Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 100-125 hours

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Football Legend
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

Pretty simple in terms of knowing what to do. :p Just unlock all other bronze, silver and gold trophies. As with all other games, downloadable content trophies DO NOT count towards the FIFA 10 platinum.

Shooting Boots
Score 5 goals in 1 Arena kick-about

A nice easy bronze, this. All you have to do is score 5 goals. You'll see that you have to do it in one kick-about (or to word it another way, in one go), so, you must score these five goals before exiting the arena and loading up the menu screen.

You will enter the arena upon loading the game. It will just be you (as one player) against a CPU goalkeeper. So, this would be the most obvious time to get this trophy. If you happen to load up the menu screen and exit the arena before scoring these five goals, don't worry. Just quit the menu, return to the arena and go for it again.

Off the Woodwork
Score off the post or cross bar in a match

It sounds simple enough, but to some, this trophy will be incredibly frustrating. My advice to you is to not actually try to get this trophy. This challenge is highly based on luck, so trying and failing over again is going to get a little tedious. Instead, you should go for the other trophies and you'll find that you'll get this trophy at one point or another.

However, if you do wish to try and get this trophy as soon as possible, I would try to get this when one-on-one with the keeper. Hold the button and shoot while aiming the analog stick in the direction of one of the corners and just hope that it goes in, off the post. Of course, I can't guarantee that this will work all the time; this is just based off my own experiences.

Like I said, just play the game, and you'll get this at one point or another. Just don't focus on this.

Still Practicing?
Score 20 goals in 1 Arena kick-about

See Shooting Boots. The same rules apply, however, this time score 20 (really!?).

Camera Man
Upload a video to EA SPORTS Football World

Another easy trophy, providing the EA servers aren't playing up. :p
Anyway, there are many opportunities to get this. A perfect time to upload a decent video is when you have scored a goal in the arena. When the replay starts, you will be prompted to press the button to go into "Instant replay" mode. When you are in, press the button to save and upload your replay.

You can get this at pretty much any time when in a match. When playing a match, go to the pause menu screen and click "Instant replay". You then follow the same instructions as above.

Hard Earned Win
Beat a 5 Star team with a 1/2 Star team Online or when playing Professional difficulty or higher

I highly recommend doing this offline against the computer. Professional difficulty isn't going to be a walk in the park, but playing online means there is a chance that you'll get absolutely slaughtered by a skilled player.

As I said, this trophy isn't going to be too easy for some. If you feel overwhelmed by this challenge, don't play attacking football against the five-star team. Play defensive and set the time limit per half to the minimum amount. Try and keep possession for as long as you can as, if you can keep the ball, there isn't a chance for the five-star team to score before time's up. If you see an opening to attack the five-star team on the break, take it. Just make sure they can't catch you on the counter attack. Last through extra time using the same tactic's and attempt to win on penalties. Don't worry if you don't win after a few attempts.

For players who are confident that they can win, play attacking football.

If you don't win after so many attempts, play around with tactics and formations as well as using different teams.

Grind it Out
Win a match with 10 men Online or when playing on Professional difficulty or higher

Again, I recommend trying to get this offline. Best way to get this trophy is to play as a five-star team against a one-star team, as professional difficulty can be...well, difficult when playing a tough opponent.

To earn this trophy, you must have one of your players sent off during the game, and still win the match. I suggest getting a few yellow cards during the first half and not getting any players sent off until the second. This makes it an easier process to get a player sent off later on in the game, as more players will be booked. Best thing to do before getting your player sent off is to score one or two goals and actually lead the game before getting sending your player to an early bath as it were. This means that if the opposition take advantage of the situation and score, you don't have to panic.

Try to get your player sent off late on in the second half too. I'd suggest any time after the 60 minute mark, as this doesn't give the opposition a lot of time to score and whatnot.

Should you draw with the team in normal time do not worry. Take the game to Extra time + Penalties. As long as you have a player sent off and you win the game, you'll get this.

If you do happen to lose the game, try, try again.

Cup Upset
Win a 16 team Tournament with a 1 star team when playing on Professional difficulty or higher

Before you start going for this trophy, remember to turn auto-save off. This means that if you're unfortunate enough to lose a game, you can quit the tournament and reload after the match you last won. Be sure to set the tournament to knockout style.

The easiest way to obtain this trophy is to manually add teams into the tournament. The teams that serve as your opposition can be any star rating so, obviously, a mixture of half-star teams and one-star teams will make this trophy that much easier.

Be sure to save the tournament after each game you win.

Wheeler Dealer
Buy 50 players in your Manager Mode career

This trophy is easy, but rather time consuming as it can take up to 3 seasons.

