Players: 2
Online Trophies: 8
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Trophy Difficulty 7/10
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: Real world winner is unattainable because the servers have been taken down. There is a way to still achieve the trophy, but I'm not going to link it, you will have to find it yourself.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Before starting the game, make sure the controls are suited to you. If you're a long time FIFA player, then you should use the Default control layout. However, if you are a long time PES player, like I was, then change the control layout to "Alternative" which is the same as PES.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

  • A lot of the trophies can be obtained by playing with yourself via 2 controllers.
  • Real world winner is unattainable.


Football Legend
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

Collect all other trophies in this game.

Gimme five
Score five goals in the arena

Pretty straight forward. The arena is the area that you start off in when you load up the game, so simply score 5 goals and the trophy is yours. If you're struggling to score goals, try changing your Arena Player to a more favored one or a more skilled one if need be.

Toggle Spoiler

Time you played a match?
Score twenty goals in the arena

The same as "Gimme Five" except this time score 20 goals in the Arena.

Giant Killer
Beat a five star team with a half star team

This trophy is fairly easy if you follow this (putting the difficulty on Amateur makes things easier): first of all select a half-star team for yourself - there are a lot so I would look in the Irish teams, as there's about 5 of them. Choose any of the teams, it doesn't matter and choose a five star team form the Premier League, you don't have to if you don't want to. Then simply beat the team. It's not very hard.

Save a penalty

Play any game but make sure that you do not win and neither does the other team - make sure that it is a draw when the 90th minute is up. You then have the option of choosing Extra Time and whether it will be Golden Goal or normal, or you End The Game or go into penalties. Choose penalties and try to save a shot. Just keep diving towards different sides and hopefully you will save one.

Eat my chip
Score by chipping the keeper in a match

To perform a chip you need to press and / depending on which control layout you have set up. Make sure you press the button that is your shooting button. You can try to pull this off in a normal game but it is a little harder than the way I would suggest. Set up a 2 player game and make sure that you are player 1. Then as soon as you kick off, run towards the goal and get your 2nd player to hold which will bring the keeper out. Only do this as Player 1 is getting towards the area, and then chip the keeper and goal.

Score from over 30 yards out in a match

This trophy can also be done in the same way as "Eat My Chip", except this time when you kick off, get your friend to hold and bring his/her keeper out straight away. As you see the keeper getting close to you, shoot towards the net and hopefully it will go in. If not, then rinse, repeat.

YouTube- FIFA 09 (PS3) Screamer! trophy

Bend it like a pro
Score from a free kick in a match

This can be tricky most times, as free kicks are quite hard in this game. When taking the free kick, you need to get the power in that exact point. If you go a slight lower, you hit the defenders. If you go a slight higher, either the keeper saves or goes over crossbar.

YouTube- FIFA 09 (PS3) Bend it like a pro trophy

On the spot
Score from a penalty in a match

The same as "Hero" except this trophy is much easier. Make sure to let the game be a draw, and when you make your next decision after drawing, choose Penalties. Once you go in, make sure you have your best Penalty takers up first, then simply take shots. You should definitely get one in on your first go.

Like on the training field
Score from a corner

For this, you don't necessarily need to score form the corner. That's what I thought at first, however, when you get the chance to take a corner, try to add a bit of curve. If your good at corners, curving makes things easier. Make sure that you have another player in the area, cross it into him and try to score from a header/volley and that counts as scoring from a corner.

Wing play
Score from a cross

You can take this like a corner. Run down the side with a midfielder and then once your close to that corner taking spot, cross it into a player in the area and score from a header/volley and that will count.

YouTube- Fifa 09 - Wing play Achivement Walkthrough

Last Gasp Goal
Score in the 89th minute

There are two ways you can approach this trophy. Either set the Game Time to 5 mins and try to score quickly when it comes to the 89th minute, or you could set the Game Time to 20 mins and leave the game on idle if you have it set as a 2 player game and keep checking back to the game. When getting close to 89th minute, get close to the goal with a good player and you should be able to fit about 2 chances in. If you miss the first then you might quickly be able to fit another shot in if you're quick.

In off
Score off the woodwork in a match

This trophy can rely on some luck. The "woodwork" is the post, in case you were wondering. You could do this by chip, but that can be tricky. You can do this by free kick, which is a little easier but still challenging. The way I would suggest is by simply scoring lots of goals and hoping one hits the post. The way I did it was, I ran towards the goal taking everyone on. Then when it was one on one with the keeper and I, I moved right before he tackled me and shot.

YouTube- Fifa 09- In Off PS3 Trophy

What a Beauty!
Score on the volley in a match

This trophy is fairly easy. I did this with Rooney playing as Man Utd. I've heard another great player for volleys/headers/bicycle kicks etc. is Didier Drogba from Chelsea. Whomever you want to do this with is your choice. When attempting this, try to run down the midfield and when you are getting close to the corner, cross it in to the striker and press / twice.

