Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: none
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: n/a
Missable Trophies: n/a
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

Explodemon is an action platformer game developed by Curve Studios. You play as Explodemon and you can well. . . explode.

Throughout the game you will need to get familiar with the angling and timing of your explosions. This is extremely critical if you want to do a speed run of each level.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Most trophies can be obtained on first playthrough as you progress through the game normally.


Trigger Finger
Perform a Counter

This is the first trophy you may get. Whenever you explode on an enemy, a round orange circle may appear above you. When that happens, keep exploding again. If timed correctly, you will pull off another explosion quickly. This can be done most often on the machines that spawn enemies.

Dangerous To Be Around
Level up to Max Level

Some pickups you come across increase the gauge on the left side of the screen which is your health. The gauge on the left also fills up whenever you defeat enemies as well. Every time you level up, your explosions become stronger. Be careful not to get too much or you will level down. Once you hit max level (the Explodemon logo lights up on the top of the gauge), the trophy will unlock.

The Way It Should Be Played
Complete any level with an A-Rank or higher

Your rank is determined by the following: The Number of Explodicons collected, number of enemies killed, number of credits earned (you earn these by exploding boxes and by collecting these as they are planted through the level. They are silver and triangular) and level of your explosions.

To S-rank each level, you must collect all 10 Explodicons, kill a certain number of enemies, earn a large number of credits and have max health at some point in the level.

The number of enemies to kill isn't known so if this is keeping you at an A rank for a level, just kill the enemies that spawn out of the machines over and over.

Time is not a factor here so you can take your time. Once you at least A-rank a level, this trophy unlocks.

In order to get the Nibia, Arbor, or Squall Domination trophies, you need to S-rank all four levels in each world.

Save The Universe!
Complete Adventure Mode

Simply complete all levels and defeat Absorbemon in the last level and this trophy will unlock.

Nibia Domination
S-Rank all Nibia levels

See The Way it should be played.

Arbor Domination
S-Rank all Arbor levels

See The Way It Should be Played.

Squall Domination
S-Rank all Squall levels

See The Way It Should be Played

Look, 'Mon, I Can Fly!
Explode 10 times in the air without touching the ground

Once you acquire the double jump ability, get enough Speed Rechargers. Then find an open area. Jump, explode, jump, explode. Repeat until the trophy unlocks.

Speed Runner
Beat a par time for any level

One word here: Run. As the description says, you must beat a level's par time. The time is listed in the bottom right of the screen where the rank is displayed whenever you complete a level.

There is no way to tell how much time is left during the level because no timer is displayed so pure guessing is all you can do. Skip all puzzles you can, make sure you have memorized the angles at which your explosions aim projectiles, memorize all enemy patterns. Above all, know the level layout like the back of your hand

On levels that you face Absorbemon, finish him off quickly and move on. When you reach the end, do not try to explode on all 9 circles.

When facing Absorbemon, if you think that you are taking too much time, restart the battle.

This trophy unlocks when you beat a par time for any level. To unlock Speed Runner 1000%, you must beat the pars of all levels.

Super Potential 1000% !!!
Completely upgrade Explodemon and unlock all of his abilities

All upgrades can be bought in the shop, except for 4 SpeedChargers, which are hidden in 4 different levels. The credits you earn can be used to purchase the upgrades. You can view the potential for Super at the right side of the screen whenever you enter the shop.

Speed Runner 1000% !!!
Beat the par times for all levels

See Speed Runner.

Quintuple Frag!
Destroy five enemies in less than five seconds

Easiest achieved on the part 1-2. Enemies are skirted along the ground close to a machine that spawns them. Just speed dash (press O when running) to kill them and the trophy should unlock. This may take some tries.

Decuple Frag!
Destroy 10 enemies in less than five seconds

In 3-3 or 3-4, there is a spot where there are three machines that spawn enemies. Along with them are more enemies in that general area. Kill them fast enough and the trophy will unlock. If you are really fast enough, you may be able to get Duocuple Frag as well.

Duocuple Frag!
Destroy 15 enemies in less than five seconds

See Decuple Frag.

Bring it down! Bring it down!
Bring down a Vortex dropship

The dropships appear at certain times throughout each level and dispense enemies from them. All you have to do is destroy one and the trophy unlocks. You have to be quick because they will leave the screen after they unload their cargo. It is best that you attempt this once you have some speedchargers, your health is close to max or when you get the 3 hit combo move. In addition, max out your explosion power before trying this as well. If you are going for an S-Rank, do not destroy these ships.

Sizzle Sauce
Destroy 100 enemies by dunking them in acid

You encounter acid beginning on the Squall world--world 3. Just explode on enemies to knock them into the acid. Do this 100 times and the trophy unlocks.

Street Fighter
Perform a 3 Hit Combo

After you acquire the combo ability, explode on an enemy. Sometimes when you do, a counter appears. When a 3 appears, explode again and then a two appears. Repeat until 1 appears. This is based on your timing; if you aren't fast enough, you will miss an opportunity to perform the 3-hit combo. Luckily you have plenty of chances to attempt this, especially on the larger enemies. I would not recommend you do this on the dropships. Once you execute the combo once, the trophy unlocks.

Sticky Ball
Close Explode the same green sticky 10 times

There are balls that don't die when you explode on them located in world 3. Hit one 10 times for the trophy.

Defeat Absorbemon without taking any damage

Easiest done on level 1-2. If you get hit, pause and hit restart checkpoint. One you defeat him, the trophy unlocks.

Weapon of Mass Destruction
Destroy 1000 Vortex

You will get this as you progress through the game. Just play as normal

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