Start a new manager mode, and set your manager preferences. After, on the Manager mode settings screen (the menu after creating your manager), make sure the Board difficulty setting is set to "Amateur". This means the board will give you more money to spend on wages. After, select a team to manage and be sure that it has a huge Wage Budget (Real Madrid, for example).

Before you start making offers for players, upgrade all your team staff to 10 (don't worry about stadium manager), as this makes your club even more attractive to other players. After, sell your weakest players until the board stops you from selling any others, accept all incoming bids. This clears out the team, and leaves more positions for new players to fill.

Right, now it's time to buy some players. Simply go into the transfer market and make an offer for all the listed players. You'll find that even with all the bids you've made, your wage budget will still be positive. In order to sign a new player, you must increase his player salary enough, so that the players interest in the club is between 75-85 percent. The interest will increase rather slowly at first, but the more you offer in salary, the quicker his interest grows. Don't worry about the transfer fee, just leave that as it is; your negotiator will make sure the team accepts when upgraded to level 10. Once in between this margin, the player will accept the offer to join your club.

Sim a game, and you'll see a load of messages from your negotiator saying that you have successfully negotiated with a player. Click the button on the message, and sign all players.

There will come a point where your team is full. You must sim a whole season at this point. Once you have started a new season, go through the process again. Sell all your weakest players until the board won't allow you to sell anymore. Make bids for players so that their interest is 75-85 percent and then sign.

To keep track of the number of players you have signed, highlight the "Save" option on the main manager mode menu. You will see, on the left, the "Manager career summary". On that list, it tells you the number of players you have bought. Once this number is 50, you will get this trophy.

As a little note, a scouted player does not count towards this trophy.

Extra tip: Turn your assistant manager on. This makes sure your strongest team is playing, so when you simulate a game, you can feel confident that your team will win. Winning games also improves player interest.

Challenging Schedule
Complete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game

Another easy, fun trophy to obtain, albeit, quite a time consuming one. Start a new manager mode career with any team from any league. All you have to do from this point is play every single match in one season. You must play all games in the season, this includes all league games and all cup games. Basically, if it appears on the calender you play it. Obviously, if you sim just one game, this trophy will not be available and you'll have to start a new season and start again.

Also, choosing to play a match and then quitting the game during the match does not work as the result is simulated, so again, doing this will mean you having to start a new season.

Another little note is that you DO NOT need to win each match. However, don't take this for granted, as, if you lose too many matches, you will end up being fired by your club and the rest of the season will be simulated. You know what that, always try to win, just don't worry if you lose the odd game.

Good Friend
Create a goal for a Friend with a cross

Get a friend to join you with this one. Set up a quick game and have both you and your friend play on the same team. From here, the trophy description pretty much explains it all. You will have to cross the ball into your friend and hope to God he scores with it.

If your friend crosses it into you, and you score, you will still get the trophy.

Real Fan
Play for over fifty hours

For this trophy, you must play FIFA 10 for fifty hours, believe it or not. However, there is a small catch as it were. These fifty hours must be played on the pitch. This means that only when you're playing a match, will the time played actually increase.

Many of the other trophies on this game will be an incredibly healthy contribution to this trophy depending on how long your half lengths are. Obviously, the longer your half lengths, the less games you need to play.

Well Traveled
Win a match in every stadium

Simple. Just win a match in each stadium. This can be done with any team, on any difficulty. So, if you want to get this trophy as quickly as possible, set the difficulty to Amateur and play with a 5-star team against a 1-star team. You may also want to set the half length to 4 minutes, as this is the shortest possible half length. It's up to you.

For the list of stadiums you need to win in, click the spoiler tag below.

Toggle Spoiler

Best to make a list and tick each stadium off as you win in them.

Total Control
Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)

Just before you start a game (the menu just before you enter a match), you will need to click "Wireless Controller Settings". You will need to edit each option as follows:
  • Auto-Switching: Click the left button on the D-Pad so that there is no white bar remaining.
  • Pass assistance: Edit to "manual"
  • Through Pass assistance: Edit to "manual"
  • Shot assistance: Edit to "manual"
  • Cross assistance: Edit to "manual"
  • Lob Pass assistance: Edit to "manual"

As it suggests, the game will now give you no assistance at all. This means that the ball will go in the direction that your analog stick is pointing it. The power of the ball that you choose to play will all depend on how long you hold down the pass/shoot button for. It also means that you will have to manually switch the player you are controlling when off the ball, so you will need to remember to press the switch player button to make sure the opposition won't easily run through and score.

