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Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: You've got the Touch!, God Among Men, Almost Halfway, Spiritually Attuned, Insider Trading, Score Monger, Completionist, Supreme Challenger, That's a lot of Zeros, Earl of Pain, Art Collector, No can defense!, State-of-the-Art. Bang Bang!, Footy Foul, Head Crab Removal, Little Brother's Helper, Big Brother's Helper, I'm not a Doctor, I'm a Medic!, We'll Try Again Tomorrow!, I F.E.A.R. Nothing!, Dead Blind, Hanging 20, Handle with Care, Indecisive, Unstoppable!, Soul Gatherer, Soul Hoarder, Monarch, A Precursor, Extremist

Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-40 hours, depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Doll Collector
Missable Trophies:
Mission Select
Glitched Trophies: You've got the Touch!; Man Mode

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • The Alma Dolls and Psychic Links can change locations during replays of Intervals. The Links stay in general area, the dolls don't have to.
  • The Slide Kick is your best friend against Cultists, Dogs, and when overwhelmed. Learn to love it
  • Challenges can be monitored in-game by pressing , or at the main menu, under 'Scoring' tab, followed by 'Challenges'. In order to earn every Challenge, you must play as both Point Man, and Paxton Fettel, so feel free to run through Co-op twice with a friend, so you both earn the exclusives.
  • Playing on Insane can give you a 15,000 bonus: this is a great safety net for Score Trophies if you have trouble
  • When playing co-op, remember that by going into Slo-Mo to revive, you only slow down enemies, not the revive process.
  • Fettel can pick up more than just barrels: try picking up grenades of any type and throwing them, its is very effective
  • To perform a quick and effortless mantle, attach to the object, then immediately press + to mantle. This is a lifesaver when you need quick cover, for you can quick mantle, then take cover on opposite side of the object/wall
  • Playing on co-op with up the number of enemies in an area (I.E. in opening of Interval 07, solo you fight only dogs, co-op they add soldiers also)


Step 1- Play The Game on Co-op on Recruit:
Since you do not have instant access to Insanity Difficulty, and it will unlock by beating the game at any difficulty. I recommend playing through the game on Recruit, so you can focus on the miscellaneous trophies, the Co-op-based trophies, and the collectibles, since having two people makes the search much easier. Try to get as many of the story trophies done as you can, and go for as many of the Challenges you can, to lessen the number you need later.

Step 2- Play the story again as the opposite character again on co-op:
So now that you have finished the story, either through Co-op As Paxton Fettel, or through Point Man playing alone or co-op, you now need the other set character-exclusive Challenges. Play through this in co-op again, to have access to all the possible exclusive Challenges. I would highly suggest another Recruit run, or anything besides Insanity this time, to Rank up and earn more bonuses towards your Insanity Run, and also to be able to focus on trying to find the rest of those pesky Alma Dolls.

Step 3- Play the Online:
By now, you should have most of the major Story trophies, save for the Insanity Difficulty ones, and should be fairly close to Rank 21. Find a group of 3 friends you are comfortable with, and that preferably have mics, and begin the Online portion to finish out the Ranking. All of the Online trophies are for just 2 game modes: Contraction, and Soul King. Soul Survivor and F**king Run are only accessible by buying an online pass, or buy using the code included in a new copy of the game, so don't worry. If you happen to finish out the online trophies before you hit Rank 21, I would recommend playing a bit more in order to hit Rank 21, but it is not needed.

Step 4- Play the Game on Insanity and make a Score Run:
By now, you should be at, or very close to, Rank 21. Now is the time to start Insanity, because trust me, you will need it- even at Rank 21, it is still a challenge. Try and remember where your enemies' spawns are, what enemies you are facing, and the path. Also, since playing on Insane gives you a nice 15,000 bonus for points, also try for your Score trophies. quite a few are over 100,000 a little bit, so try and aim for 110,000+ an Interval, and you will be fine. Feel free to save Score Trophies for clean-up parts, and if you run into a difficult area, feel free to bring in a friend to help you out, it does mean more enemies, but it can be a big help

Step 5- Clean Up (optional):
Unless you are very tedious, or use a video walkthrough, you may still need to find a few of those pesky Alma Dolls, and also possibly another go at the Score trophies. If so, just play again on recruit, and either go solo if you have finished co-op trophies, or if you need a few challenges or trophies, go Co-op for some added eyes. Also, you will more than likely also need a few more Challenges that you missed, so just go to an Interval you like, and play until you earn them, and watch as another Platinum gets added to your collection.

