Players: 1-8
Online Trophies:, Online-Enthusiast, Video Proof, Friendly Publicity, Making new Friends, Moving on up , World Tour Around the World,
Online Cup Champion, Online Dominance.
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30 Hours Varies depending on user skill.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Practice! It won't hurt practicing online and against the AI to get better at the game

  • Don't be too fancy! Sure tricks can be helpful but doing too much can put you into a lot of trouble

  • Be Cheap! Play like its a normal football game, just pass around the team and shoot when you have a tap in.

  • Improve your players! Playing matches will gain your exp, even for those off the pitch. So the more matches you play the more upgrade points you have for your players and the better they get

  • Create or download 8 created players as soon as possible so they can all start gaining experience points from the very start.

  • Try new skill moves you can practice new skill moves in the practice arena and find new ways to beat players and score.

  • Watch YouTube videos for helpful tricks and cheap tactics that may help you win

  • Check the boosting thread


Step 1 - Complete World Tour Mode

First of all complete al of the stages in the world tour as this will allow you to level up your team so you will have an easier time later on in the game when it comes to playing online. World Tour should only take you a day or two as there aren't too many events. Although the time it takes to complete the world tour will depend on the difficulty you play on if you play on Bronze it should take 1 - 2 days but if you are playing on Gold it can take anywhere from 2 days upward depending on your skill. I also suggest completing the first tournament in the regional stage online sop you don't have to play online in the world tour after the first stage.

Step 2 - Online

After you have completed the World tour you should start playing online this will take you at least 9 weeks to complete as the online cups are updated weekly and you need to win each and every one of them to get Online Dominance. You must also obtain a promotion in street season to the next division and win a 5-a-side and 6-a-side Fustal match after you have earned the online trophies move on to the last step.

Step 3 - Clean Up

Once you have completed online you should only have a few trophies left before the these will just require a few moments of your time for trophies such as Geometry was good for something or Ultimate Humiliation now the last trophy you need to unlock should be Street Legend after you have unlocked all of these trophies you should now have your and should be the envy of your friends.


Total Street Domination
Collect all FIFA Street Trophies

Get all other trophies in the game for the platinum.

Got any Nutmeg?
Panna your first Opponent

To perfrom a panna, simply knock the ball through a defenders legs. This can be done many different ways. You could use the standard "street control" this can be done by holding the button and tapping the left analog stick into the direction you wanna go. Alternatively you can use tricks and skills to confuse the oppoents defenders and knock the ball through their legs, See the tricks section on how to perfrom every skill. Or you can do it by complete luck by running at the defenders, eventually you'll get lucky and you'll get a panna.

Rush Keepers!
Score a goal while controlling your Goal Keeper

To get this trophy you must score a goal with your Goalkeeper to do this you must first pass back to your goalkeeper just like in any other version of FIFA. After you have passed the ball back to your keeper you must now make it to the oppositions side of the pitch and then score a goal. There isn't really any strategy to do this and you can do it with any stats/attributes as long as the player is in goal and scores while you have them playing as Goalkeeper.

Very Entertaining
Earn at least 1500 Style Points without losing possession

This trophy requires you to beat many defenders with skill moves. Different skills will get you different amount of style points, but more complex skill moves will get you more points. You'll want to face the AI on easy difficulty or boost this online with a friend or you can even do this with a second controller. You'll need a total of 1500 style points so you'll need to beat at least 3 or 4 players in one move to get enough points for this. The most effective way to get high points is to combine skill moves and to panna your opponents. Note: Scoring will give the other team possession so don't score until you have the trophy! See the tricks section to see how to do certain skills and how much style points you get

In any game mode win a match/event in 50% of the venues

To get this trophy you must win at half of the venues in the entire game you will no doubt get this on your way Globetrotter . There are a total of 29 venues in the game although some of these need to be unlocked in world tour. Remember to keep track of the venues that you have won at and what game mode you won. although please note that certain venues are specific to certain game modes. You can use the list provided below for the venues and how to unlock them as well as the game modes that you can use the venue in.

List of Venues you need to win at:

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In any game mode win a match/event in every venue

You need to win a match in every venue in any of the game modes for this trophy. There are only 29 Venues in the game but you will need to unlock some of these in the world tour mode. Keep track of what venues you win at and you can only play at certain venues via certain game modes, check the spoiler below for the lists and how to unlock all the venues.

List of Venues you need to win at:

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Geometry was good for something
Score a goal by deflecting the ball off a wall

This is possibly one of the most annoying trophies in the game. The easiest way to do this is to set up a panna rules custom match with only you and 1 more player and put it on 5 minute halves so you have plenty of time. After you have set up the match turn your second controller on and chose a good team for player one around an 80 rating should be fine and for player two chose any team and then start the match. As soon as the match starts just move player two out of the way and try to score by deflecting the ball off the wall. To deflect the ball of the wall you must pass and use the left analog stick to aim the ball so simply move the stick a little to the right from just before the half way line and put the pass on full power and the ball should go in if you aimed it correctly.

