Players: 1-7 players offline and 2-22 players online
Online Trophies: 8
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: 1 Path to the Cup
Glitched Trophies: None that i know of

[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. Need a boosting partner for all them online trophies? Go here Fifa 12 Boosting Thread


Cross/Lobbed Pass
Through Ball Pass
+ = Pass and Sprint
+ = Chipped Shot
+ = Chipped Through Ball Pass
+ = Trick Pass
+ = Trick Through Ball Pass
+ = Finesse Shot
+ = Fake Chip Pass
is used for tricks and skill moves

Standing Tackle
Sliding Tackle
Keeper Charge
Change Player
Calls 2nd Player Over

Quick Tactics
- Default tactics
- Possession
- Counter Attack
- High Pressure

- Offside Trap
- Team Pressing
- Swap Wings
- CB Joins Attack

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

  • If you are having any difficulties with the offline trophies use this exploit to help make it easy. This does not work for online game modes. Watch the video on how to do the exploit.

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    If you are using a PS3broswer click this

  • Do not use the online app for ultimate team as you will not get any trophies for this and it wont count towards any trophy either.


  1. Aim for all the offline career based trophies, playing a full season with your pro should get most of these
  2. Go for the Online trophies like head to head mode and get the boostable trophies with a friend
  3. Next Play ultimate team and play 100 matches with any player and get all the other relevant trophies to ultimate team like opening 100 packs and winning tournaments.
  4. Finally go for any missing trophies that you need that you didn't get in steps 1, 2, and 3 after that keep playing till you get the 50 hour trophy and tha platinum.


Football Legend
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

Gain all other trophies to get the platinum.

Precision Tackler
Obtain a successful tackle percentage of 80% with a minimum of 5 tackles in a game

You need to have at least 5 tackles of which 4 have to be successful so you get 80% success rate. A successful tackle is when you touch and take the ball off the opposition, this can be from any tackle whether it be a standing tackle with the button or the sliding tackle as they both are accounted for in this trophy. If you prefer one tackling technique than the other its best to using what you feel more comfortable with as you will be more successful that way, once you have 5 tackles and at least 4 are successful just keep the ball so you don't have to tackle the opposition again and you will get the trophy at the end. Note: you can check how many tackles you have made in the match stats and you can also do more than 5 tackles just as long as 80% of them are successful, no less though.

Successfully dribble the ball through a defender's legs

For this trophy all you need to do is get the ball to roll through another persons legs. This trophy can be earned by going for this on purpose but you will get the trophy without even going for it. The ways you will get this trophy is using the skill moves and the right analog stick or just dribbling at players or dashing forward with a tap of the right analog stick. You can get this trophy whilst using 2 controllers.

A visual representation on how i got the trophy

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If you are using the ps3 browser click this Fifa12 Megged Trophy

Riding Bikes
Score with a bicycle kick

This can be done with 2 controllers, from kick off pass the ball to player 2's goal keeper and bring him out with the ball to the edge of the box and make sure he is facing his own goal. Then have player 1's player to stand in player 2's box facing their keeper. Use player 2's keeper to chip the ball to player 1's player using the button. Player 1 presses and holds as the ball comes up in the air in front of them and tap : to perform the bicycle kick and score. This may take a couple of trys to get perfect.

Check the video for a visual aid.

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For those on the ps3 browser click Fifa12 riding Bicycles trophy

If you don't have 2 controllers use this
Quote Originally Posted by RedBullLordy

Win a game vs. the CPU on legendary difficulty against a club of the same or higher star level

There is 2 ways you can get this, the harder but legit way is to get a quick goal as soon as possible and then just keep the ball among your defenders for the rest of the match so you can keep the ball away from the CPU and thus not giving them many chances to equalize, the CPU won't put much effort into pressuring and tackling you as you are passing the ball among your defenders and keeping possession. Another way shown by TheIBigKahunaTA and Payney
is where you change the user and CPU settings so that you have an improved shot, pass, speed and acceleration attributes and the CPU has a reduced set attributes and is set to make more mistakes and errors.