Credit for the all the videos goes to PowerPyx, and credit to CodeNameMclovin for assisting and Athena for the banner. Thanks Guys!


Master of F.E.A.R.
Received all other trophies.

Just earn every other trophy, and you can have this shiny platinum to add to your collection. if you want some tops, looks in the Tips & Strategies section, and make sure to check out the Roadmap beforehand to try and keep this platinum relatively short. Good luck, and don't get scared

Prison Impossible
Complete Interval 01

Story-Related: This will pop when you reach the cuteness where Pointman falls into the water. This trophy will be easy, because it is the first level, and you will not be playing on Insane

Get To The Chopper
Complete Interval 02

Story-Related: This trophy will pop right after you kill the Phase Caster (the blue jerk with the laser), and approach the Helicopter. For the Phase Caster fight, try and use the sniper, go into slo-mo, and get headshots, on Recruit, it will take around 5 headshots to take him down

Pain, In Bulk
Complete Interval 03

Story-Related: This trophy will pop after the ONLY fight with Armachan Soldiers in this Interval, and after you open the doors. This level is very easy, thanks to the short range of enemy attacks, the lack of continuous battles, and only 1 fight with Soldiers, during which they focus more on the Cultists.

Town Hall Beating
Complete Interval 04

Story-Related: You will earn this trophy after the fight in the Transformer Area, with the trapped Phase Caster, just walk down the ramp behind him.

Through The Haystack
Complete Interval 05

Story-Related; This will pop after the fight with the Phase commanders in the Seabox area, after you free Point Man's FEAR partner. The hardest part of this level is the Phase Caster/Power Armor fight, for this, just find the laser and use it as much as you can. for the Phase Commanders, just stun them with a Shock Grenade or flash Grenade, then throw all you remainin grenades at them, saving Shock and Flash for the others. then just go into Slo-Mo, and use the G3A3 to get headshots, and when they die (stay back, the explosion damages you), grab their gun, it works well on them.

Trouble Cross
Complete Interval 06

Story-Related: You will earn this trophy after the Elite Power Armor fight when you hop in the EPA. This level is relatively easy thanks to the EPA, save for the part under the bridge: The Dogs will give you hell. Just use Slide Kick heavily when fighting them, and aim for the head, and you will be fine. Also note that for the part where 2 Helicopters appear, just keep moving: when you get to the next bridge section, they will fly away.

Terminal Victory
Complete Interval 07

Story-Related: You will earn this trophy after you kill the 2 Phase Commander escorting Sgt. Beckett, and walk towards him. this whole Interval will be a pain, so just be ready for anything. Just take your time, remember how you dealt with enemies in the preceeding Intervals, and you will breeze through it.

A tip from ChrisValentine: during the section at the Escalator where the Creep appears, there is a Psychic Link in this area, so feel free to grab it if you have the health and time.

Homecoming King
Complete Interval 08

Story-Related: This is the last story-based trophy to earn, and will unlock after the boss fight. This level has very little combat, which is nice after Interval 08, so relax a bit, and watch the ending. Try and get as many of the Ghost Challenges as you can.

Finish the Campaign on any difficulty (all intervals complete).

Since this is any difficulty, and Insane is not yet available, I highly recommend playing through this on Recruit or Commando to get a feel for the game, and get the easy stuff done. The campaign isn't TOO hard, maybe a little challenge at the Power Armor fights, the Phase Caster/Phase Commander battles, and other short areas, there isn't really too much to say on this one.

