Players: 1
Online Trophies: 24 that require online connection. 7 that require you to play against another player.
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: There's no cheat codes that I'm aware of.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: No
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: Collecting Silverware and Perfection

[top]Tips & Strategies

Go easy on the throttle, FIFA 14 has made the game more "realistic", so you can't run at full speed with the ball at your feet. Pace isn't what it used to be. Holding when you're receiving passes or crosses will ruin your first touch. Also holding will make you very vulnerable to tackles, since the ball will be atleast a few metres from your feet. In fact, only hold when you've got room, and you need to advance quick. For example in counter attacks, or after a dribble.
Be patient, FIFA 14 has much slower gameplay than previous games. You don't always have to advance, pass back to your CBs, change side.
Finesse shots - Use them, a lot. They're extremely OP in this game. It's very rare to be in situations when normal shots is a better choice than finesse shots.
Jockeying - This is a very effective way of defending. You jockey by holding . Try it out and get the feel of it. It's a very effective way of blocking crosses and shots. But can be used for more komplex defending.

Always try to keep your backline compact. Don't do unnecessary runs with your CBs, try always keep them on the offside line. If your opponent is running towards your goal, challenge him with a CDM, or a CM. Most goals are made when the opponent challenges one defender, does a move, and suddenly he's one on one with the goalkeeper.

When you have the ball, try holding . This will prompt your player to protect the ball This will avoid unfortunate mistakes where the player does a horrible touch and practically gives the ball away.

Hold when receiving passes, your touches will be smooth as silk. can also be used for changing direction fast. However you'll be very slow, so keep that in mind.

Learn to dribble, I'm not saying that you should learn to do rabonas and rainbow flicks. But a step-over or a dribble are extremely useful.

Lowering the CPU sliders - You'll find this in a match, in the pause menu. Go in game settings and one of the tabs will show CPU Gameplay Customization Setting.
You can lower the CPU sliders, so that they can barely run, pass or shoot. This gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want without any challenge in a match. Obviously you can't do this online, nor in FUT. You can only do this in the career, singleplayer tournaments or kick-off.

Catalogue - The EASFC catalogue can be accessed from the game menu. It is the game's ingame store. Where you can buy kits, shoes, celebrations and bonuses with coins that you'll get when winning matches, seasons, cups etc. The catalogue's bonuses can be very useful in many areas. You can buy draws and wins in different seasons(normal and coop), extra coins in FUT and other very convenient stuff. Check it out! Note that most items are exclusive to different levels. Levels is the ranking system you'll see in the Top right corner of the screen after getting XP.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None reported.


There are several different game modes of FIFA; career, FUT, seasons, be a pro etc. All these game modes have trophies for them, fortunately you don't have to do them in any order. You can switch between the game modes however you like. My roadmap is based on my preferable approach to the trophy list.

Skill games
There are 13 different skill games in FIFA 14. The "Silver Lining" trophy requires you to complete all these skill games on the bronze and silver stages. Doing this step first is recommended since it will improve your skills and prepare you for the rest of the game. I suggest you start doing the "Silver Lining" trophy. Then pick a skill game that you either was very good in, or a skill game where you want to improve. Completing the gold stage of this skill game will unlock the skill game's skill challenge. That'll pop the "So Skilled" trophy. Now there's only one trophy left for the skill games. This is the "Legendary" trophy, and it requires you become legendary in a skill challenge. Becoming legendary means getting a lot of points, it can be a bit trick but not too difficult.

Ultimate Team

This year, EA has been merciful. There is no TOTW trophy nor 85 million trophy. I'm a bit disappointed because I really like FUT and I loved going for the 85 million trophy. Anyway this year you can probably finish the FUT trophies in less than a few hours. The first thing you should do is to look in the game main menu, there you should see a section for Football Club News & Alert. You need to click on one of these news boxes that says something about FIFA Ultimate Team, it can be about the newest team of the week. It can also be about one of your friends winning a match in FUT. Click the news box, this will send you to FUT. You should get the "Fancy Some FUT?" trophy.

The second thing you should do after creating your club is to organize your team and take a look at the manager tasks. After performing the manager tasks, EA will give you a gold pack. None of the manager tasks are particularly difficult. You should do them in a order you're comfortable with, information on how to complete the manager tasks see the trophy description of "Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack!".