Check the video for a visual representation. Make sure you face a team of equal star ranking

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If you are using a PS3broswer click this

Don't Blink
Score within the first 5 minutes of a game in a game vs the CPU

The best time to get this is when you have the ball at kick off so that you have possession. This way you can have a good chance at goal first without needing to tackle the opposition for the ball. To make this trophy easier choose a 5 star team with lots of pacey players (Manchester united, Tottenham or Barcelona) and play against a half star or 1 star team this will make it easier to run past players and score as they won't have as good attributes as your players, and make sure you are the home team as they kick off first. You can also change the game settings to set it to 20mins per half, this will give you more time to score as it'll take the in game timer longer to reach the 5 minute mark (approx 2mins). You should get this trophy eventually if you are going for the 50hour trophy, you can always use 2 controllers to make it easier for yourself. Just make sure that its before the 5th minute when the ball hits the back of the net

Comeback Kid
Win after being down 3 goals in the 2nd half in a game vs. the CPU

You have to concede 3 goals in the first half to start this trophy off, to make sure you concede these 3 goals just pass back to the goal keeper and score an "own goal", do this 3 times so that you are losing 0-3 before the 45th min. Now play until the second half and keep the score the same (0-3) once it is the second half you will have to score 4 goals to win the match, which all have to be scored in this second half no later or earlier, setting the match time longer will give you more time to score and you can always pick a good team against a poor team and change the difficulty settings if you are having troubles.

No Draw for You!
Score a 90th minute winner in a game vs. the CPU

Simple trophy, go into exbition match and play a 1 star team with a 5 star team and put the difficulty on amateur. To make scoring easier play the match and do not score or concede throughout the match until the 90th minute, it can be any time after the timer hits the 90th min that you can score for this trophy to count and be earned as the timer stops on the 90th min and doesn't show stoppage time. What i found helpful is to get the ball around the 80th min and start going toward the opposition's box when the time is at the 89th min and get the ball in a position to shoot and as soon as the the 90th minute is on the timer try to score and win the match, you won't get many chances to do this as the match will end fairly quickly after the 90th min is on the timer. Then when you have scored defend until the end of the match and you'll get the trophy. Scoring in extra time doesn't count towards this trophy.

10 vs 11
Win from a draw or behind while down a man in a game vs the CPU

Newer patches may have caused this to glitch. Either get this trophy before the patch or on Euro2012 DLC if you are having difficulties.

First thing you need to do is get a man sent off, this needs to be done when you either losing or drawing. The trophy will not work if you get a man sent off when you are winning already. This trophy is best to get a man sent off straight away as you start off drawing and then you will have plenty of time to score goals to win the match To get a man sent off you will need to get a red card or 2 yellow cards, foul the opposition by doing a slide tackle () behind the player so you make contact with their legs and do not touch the ball, doing this enough will get one of your players sent off. Once you have had a man sent off just win the match for the trophy.

Ruud Boy
Score a goal on a volley

There are any ways you can be set up for a volley, the most common way is crossing the ball into the box so that another controllable team mate can hit it whilst it is in mid air (which is a volley, to hit the ball whilst its in mid air) Another way of doing this is from a deflection, for example when you have a shot on goal and say the keeper parries the ball back into the air, your player can shoot again and this will also count as a volley as long as it does not touch the ground after the goalkeeper touches it again, allowing your player to hit the volley and have a high chance of scoring as the goalkeeper will be recovering from the parry so it could be a tap in which makes this trophy easier, but its luck based if the keep actually parries the ball or not and where the ball goes if he does. The best players to do this is with a striker as they have good finishing and accuracy too, so i recommend using someone like Rooney or Forlan or Eto. You can also look through your players for your current team and see who is the best at scoring volleys, by looking at their stats

Block Party
Manually block 5 shots while defending in a single game

For this trophy you do not need to change any of the settings to manual. The easiest way to get this trophy is to have 2 players, online or offline (although controlling 2 controllers will work too) and play a 20min per half match. Have player 2 to dribble the ball into player 1's half of the pitch, whilst player 2 is doing this player 1 presses to jockey player 2, once player 1 is in front of player 2's player with possession have player 2 shoot forward. If player one manages to block his shot whilst holding it has been successful, just rinse and repeat 5 more times for the trophy.

