Players: 1-7 players offline, and 2 players online.
Online Trophies: Glory Moment.
Online Pass Required: Yes, unless you've already got one for FIFA 12.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25-30 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Expedition, 1 online tournament, 1 offline tournament.
Collectible Trophies: Expeditionary Nature & National Pride.
Missable Trophies: National Pride.
Glitched Trophies: None that I know of.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • This DLC is pretty expensive, which will probably put off anyone who isn't a die-hard FIFA fanatic. Therefore, I'm going to assume that everyone knows how to play FIFA. Because if you don't, there's really no point in getting this DLC. So basic knowledge about how to play FIFA is a nice thing to have.
  • Next up, let me explain the Expedition mode, as I've noticed a lot of people feel overwhelmed when they start off. You start off with your Virtual Pro. In Expedition, he's the captain of a fictional country. You get to choose a name, abbreviation, logo, home kit and away kit. You then pick a formation to start in, and you'll get 17 random players from the lowest European countries. But hey, you have to start somewhere, right? You then pick a group to start off in. These are the qualification groups of the actual tournament. So for instance, group E (which I picked) consists of San Marino, Hungary, Moldova, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands. I picked this because I am Dutch myself. After you pick a group you are shown a map of Europe. In the case of group E, you'll start at San Marino, and have to work your way up to the Netherlands by playing and winning matches. If you win, you can get up to four things. The first is one of the country's 3 mosaic pieces. The second can be two things. It either opens up a group of countries so you can build a road to them, or it unlocks an entire new group. Because whatever group you decide to start with, eventually you'll play through all of them. The third is the option to actually build a road to another country. But the fourth reward is what it's all about. The first time you play against a country and win, you will get one of their reserve players. The second time you'll get a substitute. The third time you'll get a starter. After that, you can keep playing, and you'll get random players. You can't pick who you get, so getting a certain player can be quite a grind. I decided to grind for Ibrahimovic against Sweden, but so far I still haven't gotten him. This is also a drag because the other Swedish players are not that good. I'm not saying they're bad, especially not at the start, but since this mode is about collecting a European Dream Team, they're probably not the players you had in mind. Anyway, that's basically the idea. It may be a lot to take in, but you'll learn by playing.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

  • If you're having difficulty winning offline, you can always tone down the difficulty. None of the trophies are affected by this. The downside here is that you won't get better at the game, and you will probably struggle to win the online tournament. The best way to improve is to play online of course, but playing on the harder difficulties can be a help too.
  • You could also adjust the game sliders for you and/or your opponent. You can do this at any time by going into the settings and going to the far right tabs. The last one is for your opponent, the one before is for you. You can change things like how fast your players run, how precise your shots are, how good your goalie is, how prone to injuries your players are etc. You should move your own bars all the way up, except for the missed shots and faulty passes, since those are negative. You should bring those down. I would also only bother with the first 9 bars, it'll save you some time and you will still get a major boost. As a side-reference, the first 2 should go up, the second 2 down, the third 2 up, the fourth 2 should be left like that, and the ninth bar should go up again.
    If you really wanna go to town on your opponent, do everything in reverse for their bars. And move the fourth 2 up. That way they'll probably have to sub 2 players off in the first half. Not that it will matter much. By doing this you will become very overpowered. The opponent won't stand a chance, even on Legendary, but the experience will be ruined.
  • I also advise you to play matches of 4 minutes per half. At least in Expedition. The mode requires you to play at least 159 matches, and of course by using the shortest possible matches, you'll have those 159 matches earlier.


  • Play a kick-off match. You can get acquainted with the new camera, which is a little closer to the field than usual, and if you win, you can cross this mode off your list entirely.
  • Play through the offline tournament. It's only 6 matches, and if you win it, this immediately nabs you a trophy. Two trophies if you're playing with a friend or a second controller.
  • Play a challenge. You only need to complete one of them, and they change every few days.
  • Start up an Expedition campaign. This is where you will be spending most of you time. I'll get into detail below.
  • Play and win an online tournament. You may wanna do this before the Expedition mode, but I placed it here since it's the hardest trophy, whereas all the Expedition trophies just take a lot of grinding. This is because your fate is in the hands of other players.


