Players: 1-2, 1-12 online
Online Trophies: 6
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 season and 1 online co-op
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

Tip Number One? Practice, practice, practice and practice some more. This game is relatively easy to pick up and play, but to get the platinum, youíll need to get to know the tracks by racing them over and over.

Custom setups can work very well indeed, but itís important to tweak them to your style. As of now, there are not many sites up with custom setup ideas, but when the do go up donít just assume they will work wonders. Try them out first and see what seems best to you...

When racing on easy, make sure to turn the braking assist OFF and control the brakes yourself. Most ground that you gain on opposing cars comes from braking late into the corner.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

I haven't found any cheats or serious glitches, but there is a pretty serious exploit for completing your Hard/Expert Season. See the trophy description for more details.



Season One: Although I wrote in the overview that it is possible to only do one season, I would recommend doing two. Do the first season on easy and win every race. This will net you Driverís World Champion , Trophy Collector , Solid Performance , as well as many other trophies.

Season Two: This season is for your Hard/Expert Completion. At the end of your triumphant first season, you should move to your rivalís team, and so will almost certainly be at one of the big three teams. This means that this season will also get you the Constructors Championship. With this being your Hard Season, you will also was to get in a lot of practice and go for the Test Driver trophy.

Season Three: Any Career specific trophies can be mopped up in a final season if needs be.


You can get all the co-op trophies in one season, but if boosting, you will most likely end up doing two seasons. You need to complete the season, and win both the driverís and constructors championships. It is also easier to get Keeping it Clean in co-op mode than in standard online races.
You should then get 35 online trophy to give you both online trophies.


Any non- career specific trophies that you have not obtained can be picked up now. Congratulations on completing F1 2011!


Good luck on obtaining the F1 2011 Platinum Trophy!

Congratulations. You've completed F1 2011ô

Gain all other trophies in F1 2011 to obtain the platinum trophy.

Season Opener
You have completed your first Career Race

Pretty self explanatory; start a career and complete one race. It doesnít matter who you are racing for, or even if you win the race...

Pole Position
You have taken the first Pole Position of your Career

Again, pretty obvious; just ensure that you come first overall in qualifying. As with many of the trophies you can set the game difficulty to easy if you are having problems.

Just the Beginning
You have taken your first Career victory

This trophy will pop after you win your first race in career mode Ė again, set the game to easy if you are having problems, but not a very tough trophy.

Lightning Fast
You set the fastest penalty-free lap of the Race in any game mode

Not a very tough trophy, and youíll probably find you get this just by playing through the game. In your easy playthrough, youíll be consistently setting the fastest laps. Just ensure you get some without a penalty...

Sublime Talent
You set the fastest lap in every session of a Long Race Weekend in any mode

This might sound a little tough, but all it really means is that you need to set the fastest time in all the practice sessions, come first in Q1,2 and 3, and then get the fastest race lap. Itís pretty easy on easy difficulty. Just donít skip any sessions, and make sure to stay out until you post a decent time.

Push the Button
You cleanly overtook an opponent while KERS was activated

The best way to get this is straight off the start line. Any time you donít make pole, hit the KERS as you are pulling away; you will almost certainly pass one or two people for the trophy. KERS default button is .

Winging It
You cleanly overtook an opponent while the DRS was activated

Slightly harder than KERS because you donít have constant access to it. It becomes available during the race, and you have to be within one second of the car in front, as well as being on the correct straight. Just remember to use DRS whenever it is available and youíll get this at some point. You can always just drop in directly behind someone on the DRS straight to make this a little easier. The DRS default button is .

Test Driver
You've covered at least 500 Practice miles / 805 kilometres in your Career

This takes a long time. Consider that your average speed may be around 100 mph; that means that this will take you 5 hours just going around in practice. Unfortunately thereís no way to keep track of it either.
My advice would be to finish both your singleplayer seasons, doing as much practice as you need, and then simply load up a final season, and stay on the practice tracks until you get the trophy.

Co-op Drivers' World Champion
You won the Drivers' World Championship in a Co-op season

Get yourself an Online partner, and win the Driverís World championship in an online co-op championship. Itís easy if you do it on an easy difficulty. If boosting, remember to repay the favour with an additional season...