Check the video for a visual representation of this method

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For those using the ps3 browser Fifa 12 Block Party Trophy

Alternatively if you do not have a second controller or a friend online, you will have to do this against the CPU its the same method as above but player 2 is replaced with a CPU. To make this a little easier increase the CPU's shooting settings so that they will be more likely to shoot giving you more chances to block.

Century of Goals
Score 100 goals in FIFA 12 match play

You can look at how many goals you have scored in the profile manager. All goals scored in any game and every game mode will count towards this trophy so keep playing and you'll get it eventually. Probably after 50matches more or less depending on skill will get you this trophy.

All My Own Work
Win a Match with Manual Controls (including Tactical Defending)

The following settings you will need to change to "manual" for this trophy and auto switching to none. Make sure that "tactical defending" is also on as it will not give you the trophy otherwise.
  • Pass Assistance ------> Manual
  • Through ball Assistance ------> Manual
  • Shot Assistance ------> Manual
  • Cross Assistance ------> Manual
  • Lobbed Pass Assistance ------> Manual
  • Save Assistance ------> Manual
  • Auto Switching ------> None
Once you have changed these settings in the "game settings" go into a exhibition match and face a 1 star team using a 5 star team to make this trophy easier as its pretty hard to score on manual settings. You may want to reduce the difficulty of the AI to semi pro or amateur to make it easier for you to get this trophy. Now when you are in the match, a good few tips would be to not pass as often as you would in a normal game as its going to be difficult to be accurate with your passes so attempt to dribble past players instead as the controls for dribbling doesn't change when you switch to manual settings. A effective way to score on manual settings is to run straight at the goal so your player is directly facing to goal, and just shot straight the ball will go past the keeper if you try these often enough. When you have scored all you need to do is defend until the end of the match.

Visual aid

Toggle Spoiler

For those on the Ps3 Browser Click Fifa12 All my own work trophy

Score a goal after suffering a non-contact injury with a player

This trophy is very luck based for the most part, you have to get a player on your team injured but still able to play the match and the injury has to be from a non contact form which means no other player can touch him before he gets injured. He has to get injured by either getting a twisted ankle or a dead leg or something similar, this is done my the player turning awkwardly or to hit the ball awkwardly etc but its quite random when they will get injured. A icon that looks like a med-kit will appear next injured players name, stamina meter and power meter to show that he is injured, so you know who to pass it to for this trophy just look out for the icon and pass the ball to that player and score a goal with him. A good tip would be to move the ball up field with other players and then pass the ball to the injured player near the box so all he has to do is move a little and shoot to score, If you do not get the trophy after scoring with the injured player this means that there was contact involved with his injury, also the player might run the injury off and recover so its best to do it quicker rather than later.

Payney found a quicker way
Quote Originally Posted by payney992
simples play with a player that got injured in the last game and is not fit to play. then in the match give him the ball make him spirnt and he will re injurer him self. then score with him.
Quote Originally Posted by BEAMER231 View Post
Easy Way To Get The Warrior Trophy

Before you start a game go to Game Settings and then go on User Game Customisation, and then set the Injury frequency to 100, and Severity to 0 and then play the match. Just keep sprinting with 1 player and eventually he will get a hamstring injury and then all what is left to do is to score with that player with the hamstring injury.