Man Mode
Finish the Campaign on INSANE difficulty.

For those who have played FEAR 2, and have beaten it on hard, Insane is a tiny step up from this, thanks to the removal of the Health Bar. However, this game is still decently easy. That said, a few areas can be quite tricky, and at these feel free to try them in co-op. However, playing in co-op can increase the number of enemies, so be warned, co-op can make it easier with assistance, but it will not be a cakewalk. Also, look in the tips section for little tips that can make your Insane run a breeze.

NOTE: For a few people, playing through has not unlocked this right away. If you played co-op and did not host, then try hosting, and try Playing Interval 01 on Insane again, if it doesn't keep playing until it does, this should unlock it, and since you will be playing Insane for your Score run, dont fret too much.

Almost Halfway
Attain Rank 10.

like many, this one will come with time and playing. just make sure you are constantly checking what challenges you are close to doing by pressing and looking. Also, remember that Psychic Links and Alma Dolls also count towards this, and provide a very generous amount of points, so always be looking for them

You've got the Touch!
Attain Rank 21.

To reach rank 21, you will need over 1 million points, but unlike F.E.A.R. 2, this is much easier. Its possible to get about 800,000 just through 1 run of the game if you get close to 100,000 per interval. Also, the online does count, so you will get this by natural playing for the trophies, no real grinding needed. If you do, however, i recommend playing the story solo, and choosing an Interval you know most of the collectibles' locations, and are comfortable with doing challenges on.

NOTE: Someone has said that when they got the XP to rank up to 21 online, someone left, and after they could not earn XP further, so it is POSSIBLE for this to glitch, but the best way to remedy that is to get it solely on Story/co-op if you can, or play online with friends who can stay

Doll Collector
Find the Alma Doll on every mission.

This one can be quite tricky, just thanks to the unique mechanic of every time you restart/replay an Interval, the doll may be in a new location (save for Interval 01). There is always 1 per level, however, and I recommend learning all the possible locations for your score run, as finding it will earn you 5,000 points. That said, if you really cannot find any, or are trying to find them all in a single run, use PowerPyx's guide, which shows every doll location in each Interval (Big credit to him for doing this, since sometime it take 2+ replays to get a new location to find them in, so this must have taken him a few days. Thank you Pyx, and I'm sure many others do)

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Spiritually Attuned
Make 100 Psychic Links (Share or Steal).

You make Psychic links with bodies scattered around the levels, that have smoke billowing off of them. If you play alone, then it will instantly Link you, and you receive 1500 points. HOWEVER, playing in co-op it gives you two choices: Share, or Steal. Steal, will do just what it does in Solo campaign: you receiver 1500 points. Choose to SHARE it, and you receive not only a seperate challenge, but both players receive 1000 points.
Also, by sharing, you can contribute to BOTH players' count towards this trophy, which helps greatly, since there are around 10 per Interval. You can keep track under the Challenge tab in Scoring, just look at the number of times you have earned both, and do the quick adding, and you have your current total. You should have this trophy by halfway through a full second run at the latest

Psychic Link Locations:

Interval 01

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Interval 02

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Interval 03

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Interval 04

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Interval 05

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Interval 06

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Interval 07

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Interval 08

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Insider Trading
Possess every type of possessable enemy.

Okay, first thing to note: this means human enemies only, so no need to possess the demons. That said, you will need to possess each type of Armachan Soldier, and Cultists you can as Fettel. If you do possess each as soon as you are able to, you should have this trophy by the end of Interval 05, during the Phase Commander battle. Here is a list of each type, the weapons they use (easiest way to tell), and where you can find them first:

- SMG Soldier: Interval 01

- Shotgun Soldier: Interval 01

- Rocket Soldier: Interval 02 (at the Mech area, in the second floor of the Garage)

- Phase Caster (use the Laser Gun): End of Interval 02

- Unarmed Cultist: Interval 03

- Armed Cultist: Interval 03

- Suicide Bomber Cultist: Interval 03

- Leaper (Cultists with knives that act like monkeys): Interval 03

- Sniper: Interval 04

- Heavy Assault Rifle Soldier (the triple-burst AR Heavies): Interval 05

- SMG Heavies (have the propane tank on back, it explodes when shot): Interval 05

- Shotgun Heavies: (Interval 05)

- Phase Commander (Penetrator, really tall guys): Interval 05

NOTE: I am not sure if you need to possess a Ghost Soldier for this, but since they count as Creatures, I would assume not.