After you've done the manager tasks, you will have a few thousand coins. By now you should've gotten the trophies "I Could Do This Every Week" and "Chemistry Experiment" since they're both required for the manager tasks. Now it's time to play some matches, so get a team you're comfortable with.
First of all, when overviewing your squad, click . This will open up a options menu, proceed to change roles. Here you can change your captain. This is for the "Passing on the Armband" trophy. What you should do after this, if you haven't already done it, is to exit FUT and go to the main menu. There? Ok, next go in the catalogue section, that is the store where you can buy extra kits, shoes and bonuses. Here you need to buy a 99 contract for the "Long Term Signing" trophy. Also if you can afford it, it will really help to buy the FIFA Ultimate Team +1500 x 10 bonus coins. It will give you an extra 1500 coins for 15 matches in FUT. It is really helpful in the beginning.

If you've followed this guide correctly, the only trophies remaining should be; "Collecting Silverware", "Fuel For My Club" and "We're Bros Now". "Collecting Silverware" can be done both in singleplayer and online seasons, your choice. It will take you around 5 games to advance a season. Which means you've got 6 games left for "We're Bros Now", just keep on playing and you'll get it. "Fuel For My Club" can be achieved in several ways, either buy 20 bronze packs, that cost 400 coins. That'll require around 8k coins, which you'll easily gather. Or you can just play, enjoy the game mode and buy premium gold packs.

Pro Club

There aren't many trophies for this game mode, 3 to be exact. These are "
Just Dropped In", "On Your Way" and "Teamwork". First thing you have to do upon entering this game mode is to create a player. Then I suggest you find a club, you can find people for this in the boosting thread. After winning one game with a club you'll get the "Teamwork" trophy. Now I suggest you a drop-in match for the "Just Dropped In" trophy. Only trophy remainning is "On Your Way", which is unlock 15% of the accomplishments. You can do this trophy in a few different ways. First of all, if you got a lot of FIFA Catalogue coins, use them to buy accomplishments. This can rack you up to about 10%, the last 5% you can do either by playing with your club or drop-in matches. A tip to get fast accomplishments is to pass and tackle a lot, scoring goals in this game modes is difficult.

Online Seasons, friendlies and Co-op Season

There aren't many trophies for these game modes either. There's 3 trophies for each one of these. For the Online Seasons you need to advance in a division, which isn't hard when starting in div 10, this will get you "Moving on up". For the friendlies season, either find a friend in the boosting thread or play with a mate. You don't have to win the season, just finish it, when finishing the season you'll get "Best Friends Forever". For the Co-op season you don't have to play an entire season. You don't even have to win. Start a new co-op season with a friend, which you can find in the boosting thread, and just finish the first game. You should get "Bros Gonna Bro".

Career mode

There are six trophies for the career game mode this year. Below you can see which trophies are for which type of career.
Player career: "Rising Star"
Manager career: "You Got Mail", "Control", "Silverware", "You Struck Gold!" and "First Mission"
Start with the player career, either pick a real player or create one yourself, preferably a forward. When you reach your first league match, score a bunch of goals. If you're confident you can do this without adjusting the sliders, but if you want to be on the safe side I suggest you do so. If you got a good rating, which you should've gotten if you score a lot, you'll be featured in the team of the week and unlock "Rising Star".
The manager career trophies are a bit more time-consuming. You'll achieve the four other trophies when going for "Silverware".

Highlights of the Week
There's three different kinds of highlights in Highlights of the Week.
Match Day Challenge - the trophy for this is called "Challenging".
Game of the Week - the trophy for this is called "Big Game".
Be a Pro Challenge - the trophy for this is called "On My Own".

Clean-up and miscellaneous trophies

If you've followed this roadmap, you shouldn't have many trophies left.


Football Legend
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

Achieve all other trophies, self-explanatory.

Power and Movement
Score with a Curling Lace Shot

This trophy should come naturally. I suggest you wait with doing this trophy until it's the last one you need for platinum, since it's fairly easy to get when hunting the other trophies. Note that I got this during my first game.

If not this is how you do it: Run straight towards goal with a fairly good shot, for example Ronaldo. When you have a pretty good view of the goal, not too far away. Shoot with the normal shot(classic controls). It's important to run straight, the player is supposed to kick it with his laces and the ball is supposed to dive.

What a Hit, Son!
Score with a Dipping Volley

This trophy will most likely come naturally. If not this is how do you it: Have a player that is fairly decent with the volley, any attacker really. I recommend using a LM/LW or RM/RW, since they are usually bad at heading and will choose to go for the volley instead of heading. I got this with Bale.
For the player to be able to kick it with a dipping volley. The ball needs to be exactly infront of the player. You don't have to kick it on a volley you can wait for it to bounce also. So the player shouldn't move or anything when he's going to shoot.