Quickly Now!
Score shortly after a quick throw-in

A quick throw in is when you take a throw in without a pause or a transition from play, shown in the video. An easy way to do this is using 2 controllers have player 2 run the ball out of play near the box to give player 1 a throw in. When player 2 is giving the throw in they must just tap it out so that player 1 (who should be standing right next to the line) can quickly pick the ball up to perform a quick throw in. Once player 1 picks the ball up to perform this quick throw in, mash button to quickly throw the ball to another player and he can then run closer to the goal and score whilst player 2 can move out of the way for player 1 making it easier for player 1 to score. Use the video for a visual aid.

EAS FC Youth Academy
Reach level 5 in the EA SPORTS Football Club

See EAS FC Starting 11 for tips on how to level up and get more exp.

EAS FC Starting 11
Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football Club

  • You will get exp through natural progression for the platinum, you do get exp for everything you do in the game so aim for every other trophy first as you will get progression for this trophy and other trophies at the same time.
  • There is a daily cap on how much experience you can get each day, so there isn't much point in playing more when you have hit this cap (you will know you have hit the cap as you won't gain any exp after any matches)
  • Playing matches and winning them, completing challenges for your career and virtual pro, and even online matches will gain you experience points for this trophy. Winning matches seem to give more experience points than anything else.

Challenge Accepted
Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Game Scenario Challenge

From the main menu, press the button to take you the the EA sports football club hub. From here go up through these menus to the challenges section. It will tell you here what you need to do to complete the current challenge that is on the EA sport football hub, this Challenge will change every week. All you have to do is meet the requirements of the challenge when you are playing the match, like score 3 goals in a match or win by 2 goals whilst 1-0 etc. As soon as you finish the match and you meet the requirements of the challenge, you will get the trophy.

Path to the Cup
Win a cup game in Head to Head Seasons

You only have to win 1 cup match to get this trophy, the reason this is missable however though as the cups are only open at certain times during the year with time limits. So when you go into head to head season mode and the cup is open (which it will tell you on the head to head season menu if or when it is open) select the cup match and win one game. You have to play a ranked match online so you cannot boost this trophy. However you will only face a team of equal star rating as you will get matched up to players who chose similar star teams as yourself. Just play as many matches whilst the cup is open until you win as its a good thing to get out of way asap you don't want to miss out on this trophy.

Campaign Complete
Complete a Season in Head to Head Seasons

Firstly to get to this game mode, go into online game modes to the head to head season mode and select a season match. You will get this trophy whilst trying going for the Campaign Complete trophy. This trophy cannot be boosted so you have to beat some random online, keep trying you'll get the win eventually if you practice. If you need to get better at the game look at the tips section for helpful advice on how to get better at the game.

Friends now Enemies?
Win an Online Friendlies season

This trophy can be boosted. Invite a friend to a friendly season (Found in the online game modes) and win 5 games against your friend so you will get 15 points and you will win the league and won't have to play all 10 matches. Then let your friend win 5 matches next season to return the favor . Winning 5 matches will end the season as you only need to get 15 points to win the league ( 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss) You can also change the game settings when inviting a friend to 2minutes per half which will make the matches much quicker than default (6mins per half) This will make the matches end faster, you will get wins faster and you will win the season and get the trophy quicker

Being Social
Play an Online Friendlies Match

Invite a friend to a "online friendlies match" or a Friendly season and play a match without anyone quitting during the game and you should get the trophy at the end of the match, you should aim for to get the Friends Now Enemies trophy as you will get this trophy at the end of the first season game you play.

3 Points
Win a season game in Head to Head Seasons

Firstly to get to this game mode, go into online game modes to the head to head seasons and you can either play a cup match or season match from here you want to play and win a season match for this trophy so pick season match. You will get this trophy when you go for Campaign Complete trophy. This trophy cannot be boosted though so you have to be someone online in a ranked match, keep trying and practicing and you'll get it eventually. If you are having difficulties look at the tips section for more help on how to play better at the game.

