Online Trophies:none
Estimated Time to 100%:about 5 hours (2 hours to get to the point where all labs are accessible plus another 2-3 to earn all trophies)
Minimum Playthroughs:1
Collectible Trophies: Memorial
Missable Trophies: Memorial It's Super Effective! Apex Predator Lil Slugger Hail Mary Duty Calls Blaster From The Past
Glitched Trophies:none of the trophies in this pack are glitched, however please pay attention to DLC installation and Patch 1.02 below

[top]DLC Installation and Patch 1.02

You need to be extremely cautious when installing Underwater Labs DLC and Patch 1.02.
If you install the DLC pack without the patch it renders the game unplayable, you can't get past the first load screen.
If you install the patch on to a mid game save file it will reset/void all collectable progress, all collectables will reappear in the game world but cant be picked up.
If you uninstall the patch you will lose all audio and the game will become even more buggy.
In short if you have already started the game do not install either Patch 1.02 or Underwater Labs, wait until you have achieved your Platinum then install both and start over to gain your 100%
If you haven't started the game feel free to install both and achieve 100% trophy completion.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Be aware that this game does not have difficulty settings, chapter select or manual saves.
It has an autosave feature but if you die between saves you will have to recollect any Logs.
The game is quite glitchy and prone to freezing, unfortunately the only cure is to turn your PS3 off and on again.

The new enemy The Dweller is quite tough, once you get both Dweller kill specific trophies out of the way you should sneak around them.
Remember zombies can't climb ladders or go through vents, use this to your advantage.
Stealth kill Sirens as a priority as they will rouse any zombies in the area.


In order to gain 100% completion I recommend starting a new game file.
It is possible to finish this DLC on a mid game save file but I don't recommend it due to issues outlined above in DLC Instillation and Patch 1.02.
If you have already played the game you will know the locations of all the hatches, if not none of them are difficult to find.

After arriving on The Beach you can open (but not enter) the first hatch, its behind a rock at the base of the cliff.
The next hatch is at the Marina, turn left instead of right after using your rope for the first time, again you can open the hatch but not enter.
Continue the main story until you reach The Staff Village and get the Combat Flashlight.
You should then head back to Geopharm Complex and stick to your right to open and enter the hatch there.
This is the main part of the DLC and will take about an hour to clear out.
Here you should earn Lab Rat Praise The Light Duty Calls It's Super Effective! Apex Predator
You will also begin progress towardsMemorial and Blaster From The Past
After leaving the Labs at Geopharm Complex head towards The Helipad to open and enter the hatch there, you won't miss it, its on your left after going outside after the elevator ride.
Here you will earn Lil Slugger and begin progress towards Hail Mary.
You can go back to The Beach hatch at any stage to enter the hatch there, there's nothing of any interest in it.
You should then continue the story until you get access to the gas mask, this will allow you to head back to The Marina through the signposted pathway at Geopharm Complex where you can enter the last area to earn Deep One & Memorial.
If you haven't already earned Hail Mary Blaster From The Past continue playing through the main campaign until you do so.
Entering The Villa during Mission X is the point of no return.

If you are playing this DLC along with trying to earn your Platinum for the base game be sure and take the extra opportunities to earn Oh Shut Up!
Once you enter the Labs there are no specific pictures to be taken towards What Happened, Happened, however there are many opportunities to take pictures of X-Rays, various zombie breeds, computers, microscopes etc. which will all count towards your progress.
There are no Lost Stories, Charons Logs or Postcards in any of the Labs.


Deep One
Find all the underground secondary areas

There are four secondary areas to find, this trophy will unlock as soon as you enter the last one.
Your last will most likely be either The Beach or The Marina.
Their locations are outlined in the above Roadmap.

Lab Rat
Find The underground labs

You will unlock this as soon as you descend the ladder into the Labs at Geopharm Complex.
You will need the Combat Flashlight which you will acquire at the Staff Village during Mission VI of the main campaign

Praise The Light!
Complete the underground labs

This will unlock as soon as you reach the surface after finishing Geopharm Complex Labs.
The final battle can be tough, make full use of your surroundings and let the electrified water do all the hard work for you.

Lil Slugger
Acquire the walloper

The Walloper can be found at the Helipad bunker which can be accessed during Mission VI of the main campaign.
You will not need anything specific to access the bunker but you will need the Combat Flashlight to access the Helipad.
The Walloper is a pistol type weapon that can only hold one bullet at a time and must be reloaded after each use.
It can be cycled with your regular pistol by pressing .
You should immediately begin progress towards Hail Mary.

Duty Calls
Acquire the assault rifle

The Assault Rifle can be found in the Labs at Geopharm Complex.
You will come to room with two Dwellers and a Siren, at the back of this room is a ladder.
Climb this ladder to find Rolands Log #3, look to your right to see a corpse holding the Assault Rifle.
It uses shotgun shells and can be cycled with your regular shotgun by pressing .
Pick it up to earn this trophy and begin immediate progress towards Blaster From The Past.

Hail Mary
Kill 10 enemies at long range with the walloper

The Walloper can be found at the Helipad bunker towards the end of Mission VI of the main campaign.
After you collect it head down to The Villa using the skycar to find plenty of zombies wandering around, pick off 10 of them at a distance to earn this.
If you haven't got it by the time you head back to the airfield pick off the seven frozen zombies that appear there.

Blaster From The Past
Kill 100 enemies with the assault rifle

As soon as you equip the Assault Rifle it should be your weapon of choice until you unlock this trophy.
If you entered Geopharm Complex Labs as soon as they became available (Mission VI of the main campaign) you should have no issues.
However if you leave it much later you may run out of ammo or enemies before the end of the game.
If this is the case you will have to continue into NG+ or NG++ Mission VI to re-equip and continue your progress.

Collect all of Ronald's logs

There are a total of 11 Ronald's Logs to be found, one in the bunker at The Marina and 10 in the Labs at Geopharm Complex.
The Log at The Marina can found at anytime but if you miss any in the Labs at Geopharm Complex (apart from the first) you will have to re-enter them during NG+.
Most of them are easy to find and will be discovered through natural progression.
Here is the order in which I found them:

Toggle Spoiler

It's Super Effective!
Kill a Dweller using an environmental hazard

You will first encounter a Dweller in the Labs at Geopharm Complex.
They have a very sensitive sense of smell and are quite hard to defeat.
To unlock this trophy you must kill one indirectly, i.e using electricity or an exploding barrel.
This is easily done on the first Dweller you meet, simply lure him into the corridor you came in and stand behind the 2 electric wires, he will charge at you, get tangled and fry.

Apex Predator
Stealth kill a Dweller

The Dweller has a very keen sense of smell and is difficult to sneak up on, you will have to cause a distraction.
After crawling through the first vent at Geopharm Complex Labs go up the ladder on your left.
This will bring you into the room with Ronald's Log#7.
Clear this room out and go all the way through it, bringing you back to the upper level of the room you would have ended up on if you continued through the vent.
Kill the Spitter in front of you and flick the switch on the wall.
This will start up a generator on the lower level of the room attracting the Dweller.
When The Dweller is suitably distracted climb down the ladder, click to sneak and then to stealth kill and earn your trophy.
This is the only opportunity I found to earn this trophy so if you fail or are spotted then rinse and repeat.
Once you leave the Labs at Geopharm Complex there are no more Dwellers.

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