YouTube- Fifa 09 : What a Beauty! Achievement

On yer bike!
Score with a bicycle kick

The same as "What a Beauty!" however this time it is a bicycle kick. Performing a bicycle kick is very similar to a volley. You will need to run down the midfield and cross it into your striker and press / twice. The bicycle kick does not have to be an overhead bicycle kick as shown in the trophy icon. It can be from the side, if you like.

YouTube- Fifa 09 Achievement ''on yer bike''

One goal a season
Score with a defender in a match

This trophy is simple. Before starting a match, if you don't know who your defenders are then check the set up. Once you know who are your defenders, remember their names. Then as soon as you start the game, pass directly towards your side. Once one of your defenders has the ball, run towards the goal taking on anyone that gets in your way and score. Simple. if you miss just rinse, repeat.

Fling yourself at it
Score with a diving header in a match

This trophy is pretty challenging. You can try this with Didier Drogba on Chelsea. Start up a game and run down the midfield with a midfielder. Then once you get close to the Corner, cross it in and try to get it towards Drogba. He should be up in the area seeing as he's a striker. Then press / twice to perform a diving header. Sometimes it might not work, as it will pull off a volley or bicycle kick.

YouTube- Fifa 09 - ''Fling Yourself at it'' Trophy/Achievement

Good head on your shoulders
Score with a header in a match

This is quite simple. Make sure to run down the midfield and cross the ball into a striker's direction, and then press / and you should perform a header.

YouTube- Fifa 09 Good head on your shoulders achievement

Director in the making
Upload a video to EA Sports™ football world

Once you score a goal, replay it, and then "Upload to EA Sports™ football world". Simple.

A Man Down
Win a game when down one man

To win a game one man down, simply get somebody a red card. Concentrate on one player getting the red card. Whenever your opponent gets the ball run towards them and press / to slide tackle them. If you're lucky, you could get the red card at once, but it normally takes 3 or 4 sliding tackles to get a red card.

Custom sixty four winner
Win a Created Tournament that starts with sixty four teams

This trophy seems time consuming but it is very easy. Go to "Create A Tournament" and set the tournament to the following:

64 teams
Auto Fill Teams: No
Advanced Settings: On
Fixtures v Teams: 1

Then choose a good team - preferably a five star team - then choose all the rest of the teams that are one-star and half-star teams. Then sim all the matches and if you lose any, just quit the game and start it up again.

One star winners
Win a Tournament that starts with sixteen teams, with a one star rated team.

Similar to "Custom Sixty Four Winner" except this time you have to be a one-star team. So this time go to "Create a Tournament" and set it up to the following:

16 Teams
Auto Fill teams: No
Advanced Settings: On

Then make sure to choose a one-star team and sim all games. If you lose a game then quit the game and restart it from where you left off.

Huge investment
Buy a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency

This is an easy silver. Start a Manager Mode and choose your team as Man Utd, and then go into Transfer Central and choose a player and offer more than 50 million. They should definitely accept and you have the trophy.

Huge return
Sell a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency

Similar to "Huge Investment" except this time it's selling. Start a Manager Mode and choose Man Utd, and then put Cristiano Ronaldo on sale. Complete a game and then check the bids. Hopefully, somebody should have put on a higher bid than 50 million. Accept and you should have the trophy.

Spending spree
Buy 50 players in your career in Manager Mode

This trophy is a little more time consuming than the other two Manager trophies. Make sure to choose a team that starts off with a lot of money like Man Utd and whenever the transfer market is open, buy as many cheap players as you can. Most of them will accept because they will be rubbish. Try to go for the cheapest first. You will have to play through/sim a season to unlock the transfer market multiple times.

The purist
Complete a Manager Mode season without simming any games

This trophy may sound time consuming but it is very easy to do. Start a manager mode playing in the Australian league as their seasons are shorter. You should get this trophy after about 20 or so matches.

Also Note that when you are playing through the season, you cannot start a match and then quit, this is just the same as simming. You will not get the trophy if you do this.

The ol' switcheroo
Successfully perform a pass that switches the play from one flank to the other

This is an easy trophy. To pass from one flank to the other, you just need to pass from one side of the pitch to the other. When you start a game, pass to the middle and cross pressing / to the other midfielder on the other side of the pitch.

YouTube- FIFA 09 - The Ol' Switcheroo Achievement Guide

Sparkly clean
Keep a clean sheet

To keep a clean sheet, you cannot concede any goals. Just play as a match against a good team against a rubbish team and do not let them score a single goal.

The Peterson
Play for over fifty hours

This is one of the worst trophies, as you need to play the game for 50 hours. Note that if you leave your game on idle in the Menu, it will not count - it has to be 50 hours on the pitch playing games. If you're curious on how long you have played then go to "My FIFA 09", "FIFA 09 Profiles" and then "My Stats". In the bottom right is how long you have played. It is in minutes, not hours, so 50 hours = 3000 minutes.

Beat your favourite team with their rival

This is disgraceful, as you have to beat your favorite team with its rival. The rival and favorite team were automatically chosen when you first started up your game. If you can't remember what you chose then go to "My FIFA 09", "FIFA 09 Profiles" and "Profile Manager".