Virtual Debut
Play an online Pro Club or Pro Ranked match with your Virtual Pro

Real simple trophy, all u need to do is have a virtual pro and go into an online match. Virtual pro ---> Pro ranked match. This might take a bit of time as it takes a while for the lobby to ready up and fill up etc but its the only way you can get this trophy if you have no friends that play fifa12. If you do have friends or you have a boosting partner however, create a FIFA pro club and have your friend/partner join that club and play one match for the trophy. As soon as you enter the match after the lobby you will get the trophy so you don't have to finish the match or anything like that. Just get into a lobby and then proceed to the match for the trophy. Remember that this is for playing as one player not the whole team sopick a position when in the lobby (anything other than "any")

New Club in Town
Create your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club

Just go into the ultimate team game mode and create a team by filling in all the sections like team name etc.. If you have played ultimate team on FIFA 11 your team will be carried over and as soon as you load the ultimate team game mode you'll get the trophy you don't have to delete your previous team and make a new one for this trophy.

Legends start with Victories
Win a match with your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club

I recommend playing in a offline tournament for this trophy so you can also aim for Tournament Victory. The bronze regionals cup is a good starting point as its one of the first tournaments unlocked already you can play and the matches are against AI on amateur difficulty as long as you have a team of 2 stars or lower so you can enter this tournament, then win the first match and you should get the trophy. If you can't enter this tournament go to a play a match and just beat a team there instead. Once you have won you will get the trophy

Tournament Victory
Win a tournament in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

The first chance you get to win a tournament is the Bronze Regionals Cup, difficulty is set on amateur against the CPU and you can start this tournament straight away if you play with all your bronze players in your team, as the enter requirements are that your team is a 2 star team or less. If you are struggling in this tournament try buying a gold striker who has plenty of pace and put him up front just as long as your team remains a 2 star team. This tournament is a knock-out tournament so if you lose a match you will have to start the tournament again to try again, win 5 matches in a row in this tournament and you will get this trophy.

I'll have that one
Open your first pack in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

If you bought the ultimate edition you will get 4 free packs to open as soon as you go onto ultimate team. If you have the standard edition however just play a online game and finish this you should have enough coins if you win the match as you will get approx 700 coins for a win and that means you can buy a bronze standard pack for 500 coins. You only have to play 2 online matches if you don't win to have enough coins to buy a bronze standard pack for this trophy.

Finish a match against a Friend in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

For this trophy you will need a boosting partner.All you need to do is create an ultimate team, then put any players into your squad so that you can play a match. Then go into play a match and select "play a friend", here you can invite a someone on your friends list to your game, once your friend has joined the lobby both of you ready up and play the match. You will get the trophy once you finish the match, you do not need to win this match and both players will get the trophy, make sure no one quits early either as you won't get the trophy if someone disconnects before finishing the match.

Marquee Signing
Purchase a Gold Player from the trade market for 15,000 or more coins using Buy now

Go into the Ultimate team mode and first earn yourself 15,000 coins by playing matches or selling players. Once you have 15,000 players go into "Trading" and use the "Auction Search" to search for a gold player which has a buy it now min price at 15,000 coins, purchase the first person you want in these search results and you will get the trophy. To boost this or get this trophy without losing any coins, get a friend to put a player on the market with a buy it now price of 15,000 and then tell you all the search criteria for that player, like position, league, club, nationality etc. Once you buy the player do the same for your friend and you will both get the trophy without losing a player or any coins. If you do buy from a player off a random person however you can try to sell him back for the same amount of coins by putting him back on the market for the same price or more.