Video Guide

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For those using the PS3 Browser:

Ultimate Humiliation
Score a goal with a Panna

This trophy is a lot like Got any Nutmeg? . Although this is similar to got any nutmeg it can be a lot easier to get and it can be done without aiming for it. Basically you have to shoot and have the ball go through the goalkeepers legs and into the net. Or you can do it the harder way and do a skill move through the goalie's legs. You'll get this through natural progression, but you can check the tricks section and the video for more help if you're struggling.

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Direct Link:

Are we there yet?
Reach the World Tour map screen for the first time

This is one of the easiest trophies in the game all you need to do is simply start the world tour and as soon as the map screen loads you will obtain this trophy.

New Champion
Win a World Tour Tournament for the first time

The first tournament you can enter in the world tour mode is the 5v5 regional satge finals. To unlock this tournament you will have to beat the 3 other challenges within the regional stage. All you need to do to win is score more than the other team in a 6 minute match for this particular tournament, win every match in the tournament to win the cup and get this trophy. If you are having trouble beating other teams in this tournament you can play on a easier difficulty and level up your players.

Regional Street Champion
Win stage 1 of World Tour

To obtain this trophy you must complete and win the first stage of the World Tour on any difficulty there are a total of 4 events in the 1st stage of the World Tour. There are 3 single events that consist of a 4v4 game, a 2v2 Panna, a 4v4 First to 5 and a 5-a-Side tournament. This can be done on any difficulty and shouldn't take more than an hour to get to stage 2 depending on difficulty of course.

National Street Champion
Win stage 2 of World Tour

To complete Stage 2 of the world tour mode you will need to beat the 4 tournaments in this stage. So for example if you started in England you will need to win the 6-A-Side Tournament in Newcastle, the Futsal Cup in Liverpool, the 5-A-Side Tournament in Birmingham and lastly the 5-A-Side Championship stage finals. You do NOT need to beat the street challenges for this trophy. Note: You will have to gain enough ranking points to enter the Stage Finals, you can earn these points by winning the other tournaments in the Stage, you will have to win every tournament in the stage before you can enter the Stage Finals

European Champion
Win stage 3 of World Tour

To obtain this trophy you must complete stage 3 of the world tour on any difficulty. There are a total of 6 street challenges which consist of a 2v2 Panna Rules, a last man standing event, a 5 to win event, a 3v3 Panna, a Freestyle event and a 5v5 match. There are also 5 tournaments in this stage the 5 tournaments consist of 2 5-a-side tournaments, a Freestyle Tournament, a Fustal Tournament and then the European Championship. Simply win all of these tournaments on any difficulty to advance to the next stage and earn this trophy.

World Grand Champion
Win stage 4 of World Tour

To complete Stage 4 of the world tour mode you will need to beat 3 out of 4 tournaments and the Stage Finals in this stage. First you will need to win 4 tournaments to gain enough ranking points to enter the Stage Finals. The 4 tournaments you can enter in this stage are, the Amsterdam 5v5 Panna Tournament, the New York 6v6 Tournament, the Dubai 5v5 Tournament and the Tokyo Futsal Shield You do NOT need to beat the street challenges for this trophy. Note: You will have to gain enough ranking points to enter the Stage Finals, you can earn these points by winning the other tournaments in the Stage, you will have to win 3 out of 4 tournaments in the stage before you can enter the Stage Finals. If you are having troubles beating any of the tournaments play on a lower difficulty and increase your players stats or try a different tournamennt first.

World Tour Around the World
Win any World Tour tournament Online

This trophy is in theory simple as all you need to do is win a tournament online in the world tour mode. I would suggest doing this on the first ever tournament you come to as this can avoid frustration later in the game while playing against players that have high level teams. Just keep trying and you will get this trophy as there is not really a strategy for this as each online player you play against is different. Just persevere and you will get this trophy.

Challenge the pros
Win a street challenge against an authentic club team in stage 4 of world tour

You can only do this when you reach Stage 4 of the World Tour. There is 6 Street challenges in stage 4 that you can compete in, you only need to win one of these against a porfessional team. Most of the teams you can face in this stage will be a authentic club team so you don't need to worry abouit finding one in the street challenges. Pick any Street Challenge you want in Stage 4 and win the match. I recommend playing on Bronze difficulty for this to make it easier to win and because there is some good teams that you could face in these challenges. The Street Challenges you can get this trophy from are: Shanghai 3v3 Last Man Standing, St. Petersburg 4v4 Match, London 3v3 First To 5, Rio Mountain Vista 4v4 Freestyle, Rio Coast Park 4v4 Panna, Buenos Aires 2v2 Panna.