Beast Mode
Straight Arm a Defender to Protect the Ball

Exactly how to do this trophy is unclear. But I'm fairly sure it has something to do with holding down , which is protecting the ball.
Basically you need to have the ball at your feet, a defender needs to run up to you, while you're holding down .

There's an useful video on how to do this trophy, credits go to the creator of the video: originalxtex.

Note that holding is a very effective way of keeping possession of the ball in the midfield, you should use it often. Which means you should get this trophy naturally.

Seconds, Please
Win the ball back with a Second Chance Tackle

This trophy will most likely come naturally. What you need to do for this trophy is to attempt at a tackle, fail, but then right after win the ball on a second tackle. You can use either lowering the CPU sliders or a second controller to make this easier.
I imagine it being very difficult to set this up, but it happens very often when playing naturally, don't worry!

No Goal For You!
Perform a Diving Header Clearance

You get this trophy when one of your player do a diving header clearance. It can be quite difficult to set up but it's possible. Easiest way would be to do this trophy by crossing the ball to your goalkeeper and then Hold and double tap button. It will take some time and require some luck.

Here is a video on how to do it, credit to the person that made it and that he allowed me to use it; Rex Jericho Hardy GN

Toggle Spoiler

Extra Effort
Score with a first time Sliding Shot

This trophy might come naturally. Therefore you should wait until doing this trophy until you've done most others.
Your player will perform a slide shot when he's not going to reach the ball by running.
This can be achieved in several ways. Ideally you should be two players running towards goal. Doing a triple cross can be very effective, but any pass across the ground is good enough. Then click , hopefully the other player will be forced to slide shot the ball in. This might take a few tries but eventually you'll get it right.
A tip: You can adjust the CPU sliders(see Tips & Strategies), so that you don't have to worry about the opposition

Who Needs a Weak Foot?
Score with an Outside of the Foot Shot

This should come naturally, if not, I suggest you use a guy with the outside foot shot trait. One player that has this trait is Muller in FC Bayern. It will help to run from the right, since he's right footed. If you're using a left-footed player, you should do this from the left side. When you're fairly close enough to goal that you feel confident you'll score, do a finesse shot(). He should take the shot with the outside of the foot.

A Legendary Performance
Win a game on Legendary after trailing at half time

This isn't as difficult as it sounds, because you can use the sliders for this trophy. Follow these steps for the easy method;
Kick off, 4 minutes game length, legendary difficulty obviously. Do a own goal, wait until second half, lower CPU sliders in the pause menu(See Tips and Strategies) and score as much as you want.

Score a Perfect Hat Trick (left foot, right foot, header)

Self-explanatory. You'll have to score with the same player 3 times, one time with a header, one time with the left and one with the right.
This trophy is quite a challenge to do legit. The easiest way to do this is to lower the CPU sliders, see Tips and Strategies for more info on how to do that.

Note: Reported to have glitched, people haven't received the trophy even though they fulfilled the requirements. Most likely this is because people score with left foot, right foot, right foot and then header. I'm guessing scoring with the right foot twice interuppts the hat-trick. To be on the safe side, score the three goals, left foot, right foot and header, without scoring or conceding any other kind of goals.

Silver Lining
Complete the Silver stage of all Skill Games

There are 13 different skill games this year. Some require a bit of luck, but most just require practice. To get this trophy you'll need to finish the silver stage of all 13 skill games. It sounds time-consuming and difficult, but it's not. It's highly likely that you'll finish the silver stage in just a few tries. Remember practice makes perfect and also remember to read the instructions. They give you essential information. Don't forget, if you're having problems with a skill game, you can change the player you're using in the main menu.

The silver stage of crossing was pretty much the only skill game that put up a challenge. Fortunately it can be done in a very easy way. Firstly, get a good crosser, like Xavi or Özil. A very important thing to know in this skill game is that you can get a multiplier for each time you get the ball in a barrel. Obviously the multiplayer will reset if you miss one ball. If you do miss one ball I suggest you restart. The trick is to get the ball in the nearest barrels. With a good crosser you'll only have to tap
once to get the ball in the barrel. It takes a few tries but you'll get the hang of it. You should get about 200 points the first time, continue to get the ball in the closest barrel for maybe 3 more times(WITHOUT MISSING ONCE, otherwise your multiplier won't be good enough). Have you got the ball 4 times in a barrel without missing? Then you should have a multiplier of x4, which means if you cross the ball ONCE in a barrel further away(one that is that is worth 5k points). You'll get 20k points which is the requirement for the silver stage.
Unfortunately there's not trick to get the ball in a 5k barrel, that's up to you. Good luck.

Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges in Skill Games

This is maybe one of the few trophies in this game that will put up a challenge. It requires you to beat the legendary score in a skill challenge. A skill challenge is unlocked when you complete the gold challenge in one particular skill game. For example; You'll need to finish the gold penalty challenge to be able to do the penalty skill challenge.
Skill challenges are mostly about combining everything you've learned from the previous challenges. Especially skill games like freekick and dribbling require to do different strategies depending on what scenario you get.
What skill game you want to achieve legendary in is up to you, what are you good at? What do you want to become good at? Doing these challenges is a good way of improving your skills. If you're bad at taking free-kicks, and you want to become better. Do the skill game, over and over again and you'll become a boss at taking free-kicks. Remember practice makes perfect.

I'd say the easiest way of doing this, is penalties. Which is also the skill game I achieved legendary in. Took me a few tries but it's not that hard. Up to the skill challenge it's walk in the park, but then to get legendary is a bit tricky. The first 4 penalties you'll have a crosshair, use this wisely, hit the bottom corners since they're the hardest to hit without crosshairs. Important to know that you have to hit ALL boxes before they'll reset and you'll have to hit about 1 and a half sets of boxes to get enough points for legendary.

So Skilled
Unlock a single Skill Challenge in Skill Games

A skill challenge is unlocked when you complete the bronze, silver and finally the gold challenge in a game. There are 13 different skill games this year. Some require a bit of luck, but most just require practice. The easiest skill game to unlock a skill challenge is probably be penalties. But you'll get this trophy when going for the trophy "Legendary".
See Legendary for more information

Fancy Some FUT?
Follow a Football Club News & Alert to start or enter FUT

In the main menu of the game, there should be a box for News and Alerts. If you can't find it, it's the tab that is most to the left. Switch between the news until you see that it says something about Ultimate Team and then click it. You'll be redirected to FUT and this trophy should pop. It usually says that your friends have been winning or losing in FUT, it might also be about the newest team of the week.

Start Building
Create a FUT Club

Self-explanatory, enter FUT in the main game menu and just pick a badge, team name and abbrevation.

We're Bros Now
Earn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him

Just play 10 matches with the same player in FUT.
Note: Some have reported that this trophy is glitched, reasons unknown. It might have something to do with that all players you get from packs have automatically 10 loyalty for you. So to be on the safe side, buy a player from the market, and play 10 games with him.

Chemistry Experiment
Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT

Chemistry styles is a new addition to FUT 14. They change what the player's speciality is. All players start with the chemistry style Basic, this gives 1 extra point to all attributes; pace, defending, shooting etc.
Then there are the other chemistry styles, like Deadeye, which gives 3 points to shooting and passing. There are chemistry styles for every position, to fit any playstyle. These are all the chemistry styles, excluding the goal keeper ones.
Anchor, architect, artist, backbone, catalyst, deadeye, engine, finisher, gladiator, guardian, hawk, hunter, maestro, marksman, powerhouse, sentinel, shadow and sniper.

To get this trophy, buy one of those above or one of the goal keeper ones. You'll find them in a pack or in the consumables section of the transfer market. Observe that you'll get this trophy while going for "Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack!"

I Could Do This Every Week
Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT

Every week EA updates a squad with inform players in FUT, easily recognized by their black card. The trophy requires you to challenge this squad, difficulty doesn't matter and you don't have to win However, higher the difficulty, higher the reward.

Note: You'll get this trophy when going for the "Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack!" trophy.

Fuel For My Club
Open 20 packs in FUT

The fastest and cheapest way to do this is to buy 20 bronze packs for 400 coins. It will cost you 400x20 = 8000 coins
You'll also get packs for free when you win certain tournaments and divisions.

Collecting Silverware
Win a division title in FUT Seasons

This trophy is really not a problem, you can do it both in online and offline. However the online season in FUT have been known to glitch and not give you the trophy when winning a division. Therefore I suggest you do it in the singleplayer season. There are plenty of different divisions to pick from, most are likely sem-pro/professional Just win one of these divisions, it will take a few matches. But it's the most efficient way of making coins anyway.

Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack!
Complete all Manager Tasks in FUT

These manager tasks are very simple tasks. There are a total of 12/13, none are time-consuming nor difficult. When you're done you'll receive a free gold pack! I'll update soon on all tasks.

Passing on the Armband
Change your captain in FUT

This trophy is very simple. In FUT squad overview, click and then change roles. Click on change captain, and then select another player.

Long Term Signing
Apply a 99 Match Player Contract from the Catalogue to any player in FUT

From the main menu, go to the catalogue. There you can buy all kinds of stuff, new kits, boots, celebrations, extra coins etc. For this trophy you need to buy a 99 contract, which you can find under the Ultimate Team tab. After you've bought it, it'll be instantly added to your consumables pile in FUT. After you've applied this consumable on one of your players this trophy will pop.

First Mission
Send a Scout on an Area Scouting mission.

Really easy trophy. In career mode, go into scouting. You start with three scouts, pick any one of them and send them to any location. After that the trophy should pop

You Struck Gold!
Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 Global Transfer Network attributes in Career

This trophy isn't hard, don't worry. Go into the scout section, you start with 3 scouts. Send one or all three to any country really, Brazil is good though. It's a very big league, with lots of players. This trophy requires you to specify what kind of players you want. Switch the tab to attributes, there are two tabs in the scouting menu, one for sending scouts on missions and one for specifying what you want. Once there you can specify what you want the scouts to search for. It is recommended to pick attributes that are related. For example; tall, strong and aerial threat. However for the Brazil league I suggest; play-maker, dribbler and pacey. You can make six different combinations of attributes.
After a few weeks the scouts will come back to you and give you a report. Then the trophy should pop.

Win a trophy as a Team Manager in Career

It's gonna take a few hours to do this. Since you start in the beginning of the season, you'll gonna have to play an entire season to get this trophy. However if you pick a very good team, Bayern Munchen or Barcelona. You can simulate most matches without much worry of losing the games. But make sure you're safe in the lead. There's often one contender for the title other than you, that might surprise you. You can make saves if you're worried about losing in simulation. If you lose you can just reload the save.

Change your formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during your Career

The career mode has changed a lot since last year. One of these changes is that the team management has become more accessible. From the main menu of the career mode, switch to the squad section. Once there, hover over the team management and flick RS. It should change your formation, then go back to the main menu of career mode and you should get this trophy

You Got Mail
Open up your inbox while advancing in Career

This trophy is really easy. Obviously you'll need to be in manager career mode. After finishing a game you'll load first your mail box, before entering the menu. Just open on of these mails, and you should get the trophy.
This trophy should come naturally really, considering mails is how you interact with your players and staff.

Rising Star
Be featured in the team of the week in your Career as a Player

This trophy is really easy, and only takes around 30 minutes to do.
Create a new career, player career, choose create a new virtual pro. You're forced to play some training matches but then after 3 of those the real season starts. Just perform the first league match, score a few goals, and you'll be featured in the team of the week.
If you're having trouble performing, no problem. In game, during a match, go in the game settings and edit CPU settings. Lower everything to 0, now the CPU will be very slow, you can score as much as you want. Don't worry, these settings can be reseted and they don't affect the trophies.

Bros Gonna Bro
Start a Co-op Season with a Friend

Co-op season is a new game mode where you share the entire team with another player. Obviously you'll need a partner for this trophy, you can find one in the boosting thread. This trophy just requires you to play the first game in co-op seasons. You don't even have to win it.

Moving On Up
Earn Promotion in Seasons

This is the plain seasons, the one where you play with ordinary teams. You can access it through the game menu. Advancing from division 10 should be a piece of cake for you, otherwise you can just buy wins from the catalogue(See tips for more info).

Just Dropped In
Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs

This trophy is self-explanatory. Open up Pro Clubs in the main menu. If you haven't done it already, create an online virtual pro. Then just click on the box that says Jump in. I do believe you have to finish the match to get the trophy. Doesn't matter since you have to play several matches to get 15 % of the accomplishments anyway.

Bling Bling
Earn a trophy in Seasons

You'll get this trophy at the same time you're doing the "Moving On Up" trophy. Since winning a title in the seasons, counts towards this trophy. See Moving On Up for more information.

Best Friends Forever
Finish a season in Online Friendlies

This is the same as every year, except you don't even have to win. Invite a friend to play, play until someone of you have won the league and you'll get this trophy.

If you need a partner, you can find one in the boosting thread.