They're on Which Buttons?
You won a Race without activating KERS or the DRS once

Pretty self explanatory; simply do not use either KERS or DRS throughout the entire race, and still win. If you are having trouble, then you can lower the difficulty. Also this does not have to be done in career mode, so you may give yourself a very good car in grand prix mode if you are having difficulty.

Do it Yourself
You won a Race in any mode using manual gears

Manual Gears take a little practice. You can get this trophy at the same time as Car Control , so see that entry for advice.

On the Bounce
You have beaten Alberto Ascari's record of 9 successive Career victories

Youíll get this in your first season in which you win every race. If you donít manage to get it, then start a new season on easy, and make sure to win 9 in a row.

Drivers' World Champion
You have won the Drivers' World Championship in Career

You will win this in your first easy season, in which you win every race. If you are not following the roadmap, then you can lower the difficulty, or wait until you are at a good team to make this easier.
Simply have more championship points than any other driver at the end of the season.

Constructors' World Champion
You have won the Constructors' World Championship in Career

This is slightly harder than the Drivers Championship, but will be reasonably easy once you are through enough seasons to be racing for one of the big three teams (Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull), so you should get this in your second season.
Youíll struggle to get this early on, because the Constructorís Championship means that you and your team-mateís combined scores must beat all other teams; and the starting teams do not give you very high scoring team mates...

Precision Driving
You completed a Race without colliding with another car or object

People find this one a little confusing, but it takes into account other cars, signs, walls, and maybe even curbs. You can get this in any mode, so if you are struggling, load up a 1 lap grand prix, qualify last, and drive very slowly around the circuit in the middle of the track.

Drivers' World Champion (Hard)
You have won the Drivers' World Championship in Career on Hard or Expert Difficulty

This one WILL be hard if you don't use the exploit. Donít try this in your first season in career mode, wait until you are at one of the big three teams, simply because their cars are a lot better.
Practice a lot. Practice makes perfect, so keep going around the tracks until you know them inside out. Obviously completing on Hard is easier than Expert.
Remember that you can always quit if things arenít going well to get another go at it... so try to qualify in pole in as many races as you can, and if you fail, reload it.

The exploit if you are having trouble is this: Turn off autosave in the ĎMy F1í menu, and load up each race in hard. After starting EACH SESSION, you can add driving aids in the options menu to make it easier, but then you need to ensure that you turn them back to Hard before the end of that session.
You'll still have to beat a tough AI, but at least this method saves you from manual gears and no traction.

Blue Flag
You lapped at least 6 other cars during a Race in any game mode

Done on easy, it is not too difficult to lap cars, particularly if you are in a good car yourself. To lap 6, youíll probably need 50% track length, depending on the track, and your skill level. If you canít be bothered to do this in career mode, then give yourself the best car in a grand prix race (Vettel).

Have You Considered DiRT3?
You performed a drift of 10 metres or more

This can be tricky, because F1 cars are not designed to drift. Try to have this trophy at the back of your mind when you are racing, or doing P or Q. If itís wet and you start to lose control into a high speed corner, throw the back end out and try to carry on the slide for as long as you can.

Trophy Collector
You have won a Race at each of the 19 circuits in any game mode

Youíll get this at the end of your first season, by winning every race. If youíve not won every race, then just load up an easy 1 lap grand prix for any tracks that you missed.
Your calendar in career mode saves your results at the bottom, so you can see which one's you have missed.

Car Control
You won a Race without any Driver Assists enabled in any game mode

Turn everything under the heading ĎDriver Assistsí off. This means no traction, no ABS, manual gearing, no lines etc. The best track hands down to get this in is Monaco, because it is easy to block people once you have the lead. Many places tell you to do it in the rain as well, but I found this unnecessary, as well as much more difficult to control.

The basic principle is get to the lead before the first corner and block most of the rest of the way. Once you are out in front, you can do the entire race in 3rd gear for the corners, 4th for normal driving and 5th for straights. Itís tough, good luck.

Getting this using this method will also net you the Do it Yourself trophy.

Impeccable Performance
You won a Race after Qualifying in Pole Position in any game mode

Youíll get this during your playthrough in career mode, or while going for other trophies. Just come first in Qualifying, then win the race.