Street Legend
Defeat Messi in a street challenge game

To obtain this trophy you must defeat Messi in a street challenge he can be found in the first stage of world tour, the Regional Stage, there are 3 challenges and 1 tournament, in one of those tournaments there is a chance of L.Messi being on one of the teams. If he is not on one of the teams press the start button which will refresh the teams and give you another chance to find Messi. Start the challenge and get to the start screen where it shows the line up, if he isn't in the team try the other challenges to try find him. If he still isn't there just keep refreshing until he is then beat that challenge. I found him in the Panna challenge on bronze difficulty although I believe it does not matter what difficulty you play on.

Local Heroes
Win the final national tournament with at least 8 created players on your team

This trophy can only be done in Stage 2 in the World Tour (the national stage). First you will need to make sure you have at least 8 out of 10 created players in your team, which you should have anyways. Go into "My Squad" and add 8 new players to your squad or download your friends players to your team if you don't have 8 created players. After doing the 3 tournaments in Stage 2 you will unlock the Stage Finals. The Stage Finals is the tournament that you'll need to win for this trophy. Make sure you have 8 created players whilst playing in this tournament and play on bronze difficulty if you are struggling.

Who brought the snacks?
Win a tournament with a local Co-Op player

So this is another easy trophy and what you need to do to get this trophy is simply play with a friend on your couch. Although if you have 2 DS3 controllers you don't really need a friend simply play the game on easy and switch controllers when passing to the other player and this will net you the trophy. Whereas the other way is more fun this method is quicker as you do not have to wait for anyone to play with.

Mighty Heroes
Have a team with at least 8 created players that are level 50 or higher

This is time consuming trophy and you'll get this through natural progress. You will need to create 8 players at the very start for the best results and to start getting experience for all 8 of your created players at once. To level up your players play matches and perform skills in match to gain extra experience points. Playing the world tour mode and doing the street challenges will get you most of the experience points you will need to get all 8 players to level 50, but playing online matches and Exibition matches will get you exp if you need this trophy still.

Career Milestone
Score 100 goals with your created player in any game modes

This trophy is a simple but timely trophy all you need to do is 100 goals with your created player this can only be done with your virtual pro and not any of the created players on your team so to get this trophy quickly just make your virtual pro a finisher and put him as a forward in your squad and you should get this trophy rather quickly. I am around halfway through the 2nd stage of the world tour and I have scored around 40 goals on my virtual pro.

Mister Entertainment
Earn 100,000 Style Points with your created player in any game mode

This can be a time consuming trophy it depends on your play style really. Performing skills and beating players will earn your player points, the more difficult the skill the more points your player will earn. For this trophy you will want to keep passing to your virtual pro and have them perform skills past players so you'll get this trophy a little quicker. But you'll get this over time there isn't much reason to aim for this trophy if you're going for the platinum. To check how much style points you currently have with your virtual pro, go to your news feed with the button and look to your right for your stats.

Attributed Success
Upgrade one of your created players attributes to Max

To obtain this trophy simply upgrade an attribute to the maximum level that you can increase it to and you will get this trophy. There are several attributes that you can choose from although I would stay away from goalkeeping as it takes longer to level up as it requires a total of 133 points to completely upgrade it. I would suggest going with one of the many other skills as they only take 82 points to level up instead of the 133 that Goalkeeping requires.

It's Tricky
Unlock 10 tricks on a created player

For this trophy you will need to unlock 10 skills for one of your created players. Your created player will need to have 38 upgrade points and will need to be level 12 to be able to unlock 10 skills. Just simply have one of your created players concentrate on unlocking the skills and keep gaining exp so that they'll have enough points to unlock 10 skillls.

Skills you should unlock first:

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5 Tool Player
Upgrade 5 attributes on a created player to maximum

For this trophy you need to upgrade 5 skills to maximum on one of your players. This will take a total of 410 skill points if you choose any of the skills that only take 82 points to level up to maximum. If you choose goalkeeping this will increase the total points needed to 461 as goalkeeping takes a whopping 133 points to level up compared to the 82 points with the other skills.

Here is a breakdown of the skills:

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Time to Celebrate
Unlock a created player celebration and perform it in game

Use your virtual pro for this trophy, or if you don't have a virtual pro you'll need a created player instead. So first you'll need to get a created player to level 5 by playing matches to gain exp. Once you are level 5 you will unlock new celebrations to use in game. As soon as you have a new celebration unlocked, go into your squad and press triangle to "upgrade your player". Here you can change attributes, skills and celebrations. Go to the celebrations section and select a new low intensity and a new high intensity celebration. With a new selected celebration go into any match and score with your created player and you'll get the trophy. I've listed below what celebrations will get you this trophy:

Low intensity

Toggle Spoiler

High intensity

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Shopping Spree
Wear an Unlocked item in any game mode

To obtain this trophy you must simply wear an unlocked item when playing a match to do this you must win an event in the world tour that unlocks a piece of kit/accessory and then simply equip your player with the item. To equip items on your player you must first go into your squad menu and then chose the player you want to edit and press to edit the player and then equip the item you just unlocked then go and play a match for this trophy to unlock.