On Your Way
Unlock 15% of the Pro Accomplishments in Pro Clubs

In the game mode Be a Pro, you get to create a player and play as him in online matches. You unlock accomplishments by doing anything during a match, like passing, scoring, assisting, tackling and winning headers. You also unlock accomplishments when you finish a match. Unlocking 15 % of these accomplishments isn't hard, and it doesn't take much time. Only way to do this is to either play drop-in matches or club matches. To accomplish stuff the most efficient way would be to pass a lot, since it's very easy. But no worries, you'll get 15 % in no time. If you want to check your progress, you can find the accomplishments in the Be a Pro menu. The percentage is shown in the bottom right corner.

Tip: If you want to speed this trophy up, I suggest you take a look at the EASFC catalogue. There you can buy several skill boosts, for your be a pro. I don't know if these count towards your percentage progression, but it makes your player a lot better. Thus making it easier and more fun to play! Remember to double check that you're buying the online skill bonuses and not the skill bonuses to your singleplayer career pro.

Win your first seasons match in Pro Clubs

For this trophy you'll going to need a club. I suggest you either start one with your friends or team up with people from the boosting thread.
You just have to win one match with a club, no confusion about that.
Tip for winning: Crossing - all be a pro players online are slow and have terrible ball control. Also the goal keepers suck, so unless you've started with Jump In games and you're already at give or take 10% accomplishments, I suggest crossing and headers. It will might be difficult to get it right, but running towards goal without a plan won't get you goals.

Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty

This is a fairly straight forward trophy. Enter the highlights of the week menu, you can find this menu in the play section of the main menu. Now you should see several challenges. There are 3 different kinds of challenges. Each one of these 3 challenges has trophies for them.

This trophy is for the Match Day Challenge. It requires you to complete one of these challenges on world class difficulty. Note that complete also means that you have to win the match, finishing the match isn't enough, you have to complete the challenge.

Big Game
Play a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week

This is a fairly straight forward trophy. Enter the highlights of the week menu, you can find this menu in the play section of the main menu. Now you should see several challenges. There are 3 different kinds of challenges. Each one of these 3 challenges has trophies for them. A game of the week is a significant match. It can be everything from a derby to an important cup match.
This trophy just requires you to play a Game of the Week and finish it, difficulty doesn't matter. I don't think you need to win either. Every week there's atleast a few of these matches to choose from.

On My Own
Complete a Be a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week

This is a fairly straight forward trophy. Enter the highlights of the week menu, you can find this menu in the play section of the main menu. Now you should see several challenges. There are 3 different kinds of challenges. Each one of these 3 challenges has trophies for them.

This type of challenge requires you to play as one player, just like a normal be a pro match. What you have to do in these challenges vary depending on what the player did in real life. It might be score once or twice. Difficulty doesn't matter, you just have to complete the challenge. Doing these on amateur should be a no-brainer.
Note that the Be a Pro Challenge isn't always available, since it requires a player to perform extraordinary in real life.

Thanks, Tips
Follow a Football Club Recommendation

At the end of matches, there will be an option in the menu that says something about a recommendation. Click that and you'll be redirected to whatever place that was recommended

From Me To You
Gift a Football Club Catalogue item to a Friend

When you're in the catalogue, see "Long Term Signing" for more information. When you click on an item, you get several options. One being redeem but also one being gift to a friend. Click gift to a friend and choose one of your friends. The friend needs to have FIFA, if you've already bought the item for yourself it will cost 50% less than the original price.

Skills to Pay the Bills
Beat a Friend’s score in Skill Games

This should be fairly easy, under the premise someone of your friends have just done a quick skill challenge before a match. I do believe you'll get it also when your friend has a score of 0.

If you can't manage to do this, either go to the boosting thread and have someone who hasn't completed all challenges OR
use a second account. Get an awful score and friend your main account.

It's Mine Now
Redeem an item from the Football Club Catalogue

This trophy requires you just to buy any item in the catalogue. See "Long term signing" for more information

Started From The Bottom…
Reach EA SPORTS Football Club Level 15

If you have played the previous FIFA games on PS3, you will most likely get this trophy when entering the game for the first time. EA made this in FIFA 12 I believe, you gain experience by doing practically anything at all. Win a match, complete a skill challenge anything. I hit level 26 back in FIFA 12, so I've fulfilled the requirements for this trophy in over two years.

If you're new to FIFA, don't worry. You'll most likely get this trophy will getting the other trophies. Gaining silver in all skill challenges and advancing in seasons give loads of experience. There's a daily experience cap to look out for though.

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