This trophy can be tricky, and I recommend playing on amateur. It's also best that you choose a five-star team (preferably teams that have very fast paced players) and play against a half-star team. Doing this means that you can often run through the other teams defense and have a shot on goal, without having to make too many passes.

Top of the League?
Win a match in a Friends League

Get a friend on your PlayStation Network list to create a league. Join the league and win a match in it.

Again, like with all other online trophies, make sure you get lots of practice offline by playing on professional difficulty or higher. Alternately, you could match fix and have a friend allow you to win. :p

Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS Football World

See Camera Man trophy and follow the same instructions. However, this time, press as opposed to . Save and upload your pic and get yourself this trophy.

Lounging Around
Score 2500 points and win 5 Badges in a single Lounge Mode match

In the offline game modes, select Lounge Mode. You can either play against the computer or a friend. If against the computer, play with a 5-star team against a one-star team or less.

Complete 5 or more of the following achievements:
  • Lightning Foot - Score in the first 5 minutes
  • Lead By Example - Captain is the leading goalscorer
  • Hat Trick Hero - Hat Trick
  • Free Kick King - Score by Free Kick
  • Distance Master - Score from 30+ meters
  • The Clean One - Commit No fouls/Bookings
  • Stamina King - Keep the starting 11 on for at least 85 Mins
  • I Like Boxes - Only score inside the 18-yard box
  • Patient Monkey - Scoring in the 89th+ minute
  • Corner Savior - Score from corner kick

The more you complete, the more points you will earn. As longs as you get 5 and 2500 points, you will get this. Just try and achieve as many as you can.

A Star Is Born
Create a Virtual Pro

From the main menu screen, select the "Virtual Pro" option. Once you have done this, you'll be prompted to create your pro. Once you have completed creating your pro, you'll get this trophy. Simple.

Around the World
Play a match with a team from every league

A very nice trophy. All you have to do is start up a quick match, and play a match with any team from each league, you don't even have to win. Once you have completed a match with a team from each league, you will earn this trophy.

Click on the spoiler tag below to see the list of leagues. You will see that I have it laid out as:

Country you need to select
Leagues you need need to play in from that country.

Toggle Spoiler

Remember, you only need to play with one team from each league for it to count. Your opponent can be from any other league, too.

Best to make a list and tick them off as you go.

Always Available
Complete a season in Be A Pro: Seasons without simming a game

Very similar to Challenging Schedule trophy. Start a new "Be A Pro" season career and create or choose your player. Your "Pro" can play for any club and can play in any position of your choice (except goalkeeper, for obvious reasons), just as long as you play every single game on your Pro's calender in one season. Obviously DON'T SIM A GAME or you-know-what will happen...

Unlike Challenging Schedule, there isn't quite as much pressure to perform well, as your pro will always have a game to play, whether it be reserve team football, first team football or international football. Just play them ALL!

Again, starting a game and then quitting won't help as the result will be simulated.

Win an Online Head to Head Ranked match using a weaker team than your opponent

Go into Head-to-Head and wait for your opponent to select their team. View his teams rating, then choose a team that is half a star weaker. You must then win again. Obviously, there are no guarantees that you'll win first time as skill varies from player to player, so if you don't win, try again against a different opponent.

I recommend playing Professional difficulty or higher when offline to give you some "training".

Play 5 consecutive Online Head to Head Ranked matches using a different team

You must play five games in a row. Best to get a friend to play with you to make sure someone doesn't quit on you. Each time you finish a match, both choose the "Rematch" option. You will then have to choose another team, different to the one you were playing as before.

Play five games with five different teams and you'll get this trophy.

Gutsy Call
Take an Online Head to Head Ranked match to extra time playing as a weaker team than your opponent

First of all, wait for your opponent to pick his/her team and then choose a team that is rated just half a star less; make sure you're comfortable with the team you choose.

My advice: go for the win. Don't sit back and hope that the opponent doesn't score. Remember that saying... "Attack is the best form of defense". It is. If you happen to score a goal or two, don't score an own goal straight away. Be really cheeky and let the opponent equalize in the last few seconds of the game.

When full time has ended, either select "Extra time" or "Extra time + Penalties". From here, you don't have to win. You will get the trophy once extra time has finished and the match is officially over.

Ton up
Win 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches

A classic online ranked match is just a name for a ranked Head-to-Head match. Win 100 matches. That's all you have to do. Remember that golden tip? Play offline with professional difficulty or higher.

To see how many you've won, view your online stats: Online game modes > My FIFA 10 Online

Team Player
Play a Pro Club Championship match as a full team (10 players)

Description says it all, no?