Keep Your Friends Close
You have completed a full Co-op season

Simple but time consuming. Youíll need an online partner to play co-op mode with. This trophy simply requires the completion of one full co-op season. The results are not important.
You can skip sessions, and even retire from races if you wish...

You have set a time in all of the Time Attack scenarios

This takes a little time, but is not too hard. Simply load up every scenario in time attack mode and post a time in each. You DO NOT need to post a medal winning time to get this trophy.

You have performed a Pit-stop during a Safety Car period

To be able to activate the safety car, turn its option on. Damage needs to be on full, and the race has to be at least 20% length. To induce a safety car, you will need to cause a relatively large accident on the first corner. Then simply pit to get the trophy.

Robot-Like Consistency
You have completed 5 successive laps within a quarter of a second of each other

This oneís tricky and very annoying... the best way to do this is to set a slow lap time on your first lap, then drive around and wait at the finish line for the next four laps. When your time is getting near, get over the line and start again. It still takes a bit of practice to get it right, but itís a lot easier than getting insanely lucky with your times. I did this on a 10% race at Monza, itís a short simple 5 lap track.

Keeping it Clean
You completed an Online Race without making contact with an opponent's car

This is easier to do when you are doing co-op than in normal races, because in coop most other racers are AI. If you need to do it in a normal race; let everyone pass you at the start, and drive slowly around in last place.

Down to the Wire
You took the lead on the final lap of a 20%+ distance Race and won

You might get this during career mode (especially in your hard playthrough), but if you havenít then load up a grand prix race on an easy difficulty, get to the front of the race and sit in second, just behind the guy in first until the final lap.

On the Podium
You have finished a Career Race in the top three

Youíll get this when playing through the game Ė if you are going for any of the more difficult trophies, youíll be getting many podiums throughout your time playing F1 2011.

You have spent a total of 10 minutes slipstreaming your opponents in any game mode

Youíll almost certainly get this while playing through the game, but if not, then load up a grand prix game and just follow people a lot.

Is Jenson going to pass or not?
You won the Turkish Grand Prix driving as Lewis Hamilton

You can do this on easy difficulty to get the trophy. Simply load up the Turkish grand prix as Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) and win the race. Set it to a 1 lap race to make this short and sweet.

Glancing Blow
With Damage on Full you made contact with the wall at Monaco and won the Race

Damage has to be on full, but the rest of the driving assists can be on, simply go into the options menu to change the settings. It can also be done with the AI set to Amateur.
Youíll probably hit the wall at some point anyway, but if youíre too awesome and havenít touched the wall the entire way around, then just touch it on the home straight.

You took the lead on lap 1, in heavy rain, after starting in 5th or lower

On easy, pick a track with a lot of straights, and pick one of the fastest cars. You should be able to overtake them right off the starting line at this difficulty, but if not, you should be a lot faster on the straights.

It's the Driver not the Car
You have won the Drivers' World Championship with two different teams in Career or Co-op

Youíll get this after your second season, once you have won the Driverís Championship twice with two different teams.
If you happen to win your co-op drivers championship before winning your second season; that counts too.

You won the Constructors' World Championship in a Co-op Championship

This means that you and your co-op partner must total more points at the end of the season than any other team. Set to easy, and you can pretty much come first and second in every race.

Solid Performance
You scored points at every round of a Career or Co-op season

Youíll get this by winning every track in your first season. If you canít win every track, just make sure that you come at least 10th Ė the last points scoring place.

10 Online
You have won 10 Online Races

See 35 Online

35 Online
You have won 35 Online Races

How you want to get this trophy will depend on how you like to play the game. If you are decent at racing games, youíll probably pick this up given time. However, if you are not particularly amazing at racing games, or if you donít like online multiplayer, then you may wish to boost this trophy.
If you are boosting this, it's worth noting, that if both of you crash your cars, the one that is further around the track will be credited with a win. So you can both deliberately crash on turn 1 to massively shorten the time this takes.

Note that on the way to achieving this trophy, you will also obtain 10 Online .

Slap on the Wrist
You were awarded a Drive-through Penalty and still went on to win the Race

You will need to have the penalties set on realistic for this one. You will also need at least a 20% race. Cutting numerous corners, or causing a crash at corner one should be sufficient to net you a drive through penalty. Make sure you serve it in the allotted time, and then go on to win the race.
Can also be done with amateur AI.

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