Collect all mosaic pieces in Expedition

For this trophy, you need to collect all 180 pieces of the mosaic. Basically it comes down to beating every team three times, and it'll be the last Expedition trophy you earn. There are normally 3 mosaic pieces per nation, and there are 53 nations. How can there be 180 pieces then, you ask? Well, the group leaders reward you with a couple more mosaic pieces for the group. For instance, the Netherlands had 3 mosaic pieces of their own, and 2 of their group. The first match against a group leader will earn you two mosaic pieces, whereas the second will grant you one, and the last match will grant you the final two mosaic pieces for that opponent.

Expeditionary Nature
Defeat all 53 nations in Expedition

Like it says, just beat all 53 countries once. You'll get this on your way to Collector.

My Euro
Win a match in each UEFA EURO 2012 game mode

Pretty straightforward. The DLC has five modes. There's your basic match, challenges, Expedition, the online tournament and the offline tournament. Win one game in each mode and the trophy is yours.

Glory Moment
Win Online UEFA EURO 2012

There's not a lot of advice I can give you here. If you're not that good at FIFA, you'll need to be lucky and hope that you run into some easy opponents. And if you are good at FIFA, you probably won't need my help. I can only give you some basic tips. Pick a 5-star team. There's a few options: Germany, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Spain is the best team in the whole game, but I find that their players are simply to small and not strongh enough. I encountered England three times in the group stage, and was left utterly disappointed. Whereas the Dutch defense is also pretty bad. The best results for me personally came with Portugal. They're a 4,5-star team, but they do have the advantage of having the best player in the tournament: Cristiano Ronaldo. I then played with 3 strikers, Nani on LW, Quaresma on RW and Ronaldo as a ST. Give that a whirl if you're struggling. I can also highly recommend the English squad. With Walcott and Young on the flanks, they've got some great pace, and with Rooney as ST, you've got yourself a great finisher too. This is the way I like to play, since my Portugal offense comes down to the same idea. Some great pace on the wings, and a great shot in the center. I also used Lampard as CAM because he's got a great shot too, and he also scored a lot. Other than that, I wish you the best of luck.

Creating History Together
Win UEFA EURO 2012 with more than 1 user playing for the same team in all 6 matches

This trophy is a little glitched, but in a good way. It says in the description that you need to win the offline tourrnament with at least 2 players, but in reality you only need to play 6 matches with at least 2 players. I played the group stage with a friend, but started a new game after the second match, because we were already eliminated. The second time we got through the group stage, and after we played the quarterfinals, the trophy unlocked for me.

We Are The Champions
Win UEFA EURO 2012

This trophy also relates to the offline tournament. Like it says, you need to win it. Do this with a friend, and you can unlock Creating History Together at the same time.

National Pride
Win an Expedition match with all starting 11 from the same nation

For this trophy, you'll have to grind a certain country in Expedition. And you need to know what the starters are on the game. You need all 11 of those players. Just having 11 players of the same nationality won't do, neither does changing your VP's nationality. Speaking out of my own experience again, I went with the Dutch team. And I needed to get Stekelenburg, Van der Wiel, Heitinga, Mathijsen, Pieters, Van Bommel, Van der Vaart, Van Persie, Sneijder, Kuyt and Huntelaar. Getting these eleven players can be a chore, and I advise you to go for this as soon as you can. 11 players is a lot, and you don't wanna have to delete players from your Dream Team just to get this trophy later on. So do this before you have too many players you want to keep.

On All Fronts
Defeat one team from each group in Expedition

Once again, this can't be missed when going for Collector. Just keep beating every nation three times, and you'll eventually open up every group and beat one team in each group. Beating every team three times isn't required, but you'll save some time towards collecting all the mosaic pieces while you're at it, and at some point the new nations will unlock.

One Down
Defeat all teams from a group in Expedition

This can be acquired pretty early on. You can make it a bit easier by picking a group of only 5 teams when you start off, unlike me. Just beat every nation you come across three times, build all the roads, unlock all the countries in the group and when you get to the group leader you'll get this. As with On All Fronts, beating every team three times isn't required, but you'll save some time towards collecting all the mosaic pieces while you're at it, and at some point the new nations will unlock.

Make It Possible
Succeed in a Challenge

This can be as easy or as hard as you want to. A Challenge usually consists of making a comeback in a certain amount of time, usually you start off in the second half. That makes this a trophy that you can earn very quickly. You can choose the difficulty, so unless you really care about the amount of experience it will net you, you can just do this on Amateur.

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