For this, you'll need to find nine other FIFA 10 players to join a club. You do not need to create the club, just as long as you're a part of it. You must enter the match with ten people, and you must end the match with 10 people. Well, I'll put it simply... The ENTIRE match must be played with 10 people (all 10 members must participate and have a touch of the ball). No particular positions are required, and your opposing team can have any number of players and it also doesn't matter if you win or lose.

You'll get this trophy once the match has finished.

Good Support
Play an Online Team Play match with your favorite team

You can do this one of two ways. You can join a club, and then change your favorite team (By going to "My FIFA 10" and editing your team info) to your clubs selected team. You will get the trophy when you play a match as your club.

Alternately, you can simply change your favorite team to a popular five-star team (eg. Manchester UTD or Real Madrid), and then try to find a match on a Pro Club ranked match. It will take a few attempts for sure, but it shouldn't take too long if you choose a popular team.

Time For a Testimonial
Play 500 Matches with your Pro

Probably the most time consuming trophy in the game! You have to play 500 games with pro. Much like "Skilled pro", this trophy can be obtained in any offline mode and any online mode. As long as your pro is involved in the match, your pro will be credited with a played match. These matches can be played on any difficulty, and any half length.

If you wish to see your current amount of games played with your pro, go to your Pro's accomplishment list and select "Physical". You will see achievements: "Play x amount of games with your pro". If you click the button, it will give your progress.

Skilled Pro
Unlock 100 EA SPORTS Football World Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro

This is easier than it may sound, as there are actually 216 possible accomplishments split up into 8 categories. To view all the accomplishments go to "Virtual Pro" and then to "Accomplishments". From here, go through the list and make a note of the easier accomplishments. These accomplishments can be performed in any way as long as the accomplishment is achieved with your Pro. You can use any mode. Manager Mode, Be a pro, Kick off, online... etc (unless specified otherwise).

Your pro will have a star above his head to show who your pro is. So, an achievement will only be unlocked if the desired act is performed with your pro. You'll notice that certain achievements have to be performed in certain positions (Defender, forward etc), for this, just put your player in that position for a particular match to unlock it. For accomplishments that require a certain number (eg. play fifty matches with your Pro), you can view your progress by clicking the button and it will tell you how far you are to unlocking the achievement.

Important: Achievements can only be unlocked when playing on Semi-Pro or higher!

Looking Good
Download you Game Face from EA SPORTS Football World

EA Sports have been very kind and have uploaded a "How-to" on their website. Click the following link to view the guide: How To: Game Face And FIFA 10 | EA SPORTS

Recognise Anyone?
Download your Club member Game Faces from EA SPORTS Football World

Once you are a part of a club, you will need members within the club who have downloaded a game face. When you have players who have, go to the Pro Club Championship menu and select "Download club game faces".

Double Champs
Win consecutive League titles in any top tier League in Manager Mode

Simply put, a top tier league is a league that you can't get promoted from.
So, when you are with a team from a top tier league, you must win the league twice in 2 seasons.

DON'T simulate all games. You must play a part of the season by playing at least some of the games. If you are managing one of the weaker teams in the league, it's best to play the majority of games.

Climbing the Ladder
Win consecutive promotions with the same Club in Manager Mode

For this trophy you will need to select a team from either League 1 or League 2 from the English leagues, as this is the only league with more than 2 leagues in the game. You will need to get promoted with this team twice in 2 seasons. It can be done on any difficulty, so choose a difficulty you are comfortable with and play the majority of games to ensure that you gain promotion from each of the leagues.

If you select a team from League 2, to gain automatic promotion, you must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd. In order to reach the playoffs, you must finish 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th. If you only reach the playoffs at the end of the season, you will have to win 3 more games in order to gain promotion.

If you select a team from League 1, you must finish 1st or 2nd to gain automatic promotion. In order to reach the playoffs, you must finish 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th.

It doesn't matter how you get promoted, just as long as you do.

The Treble
Win 3 trophies in 1 Manager Mode Season

First of all, it must be said that this must be done in a top tier league. I suggest doing this with one of the 5 major European leagues (see "Globetrotter").

If you wish to see what trophies you can win, go to your clubs fixture list (not calender) and click to scroll through what competitions your club is involved in. You must win 3 of these. It's not as simple as that, either. You must play at least a few matches (I recommend playing all.The only cup that you should consider simming matches in is the league). You will get this trophy once your third trophy has been earned.

This can be done on any difficulty.