Growing Club
Achieve a club value of 85,000,000 in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

This trophy is for the total value of all the players in your club not just your active squad. When going for the Packet king trophy it may be a good idea to store all the players from the bronze players to your club as they will make your club worth a lot more if you just sell them as soon as you get them. Try to sign gold players for your club as they are worth the most, and will add the more value to your club. Play tournaments to get the most coins in the quickest time so you can buy more players for your club. Another possible way of doing this is getting a group of friends who all play UT and share the best players to one club and once it hits a club value of 85,000,000, give the players to the next person and so on that way you will get the trophy 4 times as quick for example if you have a group of 4. You can check how much your Ultimate team club is worth on the main ultimate team menus in the bottom right hand corner where it shows you different stats like "top match earnings" and "club items" (it will only show here if you are in the top 5 valued clubs out of your friends)

"Big Cup" Squad
Enter an Ultimate Team tournament and finish a match with an overall squad rating of 85 or higher

You will need players with an overall rating of 84 and above in your starting 11 and subs. So this means that all your players will have to be GOLD quality. You will need a lot of coins to get 16 gold players who are above 83, so i recommend buying premium gold packs or if you can find good cheap players on the trade section look to get them as well. Once you have a team of 85 rating (it says what the overall rating of your team is when you are on the squad selector on the top right hand corner) enter any tournament that your team can enter and meet the requirements for and play one match. You will get this trophy at the end of the match, win or lose.

This is a rough idea of what you need your team to look like for this trophy

Pack King
Open 100 packs in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

For this trophy you will need approx 40,000 coins. I recommend buying bronze packs for this trophy as they cost the least amount of coins than any other pack. (400 coins) A trick to make this go quicker is to buy a bronze pack and quick sell everything you get in the pack, meaning you will get approximately 100coins back for each pack. This will mean you will only need 30,000 coins for this trophy. To get coins to buy these packs you have to play matches, win tournaments or sell players, or if you are really want this trophy you can buy packs for real life money too. This will be a time consuming trophy, unless you are bought the ultimate edition of the game as you get free packs every month which will add to this trophy too.

How Great is that?
Find a team of the week player in an Ultimate Team pack

You will need to buy a pack and get lucky enough to get a "in-form" play in one of these packs. To increase your luck try buying a Premium gold pack as you will get 3 rare cards which is more than the standard pack. To check who is in the team of the week, go into the ultimate team menus and then into the "team of the week" you will see the 11 players that will get you this trophy if you get them in a pack. You will not get the trophy if you buy a player that is in-form and/or buying a player in the team of the week off the trade section. So you have to get it through buying packs.

We'll need a larger trophy case
Win your 10th trophy in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

You don't need to win 10 different tournaments for this trophy. I recommend doing offline trophies unless you are really good at this game, as you can quit in mid game if you are losing and its easier than winning some random online. The tournaments all have a different entry requirement for your club, these may include max star ratings, player quality levels and number of players from one nation etc.

The tournaments that i won are:
  • Bronze Regionals Cup The requirements for this tournament is Maximum Team Star Rating of 2 stars and the difficulty is Amateur.
  • Kick off Challenge The requirements for this tournament is Maximum Player Quality of GOLD players in the squad's starting 11 and subs and the difficulty of Semi-Pro.
  • EA Sports ShieldThe requirements for this tournament is Maximum Team Star Rating of 5 stars and the difficulty is World Class.
  • Tri Nation TournamentThe requirements for this tournament is Maximum number of nationalities of 3 in the squad's starting 11 and the difficulty Professional.
  • Silver Journeyman Cup The requirements for this tournament is Maximum Player Quality of SILVER players in the squad's starting 11 and subs and the difficulty of Amateur.
  • Bronze International The requirements for this tournament is Exact Player Quality is bronze in the squad's starting 11 and subs and a maximum number of nationalities of 1 in the squad's starting 11 and the difficulty Semi-Pro.
  • Club Trophy The requirements for this tournament is Maximum Team Star Rating of 4 stars and a min number of players from one club of 6 in the squad's starting 11 and the difficulty of Professional.
  • Underdogs Cup The requirements for this tournament is Maximum number of players from one club of 2 in the squad's starting 11 and subs and the difficulty of Semi-Pro.
  • Silver Super Cup(Featured Tournament may not be available anymore)The requirements for this tournament is Exact player quality of SILVER in the squad's starting 11 and subs and the difficulty of Semi-Pro.
  • Qualifiers Cup(Featured Tournament may not be available anymore)The requirements for this tournament is Minimum number of players from one nation of 11 in the squad's starting 11 and maximum team star rating 4 stars and the difficulty of Professional.
Use the "Trading" section to buy players to fulfill these requirements when you want to enter one of these tournaments you should be able to buy players for these requirements for 150-350 per player. Just use the search criteria to find players that meet the requirements of the tournaments. For some of the trophies listed above you will need to win a certain amount of trophies, but if you win the tournaments in the order listed above you should have no problem, the featured tournaments do not need to have a certain amount of trophies, however they have time limits on them so its best to hurry and do the easy ones. If you are losing a match remember to quit to the XMB so you don't lose your progress through the tournament and have enough contracts for your players that you need to meet the requirements.