The Kwong
Score a headed goal with the shortest created player

The way I did this was create 11 players and put them to the shortest height possible and then put them all on a team that I didn't care about. That way I got the trophy whenever I scored a header. However, you can do this another way: just create 2 strikers and 2 midfielders with the shortest height. Then try to score the header with one of them.

Perform a cross for a friend who scores from it. (Co-op Trophy)

This trophy can be done in 2 ways. First, if you have 2 controllers, then both play on the same team and one crosses it over to the 2nd player and the 2nd player scores. The 2nd way is - you can do this on "Be a Pro" - just cross it in and if another player scores it then you should get the trophy.

Frequent flyer
Win in every stadium

This is another time consuming trophy. There are 49 different stadiums:

Toggle Spoiler

Win in all of these and the trophy is yours.

The Gipson Curse
Go into an online match after choosing your own arena player

Very easy trophy. To choose an arena player, go to "My FIFA 09", "Arena Player Selection". Then go into an online match and choose the team that your arena player plays for.

Optimus Chung
Win a game with adidas Live Season enabled

For this you need the game's instruction manual. Look on the back of the manual and you should find the Adidas Live season code. Copy that into the "League Selection" and then the "Adidas live Season" and turn everything on. Then just win a game.

The Venhola Ice
Win a FIFA 09 Clubs match with your club

For this, you might need to go and check out various threads within the "FIFA 09" section. However, you can create a club or join one; it's up to you. Then win a match with that club.

The Poon Sang
Win with a team of 11 created players in an unranked online match

For this, create 11 players and put them on the same team. Start an Unranked Match with somebody and make sure that 1 player is in the starting 11. Win the match and the trophy is yours.

Jonzo's lounge
Score 2500 points and win 5 badges in a single Lounge Mode match

Start up a Lounge Match, then choose a 5-star team and play against a half-star team. The badges are similar to trophies, just complete 5 different things in one game.

Score a hat trick,
Score a header
Don't concede a goal
Score from a corner
Score a free kick.

Complete all 5 of these and get 2500 points and you get the trophy.

Enter a match with 20 people in a FIFA 09 Clubs Match

This trophy is very challenging. You're almost certain to have to join a thread for this trophy on the site. When you have all other people ready for the trophy go to your clubs dressing room and wait for everyone to join.

Club god
Reach legendary status for your club

For this, follow these exact instructions:

Before starting a "Be A Pro" Season, you need to sort the teams out. So the team your going to play as is Sydney FC, I know what your thinking but trust me. You need to go to "Transfers" and sort out the team, I know the team is only like 1 and a half star team but at the end it will be what I call one of the best teams in the world. So search for the following players and put all into Sydney FC.

|GK IKER Casillas
|RB Javier Zanetti
|RCB Lucio
|LCB Alessandro Nesta
|LB Phillip Lahm
|CDM Carles Puyol
|RM Cristiano Ronaldo
|LM Franck Ribery
|CAM Kaka
|RS Zlatan Ibrahimovic
|LS Francesco Totti

You also need to change the teams formation to 4-1-2-1-2 and that list is how your team should look. Then put Christiano Ronaldo as Captain of the team and just make sure he is captain of Portugal to, he should be anyway. Then just start "Be A Pro" and choose Sydney FC and choose Cristiano Ronaldo as your Pro. Then sim all games except the International Games. You must play all of these games just incase you lose. You should then get this trophy after about 2 Seasons and the " Living Legend" trophy after about 4 seasons because at the end of the 4th year you enter the International Cup, you need to win this then you have that trophy.

Living legend
Reach legendary status for your country

Look at "Club God" for this trophy.

Pictures speak a thousand words
Upload 5 screenshots to EA Sports™ football world

For this, watch a replay. It doesn't have to be whilst in a game, it can be in the arena. Watch the replay and take 5 different screenshots by pressing . Once this is done, you should have the trophy. Very simple.

1st time out
Win an Online League match

For this, go to "Online Game Modes" and find an Online league. Then challenge somebody within the league and make sure to beat them. If you lose, try again.

Manual labour
Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)

This is fairly simple. To put no manual settings, go to Controller Settings and follow this.

Auto Switching: 0
Pass Assistance: Manual
Through Pass Assistance: Manual
Shot Assistance: Manual
Cross Assistance: Manual
Lob Pass Assistance: Manual

Once you have done this, make sure to win a game.

Ranked Winner
Win a Ranked online match

This is simple, however can be annoying. I would suggest boosting this, not because it is hard but because it is very annoying. I first went for this trophy and was about to beat someone 4-0 and they quit the game. It didn't even count as a win. So beware of sore losers like this.

Real world winner
Win 5 Interactive League matches

This trophy is currently impossible because the League is closed, however is supposedly being re-opened.

To get this trophy, you need to go to "Online Game Modes", "Interactive Leagues" and then win 5 games. Pretty simple, as I said, but make sure to watch out for sore losers.

FIFA Fair Play
Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards (bookings must be enabled in the settings)

This trophy is easy. Make sure you have bookings enabled. Then play 5 games consecutively without getting booked (Yellow/Red Cards). Just make sure to not do any sliding tackles as these are the worst for getting booked. When tackling, just put pressure on them and keep pressing .

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