Moving on up
In a street season obtain promotion to the next division

Street Seasons is a game mode where you play in a league where you face opponents online. There is only 10 games in one street season and you will need to win approximately 6 matches for promotion. About 18+ points are needed for promotion, and you only need to finish in the top 3 places in the league for promotion. The Street Season menu is in the online section but you will also get points whilst playing online matches in the world tour. This may take a few seasons to get promotion if you aren't as good but every time it'll get easier as you'll be facing people who are around your skill level.

Win a game of 5 a side, 6 a side and Futsal online

For this trophy you must play online you can do this in street season. To get into street season from the main menu go to online then go to street season and then choose the division match options. In the division match menu you can choose to search for a 5-a-side or 6-a-side fustal simply search for one and win in the one you search for and then win in the other mode to get this trophy. I would suggest waiting until you complete your world tour so your team is upgraded before trying to play online.

Online Cup Champion
Win any Online Cup

See Online Dominance

Online Dominance
Win all 9 online cups

To obtain this trophy you must win each of the 9 unique online cups. The cups start on the weekend on Friday and last until the end of Sunday. To play a cup match you must go to online then street seasons and choose a cup match this will display the cup match and how long unitl it opens or how long until the Cup is over you must win each cup on each weekend for 9 weeks. If you miss one you must wait for it to come back into rotation until you can get the trophy.

The Tournaments that have been played so far are:
  • Dutch Invitational Cup
  • UK Street Cup Finals
  • New York 6's Tournament of Champions
  • 6-a-side Elimination Challenge
  • European Futsal Invitational
  • South American Futsal Championship
  • Tokyo Futsal Cup
  • Annual Street 5's Championship
  • Canal Classic 5-a-side Tournament

Video Proof
Upload a saved video

After you have scored a goal go into the start menu and watch the instant replay. Here it'll show you a replay of the recent gameplay of the match, to get the trophy press the button to upload the replay to the EA servers. As soon as its uploaded you'll get the trophy.

Friendly Publicity
Watch a video posted by one of your Friends

This is yet another simple trophy all you need to do for this trophy is watch a video your friend has uploaded to do this simple hit the button in the menu or World tour and watch one of your friends uploaded videos in the media tab and this trophy will pop for you.

Making new Friends
Add a new Friend using the Friend Recommendation feature

This trophy requires you to have a friend of a friend that has played FIFA street. Go into the News Feed from the main menu by pressing the button and go to the "add a friend" section. from here you will see friend recommendations, just simply send a friend request to one of the recommendations and you'll get the trophy, they don't have to accept for you to get the trophy so you can delete the request as soon as you get the trophy!! To send a friend request just simply highlight one of the recommendations and press the button

This is a example of what you should see

Watching Film
Watch a gameplay tutorial video

This is another quick and simple trophy as soon as you go to start your first event in the world tour a menu will pop up before you start simply watch one of the tutorial video and this trophy will be yours. Alternatively if you have already skipped that menu you can press just before you start an event and watch one of the videos to get this trophy.

[top]Tricks & Skills

This section is to teach you how to do each skill in the game and the amount of style points you get for performing the trick.

Ball roll
- 100 style points

Heel Chop - 50 style points

Rainbow Flick - 100 style points

Flip-Flap - 100 style points

Roulette - 100 style points

Fake Back - 50 style points

Knee Feint - 50 style points

Neck Stall - 50 style points

Fake Back Rainbow - 175 style points

Mcgeady Spin - 100 style points

Blanco Hop - 175 style points

Ginga Toe Chop - 50 style points

Ginga Fake Back - 50 style points

Ginga Tic Tac - 20 style points

Ginga Spin On Ball - 100 style points

Ginga Roulette - 100 style points

Hocus Pocus - 100 style points

Around The World - 100 style points

Stand On Ball To Smack Down - 50 style points

Fake Back To Smack Down - 50 style points

Raindow Swirl - 175 style points

Elastico Chop - 100 style points

Freeze 360 - 175 style points

Fake Back Roulette -175 style points

Double Heel Pop - 175 style points

Air Flip-Flap - 175 style points

Air Roulette - 175 style points

Touzani Around The World - 100 style points

Reverse Toe Bounce - 100 style points

Around The World Reverse - 100 style points

Lemmens Around The World - 250 style points

Air Flip-Flap Fake - 175 style points

Back Heel Air Touch - 175 style points

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