Quote Originally Posted by marccap View Post
I play the same kick off challenge tournament 10 times and won them and still got the trophy

Club Legend
Play 100 matches with any player in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

You will need 1 player to play 100 games for your ultimate team club, for this trophy you will need about 10 contracts depending on the level quality of your contracts and the player you are giving the contracts to. I suggest using a goalkeeper for this trophy he won't get injured at all so he will always be able to play and it doesn't really matter how good your keeper is really it doesn't make that much of a difference. I also suggest it being a bronze player as you won't need as many contracts for him. So use a bronze player and make sure he plays most of your matches in tournaments so you have a good start when you are aiming for this trophy. All 100 matches have to be played at your club, you can not buy a player who has played 99 matches and play 1 match thinking you'll get the trophy so don't think its glitched. You can check how many matches he has played in his bio.

Trophy Time
Win the league title in any league in Career Mode

The shortest league in the game is the A-League, the Australian league, as there is only 10 teams in this league and you only have to 30 matches with a team. Pick the best team in this league which is either Sydney FC or Melbourne Victory and play every match on a easy difficulty setting. If you win every match or 75% of matches then you should win the league and get this trophy, if you are struggling to get wins then use the exploit in the exploit section. This would be a good place to get Virtual Legend and FIFA for life as playing matches will count towards both of these trophies. If you play as a team in a bigger league then you will play more matches for these other 2 trophies, but it'll take longer to get this one. Get the most wins in one season and you should have no troubles with this trophy. You don't need to finish the season for this trophy, it will unlock when it is mathematically impossible for you to be caught.

Sign a player on Deadline Day in the transfer window in Career Mode

Its best to do this on your first playthrough career mode. You will know its the transfer deadline as you will get a message in your in game inbox telling you its the deadline and there is a new counter in the top right hand corner counting down the hours to deadline and current money spent. Buy a player during this countdown, aiming for a player you may want for first, if you can't get him some reason go onto the transfer list and buy anyone that will join your club with ease. The better club, more money ad the current form your club has will help you buying a player

Fully Formed
Have three players be in full form at the same time on your club in Career Mode

This must be done on career mode, for this trophy you have to get 3 different players to have full form (shown as a full green meter) at the same time, you can look at your players form at any time in your career, apart from deadline day, by going into your team management and into your squad, and cycle through the stats with the button until you find your players form. You should aim to get 2 goals with 2 strikers in every game and have another midfielder assisting these strikers with their goals, keeping a clean sheet also helps, this way you will have your strikers, your midfielder and your goalkeeper all in good form. Keeping this up 5 matches in a row should be enough to get 3 players to have maximum form ratings at the same time as long as you don't get them injured, banned or substitute them. If you are having troubles with this trophy, switch to a 4-3-3 formation so you have 3 strikers scoring goals and changing to an easier difficulty will also aid in this. As soon as 3 players have completely filled form meters you will get this trophy, usually after a match, but it has to be in career mode.