Score Monger
Complete 30 challenges in one interval.

This one SEEMS daunting, but really, all it takes is a little effort. The best place for this is Interval 01, and make sure to go looking around for all Psychic Links, because they AND any Alma Dolls found (there is one) will count. That said, here is the list I ended with for Interval 01 upon earning this trophy:

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Complete every challenge at least once.

This one is somewhat tedious, but if you know what you are doing, and good places for them, then you should be fine for this. The challenges are broken into 4 categories: Aggression (using guns/melee/grenades), Tactics (using cover/assists), Aptitude (using Slo-Mo/Possession), and Psychic (Psychic links/Alma Dolls). That said, here is a complete list, the requirements (as said in-game),and notes i have on them. Also, note that the font color will help you determine what challenge is what when you look at the icon, and also, for an in-game list of these with the ones you've completed, check under Scoring on the Main Menu. Here is the list:


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Supreme Challenger
Complete 500 total challenges between all categories.

This one you will have most likely by your 2nd or 3rd run through the story, depending on if you try to go for as many as you can in an Interval, and if you play co-op, and go for those also. This one isn't too bad, due to the fact that repeated Challenges count, its not 500 different ones: you can earn 500 of varying types, OR 500 of the same exact Challenge, it will count. that said, just from the Psychic Links you will have around 50 or more per run, if you look for them all in every Interval. If you want to see your current count, look under Main Menu-Scoring-Rank/Challenge, and choose Challenge Tab

Up The River
Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 01

See Dream Score

Magna Slum Laude
Attain a total of 85,000 score on Interval 02

See Dream Score

Cannibal Run
Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 03

See Dream Score

House Arrest
Attain a total score of 105,000 score on Interval 04

See Dream Score

Point Taken
Attain a total of 110,000 score on Interval 05

See Dream Score

Crossing Over
Attain a total of 70,000 score on Interval 06

See Dream Score

Point Authority
Attain a total of 110,000 score on Interval 07

See Dream Score

Dream Score
Attain a total of 50,000 score on Interval 08

For the Score trophies, the whole idea is to go for as many points as you can, in any way: play on co-op, play insane, do all challenges, find the doll and all Links, anything. That said, here is a great way to make sure you have a good safety net for this:

Play this as Point Man co-op, on Insane. Insane gives a 15,000 boost, and you can get 3 co-op challenges, plus more enemies to kill: the kill 15 suspended enemies, 3 quick revives, and absorb 300 points of damage. Also, find all Links, and steal them for the extra 500 per, it really helps. Also find the Doll for another 5,000 (20,000 almost if 10 Links in the Interval, plus 15,000 off of Insane and 5,000-ish from co-op challenges gives you 40,000 almost already). You should also be able to get around 5,000 points off of the Kill bonus score, so the rest you just need to get from challenges. The best rule for these trophies: When planning it out, aim OVER the needed score, or you may go UNDER it.

That's a lot of Zeros
Attain a total of 250,000 points through challenges.

This one is self-explanatory: get 250,000 points by completing challenges in Solo, Co-op, and Online. You should have this, if you are trying for Supreme Challenger and Completionist by around the end of Interval 02, or during Interval 03 if you have been collecting Alma Dolls and getting as many Psychic Links as possible. Just remember that Challenges are not one-time events: you can earn them again if you replay an Interval, or when you move on to the next Interval.

Earl of Pain
Kill 1,000 enemies by any method in any game mode.

