Logs to be found.
Here is a text guide in the order in which I found them.
The first isn't until Mission 3.

Toggle Spoiler

Card Collector
Collect all postcards.

There are a total of 12 postcards to be found.
Here is a text guide to their locations as I found them.
The first isn't until Mission 3.

Toggle Spoiler

What Happened, Happened
Collect all snapshots.

You are required to take a total of 86 photos of various objects, locations, characters and enemies throughout the game.
Press to take out your camera, if something glows green it can be photographed, you may have to zoom in or out to take a picture properly.
You should sweep each area or room you enter for objects that can be photographed, all pictures can be taken in playtrhrough 1.
Here is the order in which I got them but most of them can be got in any order.

Mission 1

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 2

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 3

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 4

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 5

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 6

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 7

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 8

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 9

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 10

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 11

Toggle Spoiler

Locked and Loaded
Collect 25 ammo packs.

Ammo packs are littered around the Island and you will have no problem finding 25.
I found 25 by the middle of Mission 6.

Kill 5 enemies in 2 seconds.

The perfect place for this is Mission 6 in the staff village.
After getting the combat flashlight you will go outside to find 5 zombies, 1 red barrel with a radio beside it.
Turn on the radio to lure the zombies ( you may have to run up to the Spitter to get his attention ).
Once they are all at the radio shoot the barrel twice to kill them all and unlock this trophy.
If it doesn't work allow any remaining zombies to kill you and you will spawn on the bottom floor of the house to try again.

Wow Much Ninja Very Sneak
Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected.

This basically requires you to get 10 stealth kills in a row without being seen.
An alert occurs when the exclamation mark above a zombies head turns fully red.
The easiest place to get this is Mission 6 on your way from the airfield to the helipad.
Once you leave the tunnel that leads into the Geopharm complex start by stealth killing the zombie on your right behind the rock.
Ignore the 2 zombies at the front of the complex itself as they are facing each other.
Stealth kill the rest of the zombies, be careful of the Spitter on the left on the ledge after the burning car, be sure and sneak under and around him.
Continue into the jungle area but don't go near the 2 zombies at the pile of bodies as they are too close together.
Continue along the path stealth killing all the zombies you come across, the last one you need will be standing at a fence looking into the distance.
If it any stage you cause an alert get killed and start again.
All of the zombies in the above area are busy eating and are very easy to stealth kill.

Recover to max health from minimum health.

The easiest place to get this is on your way to the airfield in Mission 5.
After leaving the Geopharm complex you will crouch to enter a tunnel.
A little ways inside is a room you have to crouch to enter filled with poison gas.
Stay in this room until you are almost dead then reverse outside to recover.
There is an autosave right outside the door so if you overdo it you won't lose any progress.
Might take a go or to but keep trying and you'll get it.

The Smorgasboard
Injure a single zombie with your melee weapon, the pistol and the shotgun, then stealth kill it.

Only the strongest of zombies can withstand this type of abuse.
After the meat closet in the Villa (Mission 10) you will find a room with four shadow zombies.
Take out three by whatever means you prefer.
When you have only one left hit him from a distance with your shotgun, in the leg/arm with your pistol, with a medium melee attack then run away and hide in the meat closet.
As soon as his alert meter runs down sneak behind him to finish him off with a stealth kill .

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