Massive Signing
Sign a player better than anyone else on your club during the transfer window

To get this trophy you have to sign a player that has a higher overall rating than anyone in your team. To do this go into career mode and pick a lower ranked team in the English Premier League, a team like Wigan Athletic for example. This will make things easier as you don't have to spend much money on a player that is better than everyone else in your team, as they will have a lot of money to spend on players and players that don't have a high overall rating. An easy way to sign a good player is to look on the transfer list and see if any players are on there that has a higher ranking than anyone else on your team then sign them. As soon as the player signs for your club you will get the trophy. I signed James Milner for 12million for Wigan athletic for example would get you the trophy. Make sure you set the board difficulty to amateur that way you get more money to spend on players.

Youth is Served
Sign a player to your youth squad in Career Mode

So when you go into the career mode what you want to do is go into youth academy and hire a scout (it doesn't cost much money to do this) Then advance until he signs for your club. Once you have a youth scout go back into the academy to the scout and set him a scout assignment to scout players in a region, he will take a month to come back with a report with players that you can sign a youth players so you will have to play matches for at least a month before you can get this trophy. Once he comes back you will receive a message with a report on players you can sign, just sign any of these youth players and you will get the trophy.

Puppet Master
Talk to the Press in Career Mode

Simple trophy. All you have to do is go into career mode and a microphone icon will pop up on your calendar after or before you play any match, all you got to do is stop the simulation and press :square: on the microphone icon in the calender, this will make you go to a press conference and select the options you want to do like selecting your team and giving them praise for example, once you finish the press conference you will have the trophy

Sweet Music
Set up some Custom Audio in FIFA 12

For this trophy go to "custom FIFA" at the main menu then to "my music and chants" then to "custom music chants". From here edit either one of your teams, my FIFA section or virtual pro audio with a custom track and you'll get this trophy. BEFORE you do this you will need to have some sort of music file on your ps3 to choose from, so make sure you put a song or any mp3 file onto your ps3 first.

Virtual Legend
Play 50 Matches with your Virtual Pro

First you got to create a virtual pro, once you first start the game go into the virtual pro mode and create your virtual pro there. Once you have done this place him in a team that you love to play with and always use that team when going for trophies, this way he'll get to play matches without you even knowing it. A good opportunity is to use him in your team in career mode, so that you can aim for the Trophy Time at the same time as playing 50 matches. There isn't a proper way to track how many matches your pro has played other than the career mode stats. So make sure your virtual pro plays as many matches as possible when going for Trophy Time so you don't have to grind matches with him later on. He might get injured or sent off during your career so be careful.

FIFA for Life
Spend 50 hours on the pitch

You MAY get this trophy whilst aiming for every other trophy on the game so its best to aim for every other trophy before you go for this. You have to be playing matches to get this trophy you will NOT get this trophy by staying on the menus and leaving your play station on over night. If you play on 6minutes per half for 150 matches, which is the min amount of matches you have to play, you will of played around 32 hours then its just a 18 hour grind to 50 hours. You might as well just play against friends help them get trophies, train up your virtual pro until you get the 50 hour trophy. Just play as much as you can each day and you'll get this trophy eventually. You can leave it to itself on 20mins per half then come back to it every 40mins and make a new match (NOT REMATCH IT DOESN'T COUNT) and do this approx 50 times for the trophy, whatever you want really. Ultimate team matches may not count towards this trophy so it is safer to play other game modes for this trophy after you have gotten all the ultimate team related trophies.

Happy 20th EA SPORTS!
Score 20 match goals in FIFA 12 to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS!

Score 20 goals total, this trophy doesn't have to be in one match or any particular game mode to count as long as its against a CPU. If you are having difficulties scoring 20 goals then change your difficulty to amateur and play a 1 star team whilst using a 5 star team and it should be much easier. Look at the tips and strategies for my tips on how to play better and score more goals

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