Just kill 1,000 enemies any way across the Story, and online. Shoot em, stab em, kick em, burn em, blow em up, shock em, blow their heads off, stick em to a wall, bash their head in, claw em, or possess em: doesn't matter matter how, just make 'em dead. You will most likely have this one if you play solo first by second run, if you do co-op, by second if you did one alone, 3 maybe if you did 2 co-op, and if you play online, not too long either.

God Among Men
Kill 250 total enemies during Slo-Mo.

The description says it all: kill 250 enemies while Slo-Mo is active. If you are using Slo-Mo constantly (and you will for Insane, it is a life-saver), you should have this done around Interval 04, if not then most definitely by the end of your first run of the game. Just remember to aim for the head since you have more time, to stay in if there is a group, and when you find the Bomber enemies, to shoot for their chest, so you can kill them much more easily, and take out others along with them.

Art Collector
Pin 100 total enemies with The Penetrator or Leaper knives.

For this one, I believe the description is somewhat misleading: it is actually just 100 kills, no need to pin 100 enemies to a wall. That said, if you Play Contractions, and use only the Penetrator when you can take it, as long as you get around 5+ rounds in, then you should be fine after a single run through the story. But also, since you can also play as Fettel and help, I'd suggest trying those first, to cut down on the time you spend with it. This trophy is much easier than it sounds

No can defense!
Kill 100 enemies with the Jump Kick or Slide Kick.

You unlock the slide Kick and Jump Kick abilities at Rank 2, so you can start with this pretty early. I found myself using this a lot during the Cultist areas, and when faced with the Shotgun soldiers, and in Online (like Contractions, mainly), it helps very much, so it is safe to say this one will come at a relative ease. However, if you find yourself doing more gunplay than melee kills, try and go into co-op, play as Point Man, and have your partner suspend enemies while you back stab them for easy kills....or just play as Fettel alone, and do the same. This one will come with time

State-of-the-Art. Bang, Bang!
Kill 10 enemies in a row with Sniper Rifle headshots.

This trophy sounds easy, but it can take a few tries. you must kill 10 enemies in a row with a headshot using the sniper rifle. Should you hit a barrel, use a grenade, or have a hand in an enemies death in any way other, you will need to start over. That said, as long as you just use your Sniper, it is easy. There are 2 great locations to find this: the first, is in Interval 02, when you first find, and eventually fight, the Shock Trooper. In the first area, you SHOULD be able to get all 10, but if not, then when you go to fight him, he will spawn 4 enemies at a time. Kill them, wait for him to respawn new ones, repeat. Also, there is in Interval 04, after the cutscene that places you in the Playground. Just find the Sniper, sit in a house, and let them funnel in towards you. The video shows Interval 04.

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Footy Foul
Kill 2 enemies with 1 Slide Kick during Slo-Mo.

For this one, you will need to wait until you have unlocked the ability to use Slide Kick, which is at Rank 2. It's very straightforward: go into Slo-Mo, and Slide Kick 2 enemies. The best place to get this is by replaying Interval 01, and waiting until when you activate the first switch. 2 enemies will burst through the door, initiate Slo-Mo, and line them up the best you can, Sprint, and then press the Melee button. However, there are many other places to get this at also, just remember to use Slo-Mo first, or it will not count for you

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Head Crab Removal
20 kills with a crowbar.

When they say "with a crowbar", its safe to say they mean using ANY of the melee weapons the Cultists can use: hammers, axes, pipes....any of them. That said, if you play alone as Fettel on Interval 03, you can look to have this by an early second run-through, if not at the end (depends on if you use the knives as melee weapons also, and if you get most of the kills this way). However, if you feel safer just using a crowbar, and want an easy way to earn it, then use the video below

Toggle Spoiler

Little Brother's Helper

As Pointman, kill 100 enemies suspended by Fettel.