Become a 5 Star Manager

When you first become a manager, you are only half a star, so straight away, you'll think that it could take ages. Fortunately, you can get this trophy in around 3 seasons.
I find it best to choose a team with a low star rating. You'll usually find that board expectations aren't that high. So, if you play on an easy difficulty and win every game, you'll see that you are dramatically defying board expectations which will lead to a quicker increase in rep points. I will use an example:

If the board expectation is to avoid relegation, and you get promoted, you'll receive a hell of a lot of rep points during the season.

A nice simple way of suggesting how to get this trophy as quickly as possible is to win every game.

To view what youth board expectations are, highlight the "Club Management" option on the main manager mode menu and on the left you will see two or three expectations. Complete these for extra rep.

No Pressure
Achieve 100% Board Confidence at any Club in Manager Mode

Best way to get this trophy is to win all your games. So, in saying that, setting your difficulty to the easiest setting will help a great deal. The more games you win, the more the board will respond positively to your success. Winning all your games means big things, including the boards full support.

Window Shopping
Visit the FIFA 10 Store

Ah, gotta love this new promotion technique. Anyway, from the menu, guess what you have to select? Go on...

Come on it's easy...

Still not got it...?

Okay then, because I'm nice, I'll tell you that you have to select "FIFA 10 Store". Ha, can't believe you didn't get that! Upon entering the store, you'll hear the little ping to announce to you that you have earned the trophy. Easy, no?

Just as a little note, no, you don't need to buy anything or even download anything from the store, just enter it.

Theatre of Dreams
Upgrade you Stadium Manager to Level 10

A very quick way to get this trophy is to simply start a new manager mode career and choose to manage the richest club you can (Manchester City is your best bet). After, go to "Team Management" from the main Manager Mode menu and select "Staff Upgrades" and spend all of your money on upgrading your stadium manger. If you don't have enough funds to upgrade your stadium manager to level 10 in one go, go to the main manager mode screen and set ticket prices to "High" and simulate a couple of games. This will generate more income. Alternately, you could sell a few players. Once you have the funds, return to "Staff Upgrade" screen and continue to upgrade your stadium manager. Once you have maxed out to level 10, you will get this trophy.

Win titles in all 5 major European Leagues (England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain)

You must win each of these leagues:
  • Barclay's Premier League
  • Liga BBVA
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga

It's best to win each league in separate manger mode files. Best to choose the 4 and a half/5 star teams too. The reason it's best being done on manager mode is player form is taken into account, which means that games can be simulated without too much worry when form is high.

Phoenix from the Ashes
Make a 5 Star team out of a 2 Star team or lower within 5 seasons in Manager Mode

This trophy will begin as soon as your team turns into a 2-star team. So, you can choose a team with a star rating under, or over 2-stars. As soon as your team turns into 2-stars, you have 5 seasons.

With your team, I recommend fully upgrading your scout and then send him out on full searches and sign all his recommendations that are rated 70 and over. When you have a good scout you can sign very decent players without worrying about rejection. Also, make sure you win a lot of games, preferably winning your league, and/or gaining promotion. This means that player form will increase incredibly at the beginning of the new season. So much so, that your clubs star rating will actually increase by up to 1 star for a few games.

You will get this within 2 -3 seasons of being a 2 star club.

Good Form
Play 5 consecutive Online Head to Head Ranked matches without losing

To earn this trophy, you must play 5 Head-to-Head matches in a row without losing. Obviously, you can't guarantee 5 wins in a row when playing online as player skill varies throughout the FIFA universe. I would suggest playing games offline on professional difficulty or higher to get the feel of the game and techniques that can be used to beat some really good teams.
Obviously, playing as a really good team in Head-to-Head helps. Five-star teams being your best choice (I found Real Madrid to be the best choice with Kaka & Ronaldo as wingers).

Of course you could always take a sneaky route and play a friend who, you know, sucks at FIFA and beat him five times in a row. :p

Practice Makes Perfect
Work on your skills in Practice Mode

When you are in the arena, press the button on your controller. Once you have done this, you are presented with a list of practice types. Choose what practice type you wish to take part in and you will earn this trophy.

Limited Resources
Win a League or Cup in Manager Mode with a 1-Star Team or lower

This can be tricky, as season form can affect your club rating. So, if you choose a one-star team from the start, and win all your games before getting to the final, your teams form will have increased, meaning that there is a possibility that your club star rating will increase. This isn't always the case, but I found it best to either choose a 1 and a half star team and lose all league matches and just winning the cup games. This means that form will decrease and so will the club rating. Just be careful to not get fired. You could also choose a half star team and win all matches...that's probably the safer option.

It's best to play the games to help determine player form a little better.

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