Very simple one: while in co-op, and playing as Point Man, have your partner, as Fettel, Suspend (or leash, whichever) 100 enemies, then allow you to kill them while he/she has them suspended. That said, your best bet to get this easy in one run of the game, is to play co-op with a friend, and have them allow you to do this. Otherwise, if you are just generic playing, or playing with a random Fettel, then you will not get as many, since they will be trying to Possess these enemies, or barely using Suspend usually.

Big Brother's Helper
As Fettel, suspend 100 enemies that Pointman kills.

The opposite of Little Brother's Helper, just play as Fettel, Suspend as many enemies as you can, and allow you partner to kill them all, and this will pop. Of the two, this should be easier, because playing with anyone, this will be easy to work towards, since your teammate will always be going for the kills, and this makes them easier

I'm not a Doctor, I'm a Medic!
Perform 50 revives in any game mode.

This is actually somewhat easier than it seems: Playing on Insane in co-op, I got around 20-30 revives. However, if you need to boost this out, or want to, just play on Insane, find cover, and have your partner stand up and be downed. This should be relatively quick. Also, the revives in the online modes do count towards this, so feel free to go for it then, or to wait until after you reach Wave 20 in contractions, because you should rack up a lot of revives.

We'll Try Again Tomorrow!
Survive 3 waves in Contractions in a row without anyone bringing back a crate.

For this,just go 3 Waves without anyone returning a crate to the Safehouse for ammo. If you pick it up, but get downed, you are fine. For an easy method, see I F.E.A.R. Nothing!

I F.E.A.R. Nothing!
Finish a wave of Contractions on INSANE without anyone going into Last Stand.

This trophy can be a little tricky, because playing with people means more of a risk, playing alone means less back-up. So, here is a very easy method to get this trophy:

Go into solo Practice, and play Mechanized Invasion on Insane. When you spawn, head directly left of the house you start in, and keep going until you reach the church at the end of the map. There, in the back, will be a Power Armor. Hop in, and stay in that corner. Do not leave, and don't pick up any crates. Keep going for 3 waves, and you will earn I F.E.A.R. Nothing! and We'll Try Again Tomorrow!

Dead Blind
Spend an entire round of Contractions in deep fog without going into Last Stand.

This trophy is actually really easy, and you should be able to earn this while you go for Handle With Care if you go for it with friends. You can tell when you are in deep fog, because the red circles on the ground will appear. These will cause you damage, and should you stay in one spot, they may put you into Last Stand, so keep moving. Deep fog begins at around Wave 4 or past

Hanging 20
Complete wave 20 in Contractions.

This will be the trickiest of all the online trophies, because on any map, after Wave 10, things get VERY difficult. You will really need to play with full 4 people for this, and having friends who know what is going on, are good at the game, and have mics will really help your odds. When going for this trophy, do not go for anything else but this, because this in itself is hard enough to earn by itself. To make it easier, play on The Commute: the Safe house's second floor requires enemies to funnel in, and if everyone stays in the top level, it makes things much easier...also, you will have all the usual guns, the Dual MP-970, the LORSO, and the Arc Laser to use. Just watch out for the Power Armors, and try to save the Arc Laser and Goliath for them (only 2 in seperate Waves)

Handle with Care
Return 30 creates in one game of Contractions.

This trophy will be easiest to boost, because after Wave 9, you will be lucky to get more than 1 crate per round. what you want to do, play play with 1-3 friends who are helping on This Is Suicide! map, and just grab all the crates, you should get this during round 8. The crates appear between rounds, and 4 at a time: 3 yellow, 1 red. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

- Leave an enemy alive if you still need crates: ending the wave will put the count BACK TO 4, not add 4 more, so if you have 3 and need the 4th, and the wave ends, you get only 3 from that set. Doing it this way, you will finish in between or at the early part of Wave 8 (32 crates if you get them all including these)

- Don't get downed while carrying a crate: you will lose the crates

- It has pros and cons: you cant fire, but it can melee, and it will severly slow you; to deal with this, jump excessively to get back.

Possess 20 different enemies in one round of Soul King.

This trophy is actually very, very easy out of every online trophy. Just play Solo Practice on a Soul King map, and just possess 20 enemies, don't kill any of them until the trophy pops for you.

Win all 5 rounds of a 5-round Soul King match.

This one is relatively easy, but as the game gets older, it will get harder, so no matter what, your best bet is to set a 5-round 5-minute match against a friend. This way, you can also go for Soul Gatherer and Soul Hoarder. Any of the maps will work for this, just find the biggest area (lower area in the Airport, outside in the Jail, the seabox area on the Oil Platform), and kill as many enemies as you can, and if anyone gets ahead of you, you can kill them to take their points

Soul Gatherer
Attain a total of 6,000 souls in one round of Soul King.

This trophy can be somewhat tricky if the other players are good enough, or if you don't know hot to play exactly. All you need to do, is host a game with 5 rounds, and 5 minutes each round. Just find a big open area, and kill as many enemies as you can: the harder the kill, the more soul you earn. Also, if you need more and the round is almost over, fins another player, kill them, and steal their souls. That said, if you want an even easier way, look at Monarch

Soul Hoarder
Attain a total of 25,000 souls across all rounds of a Soul King match.

For this trophy, you must earn 25,000 in a full match of Soul King, as in across all the rounds in a game. As long as you can get 5,000 or more a round, and the game is a full 5 rounds (I suggest you host yourself to make sure it 5 rounds and 5 minutes). However, if you want an easier way, see Monarch.

Win 20 rounds of Soul King.

This trophy is relatively easy: just win 20 rounds playing Soul King. this can easily be done using a second controller, along with all of the Soul King trophies. Otherwise, depending on if the other players are new to the game, or know how to play, make the matches either 3 minutes, or a full 5, and remember: if a player gets ahead of you, you can kill them and take all their souls.

A Precursor
In the Poker Room of Prison, kill all 3 enemies with headshots before Slo-Mo ends.

This will most likely be your VERY first trophy in the game, and it is a relatively easy one. In Interval 01- The Prison, after you find grenades, at the door you are given the prompt to kick down, you will find 3 enemies seated around a table playing poker inside. The second you kick the door open, press :triangle: to engage Slo-Mo, and use the Briggs to shoot each of them in the head. You will know if you got it because you should also unlock a challenge for killing 3 enemies in Slo-Mo with head shots at the same time if you haven't yet.

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Yo, Adrian!
Find something worth punching!

This trophy, unless you know about it, will be tricky to understand. In Interval 08, the first room where you must destroy the object, you will be in a weight room/boxing room. Immediately to your left, are 3 punching bags. Just walk up to one, and for about 30 seconds to a minute, just melee the bag until you see the trophy pop up. Here is a video to help more:

Toggle Spoiler

This can also be done in the Meat Locker in Interval 03 - Thanks to Coug

Complete any campaign level on INSANE without reloading checkpoints or going into Last Stand.

This trophy is best done on Interval 03, thanks to the small amount of enemies with guns, the length of the level, the battles (usually short and easy), and good weapons. That said, this MUST be done in co-op, so either have a buddy with a mic that has agreed to help, or one that will stay back. This may take a few tries, so be patient, but here are some tips for the fighting areas and such:

- In the areas the Cultists hide among dead bodies, throw any type of grenade at a big group of bodies, or shoot: it will make them jump up at longer distance, daze them when they jump up, or outright kill them.

- Keep your back to a wall if you can, except for when facing a very big group at once. This prevents having bombers appear from behind and easily take down most of your health.

- Aim for the Bombers' chest to get easy kills of them, and collateral kills of neightbors.

- In the first Leaper encounter, stay in the smaller room in order to funnel them to you, then bait the stragglers, and kill the rest. Watch for the Leaper on the roof of that room as you leave, however.

- In the very last fight (the one that finally incorporates regular Armachan Soldiers), try and kill of most of the soldiers first, and allow them to kill a few Cultists: this rids you of the enemies with longer ranges and grenades, leaving you with short range enemies that are easier to kill, and thins their numbers would hate to get to this area and have to start all over again, after all.

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